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Ex-wife who received billion dollar divorce settlement -- and appealed because she said it wasn't enough -- has her appeal dismissed due to greed.

by null on /r/TheRedPill
28 April 2015 11:25 PM UTC
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Many of you may recall the story of Sue Ann Hamm. She is the ex-wife of oil billionaire Harold Hamm. Sue Ann filed for divorce against Mr. Hamm, and attempted to fully divorce rape him. In the end, Sue Ann received just over $1 billion in the divorce decree against Mr. Hamm. And she said that still wasn't enough, so she appealed the divorce judgment claiming she deserved billions of dollars more of the fortune Mr. Hamm had put together building his company, Continental Resources.

In the meantime while the appeal was pending, Mr. Hamm complied with the court's judgment and paid the $1 billion or so he owed to his ex wife, by check. Rather than holding onto the check and not depositing it (as she should have done), Sue Ann got greedy and deposited the check in her account. This was a massive strategic error. By depositing the check, it opened the door for Mr. Hamm's lawyers to argue that Sue Ann had accepted the benefits of the divorce judgment, and therefore she could not legally attack the validity or sufficiency of the judgment in an appeal.

Shortly after depositing the check, Sue Ann's lawyers advised her of the mistake. They attempted to argue that she just had to deposit the check. That not being able to do so was "intrusive" on her lifestyle and well-being ("intrusive" being a legal term of art, in this particular instance).

Today, the Oklahoma Supreme Court came down with a decision entirely dismissing Sue Ann's appeal. The court first cited this maxim of law: "A party to an action who voluntarily accepts from [her] adversary the benefits accruing to [her] under a judgment cannot question the validity of such [j]udgment in this court on appeal, and thus deny the rights flowing to such adversary under said judgment." The court then held:

Respondent [Mr. Hamm] conveyed to Petitioner [Sue Ann Hamm] all court-ordered marital property. Petitioner took possession or title of the real property and deposited the check for property-division alimony. The parties acceded to the district court judgment and now have the benefits flowing from that judgment. The judgment is now satisfied. Respondent's motion to dismiss Petitioner's appeal is hereby granted.

There is no legal road for her to further appeal this matter (it is not appealable to the US Supreme Court). The case is over. Although one billion dollars is still a whopper of a divorce judgment, it's still nice to see that Sue Ann's attempt to appeal the judgment and get more money was foiled by her own greed and stupidity.

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Title Ex-wife who received billion dollar divorce settlement -- and appealed because she said it wasn't enough -- has her appeal dismissed due to greed.
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326 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

gentlemen yoy are looking at the worlds first billionaire prostitute

103 upvoteskrakosia4 years ago

So if this guy would have got an A grade hooker for say 10k a night instead of marrying he would spend 182.5 million for 50 years getting a quality experience every night and still saving ~1 billion dollars.

72 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

A grade hooker at 10k a night would cost him $3.65mil per year and would have taken 274 years to spend a billion dollars on her but with compound interest he would have multiplied his money

37 upvotesRiseAboveRuin4 years ago

Are we being honest with each other? Let's up the ante to say; three grade A hookers at 30k a night. I would be perfectly okay with that, you know. Taste allll the rainbow - Until my dick fell off, I went into orgasmic induced cardiac arrest or died from aids I guess.

31 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

30k per night that's $10.950mil per year still take you 91 and a bit years to get through a billion dollars and by that time with compound interest he would have multiplied his billion

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The thing that I am wondering is that for a mil, you could prosit have her taken out

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

died from aids I guess.

Then you're not getting the right hooker

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

When you do the math it's absurd that anyone would get 1 billion dollars from a divorce. Just goes to show that the US empire is crumbling. There is no way a healthy society / judicial system would allow divorce rape to happen.

5 upvotesrelationshipdownvote4 years ago

It's cheaper than that just take them on vacations and shopping

2 upvotesDoxasticPoo4 years ago

did you consider inflation? A 10k hooker today isn't the same as a 10k hooker 50 years from now

1 upvoteskrakosia4 years ago

The returns on his income will also go up proportionately over time

EDIT: Negating out the cost increase.

14 upvotesPlebDestroyer4 years ago

Lol I literally just said that to my sis.

38 upvotesrich_ripped_redneck4 years ago

This whore has more capital than the entire continent of Africa. WTF.

6 upvotesrebuildingMyself4 years ago

Not after China is done with it.

