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"When unattractive men have hit on me, I have honestly been insulted. It's sort of like having an amazing degree and work experience, and someone seriously asking you if you want a minimum wage job."

by redpillbanana on /r/TheRedPill
08 June 2015 12:27 PM UTC

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This thread from the AskWomen subreddit is an interesting example of what goes through the minds of attractive woman when they are complimented/approached by unattractive men. (screen capture here).

Note that the top comment is one that admits a slightly uncomfortable truth: compliments from attractive people carry more weight.

I always appreciate compliments, but honestly they have more weight when they're coming from attractive people.

The response admits a more uncomfortable truth: compliments from unattractive men can be insulting:

I feel mean admitting it, but sometimes a compliment from a guy I am not attracted to is like a job offer from a company I am not interested in. It's not really all that flattering, and depending how badly it's done, it can feel a bit insulting.

The next response gets to the raw truth: being hit on by unattractive men is an honest insult.

When unattractive men have hit on me, I have honestly been insulted. It's sort of like having an amazing degree and work experience, and someone seriously asking you if you want a minimum wage job.

Note that this last commenter is obviously an attractive woman - she's says that, "Being hit on has grown tedious," and actually says, "If you're going to scrape your fingernails against my scar tissue, I'd prefer you be cute."

Further responses talk about how "red pill" her statement is, probably because it is the reality of how most attractive women think:

Your edit brings up many legitimate complaints that many women deal with, but none of them have anything to do with you believing ugly people are lesser thans that insult you by thinking they could get a date with you. That's why you have so many comments calling attention to this. This is red pill type thinking.

Reply to the above:

I mean, she's being honest. And she's definitely not alone in that thinking, in my experience.

And this response shows the importance of grooming:

It has a point when for example, for a date I put on full makeup, shave everything, wear nice clothes and have a nice hairstyle, while he doesn't even bother to shave or put on anything nicer than a shirt and jeans. That's an immediate put-off.

Lessons to be learned here:

  • If you approach a woman to flirt with her and she finds your SMV to be beneath hers, she'll probably take it as an insult. This explains many of the harsh rejections that you'll see.
  • If your SMV is low, monk mode is your friend. Work on yourself until you get your SMV to a reasonable level. The PUA "fake it until you make it" isn't going to help if your SMV is below average.
  • Your grooming is an important component of your SMV.
  • Attractive women are tired of receiving complements and getting hit on constantly. Don't be like the other men who fawn over attractive women, smothering them with complements. Now you understand where negging came from - at first, it make people stand out from the other men.
  • The truth can be uncomfortable/inconvenient/ugly but the truth will also help you understand and succeed in the real world.

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Title "When unattractive men have hit on me, I have honestly been insulted. It's sort of like having an amazing degree and work experience, and someone seriously asking you if you want a minimum wage job."
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418 upvotesfavours_of_the_moon4 years ago

It's not just if your SMV genuinely IS lower than hers. It's if SHE THINKS it is lower than hers.

And not all of these snowflakes are geniuses either. ;)

179 upvotesredpillbanana [OP]4 years ago

Yes, and since social standing is an important part of a man's SMV, a sudden dose of social proof can immediately change the situation.

I've had the "Oh really, you're the guest of honor?" moments from women who were actively ignoring me. It would be like a HB9 removing some sort of Scooby Doo-style goblin mask.

144 upvotesCopperFox3c4 years ago

A woman's number one priority is to be desired. The issue is that - for a woman - desire cannot come from below, it must come from above.

64 upvotesDude2194 years ago

deleted What is this?

30 upvotesWhatsinmyvelvetpoket4 years ago

Thats why all those fat soccer moms love it

10 upvotesmrmeyhemn4 years ago

man of average SMV demonstrates women's desire to be wanted by someone of higher social status than them.

they all watch jr fuck up kicking the ball while thinking of the stud that will fk them in the bathroom next to the nacho stand. 100% accurate.

1 upvotesmrmeyhemn4 years ago

exactly why you should always let women of average smv know they are wanted by you (someone of higher social status) because they are fairly useless without their vagina.

not trolling. just being realistic.

2 upvotesmrmeyhemn4 years ago

indeed +1 approval from a lesser source is not approval.

31 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

In college this was EXTREMELY notable at parties whenever someone found out a guy (completely average looking) was president of the Fraternity.

Men can judge 90% of a girls SMV within seconds. Women need more time to get the complete picture

89 upvotesfavours_of_the_moon4 years ago

Then there's the issue of the "construction worker/pool guy/surfer dude, etc."

If a dude is muscular or comes across as "alpha" in whatever way, the dude doesn't even have to have a job. Remember the pic of that guy who was in jail that all the women went crazy for? Went viral some time ago.

There's a weird scuzzball factor in play too. lol

130 upvotesObio14 years ago

Remember also that when women were surveyed by big dating sites like OK Cupid, they found 80% of men to be "below average".

( Men, when asked the same question found (as one might expect) about 50% of women to be below average. )

So if women think that it's "offensive" when a below average guy hits on her, she is talking about 80% of men.

99 upvotesRathadin4 years ago

Funny thing is, this just reinforces the notion that the top 20% of men get 80% of the women... the reason the top 20% of men are fucking 80% of them women is because the women are only seriously considering the top 20%.

124 upvotesveggie_girl4 years ago

This isn't a mere notion. This is a fact. Women will share an alpha before they will settle for a beta.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

18 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

Agreed, have been knowingly shared and without jealousy. Have also been fought over, which was amusing. I'd say I'm in the lower half of the 20% but it still works that way.

-2 upvotesLhtfoot4 years ago

Can confirm... Fucking at least 80% of these bitches.

17 upvotesDonBravera4 years ago

I'm really growing to hate women and their emotions, average doesn't mean "alpha"... I believe this isn't a sign that men are beta, but that women base all their choices on emotions -_-

Edit: i don't hate women, just the way they use their emotions

46 upvotesTheSKSpecial4 years ago

I believe this isn't a sign that men are beta, but that women base all their choices on emotions -_-

Now you're getting it. Women base almost everything they do on their emotions. It's feminine nature, hating women for being ruled by emotion is like hating them for having to breathe.

But you can harness their emotions to your advantage. You don't have to be alpha, but if she feels you are it works for you all the same. You ever wonder why women stay in obviously shitty relationships? Because they don't feel like they're in shitty relationships. They feel fine, thus, they think they are fine.

27 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

Don't hate them for being different, recognize they are, accept it, and learn to utilize it. Being angry at them is ok for a while, but really the anger is because you've been told bullshit about how wonderful and pure they are. They're like us in that we will fuck about any willing female, but they get to pick and choose so they don't have time for male notions like honor or loyalty. If they can fuck Chad tonight, they will.

Be Chad. Fuck bitches.

5 upvoteskireol4 years ago

We get to pick and choose too. Just wait until you are 30 or 40. Then they all want the D and fight over it.

1 upvotestruthfully_red4 years ago

I know this is reaching back a bit, but do you have a link for this? This would be awesome to be able to cite.

EDIT: Sorry, just took Google. Here it is.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

That's the fuckability vs LTR material women talk about. They wouldn't dare bring that guy up to friends or family but would absolutely sleep with

2 upvotesduxtur4 years ago

What if you legitimately don't give a shit about social standing? Like you recognise the world as it is and just have no innate desire to compete in the fallacious game of it all? Is that the germination of MGTOW style attitudes?

2 upvotesredpillbanana [OP]4 years ago

Is that the germination of MGTOW style attitudes?

Pretty much. You can be a lone wolf and still do pretty well.

1 upvotesMerica9114 years ago

Or how about social media proof.. Like her Facebook selfies gets tons of likes to your few likes.. Does that make her SMV higher than mine?

1 upvotesmrmeyhemn4 years ago

this is what i was getting at, its all subjective. BE THE MAN, and you win!

68 upvotesUrsusG4 years ago

This can't be overemphasized.

Your opinion of your personal SMV means nothing to her, no matter how objective and fair you might want to be in your self-assessment.

The only thing that counts is what she perceives.

On the flipside, this is why dating/LTRing women way below you on the SMV scale in an attempt to secure a safe and easy relationship doesn't work.

The moment you get with her is the moment she starts thinking she's your equal, SMV-wise

(you picked her, therefore she must have been special in your eyes, therefore she's probably awesome, yes, I'm awesome, hmm, could I do better than this guy...?)

32 upvotesMattyAnon4 years ago

The moment you get with her is the moment she starts thinking she's your equal, SMV-wise

And then she starts working on dropping your SMV ...

8 upvotestallwheel4 years ago

Been there, done that, read the comic.

4 upvotesjuanqunt4 years ago

Genius post. I'm sick of all the beta posts here that advocate for marrying below your SMV. If you marry, that means that you've lost the gambit. Even in a "LTR", always play the dread game to have her over-speculate your own SMV.

24 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

But seriously though, its just a rude, bitchy attitude to have, regardless of SMV. Like when someone compliments me, I just take it graciously for what it is, a compliment. Hot chicks, ugly chicks, it could be an old lady who compliments me, I just use it to raise my self confidence. These girls seem to easily forget that the only reason their SMV stays high is because betas keep it there, so they should at least give their betas respect. But of course that won't happen.

19 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Not to mention it violates numerous of the 48 laws as well as overtly stating that you are powerful - a huge misstep. Real power is very covert, very hard to detect intellectually, but easily felt.

