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The Red Pill is not about team-man, but about you

by CainPrice on /r/TheRedPill
10 December 2019 09:05 PM UTC

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Summary: Physical fitness, professional success, social aptitude and connections, useful skills, interesting hobbies, and game. These are the things that make you fuckable for women, and valuable in general as a human being. If you are spending any amount of time or emotional energy worrying about stupid shit, like the evils of feminism, Jordan Peterson's latest video, or the mental health and suicide rates of men, you're wasting time. Most men are losers. Being on team-man is aligning yourself with losers instead of improving.

The Red Pill, as a “manosphere” movement, often gets lumped in with a bunch of other advocate groups and political agendas. In fact, the entire manosphere pretty much gets lumped together as some kind of political pro-man group.

Men’s rights, anti-feminists, traditional conservatives, men “going their own way” by obsessing over women, superfans who want to give Jordan Peterson a blowjob, alt-right wackos who think the entire universe is secretly controlled by the Jews, The Red Pill, and dozens of start-up bloggers and authors desperately trying to grab their piece of the masculinity pie and try to make some fame and money off of all of you.

While The Red Pill provides you with a lot of information that will help you in the love, sex, and relationships game, and even with life in general, it is not a men’s group. We are not team-man. We are not a united front against women. We love women and want them to have sex with us and like it when they enjoy having sex with us and want to do it again.

We’re not on your team. We’re not on men’s team.

The fact is, most men are absolute garbage. Most men are losers. Most men will never amount to anything worth a shit. Some have potential they’ll never achieve. Some don’t have any potential. But most men are absolute garbage.

Most men are out of shape. Most men underachieve educationally, professionally, and socially. Most men are boring and useless and have shit hobbies and shit skills. Some men are even fucked in the head. For example, if we replaced every single preschool teacher and daycare worker in America with a man, it is undeniable that incidents of child molestation would skyrocket. Undeniable. Even the men’s rights crazies can’t deny this – if you replaced every daycare worker in America with a man, there would absolutely, positively be more kids getting raped and fondled by sicko men.

That’s a tough one to swallow, right? Hard to read? You’re already rushing to type an angry response? Because it’s definitely true, and it’s not pro-man. It’s anti-man. And as a man, you feel like anything that is anti-man is against you, personally. An attack on your team. Because you’re not a piece of shit. Your friends aren’t pieces of shit. Any one man, individually, probably isn’t a piece of shit. But men, as a whole? Most men? Absolute pieces of shit. Not child rapists, necessarily. But as general human beings? They’re losers. Most men are shit.

You are a member of a sex where the overwhelming majority are losers. They don’t work out. They eat like shit. They underachieve. They’re boring and useless. Many drink too much or use drugs. Most men suck.

If you are emotionally invested in team-man – if you waste time and energy railing against feminists, advocating for men, hating on women, debating the merits of the male sex – you are living in a fantasy world. Most men are worthless sacks of shit. Stop defending them. They’re not on your team. They’d sell you out in 3 seconds for money or a girlfriend.

Individually, you can vet for good men and add them to your circle. There are lots of good men out there. But men as a whole? Debating, fighting, advocating for team-man? That’s a fantasy. Men as a whole suck. Sure, women, too, but this post isn’t about how much women suck. You’ve been reading all about that for the past 3 hours while you shit around on Reddit wasting time. You don’t need to read any more about how much women suck.

Get your ass off of any and all Men’s Rights websites and forums, abandon those MGTOW losers, stop debating about feminism on the internet, and quit treating your life like a team sport. The Red Pill isn’t about team-man. It’s about you.

You, personally, can get into great physical shape, reach your professional and social potential, learn useful skills, practice constructive hobbies, master the game, live a great life, and fuck a lot of women.

The reason you can do this is because most men are shit. With a gym membership and some actual discipline, you can surpass all of team-man. You can become the guy they’re pointing at and trying to drag down with their pretend-conservative values, their pretend-elitism as they act like they don’t want women, their pretend woke-ness about the “real Red Pill” being some weird socialist Jew thing – let those losers waste their time debating bullshit on the internet. They’re garbage. The Red Pill’s not about them. We just got lumped in with them. The Red Pill is about you.

All it takes to get laid is enough gym time to not be fat or scrawny, enough discipline to get your shit together and get a job, and enough social skills to have conversations with people without being a weirdo. That is literally all it takes to rise above the masses of shit men and become fuckable to women.

Any time you feel tempted to debate something stupid on the internet or defend team-man, go eat a chicken breast and head to the gym. Go read a book. Do something off the internet and in the real world. I haven’t been the best about this myself – it’s easy to get drawn into debates when you think about the sex and relationships game as much as we do, but I’m about to take my own advice. Give up on team-man. Fuck team-man. They’re shit. They’re every bit as much the enemy as women, if not more. They’ll sell you out for money, for women, and drag you down with their pretend-superiority.

Guys who get laid don’t debate on the internet or worry about men’s rights issues, feminism, Peterson’s latest video, or who’s going whose way. If you’re here at The Red Pill subreddit, you’re here to improve your sexual strategy. So do it:

Physical fitness. Professional success. Social aptitude and connections. Useful skills. Interesting hobbies. Game. Nowhere on that list is internet debates, awareness about team-man issues, or being some kind of invested pro-male anti-feminist. Give that shit up and focus on what actually benefits you.

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218 upvotesdrumperion3 months ago

I don't know OP.. I'ma open up a bit here, cause its bedtime and I have the time, so fuck it. Speaking personally, I've been on both sides of the spectrum. Fat then fit. Fit then jacked. Then fat again. Then fit again. Asshole then nice. Nice then asshole. High on the social ladder then isolated. Isolated then high again. Dated hot girls, spun plates like crazy, did the whole champagne and blow thing, had dinners with ambassadors on private grounds. This is my current form , This is my car, this is my passion, this is my personal office and I have my own apartment. Yeah, looks like im boasting but bear with me. I'm by all means doing ok in life, as pictured. I recently went from the government to the private sector, major pay increase, got a managerial position, managerial contract with dividends and all. I have a bunch of personal contacts both in the business and government world. I have a degree and a number of certificates. I play in a locally well known band. Im not even 30 yet. All this, yet I feel unfullfilled. Hollow. All my close friends moved away. I broke up with my girlfriend of 3 years. My relationship with my parents and close family is mostly formal nowadays. I wouldnt say im depressed, but all the things I have in life pale in comparison to what I lack. And I don't know what that is exactly. Feel free to correct me, but I'll go ahead and say that all of the points stated in your post stand, but we should also take care of our inner self as well as of those close to us. Nurture the softer side of the personality and create meaningful relationships and friendships and dont go walking around with the guard up all the time. I've been struggling for some time to deal with this shit. You go all in with the alpha idgaf style, shit gets rough and lonely real quick. Maybe Im wrong, but those are my 2 cents, and every advice is welcome.

91 upvotesRedpiller773 months ago

When you're at the top of your shit all that is left is lift up those around you. I think that's where true happiness is achieved, but I don't know. Thing is, that just as the post describes, what we need to do individually is get there first. Then every man can decide what to do with that.

34 upvotesHumanSockPuppet3 months ago

You have to lift heavy shit yourself before you can be strong enough to lift someone else.

23 upvotessokolske3 months ago

Or put on your air mask before helping others and accept if people don't want to put on their air mask if you try.

18 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 months ago

I've been struggling for some time to deal with this shit. You go all in with the alpha idgaf style, shit gets rough and lonely real quick. Maybe Im wrong, but those are my 2 cents, and every advice is welcome.

Meditate on losing that which you love. How much would you miss it, if you fell off into a more middle class lifestyle? Especially when fucking around with blow.

I'm hardly joking when I say I don't want to win the lotto. They'd pull my cocaine addled corpse out of the supercar I wrapped around a tree 6 months later.

11 upvotesRedpiller773 months ago

They'd pull my cocaine addled corpse out of the supercar I wrapped around a tree 6 months later.

I'd trade my current possible future for a year of being a millionaire with this ending tbh

Not saying I'd take that path, but I wouldn't mind.

3 upvotescdltrance3 months ago

Hell yeah...go out with a bang

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 months ago

In all honesty, I'd set up a trust and pay myself about 120,000 a year. I'd set up a couple people close to me, and just give the rest away. Stuff like the Access Fund, shit like that.

16 upvotesRStonePT3 months ago

Remember that scene in fight club where the narrator is talking about how his closet was just about perfect and the sofa question was answered?

You're at that actualization stage of mazlows hierarchy. Some dudes have kids to fufil that 'legacy' some write books, build a statue, put their name on a building, get into politics etc.

I've been struggling for some time to deal with this shit.

Welcome to the club, everyone does this, and is the /#1 problem with 'got your shitt together' guys. Pick a star and ride until dawn man, it's a subjective goal, but it's yours, and as good as any.

And you know what, with enough money the old friends are just a flight away. I am off to Amsterdam again with my old sailor buddies. We worked hard to make comfortable lives, and have the surplus for these trips a fwe times a year.

36 upvotesmonsieurhire23 months ago

You need to lift more. Also, you don't have enough drums. You need at least 40-50. Where are the multiple monitors and multi-colored backlit keyboard? Why aren't you driving the Batmobile?