4 upvotesdriverx224 years ago

I hope this is a joke right?!

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Can't really say if that's a joke really, but the average yearly income of an African person is the equivalent of $400-$500 USD last time I checked the world distribution of wealth for a college class like 4 years ago. I'm sure that drastically changes too (a person living in a city like Casablanca in Morocco working some skilled labor job will probably be earning more than a guy toiling in some fields in Botswana).

4 upvotesdriverx224 years ago

What are you talking about? Nigeria alone's economy is worth 510+ Billion USD...never mind the 50 other countries on the continent. Smh

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesGenericProtein4 years ago

Do you have any source for this statistic because I find this absolutely mind blowing? I've tried googling it but my search was fruitless. Cheers :)

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The GDP of Africa was ~$1,594,777,000,000 in 2010. Source

1 upvotesGenericProtein4 years ago

anything on actual capital reserves?

232 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

106 upvotesRooibosisboss4 years ago

it seems unfortunate that this is a "win" that a woman needing more than a billion and still getting to keep that billion is a "win", it still sucks and says so much about what's wrong. Still I guess it is nice to see the courts strike her down.

I like to think this guy is just bad-ass.

"Fuck it here is a billion, I still have billions left, you're still a cunt. hit the bricks bitch and may god have mercy on the soul of the next man you try to leach"

24 upvotesalreadypiecrust4 years ago

Leach? Pfffttt. She has a billion bucks.

16 upvotesDiarrhea_Van_Frank4 years ago

She'll find a way to blow it all within 10 years. Guaranteed.

31 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Doubtful unless she literally gives it all away to charity. Blowing ten million is doable. With a Billion you literally run out of things to spend it on. You can have a building full of hookers 24/7 and a fleet of Ferraris in your huge mansion with your private jet and you still can't dent that shit.

24 upvotesShibaHook4 years ago

Many people underestimate just how much a billion is.

If she spent a dollar a second it would take her a year to spend approximately $31m

And approximately 33 years for $1 billion

8 upvotesFuckin_Salami4 years ago

I like this place you speak of. One day I shall have my own hooker Ferrari mansion.

3 upvotesexit_sandman4 years ago

Maybe she wants to star in the real life gender-flipped version of Brewster's Millions.

2 upvotesAnotherLostCause4 years ago

Bad investing can cost you a lot of money fast, just ask any former pro sports star.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Can I come visit your mansion?

9 upvotesexit_sandman4 years ago

it seems unfortunate that this is a "win" that a woman needing more than a billion and still getting to keep that billion is a "win", it still sucks and says so much about what's wrong. Still I guess it is nice to see the courts strike her down.

This was my first idea as well. Besides, the problem with all that "used to a certain lifestyle"-stuff in that case is that there's no way in hell you need 1 billion dollars to keep up with any lifestyle, and if you do, you should be euthanized for being a drag on society.

2 upvotesRathadin4 years ago

In actuality, if you're spending $1 billion over the course of even a few years (thus necessitating the need for half of Hamm's fortune - $9 billion - to 'maintain her lifestyle') you're actually a huge boon to society.

The ridiculous shit you buy isn't made by other billionaires, its made by the poor and the middle class. Sure, the shit she would buy is less of a boon to the economy as say, a new iPhone or Galaxy S, but she's still funding jobs, even if its a much smaller amount of jobs than a large-scale consumer like the middle class.

3 upvotesEmbracing_the_Pain4 years ago

Honestly, it sounds very similar to a moment on Mad Men from a few weeks ago. Instead of dealing with a bitching ex-wife always try to get a little more money out of him at a time, Don Draper just gives her a million dollars to fuck off and stay out of his life.

2 upvotesRooibosisboss4 years ago

Ha funny you bring that up, I was thinking the same thing. Which as a side note, the episodes so far this season have been decent, but it's the final season, they don't seem to be going anywhere, but I'm sure they'll wrap it up in a way I'm satisfied with, they have good writers.

60 upvotesSurf_Or_Die4 years ago

I don't know about their life. Don't know if they have kids. I don't know what their life was like. Surely he could part with one or two million dollars. It's nothing to him. The fact that she got a billion is an absolute disgrace. How the fuck does anyone deserve a billion in a divorce?! She's entitled to her old life style?! What the fuck does that mean?! Does that mean that he's entitled to her pussy?! Fuck marriage.