20 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

As a sub post of a sub post, I'm afraid your observation may be overlooked. It shouldn't be though - this is more important than I think a lot of guys here have a grip on yet. There is often more to be gained from saying nothing then from saying anything, as far as frame and power go.

Silence is a good first step towards learning how to actually convey power. It's not something that's (usually) said.. it's something that's felt. Over time, you learn to use other things like body language posture eye contact and general demeanor to convey your power instead of your words.

You'll notice women start looking at you different. Trying to get closer to you, get you to check them out and talk to them. Fumbling at the register "oops i'm pressing all the wrong buttons look at how clumsy I am" and all I hear is "you could totally fuck me because I can tell you are a boss by the way you stand and the way you look at me".. because that's what they are actually saying. And that's without you even saying a word. Guarentee that if you keep your mouth shut in general, then when you choose to speak they are going to listen to what you say. Again, this is just a good place to start. Mainly I wanted to draw attention to the point that /u/friedrich101 made, it's a valuable one. Be good

1 upvotesgoose71674 years ago

There was a post I read a few days ago giving this same advice. I can't find the link but I remember it saying it's not what you do, it's how you do it.

6 upvotesLinrraba4 years ago

The women that compliment me are either too old to be my mom or want to sell me something yet i don't bitch about. It's flat out cuntness.

8 upvotesDaphneDK4 years ago

It's not just if your SMV genuinely IS lower than hers. It's if SHE THINKS it is lower than hers.

It's funny because when you see what the most recent post of the top-voted comment on the page is, you get: I'm in my 20s and wear shapewear. I'm fat though so I kinda need it to make sure my wobbly bits are under control.

But whatever, if I'm getting complimented for something, it feels more valuable when it comes from someone who're competent in the field.

9 upvotesRedLeaderFlyingBy4 years ago

In all forms of sales, perception is reality

3 upvotescoffee_and_lumber4 years ago

I work in design and marketing and like to think of it as Perception is nine tenths of the law

3 upvotesLinrraba4 years ago

I know that first hand. I'm currently on an unflatery shape. When i'm walking out in the streets, listening to some commedy podcast, i start laughing (or at least smilling) in public. If a woman is on my way she imediatelly starts to think i'm hitting on her because of it and gives me weird looks.

2 upvoteskrakosia4 years ago

Perception is reality, and self perception is the realest of all

1 upvotesUSmellFunny4 years ago

Exactly. "Fake it till you make it" doesn't only refer to confidence, but also SMV as a whole. I know a plumber that gets more ass than a plumber should simply because he's a genius when it comes to fooling women. Fake designer clothes, fake expensive watch and a big talent at lying about his wealth and possessions. "Let's order a cab, the BMW's at the mechanic, doing some upgrades".

-20 upvotesgetomc4 years ago

People forget that AFBB isn't real, it's just what solipsists do.

19 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Back to the sidebar with ya!

213 upvotessaibot834 years ago

Unattractive women hit on me all the time. I'm never an asshole about it. Am I disappointed she wasn't hot? Yes. If it's a compliment I'll graciously accept it and move along with my day. On dating sites I just won't answer the mail she sent me. To be insulted by someone finding you appealing is bizarre to me. How narcissistic do you have to be for that to seem like a reasonable reaction to something like that.

As for being rejected it hasn't happened that much but often enough to not P-hound these days. I'll just be me and do me-stuff and if someone who contacts me is good looking enough according to my tastes I'll bite. I've fucked enough chicks to not be desperate anymore. I love pussy as much as the next guy but I won't jump through hoops to get it.

33 upvotesmathis53324 years ago

That's the crux of the matter: how you view yourself and how you handle it. To stay with the metapher, even if you have an advanced degree and you are offered a minimum wage job. Why be a dick about it? If it's in person, acknowledge the offer, appreciate the intention and politely decline. No need to not have common courtesy.

17 upvotesRealRational4 years ago

I was an Engineer in Molecular Imaging when this happened, but a Manager of an Arby's offered me a Manager position at said Arby's cause we had been chit chatting a bit. I did exactly as you said and it was a pleasant interaction, no harm done.

I guess they never found a passable manager because that Arby's went all to shit.

25 upvotesTurgidMeatWand4 years ago

How narcissistic do you have to be....

It's really easy to become narcissistic when people compliment you 100 times a day and no one ever calls you on your bullshit, it's not just a woman thing either look at male celebs

4 upvotesOverkillengine4 years ago

The only real difference there is the level of enabling available; our society has failed its men for the last few generations and raised them to be emasculated and needy.

Which isn't good for women either in the long run.

2 upvotessrsh4 years ago

Friend of mine calls this the bullshit distortion field. Some individuals are surrounded by people that are constantly complementing them or kissing their ass; never getting called out on their bullshit. It makes them lose track of reality and skews their views towards many topics. It's a little hard to blame them because they're not living in the same reality that most of us are living in.

37 upvotesColdEiric4 years ago

The major difference is that you aren't worried about maybe getting knocked up with her unattractive, ugly, fat, lazy, slow-brained child.

For guys it's signal that we're kind of attractive. Not very attractive, but still attractive to make average girls start conversations with us. For us, it's a signal that the very attractive girls might notice us soon.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

hah this is the reason I dont fuck ugly fat lazy slow brained women, I dont want to knock one up somehow.

16 upvotesAkaviriDragon4 years ago

The major difference is that you aren't worried about maybe getting knocked up with her unattractive, ugly, fat, lazy, slow-brained child.

Right on. Fear and avoidance of weak males by females seems to be a pre-programmed emotional response. In the wild it would make them more careful around weak males who may rape them and thus give them low quality offspring that they'll be forced to take care of for years, as opposed to the female mating with alpha male that has the high quality offspring. So the female has a natural response of fear/disgust/avoidance around weak, low smv males. I've been told primates show this behavior to an extent aswell.

4 upvotesColdEiric4 years ago

Fear and avoidance of weak males by females seems to be a pre-programmed emotional response.

It's what I look for now, after the redpill. Nothing is more honest and true than her emotional, biological, gut-level feelings whether I'm a man, whose child she wants to carry for me.

0 upvotesMaxxxz19944 years ago

You have to be at least a facially 8 to get a female who's a 5 to start a conversation with you.

55 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I am a woman (if it wasn't obvious by the username) and I completly agree with you. If I get hit on by an unattractive man I may feel awkward telling them I am not interested but I am by no means "insulted". If anything, it's a compliment and makes me feel good to know that men find me attractive.

54 upvotesevilquesadilla4 years ago

That's because you're not entitled. It's pretty rare these days. Kudos.

1 upvotesMaxxxz19944 years ago

I'm kinda entitled (i don't think so, but others have told me so) and i get annoyed when unattractive girls hit on me. I seriously get repulsed. These are facially disfigured morbidly obese hippos, i feel revulsion that they're the only kind of women that hit on me. It's like they have a make-up to their eyeballs than average+ women. And that's fucking infuriating.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesMaxxxz19944 years ago

So i can be a good guy and still get a (reasonably attractive) girl? I can be an asshole and get a girl for sex, but i don't want that. I wanna be myself and get a girl for the relationship and love and be good to her, is that even possible for reasonably attractive girls? Or must i always "play the game"?

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

7 upvotesrearended4 years ago

Same here. My problem is I am nice to everybody. I work retail so I have to interact with men and women alike. I start conversations (trying to find out what they do for a living etc) so I can find out what kind of product they'd be interested in and take them around the store to show them as we're talking. I sell a LOT by being friendly and smiling. When a man attractive or not starts hitting on me I kindly tell them I am married. This doesn't phase some men and they will continue with it anyway. This is when I get bothered by it. I have to find an excuse to leave the floor so they'll leave me alone.

7 upvotesRedHeimdall4 years ago

Yes, if the guy is unattractive but just giving a nice compliment, they shouldn't feel insulted... but we know they do.

I recently had this happen to me where I did feel insulted and kind of pissed off at the attention of this woman at work. But here's why: she was constantly rubbing herself against me as she walked by in a "plausibly accidental" way. If a low SMV guy was doing this to a girl, I would agree she'd have a right to be insulted.

But if they're just giving me a compliment or something I'm not insulted I just say thanks and move on.

This thing did piss me off though because she was rubbing up on me and because of the magnitude of SMV difference. I mean I'm probably a 7 or 8 and this chick is like a 2 or 3. There is no amount of alcohol that would make me fuck this chick. (And I have gone dumpster diving more times than I'd care to admit.) It would take like 6 months to a year on a desert island for me to get this desperate.

After a while I just said "What are you doing? Why do you keep rubbing against me every time you go by?" Blah blah embarrassed excuses blah blah, hasn't happened since.

2 upvotescoffee_and_lumber4 years ago

I snortled at "dumpster diving". Been there a few times back in the day.

12 upvotesmojo_juju4 years ago

To be insulted by someone finding you appealing is bizarre to me. How narcissistic do you have to be for that so seem like a reasonable reaction to something like that.

It's their ego, their shamefully shallow ego. They all love to bragplain, not only to their friends and Reddit, but to themselves. For them it's an ego boost.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesjkonrad4 years ago

Not just women. See above "dumpster diving" comment. None of this is news. :)

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Well, it would be nice if the people messaging me first weren't late 30-40 y/o single moms.

