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In one season of the Dutch version of "Survivor," the men and women were split and given their own islands. At the end of 8 days, the men had a "Cafe on the beach," while the women were stealing from each other and had not yet built a hut; the women approved of a tribe merger.

by Mosin_999 on /r/TheRedPill
10 July 2015 05:55 PM UTC

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TLDR: When woman get put head to head with men, the truth comes out and it's a painful truth.


Thought this was a very interesting video, the men work together and build a cafe on the beach and the woman hadn't even built shelter yet and were busy sat stealing from each other. So much for feminism and girl power. Men seem to constantly be portrayed as useless by the media but when you put woman and men head to head the truth becomes painfully obvious.

There were also other posts here following bear grylls the island when he put woman and men head to head and a similar thing occurred.

Lessons learned: Men are not inferior to woman as feminism tries to make out.

Edit: http://i.imgur.com/i6gKGp3.jpg Found this image too thought it was funny so I'll include it.

Edit2: Apparently the USA version also had similar results.

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Title In one season of the Dutch version of "Survivor," the men and women were split and given their own islands. At the end of 8 days, the men had a "Cafe on the beach," while the women were stealing from each other and had not yet built a hut; the women approved of a tribe merger.
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148 upvotesAsoka111114 years ago

I know this is a repost, but I do always appreciate this reminder.

38 upvotesLinoran4 years ago

You sure? Because there's this one and it's the one with Bear Grylls. The women fuck up pretty badly in both.

64 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Although the women actually do come out on top in the Dutch 2006 season. See youtube: expeditie robinson 2006.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Solid post. Why do you think the men performed so poorly in that case? Was it a poor sample? Or something else?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

They probably selectively choose tougher women and bitchier men to get this outcome.

3 upvotesbillcosbyeatsbabies4 years ago

If this episode was aired after the one where the women failed miserably, then that is likely true. They probably selected pussy beta males and awesome females to even it out after that first episode.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Maybe they choose nothing but alphas for the male team? since nothing can get done if there are too many alphas and not enough betas.

9 upvotesAsoka111114 years ago

Yeah, I've seen very in-depth descriptions of both.

1 upvotesmordanus4 years ago

Yeah this one has been posted about 4 times now that I've seen. I love it. I talk about this from time and really enjoy the comments each time it gets brought up. Men are constantly told how awful we are and how much better the world would be without us. If women ruled the world there would be peace and food and blah blah blah blah. Then we see things like this and it clicks with men how valuable we are as individuals and as a group and it lights a fire in them. I honestly love seeing this reposted.

3 upvotesjolly--roger4 years ago

Sure about what? whether this is a repost?

183 upvotesrpreader4 years ago

they approved of a merger.

They reverted to making the men do all the work yet again, except this time the men had no choice and weren't even getting holes for it

41 upvotesProudRedPill4 years ago

"They APPROVED of a merger."

as if they had a fucking choice regrading the matter and were kind enough to allow the other team to merge with them

25 upvotesFrancois_Rapiste4 years ago

deleted What is this?

20 upvotesrpreader4 years ago

"Man we suck at this. Lets make the men do it.

Yay guurrrrl power!"

2 upvotesSilentForTooLong4 years ago

They get their way. They get to do nothing, while reaping all the rewards. The only thing viewing this did for me was make me wish I was lucky enough to be born female.

13 upvotesStormcrownn4 years ago

I mean, aside from the obvious that's not nice...

One of those two groups accomplished the goal.

In survivor the objective is to win.

18 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

and why did the men just not MGTOW on the island with the women then?

16 upvotesupdock4 years ago

They don't in society why would they in fake society?

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The logical thing would be to keep their barter system? If the women are incompetent and lazy there's something they can do with no effort at all.

-6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I'm saying that the logical thing for guys to do in that situation would be to trade food and shelter for sex. If they have no marketable skills (or, what's more likely, they preferred sunbathing to building and fishing) they can always whore themselves out.

Seriously, put me on an island and if a chick sells me the idea of sex I'll sell her the idea of food.

6 upvotesrpreader4 years ago

The fake survival show wasn't going to let them ?

1 upvotesmagus6784 years ago

I chose those words (when I posted it yesterday) because I felt like it was more compelling. I guess the reposter agreed as he didn't change a thing.

I wanted people to actually watch the video, and that seemed a better way.

39 upvotesrossiFan4 years ago

Like every office in Corporate America, the women backstab and gossip and criticize until their effectiveness at completing anything is eroded to zero.