55 upvotesHalfjor4 years ago

Even if she got $50-100 million it would be somewhat tenable (in context). The guy has $11.4 billion, so the assumption would be that she needs that much to maintain her lifestyle.

A whole BILLION though? People do incredible things, push groundbreaking ideas, and change the world. Geniuses. The 1% of the 1% of achievers. The majority of them don't even get close to earning one billion dollars. This woman got a billion just for spreading her legs for a few years.

Fuck man. There should be a legal limit on how much someone can get from a divorce settlement. More than 1% of multiple state GDPs seems pretty fucking excessive.

55 upvoteszxsteven4 years ago

Maybe now she can join the top 20 richest women who didn't earn their money.

30 upvoteskrakosia4 years ago

There was a mention of this earlier. Somewhere close to 90% of the richest women in the world have either inherited it from their father or got it as part of a marriage.

18 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

These are the exact kind of statistics you won't see on any mainstream media, ever. Too busy jerking off over an imagined wage gap, gotta push that bullshit narrative down our throats.

2 upvoteszxsteven4 years ago

Yeah, I was referring to that one.

2 upvotesRathadin4 years ago

Man, please tell me you guys have a link for this. I'd love to read that article.

1 upvotesPlebDestroyer4 years ago

Fuck. Well no one said life is fair...

1 upvotesPhilhelm4 years ago

Maybe the scales of justice should be tipped. I, for one, would peel the screaming flesh from her bones for only a mere $1,000,000.

-6 upvotesIupvoteforknowledge4 years ago

Blows my mind people are so rich. A thousand dollars right now would literally change my god damn life for so much better.

10 upvotesAlwaysBulking14 years ago

Have you tried marrying a Billionaire?

2 upvotesIupvoteforknowledge4 years ago

I don't think they know I exist. I've never even seen someone above my class level.

25 upvotesRedPope4 years ago

An extra $1000 would change your life?

Then get the fuck off Reddit and go earn it. You've made over a dozen posts in the last 24 hours alone. How many hours does that represent? A tiny fraction of the time you've wasted on this site. You could've been finding shit to sell. Or working an extra shift. Or learning a skill to get a better job.

Blows my mind people are so lazy.

-8 upvotesIupvoteforknowledge4 years ago

Dude. First off, fuck you and the people upvoting you without knowing shit about me or my situation. I just got laid off yesterday. I've been sending resumes out all day today. I don't have a car. A thousand dollars right now would buy me a cheap used one. I've been reading, writing, redditing, and Craigslisting apartments and jobs today while simultaneously packing my stuff up because I'm in the middle of moving out my house because my roommates bailed on me after my landlord raised our rent. I just very recently studied and passed my personal training certificate and hope to move into the fitness industry now.

Don't just assume everyone on reddit is a lazy fuck. I'm in the middle of my entire life changing right now and I'm doing my best to get a job and earn my money.

5 upvotessoccerplusaviation4 years ago

true. if one billion dollars is not enough for you, you don't deserve it at all. It's not like she is going to put the money to good use anyways.

40 upvotesBadgerBurger4 years ago

She's gonna sue her lawyers for malpractice for failing to advise her of the consequences of cashing the check.

She'll get a settlement out of that firm and their insurers on top of the $1B.

27 upvotesnotmyuzrname4 years ago

She herself is a lawyer. She has a JD from University of Tulsa. God this woman is a nightmare.

6 upvotesOttoRocketWoogidy4 years ago

And she was still stupid enough to cash the check?! Wow what an idiot.

9 upvotesIllimitableMan4 years ago

Are you serious? I can't tell here. Sounds pretty fucked up.

35 upvotesputsch804 years ago

He is serious. And she is very likely to sue her attorneys. Not just for this fuckup, but for a bigger one that happened earlier in the case. Mr. Hamm apparently offered Sue Ann something like $4-5 billion as a settlement. Her lawyers allegedly advised her against taking it, telling her she would get more at trial. Instead, she only got $1 billion. That is probably where the bigger part of the malpractice claim will come into play (assuming that it is true).

The good news is that the she won't collect much of any malpractice judgment. I would be surprised if the attorneys are insured for more than $10 million apiece. So, even if the insurance companies settle for the full policy amount, that would leave Sue Ann something like $3.95 billion short of what she could have received in the settlement from her ex-husband.

32 upvotesmainst4 years ago

Mr. Hamm apparently offered Sue Ann something like $4-5 billion as a settlement.