But in all seriousness, yes, material success can feel very empty.

You already described your problem: lack of meaningful relationships. You don't feel connected to your family. You broke up with your girlfriend. Your friends moved away.

You can try making new friends, getting another girlfriend, and reconnecting with your family.

You can also try learning new hobbies and the self-improvement route.

Ultimately though, you have to accept that all states of pleasure, but also pain, are fleeting, and that everything is transient, constantly coming and going.

So you could theoretically have a bunch of meaningful relationships, and be completely optimized in all areas... but still feel empty at times.

C'est la vie.

22 upvotesdrumperion3 months ago

Ah the old adage rings true: "Dont be sad, because sad in reverse is das, und das ist nicht gut."

2 upvotesmonsieurhire23 months ago


14 upvotesEvilStewi3 months ago

I am a chronic underachiever and I am under fucked as hell, also a little depressed. But when I wake up somewhere in the dirt In a sleeping bag and know my day will be extreme sports with the bros, I just can't help but feel whole.

I feel like men need to do fighting. We need war, brotherhood and bloodshed. So it's every year again, me and my brothers going to war against the elements and I am fulfilled when I am at it.

Just trying to say, all what you have is probably not manly enough, that's why you feel empty. Here I am having fuckall and I am happy most of the time. You need to go to war son, feel deaths grip. That's when you truly feel alive.

2 upvotesarokosi3 months ago

I want so badly to hate your comment. But it’s proven true in my own life: my most deeply fulfilling activities are the ones that are also a little dangerous, and require me and my buddies to literally take our lives into our own hands (and/or place them in each other’s hands). BS just melts away in the face of nature. Only pragmatic humility remains.

Literal war? Terrible. Metaphorical war? Going out into the wilderness with good people — mountains, oceans, forests, deserts? Essential. And it makes urban comfort taste all the sweeter. You can appreciate our cushy modern conveniences without being destroyed and enervated by them.

So take my angry upvote lol.

1 upvotesEvilStewi3 months ago

Thanks bro, I don't know what to hate tho. We are still animals thus need the woods, the danger and challenge. Pussy is grate, but we were also made to fight.

1 upvotesarokosi3 months ago

I am the original friendzone soyboy...soft, coddled, was even vegan long enough and strictly enough to become very ill. So that’s where I’m coming from hahaha.

I was trained to dislike all things manly and outdoorsy, to be a literal mangina (I was in an LTR with this one straight girl who tried to convince me to get a sex change; when we broke up she became a gigantic lesbian activist; I shouldn’t even say she tried to convince me — I had been conditioned into that kind of feminism).

“Macho”’is an insult in our Anglo culture (yet English-speaking women flock to more comfortably masculine men from Latin and other cultures).

It’s been great to rediscover just being a dude again, but I’m not all the way there yet lol.

TL;DR — don’t worry if I disagree with you, it’s probably just the soy talking :)

Having said that:

we were also made to fight

You may be right. Although I’d prefer that that weren’t true (whether or not it is). TBH I have no interest in dying in another man’s war, risking my own real life for someone else’s abstract ideal (if that). For me, the only thing worse than dying is dying for dumb reasons.

1 upvotesEvilStewi3 months ago

It's just what they want you to believe. Its hippie propaganda vs. Conservative propaganda.

Its also great to understand and not hate your own biological purpose.

For some war is just war, they want to fight and die in glorious battle.

Some need their own wars, because they can't see sense in someone else's.

At the end, go touring, climbing, caving, kayaking, skiing, mountain biking, diving, skydiving, surviving etc.

Whatever keeps you on edge and is at best nature oriented.

Keep pushing yourself.

11 upvotesnixon9933 months ago

Well i guess its better to feel depressed when you have some money then doing some shit job like me,but i know that even if i was a millionare i would pretty much feel the same.

15 upvotesjonsmif97973 months ago

What's your mission? What values you are contributing to the society that you thinking is meaningful to you? The things you mention are all outer game (indicators of high-value male), but how's your inner game?

I don't feel lonely working on my craft (aka research paper) even though I spend 1 month alone in the library from 8 to 8. I feel content after I submit the paper to the conference because I feel like I am making a direct positive change in the machine learning community. I feel good because I am collecting "journey pleasure", such as my hobbies of lifting, dancing salsa, learning a new language, etc.

13 upvotesflipdoggers3 months ago

every advice is welcome

Yeah man 2 important pieces of advice

1) Meditate. A LOT. You can literally hack your mind into unconditional happiness. As the years pass on, just like with lifting your body gradually gets massive, with meditation your mind gradually gets insanely happy. A huge part of meditation is rewiring that part of your brain that feels "unfulfilled", and training yourself to feel fulfilled in the present moment without any external reasons.

2) Close friends are hugely important for mental health. Humans are tribal, the feeling of belonging to a community/tribe is huge for feeling happy and stable in life. No advice per se, but sounds like that's another big reason you feel hollow (breakup, close friends moved away, etc), so just keep that in mind and try to find ways to feel like you belong.

-5 upvotesCainPrice [OP]3 months ago

Meditation in 2019 is silly. It's just pretentious breathing. They make phone apps to help you with all of that breathing. Then you can pretentiously tell your friends how cool you are for all the meditating you do.

Bhudda meditated. Some corporate drone with an app on his phone is just sitting on his ass and breathing.

But making friends is important. There are good men you can find and add to your circle. And the same way women can still be fun and useful to us and fulfill a need, so can most garbage-tier men. Not every person you know needs to be a superman. Just make sure your expectations are reasonable. If your friend is a bottom-tier guy, don't expect him to act like an awesome guy or count on him to be anything but what he is. Same way you don't count on women to be more than women.

19 upvotesflipdoggers3 months ago

My advice wasn't "download Headspace and meditate for 5 minutes every morning". My advice was MEDITATE A FUCKLOAD. Like an hour a day, sit on your ass and diligently smile, bring your focus back to your breath over and over again (you will get distracted a lot, it's part of it), while intentionally observing your conscious experience without judgment of good/bad, while observing the voice in your head and realizing it's not you, etc. I'm talking intentionally wiring your brain for ridiculous levels of happiness and bringing yourself significantly closer to (or even reaching) enlightenment.

But also you clearly haven't dived into meditation before so what the fuck are you doing talking shit about it? lol

11 upvotesJamesSkepp3 months ago

No need for an hour, 20min is enough. What matters most is consistency so your brain gets whipped (not trained) into processing inputs on your terms, not on brain's terms, however silly that sounds.

Another thing is, meditation doesn't give enlightment (better, deeper, faster understanding) nor does it brings happiness. What meditation does is that it gives you control over your instinctual behaviours and learned patterns that you use to respond to external stimuliation. Instead of responding on autopilot you get to have a choice in how you can respond.

3 upvotesflipdoggers3 months ago

No need for an hour, 20min is enough. What matters most is consistency

Consistency is for sure most important but 60m/day definitely produces way more benefits. At the end of the day it's just 3x as much practice. and 3x as much brain re-wiring, plus you can go deeper into your meditations if you do longer sits, you can get into really cool states

Dude if you don't think meditation brings happiness, I reeeeally recommend trying some longer sits, honestly when I switched from ~20m/day to ~60m/day that's when I first experienced what I now refer to as just "meditative bliss", it's euphoric and literally feels like MDMA lmao, and hits you randomly (or not randomly) throughout your days. Not to mention the other effects of the increased practice like improved focus, generally better life decisions, improved willpower, increased energy, lowered (or completely nonexistent) stress throughout your days, which probably improves your health too... etc. And you just open up this well of positive energy inside you that you just need to meditate to keep filled and overflowing.

1 upvotesPeterPansSyndrome3 months ago

Bro meditation is my my habit to focus on this upcoming year. Once I read about Jhana and Samadhi it's like a whole new world opened. I just have to consistently practice. My best session was once sitting on the couch and eventually I started smiling and laughing uncontrollably. I remember thinking "yep, this shit is real", but I've been distracted too much to consistently practice.

I definitely heard from people who experience what you do that the longer sessions equal more results. It's like most people aren't even open to the possibilities meditation can produce.

0 upvotesChaddeus_Rex3 months ago

One doesnt need to breathe like a retard (ie meditate) to control instinctual behaviors and learned patterns. All one needs is awareness and a constant reminder to oneself to observe what one thinks and feels. Then he needs to examine WHY he thinks as he thinks and change anything not useful. You dont need to do it by breathing like a retard for 20 minutes a day. If you use the method described above, you do it all the time.

1 upvotes_geraltofrivia3 months ago

This is coming from a guy that cant control his anger lmao, maybe you should actually try meditating

1 upvotesRivenHalf3 months ago

I find Headspace to be rather helpful actually

1 upvotesflipdoggers3 months ago

Meditation apps can be awesome for sure, especially for learning meditative principles from the guided meditations that you can incorporate into your life. I just didn't wanna open that can of worms in this convo cause that'd get even more off topic from my original point lol

-2 upvotesCainPrice [OP]3 months ago

If you're spending a full 6.25% of your waking hours sitting on your ass breathing, you're going to have a lot of regrets on that deathbed.