-16 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Unattractive women hit on me all the time. I'm never an asshole about it.

Woaw, it's so kind of you! You are such a nice guy!

46 upvotesSherlock--Holmes4 years ago

I have seen hundreds of photos of very average or below average women who put on a ton of make-up and become stunning, until they wake up in the morning again.. Their value is so variable that their league can't be effectively quantified. In their heads they are amazing because men hit on them when they're out constantly. They take the good looking men home but when men see them without makeup then the men are above them and they get dumped.



















49 upvotesMattyAnon4 years ago

That's it... "we're taking a shower together" to all future potentials.

Let's see who looks hottest afterwards when we are really "just being ourselves". Did my abs just wash away? Are my biceps weaker? Does my hair look retarded? Does my face look like it's just aged quarter of a century? Nope, I think I'm good ...

18 upvotesOverkillengine4 years ago

The sad part is the makeup contributes to the bad complexions most of them have out of makeup.

Something that moderate sunlight, exercise, and a decent diet would fix well enough to pass most men's boner test easily.

10 upvotesTamingDebt4 years ago

That's part of the reason why men age better aesthetically. We don't put toxic shit on our skin constantly. It's amazing to me that girls never even bother to read the label of the products they're dumping on their face (quite often their most valuable asset).

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The paradox that girls spent their entire life obsessing over their looks. Aaaaand they smoke

3 upvotesChairBorneMGTOW4 years ago

That's why I rarely date broads who wear make up at all (unless they are going to a wedding out some other formal event). I focus on either hippie type chicks or sports girls (my preference) in part because they rarely wear make up.

8 upvotesTotsean4 years ago

The club lights don't help either :(.

3 upvotesRisky_Clicks_NSFW4 years ago

"A Little powder and paint, makes a woman something she ain't"

4 upvotesbenittybop4 years ago

I'm just replying so this is archived for me, this shit is fucked up

6 upvotesfckredditt4 years ago

shit like this is why men should not be so intimidated by the league that women are in when they are at the club. these girls look downright horrifying without makeup. also sad but true that only very young women could ever look good without makeup. as in 14-20.

5 upvotesThrowingMyslfOutther4 years ago

That shit is scurry!

I guess in retrospect that's why I was hittin the hotties so consistently when I lived on the beach... all their warpaint was washed off, and I wasn't being fooled.

4 upvotesrombios4 years ago

this is why i love this subreddit. there are some singular truths that are often lost to us and recovered when we men interact among ourselves.

the methods and illusions the opposite gender employ to "increase" their SMV. from make up to breast implants. from fake nails to weaves

3 upvotesmaddington124 years ago

holy shit what the fuck

Is anything in this world real?

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

2, 6, and the very last one are cute.

Other than that: I literally said 'God no' to the rest.

3 upvotesFedoraTipper154 years ago

Yeah but these are all porn stars

2 upvotesSherlock--Holmes4 years ago

Does it matter? All women wear makeup.

1 upvotesShade_Raven4 years ago

And all women wear make up

1 upvotesvajradhara4 years ago

No shit, I wouldn't even dare to look at 92.5% of women on the streets without make-up, that's really fucked up.

1 upvotesjewishclaw4 years ago

Look, I'm 100% on board in the notion that everything about a girls appearance is enhanced, but these before/after shots are bullshit.

  1. Immediately after you scrub your face (as they have in all of these photos, as everyone does before they apply makeup), your face turns splotchy and red and simultaneously dry in certain regions while oily in others. You will never look worse than you do immediately after you chemically exfoliate. e.g. stridex pads

  2. Makeup has more of an effect in photographs than in person. Cameras do not capture light exactly as the human eye. And we have two eyes, seeing two 2D images, that your brain infers depth and dimension depending on how cross-eyed you have to be to focus on a point with two eyes at a given distance. Most people, especially pale or dark people look featureless and washed out, wheareas, in person they don't. In many cases, a photo with makeup can look more like the person irl with an unaided eye than a "natural" photo.

  3. Lighting makes a huge difference. It makes a huger difference in photographs. In almost every case, the lighting is better in the after photo.

  4. These broads may look significantly different in these photos, but most of them still look like pounded dogshit with makeup on.

  5. If the photos weren't potato quality (or if you saw them irl) you could see the puddied on foundation peeling off like a melting wax statue.

  6. I've taken pictures of girls (and men I suppose lol) and been like wtf, this looks nothing like you. i'm looking at you, i take a picture, i look at you agin, i look at the picture, i look at you, wtf, this looks nothing like you.

35 upvotesWhisper4 years ago

Female solipsism.

As a software engineer with an impressive resume, I match a lot of keyword searches by recruiters. So I get approached all the time for jobs which turn out to pay about half my current salary. I don't throw a tantrum. I simply start any interaction with the question "What is your client's salary range for the position?".

If the answer isn't anywhere near my market value, I say "no thanks, that would be a substantial pay cut for me", and that's that. I have no need to get angry at these people because they are no threat to me. I'm not going to be paid less because they offered me less.

The real reason women get mad when approached by an unattractive man is that they think everyone's attraction works like theirs.

Men's SMV in their eyes is completely mutable depending what other women think. A man can be fat, homely, out of shape, and working at a grocery store or car wash, and if attractive women are hanging on his every word, then other women will be attracted to him, too. If he is a squaredjawed brooding hunk of rippling muscle, and he has an ugly woman on his arm, other women will want nothing to do with him.

Because of female solipsism, women think men work like that, too.

So they are terrified that the ugly, awkward man hitting on them is decreasing their SMV. That's why they are angry.

13 upvoteswattwatty4 years ago

I have wondered if this is part of why you see so many pictures of women on Tinder where they pose with other men, either in groups or as a couple. They think being seen with an attractive man raises their SMV. At best, I don't give a crap. At worst, I am put off.

PSA: Though Tinder is a horrible way to accumulate plates, it is a wonderful microscope for female solipsism.

6 upvotesPhilhelm4 years ago

Maybe it's a filter of sorts. You must be as good looking or better than the guy in the picture to ride.

1 upvotesubercoolhipsterguy4 years ago

Because of female solipsism, women think men work like that, too. So they are terrified that the ugly, awkward man hitting on them is decreasing their SMV. That's why they are angry.

Jesus fucking christ this is the dumbest shit I have ever heard. I mean, middle schoolers can reason better than this.

106 upvotesQuintus_Pillus4 years ago

If you approach a woman to flirt with her and she finds your SMV to be beneath hers, she'll probably take it as an insult. This explains many of the harsh rejections that you'll see.

It probably also explains the overuse of the word "creepy". A man attempting to hit on a woman that is, or considers herself, of much higher SMV.

55 upvotesredpillbanana [OP]4 years ago

Women these days seem to be using ‘uggo’ as the new ‘creep’.

134 upvotesRathadin4 years ago

I'd honestly prefer this.

I'd rather a woman just admit a guy is 'ugly' to her, instead of saying he's 'creepy'.

13 upvotestherealpkg4 years ago

They're too stupid and cognitively disconnected to know this is actually what they're thinking.

55 upvotesFinallyRed4 years ago

At least that's honest. Instead of ascribing malicious or nefarious intent to an action they are saying it how it is: the guy is unattractive.

What riles me up is that women can be so open about the double standard of how they treat men yet we are expected to bury our head in the sand because misojunny

25 upvotesHydris4 years ago

That's actually better. At least Uggo is just a way of saying ugly. Creepy is a whole other term that almost has nothing at all to do with those guys usually.

10 upvotesOverkillengine4 years ago

Color me surprised. Using "uggo" doesn't give them the layer of plausible deniability that "creep" does.

Of course if their self image is inflated enough they may just not care about that anymore.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Uggo is popular lately, but its more of a joke word. Like ha ha. If a woman is being more serious she will still defer to the plausible deniability of 'creep'.

1 upvotesforbin19924 years ago

I remember when I was 18, I told the first girl I hooked up with at college that "it's only creepy when you don't like it." She laughed for a good 15 seconds because she knew it was true.

28 upvotesJumpXVI4 years ago

This can really be boiled down to relative value and its demonstrations (DHV/DLV) if we want to simplify it.

A hot girl (HB8+) knows she's hot, so she knows she has high value (HV). An "average" girl (HB6-7) knows she's kinda hot on a good day.

Any guy who verbally acknowledges the value of a woman gives her validation of her HV. This validation actually serves to confirm the HV of the HB6-7 girls that they are indeed having a "good day" (HB8+ girls need no such validation even if they love it anyway).

Any guy verbally acknowledging the value of a woman in acompliment is essentially saying: "you have high value". This holds none of the mystery and aloofness that is attractive to women. More importantly, though, verbal acknowledgements of a woman's value absolutely make her assess the value of the complimentor. And since you're stating that hers is high, she is, in a purely relative manner, less likely to see yours as high even if your own value is a 7-8 yourself. (This has a little to do with men's value being less tied to looks than women's.)

A very HV guy can "get away with this" if he is sufficiently high value enough to still be above the woman's value despite his voluntary levelling of the value playing field. But an "uggo" (h/t /u/redpillbanana) lowers the value of a HV girl because if she were to acknowledge it in any way, it would imply to her and others that her value is commensurate with that of the LV guy. Hence the insult that HV women feel when this happens.