That's so awesome. I wonder if she heard the story of Icarus. Greedy little bitch!

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Well if you put that into perspective... 1 billion is fucking nothing compared to that shit lol, greedy whore.

2 upvotesztsmart4 years ago

Guys get married thinking they are going to spend their life with a girl they love, and time after time the girl turns around and uses the legal system to take everything the guy has spent his lifetime acquiring.

And yet they keep getting married...

83 upvotesClaude_Reborn4 years ago

This was never about the money, and always about punishing him.

Most divorces are.

22 upvotestrplurker4 years ago

Yep which is why men need to take the lead (in a divorce), prepare and file first. First strike is critically important in order to force the women into a defensive mindset where she is trying to protect herself vs an offensive one where she is trying to attack the man.

19 upvotesBowsNToes214 years ago

During a spring internship a coworker told me, "Talk to all your divorced friends and coworkers about how much they were screwed over. Whoever got bent over the most you need to hire the attorney his ex wife used."

4 upvotesfuck_da_haes4 years ago

First strike should be either a) not getting married b) having flawless prenup

14 upvotesFrobenioid4 years ago

Sadly prenups get thrown out regularly. Here are some recent examples:

  1. Judge throws out prenup bride-to-be was forced to sign
  2. Long Island Woman Wins 'Groundbreaking' Prenup Battle despite cheating on her husband: N.Y. Prenup Battle Winner 'Destroyed' Family With Affair, Cousin Says
  3. Judge Tosses Out Prenup: Dodgers ownership still undecided
  4. U.K. Court May Throw Out Heiress’s Pre-Nuptial Agreement
  5. Lost in translation! Wife in $15million divorce battle with gallery guru wins right to have pre-nup thrown out because it was written in German (she was raised in a German-speaking household, by the way).
  6. Just because Cynthia signed a prenup does not mean a judge won't throw it out, divorce attorneys told ABC News. Airtight prenuptial agreements are rare, and a number of factors can give an angry spouse the means to get out of it.

Et cetera. Just be careful.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

2, im getting a headache from rage.

0 upvotesfuck_da_haes4 years ago

Yep, I got a lawyer in close family and I do not live in US, so ... I have actually a small chance to not be raped in court, small ...

-7 upvotestrplurker4 years ago

This is assuming marriage has already taken place, otherwise there would be no need for a divorce.

Your logic can be boiled down to the following To avoid all problems your first strike should be to not be born.

Now be quiet because adults are speaking.

4 upvotesgymgoer2054 years ago

You're an unbelievably stupid man aren't you ?

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Why the hell would any man want to get married in the first place?

33 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I wonder if he framed it and hung it on his wall?

17 upvotesXevalous4 years ago

Just imagine being able to write something like that.

24 upvotesputsch804 years ago

The best part is where he actually has to spell out the dollar amount and take it all the way through two lines because it's such a big fucking number.

2 upvotesCmon_Just_The_Tip4 years ago

And he still has 10 times that left in his account

31 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

What an amazing "Fuck you" it must have been to just cut a check and move on to other things.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

i think bill burr did a bit about it

Edit: Bill Burr - Wife Turned Down $975 Million Divorce Check

2 upvotesPhilhelm4 years ago

"For" was, sadly, left blank.

1 upvotesInfiniteBauer4 years ago

Just think of all the things he could have written.

21 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

She still got an undeserved billion. She didn't make that money. He made it, she leeched it.

6 upvotesRedBigMan4 years ago

What don't you know her vag is made out of solid gold he was totally lucky to be busting a nut in that or something. Not like any other woman has vag at cheaper prices. /s

3 upvotesNaughtyFred4 years ago

She was also able to deepthroat at 300rpm and hold her breath for 20 minutes

28 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

She still has a billion. I wonder if any of that will be going to charity?

48 upvotesputsch804 years ago

Probably not a penny. She said she wanted to appeal because a billion dollars was unfair and that she and her kids couldn't live on that.

116 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Anyone who can't live off of that doesn't deserve to live.

6 upvoteschinawinsworlds4 years ago

He should have hired a very expensive assassin to save 1 billion dollars.

1 upvotesCell-i-Zenit4 years ago

my go to tbh.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

or my stupid ass. nobody would suspect me!

1 upvotesPhilhelm4 years ago

Shit, I'd consider killing her free of charge just for being the embodiment of every cunt that ever existed.

