Dread Level 3: Build an interesting life & Why it's important for an LTR

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March 13, 2019

It's safe to assume that most or all of us in the MRP (askMRP) sub reddit are in LTRs, ranging from new blue pill bitches that have just began to uncover red pill truth to seasoned red pill husbands that have solid LTRs and families.

I see a lot of posts on here from newly unplugged guys and nearly unplugged guys talking about their LTRs and looking for ways to improve their relationships (been there myself). That’s fine if you want to improve your relationship and I get it, BUT you will discover that the red pill addresses your issues and fixes YOU first, then you can bring a healthier, better version of yourself into your relationship. Many men discover that their current LTRs come on board and their relationships get better. She begins to respect you, she seeks YOUR approval and permission, and the she opens her legs with genuine desire and not under obligation. However, sometimes there are many guys that are so far down the blue bill road for so long that their LTRs have checked out or cheated. Doesn’t matter… you win either way. If she leaves or cheats, next her ass and use your new red pill Jedi arts and skills to create a new and fun relationship with a new submissive, sexual, and deserving woman (my advice... NEVER forgive a cheating woman, but some opinions on here may vary, but I doubt it many will!) Relationships are women’s work and purpose. All you have to do is be a cool red pill, best version of you, and your current LTR (or new one) will work to build and develop the relationship with you (assuming that’s what you want and you allow it.) Personally, I like being in an LTR and it’s what I want for me. I have fun with my wife and I get a lot of value out of her and my family. My wife works to please me and at our relationship because I bring value to her life. I credit these results, and many other positive results in my life not related to my marriage to my discovery of the red pill. I just wish I would have found this back when I was 21 (I’m 41 now).

Now assuming that you are far enough down the red pill path to understand the nature of women and cruise through their shit tests, have your shit down and under control financially, emotionally, and physically (Dread levels 1 and 2), it’s time to move to dread level 3. This goes too for any single guys not in an LTR. If you are doing the same things married guys are doing in dread levels 1 and 2, women WILL begin to notice you. They’ll be all over you doing the things in the next few dread levels so pay attention (LTR guys and single guys looking for an LTR).

Dread level 3 (build an interesting and fulfilling life independent of your wife, but do it for YOU)

Imagine two charged (polarized) metal plates a short distance apart. A magnetic or electrical energy field forms between those plates, and they exchange electrons and energy. They pull on or attract one another, and both feel the energy field between them connecting them. Now, if you move the plates closer together, the energy field goes into flux and chaos and begins to dissipate. If they get too close or even touch, the field disappears and the polarity goes away. On the flip side, if they begin to move too far apart, the field weakens and dissipates and the attraction is lost.

Your relationship IS that energy field between the plates. If you don’t have a life outside of your wife and become too integrated with her (i.e. get your plate (not a pun on spinning plates!) too close to hers), she WILL lose attraction for you. There is no air of mystery about you. Women absolutely need an air of mystery about their man, whether he is new to her, or she’s been with him for 20 years. It is the drive that makes her hamster run, especially if she views you as a high value man to begin with. That is the embodiment of dread level 3…. Just enough distance (autonomy and differentiation) to keep her imagination running, but close enough not to send her into complete panic mode and ruin the trust. Stay just far enough away to create a polarized space and let the relationship (the electrical energy field) exist. Trust me, it will come into existence if you just let it naturally form through this process of differentiation.

For example, have a cool hobby that you can do, that you love and that is productive. Sorry guys, playing video games, spending time with your kids, or working are NOT hobbies. You may enjoy those things, but they are NOT hobbies. Personally, I play poker on a serious and competitive level, I play golf, I bowl in a league, I play softball, and I fly small engine aircraft. These are my things. If my wife wanted to tag along on occasion and fly with me, or wanted to come watch a softball game, that’s cool, but I do these for me and I’d do them all even if she left me or died tomorrow.

In conclusion, if you're well into dread level 2 and have your physical, emotional, and financial shit together, and you’re ready to move to dread level 3, that’s great. Identify two or three things you love that you used to do or always wanted to do and start a plan to bring those back into your life. Your LTR will take notice and may give you shit… that’s good… that means she notices and is just testing to see if you are where she perceives you to be. Pass the shit test and carry on. Don’t go fucking Rambo and run out and spend 20 hours a week doing a hobby if you are doing nothing now, most likely she’ll try and draw you into an argument and you’ll do something fucking dumb like DEER about it, or worse, tell her what you’re doing in some way or another. Ease into it and have fun. Communicate to her through ACTION that you are a busy man and want to live the only life you have to the fullest. If you want her in your life and you’re doing it right, her response to you and her behavior toward you will tell all. She bid for your approval and attention. She’ll be sexual and fun. Women want a fun and interesting man. If you are that, she (or another woman) will take notice.

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[–]hack3geRed Beret6 points7 points  (2 children) | Copy

Too much wife and she for my liking...

You still give too many fucks about your wife and how she reacts and perceives you...

[–]dll142[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child) | Copy

You may be right... I do maybe care a little too many fucks in that department. After taking the red pill though, it's been a dramatic shift. I'll keep moving in the direction I'm moving and keep improving. Thanks for the insight. Sometimes it's difficult make an accurate appraisal of a situation you're personally involved in.... I'll work to be more mindful.

[–]redwall922 points3 points  (0 children) | Copy

There's a line. For some the line is invisible. For others, there's work involved to find the line, get across it, and then it hopefully becomes invisible.

That line is how many fucks of yours that you enable others in your life to control.

This shouldn't be about anybody else but yourself. Sometimes that means taking the control away from somebody else (ie your wife in particular). That 'taking away' from somebody else in particular still frames things in their world. It doesn't stop there ... simply taking control away from somebody else. The direction this needs to go ends up with a man entirely to taking full control of his life. At that point ... the line is invisible.

There is no spoon.

[–]mrp_awakening3 points4 points  (0 children) | Copy

Jeez... wasn't there a post like a week or so ago about too much thinking here. Something about not using quantum physics in an explanation. Yeah, OP's thinking too hard.

[–]redwall921 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy

I'd love to hike the AT at some point in my life. You know ... someday - that magical day right between Friday and Saturday. For now I'm making plans to hike the Foothills Trail in 2020. Going to do some day hikes and small waterfalls with the family (if they want to come along) this spring/summer. Will do some single night hikes this fall with the boys and the hammocks. Maybe do some 2 night hikes this fall/next spring. Targeting the 76 mile Foothills Trail in the Summer of 2020.

I've got a few books out of the library for some family hikes in our area. I also got the pocket guide for the FHT that I'll end up buying to take with me on the trail. I've been reading up on routes/days/etc and photocopying pages of some simple hikes for me and the kids. Already got the "how long is it?" and "how many days are you going to be gone?" questions. Already got the "well I guess I can't come along, then can I?" statement, too. Fun stuff.

I should have hiked the FHT half a dozen times by this point in my life. More than just my physical shape would have profited.

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