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FR: Own You Vacation

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May 26, 2017

My fiancée just finished graduate school, and will be spending the remainder of her summer studying for her professional licensing exam. I appreciate how shitty her summer will be, because I will be doing the same thing next summer. In celebration of her accomplishment, and as a way to unwind prior to studying, I planned a vacation for both of us.

It was the best vacation I have ever been on, because I planned all of it. We did what I wanted to do, and it was a bonus that the LTR enjoyed herself. The trip was a reward for her completing grad school, but I couldn't force her to have fun. Below are some tips for maximizing YOUR fun on vacations with your SO.

Tip 1: Plan the Whole Damn Thing

I booked the flights, the all-inclusive resort, the activities and excursions, and our meal times and locations. I figured out things like wifi packages, if and how our phones would work, and if we needed special outlet converters. When it came time to pack, I packed all of my stuff and laid out I wanted her to bring. I arranged transportation to the airport and from the airport to the resort. I owned my shit.

Tip 2: Keep Something, or Everything, a Surprise

LTR knew our travel dates and location. But, during the planning process the only question I asked the LTR was if she felt comfortable parasailing. Everything else was a surprise. I revealed the plan for the entire trip at our first dinner at the resort.

Surprises make things exciting. LTR and I typically aren't big on surprises, because we are both meticulous planners and organizers. So, I knew keeping everything a mystery until just before it happened wasn't our style. In the past, we had always worked together to plan trips. We would divide and conquer based on our skills sets (she is better with booking flights and hotels, I am better with researching activities). Typically, we would have a typed itinerary that we would review and refine leading up to a trip. So, there was understandably some anxiety for her part going into a trip where she didn't know what to expect.

I got "I'm nervous/scared/anxious" a couple of times. Each time this was handled with a hug and a long kiss. I took this as more of a fear of the unknown/trying new things, rather than a "I don't trust you/I don't think you can pull this off." Whether this is a shit test or a comfort test will depend on your SO. Handle accordingly.

Tip 3: Schedule Time Apart

On one of the days, I scheduled a spa day just for the LTR. Hot stone massage, facial, etc. When she got back to the room, I had laid out the outfit I expected her to wear to dinner with a note "Dinner at 7. Wear this. No panties." LTR complied, and was kindly rewarded with a quickie in the bathroom in between courses.

LTR is an introvert and needs time alone. Because I planned our daily schedules, I knew that I needed to schedule chunks of time where she could just do her own thing. Make sure you schedule some time apart on a long vacation. Take time to go to the gym while your SO lounges around the pool, or schedule an activity that you know she would enjoy, so you can do something you want to solo (even if that is gaming hotties at the hotel bar).

Tip 4: Have Fun No Matter What

I scheduled a tour of a historical location that was cancelled at the last minute. I was able to reschedule, but was suddenly left with 6 hours of unplanned free time. I could have been butthurt and angry that the company fucked up, but instead I made sure I had fun anyways. I looked at the daily resort schedule, and quickly signed us up for some activities. Part of being in charge is quickly making a new plan when the original plan falls through.

This also applies to situations where your SO might not be having fun, or is angry, or is throwing a tantrum. Don't let her feelz ruin your trip or ability to have fun. The closest we got to arguing was the LTR asking if she could have alone time in the room, because she was upset that she let her face get burnt during one of our beach days. I happily agreed, and told her to meet me at the lobby bar when she was feeling better.

Tip 5: Enjoy the Surprises

The best surprise of the trip had to be while we were parasailing. As were high up in the air over the ocean, the following conversation occurs:

H: "Do you think the guys down on the boat can hear what we are talking about?"

M: "No."

H: "Good, because I have a naughty question to ask you."

M: "What's that?"

H: "Will you cum in my ass tonight?"

M: "I can come in your mouth, on your tits, and in that pussy too if you'd like."

H: "Yes sir. I think we should start at the top and work our way down. How do you feel about mouth, tits, pussy, then ass?"

Maybe not a surprising conversation if you and your SO have mastered the art of anal sex. But, for me this was a pleasant surprise. Several months back we tried it for the first time (LTR claims her first time, AWALT so who knows) and it didn't go well. Lots of tears, pain and blood. So, her interest and willingness to try again came as a pleasant surprise.

I loved the vacation, and so did the LTR. While I didn't expect a thank you, she thanked me more times than I can count, both verbally and sexually. The fact that she didn't have to make a single decision during the trip outside of if she wanted another margarita, made the trip all that more enjoyable for her. There was zero stress or tension or arguing on the trip. Women don't want to HAVE to plan everything, and vacations are a great way to use the principles of MRP to add some fun to your life. If you SO has fun, that is just a nice bonus.

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Title FR: Own You Vacation
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Date 26 May 2017 03:30 PM UTC (3 years ago)
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[–][deleted] 8 points9 points  (0 children) | Copy

Congratulations brother, to the both of you

[–]maxofreddit4 points5 points  (0 children) | Copy

Well played sir.

Tip #3 is one that I'm just recently getting a hold of... My wife, while super fun at a party, get's exhausted by being around too many people for too long. One of our best trips, I just happened to have the first half of our weekend planned as just us, with a massage for her, then we hit the town on the second night. I'm the type that likes a crowd, so reminding myself that her wanting time to herself, or me "all to herself" can be a good thing.

I even planned a trip to Vegas for our 10 year anniversary. Total surprise. It was fucking great.

One thing about surprises, sometimes it's good to tease out a little info, for logistical (as well as building tension/teasing) reasons. Things like, "Bring shoes you can dance in," or, "You might want a bathing suit." Can be great ways to get her to anticipate things, but also helps to not catch her completely off guard. I messed this up one night by having us go to a salsa dancing class & she didn't have the right shoes on, which lead to her having really sore feet the rest of the night & next day. She was a good sport about it, but it was unnecessary, and I could've been a little better at letting her know what to expect.

I think Athol covers this pretty well, too.

[–]red-sfpplusHard Core Red2 points3 points  (0 children) | Copy

Good post and congrats. I echo what you say in #2

Our family travels ALOT. A perk of my job and playing the miles game. Anyway last year we took 5 family vacations and other than where we are going and when the wife and kids knew very little of the day to day.

I have found that when they know all the details and something goes wrong (weather, etc.) they have built up an expectation and will get bummed.

So rather than open myself to that I plan as much as possible while soliciting feedback on things they want to do but never try to not get into the specifics of "Monday afternoon we will be at the beach, then have dinner at XYZ"

I will mention specific activities the day of and having scoped out the places we will eat ensure the troops are dressed appropriately and this works very well. Keeps the wife AND the kids entertained and we can even play the guessing game.

I try to have a backup plan for anything like weather or whatever esp if we are doing stuff outside.

Oh and I always schedule vacations around shark week because of obvious reasons.

LPT: go to the forums over at flyertalk. There is a wealth of information on travel destinations from biz travelers and the like. You will find the real local places to check out if your into that and really get to see the local side of where it is your going. When we went to Paris we had a roof top dinner at a hole in the wall restaurant over looking the Eiffel Tower. All locals. Was great and only k ew about it because of those forums.

[–]crimson_chris1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy

Agreed, but don't forget that you can delegate. About 8yrs ago the wife and I did three weeks in Europe. I planned where we were going (6 countries, 10 cities), where we''d stay and how we'd get around. She planned our activities. Best trip we've ever had - hands down.

The key point (as you stated) is that you have to lead.

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