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I Created a PDF Version of The Book of Pook

by dream-hunter on /r/TheRedPill
08 January 2020 09:28 PM UTC

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The Book of Pook is one of my favorite books and I believe that every single man should read it. When I first got the book, I got it from bookofpook.neocities.org including the PDF version of the book. However, I wasn't happy with the PDF version; it was using a hard-to-read font, the pages weren't correctly formatted, and it was very difficult to read on my phone.

Therefore, I decided to use my coding skills to create my own PDF version of the book. And I'm sharing it with the community!


  • Available fonts: Times New Roman, Sans Serif and Baskerville

  • Download as: A3, A4 or A5

  • Table of Contents with clickable links

  • Numbered pages

  • View the PDF online without downloading


Credits go to a little bit of my coding in PHP, and the code from the website bookofpook.neocities.org created by /u/onlinebookofpook (thank you for the great work). And of course, the one and only, Pook!

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93 upvotesgoldenshoelace82 months ago

Thank you for taking the time to make this

70 upvotesTheFinalKalki2 months ago

Thank you. I read this book a few years back when I was in school. It gives you a great mindset and is less theoretical and more humor generating, which for me is great to alter my state of mind.

37 upvotesSKRedPill2 months ago

Upload it on library genesis.

14 upvotesTheFinalKalki2 months ago

Yes, this 100%.

The link to the site for those wondering is www.libgen.is

An alternative with even more books is Z-Library at www.b-ok.cc

4 upvotesTheFinalKalki2 months ago

Brother, thank you so much. You don’t understand how easy this makes it to disseminate this book now. Sending your link to my boys now.

24 upvotesjavisms2 months ago

At the risk of sounding like an idiot what’s the difference between a3, a4 and a5

21 upvotesKeniRay2 months ago

They are just page sizes. Incase you want to print the book, this information will be helpful.

19 upvotesphilltered2 months ago

It makes a difference based on screen size as well, people reading on phones would want a5 :)

13 upvoteswiwilliam2 months ago

This k you so much ! I was looking for this !

13 upvotestrp_nofap_rewire20182 months ago

That's pretty awesome man. Thanks a lot! Everybody mentions this book as a must-read, guess there's no excuse now not to read it. Downloaded it to my phone and I'll take my time :)

Take care OP

11 upvotesred_matrix2 months ago

You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.

10 upvotesjcpain2 months ago

Thanks brother. This would be worth reading

10 upvotesGainzdalfTheWhey2 months ago

Is the author stiil unknown?

10 upvotesWhopper_Jr2 months ago

Best version for mobile download (specifically iPhone books app)?

3 upvotesWhitePowerRanger192 months ago

ePub. Which he doesn’t have. But I might. Somewhere. Lol can you send files over reddit?

2 upvotesAlienspaceship242 months ago

If you open the PDF on safari, press the action button (middle button at the bottom of screen), and swipe left, you will see “Copy to Books”.

0 upvotesPB00342 months ago

Look up on google on how to convert pdf to epub. Not that time consuming.

15 upvotesnarciso_2 months ago

Could you do an epub version?

8 upvotesPristine_Sheepherder2 months ago

Yes, epub would be highly appreciated.

2 upvotesKeniRay2 months ago

There are many online pdf to epub converters.

14 upvotesthisisnotme__--2 months ago

Conversions from pdf suck. It's meant to be a final format, so it doesn't convert well.

7 upvotestopopox2 months ago

Yeah, Sex God Method of Daniel Rose is also another one that could use a good epub version.

12 upvotesjadensmithsson2 months ago

Have an old ePub version from a few years back. PM me if interested.

10 upvotesmtl_dood2 months ago

Can you put a link to a Google drive file?

2 upvotesWetLikeMyJumperTho2 months ago

Would also appreciate this

2 upvotesRedditToHaveFun2 months ago

If it isn’t too much to ask...

6 upvotesgrowingstronk2 months ago

You’re doing good work man. Thank you so much :)

5 upvotesHayase2 months ago

Awesome I was just thinking about reading the book too looks like the time is now!

5 upvotesDarth_Zounds2 months ago

Thanks for this.

A5 is definitely best for reading on my phone, a Galaxy S7.

3 upvoteskingknut52 months ago

Thanks! Could you please do a black background version?

3 upvotesMakaThaDon2 months ago

Now all we need is someone to do an audiobook

2 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 months ago

There’s one on YouTube. I made an mp3 album of it over Christmas.

3 upvotesdrakehfh2 months ago

Can you also make an epub version of https://illimitablemen.com/

2 upvotesrms72 months ago

Any chance of an epub version? Thanks for the PDFs

2 upvotesboomer_be_mad2 months ago

I shall download but is just like to know what this book is about

3 upvotesZdeneksfilter2 months ago

The author, a man who goes by the name "Pook", outlines multiple TRP lessons in an ultra-lighthearted manner. The prose is simple and direct and the lessons in there, I've found to be true one hundredfold.

I recommend the chapter "What all skinny guys should know" ... Pook details the dynamics of female attention he received from a mere 160lbs all the way to well over 200lbs in superb form.

2 upvotespm_me_tangibles2 months ago

not to sound ungrateful but an ePub would be even better especially for reading on mobile

2 upvotesRPthrowaway1232 months ago

Thank you, this is really well formatted and a definite improvement over the version I've had for a while now.

2 upvotesshitwiththatass2 months ago

90 pages in and I already feel myself changing

2 upvotesZdeneksfilter2 months ago

I first chanced upon that book five or so years ago, at a site known as "NO MA'AM". Amazingly, the site's still up despite having had zero activity for 10 years now, and I pop in there every so often to reread the Book of Pook. They've arranged the chapters so very well.... also; there's a lot of great TRP content in there as well, formatted in a similar manner.

If you'd like, I'll send you a link.

2 upvotesFernesoide2 months ago

I'd like to give you an award, but i'm not gonna spend money on reddit. So take this https://imgur.com/gallery/sy9lVl4

1 upvotesobey_kush2 months ago

As i am not comfortable reading always PDF files, i will create an epub version from your pdf version.

1 upvotesme_the_curmudgeon2 months ago

I might do the same in something like vuepress, unless you want to?

1 upvotesBurnoTaurus2 months ago

Do you want a cookie or something?

1 upvotesjunkyDemon2 months ago

hey nice works saved me some efforts.i have a question btw i'm starting a youtube channel about the book in general, am i gonna face copyrights problems with it ?

1 upvotesSoulRedemption2 months ago

Thanks for making this. For those who have read the book, can someone tell me if the book helps to deal with women even if you are not looking for dating them?

1 upvotesTuno932 months ago

How can I upload to my kindle?

1 upvotesNattyBoii2 months ago

Someone a while back uploaded a giant book list. I checked the comments and someone converted the books to kindle versions 🤙🏼

1 upvotesKorrangar2 months ago

When your SMV increase do you really stop being approched by ugly girl ?

3 upvotesZdeneksfilter2 months ago

More like, they're significantly more fearful of you (and the prospect of rejection). As such, they will refuse to strike up any sort of connection with you unless they're 100% sure you like them back. In fact, they will be outright cold to you most times which can be really odd. It's only when you get among the hotter girls that you'll notice the IOIs reemerging. It's very bizarre.

Note however, that the not-so-goodlooking girls will be willing to do anything for you if you go out of your way to show them affection. This is why it is a common TRP principle to make sure you are good friends with a fatty at work, or some girl whom most workmates think isn't very attractive. If shit ever hits the fan and you're falsely accused of some thing or other; she'll bat for you tirelessly until you are in the clear.

Lift hard and godspeed.

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