12 upvotesPowerValve4 years ago

Yep, the only thing they accomplish is organizing annoying Luncheons/Potlucks, which for some stupid ass reason scores high points when annual reviews come around.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Is that pesto? Is that pesto in your omelette?


edit: forgot link

64 upvotesktchong4 years ago

Here is a clip from the USA version of a Battle of the Sexes season of Survivor: Survivor: One World - Men vs Women (i.e., the second half of the video shows the difference of male vs female's shelter situations.) Got a similar outcome.

Here is another clip, this time from the UK version of a Battle of the Sexes season: Survivor UK Women vs Men and Part 2: Update. Got a similar outcome, again.

But, Survivor is not a game about working together to build shelters. The game can have only one winner. Ultimately, Survivor is a game of elimination, of backstabbing and double-crossing. Which is what women thrive at. So, in the Battle of the Sexes seasons, more often than not, a woman end up winning in the end.

111 upvotesktchong4 years ago

BTW, in that clip of the Survivor: One World, the women had made a deal with the men: the two tribes would hunt and forage together, and share whatever food they could find. In return, the men would build a shelter for the women. I know, that sounds like a really rotten deal for the men, but the men agreed to it.

Of course, as we see in the clip, the women and men worked together to chase, surround and catch two chicken. The women immediately took both chicken and said they would decide which one to give to the men... but the women never did. The women took off with both chicken and ate both. They cheated the men out of the chicken and broke their agreement. So the men refused to build a shelter for the women. However, when it rained, the women (without a full shelter) went over to the men's camp and used the men's shelter. They took advantage of the men, again. That is just how women roll.

38 upvotesPowerValve4 years ago

Get a load of that White Knight who agrees to allow the women to come warm up at the men's camp.

"They said my name"

No, she did not. She said "Hey boys"

That Matt guy is seems Red Pill as fuck though. I remember watching this season and I think after 4 episodes they combined the camps because the women were getting destroyed.

6 upvotesHettGutt4 years ago

Actually, the combined camps twist started on Day 1. US Survivor had already done Men vs Women twice (Seasons 6 & 9). Each time went as you would expect, until the tribes were shuffled. Also as expected, the men who ended up at the ex-female-only-tribe beach are appalled at the state of the camp. My guess is that producers came up with the combined camp twist so the women wouldn't have to be put through the laborious difficulty of having to fend for themselves.

Season 9, Vanuatu, is a very good watch, and rewatching it a few years ago was one of my earliest RP moments.

6 upvotesPowerValve4 years ago

I would pay good money to watch a real life experiment of Men VS Women in a survival situation with ZERO interference (unless its medical).

2 upvotesHettGutt4 years ago

The Island with Bear Grylls, Season 2.

10 upvotesRathadin4 years ago

Where these fucking beta bitches screwed up is letting them into the shelter in the first place... I'd have said, "Oh yeah, sure you can come hang out in my shelter... its one blow job per woman, and if you want to sleep on my leaf bed, it'll cost a fuck."

And every guy should have said the same thing.

1 upvotesSilentForTooLong4 years ago

Women sound like they are amazingly superior to men in every way in that case. Fuck.

1 upvotesBlackHeart894 years ago

Sounds like the men were a bunch of bitches to me. Can't fault the women for that. I fault them for taking the chickens, but not for the shelter.

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

60 upvotesLionLaw4 years ago

That entire video looked like a group of children whining and bitching while their daddies solved all their problems. How fucking sad

1 upvotesSilentForTooLong4 years ago

Sad?... What's sad about doing nothing, and getting other people to serve you like you are a master for doing nothing?

You mean it's sad because you are male, and watching this makes it obvious how much of a tragedy it is to be born male? If so, then yes, I agree.

4 upvotesLionLaw4 years ago

It's sad because it shows just how completely useless women really are.
I'm extremely thankful to be born a man, our capacity to achieve is so much higher than that of women

0 upvotesSilentForTooLong4 years ago

Huh? Those are some serious mental gymnastics you're doing there lol

1 upvotesLionLaw4 years ago

How so? What would those women do if a man was not around or was unwilling to get her shit done for her?
I'm happy to be a man that has the capacity to get shit done instead of a whiny useless cunt that has to rely on other people to make things happen.

2 upvotesSilentForTooLong4 years ago

There will never not be men around. It's like asking "what if the species stops existing?" well, idk, but it won't affect you at all, so it's not relevant to bring up.

You just sound like you're rationalizing the situation. Women have the power to make men do whatever they desire. I would rather have the power to get people to give me or build whatever I want a million times over than just the ability to put work into something.