2 upvotesRedBigMan4 years ago

Anyone who can't live off a billion dollars should buy some 22 calibre asprin and apply directly to the forehead

23 upvotesSqueezymypenisy4 years ago

What that translates too is they can't live the lifestyle she had when she was still married. As its no longer an income, but a stagnant amount. Unless she invests it.

28 upvotesSurf_Or_Die4 years ago

How the fuck do you even spend that money? The interest alone allows you to live a fucking James bond life style.

34 upvotes1independentmale4 years ago

Invested at a paltry 2% rate of return and you could completely blow $20M a year and never touch the principal. $1.6M every fucking month to piss away on whatever you want, next month another $1.6M will be there waiting for you.

I can't even imagine such a lifestyle. It's almost unfathomable. Things like vehicles and houses that most of us work our asses off for years to afford become token impulse purchases.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Vasectomy. Travel the world in luxury. Fuck sloots. Learn new things.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

No shit. I tell myself this every time I hear about some retard blowing all their lottery earnings in 4 to 5 years. If you invested HALF of your winnings (lump sum, monthly for 20 years, whatever) you could still live a life style that, as you said, I seriously can't imagine. I do pretty well on my middle class note. House at 25, nice truck, all the toys I can think of but having literally 100x that a month? I would probably waste more time sitting on my ass THINKING of all the ways instead of actually spending it.

10 upvotesPlebDestroyer4 years ago

With a very conservative 5.3% interest rate, having a billion saved nets you a $53M return yearly.


7 upvotesTalisk3r4 years ago

No need to risk it like that, real estate prices in San Francisco go up 20% per year, just buy a few city blocks, you are nearly guaranteed to crush any bond or stock yields for vastly lower risk.

Edit meant to post to another comment but leaving anyway :p

5 upvotesSqueezymypenisy4 years ago

Youd be surprised what a woman can do with money.

9 upvoteschoikwa4 years ago

You'd be surprised what a woman can do to money.

-5 upvotesoldredder4 years ago

You haven't seen interest rates lately... they are actually quite low unless you toss it to the market-casino and frequently it goes wrong very fast and is eaten by trading fees too.

2 upvotesbicepsblastingstud4 years ago

Brother, $1B is not going to be eaten by trading fees.

21 upvotes1independentmale4 years ago

I'm so tired of this "lifestyle she's accustomed to" horse shit. That lifestyle comes with a man attached to it. He made the money, that's his lifestyle. Lose the man, you should lose the lifestyle.

Don't wife (or knock) them up and these things play out much more logically.

2 upvotesSqueezymypenisy4 years ago

Calm bro. I was not defending her thinking or her choices. I was simply saying why she kept suing. And its different when your wealthy. That guy who ran for vp with romney married into wealth. His wifes father owned a massive brewry. When your very wealthy marriage is used to inherit more assests and interests.

2 upvotes1independentmale4 years ago

Oh, I know you weren't defending it. My comment was directed at the women who believe this and the family courts that support them.

6 upvotesCmon_Just_The_Tip4 years ago

Had she been allowed to go ahead with the appeal, it would have been great if the judge imposed one condition: having to volunteer at 10 different homeless shelters, and at the end of her shift say these exact words to those people. Explain to them how she can't get by on a billion she got by spreading her legs. Fucking rotten whore

3 upvoteskrakosia4 years ago

Jeezus. A billion dollars is an unimaginably large amount of money and there are very few things in life that you can do to even exhaust that amount if you are not doing crazy business ventures like mining an asteroid or something.

1 upvotesUmphreysMcGee4 years ago

She did not seriously say that...

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

If someone went to her mansion and shot her 50 times no one would blame the person who did it

25 upvotesRedpillthriller4 years ago

Charities are a scam. Very little actually goes to those in need.

5 upvotesTheOneTrueMagnet4 years ago

The secondary definition for charity is tax-deductible party for the rich and powerful. I imagine that a lot of that money will go to charities with the right people and fun parties.

6 upvotesredpillspeeddate4 years ago

Some are some aren't. I am part of a men's charity that gives back 90% to the cause of sending inner city kids to summer camp. We do this by throwing parties for the elite of the city, but we raise over 1.5 million a year this way helping over 2500 kids. It's a charity all run by Men and it's very well run and gets shit done.

It's a beacon of hope in a city that is so full of bleeding hearts that it just quietly does its work to make the next generation better. All of the work is done on a volunteer basis but being a volunteer is a blast and the networking into the old boys club is great.