So what does all this mean? Virtually never compliment a women on her looks, period, even if you're Brad Pitt or Idris Elba's stunt double. Exceptions to this are rare and usually involve the woman being your SO or plate (you've already boned her), or a backhanded compliment that makes a woman qualify herself—think Mystery's "Nice nails. Are they real?"

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesJumpXVI4 years ago

It's really simple when you think about it with red pill knowledge, too. If you don't tell a hot girl she's hot in the "dating phase", she will literally think: "um, wait, does this guy even think I'm attractive? I mean, I'm pretty sure he does, but, like, does he? maybe he's had better...oh gosh maybe he has better right now...or maybe he's into me not cause of my looks?"

Not complimenting a girl is simply a refusal to acknowledge her value. This literally makes her demonstrate (additional) value to you because as far as she knows, the value of her looks doesn't matter to you. And if she tosses her hair, or bats her eyes, or adjusts the strap of her bra or whatever, it's not going to "work".

She's going to have to start laughing at your jokes and holding your attention and demonstrating value in whatever cute creative way she can think of when Plan A (for Attractive) doesn't work. Which basically results giving you the IOIs that you already wanted from her fine self in the first place.

1 upvotesPhilhelm4 years ago

I never compliment people anyway, unless I'm truly impressed by something, which is rare. Really rare.

1 upvotesfckredditt4 years ago

it's just that guy who can easily get hot girls would not be highly impressed over 6 and 7s. it's just a part of our nature. that's why this mechanic works in the dating game. you have to pretend or refrain from expressing the compliment. we do because it feels so good to tell a beautiful girl that she's beautiful.

24 upvotesReanimate_874 years ago

Let us not forget how clueless most guys are about hitting on women. Within seconds you will know if she digs your vibe, and busting her balls, instead of supplicating compliments -this almost always the get-go approach.

Edit: We might not have the power to change their blueprints into our favour, but remember: novelty is sexy as heck. Bonding and chemistry is not some abstract process, but it's more about a whole range of emotions. Why would you play by her rules? She doesn't really know what she wants anyway. Be the guy that makes an impression she never forgets.

45 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

That's why you NEVER compliment a woman. NEVER. They have lost that privilege 30 years ago.

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I was JUST thinking this last night watching TV. None of them deserve it and it will only make them fight harder for your affection if you don't. Also not getting a stiff boner will drive a girl nuts, she'll blame it on herself if you play it right.

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Also not getting a stiff boner will drive a girl nuts, she'll blame it on herself if you play it right.

That's the best dread game. Dead boner lowers her perceived SMV.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I have this problem and no, it doesn't raise your SMV. She'll just think you're gay

4 upvotesTamingDebt4 years ago

Depends. I occasionally fucked a girl significantly below me in terms of SMV, and she got super insecure when this would happen.

3 upvotesChairBorneMGTOW4 years ago

I take forever to bust a nut. As long as I do in the end, most women still feel validated. It's the rare times where I can fuck for a long long while but get tired or bored and stop without coming. That drives them up a wall.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesFUCK_YEA_GLITTER4 years ago

Probably other guys lower than her in attractiveness would hit on her, giving her the validation that she is so great. She then think's she's the shit in her eyes.

18 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Scary how many of these women compare looking good to having a degree or experience in a field. As if they've earned something.

15 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

This is why I sit back and watch everyone. I am proficient in reading body language, I can tell when any woman looks at me and is thinking about fucking me. Indicators of interest is something you need to learn, that way you can tell which girl is interested and which one isn't. It saves time, and builds confidence. Learning to read them makes it even easier, you can tell if she'd be down for sucking you off in the restroom or if you'll get pepper sprayed for saying Hi.

You can get relatively uninterested girls to want to fuck you with game, but you need to know which battles or projects you wish to begin. Don't take on pepper spray girl, it's not worth the effort.

I can't tell you what to look for, but once you know you can spot it easy. I watched girls talk to guys I knew, and I found out which ones fucked them, so I learned the tells they have. I also had girls who tried to manipulate me into things like giving them rides, so I learned the minute difference between wants to fuck me, and wants to use me for something.

One of those, a big tit blonde, learned the hard way. She wanted a ride to a town 50 miles away to go to the state fair. I'd been telling her no rides for weeks, but this time she wouldn't leave me alone. I took her and her friend along because I was going anyway, and when she started giving her attention to some guy, I left. This was 1985, no cell phones, no bus, she had to call her parents to come get her. Thus ended the constant begging for rides with the promise of sex that never occurred.

4 upvotesInterversity4 years ago

Any advice on ways to learn this? Besides spend more time observing people?

1 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

I learned early on, had to because I was severely abused by my family and at school. Knowing who is about to beat the fuck out of you and when is good info.

I watched the first girl I dated interact with a friend of mine. I wasn't even there anymore once he showed up, to her anyway. I watched her facial expressions, her body language, and I could tell she wanted to fuck him. There are a handful of looks girls have they display when they see a man they want to fuck. They all do it, and they're the same look and body language for every girl I've known. Even in other countries it's the same.

Learn two or three and you're in, because they go through a few usually when they meet someone new. One big one is her chin down, looking up at you with her head tilted just a little, usually accompanied by a smile. One is a nearly blank stare that is similar to when she wants the stak on the grill, a hungry sort of look. I see the second over their shoulder as they walk away with their Bf/husband.

Go out and watch girls, watch everything she does. Hands, feet, knees, face, hair flips... It's lots of shit.

1 upvotesfallenpollen4 years ago

Go people watching

This is best done with a friend and a public place with a lot of people passing by. Pick a guy/girl and discuss with your friend; What kind of job do u think they have? Are they married/have children? etc.

Next level is trying to anticipate the strangers next move. example: "I bet u 5$ that this guy is waiting for his wife to come"

3 upvotesInterversity4 years ago

Thanks, but "besides spend more time observing people."

1 upvotesnakedborg4 years ago

"How do I get better at lifting weights?"

"Lift weights"

"Thanks, but I mean besides lifting weights"

1 upvotesInterversity4 years ago

"How do I get better at lifting weights? I lift weights a lot already, but I'd like a more comprehensive knowledge base from multiple sources"


45 upvotesbabayega4 years ago

Haha don't worry you gonna get old sooner than you think and nobody will find you attractive anymore so relax.

28 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

All in all, she'll be just another brick in the wall.

34 upvoteswindowstapedshut4 years ago

I can't deny feeling something akin to this when I get a FB add or even a Tinder match with a girl well below my own SMV.

I'm more of a fan of the soft next than being a cunt about it...because I'm not a bad person. Admittedly, I am a serial unmatcher.

25 upvotesu-r-silly4 years ago

Tinder match with someone well below my own SMV.

Why the hell would you swipe right, then?

39 upvotesredpillbanana [OP]4 years ago

Many guys advocate swiping right on everything and seeing who matches with you, probably as a time-saving device vs reading every profile, since for most guys, matches will be relatively rare.

9 upvotesRichardPalma4 years ago

I've seen this advice and probably it applies in major cities. Where I'm at, I never run out of the free likes and I like to take some time looking at the pics. If someone has something interesting, I might look at their profile and other pics but there is no point in reading all the profiles. When I've talked to my matches, they've all said they don't even look at the profiles until they get contacted.

6 upvotesRedPill4LYF4 years ago

It's Tinder, the craigslist of dating apps. Why the hell would anyone take a profile seriously on there? If you're going to use it, swipe right and treat matches like the whores they are.

1 upvotesHydris4 years ago

Simplify put, it's the numbers game that puts some of the responsibility on the women.

1 upvotesesperanzablanca4 years ago

I think that tinder penalizes you if you do this.

25 upvotesyaardi4 years ago

Maybe he does this

13 upvoteswindowstapedshut4 years ago

Nah, I'm actually very picky but I only really look at the display picture, unless she's really hot or I suspect she has atrocious teeth/Myspace angles.

Some will slip through the cracks inevitably.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I wish I could be choosy, but the majority of women in the area I live in are below a 5. I'd say the average hovers at around a 4 but the kicker is that they think they're at least a 7.

2 upvotesnewls4 years ago

Online dating only ever worked for me when I was in a big city with several universities. Lots of young women with mostly tight bodies and smart brains.

If you move to a small town or the sticks then the pickings are slimmer. Loads of under-educated fatties with inflated SMVs.

7 upvotesOverkillengine4 years ago

And single moms. Goddamn single moms everywhere. Blech.

Of course every one of them wants a real man. Bitches should have thought about that before getting a fuck trophy from the Special Olympics.

1 upvotesrobo234 years ago

I haven't used it since they limited your picks, but I always liked everyone first and filtered out the ugly chicks after we matched

8 upvoteswindowstapedshut4 years ago

Deceptive profile pictures, adding new pictures after I'd swiped. Oversight on my part undoubtedly.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Men dont have the luxury of being choosy. So we blind swipe right. A technique women should be doing in theory. As they have nothing to lose with 1000s of men available to choose from.

2 upvotesjuanqunt4 years ago

TMRL... that's my problem with Tinder and similar apps. When I match with a few whales, I just cringe and delete the app, so I never get anywhere with online dating. At least in person I get to make my own choice about who to approach.

(Exception in Asia where nobody is fat and I've actually met up with a few cute ones, but it's so depressing in America.)