How do you even cope knowing that your only purpose for existing is to put hard work into things just to build the dreams of the people you are calling "whiny useless cunts"? They literally own you, hah.

1 upvotesLionLaw4 years ago

You realize women only "own" men for a very brief period of their lifespans right? Between the ages of 18-35 at BEST do women have the looks necessary to manipulate men into doing shit for them, and that is entirely contingent upon them being very attractive and the man in question being pathetic enough to fall for her ploys.
Women don't own me at all, I don't do a fucking thing for them if it does not directly benefit me more, so don't compare me to thirsty beta trash like yourself that would lick your mothers vagina for a whiff of pussy.
I am a man with the ability to build my own dreams for MYSELF, and will be able to enjoy a life and body I am proud to have earned through years of dedication and hard work. If you are content to live an unambitious and unmeaningful life that is set to expire the moment your looks do, then you live a pitiful life I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy

1 upvotesBlackHeart894 years ago

Its sad because it shows how women just sit and whine and seek help from others. If they were capable of doing it themselves, then they would have.

Its also sad that so many men just roll over and take it. They encourage this weak shit child-like mentality.

76 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

This article was posted somewhere in the comments as well, which I thought was super interesting. Basically a woman who talks about the "male run media business" and "boys club" that is the modern film industry decides to create Utopian female-only production company with top talent, only for it to tear itself to shreds from the inside out much in the exact way you would imagine. AT least as a kudos to her (the author) she admits that she should probably NEVER hire women again (literally says, if she did again, she would only hire men).


39 upvotesMattyAnon4 years ago
In this climate, I didn't dare employ any men because of the distraction and - even worse! - catfights they created.  

Imagine employing only men and telling women who applied that you can't hire them because the men would flirt with them or fight over them.

39 upvotestruchisoft4 years ago

Oh wait, didn't a Nobel laureate say that a month ago?

35 upvotesMattyAnon4 years ago

Oh wait, didn't a Nobel laureate say that a month ago?

Yes... yes he did but not nearly as bad as this article.

Said in a joking way, as requested before his presentation.

The media that is run by the patriarchy totally sided with him, and because of his male privelege nothing was said. Oh wait.... no... the exact fucking opposite

18 upvotessnakeob4 years ago

Actually what he said was completely taken out of context, it was a joke and reflection on this life, after dating his lab assistant who was married at the time and later marrying her himself.

Its actually a really fucked up situation. As they told his wife to tell him he was fired.

11 upvoteswanderer7794 years ago

I didn't know about the last part. Telling his wife to tell him - that is some grade school shit.

That situation was insane. An entire career thrown down the toilet and a great man dishonored because of a joke. And from what I heard the joke actually went over well and the people in the audience didn't even care because they knew there was no disrespect intended.

12 upvotesThe_Ralph4 years ago

Nice cleavage, too. Good grief, the attention-whoring never stops!!

2 upvotesNightGod4 years ago

When I read the other day that Sienna Miller had said there was no such thing as 'the Sisterhood', I knew what she meant.

AKA: Women help each other like crabs in a bucket.

68 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Call me old fashioned, but if I thought I might be booted off while my hard earned labor went to support those who didn't do jack shit, I'd wakeup in the middle of the night and lay waste to the settlement. Preferably by torching everything, that way they won't be able to reuse the same materials.

Russian style during the war against the French when they gave up Moscow. It's good to know history and use it to your advantage.

27 upvotesreddumpling4 years ago

We're taught to destroy the shelters we built in the jungle as well for this exact reason.

44 upvotesRed_Shirt_Blue_Pants4 years ago

Idk about you lot, but I'd masturbate furiously everywhere and leave my seed on as many things as possible. So when I got voted off, I could watch with my mates and say, " EY LOOK! She's taking a sip of water with MY coconut cup. Little does she know theres a little more nut than coco!"

1 upvotesbillcosbyeatsbabies4 years ago

Aye aye aye ay ay ayye wots all dis then mate? You spunkaloogin' in tha cocahnuts arr yah??

12 upvotesDopamine374 years ago

Gotta love scorched earth policy.

Unrelated but a French soldier said "when I saw what the Russians were capable of doing to their own people I knew we didn't stand a chance"

40 upvotesaccount_rp4 years ago

With all of this talk of men effectively working together and women backstabbing and gossiping. I surely can't be the only guy here who has had experiences dealing with shitty guys who constantly lie, gossip, backstab, don't pull their weight, etc. In the corporate world that shit is rewarded.

edit. Lots of guys like that in work, school and social life.

