Doxxing my old DB throwaway

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May 23, 2016

I stopped using this account shortly after I found MRP. I just read back through my couple of posts on it and I can clearly see the moment where I saw the light. Also, I've been feeling a bit guilty recently that I deleted my victim puke on MRP. Dudes come on here and pour out their stories, and then they mostly knuckle down and start owning their shit. This is a great community and a pleasure to moderate (barring the odd skirmish with some unfortunate misguided trolls who have zero fucking clue about reality and resort to shaming tactics). The men on here understand that shame is the currency of the unenlightened, and they no longer accept that currency as payment. Blue pill trolls succeed only in wasting the time of the moderation team, and every now and then, kicking off a flame war with some of the more easily "triggered" dudes who are still unplugging. It's a pain in the ass to ferret them all out, and it's truly a shame that they don't stick to their honest mandate of "satire", but I guess they also have the same problem of being a beacon on the darkness which attracts all sorts.

I only mention "blue pill" here because as I read back through the short comment history of my old throwaway, I can see the blue flag / db victim circle jerk flag flying in there. But I can also see the underlying MAN looking for answers. Struggling to make sense of a fucked up world. It was nice to read back through my naive comments on DB, thinking I could actually make a difference. I continued to post over there under this account, but I guess my tone was too red and I got shadow banned. Boo hoo.

This is a low value post, by married redpill standards, but it's been almost a year since I first stumbled into this community, and it never ceases to slap me in the face when I read a new victim puke saying all the same things I felt way back. I know I am literally incapable of writing anything in the tone of what I posted on that throwaway now, and it's less than 12 months since I was active on that account. This year, we'll have been together 16 years, married for 9, two amazing sons, and another kid on the way.

Married red pill literally turned my life upside down, and shook out all the fucking clap trap that I had accumulated over my 3 decades on the planet. /r/askmrp provides a "safe space" shudder for a victim puke and a one time shoulder to cry on, and then cuts you loose to decide for yourself what comes next. It's a landing zone on your way to a new you, the real you. Your life, ultimately, will be defined as a short horizontal line between your birthdate and the date of your inevitable death on your grave stone. Make the most of it and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Embrace your impermanence. Get cosy with the idea that death waits patiently for you. This post might literally be the last thing you experience. Is that how you wanna go out? Victim puking or reading some other internet losers victim puke? You wanna die fapping to some Internet porn? You want your last thoughts as your life flashes before your eyes at the end to be thoughts of regret or "should haves"? No? Then fucking man up and start living your life on terms that you decide.

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