Online job + Brazil = Win. For people who want to leave homeland.

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March 19, 2015

I've decided it is time for me to leave home, following TRP advice. I don't like my life here and am thrilled with the opportunity to start over again somewhere else. I am still doing a lot of research, but will probably go to Cambodia after July. The purpose of this thread is : 1)exchange information with more experienced expats (who can give me tips and place suggestions) 2)let you guys know about my city and country, hoping it'll be useful for you.

I am a 21y.o. online poker player and I live in Campo Grande, which is located in Mato Grosso do Sul state(in Brazil). The city has around 900,000 inhabitants. Well, what is attractive on this place?

1)PERFECT CLIMATE : It is always around 28ªC. Winter (June, July) is dry, Summer (December, January) is rainy, but it doesn't rain all day (or every day). Torrential occasional rains. No natural disasters like thunderstorms, floodings etc. 2)It is cheap to live comfortably. The local coin (Real) dropped A TON in 2015. I'd say 1kUSD is enough to rent a nice place on a safe area, eat healthy and go out on the weekends. 3)Great and healthy food everywhere. You can find all kinds of meat (except fish) for great prices here, as cattling is one of the most important economic activities of the state. Abundant good quality fruits and grains too. I'll make a post showing the exact prices later if this thread goes somewhere. 4)The city has AWESOME infrastructure on the good areas, with no traffic problems, no security problems, with well defined commerce/habitational zones. 5)Everyone fantasizes about Brazil and want to come here, so I think it'd be a very good advice to come to an average sized city first and get used to our language/climate/culture before trying to go to metropoles like Rio or São Paulo (which obviously have their strenghts, but are ruthless to newcomers) 6)European/american people will be treated like gods here. Less than 1% of the population is foreign, so even if the nightlife here is not good, you can still score thousands of chicks at clubs/college parties(which are open for everyone and open bar almost always, you just need to buy entrance for an average of 15$).

But I don't want to lie to you guys : this place isn't perfect. a)No beaches. And the nearest one is 1000miles away. There is a paradise 140miles away, though. It is called Bonito. Has some of the most beautiful caves and rivers in the world, for sure. Just google 'Rio da Prata' for pics. b)Entertainment SUCKS here. There are 3 average sized shopping malls (with movie theather and etc), some very cool green areas besides that and 3 big nightclubs, but that's it. That's why I don't recommend coming if you are really into going out 3x a week. c)Food in restaurants is way more expensive than on the market.

So I'd recommend this place for people WHO WORK ONLINE and who don't have a lot of money to afford a baller lifestyle. I can help you on your first months if you come soon, but after July I'll probably be gone.

I have pretty good knowledge of other Southern/Central areas of Brazil and will answer questions if anyone is interested. Feel free to criticize anything on the text, grammar/coesion tips are extremelly appreciated.

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Title Online job + Brazil = Win. For people who want to leave homeland.
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