28 upvotesanonsc14 years ago

I work with someone exactly like that. Gossips, backstabs, pawns work on other people and takes the credit as his own, constant one-up-manship with entirely ridiculous additions (think the battle chess queen duck scenario times a million), etc. All around a worthless piece of shit. I can't think of one single reason this guy should be allowed to live another day on this earth with decent people. The guy is promoted and receives praises about as often as I take a shit.

In case you're wondering he works for the federal gov't. Ever wonder why the OPM breach happened? Why over 20 million people's information was let into the hands of hackers? People exactly like this fucking dickless faggot I work with. Past a certain point it's mostly ass-kissing and office politics. You evidently need few skills to make it in an engineering role. It's mostly being a piece of shit.

Sorry, needed to rant.

2 upvotesSilentForTooLong4 years ago

How do people take credit for work they don't do? Aren't names attached to shit? Don't people have specific job roles/assignments/skills etc??

19 upvotesPowerValve4 years ago

I'd say that maybe 2/10 men are gossiping, backstabbing, lazy, etc.... , where as 8/10 women are like that.

1 upvotesRed_Shirt_Blue_Pants4 years ago

Idk man....here in the states it's much closer than that.

1 upvotestwinyix4 years ago

I'd argue it's because most men in the states are highly feminized.

8 upvotesHumanSockPuppet4 years ago

These are men raised by women to be like women.

A man raised to be a man by men would get his ass kicked pulling shit like that.

16 upvotesMarvelousWhale4 years ago

Can vouch for this fact. But it is essentially the man acting like a woman when he does this. Either way, its true.

8 upvotesCowardlyPetrov4 years ago

Can you also see the connection the feminization of men?

1 upvotesKetaminewarrior4 years ago

Apparently construction is a huge bitch fight, can anyone confirm?

2 upvotesRathadin4 years ago

I can't say from first-hand experience, but its pretty telling that every man I know from high school that went on to work in a construction-type industry is kind of a beta bitch who acts alpha...

There's a guy who's calling everyone and everything gay, constantly, and always talking about how someone's a fag...

Then there's a guy who married a broad who had two kids before she met him...

But I get it... construction is not glamorous. Even if you are making $60,000 a year, there's a stigma to blue collar work for a man nowadays, and I see it all the time.

Khaki slacks and a thin button-down shirt are no match for a three piece suit... the businessman look will win every time.

3 upvotesTheGurw4 years ago

I've always found that as a tradesman I may only make $90k/yr (only a third year apprentice) but I can carry myself with confidence knowing I did an honest day's work. Apparently that works for women. Never had an issue getting a "temporary roommate" as my buddies call them.

And I usually wear my work clothes to the pub. They're comfy and easy to wash if someone pukes on them. Thick denim (Carhart brand) jeans and a light tee usually.

Anyway, you get a lot of betas in the trades, yes, but I think it's more a result of society here and the whole "real men don't _____ " movement that's going around. Annoys the shit outta me. Regardless, having also been an office drone on occasion (between contracts they bring apprentices to the office to do busy work so they don't have to rehire them later), I can say without a doubt the office is easily 10x worse for that drama shit. Out on the site, I'm given a task, and if I don't complete it in the time allotted, I either have a really good reason (there's a crane parked on my access hatch) or I get in shit. And the same applies to the women. No special treatment here. Pull your weight or take the heat.

I actually think the few women on site with me hate the office drama the same way the guys do. Yes, AWALT and all that, but I'd actually be surprised if one of them came up and asked for a favor with a sexy smile.

1 upvotesphysics-teacher4 years ago

I may only make $90k/yr

haha, that's an objectively high income unless you're somewhere with insane costs of living (maybe San Francisco or NYC). Just curious, what is your trade?

2 upvotesTheGurw4 years ago

I'm an electrician working in the Alberta oil industry. Cost of living isn't particularly high, but the average wage is. I also work 12+ hour days up to 24 days in a row (followed by 4 days off), which is why my income seems high but my wage really isn't. I just do a lot of overtime and work a lot of days. If I do a whole year of 12 hour 24&4's my salary is higher (I personally call it potential green) but after three rotations of that I'm pretty burned out and usually take a couple months off.

16 upvotesunassumingusername74 years ago

Why did the men approve the merger?

29 upvotesktchong4 years ago

Merger is part of the game. The game eliminates one player or "castaway" at a time, (i.e., the tribes compete in a different "challenge" every three days; the tribe that lose the challenge would have go to a "tribal council" and vote out one of their members.) After enough castaways are eliminated, the tribes merge to become one. Then the game become an individual competition. Individual castaways make alliances and vote decisions based on lies and deceits. That is when women - with their advantages at scheming and backstabbing and double-crossing - begin to thrive in the game.