1 upvotesjewishclaw4 years ago

Yeah, honestly I think too many people here are still in the anger phase. Offended is probably the wrong word, but I am mildly annoyed when a fat chick or a post-waller hits on me. It's absolutely not a compliment. I don't blame a girl for feeling the same way. Just like it doesn't make me angry that they want to get gutted by various chads thundercock for 15 years before latching onto barry betabux. It's a commendable strategy. Too many people get lost in the us versus them instead of just accepting the way things are and...well, being chad thundercock.

53 upvotesExpendableOne4 years ago

If you feel offended that companies are offering you jobs, there is something wrong with you. It's disturbing just how entitled, privileged and narcissistic these women can actually be. Most men wouldn't react that way about interest from even the most unattractive of women. That kind of shit and vitriol is just another example of women just not being held accountable for their disdain towards men.

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Most men wouldn't react that way about interest from even the most unattractive of women.

Yeah, they do. Someone who's spent years to get "swole" and then gets approached by a fattie? He'll later post either on r/fatpeoplehate or here, saying: Look what a ridiculously inflated sense of self-worth she has! Both genders act offended pretty soon.

Edit: Likewise, people here again take the words of these girls for the truth. In fact, these words are tools to increase their SMV, just as the threadstarter already assumed that this one chick must be attractive, because she wrote something.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Red Pill is all about gender symmetry. The bitter part for so many is that we have been taught that women were inherently better than men. It's not so, TRP is the radical notion that men and women are people.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Look I know that's what you think, but one of the top posts on here encourages you to "touch her, you are entitled to her body," and encourages you to treat her like a ragdoll during sex. This sub tries to make it clear that men are "better" than women to the point that they are entitled the bodies of women

1 upvotesjuanqunt4 years ago

Agreed. I hate it when ugly/fat/awkward women talk to me.

3 upvotesRPMav4 years ago

An offer for a crap job really demonstrates that the person making the offer doesn't value you. Maybe you shouldn't be insulted, but it is annoying to have to even acknowledge it. A better example might be someone offering $300 for your 2012 Porsche listed as "For Sale; make offer". An offer that low is a waste of everyone's time.

1 upvotesExpendableOne4 years ago

An offer for a crap job really demonstrates that the person making the offer doesn't value you.

How is that person not valuing you, by offering the best possible job they can offer you with the best possible incentives they can? That is literally you not valuing their offer, and thinking that you are either above it or feeling completely entitled to more. That is narcissism and entitlement, and a complete disregard for even being in a privileged position to get any kind of offers at all.

A better example might be someone offering $300 for your 2012 Porsche listed as "For Sale; make offer".

No, that's like someone offering you everything they have for that 2012 chevalier, that you are trying to sell off as a porsche. Or, it's someone trying to trade you their porshe for your porshe, and you telling them "gross, your porshe is a piece of shit and mine is great", even when they are entirely identical. That is not wasting anyone's time, and you are insulting them by thinking that they are. It's like telling them their dollar has no value, or telling them that what they have to trade isn't worth shit when it you are hardly in a position to make that claim. It's like being insulted when someone is giving you their life-savings, and then calling them spitting in their face for even thinking they could make an offer in the hopes that someone would take it.

-3 upvotesjuanqunt4 years ago

you're a blue pill phaggot. it's more like someone offering you a beaten up chevy for your new porsche. You're implying that a used up woman has the same SMV as a man who is top tier.

As a TRP man, you should be narcissist. You are the top 20% and narcissism is one of the Dard Triad traits. Go check your previlege with all the other SJW retards. GTFO

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I react the same way, from what i can remember of myself. I felt annoyed by ugly girls who would watch me in classes and stuff several times. It's a totally different thing if prettier girls are watching you. So no, I don't consider myself "better" than those nacrisstic women (how you call them) and think of it as something natural.

-5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Are you fucking kidding me? This woman isn't allowed to be annoyed by compliments/people trying to hit on her?

I hate most conversation the general person is going to offer, and I hate people I don't know trying to talk to me for no reason about completely irrelevant shit.

And a minimum wage job offer isn't really a job offer, anyone with enough time for an interview can get one, and it's not a livable wage.

4 upvotesExpendableOne4 years ago

I hate most conversation the general person is going to offer, and I hate people I don't know trying to talk to me for no reason about completely irrelevant shit.

I don't care how much you hate people, or how much of a narcissist sociopath you are. If you have people offering you jobs left and right, that is not something you should just scoff at(especially not when there are so many people out there who are actually out of work or working jobs they hate), let alone complain about or stigmatize. The fact that the opportunities are there, and that you essentially have every type of business offering you employment and incentives, is not something anyone should ever just take for granted. There's a certain bare minimum level of decency and humility that should be expected of people, including women.

And a minimum wage job offer isn't really a job offer,

wtf? A job is still a job. You would have to be a pretty entitled and privileged fuck to think "I'm too good for those people, so they are the assholes for even offering". Just because someone is making a lot of money at whatever job they already have, doesn't mean that those jobs are worthless. Just because someone thinks they are above a certain job, doesn't mean they are. Just because someone thinks they are above any given job, does not mean that those jobs are meaningless/worthless. Just because you think anyone can do that job, doesn't mean that anyone could, actually do that job. Just because you have unrealistic expectations in life, does not mean that you are also entitled to more or that you couldn't live on that wage(or, for that matter, that you couldn't take that job and end up doing very well with it).

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I am neither of those things, stop projecting. You're really telling me, "weather today" type conversations are awesome and you couldnt live without them?

You're also just incoherently rambling at this point. "If you have people offering you jobs left and right". Nobody said that. You're just saying "getting hit on a lot is like having a lot of job offers" and its a stupid relation. I don't need to get hit on to make money and put food on the table.

And yes, I most certainly am too good for a minimum wage job and now you're just pandering to the lowest common denominator. The jobs are worthless and the only reason these people haven't been replaced with machines is because it will cause an economic collapse, depression, and a war.

I, or anyone else, don't deserve this bullshit "level of decency that should be expected". Why? This is supposed to be TRP, not social justice warrior.com. Are we really saying merely existing is enough to mean you deserve anything? How can you go from calling me narcissistic to entitled when I'm saying you dont deserve certain things. Where is the entitlement?

-1 upvotesjuanqunt4 years ago

Sorry, but I'd rather bang a woman with standards who'd only fuck Chad Thundercocks than a valueless whore bending over for anyone. I'm high value with high standards and I expect my women to be the same.

26 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

All bitches think of men like jobs. This is amazing because it is a LITERAL example of a great TRP post from a while ago. U know what they say... art imitates life, life imitates neckbeard misogyny.

Maybe we would stop talking about hypergamy if these bitches could stop talking about how hypergamous they are.

1 upvotesredpillbanana [OP]4 years ago

That is a great connection that you made - makes perfect sense in light of that post.

32 upvotesUrsusG4 years ago

It's the same feeling when a street bum approaches me in the parking lot and starts complimeting my car (to get me to give him some change). His compliments are insultingly manipulative and just annoy me.

Now, when a fellow car club member compliments my car on our annual meeting, that's a different story entirely.

9 upvotesnewls4 years ago

Although I agree with people about her entitlement and solipsism, I think this might be a better analogy for what the girl wrote.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Jesus it's not about being entitled. Why the fuck should she have to be greatful for being hit on by ugly guys or at all? Because a man hitting on means he deserves your resoect! And we're forgetting the way most men hit on women, it's god awful and worthy of pity, I don't want them bothering me.

3 upvotesInterversity4 years ago

No one said you have to be grateful, or that men hitting on you deserve respect. No one is going to pity you either, since all you have to deal with is people liking how you look, which is about 1000x better than nobody liking how you look. Not an ounce of pity for you.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

It's probably better than everyone thinking you're ugly, and I'm not offering pity. I'm just saying we cannot say this person is displaying entitlement just because its a woman. I'm a man, and I'm busy, I don't want bs conversation either.

1 upvotesfckredditt4 years ago

this is such a good analogy and i almost can't argue with this. i'm trying very hard though. i guess i would have to use the same analogy but elaborate on it because your story is not complete. if the analogy is to be like the real world, then you would actually want to give change to someone. you also never actively approach anyone and expect all beggars(rich car club members or bums) to approach you. you love being approached by beggars. beggars also know that they have to approach other people for change and that they are not a good beggar if they don't. their entire life worth is dependent on getting change. so aren't you an entitled little shit for being born rich and expecting the entire world full of beggars to do exactly what you want? as in, you want only specific beggars to approach you even though it is the entire life purpose of all beggars to get change? you want all beggars to automatically know whether they are worthy of you or not? especially when it is fully known that when a beggar acts like a car club member, you will give them change? lol this analogy is getting way out of hand.

87 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

"If you're going to scrape your fingernails against my scar tissue, I'd prefer you be cute."

Oh you poor, heroin addict. God the hell it must be to get hit on and told by men they are interested in you.

The fucking sopilism of these creatures. It's hard to have empathy for them.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

39 upvotesRathadin4 years ago

I upvoted you both. I think you're both right.

That said, its annoying to have fatties in the gym try to touch me when I'm working out... it always starts with "asking about workouts" and leads to them putting their normally eclair-filled hands on my biceps or my stomach.

It really is disgusting...