11 upvotesJamesSkepp3 months ago

Yes and no. That 6% is a cost you pay for having the remaining 94% under your control better.

9 upvotesflipdoggers3 months ago

Me: You should lift everyday for an hour, it'll bring you massive benefits and change your life.

CainPrice: if you're spending a full 6.25% of your waking hours standing in a room lifting a metal bar up and down, you're going to have a lot of regrets on that deathbed.

Seriously man you have no idea what you're talking about. I know TRP teaches you to be assertive and confident, but don't abuse it by confidently giving people terrible advice in a domain you KNOW you know nothing about, because noobs here will look up to you and blindly listen to your terrible advice (I myself see your username around and respect you more than the average reddit user).

-4 upvotesCainPrice [OP]3 months ago

Meditation is a modern fad practiced by cubicle jockeys and housewives in yoga pants. They make apps on your phone for it and everything.

It is literally sitting on your ass doing nothing, and just focusing on your breathing, then telling your friends how cool you are for doing something trendy like meditating. Just like you're doing right now.

Cut the pretentious bullshit. You are literally advocating for sitting down and doing absolutely nothing. Just breathing and focusing on the fact that you're doing it. For an hour a day. Because some internet articles say it's good for you or something.

2 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K183 months ago

How about 'just sitting on your ass breathing' is what YOU think it is.

That may be what the majority of society thinks about it and how they do it, too.

But that's not it. Not it at all.

Just because many misinterpret what meditation can really be, and many don't utilize it at all to it's full potential, doesn't mean we rip on mediation. We should rip on the people who think it's just sitting and breathing.

4 upvotesidonthavtitsbcimaguy3 months ago

I see where you are coming from saying that in 2019 meditation is just "pretentious breathing," but tbh I think that's just a dumb excuse not to do it. You yourself may not need it as some people will benefit from it more than others, but it is definitely a tool that people can use to build their EQ, even with its mainstream popularity nowadays.

10 upvotesTheartofsilence3 months ago

I think you bring up some valid points about how quickly things can turn, but situations like that are the best time to refer to Stoic philosophy. As Epictetus says in the Enchiridion, "some things are in our control, and others not." Anything you can't change yourself is essentially not worth worrying about. Hope that helps.

3 upvotesCainPrice [OP]3 months ago

Stoicism is silly. Turning accepting reality and the fact that we're not gods into some kind of quasi-religion is dumb. Just work out, eat right, make money, learn shit, and practice your social skills.

The fact that people need some kind of framework or belief system to just accept and live in reality is fucked up. You think the hot guys who get laid practice stoicism?

22 upvotesRStonePT3 months ago

Which is funny because that's stoicism internalized lol.

Guess there's something to be said for not overthinking things.

10 upvotesTheartofsilence3 months ago

What you described is basically stoicism. It doesn't necessarily have to be practiced religiously to be useful. I think it's more of a helpful reminder to evaluate what exactly one has control over in order to appropriately allocate focus.

The guys that are getting laid might not be consciously implementing stoicism in their lives, but I guarantee if you examined their behavior it would be consistent with it.

1 upvotesCainPrice [OP]3 months ago

If what I described was actually Catholicism, it would still be stupid to go grab a copy of the Gospel and start reading.

The fact that just...you know...living in reality needs to be assigned some kind of philosophical framework is the bullshit part. Not what the philosophical framework teaches.

Those guys you see at bars hooking up with women aren't reading about stoicism in their spare time. CEOs of major companies with a hundred million dollars aren't reading about and implementing stoicism. Even the most interesting guy in your friend circle with lots of cool hobbies and a geeky girlfriend probably isn't reading books about stoicism.

Normal people don't read books about some kind of philosophical framework for living in reality. They just...live in reality.

7 upvotesNickRimer3 months ago

Stoicism is not some kind of dogma or frame. And it's not about accepting everything. For example, imagine that plane is falling. What can you do as a passenger? Nothing. So you just don't care about things you can't control. Or at least maintain your emotions in a logical way.

In terms of frame, stoicism is very flexible. It's evolving and takes what is working atm. There's no rules to follow. You just take what is useful for you - that's what modern stoicism is about. That's why it's great to study.

Also it fits red pill perfectly because it helps you to control emotions = holding frame.

5 upvoteskymosabei3 months ago

Normal people don't read books about some kind of philosophical framework for living in reality. They just...live in reality.

Just to clarify, are you claiming that the men hooking up with women at bars and CEOs are the normal people not reading these books? Empirically that couldn’t be true seeing as most people aren’t CEOs, and the men hooking up with women at bars are the 20%.

The people that “live in reality” to me are the same losers that you mentioned earlier, if you’re referring to most people.

I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t think it’s necessary or fruitful to lambaste the idea of structured knowledge used to learn a concept to apply to your life. To say, “just go do it”, while being true, is undoubtedly a gross oversimplification of what the people “taking the pill” so to speak, are trying to understand.

However, if the central point you’re making is that people are thinking too much about this shit—that they’re over complicating it to a degree where they’re essentially refusing to act? I can see that too.

3 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K183 months ago

'Normal', well to do guys probably aren't reading and posting on Reddit, either.

3 upvotessquarehead933 months ago

Normal people don't read books about some kind of philosophical framework for living in reality. They just...live in reality.

Most of the people on TRP aren't normal. "Natural" alphas don't need to be told to go to the gym and stop being a sperg from their special subreddit. Some will say TRP was never meant to be a home for the incels, autists, and genuinely ugly men who are just fucked, but for relatively average or slightly below average dudes who just need to get their heads out of their asses. Even if that's true, if you find yourself on TRP, it's because you realize you are not a natural and have some work to do.

For me, stoicism the practice not the dogma has helped me immensely with developing inner game and outcome independence which has in turn has only helped me get laid more. Any advice given on TRP can be taken to an extreme by spergs, and let's be honest, there's a lot of spergs on here. I'm willing to bet plenty of terpers are early 20s gymcels who masturbate to TRP theory and lift but more as a coping mechanism than as a means to an end to become more attractive to women. I've met lots of guys like this. It's becoming an epidemic here.

You're probably right that Chad at the bar who was high school football captain and Greek life in college probably isn't reading Marcus Aurelius. But as far as CEOs and successful famous people go, I guarantee most of them are reading current events, history and philosophy. Some even share their reading lists. Are there going to be spergs who treat trp theory or stoicism or Jordan Peterson like religions because they always need someone to hand them a system for how to live their life? Sure. But these things are tools. Not everyone needs them or needs them to the same extent. But to the point of your post, reading philosophy and using it to develop your game is only going to better you as a person.

2 upvotesTheartofsilence3 months ago

Most people don't read philosophy books in general. It's literally all an examination of reality, but that doesn't mean that the information isn't useful.

1 upvotesJamesSkepp3 months ago

You think the hot guys who get laid practice stoicism?

None that I've met ever, at least when it comes to naturals.

1 upvotesChaddeus_Rex3 months ago

Lol for one who speaks a big game, you sure dont understand stoicism.

Stoicism is controlling your emotions and thoughts in a way beneficial to you, it is setting aside emotion and pain to work better/endure more, it is about learning more and keeping from excess.

The religious aspect simply emphasizes learning points as humans learn best through story telling.

5 upvotesMarsupian3 months ago

Do you have a mission/vision/purpose? What are you doing to reach it?

Btw. If you don't yet start meditating. It's a clear path to being content regardless of where you are in life. I'm of the conviction that the cessation of all suffering can be uncovered through practice. The streamentry sub has good instructions in the sidebar.

5 upvotesSKRedPill3 months ago

You have achieved success outwardly, but inwardly you still have issues. You have not been able to stay stable in any good spot for too long.

The reason is simple - you are simply not at ease with being alive and your own self. If you live your life today for the sake of some other life tomorrow, this will happen. Because the only life is the one right here. Your goals can happen tomorrow, but the steps to those goals can only be taken today. Ultimately the journey is the real deal. The end does not exist, only milestones.

There is a larger battle to be won within. You may have used the whole alpha thing to bury deeper issues within yourself, but so long as the root ain't fixed, the rest of the tree won't work well. Right now you want enjoyment, but there's a limit to that. Once you have it all, to the limit of what you're capable of enjoying, then what? Is this all?

I'm asking you why do you always keep looking to the next moment? You haven't discovered the joy of simply being the man you are meant to be, instead you look to life for enjoyment instead of living life as an expression of abundant energy from within yourself. You are trying to be a man for some other goal that ultimately does not exist.

What you particularly need can't come from outside. It can only be given to the outside from yourself. You have to be joyful like a child is - they don't own a thing, but they're happier than you, because they're fresh and full of life. This fullness is missing in you. Without this, you just can't radiate the attractive masculine energy that draws others to you with pure desire. Eventually such people turn out to be technically correct, but internally needy.

Ultimately it looks like what you have done hasn't resulted in you getting the relationships you need, because you still have issues. This all means you're still needy. Your whole idea of alpha'ing sounds more like the armor someone wears because they're afraid of being hurt rather than someone who is so fit they can wear their own skin for an outfit. A lot of us do these things. Just do the techniques, get the success and we will be happy ever after right? No, those won't cure deeper issues. That is a covert contract.

