What do you think of TRP's "spin plates" advice and how does it apply to gay men? Tops and bottoms?

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February 16, 2020

As a gay bottom who has read a lot of red pill theory, I feel like I'm at a loss with what to do in my dating life. As someone who is receptive to dominant men who like to fuck around, I feel totally disgusted with myself. I'm afraid I'm incapable of ever maintaining feelings for a single man. I absolutely loathe the mind and power games both parties on opposite sexual poles have to play just to keep each other in check and make sure that the flame of desire doesn't ever go out because the man in the relationship cracked in a shit test. TRP preaches men should be spinning plates, and women should be trying to raise children. I never want to raise children. I think being overly promiscuous is dangerous and gross. I've found myself withdrawing from society as a whole to the point where I am pretty much a hermit, but I often find that I am very lonely most nights. I just feel like I am at odds with my nature. I don't see the point in being with people when attraction between sexes is so fickle, and it is made many times worse between gay men. I have tried changing my nature to become someone who is not submissive but it feels fixed. I have also never come close to developing feelings for another man if hot sex isn't directly attached. I feel like an insufferable bottom faggot because I am one. What is an insufferable bottom faggot to do? Should I just start fucking random men until I develop an irrational attachment to someone who knows how to hold frame? Even though he will quickly grow tired of me due to the Coolidge effect or whatever and move on to his next hotter looking plate? This all just seems like never ending madness to me.

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Title What do you think of TRP's "spin plates" advice and how does it apply to gay men? Tops and bottoms?
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[–]eloranged7 points8 points  (0 children) | Copy

What if you just accept you’re a bottom? Girls can accept red pill ideology and not let it cause the same conflict you’re feeling. Sounds like you might be hanging on to some feelings of masculinity that are unnecessary if you like being submissive. You can be picky, find a dominant man, and be his little submissive boy and live happily ever after - it doesn’t have to be some random guy that just pulls you into his frame. There are dominant men out there with morals that will treat you right.

[–]absolutelynp1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy

I feel ya bro. not gay tho but I get the point of frickle and that it is all a game basically. its what todays society made it to. we fucked ourselves over. for cars and luxury we are sacrificing everything even our own planet. "to see is to suffer there is no relieve your heaven on earth is hell to me". make of that what you want. my advice would be to roll with it. Im also on the brink of accepting that a normal relationships is not going to happen for me. what can you do really? make the best of it, enjoy yourself, work towards a future for yourself as bright as possible. or chase the blue pill dragon and go crazy. did that for the last few years.

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