35 upvotesJaereth4 years ago

I hate this with a passion. In the winter i'm wearing a sweater and everything is cool. In the summer i'm out at the bar in a sleeveless shirt and most women think it's a-ok to just touch my arms because they happen to be muscular. Something really attractive to them. Well i'm attracted to big tits, but I have the common decency not to start stroking a stranger who's expressing no interest in me.

16 upvotesRathadin4 years ago

Oh man, I wish this were socially acceptable... feeling up cute girls' asses after they feel up my arms??

This must be what Heaven / Paradise / Nirvana is like.

22 upvotesJumpXVI4 years ago

The last time this happened to me in public, the girl said: "Geez, you have really nice abs...", and proceeded to feel them through my shirt. So I stepped a little closer, maintained laser eye contact, and gently squeezed her ass.

She said "Hey!" I simply said, "if you're gonna feel me up, I'm gonna feel you up too". She protested, "well...feeling my midriff too would be equivalent..." But I gave no fucks.

This was before I ever swallowed the pill too. She'd had a boyfriend, who actually showed up not seconds later (I'm friends with him too). That's probably why I was so forward, because this chick wanted to have her cake and eat it too (her boyfriend is in pretty good shape too), and I've always had principles if not always an RP mentality.

16 upvotesRPAlternate424 years ago

I did this to my buddy's wife (G):

First off, his wife is fucking cute... tight little body, nice proportions, cute face: 7-8 face, 8 body. Not objectively beautiful but American Apparel face-model pretty.

We were having a crab feed (It's what Maryland does) and everyone was a little buzzed (It's what crab feeds do) and as I was making my way to the bathroom, G and her friend stop me and she starts tweaking my nipples. "What the hell?" I said, a bit surprised. "If they're out there I'm gonna touch them."

I looked at her friend, smiled, and reached out and tweaked G's nipples too. She stepped back and looked at her friend like OMG, I can't believe he just did that. They spoke as if taken aback, but the giggling and smiling said otherwise.

Later my bud comes to me,"Did you grab my wife's nipples?" I answered with a grin, "No. I pinched them lightly so they'd be erect and excited." "Good. I told her that's what she gets."

Then we high-fived for some reason.

This was pre-RP... now I understand the dynamic: He's successful and driven, good with investments, and an all-around bucks. He's social, leads group activities, tends to AMOG his group, but then I come along: I'm the HS buddy, who is taller, more muscular, more fit, sexually forward in conversation, and physically forward in interaction, and I'm only in town for a few days; I'm forbidden fruit that she at least wants to hold for moment to see what it feels like.

I don't believe she'd cheat on him with me, but AWALT. To be clear, I'd never do that to him.

6 upvotesRedHeimdall4 years ago

"well...feeling my midriff too would be equivalent..."

No sugar tits, it would not be equivalent, because your abdomen is incapable of turning me on. It's either neutral or a turn off if you are fat or have a manly six pack.

1 upvotesfckredditt4 years ago

i'm pretty sure you could do it. even if they get mad, you have a reasonable excuse for it.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Yeah but the woman was likely just getting talked to, not touched. If they touched her she'd probably claim sexual assault.

But that does sound annoying, and of course as women they can get away with touching and grabbing men.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I have been motorboated by a 45 y/o woman.

1 upvotesgokurakumaru4 years ago

The question in the thread that the guy posed was if it was okay for him to compliment women. That's worlds apart from making a sexual pass, and the fact that this woman equated it with being hit on or being the equivalent of a minimum wage job offer speaks volumes about her character. She's a bitch, plain and simple.

Sexual passes being made at you by someone providing you a service is inappropriate regardless of how high your or your physical therapist's SMV may be. It's a false equivalence.

1 upvotesfckredditt4 years ago

i know what you're saying and it's totally fair to feel annoyed by it. at the same time, women should accept that as a fact of life. they want to play the passive partner in the mating game, so men have to come to them. so they don't get to choose who comes to them. at the same time, they want to dress as attractive as possible but then only want to attract specific men? too bad, that's not how life works. i target women specifically because most men don't complain about this problem. the shit that women want men to do is so fucking stupid that i just can't stand it. they both want a man to be confident and approach women and want men to not approach them, specifically and exactly how they want it. they only want the men they want to approach them. how fucking childish is that? they think they can control the world and the current feminist movement is just ridiculous. they are crying because they can't control everything a man does.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

You're saying they must be greatful for being attractive? You're the embodiment of the circlejerk aspect of this sub.

I don't like cashiers who are too chatty. I don't like people trying to talk to me because God forbid a silence exist at a bus stop. It would definitely be very annoying to have people thinking they deserve my attention and respect based only on the fact that they find me attractive.

0 upvotesInterversity4 years ago

Who ever said they think they deserve your respect or attention? You may not personally like strangers striking up conversations with you, but many people do enjoy that. How narcissistic can you be to find it insulting that others might want to know more about you and hang out with you?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

In this instance, it is not that "others might want to know more about you and hang out with you". They are strangers, and do know nothing about me other than my appearance. I don't think it is a display of entitlement to want to mind my own business, and I'm not a narcissist for not wanting to talk about the weather 12 times a day.

-5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

It's like beggars asking you for money every time you leave the house, every 5 minutes.

It's not fun.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

:( oh im so sowwwyyyy

Honestly you sound like a feminist complaining about being cat-called now.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Damn. You are right. Fuck.

Thanks for the message bro. Downvote me to oblivion.

(It may be a pain in the ass sometimes but clearly it's not a first world problem, nothing worth complaining about)

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Hey at least you're not one of those pussies who deletes their post. Stand by your mistake you pussy it's the internet, you know?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Not sure whether or not you called me a pussy.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

You stood by your mistake, so no

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I've been hit on by a lot of old and ugly women but that didn't mean I had to be a piece of trash about it. These bitches should just accept the compliments and move on.

And yes, women DO look at men like jobs. But the problem is a lot of men are STILL living with the fucking fantasy that there's truuuuuueeeeeeeeeee loooooooooooooove. What a bunch of pussies.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Part of the problem is that women just think to damn highly of themselves. People lie to them constantly and tell them they are special and beautiful etc. etc. whether its true or not.

As a result women have a skewed reality and self worth. Fat girls think they deserve ripped men and ugly girls think enough make up fixes everything.

What I take from this is that you have to bring your A game every time because every 7 or 8 you hit on thinks she is a 9 or 10.

4 upvotesMattyAnon4 years ago

every 7 or 8 you hit on thinks she is a 9 or 10.

She thinks she's a 9 or 10 because she once got hit on by a 9 when she was 17.

6 upvotesjayhovaasmywitness4 years ago

It seems a little disgusting to define a man as a "minimum wage job", cuz let me tell you something, the vast majority of these hoes aint CEO material

10 upvotesCyralea4 years ago

Ever been hit on by a fatty? Same deal, except women have far more markers for what constitutes unattractive.

Most times I just take it as a compliment though, instead of acting like a cunt about it. One thing I've noticed is that a lot of women just assume you'll want them, like their vaginas are gold-plated or some shit. Women really don't accept that they might be rejected, it's too damaging for them to contemplate.

2 upvotesJaereth4 years ago

A fatty can still find a guy with much higher SMV than her to fuck her. Women just need to be attractive to get a top mate. Men need to be attractive and hold frame. This is basically the dividing factor on why women are so much more shrewd with selection.

6 upvotesStationarity4 years ago

More and more I accept that women get their worth from the man they are with. In their head, if an ugly is hitting on them, it's a reflection on their worth.

8 upvotesplentyoffishes4 years ago

Just think of what it's like when you get hit on by an ugly or fat girl. Or you do online dating, where you get 2 emails a week from women, and they are strictly heavyweights or post menopausal gals. Don't you feel the same way as these women do?

6 upvotesDestroyer_Wes4 years ago

I have been hit on by attractive women and unattractive women as well as a few men. In any case I do not feel insulted by any of them, yeah being hit on by a man was awkward but still all compliments are welcomed by me.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

And this response shows the importance of grooming:

It has a point when for example, for a date I put on full makeup, shave everything, wear nice clothes and have a nice hairstyle, while he doesn't even bother to shave or put on anything nicer than a shirt and jeans. That's an immediate put-off.

BETA ALARM, I groom as much as I want to, not as much as she wants me to

5 upvotesringob824 years ago

I'll never forget the frantic hamsters in overdrive after reading a reddit submission that made the front page.

"50 shades of gray is only a female fantasy because the guy is rich and powerful. If he weren't, it would be an episode of Criminal Minds."

5 upvotesScreenp24 years ago

The dating rules are pretty simple

Be attractive, don't be unattractive

3 upvotesskoobled4 years ago

Once again confirmed: a woman's sex appeal is a direct analogy of a man's employability/ability to create value through work

5 upvotesMan-with-a-pitchfork4 years ago

This thread was already discussed on TRP four months ago.

Can't link within reddit, but you find it easily if you search TRP for "compliments". ("In a rare moment of honesty...")