You need to meditate more. Read TWOTSM or The Power of Now and get to a point where even the need for pleasure goes down and real peace and happiness go up. Remember, pleasure is still pain trying to numb itself.

Don't make a covert contract with life itself, what you're doing now. Life is meant to be lived authentically.

8 upvotesKatanaRunner3 months ago

One of the ways Jordan Peterson pointed out about having purpose or meaning is by being useful to other people. Perhaps that's the piece that's missing, or perhaps it may be the lack of community.

3 upvotesHyperian3 months ago

We live in an age of loneliness in an age where we can do anything. We lack the skills to form long term trusting, deep relationship with each other. So our relationships with people turned shallow and transactional. It's a generational thing.

2 upvotesacekandy3 months ago

The only true fulfilment comes from being at service to others. The one caveat most people miss about this is that you need to be at your best to do so. An empty tea pot cannot fill any cups.

2 upvotesPMnewb3 months ago

There's a difference between forming friendships and close relationships and giving a shit about the Manosphere.

It's not "Me versus Everyone Else". But it's also not "Team XX versus Team XY."

All my close friends moved away. I broke up with my girlfriend of 3 years. My relationship with my parents and close family is mostly formal nowadays.

No wonder you can't realize this. By your own admission you don't have meaningful relationships or friendships. Get out of your own head and build a tribe.

We're pack hunters by nature. Unless you're profoundly autistic (which hey, you might be. You're a software dev after all) you're never going to find satisfaction without close social bonds.

2 upvotesAndgelyo3 months ago

Bro, I don’t really care about your long ass post, I really just came here to say one thing only:

Please lift and eat more.

2 upvotesFederkiel3 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing your story, and respect for your achievements. you are thinking in an holistic way.

I see this often, the route of what almost everybody is seeking on this board, but is often hiding behind worldly achievements or goals. But not everybody sees it, because there are many things they want to achieve before they come to this insight which you experience. I think with being conscious as a human pain is inevitable, dependently from your outer achievements or the goods you have. People who are longing for that what you have, think that they would be happy, and the goals represses the thought or the insight that they wouldn´t be that much happier on the long run, like you. We are all looking for external and everlasting happieness or pleasure, but as humans we have to experience pain, we can get all emotions we could get despite our outer circumstances, because we can :D. Read Imre Kertesz, he even had peaceful moments in auschwitz. I think we can´t control our emotions, they come and go randomly and we have to endure them, maybe the key is to fully live them and don´t see negative emotions as an enemy but as life in all his multifaceted. I don´t really know. Maybe read mike hellwig if you can speak german.

Hope you can understand this, my english is currently not the best.

1 upvotesrockyp323 months ago

very true man thats the number 1 thing i think is wrong about this reddit group. We all try to be the best we can be but its pushed that we need to not give a fuck !!! and we shouldnt!!! BUTTT the way this reddit describes it seems to lead most of the followers to stop caring about the connections they have with people especially family and friend because i think it makes us feel resentment for some reason.

1 upvotesfrutti_tutti_frutti3 months ago

It looks like you lost balance somewhere along the way and have sacrificed family for career. The good thing is that it's fixable.

1 upvotesmeerita3 months ago

Get more male friends. Problem solved. Get more projects.

I really enjoy life now that I don't LTR with anyone. I just date regulary, pump and dump, go to gym, build my projects and try to enjoy life as much as I can.

1 upvotesFulp_Piction3 months ago

Agreed with the last bit, but bear in mind that a) op says how to get laid, you're talking about fulfillment - fairly different spheres. and b) you've lost probably like 70% of your close social circle - I've been there and it's harder than it seems. For me, personally, I joined a sports team, got to know a few lads a bit better and it started to look up.

I ended up moving away myself, luckily there's a few guys around here that are in roads into new social circles so thats good, but I also started going for a drink or two the odd night on my own. Stand at the bar and chat to the barmaid, chat to the guys beside you. What I've noticed is a) don't tgink a out what you're about to say and b) it clicks best when you don't put pressure on yourself. Hopefully that helped a little.

1 upvotesSalporinRP3 months ago

All this, yet I feel unfullfilled. Hollow. All my close friends moved away. I broke up with my girlfriend of 3 years. My relationship with my parents and close family is mostly formal nowadays.

Yeah you can't just become a robot man. You seem like a guy who has a lot going for him though so get out there and go form your tribe.

And assuming your family aren't filled with cunts then go reconnect with them.

Sounds like you need a mission as well besides just cashing paychecks from work.

1 upvotesdingleburry_joe3 months ago

Good shit, you had the balls to put yourself out there. Stay strong for the strong are the only ones who succeed

1 upvotesEinsteinbeck3 months ago

Did you post that 'current form' picture as proof of being in good physical shape? I would say your body is average at best, and that's including people who don't even lift. You're in the bottom 80% in almost all facets of your life.

Playing in a locally 'well-known' band is a meaningless feat.

1 upvotesdrumperion3 months ago

Go ahead and post yours mate:)

1 upvotesEinsteinbeck3 months ago


Just speaking objectively mate. You're not shredded or impressive. Head over to /fit/ and post your body for some honest ratings from guys who actually lift.

1 upvotesdrumperion3 months ago

I never said I was, but again, ronnie coleman is not my idol:)

1 upvotesEinsteinbeck3 months ago

Glad it's settled then. Your physique is unimpressive and you have a long road ahead of you. Good luck on it.

1 upvotesdrumperion3 months ago

I mean, I know and thank you for the honest remark. But you completely missed the point of my comment.

1 upvotesputconfac3 months ago

You need kids to gives you purpose in life, is mot about moram shit etc... is biology we need to feel we protect and care about someone.

1 upvotesCountBarlow3 months ago

I mean I think the original poster is correct in one sense, which is that most men are trash, but they are trash on both ends of the spectrum. Being at the pinnacle of society’s standards and being at the bottom are two sides of the same coin. You are unfulfilled because the way toward fulfillment is the opposite direction everyone else is going. If your in a race to go skinny dipping in a river of diarrhea, and you get there first, your just the first idiot in the diarrhea river. The only accolades you get from that are “Lol I got to swim in the diarrhea river faster than that blue collar guy did.” Being the biggest, wooliest, shit-covered sheep in the herd still makes you a sheep. You aren’t actually seeking fulfillment, you are just trying to win.

1 upvotesdrumperion3 months ago

Truth. I've intentionally kept people at a distance, building a persona that never shows a weakness. My last girlfriend was the only one that managed to penetrate that wall, and after her, I realized that I've been making my way through life with the intention, as you said, to win. When she left, a lot of what I believed about myself came crushing down. We parted for the exact reason which has always haunted me, my tendency to push everyone around me away and never show emotion. I know that TRP will condemn me, but there are nights when my spirit is so broken, all it takes is a song and all my walls come crushing down. I've made my way up the hierarchical ladder, I've earned everything I own, but in the process, I have lost myself and it's my cross to carry.

1 upvotesCountBarlow3 months ago

I mean yea you worked hard and achieved what you aimed for, but maybe consider replace your job with your passion. Things will get interesting quick.

1 upvotesstr4ightforw4rd3 months ago

Maybe the RSD Julien's "Transformation Mastery" is the right product to you see right now. Seems like Buddhism to me but you can have another impression anyways... I got it for free, if you have some questions send me a message. Good luck!

1 upvoteseddielovett3 months ago

I had a similar situation: early twenties hot young wife, latest car, luxury apartment in the trendiest neighborhood, worked from home making a killing. Worked whenever I wanted, did whatever I wanted but still felt hollow inside.

Materialism/consumerism/hedonism are empty traps and do not provide joy and fulfillment. But you never believe it until you go through it yourself.

It took being deported from the US and embracing a new culture and the European lifestyle for me to finally feel inspired and joyous about life again. Far away from where I grew up I found different ways of living that left people looking and acting like real people! No obesity, no social anxieties or pc culture. Women are women and men are men and it works.

It took not having a car and walking around cities designed for pedestrians. Open air cafes and beer gardens. A city teeming with life and people spending time outdoors socializing in the real world instead of staring at screens.

It took traveling and meeting people from all walks of life. Being shown a new perspective on life every single day.

Most of all it was the sense of community and a rich social life which filled that hollowness. You can try to fill it with more money, more stuff, more drugs and sex. But really all it takes is genuine human connections and living a more natural lifestyle. Also the trappings of the ego are a real thing. Never do what serves your ego and identity, only do what serves your soul.

Meditate. Lift. Get out in nature. Explore. Be curious. Make real world social interactions a part of your daily life.

1 upvotesJohnfeb943 months ago

I'm similar. Have been back and forth on the spectrum numerous times. Sounds like you are depressed to me. I find that for me, i'm pretty depression prone, and it's easier for me than most to fall out of my good habits and fall back into depression. You can definitely have a great professional life and a lot of stuff and be unhappy. It's all brain chemistry. You have to prioritize doing things that balance out your brain chemistry like working out, meditating, writing, hobbies you truly enjoy (if you don't have one focus on the former and you'll be better able to find one) and then have more fulfilling friendships and relationships with fellow Alphas. It's those habits that keep your brain in check that are the most important.

