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Not gay yet this is the most appropriate place to seek advice. Please advise

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November 8, 2019

To preface have been applying red pill to my life since 2015.

I’ve never been a wallet to a woman, learned solid boundries, self respect, ect.

Women are just people and Im not attached to any outcome when speaking to them.

However because of biology my sexuality enjoys role play where I worship a womans body and feet, and enjoy being dominated mentally, like a dominatrix kind of thing.

Don’t really enjoy intercourse sex unless im in a relationship, and part of it is im only turned on by worship and emotional connection.

Sure that sounds beta, yet this is how my dick works and im mid 30s so I would know.

Still apply red pill else where. Even had a few “foot plates” for a while lol. Some women were bored that i wasn’t fucking, others were intrigued. It used to bug me, yet since meditating and growing I could care less.

Plating actually got boring for me though cause I couldn’t get turned on enough without having a solid companionship with these “foot plates”.

Still prefer either monk goal mode or a chill relationship with one woman where I still pursue being a musician and do work thats meaningful to me.

Btw how this sexuality is not porn induced, since 5 I’ve always had dreams about worshipping women on thrones and all that, her feet being a big part of that.

Nowdays I like thicker women and some bbws(have a limit). I like thick curvy feet with proportionate toes.
I love when they are kind hearted and submissive in the relationship and then out of nowhere erotically dominate me.

So a 10 to most guys with bony feet whose a bitch is like a 2 to me. A 3 or 5 who is a cool, calm and kind, has nice thick even feet that are well kept, she could be a 9-10 on my dick hard scale.

Its biology and apparently its not what im “supposed” to like to be truely red pill?

Then I see some inconsistencies with how red pill sees either af/bb.
A good friend of mine is an incredible musician who is unemployed, lives with his mom at 30, and has an awesome skinny girlfriend who is considered quite cute.

She works and pays the rent and utilities portion of his moms house. He stays at home and reads and makes music all day, everyday.

She chases his attention, is even there for him when he’s actually shed tears about how jobs oppress his spirit. Has loud jam sessions at the moms house. He isn’t considered chad like Occasionally mows lawn, cooks and cleans up some.

Would love to hear your guys take on this.

Also Im a skinny dude who has had 9’s hit on me and I wasn’t attracted to them. Im shy too. Not often yet its happened. Im a musician too and refuse to spend money on women. I tend to talk to a woman if I get ioi and only occasionally have cold approached.

Currently working on getting better at meeting new people. Working on weights and not being so shy though. Improving health after autoimmune condition made me a bit more shy.

Anyways, any insight on how one can be red pill yet unconventional like me, because of biology ect.

And insight into how my good friend and his girl seems to defy philosophy?

Responses appreciated.

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[–]neragera1 point2 points  (1 child) | Copy

This sub is pretty dead my man, so don't expect much in the way of replies.

The thing about TRP is you need to be able to separate the solid advice from the bullshit, and tailor that which you take from the totality to fit your own personal goals. Whatever kinks you've got, it really doesn't matter, excepting that you need to recognize how that affects the statistics of your dating pool. Most women aren't dominant and don't have any desire to be, so you're cutting out a lot of people. But that's whatever, I personally think you can find someone who checks all your boxes. I'm a weird guy with weird kinks and I've found an awesome partner who I can be totally open with in regards to all that.

Anyways, any insight on how one can be red pill yet unconventional like me, because of biology ect.

Be yourself -- just make sure yourself doesn't suck. Maintain frame, keep your self-respect, and most of all: lift. Religiously. No matter what else you're doing in life, nothing will pay you benefits in all other areas like lifting. Pursue your own interests and goals and hobbies and you'll meet the people you should meet along the way.

Its biology and apparently its not what im “supposed” to like to be truely red pill?

Forget about how you're 'supposed' to be and focus on how you want to be. Take some time and imagine the best possible way your life can play out going forward: who will you be and what will you do in that best case scenario? Be that person. The way to be fulfilled in life is not to achieve some idealized caricature of "alpha" or "red pill."

Also, I'm extremely skeptical that your kinks are based in biology. It just doesn't make any sense. Not that it matters in practice why you have whatever kink, but there's no biological reason one would develop such interests.

Also also, I don't see any inconsistency in the AF/BB dichotomy based on what you've told us about your friend. What do you think the inconsistency is? It sounds exactly consistent, in fact.

[–]should_0 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy

Sounds like you know what you want and you’re going for it so you don’t need to worry about fitting into “red pill”. If anything it gives good ideas on how to know you’re not being taken advantage of but it should just be a tool for your happiness like anything.

[–]Maintainclarity0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

Could not have said it better. I’m not even half way to where I embody all the most empowering principles of red pill. Yet I am going that direction and will continue to apply to it and master the most useful universal concepts.

It really can be great for anyone.
I also think that ethics is natural when you don’t apologize and simply show up in the world as the best version of who you are.

Appreciate it, thanks.

[–]darkaurora840 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy

What does this have to do with being gay? This sounds like you have a fetish. Nothing wrong with fetishes for the most part but that has nothing to do with whether you like men or women

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