3 upvotesmojo_juju4 years ago

This demonstrates the importance of indirect approaches. (Approaches where you naturally fall into a conversation without it being forced or obvious that you're trying to converse)

Also, the same goes for guys (just about)-- When a fat fugly talks to me or stares at me, my thought is "what the fuck are you thinking" I.e. "be realistic, you must know you're a fat fugly. Do yourself and me.a.favor-- go bug someone on your own level and leave me alone"

It's simple SMV economics. And in this regard, women have higher standards than men--simple biology. Again, can't blame em for it, blame nature.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

It's literally offensive to me that you think I would stoop so low as to fuck you.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesDJMGTOW4 years ago

Low SMV, smacks ass > sexual harassment High SMV, smacks ass > "oh, you!" +flirt eyes + shakes ass + ginatingles

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Who gets offended by someone offering you a job? How sad.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Don't take the words of these girls for the truth. Saying these things is a tool to increase their SMV: Look at me, so many orbiters, and my standards are so high! I MUST be pretty, right guys? Guys?

And they are successful, even here on TRP, just as you already assumed that this one chick must be attractive, because she wrote something that made her sound like she were an attractive woman.

I don't know how she actually feels when approached by an ugly man. Probably she just feels confused, scared, irritated, whatever. What is important is that this kind of female shitposting is just bragging, just like a neckbeard imitating a brodude going "I benchpress 350lbs and bang supermodels, brah!" on the internet. Ignore it.

3 upvoteswildlight4 years ago

I wish there was a way for everyone's face to be next to their comments on that thread.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I've had this conversation a hundred times

Her "omg ______ was so creepy" Me " was he creepy or just unattractive" her "no he was creepy" me "if I did it would it be creepy!" Her "well, that's different......." me " if Ryan gosling did it would you find it creepy" etc...

Although sometimes they'll tell me stories that so sound legit creepy haha! But I always take it with a grain of salt

I used to be "creepy" when I was like 17-19. I got it allot because I was a thirsty chubby beta fucker. Shockingly I can do the same stuff now and they find it sexy

Creepy= unattractive

5 upvotesSunshineBlotters4 years ago

Nothing has helped me more on my path to becoming an alpha than AskWomen

That sub is just a joke. It does nothing but show how much of a condescending bitch a lot of women are. Not to mention you get banned or your comment deleted if it is even SLIGHTLY offensive to a minority of the members there.

If you need help internalizing AWALT then no place is better to go

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Negging is difficult to get right. Too much or too little are both bad. Practice makes perfect I guess.

3 upvotesRathadin4 years ago

Perfect practice makes perfect.

Practice just reinforces the technique. Shitty technique, lots of practice, permanent shitty technique.

1 upvotesHale_Merry4 years ago

“Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice reduces the imperfection.”

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Pull up next to one of these girls in a Ferrari talking with your shareholders on speakerphone and carrying a $1M check to the bank. You could have a 2nd head growing out of your right shoulder and be 300 lbs overweight and they would still jump on your dick.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I don't know, I find it kind of off putting when some <= 5 girl throws herself at me, especially a fatty. I don't consider myself a 10 or anything but I don't know why these girls even think they have a chance. (Actually I do, Disney and society)

1 upvotesTotsean4 years ago

Amen, I just smile and walk away.

2 upvotesManUp_youBitch4 years ago

What if everyone starts negging? Will that not become 'old' and thus become the same as everyone complimenting women?

BUt yea, basically never compliment women

13 upvotesIllimitableMan4 years ago

It's not about novelty. It's about ego. Most women are incredibly narcissistic because they live in a delusional self-important princess world. Negging them causes them to feel vulnerability, which leads to feminine behaviour instead of the usual dismissiveness and pumped up boisterousness. Negging is the only way to get the respect or attraction of a narcissistic girl. Sad but true. Women whose ego isn't sky high are becoming increasingly rare. The neg will always be necessary. At least in our lifetime.

Women are always talking about how they find confidence important in men. You never hear guys saying "I love how much self-esteem she has!" do you? No. Bitches with too much self-esteem are more annoying than the whiny ones who are always worried about every tiny little thing. Balance in all things. Unfortunately, we've got too much of the delusional "I can do anything, I'm so special, I can get any guy I want" bullshit going on these days.

Bitches are far too self-important and gassed up these days. Insulting them, making them doubt themselves and penetrating that thick narcissistic confidence is necessary to getting laid. Otherwise, she immediately thinks she is superior to you and therefore, you're unattractive/unworthy of her highness. Women don't make an effort to be feminine or demure anymore, they're stuck-up, bratty and entitled for the most part. When you realise you are dealing with cunts like that, you realise why insulting them generates attraction. If you can insult someone who is that much of a cunt, you communicate in subtext "I have even higher confidence than you, and therefore, I must be superior to you." Superiority real or perceived generates respect and attraction.

Feminism/society, betas as well as the girl's hamster itself have placed them on such a high pedestal that they think they're better than 99% of the men they meet. When the fact is that once you disregard aesthetics, most women are inferior to most men that you meet. They are less talented, less interesting, and whatever. It's all looks charm and ego with bitches, very little have any real depth to them. You have to ruin that self-esteem, or at least lower it, to get them to learn humility, give themselves a more accurate self-assessment and thus assess you as superior. The game is real fucked up these days but once you adapt, it isn't so bad.

By comparison, I find most guys are incredibly unconfident and have huge self-esteem issues. Just walk down the street and read the body language of the most guys you meet. Heads down, avoidant, unassertive. Generally submissive body language. Whereas the bitches swan around like they're the shit.

So the bitches are all gassed up and the guys undervalue themselves. Fucked up times we're in. Neg, neg, neg. Feel no remorse. Ignore her beauty, good chance she's actually not very hot and is extremely reliant on make up anyway.

"You need better makeup and your tits are small, why are you talking to me?"

^ Negs like this are how black knights are born.

2 upvotesManUp_youBitch4 years ago

"Just walk down the street and read the body language of the most guys you meet. Heads down, avoidant, unassertive. Generally submissive body language. Whereas the bitches swan around like they're the shit."

Wow, so true. Thanks for a good explanation.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

It would, if the beta guys didn't solely compliment women and kiss their ass

2 upvotesflip694 years ago

As a reasonable looking guy.. that was popular a couple of decades ago, I can confirm that when some woman was "reaching too far" in approaching me ... yeah I got a bit upset myself.

I saw it as an indication of not only her arrogance but also that she though that "I had slipped" and was now in her reach... "insult" is too harsh of a word... but I'm honestly having a problem finding a better one to use.

How a immature woman might react.. or say they'll react, that's going to be kinda different of course as they'll usually be more heavily reliant upon their appearances and self perception of their attractiveness as the basis of their own self worth and status. That's just a formula for defensiveness right there.

2 upvotesRPthrowaway1234 years ago

I find it hilarious when these sorts of things happen. They know what the truth is, but they refuse to talk about it and even when one of their own admits to "red pill" thinking they close ranks and go on the attack. Heaven forbid anyone think that women aren't all wonderful.

Never forget the cardinal rule: be attractive, and don't be unattractive.

2 upvotesIronMeltsinmyHands4 years ago

I feel as a short guy, I can get ripped but most of these bitches will still see my smv as below theirs.

Am I wrong in this?

4 upvotesOne_friendship_plz4 years ago

don't rely on cold-approaching. Get a social circle and dominate it.

2 upvotesEnzoBlankz4 years ago

but but looks don't matter its all about confidence!! /s

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I do not talk to hot woman. No point. I do however pay for them on occasion. Can't imagine it any other way.

2 upvotesMerica9114 years ago

Brush your teeth, groom your hair, shave, wear clothes that fit and that's in style, if your over weight - work on it, if your under weight - work on it, stop smoking crack, walk upright, talk slow and loud, etc, etc etc..

TRP is just something you learn, it's something you live by.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I've noticed this as well! The other day we were walking down the street and a not so attractive guy complimented my friend on her looks and she was offended and outright mad.

I guess a lot of girls think that if a guy with low perceived SMV hits on a girl who thinks she has a much higher SMV, then therefore she might be low SMV as well. It works the other way too. If a girl on my college campus sleeps with a hot alpha, she tells everyone about it because her SMV depends on the guy she can get with.

Sad but true

2 upvotesfreethinker344 years ago

I feel the same way when unattractive women approach me, especially in online dating. I consider myself to be a decent looking guy who is tall and works hard to be physically fit. When unattractive women message me it actually makes me feel shitty, like wtf is my SMV that low? So I can relate to how attractive women feel when neckbeards with negative SMV hit on them

2 upvotesthredditsowaway4 years ago

Great insight, but I feel like a lot of us are guilty of this logic too. In my BP days it would drive me almost to tears when I got hit on by an unattractive girl or a gay guy. I think it's because it made me feel like I couldn't get hot girls. Now that I am getting hot girls, it doesn't bother me as much. It used to subtly say to me "you don't deserve a 9 and you know it."

Maybe it just bothers these girls because it's a subconscious reminder that they're not really worth the attention of a top-tier man.

Edit: and most of that can be solved by hitting the gym and skipping the afternoon Starbucks 600 calorie sugar fuckstorm. It's just really hard to admit that and actually commit to making progress, so people just get angry instead.

2 upvotesSir_Shitlord_focker4 years ago

As an unattractive men myself I can confirm they are not just insulted but also quite insulting:-)

2 upvotesBlackHeart894 years ago

For the most part, this is common sense. If she's hot and you're not, stay away. You're wasting her time. The only reason I would say to approach is if you're new to the game and trying to get rid of your approach anxiety or you just want to troll for fun.

5 upvoteswanderer7794 years ago

sounds like a classy lady. I guess if you are just looking for sex it's irrelevant, but I prefer not to sleep with women with character flaws, lest I end up stuck with them.