For me, working out, particularly cardio workouts, have had the most profound effect. Lifting weights helps too with that and it's better for your looks as you build muscle of course but for your mental state cardio is the better bet. Both is best.

2 upvotesdrumperion3 months ago

Sound advice, I identify with this and I'll listen to you. Thank you mate, much appreciated. And thanks to everyone that reached out. Go team men, I guess? Haha, cheers 🍻

1 upvoteslala_xyyz3 months ago

Looks like you need a trip to some distant country. With a new cell phone.

1 upvotesanxiousdweller3 months ago

You're not nearly at the top. Get off your own dick. Your code's quality can stand a serious level-up, from one engineer to another. If you think I'm bullshitting you, open your eyes to your own reaction. You have a long, long way to go in your personal and spiritual development. Remember that. Real 'alpha' isn't defined by his attachments but by leadership. The one who is conscionable and courageous enough to live with extreme honesty and to practice true love endlessly will reach the level of opening their eyes to the actuality.

6 upvotesdrumperion3 months ago

And what is the top really? Code's not mine, as you can see, it's a .jpg from google, there for whatever reason I needed it at the moment. Furthermore, I never stated I'm at this so-called top but merely that I enjoy a level of success that could be considered more than sufficient at my age, yet it doesn't provide me with the contentedness I always thought it would.

2 upvotesanxiousdweller3 months ago

I was focused on the code and interpreted it as something else you were showing off. Just an internal story I guess. Thanks. But the top is that you fully burn out the karma sticking to your consciousness and reach a perfect enlightenment. You open your eyes totally to reality. Your level of truthfulness goes up and you see the truth on the basis of massive virtue. That's different from simply not giving harm to others or yourself. How do you save a life?

1 upvoteskrowitz3 months ago

that I enjoy a level of success that could be considered more than sufficient at my age

considered by who?

as long as you are not content, that's not it yet.

And what is the top really?

this can only be answered by you.

Woujo just wrote an excellent piece about this shit.

1 upvotesSweetdreams183 months ago

No one on here gives a shit of your achievements, you don‘t need to smash them online because irl no one gives a shit too and you never told anyone you were accidentally on the same table with the son of some obscure third world diplomat

1 upvotesdrumperion3 months ago

You know how people go on the internet and lie? I ain't one of them. It's not that you provoked me so much, but I love proving hateful motherfuckers wrong. Always keeping it 💯.

Mayor or Thessaloniki

Czech Ambassador

Japanese ambassador

EU Ambassador

.. The list goes on, just a quick few..

1 upvotesSweetdreams183 months ago

But nobody gives a shit, you fail to see the point

If you need to get validation bcs you were accidentqlly at dinner with a bunch of old men, you are very far from understandint what women like

103 upvotesGayLubeOil3 months ago

The problem with the Jordan Peterson anti collectivism Neo Whigism aka radical individualism position I'm seeing in this post (while at the same time attacking Peterson) is that it's bad for the individual.

Men naturally hunt in packs. They do things in teams. Apes are not solitary animals nor are they solitary hunters. Solitary confinement is used as a punishment because isolation psychologically damages men.

The Red Pill is a collective. It's a gated community. The reason the Red Pill has to exist as a collective is because if you as an individual post any workable dating advice on Reddit you will be swarmed by faggots, censored and banned.

In fact if you want to do anything, even on the internet you need a team of men watching your anus making sure no one fucks you. The only reason you were even able to write this post and gather an audience for it is because Redpillschool gamed Reddits gay system. Then when Red Pill is finally banned you can post similar things on trp red. So judging from the evidence there definitely is a team Red Pill which you are currently benefiting from.

While yes I agree that there is no "team man" and that MGTOW and MRA are gay. Men are targeted by collectives like Feminism, Government and in the case of the Red Pill's quarentine the ADL. The solution is to go to places where those things are not a burden, not close your eyes and ignore the hostile actors.

So I guess I half agree with you, yes virtue signaling about causes is super gay however so is radical individualism. Men have partners in buisness, gym Bros and even bros who drive them home after a night of partying.

Feminists are strong independent women who don't need no man. Radical Individualists are strong independent men who don't need no man.

20 upvotes102117991073 months ago

Spot on. Through the gym coaching usually the conversation comes up regarding "man stuff" and I end up coaching guys through life and how to un fuck themselves while also cueing their 220kg deadlifts.

I'm starting to have a theory that the gym is a gateway for some men who need help with "life" when they see someone who is succesfull, strong and in shape. Asking for some life advice inter-set seems easier than directly asking for it. Or so it seems.

23 upvotesruleofmen3 months ago

The patriarchy is literally the manifestation of male collectivism. 99% of what humanity has ever accomplished was achieved by men. When men stop grouping together everything turns to shit.

Not wanting to play a rigged game is fine. Worshiping vagina and viewing all men as worthless enemies like OP, is not. Men are failing for exactly that reason.

28 upvotesGayLubeOil3 months ago

The dialect a person speaks in is a direct biproduct of the environment he's in. So if any of us live in South Carolina for too long at some point the word "y'all" is going to enter our vernacular.

The same can be said about a persons beliefs. If a person sits in a sterile corperate office for too long he's going to start viewing all men as worthless enemies and worshiping vagina.

Viewing all men as worthless enemies: for a long long time companies had problems with unions and strikes. They need workers to work together for the company while at the some time not being unified enough to conspire against managment. Office politics, endless lists of rules, bogus sexual harassment are all purposefuly used to destroy intra employee trust and subsequently create the Machiavellian dork triad mindset.

Worshiping Vagina: when a person has a chronic shortage of something they tend to worship it. So if you spend all of your waking hours surrounded by obese Karens, it's not a suprise that you start dreaming of young fertile women. Men in Colombia on the other hand have an abundance of attractive, so the behavior isnt present in them.

Finally corperate drones are trained to be viciously antipolitical. Don't talk about politics in the office! Why? Because political discussion is the precurser to collective bargaining and unionization and ultimately bad for management.

So what we really have here is the internalization of the corperate worker mindset and conflating that with being Alpha.

7 upvotesTheEgyptianConqueror3 months ago

I agree with this. OP has some good points , but I disagree with enough of his points to cast a downvote. Looking out for your fellow man isn't bad. And when we live in a world where women and a large portion of beta cuck men hate real men, the real men need to band together. That's why we have our bros, and that why we have TRP

3 upvoteswisesw443 months ago

i agree with your point that you should focus on yourself primarily, instead of focusing on others, but you are talking in circles for the rest of the post. yes some men are shit. but many women are too. alienating all of the "shit" men is a bad idea, when the main reason they are "shit" to begin with is a flawed world-view, that can be fixed. you acknowledge how toxic feminism is, but are basically just providing a "feminist sounding" argument. i agree though, that it is counterproductive to dwell too deeply on the issues our society is facing today (ie. blackpill), but to outright neglect them, is foolish. the fact of the matter, is that these issues exist. our opposition is UNITED against what we stand for. you would never hear a feminist saying something like this about women, even though both you and i (and feminists, even) know this is true. if we are not also united, we are fighting a losing battle, and for you to pitch an "every man for himself, we all suck anyways" argument, you are only helping the leftists.

2 upvoteswisesw443 months ago

my comment was in reference to OPs post- not yours (i just copy / pasted). so when i say "you", i mean OP.

1 upvotesFulp_Piction3 months ago

It's almost like acting radically makes you weird and people don't hang out with weirdos.

25 upvotesuwey3 months ago

When you sit on poker table, few things that will ring truth, aware or not now you are on the table, money is at stake.

1) Life is like poker table, observe and be cunning to stay on it, as long as you can.

2) People watch imagine they playing the game, no they do not, they don’t have stake in the game, and their advice is often ill. (Hence they don’t play, many claim oh I just don’t play, fuck them, play it as life force them out, there are no true self quit, it was always forced)

3) know who is winning and who is losing, every game is different. If you sit on the table for fucking 15 years in your life and you don’t know who is loser, probably you. You are a fucking loser if you can judge the situation.

4) now what? Improve your overall game, look better, play the game, lose less, win more, and ignore all the noise chatting by the non-player. They wish you lose big, just like them.

5) stay on it as long as you can and force other to fall off, that is the key.

I grew up play Mah-Jong (a Chinese tile based poker game played by 4) with all the Asian in my community while grew up in Africa, let me tell you these kids were cunning and able to identify leaders and kiss right ass in order to win, their tactics slimy and passive, yet they are bold when the moment is right.

Be more flexible and be unpredictable, build and share your image of your value. If you are high value male, life will often be hard on you. If life is not hard enough, you need to challenge yourself to get better, carrer, money, pussy, physique, even your ability to call the shot matters.

Winning is all that matters. People always know who likely to win and follow. Be a good follower, eventually you can win when situations is right, as be at right place at right time with right box all checked, then you will shine.

24 upvotesCainPrice [OP]3 months ago

This entire comment should be read in Yoda's voice.