Seriously look at your local service orgs, lions, rotary, elks, moose etc and learn from the older men there about life and making your community a better place.

2 upvotesTheOneTrueMagnet4 years ago

So you..... throw tax-deductible parties parties for the rich and powerful.

I am well aware that some charities do good things. That doesn't mean that the "lady" in the OP won't go to charity events to show off her money.

1 upvotesredpillspeeddate4 years ago

If she wants to come to our event, and have her money do some good, I won't have an issue with that. I would rather it be used for that then go to buy her latest handbag.

13 upvotesucfgavin4 years ago

hopefully she hooks up with some random young dude that takes all of her money.

14 upvotesiopq4 years ago

That's not how that works. That's not how any of this works.

5 upvotesucfgavin4 years ago

i know :( the world sucks sometimes

2 upvotesredkick4 years ago

It is possible. Not by divorce, but people like that are sometimes very gullible (not having needed to fight to survive in the past). A decent con artist could take the money and “invest in very promising endeavors”.

…aaand it's gone

39 upvotesSoldierGenerale4 years ago

Never get married, kids.

Unless your wife is a billionaire, ofcourse.

23 upvotesputsch804 years ago

It is worth noting that Mr. Hamm neglected to get a prenup. Even though he was well into his adulthood and had an established business when he married Sue Ann. Oh, and Sue Ann was his second wife.

The system is already not in a man's favor. No need to give yourself self-inflicted wounds on top of it.

2 upvotesUmphreysMcGee4 years ago

Prenups almost never hold up in court anyway.

2 upvotesputsch804 years ago

This is simply no true. I'm a lawyer. A prenup being invalidated is the rare exception. Really, the only time previous get invalidated is when: (1) you don't give your fiancé the opportunity to have their lawyer examine it before they have to sign it, or (2) when the prenup deals with things affecting future kids like custody or child support (and even then they are only invalidated to the extent of those provisions dealing with kids), or (3) you have provisions dealing with dividing up assets earned during the marriage rather than before the marriage.

2 upvotesHS-Thompson4 years ago

That #3 is a pretty damm huge exception it should be noted.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

He probably couldn't give a fuck with 11 billion.. holy shit

8 upvotesLuckyluke234 years ago

i've seen this happen before

people do this NOT for the money, it's so the other person has nothing. marriage is a world wind of emotions and when the women gets scorned all hell break loose....

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

how come every divorce case has the man "just not wanting to fight her and still loving her" and the woman being a total fucking cunt every time?

1 upvotesLuckyluke234 years ago

yeah that CAN happened... ou just never hear about it

7 upvotesVanityKing4 years ago

I really don't understand how anyone can justify giving her 1 BILLION dollars of her husbands hard earned company, but to ask for more? I mean really now, why is society letting these sort of things happen?

1 upvotesnewls4 years ago

She was chancing it. She knew she could probably get more so why not try? Bitches don't think fairly or rationally in the same way as us. 'Fair' to her is her getting access to maximum resources with minimal effort.

3 upvotesmathis53324 years ago

The sad thing is, that she "only" "lost" because of a strategy error. Chances are, had it not been for that error, she would have received more.

4 upvotesNightsuN4 years ago


if it was me, i'd consider hiring a hitman for that, it's nothing personal about the ex-wife anymore but $1B is $1B lol

how much is a good hitman worth, like max 10 mil ?

shit like this almost supports murder imo, she didn't do ANYTHING NEAR the amount of work to get $1B

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Fucking hell dude, I'd let you hire me for 1 fucking million even to stab a bitch like that with a fork

3 upvotesCell-i-Zenit4 years ago

the price is for an accident.

2 upvotesViklove4 years ago

A good hitman wouldn't leave a trace. He's not exactly buying your willingness.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Well I didn't say anything about good did I? ;)

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

haha be very gentle and make it super painless;)

2 upvotesedwardhwhite4 years ago

Epic blunder. Give the lawyer who came up with that plan a partnership.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

7 upvotesredzorp4 years ago

Have you been living under a rock the past 40 years?

It doesn't matter if SHE filed for divorce. In the Cuntocracy we live in, the rules are "no fault" (she could have had 3 million adulterous affairs and snorted coke all afternoon - makes no difference) and that the higher earning spouse (97% of the time, the man) has to fork over alimony to the lower earning spouse to maintain the lifestyle she is used to. End of story.