The first part of the game, before the merge or "pre-merge", is about working together as a tribe to defeat the other tribe in challenges, which is what men are good at. The second part of the game, after the merge or "post-merge", is about staying the game for as long as possible as an individual in an alliance or multiple alliances by using lies, deceits, manipulations and whatever means necessary, which is what women are good at. In the "Battle of the Sexes" seasons in which tribes are divided along the gender line, men usually dominate the pre-merge game but falter in post-merge game. I believe Survivor (the USA version) has had three Battle of the Sexes seasons. In all those three seasons, men dominated the pre-merge games, but in the end a woman ended up winning the game through her (in Survivor lingo) "social game" aka backstabbing, double-crossing, lying, manipulating, which is really the most entertaining elements of the show.

51 upvotessardinemanR4 years ago

Men build society, then get devalued and lose out. Sounds about right.

33 upvotesktchong4 years ago

Here is a very common strategy for women to win the game:

Find a strong man (an "alpha") and ride his "coattail". In Survivor terms, those women are called "coattail riders". Then, when the alpha and coattail rider are near the end of the game, when she is done using him, (usually at the Final Two, Three or Four,) she finds a way to get rid of him or even convince him to let her win. Famous examples of coattail riders who won Survivor in the US are:

  • Tina from Season 2 (who rode Coby's coattail;)

  • Amber (who rode Rob's and ended up marrying him;)

  • Parvati Shallow, Seductress Supreme and the Queen of Coattails, (she was in a few different Survivor games, and rode different coattails with different players in different games; absolutely useless in practical survival skills, helping out at the camp and winning challenges, but ruthless in her "social game".)

In early seasons, coattail riding was the most common strategy employed by female winners of Survivor. (Female castaways usually, but not always, combined coattail riding with another strategy, "under the radar".) However, I've heard that many female contestants in later seasons, due to being conscious of women's reputation on the show and afraid of being called "coattail riders", are reluctant to use that strategy. They do not want to show women in a bad light on national TV. Also, male castaways have become wary of coattail riders after having seen female coattail-riders winning a number of seasons. So coattail riding may no longer be as effective as it was. I have not watched Survivor in many years, so I do not know if female castaways still ride coattails or if they use a different strategy to win nowadays.

2 upvotesMidas_Warchest4 years ago

There was a series a few years back (I can't remember which one exactly) where the woman made a pack to get all the men out: this was with something like 9 players left and 5 women. They had the numbers and systematically voted each male out until only they were left. It was actually a good strategy to get out the stronger, more challenge capable people (i.e. the people that could win immunity).

1 upvotesSilentForTooLong4 years ago

Well at least the one actually married the guy I guess...

1 upvotesSilentForTooLong4 years ago

I would say women are vastly superior to men given this.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

It is a lovely illustration of a rule I mentioned before. Men evolved to extract value from their environment: women evolved to extract value from men.

We talk about the women lacking survival skills, but manipulating men is a survival skill. When the men and women are on separate islands, naturally the women tend not to do well, because that is not the situation they evolved to excel in. When not living together in a tribe, if a group had to go out and explore new territory, it was a group of men who did that, not a group of women. But once you put the two together, then women can easily get the upper hand unless the men are aware. The problem now is that men have forgotten all this (aside from TRP), we have had a few generations raised on the Disney Women are Wonderful stuff, and so are ripe for picking.

But, women have overplayed their hand when they came up with feminism. This is pissing off men bigtime because it is so blatant even dumbasses can see it. So, the cycle turns...

12 upvotesPlayerXz4 years ago

Basically they had no idea the female camp was such a mess.

54 upvotesRhenthalin4 years ago

It finally made the front page.

38 upvotesferengiprophet4 years ago

I think the tides are turning in our favor. I was able to post some RP stuff using our terminology on default subs and actually got upvoted.

19 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Even though I don't really care for around 40% of the terminology, it will spread. Why? Because sometimes it's easier to say ASD than to say "you know when a girl really wants to fuck, but feels like she can't fuck, so she kind of puts up a front?" Language always permeates. Even if people don't approve of the source.

3 upvotesFred_Flintstone4 years ago

Ive noticed signs of the pendulum swinging the other way too. Next 5 years are going to be fun

2 upvotesreddumpling4 years ago

Taking one for the team man

8 upvotesferengiprophet4 years ago

Not really. In the grand scheme of things, imaginary internet points don't mean a thing but I have been able to collect a lot of them by posting about TRP

2 upvotesmagus6784 years ago

It made the front page yesterday, when I posted it. This guy totally ripped it off word for word

1 upvotesHitlersCow4 years ago

And this is...bad? I'd call it a good thing that people are spreading ideas you agree with.