11 upvotesmarcus8crassus3 months ago

Your post is filled with good points. Myself and I’m sure many other men here along with yourself have spent time engaged in behaviors, as you’ve posited, that are nonproductive and ultimately waste our time and thus, our potential. Ultimately, I agree with what you’ve written here but have a thought or two I feel worth contributing so you and others may further consider.

As TRP is an amoral conceptual framework for approaching life, there is no right or wrong, there is only maximizing our live’s potential to ultimately be the most effective version of ourselves possible. While we shouldn’t go out of our way to redpill the world, drag people out of the matrix, or even necessarily advocate political movements that may be aligned with our individual objective men’s rights, it is worthwhile to be the change we wish to see in the world. If and when other people gravitate towards us because of our learned and/or inherent leadership tendencies, it is worth being a role model that may inspire change in others. As you’ve suggested, there’s much about humankind, particularly mankind, that is pathetic. Facilitating change but in a more inconspicuous way as you’ve alluded makes a big difference in the lives of men, which is one of the main premises I believe that makes this sub so impactful.

Again thanks for the post, it gave me much to contemplate.

25 upvotesoperatorfroggie3 months ago

Fucking brilliant post. Original, real, motivational. Best post I’ve read on here in months.

1 upvoteswisesw443 months ago

i agree with your point that you should focus on yourself primarily, instead of focusing on others, but you are talking in circles for the rest of the post. yes some men are shit. but many women are too. alienating all of the "shit" men is a bad idea, when the main reason they are "shit" to begin with is a flawed world-view, that can be fixed. you acknowledge how toxic feminism is, but are basically just providing a "feminist sounding" argument. i agree though, that it is counterproductive to dwell too deeply on the issues our society is facing today (ie. blackpill), but to outright neglect them, is foolish. the fact of the matter, is that these issues exist. our opposition is UNITED against what we stand for. you would never hear a feminist saying something like this about women, even though both you and i (and feminists, even) know this is true. if we are not also united, we are fighting a losing battle, and for you to pitch an "every man for himself, we all suck anyways" argument, you are only helping the leftists.

37 upvotesNighthawk_Black_3 months ago

I would rather read 1000 posts about getting laid and being productive in life than read about how the world is going to be overrun by feminists.

37 upvotesceilingsky953 months ago

Nice to see a post from OG Price. Good read.

8 upvotesWarriorMonkMode3 months ago

For you to be at the top.

Countless men must be on the bottom.

Ive waited, and waited and waited some more for a decent man to follow my whole life.

That man used to be my father, but i took him for granted. Now he's gone, and i realize the bitter truth.

We're all alone. No matter who we surround ourselves with, who we talk to or who we fuck, when our time comes, it will only be ourselves and the reaper.

Fuck men. They arent your friends. They arent your buddies. They'd sooner sell you out for a woman before they did anything for you.

Men are not your friends. They are your competition and that will NEVER CHANGE. If you follow ANYONE other than yourself, youre basically nothing more than a tool. Period.

25 upvotesTwo_kids_in_a_coat3 months ago

This is one of the hardest hitting truths I’ve read here. Good stuff.

13 upvotesgeo_gan3 months ago

OP would have definitely jumped straight into one of the life rafts on the Titanic.

1 upvotesdebuggingaids3 months ago

I agree with many individual messages of your post, but I can't agree with the main point. I care about men, I care about men's situations, even though many of them are total losers. In this society, empathy for men is on the low and I'm not turning my back on them, even if they turn their backs on me. We should strive to collect the benefits of the red pill not only for ourselves, but the men around us, to be a point of reference, a guide. Men created the world we live in today: literature, music, science, tech and everything else, and yet you come and say that men are shit, as a group, which is something that simply doesn't make any sense to me. My interpretation of the facts you've stated is: most men need to be taught to be men.

3 upvotesRicoAuerbach3 months ago

There is nothing wrong with having a good heart my nigga.

4 upvotesChitlinsandgravy3 months ago

Misery loves company. As men as a whole slide further into solipsism and external validation, the more those of us that have internalized our value can succeed.

Getting caught up in the emotional whimsy of men that are just as driven by their feelings and insecurities is self destructive. Especially considering the fact that they are as equally responsive, if not moreso, to game then women.

On one hand, it's sad that other men require constant and consistent emotional dick. Someone elses dick. On the other? Glad it ain't me.

7 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K183 months ago


It's the same as the ideological/political nut jobs, who spend most of their time thinking about useless shit.

The world is not a fantasy land, there are systems and reasons you learnt to do things the wrong way, women aren't saints.

That's all you need to know on that front.

The pill is simply knowledge. Learning a little of what works and DOING IT!

Way too many guys get bogged down in the 'why'.

'Meehh...why did I become emasculated?' 'meehh, what are the evils of feminism'? 'meehh, what new ideology must I adhere to?'. And my current favourite 'muuhh, why do dere be so many bluepilled men'??

Who gives a fuck? This sub got infested with faggots in the last year or so.

Behaviour change. Just focus on changing your own behaviour and thinking.

Enough of the feel good, locker room pep talk 'come on aaalll you men rise up and let's all storm the front with manliness'.

Fuck them, if they want to do it they'd do it.

Focus on yourself

3 upvotesNormalAndy3 months ago

Great read- thanks.

I think you're preaching to the choir- the men you describe are those despised bluepill cucks- if you must take sides then, whatever side you sit on, don't sit in the blue slime.

I understand that it's tough at the top and it is definitely nice to have a friend to bounce ideas off. They are even thinner on the ground than ever now though. I was having a chat with a mate just now and he is still amazed at the way women are assuming power only to flog everyone to death with it. It's hard to grasp that they are doing an important service though- taking out the bluepilled trash.

The bluepill needs to die and women are squeezing them painfully until they do just that. It's taking up an annoying amount of resources but I'm happy to sit on the sidelines- work on myself and my family until this feeding frenzy is over. When enough blood has been spilled, it will end.

If I was truly redpill then I would happily dive in and join them- hopefully without getting locked up. I admit that I am not there yet- fucking softy nice guy part of me that still won't always pull the trigger. Still, keep on working at it.

3 upvotesblank_phrase3 months ago

And that's why we have the top 1% and and the 'others'.

8 upvotesCainPrice [OP]3 months ago

It's nothing close to "the top 1%".

It's more like the top third, middle third, and bottom third.

If you work out and your shit is together and you're interesting and you don't act like a weirdo, you'll find yourself somewhere in that top third unless you're bizarrely ugly in which case you'll be in the middle third somewhere. You might not be in the top of that top third, but if you're anywhere in that top third at all, you'll do okay in life, and get laid to boot.

If you're an absolutely hopeless fuck-up, like just hideous, with obvious mental illnesses that make it impossible to act normal or have normal friends and relationships or hold a decent job, you're in the bottom third.

Otherwise, you're in the middle third somewhere. You'll probably end up married to some fat chick that treats you like shit, but at least you're better off than the bottom third.

Guys who bitch on the internet all day about how you have to be the top this percent or that percent and how women suck and it's not worth it and so on - they are very important. By accepting their place as bottom-tier men, they give other men something to surpass. They make every man who actually does the work look amazing by comparison.

We need average and below-average men who don't try and think they're so smart and enlightened and special and woke for not trying. Without them, it wouldn't be so pathetically easy to stand out from other men and get laid.

4 upvotesbestsparkyalive3 months ago

This is the realest shit ever. I read this and felt so much connection to it. I’ve really been doing so well for myself lately in the gym, in the professional world as well, killing it on my guitar, and getting better at the stock market. I feel like I’m on track for some absolutely amazing things.

The red pill helped me save so much time after it opened my eyes. Yes I spent some times in the anger phase, the stupid defence of the male species and all the time wasting bad habits that were outlined in this post.

But this past little while I’ve just been really becoming myself. My own person. Who knows themselves well, and makes the choices necessary to live a better life and improve themselves consistently. Thanks for this post CP.

7 upvotesmrpmonk3 months ago

Good read. What's wrong with Jordan Peterson, if I may ask? As far as i remember, he stood up for men "and women" to own their shit, face reality and get a mission in life. Seems overlapping with red pill philosophy, in many ways. Enlighten me please

2 upvotesMr_KenSpeckle3 months ago

I feel like Peterson is spot on about 50% of the time, wrong about 30% of the time and 20% of the time I can’t understand what the fuck he’s saying.

1 upvotesmrpmonk3 months ago

That's when he start marking shit for himself or promote his popularity against his own beliefs

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 months ago

What's wrong with Jordan Peterson, if I may ask? As far as i remember, he stood up for men "and women" to own their shit, face reality and get a mission in life. Seems overlapping with red pill philosophy, in many ways.

Peterson wants you to be a good plow horse.

-21 upvotesCainPrice [OP]3 months ago

Tell you what. I'm going to hit the gym, then make some money. And keep right on being an asshole.

You can make your bed every morning and wear suits and act like a conservative gentleman and family leader.

We can compare which one of us has women falling into line.

18 upvotesKing-in-the-making3 months ago

Lol. Who hurt you this afternoon? While your main post certainly hits many points needed to be addressed in TRP, it’s just a bunch of projection.

This seemed like a genuine question to me, but yeah just keep on being an asshole.