3 upvotesputsch804 years ago

Divorce is a "no fault" situation. Doesn't matter who files. Under the old fault-based divorced regime, the party who filed (usually the woman) still got big alimony and property divisions. The filer would have to prove the non-filing spouse was at fault for the marriage not working (such as abuse, abandonment or adultery).

2 upvotesDr_HoaxArthurWilmoth4 years ago

Apart from Redpill observations, who the fuck was her legal team? What happened is equivalent to a first-baseman hiding the ball and waiting for the runner to step off the plate, and successfully tagging him out.

A paralegal's sandwich could have told her to not accept the check, let alone cash it. Those idiot lawyers just cost their firm hundreds of billable hours representing this vile creature, milking that greed ridden prostitute for all they could get.

1 upvotesUmphreysMcGee4 years ago

I'm pretty sure they did and she just got greedy. It took her a while to cash it, and right after the ruling the news reports were saying she wasn't going to. She's an attorney too, so there's no way she can claim ignorance on the matter.

2 upvotesDr_HoaxArthurWilmoth4 years ago

wow, that information makes is worse. Can she really be that greedy and ignorant? I also learned she was offered 4billion and her lawyers advised against it. Too bad she got anything though.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

ha $3 billion gone bitch!! she's probably really pissed off tbh, cuz she's used to her lifestyle. she sees what she missed out on, she's money-widowed!

2 upvotesostroman19894 years ago

they should just take the damm thing back. giving a whore this much money got to make a dent in the national economy as a whole and cause a lot of trouble.

2 upvotesR_E_D_14 years ago

The saddest thing here is that it took a strategic mistake on HER part to nullify her bullshit lawsuit. Otherwise, the system may have actually helped her rob this man further. Insane.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

This bitch is a multi-millionaire many times over just based off of fucking some wealthy dude wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

This bitch is a multi-millionaire many times over just based off of fucking some wealthy dude wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

2 upvoteslala_xyyz4 years ago

For that kind of money you can hire a small army to get rid of her. Stealthily and permanently. Hell, I know guys that would suicide-bomb her for a fraction of that on their life insurance.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

nigga I got a rusky syringe I found on the street. tell that dude to write me a 10k check and forget it about it lol

1 upvotesReal8inchDong4 years ago

Still more money than you can spend in a lifetime.

1 upvotesiopq4 years ago

This is not a victory. If she had kept the check without depositing it she would be allowed to appeal and probably would take more of the guy's money. Even if she didn't get any more money, she'd probably cost him millions in additional legal fees by dragging it out for years.

1 upvotesUmphreysMcGee4 years ago

She wouldn't have gotten much more, if any. Hamm is actually appealing the original $1 billion. This is Oklahoma and he probably is in a cigar club and plays golf with all the justices. The feminist bullshit doesn't fly here like it would in some states.

1 upvotesElectric_Romeo4 years ago

That makes it approximately $4391 per hour of marriage ($1Bn/26 years).

What the average American makes in one month, she was making in one hour.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I wonder what she did besides suck a dick to get all that money? Sucking his dick is probably the hardest she has ever worked in her life...

1 upvotesStopher4 years ago

Meh. I'm not shedding a tear for anyone in this story including the guy and if walking away with a billion dollars is losing sign me up to be the Washington generals.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Sigh... This is what happens when you aren't careful with who you marry. Of course being a cynical person I personally would never marry, but if you intend to do so, just make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. If not, you may end up just like this man, getting his money squandered by a manipulative gold digger.

1 upvotestat_zizzy4 years ago

Wouldn't a prenup have saved him from all this trouble? Doesn't a well made prenup guarantee that the ex wife gets absolutely nothing when the couple divorces? Please educate me on this.

1 upvotesshockwave_dave4 years ago

How do they even work out the wealth that should be transferred from one spouse to the other on divorce? Or where was the precedent to set the rulings? Seems in the majority of cases to be 50%, which is ludicrous given that I'd imagine in the majority of cases, the person filing for divorce has nowhere near anything to do with the said 50% that the other person earns

2 upvotesputsch804 years ago

Take a look through the comments. I posted a link to a PDF of the actual divorce decree. It goes through great detail of all the evidence the court heard and how it came up with the property division. It's around 100 pages though, so expect a long read.

