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by INNASKILLZ2K18 | June 09, 2019 | askTRP


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My first post got some good feedback, so I thought I’d throw out another one that’s been on my mind.

There was a recent post on ASKtrp. I had a good little back and forth with the poster, so I hope he doesn’t take this anything personal. It simply reminded me of a few things, and maybe this will resonate with some.

The post was about a guy going to a pool party. He went shirtless, ‘back straight, chest out’ style. He went with direct approaches, and held a chick’s hand when she turned away and pulled her towards him. Interestingly, he didn’t have luck.

It made me reflect a little, and come back to some basics myself.

A lot of posts have a similar theme. The guys who read red-pill, understand many of the ‘tactics’, and then want to show everything in the short span of a five minute approach. They’re all gun-ho with abundance, prize, idgaf, over-confidence, dominance, negs, etc. They don’t understand that to a woman, they appear as needy, desperate, thirsty, outcome dependent and the very worst - emotionally invested. You can try to play off like you DGAF, but when you’re emotionally invested, you’re invested.

Slow...the...fuck...down. Attraction takes time. It’s a process. Red Pill tactics can be revealed step by step. Slow release. Start at step 1, not 1 through 100 in five minutes.

Attraction is also happening on an emotional level, not a logical one. You don’t hit every redpill tactic in three minutes, and then logically she thinks ‘oh yeah, he’s got it’. Too much, too soon and she reads your investment and outcome dependence. Only someone emotionally invested would try so hard. ‘I really want to get this chick, so I’m going to show her the arsenal, because I really want to fuck her’.

Women are like children. Do you know what children hate? Responsibility. Every bit of emotional investment you have on an outcome, equals responsibility for her. ‘This guy REALLY want me to like him’, ‘This guy REALLY wants me think he’s awesome’, ‘This guy REALLY wants to hook up with me’. She’s suddenly responsible for whatever outcome you’ve invested in. Responsibility = RUN.

Slow down. Be cool. If you’re new, or haven’t had much luck, when analysing your approaches, think less of your tactics, and more of your emotional state. How fuck’n invested were you? Let go.

Be less invested in...everything. Don’t invest in the script, the body language, the outcome, nothing. Literally...do not give a fuck. Do not give a fuck about her. A lot of guys I’ve spoken to, have asked how do they do this. How do they hide the fact that they REALLY want her phone number? You don’t hide it. You literally really don’t want her number. Get on that emotional level. She’ll read it, and appreciate it.

Now, many guys take this too far. They think they have to show they don’t give a fuck about her, or have any investment, so they turn to asshole. They neg and push, and treat her like shit, and are amazed when she doesn’t drop to her hands and knees.

It’s a fine and simple balance. One where you don’t give a great fuck about her, have no investment in anything about her, but are still totally emotionally cool and fun within yourself.

As part of my job, I work with a few kids. Best training for women ever. Kids are perfect. There is literally NOTHING I want from them. None. I have zero emotional investment. No outcome. But I can play, muck around, have fun, no pressure on them whatsoever. Before you know it, they are following me everywhere.

Women are children. Children aren’t retarded. They’re sizing you up. They’re wondering ‘is this guy going to be fun’? ‘Is he going to make me do chores?’ ‘Is he going to scold me’ ‘Is he going to invest in my behaviour, and get stressed out when I don’t do what he wants’? ‘Or is he just a fun fucking guy who doesn’t give a shit what I do’?

Women are the same. They’re wondering ‘is this guy going to come on strong like all the others?’ ‘Is he going to stalk me’? ‘Is he going to invest in some outcome five minuets after meeting me?’ ‘Is he desperate, thirsty’? ‘Or is he actually just cool, and secure, and not really give a fuck what I do’?

Slow down. Don’t give a fuck. If you honestly can’t be around a woman without giving a single emotional fuck about her, then you don’t need her, you need to work on yourself. Treat her like that kid. You don’t hammer a kid in the face with ‘like me like me like me’. You really don’t care, but you definitley have fun.

Give her the chance to think ‘ah, maybe I have no responsibility with this guy...he’s not emotionally invested....and my hamster can spin in it’s own time’...

Slow down...

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