6 upvotesRStonePT3 months ago

He's a clinical psychologist. His advice is geared towards people with psychological problems.

The fact it resonates is all one needs to know.

Get out of the rut you're in, then worry about what the mentally healthy occupy their time with, but by then you'll already know

-1 upvotesimmortal_wound3 months ago

Now now gents let not freight over assholeness. Leave that by itself, by the corner. OP had good projections on genuine things that some of us had not thought of. I'll give him credit for that.

0 upvotes8380atgmaildotcom3 months ago

It's a lot of good natured sophistry.

2 upvotesWabbajak3 months ago

I wholeheartedly agree with you. Lately there have been posts claiming TRP is political. Yes, if you view it from the macro-perspective, it might seem like a politically active movement. As soon as a community becomes large enough, it is seen as a potential threat for another collective. Make it reject mainstream feminism and voilà the political left sees you as one of their enemies. Yes, by giving assent to and acting out on TRP principles, you outright reject the system.

However, this is not what TRP is about. You only become entangled in politics if you view it that way. Go through the sidebar and you'll see that it is not about politics. If you see TRP as means to achieve your goals (e.g. by raising SMV, working on charisma, frame/composure or increasing wealth, health and life satisfaction) and it works, why bother concentrating on the bigger picture.

If it is your mission to be politically active, fair enough, go for it. But the wise thing is to only concentrate on what you control, the self-optimization journey, so why should you waste energy and time to put resources in things you cannot control, like politics.

4 upvotesdoubtless_abyss3 months ago

Unsure why you mentioned JBP here but I think you may have the wrong impression of him. I'd recommend listening to the audio book of 12 Rules for Life as you'll find his advice and world view are quite similar to your own (ie. the chapter on getting your own house in order).

6 upvotesCainPrice [OP]3 months ago

Peterson is a feel-good motivational speaker who wants you and all men to get back on the plantation. Make your bed every morning and get in line as a hard-working conservative gentleman, and the world will notice, women will notice, your wife will get into line and start respecting you as the leader of the family - all like magic. All you have to do is hook the plow back up and start dragging it again, and do your part, and everybody will notice you owning your shit and love you for it. It all starts with making your bed in the morning!

I guess if you are a 300 pound, dirty, jobless loser living with his mother, following Peterson's advice is better than that. But you might as well skip the part where you become a used-up plowhorse who never gets what he wants and do something that actually works.

2 upvotesdoubtless_abyss3 months ago

I’d also rec checking out his messaging on ID politics which is very much in line with your entire anti-Men’s rights thesis above. Give him a serious shot - there’s more there than what’s on the surface

3 upvotesdulkemaru513 months ago

You wouldn't enjoy being the only person alive, you likely wouldn't enjoy it even if you didn't count women as persons... a team is the only reason we do anything, ever, ultimately.

To not go too much into how on the common Western physicalist view the 'individual' is just as arbitrary of an abstraction as the 'collective', I'll just say that the act of writing this post is an act based on collectivist presuppositions.

The post passingly said that you CAN add men to your circle (after careful unicorn hunter checklist vetting), while the entire tone implied that you should only care about yourself, and the sentence "quit treating life like a team sport" explicitly confirmed the sentiment. But if you happen to be interested in the arduous task of learning how the world really works, in the possibilities of caring about yourself that such understanding brings, and enthusiastic about it to the degree that you'd want to talk to other non-retarded people about it online... then you don't really care about yourself. Get it together. Pussy is the meaning of life, just don't put it on a pedestal.

... there's nothing inherently bad about talking to people online about how to improve one's life, however. It's only bad when it gets so difficult that those with the ability to comprehend it will find trivial things, like getting laid and employed, very easy. For instance, when I saw the obsessive endorsement here of lifting heavy objects as some super manly thing that only the alphaest of alphas are capable of, as someone who used to break guys' faces and rupture their organs for a thrill and a medal, I just found it kinda ghey. Like... no shit. Also mind your dental hygiene! Wouldnt want to be beta now, would we?

Now, of course, telling guys to just go lose 50lbs, then bulk 50lbs, then lose 25lbs, to get 8 years of education in, to earn cash, to become a radically different person, just so they can get laid, just so they can realize that they shouldn't gaf about women... doesn't really work that well. They've never not wanted those things, so clearly the pull isnt sufficient. And a loser will find that hardship, for ultimately something meaningless, not worth it, especially not today or first thing in the morning, because the idea that it's very easy to do is repeated over and over, because his competition is a bunch of fat chomos. So no stress. Just relax :)

Anyway, back to the main point. Finally, and above all:

What one shouldn't miss is that there are always teams. Alright, you could say that it boils down to self-interest, and that's a possible formulation of it, but it misses the point; teams are inevitable. And attaching oneself to the view that it's all about you, invites the risk of choosing a lame ass bullshit team. It's the most important thing, and thinking that it's Me Me Me results in ignoring that which matters the most. Choose wisely, lest you die.

8 upvotesCainPrice [OP]3 months ago

Guys who make excuses like you do: "The gym is hard! Getting educated is hard! Women aren't worth all this work!" - You're very important.

By being a garbage-tier man who accepts his place and makes excuses, you make it possible for the rest of us to look that much better and get laid. Thank you.

4 upvotesdulkemaru513 months ago

Not sure if you replied to the wrong comment but, if not, you misunderstand me completely

1 upvotessniffin_fingers3 months ago

I hope those aren’t Sabian B8’s on that classic Tama Kit...

1 upvotesserynada3 months ago

disclaimer: just read the summary. i also read gaylubeoil’s comments*. i agree with you both.

i think you’re basically right, but you come across as a loner. in my experience. i benefit greatly, not from being team-man, but being team like-minded man who agrees with me on core values and has my interests in mind. that feels natural to me and works for me.

so yes, you should be obsessed with upping your stats. but without a clan to share it with, it rings hollow.

edit: read the whole thing. opinion remains the same. good write up, i agree with it more or less wholly, but with the augments mentioned above.

1 upvoteswisesw443 months ago

i agree with your point that you should focus on yourself primarily, instead of focusing on others, but you are talking in circles for the rest of the post. yes some men are shit. but many women are too. alienating all of the "shit" men is a bad idea, when the main reason they are "shit" to begin with is a flawed world-view, that can be fixed.

you acknowledge how toxic feminism is, but are basically just providing a "feminist sounding" argument. i agree though, that it is counterproductive to dwell too deeply on the issues our society is facing today (ie. blackpill), but to outright neglect them, is foolish. the fact of the matter, is that these issues exist. our opposition is UNITED against what we stand for. you would never hear a feminist saying something like this about women, even though both you and i (and feminists, even) know this is true. if we are not also united, we are fighting a losing battle, and for you to pitch an "every man for himself, we all suck anyways" argument, you are only helping the leftists.

1 upvotesBombasticBobby3 months ago

Your pathos is above average and it gets you what you want. However, you argue points of little to no substance multiple times. You seem credibility in terms of how much work you've put into self-improvement. However, now that the hard work of trp is done, you effortlessly sit in the top 20% in a seemingly sedentary lifestyle, as you have the tools to get what you want.

1 upvotesIntoxicatedWeasel3 months ago

Peterson vids are sick tho, still getting laid sooooo

1 upvotestextualintercourse3 months ago

Which is why on a societal level we're completely fucked. The REAL badasses intellectually, physically, and ethically are inherently loners with no need for a team. Those that are not "10/10" on the badass scale are the sellouts for money, fame, sex (pay to play or create an exploitable system to get sex: That fucking ugly piece of shit Weinstein for example), and power.

The weak unite out of necessity, and that tide is unstoppable.

Get as many fucks in before shit collapses, in other words.

1 upvotesflesheatinghobo3 months ago

Have fun being alone for the rest of your life if you internalize this delusional elitist mindset.

1 upvotesusedtimecapsule3 months ago

Everyone is a piece of shit. I like how you’re saying men are garbage as a whole but women are too. Don’t be a fucking simp.

1 upvotesDethStork3 months ago

Thanks boss, I needed a refresh on how easy it really is to get to a good level. I'm complicating things to occupy myself

1 upvotesChinmayT23 months ago

One more thing that I noticed is that.

Being a team man is basically you thinking of yourself larger than life.

Even in day to day situations the person who tries to be the team man ends up being the most dissatisfied

I used to do that. I have realised that we must focus on ourselves and our interests rather than being egoistic and thinking about each and everyone.

Because a person who isn't doing good for himself how will he do good for others?

1 upvotesKatanaRunner3 months ago

alt-right wackos who think the entire universe is secretly controlled by the Jews

No, they don't, but you don't have to be an "alt-righter" to realize they have a significant influence over the media, finance, gov't, academia, porn industry, etc.

5 upvotesCainPrice [OP]3 months ago

I never thought about that. Thanks for opening my eyes to the real truth. I was going to go to the gym later today, but I think I should post on anonymous forums about this elite dark secret we know, maybe plot a synagogue shooting where I can end the lives of a couple of upper middle class retired old farts in skullcaps. That'll teach those Jews.

No. Wait. I think I'll just go to the gym instead.

