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November 13, 2016

Welcome Nooby.

You can make great gains in as little a few days by "Owning Your Shit." I will give you a prime example of my own experience as an example

After finding MRP, I read this and come to realize quickly I was in the right place, and then I found this which told me I was correct, I found what I was looking for.

As I read, and read, I decided quickly on a plan of action that to this day, has massive implications in my wife's behavior toward me, and how damned fast it happened from the time I formulated a plan, implemented it and the course correction of the relationship that followed

I went in the office early the next day @ 4am and left early and literally went through the entire house and anything that was strictly mine or related to me, such as shoes, books, glasses, weight sets, tools, etc. I picked up and placed in there perspective places. Then I opened my closet and loaded all old or poor fitting items into a give away bag and did the same in the master bath and laundry room. I cleaned up my side of the bed, the master bath vanity and anywhere I else I could think of that made me feel disorganized or give the impression I was a slob.

This took about a solid four hours and then I headed off to a dept store and stopped along the way to drop off the giveaway bag. I bought a nice pair of pajamas that matched for 20 bucks on the clearance rack and picked up all new underwear, socks and white undershirts. I stopped @ a discount store and got shoe polish and cleaner.

I drove my truck through the car wash, vacuumed it out and wiped it down in and out. Stopped by the barber shop got a trim, telling the barber to cut the eyebrows, check the ears, and shave my neck.

I got home before the wife and started organizing what I could in the areas I was responsible for like the outdoor tools, garage, etc. I didn't spend an exorbitant amount of time on it, but enough to feel some traction. I took my shoes outside and cleaned and polished them. Cleaned the boots and put them back where they belonged.

The day was slated for a literal "Own the Shit I Touch and am associated with" type general clean up day

That night after putting the kids to bed, I wrote out a detailed plan of my diet, my weight, finances and decided where I was going to go with all of it. This post told me to really look @ all my behaviors with his OYS statement of "Journey - after finding and swallowing the pill, I looked inward instead of outward. I got naked in front of my mirror, and said to myself "if I was a chick, I wouldn't fuck you". And it was true. Not my insecurities speaking, but the truth. "

Whether embellished or not, his story is an axiom. You can walk through life in a fog, or you can wake the fuck up, look in the mirror and state "enough". Looking inward is the start. Only you can judge yourself properly, and the harshest, kill your ego and do something about. It takes work and consistency. But if you don't let up, it eventually it pays off.

About the sex in my marriage and her reactions to me Owning My Shit ? I could give ten fucks on a score card, but she initiates when she wants it and I initiate when I want it. A month ago on a vacation, I fucked her 4 times in the same day, and I initiated. A year ago ? Fuck, who knows.........but I do emphatically, "Own My Shit"

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Having a mission & vision for where you are and where you are headed is key. If you're in a good place with your wife you can make her a part of it & fill her in on her role in the plan.

Nice post.

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I think I'm going to go clean my garage now. Thanks for the push, dude.

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Your comments and posts always resonate with a high energy level. This is some great inspirational stuff.

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