Of course the flip side with these women is that if you are tall and handsome you can get away with about anything.

4 upvotesBlueFreedom4204 years ago

There will be a day when we will return to the time when a warrior, when the strong can pick any woman he wants. Doesn't matter if he is a troll or a Adonis. Women should have no damn say in mating choice. Civilization was not built on their choice and will collapse if we keep allowing women to chose.

Yeah im a fucking caveman.

1 upvotesAyylmao204 years ago

This post is BS, you can't say that all women have her attitude! Jk, AWALT

1 upvotesLondon-Bananas4 years ago

work experience

Yeah that's kind of backwards on this marketplace though

1 upvotes1vibe4 years ago

Lol, she's not attractive to me;)

1 upvotesdabrah14 years ago

I mean, I'm glad that your showig us some evidence that this behavior exists, I think everyone kind of knew this happened already though. Also, I honestly can't blame the attractive girls for behaving this way, if a 300 pound hambeast approached you, or even if a girl you didn't particularly find attractive approached you you wouldnt be over joyed either

1 upvotesiambecomedownvote4 years ago

the importance of grooming

I was watching a re-run of the old 80's TV show "married with children" this morning at the gym. What I remember best about that show from when I was a kid was how hot Christina Applegate was. However, since there was no sound this morning, I wasn't paying attention to anything but the visuals and I realized: she's actually pretty ugly. She has a weird looking face. But the hair, makeup and wardrobe people hid it so well, you'd have to be very critical to actually notice.

This works for us, too. We have the male equivalent of teased hair and tight dresses, and they work.

1 upvotessuperyay4 years ago

Hey to be honest, i feel the same when gay dudes or ugly women compliment my looks.

1 upvotesMensphysique124 years ago

Yes this is true. I have one friend that is a woman (we did engineering school together and she is super open with all of women's goals, she validates the red pill theories). We were out a few weeks ago at the bar and an "ugly" guy hit on her, later she told me she was insulted and it made her feel ugly that he would even consider hitting on her (she is attractive, and her guys usually are pretty alpha).

1 upvotesnewmewuser44 years ago

She must be a hooker or something.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I also find it interesting how women think they deserve a good job just because they have a degree..

1 upvotesfluxburn4 years ago

Well the opposite is true with a super hot hooker. Since ugly people make more fucking money then pretty people on average. Check out Bill Gates, man and his woman is ugly as fuck. But I bet that bitch is smart as fuck like Bill is. I dated an alright looking bitch once, fucking smart a fucking hell. Kinda sucked, she was smarter with words and history, but I'm smarter with engineering and math. Oh and I make shitloads trading stock, but it's so fucking easy I work daily in engineering technical computing. Man Reno NV was fun, those 2 women were hotter then fucking hell.

1 upvotesDarthRoach4 years ago

You don't even have to hit on them to insult them. Existing and not scampering off to the shadows in the presence ofvthe princess is enough, if your perceived SMV is low. I've had girls act offended for me simply engaging in work/school/situationally required interaction with them in the past.

1 upvotesmidnightbean4 years ago

I know where they're coming from. It's always nice to get hit on from a girl but when it's overt and she's low SMV it becomes an argument that says, "I consider us compatible". It's one thing to stare or show interest with doubt, but when fuglies seriously think they have a chance I'm like "yo, wtf is this shit, seriously?" And if hot girls are ignoring you as they do or even should it kills your confidence.

I imagine girls are always getting stares from men because we want to bang most women. These girls will probably have inflated SMVs, we know this.

If you actually have specific skills you've acquired then being asked to work a lower job position is insulting.

We fight for what we want and we deal with the consequences of choosing rather than begging. Let em choose, they'll be begging for a good chunk of their lives.. Give em a break.

1 upvotesMouthpiece4 years ago

I thought fishermen didn't ask fish for advice on how to ply their trade?

1 upvotestriperfecta4 years ago

I like you. You like spreadsheets and apply them to everyday (sex-related ) purposes. I like maps. Let's be friends.

1 upvotesucfgavin4 years ago

Thats why I don't compliment broads....check your ego at the door.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Remember it is reddit so who truly knows what the women online look like as well.

1 upvotesfckredditt4 years ago

women have this idea of "friendship with men" and it's just absolutely ridiculous. adults almost never establish relationships just for fun. adults have all the company they need and they don't crave it like they did in their youth. when was the last time as an adult did you meet a new friend who didn't have any use for you or you for them? this is between people of the same sex. it's infinitely worse with the opposite sex because there is absolutely nothing a woman can give a man other than sex and introduction to more sex. women have a lot of uses for men because men have a lot of skills. that's why women love to be friends with men. it's very useful for them. so that woman wishing that men would just want to be her friend well, why does she even want to be their friend to begin with? there was this thing that i used to put up with women who friendzone me in my youth. they would use me as an ear to complain about the most inane shit. as a man, think about the last time you ever let another man do that to you. it's fucking annoying right? and you would drop him in a second. well, women don't let other women do that to them neither.

1 upvotes6482624 years ago

The PUA "fake it until you make it" isn't going to help if your SMV is below average.

You can "fake" SMV as well, it's just easier to get caught doing it.

An easy way to fake your SMV is to stand up straight ie. fixing your posture. It's something that happens automagically when you lift weights for a bit, but easy to do before that.

1 upvotesExBABYYy4 years ago

Well I honostly do feel offended when another single-mother or obese girl approaches me or invites me over. I'm well trained, talented, close to 7 digits. What on earth makes you think I would date you or even look at you.

BUT that doesn't mean I don't appreciate a compliment or a flirt, if you deserve it, I will give you one back., but I will not fuck you now, I will not fuck you ever.

Also, the third comment sounds as an average insecure women in my opinion. Prob a 7/10.

1 upvotesmrmeyhemn4 years ago

the hilarious thing here is that in a normal work environment i could probably have this chick at my place in a week tops. this is alpha status talking. not beta begging for pussy. this dumb slut wants to be taken advantage of by some predator motherfucker that just wants to pump and dump her. only thing is, he has to be higher up in "the company" than her. easy $ for any player working in her "hierarchy". awalt

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesmrmeyhemn4 years ago

^ this was an option for translation.....holy shit this subreddit is absolutely fucking amazing.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

When I was a pounds heaver, talked to this girl and she gave me a death stare.

1 upvotesDJMGTOW4 years ago

Let's assume this attractive woman is an 8.

The guy can be an 10 or a 6 based simply on the first thing he says (all else being equal. Normal height, normal looks.)

His compliment screams "I'm really a 6 but I'll buy a point being nice"

She knows that those words are manipulative rather than sincere. Why would she enjoy that?

A neg or two says "I'm so used to hot women that i don't care if you feel good or not. Do you have anything else than your fortunate genetics. Prove yourself to me."


1 upvotesBaldr124 years ago

So, by using logic

If you give a compliment you insult

That means that that you have to insult to give a compliment

1 upvoteskrisjack694 years ago

This is the reason I don't try. I mean since I am not attractive so why even bother. I would just get rejected and humiliated. Confidence and all is great and all but it does so much. I am a 34 yr old virgin and never had a gf. Never really kissed a girl except on a dare in 1998. I am too shy with my social phobia that I will never be able to do a cold approach of any kind. hell its hard for me to send a msg on okcupid.

1 upvotesUpvote_To_The_Left4 years ago

I actually feel slightly insulted if an ugly or fat girl thinks she has a chance with me and chats me up.

I much rather these girls think i'm an asshole.

1 upvotesBlaat19854 years ago

That thread/comment has been posted on here multiple times already.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

may i ask what you are doing in the askwomen subreddit? are you looking to glean some information from the brightest most attractive people in america and around the world?

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

7 upvotesLord_Coward4 years ago

Sounds like a unconvincing rationalization of your lack of willpower, your weak/lazy inability to improve yourself, and your need to believe you're okay with that. Is Patrice O'neal your fatspo?

2 upvotesModern__Day__Pricus4 years ago

Actually no but, I understand why you say that and don't fault you for it.

My intentions are always coming from a place of positive thinking as well as with action, in trying to advance and become better than I was yesterday.

OP's post was truthful, but at the same time so was people's views on Hip-hop being a fade. It changed because someone had the forethought to go beyond and show that Hip-hop can be a powerhouse in the world. Guys like Jay Z and Eminem are facts of this.

My point being, it's not a bad thing to take a alternative view (Like the Red Pill) and apply it when others are stuck on one viewpoint.

So, I understand your reaction and hold no problems with it. My views, actions, and philosophies are always one of going forward and looking for new ways of approaching life.

Appreciate the comment thank you.

0 upvotesMagicGainbow4 years ago

Brings new light to street 'harassment'.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

EXACT!!!!!!!! Confidence is bullshit, real confidence or fake it and it won't make any difference. I have bad ratings on reedit because people are dumb but thats the truth (some weak people get butthurt with the truth)

Forget about confidence. Get your shit together. Increase your SMV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOu have to be taller and bigger than her or you will need a great source of income to overcome your lack of physical strength.

-1 upvotesadave4allreasons4 years ago

She should be made to fuck 100 ugly guys as compensation for her nastiness.

2 upvotesmikesteane4 years ago

Not necessary. When she hits the wall, all the unattractive men who by now may have huge successes under their belts will just walk past her on their way to the younger and hotter.

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