-1 upvotesKatanaRunner3 months ago

This guy, can't you read? Who's talking about the plebs here, or your shit strawman about shooting up a place? I'm talking about those in position of influence like US government, the media, academia etc., which is the minority of the minority.

But I'm so red pilled

Of course you are, and I wouldn't be surprised you unironically eat every single thing the mockingbird media feeds you.

3 upvotesCainPrice [OP]3 months ago

Go shoot up CNN then, or whoever it is you think needs to die. Leave normal people alone. We're trying to have real, actual, productive discussions here. Not crazy-man conspiracy theories from redneck white trash.

Another Jewish conspiracy wacko man like you in the world just makes the rest of us look better by compariison.

-2 upvotesKatanaRunner3 months ago

We're trying to have real, actual, productive discussions here.

But pointing out the obvious truth is somehow "too redpill" for you? lulz

redneck white trash.

You crash test dummy I'm latino. So your absurd strawman and dumb ad-hominems isn't going to work on me.

conspiracy theories

You don't know nothing about that label nor its history. The "conspiracy theory" label is just a pejorative one that was weaponized by the CIA in 1967 to discredit and marginalize the voices of those who challenged the Warren Commission's "official" narrative of JFK.

clueless dude

1 upvotesCainPrice [OP]3 months ago

What's "the obvious"? The rich Jews beat you. They rule the media and the Supreme Court. It's done. They win.

Either go shoot up CNN or go get laid. Quit bitching about the Jews on the internet. Nobody cares.

1 upvotesKatanaRunner3 months ago

What are you talking about they "win"? "Win" what exactly? Your mind? Because you definitely sound like the typical, mainstream NPC that would buy anything the mockingbird media sells you. Who's America's "greatest ally"? You should know this, because you sound like the type that eats the MSM's BS on a daily basis.

And it's not "Jews" that's a generalization, it's more specific than that, it's Zionist Jews.

Either go shoot up CNN or go get laid.

Thanks lad for laying out my two only options in life. I would definitely would be lost if you weren't here to tell me what my options are. lulz And you regurgitating your tired ass shtick is definitely not getting old.

Nobody cares

But you cared enough to respond? Fucking hell, how does that work?

I wouldn't have quoted you, if you hadn't brought up something you clearly don't know jack shit about. Pro-tip: if you don't want somebody correcting your ass in your very own post, then maybe rethink before using a silly strawman and throwing it out there for the public to read. Capisce?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 months ago

Hes right, Jews have a lot of power. Thing is, it doesn't really matter. Work on yourself. Don't worry about them.

1 upvotesMaTArcher3 months ago

Excellent write-up, from this and from all my recent reading;

TRP is a set of tools to help you develop self-awareness and also get outter perspective. From this self-awareness you are able to apply the fundamentals to improve different aspects of your life. Not everyone begins the TRP journey at the same spot. Some already have some of these things figured out and others start from rock bottom. On the way through this journey you increase your SMV and overall value as a man. This value can be "perceived" but must also be internalized for you to consistently hold frame.

The byproducts of unleashing a higher potential through various achievements will be many. For example with women, your career and overall goals.

The continuous effort to improve and maintain; Physical fitness, knowledge, self-discipline, hobbies and Game will have you sitting several steps above the common underachieving man. This fact a lone isn't a surprise.

I think one caveat to that is to remember not to sit on your ass once you've reached a comfort zone of achievement. The competition is internal, you can sometimes contemplate looking at a bunch of failing coworkers and friends and think you're doing fine and stop there. From Woujo's recent posts, (and I encourage you to go to his website there is some very very high quality material there too) : The journey itself is more valuable then any "final" destination. What makes you attractive is your pursuit to "a destination." Even more so, a transcending one. The mere fact of having reached a certain "elevation" from your initial starting point will reap benefits and through observation I know a lot of people stop there and think "Ok thats enough I can go back to my lazy self". Can't work that way, once you start moving the wheel needs to keep spinning.

-2 upvotesnknltl3 months ago

Fuck yes. This is great.

-2 upvotesNuclearMelonMan3 months ago

This should be in the sidebar. Bring on “team-man” is a trap a lot of men fall into, and it’s one that I almost did too.

-3 upvotesJustKnowYouAreLoved3 months ago

This one cuts deep, and it’s because it’s true. Excellent post.

-3 upvotes6paths_luds3 months ago

Shit hits hard, but it’s real good

-1 upvotesurdad_4553 months ago

This is the one of the best post i read in a while

-1 upvotesRP_Throwaway_4U3 months ago

But according to the pareto principle 80% of men will always be “shit” as you put it, no matter what.

Don’t you see how this could eventually lead to the collapse of western civilisation?

4 upvotesCainPrice [OP]3 months ago

The bottom-tier men who don't even bother trying because they think they'll always be bottom-tier men are important. They help the rest of us look better and get laid.

1 upvotesRP_Throwaway_4U3 months ago

Is that all you care about? Getting laid?

What you’re saying is good stuff from a sexual strategy perspective, but not too good when it comes to sustaining a civilisation. Feminism is posing a serious threat to the west if you think about it for more than a minute.

What if you want kids, would you be happy to raise kids in a world like this?

8 upvotesCainPrice [OP]3 months ago

Guys who bitch on the internet about feminism and how "degenerate" modern society is are bottom-tier men. Do you think any significant number of men who are having sex with women right now spend any amount of time bitching about feminism and degenerate modern society on the internet?

Society is going to be just fine without bottom-tier men. Pretending to be smart and enlightened and concerned about civilization and society and writing about it on the internet? Waste of time. Garbage. Bottom tier activity. You're weeding yourself out.

You want to change the world? Go be awesome instead of bitching about society on the internet.

Or don't. If guys like you waste your lives bitching on the internet about feminism and society, thereby accepting your place as a bottom-tier man, you give other men something to rise above. You make us all look better by willingly accepting a place among the garbage-tier, and actually thinking you're smart and special for doing it.

0 upvotesRP_Throwaway_4U3 months ago

Society is going to be fine without bottom tier men

Bitch please will it fuck. We are the worker bees of civilisation, if all us bottom tier guys (80 fucking percent of the male population,probably even higher at this point) decide to opt out then it all goes to shit.

Sure you may be a Chad today, but in ten, twenty years you may be incel-tier. As long as open season hypergamy exists then more and more men will become bottom tier as standards get higher and higher.

You ignored my point about wanting to raise kids in this world.

2 upvotesCainPrice [OP]3 months ago

We're not talking about 80% of men. That's some random percentage the incels came up with to justify not trying.

It's more like the top third, middle third, and bottom third.

If you work out and your shit is together and you're interesting and have decent social skills, you'll be in the top third. Maybe not in the very upper top of the top third unless you're really hot, and if you're seriously incredibly ugly, maybe you'll still be in the middle third instead. But if you're anywhere in that top third, you'll do fine in life.

If you are absolutely hideous and/or have obvious mental illness to the point where people can tell you're weird and you can't have normal relationships, you're in the bottom third.

Otherwise, you're in the middle third and probably end up married to a fat bitch who treats you bad, but at least you get laid sometimes.

The bottom third get weeded out, and they're no threat to anybody. Civilization doesn't rest on the backs of the losers.

2 upvotesRP_Throwaway_4U3 months ago

Well listen here, bucko, the lines between the bottom and middle third as you put it, are becoming more and more blurred every passing day. Since the advent of tinder and social media its pretty much chad or nothing. And the standards to be in that top third are gonna get higher.

Also are you denying the 80/20 rule? Thats one of the core RP principles.

1 upvotesKnifeRomantic3 months ago

if all us bottom tier guys (80 fucking percent of the male population,probably even higher at this point) decide to opt out then it all goes to shit.

But they won't, because they're not organized. And they'll never be organized, because they're too easy to divide and conquer. Dem vs. Repub, white vs. black, men vs. women, poor vs. middle class, religious vs. atheist. It's always been this way and always will. Nothing good will happen as long as you view yourself as a member of that club of losers. It's not about how much money you make.

0 upvotesSKRedPill3 months ago

The only true team man is in the best of the military, where they're all united for one mission.

Otherwise, man isn't a herd animal.

And if you take team man as a whole, you get to see the lowest common denominator of what men are.

-2 upvotes4LW4YS0NG34R3 months ago

I can only say thank you sir.

-4 upvotesTricksterOfFate3 months ago

Your mindset is basically that of a sex toy whose only value is to be a masturbator for women.

8 upvotesCainPrice [OP]3 months ago

Guys like you who pretend to be concerned with how "degenerate" society has become, and that it's your pretend-conservative values that keep you from doing the work, improving yourself, and having the sex life you wish you could have (not to mention the other life successes besides sex) are very important.

By accepting your place as a bottom-tier man who complains about society on the internet, you give the rest of us something to surpass. You make the men who stand out look better. You are the garbage-tier man women are talking about when they say that "All men are trash", as they smile from ear to ear at their good fortune to have met one of the guys who's different and better.

By being you, you make it easier for men who do the work to stand out.

-2 upvotesTricksterOfFate3 months ago

Whatever, keep the good work and be a good tool. As much as this society in its current form allow you that it.

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