You seem upset that he "stole" your intangible internet points or something

35 upvotesWhisper4 years ago

Women are not for getting shit done. Women are for fucking and making more people.

And the only reason you're not hearing this everywhere is that people are afraid to say it.

9 upvotesRedPillDad4 years ago

Notice that look of lust on the girl's face at 4:55? She hadn't seen a man in a while, and stared at him like he was Zeus. Demonstrates this law: in the land of the pussy, the one-eyed snake is king.

6 upvotesRathadin4 years ago

I had to pause the video when I got to that point... the dude has the, "I'm gonna fuck this bitch..." face, and the woman has the, "God I hope he fucks me" face on.

Too. funny.

1 upvotesSilentForTooLong4 years ago

Are they allowed to fuck on the show?

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

It sounds fucking horrible to hear even when you know that is an evolutionary fact.

13 upvotesWhisper4 years ago

It's cruel, but the cruelty is not exclusive to women. Genes are harsh masters. They use for for their own ends, and don't particularly care if anything is left of us afterwards.

Women being baby machines is not really any crueler than men being disposable fighters and and workhorses.

Still, if we manage our behaviour carefully, striking a balance between letting the wild horse run, and steering where it runs with our intellect, we can have lives that are worth living.

1 upvotesDysfunctionalBrother4 years ago

Truer words were never spoken. I think some women realize this, but they are in denial because of feminism.

31 upvotesStarcruiser284 years ago

Like it at the end when these twats admit to the fact that they provide no real value to the camp. One of them admits it, that woman provide no value to advancing the civilization, they take but usually do not give.

They were all looking for validation from the men, did you see that? Why couldn't they contribute to fixing the camp? They could of asked for direction and assisted in fixing things up, hauling shit away, etc... but no they want to stand around and do nothing but flap their lips.

This really shows their value....

42 upvotesRedPillDad4 years ago

The guy hasn't even stepped out of the boat and they proudly tell him, "We've already created a to-do list for you." Then soon after, "While Raymond toils, the women blather on about there new hero." He was cleaning up their mess while they sunbathed. He didn't seem thrilled about his role (2:45 to 3:07).

In another recent post, someone talked about the manliness of fixing shit. Protect your time and resources. Getting tooled by any woman you aren't fucking is a sucker's move. She'll sing your praises while keeping you stuck doing endless mundane shit for her.

6 upvotesPlayerXz4 years ago

Exactly it's a shame that it doesn't have subtitles for the others around here.

1 upvotesSilentForTooLong4 years ago

He was sent there as a slave though... same with the woman to the men's island. They were losers of some previous challenge.

10 upvotesThe_Ralph4 years ago

Like it at the end when these twats admit to the fact that they provide no real value to the camp.

FYI to all, this is at about the 14 minute mark, put it at 13:45 to see the lead up. Good stuff, especially when another woman actually says, Don't talk like that! Then the first one says, But it's true!

1 upvotesSilentForTooLong4 years ago

Opposite members were given to the camps explicitly as "slaves" though for losing some challenges... so doesn't it make sense to use your slave, as a slave in some sense?

20 upvotesmagus6784 years ago

I'm actually the guy that posted it yesterday in TIL, and got it big. It hit like 4k karma and 2k comments yesterday. I guess I should be flattered.

Of course, if won't show up in a search as the mods ripped it down, but it still exists if you check my post history

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

SJW bullshit strikes reddit again!

1 upvoteslemerou4 years ago

What do you mean they ripped it down?

9 upvotesNotRoosterTeeth4 years ago

I love how it was reposted on Tumblr and somehow they turned it into Male Privlage

23 upvotesthrough_a_ways4 years ago

Not surprising. Women are literally afraid of doing new things.

15 upvotesNidStyles4 years ago

"Women are afraid of doing things."

35 upvotesthrough_a_ways4 years ago

Women like doing things that are "approved" by others. Just like with men, inanimate objects and habits also need social desirability.

This is why they get great grades, but ultimately flounder in the job market, and are virtually nonexistent in innovation. Innovation needs inherent interest, high intelligence, high self confidence, and a total lack of concern for others' approval. Women are highly deficient in all these traits.

