Dealing with fantasies that involve gender roles

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October 25, 2019

Has anyone dealt with fantasies like femdom and cuckold that involve being submissive to the woman? In my dark places my fantasies go there and I'm really struggling with overcoming them. I know that they're evil and twisted, especially when involving my wife (imagining her with another man or woman with my knowing support and even humiliated help, wanting her to peg me, etc). I have a long way to go still on my rp journey and realizing God's design for masculinity, and honestly these dark places my mind has gone have surprised me. Does anyone have a word of encouragement?

Sorry I know I need to share background, stats, etc. This is a throwaway because it's just so shameful.

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Title Dealing with fantasies that involve gender roles
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Date 25 October 2019 03:11 PM UTC (1 year ago)
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