For most people, the reason a 50-50 split occurs is because the husband and wife don't have any separate pre-marital property at the time of divorce. This could be because they really didn't have shit when they got married, or because they converted their separate property (what they individually owned before marriage) into marital property, such as by putting it in a joint bank account, spending it on a car titled in both their names, or investing it in the house they both live in. Marital property is presumed by courts to belong to both parties equally (hence the 50-50 split) unless there is some compelling evidence to the contrary.

1 upvotesshockwave_dave4 years ago

Cheers, will have a look at it

1 upvotesredpillbanana4 years ago

Admittedly, if someone handed me a billion dollar check, I’d be pretty tempted to deposit it as well, if only to see the look on the bank teller’s face.

“Please put half of this in checking and half in savings. And can I get $10 back in quarters? Those coin laundry machines are so damn expensive.”

Still…I wouldn’t have the nerve to ask for more than a billion, especially if I didn’t do anything to deserve it.

1 upvotesHennez4 years ago

A billion is still too much for practically doing nothing, just putting her vagina during 20+ years (I think it was around 40 but I don't recall now) and having a life of not doing actually nothing to increase the company's value.

That amount is insane. Even a hundred million is insane "for living". Come on, if an average TRPer had 100.000.000 with only 1.000.000 would give himself the life of a god and had the other 99.000.000 invested earning him money without actually doing anything.

Picture this: I think she should be around 50 y.o, if a spoiled woman like her spends 2.000.000 each year it would take 500 years to spend it. Her life expectancy should be at around 80 years (just a figure I came up with), that's 30 years of spending and is not even close to spend the whole

Absolutely fucking insane hamster spinning on behalf of that woman to demand more!

2 upvotesputsch804 years ago

If you look at the divorce decree (PDF linked elsewhere in the comments), the court does go through some of the work Sue Ann did at Continental Resources (the source of most of their wealth). It starts at paragraph 161. She is a licensed attorney and at various points served as Vice President of the company.

I'm not justifying that her work was worth billions, but she also wasn't just a worthless hole laying around to be fucked. She no doubt deserved less than billions, but the court (I believe rightly) found she certainly played at least some small role in the success of the company.

1 upvotesHennez4 years ago

Oh, I see. Didn't know that fact and reading through all of that was out of the question for time's sake. The amount is still insane.

0 upvotescarnage_panda4 years ago

Harold Hamm has a shit ton of money. Earlier during this case he had so much money that he lost $5 billion of net worth due to falling gas prices.

He only had to pay out $1 billion to his ex-wife to get rid of her. While that's a staggering amount of money to the normal Joe Schmo, it's unlikely Hamm gives two fucks. If I had a net worth of over $10 billion and had to only give $1 billion of it away to get rid of someone I was married to that I just couldn't fucking stand anymore, I'd do it. It's called cutting your losses.

I'm actually more surprised that there's a billionaire living in a shithole like Oklahoma.

2 upvotesputsch804 years ago

There's actually several billionaires who live in the shithole I call home. There's oil here.

1 upvotescarnage_panda4 years ago

I'm aware. I was born there. My grandfather inherited oil monies from his mother.

The state is still a shithole.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

He is not the only billionaire that lives here. There is far more money in Oklahoma than most people realize.


-5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Or you know, hire the best hitman you can find with all dat money n fuck the bitch

-6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The thing you geniuses don't understand is that a guy will occasionally build a strong empire with no small guidance & work from his first wife. Some wives deserve alot because they did alot. Some of you guys have almost nothing relatively to speak of & pretend you wouldn't work your ass off for your ideal woman (if she proved her loyalty to you.) to build something together. Sometimes people will work harder for their loved ones than they would have for themselves. Nobody builds a huge life by themselves.

-Edit.... Alot of guys wrote me the hate saying dumb shit like "He is already divorced!!!" Believe me I understand that part. I would never say this woman deserved more of a settlement after the fact.

I was referring to the numerous attitudes here that pretend "I don't need any bitches, I'm going to build it myself."

That may be true, but there are alot of alpha guys that are married & their wives had no small part in their success. To pretend ALL women are mostly fucked up losers is weak minded.

If you only know tramps & thieves.....you need to experience life more.

Men & women are more separated & weak than ever, but there are still tons of people that actually like good behaviour alongside strong characteristics. I understand redpill is about waking up to the reality of now, but the reality is not all people are bad, materialistic & whores. Many are, but not all.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

True. his wife was with him when he wasnt so filthy rich. too bad that they divorced but she wasn't a dumb bimbo.

$1 billion. man, why fight that?

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