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

ESPECIALLY the lack of concerns for others approval. I work my main job and am launching a separate business on the side. It takes a ton of work and while my male friends look up to me about it my women friends simply just do not get it. Women care about social standing above all. They aren't idea people

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Apple, microspft, google, tinder, instagram, youtube, twitter....all started by men. You are correct

-4 upvotesNidStyles4 years ago

"Women are afraid of doing things."

Says's that without the endless banter. They as individuals can not do anything. So they are afraid of doing things.

3 upvotesTheGurw4 years ago

Forget as individuals. The evidence shows that collectively they can't do anything either.

0 upvotesNidStyles4 years ago

They collectively took over the country.

1 upvotesTheGurw4 years ago

They can't even agree on that. I honestly think they accidentally confused themselves so badly that it started wearing off on the men around them and a few bright ones stumbled their way to convincing the rest to keep it up.

0 upvotesSilentForTooLong4 years ago

There are women out there with intelligence and tons of self confidence... seems to me like most women have way too much self confidence. So not sure what you mean on those grounds? If your average man had as much self confidence as your average women, nearly all men would be alphas lol

1 upvotesthrough_a_ways4 years ago

If your average man had as much self confidence as your average women, nearly all men would be alphas lol

No they wouldn't, they would be desperately overcompensating losers.

Women aren't self confident, but many of them try to outwardly appear self confident.

The one exception would be in the realm of dating, where women are about 100x more adept than men, so the sheer mathematics necessitates that they be self confident.

0 upvotesSilentForTooLong4 years ago

What is the difference? If you manage to fake something to the entire world...that's about as good as it gets.

The whole world is dating for women...isn't it? Why wouldn't that insane self confidence translate to everywhere else?

1 upvotesthrough_a_ways4 years ago

Confidence can be intrinsically or extrinsically derived.

Women get a lot of the latter (social validation), men get the former (testosterone).

If you're trying to come up with something new, and you inevitably hear dozens of people telling you it's a waste of time, you will believe what they say if you derive your confidence from your environment, rather than from within yourself.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

5 upvotesRed_Shirt_Blue_Pants4 years ago

Idk man, needs to be posted like 3 more times so I can translate the credits....

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I've read of this in the past and proceeded to watch a couple 'survival' shows. Most of them lack true survival and are essentially soap operas or put participants in stupidly harsh conditions for very short periods.

Survivor- the most popular one - was painful to watch. They don't need to make anything besides fire for a day - then they get a firestarter -, have clothes washed for them and the whole thing is about who is gonna vote who at the end, the entire show consisted of people scheming to not get voted out next turn. watching men do this was disgusting. In a season(twenty-something I believe), it was separated by gender for a couple weeks in the beginning but they were next to each other... The couple alphas were instantly voted out and the woman who was nice to everybody won in the end. lmao.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Back in the day it was depressing as fuck to watch. Everyone looked like they were starving, they were filthy and tattered up. They were eating rats at one point. I dont doubt they either got sued or faced enough liability that they softened things up a lot. I could also see that they might have done it to improve ratings with women. They want things to be nice and clean all the time.

5 upvotesTRPApprentice4 years ago

Well, duh, all women have done since Biblical times is leach of the epic creations of the superior man. It is easier to destroy than its to create and women are specialized destroyers. Who built the pyramids? Men! Who built the Lighthouse of Alexandria? Men! Who built America? Men! Who is destroying the world? Women

4 upvotesTheGurw4 years ago

America isn't exactly something to be proud of in its current state. Just gonna point that one out.

3 upvotesTRPApprentice4 years ago

Heh, you'll get no argument from me on that one. I love my country, but I'll be damned if I say America is perfect

1 upvotesreal-boethius4 years ago

Well women have had the vote for a while. There is a lot of ruin in a country but they are working on it.

4 upvotesSir_Shitlord_focker4 years ago

Left to their own devices, women would still be living in caves. I know that to be true.

6 upvotesPowerValve4 years ago

Not a chance, they wouldn't dare go into a cave and chase out whatever is living in there first. They'd likely try and take shelter under a tree.

4 upvotesFLFTW164 years ago

"If a man could fuck a woman on a cardboard box he wouldn't BUY a house!"

-Dave Chappelle

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Men are in no way inferior to women. Even with the full weight of society brought against them, men still excel in many cases. If it werent for men, women would still be living in caves if they werent totally extinct.

1 upvotesSilentForTooLong4 years ago

Women have gotten men to be their slaves and give them everything they desire while doing nothing...... doesn't exactly seem like how I think of an inferior class to me. Sure as hell sounds like the master class to me.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

By that logic cats are superior also. I would put women more in the category of parasite.

0 upvotesSilentForTooLong4 years ago

Cats are superior to...whom?

Parasites with more money and power than you are usually called masters of you.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

To people. Women exploit the backing of society to take resources from men. That makes them parasites. If they were truly superior they wouldn't have to take from men, they'd have their own. But that's how I view superior.

1 upvotesSilentForTooLong4 years ago

Once you take something from someone it becomes yours...no?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Uh no. After I raped you it becomes consensual? Nope, its a crime and the only change is if you make sufficient restitution. I dont buy that possession is 9/10 of the law crap.

5 upvotesAlarid4 years ago

They selected specific women for the show for their looks, not their intelligence or skills. But I want to see what would happen if they used industrial women (doctors and scientists) and put them in the same situation.

If it's the exact same results, I'd laugh my ass off.

2 upvotesABProsper4 years ago

Shockingly I saw this very same Red Pill think on an episode of Family Guy called Forget Me Not) I guess its a court jesters privilege to tell the truth

2 upvotesNightGod4 years ago

How is nobody commenting on the absolute beauty of the phrase "queefing out books" in the article?

2 upvotesIcanus4 years ago

After building a little civilization, men got the shorter end of the stick.
I saw this on live television many years ago and I remember how much those lazy bitches pissed me off.
That might actually have been the time I got my Red Pill!

1 upvotestoysjoe4 years ago

Kind of off topic but I work at an elevator company taking calls.

Building managers and superintendents call us and ask for the "service department" if their elevator breaks down.

Our mechanics call in and ask for the "Dispatch Department" to speak to a dispatcher about details for their next job.

Occasionally people who call for service ask for dispatch so we always ask them "are you a mechanic"?

The women that call would answer "uh no" in this voice like I'm fucking retarded. I know every one of our mechanics. They're men.

In my head I'm just thinking "where's the feminists fighting for equal representation for females to be elevator mechanics"? Where's the women can do anything men can?

Oh that's right you actually have to get off your ass and into an elevator shaft.

Men make this world go round and it has always been for their children and women. Now that the women aren't worth it and children are not being had or taken away from them, it is time to sit back and enjoy the decline.

1 upvotesSilentForTooLong4 years ago

So long as we're embracing reality...a producer did explain that they specifically chose women that were clueless and men that were more capable as a way of kind of manufacturing this outcome.

I mean, it's is still a television show after all. Reality TV is still a Hollywood facade.

Not saying it's necessarily 100% bullshit, no ties to reality at all... but there's a grain of salt to swallow with this I imagine.

1 upvotesalezit4 years ago

Men work together when women aren't around, if women are around they rather help women instead. It's psychology

1 upvotesEurasianpersuasion014 years ago

Not really a fan of the women bashing ITT. I think it's obvious that the men would come out on top. In a harsh environment, male physicality and logical thinking will win out. The survival game plays to the men's strengths.

What I think would be a more interesting social experiment would be putting in a mix of young, single men and women on the same island + contraception(?). That's where the most interesting social dynamics would begin to surface. It would be an environment much more conducive to female success.

1 upvotesRougepellet4 years ago

Feminists are pretty fucking stupid to think they come override thousands of years of evolution and societal traditions simply by bitching. We have already biologically adapted according to our gender roles, trying to suddenly change it is fucking us over. Imagine if In a lion pride the males took on the roles of the females of hunting on packs caring for their young. Then the females took on the role of leading the pride and defending from other lions. Both parties would be poorly equipped to handle it and the herd would be damned.

-6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

28 upvotesthrough_a_ways4 years ago

Over time the village with mostly women and 3 men would be more successful than the village with only 3 women.

Nope. The village with mostly women would be conquered by the village with mostly men.

2 upvotesoldredder4 years ago

WIN and upvoted

5 upvotesDrmadanthonywayne4 years ago

Everything you're saying is true, but we are constantly being fed crap about men being worthless, deadbeat, misogynistic bastards that the world would be better off without. Whereas traditional societies valued male virtues, the modern western society views men as little more than ATMs. This subreddit is a place to blow off some steam and realize that the bullshit they are feeding us is just that.

We are a sexually dimorphic species and each sex has an important yet different role to play if we are to continue to survive much less thrive.

9 upvotesRedPillDad4 years ago

I'm not really a fan of these "men are better/smarter than women" posts.

I didn't see it that way. I thought it revealed how much women need men, especially when modern conveniences are stripped away. And how effective woman are at tooling and manipulating men for their benefit. Men get easily taken advantage of because a man's posturing of strength becomes exploitable weakness, while a woman's posturing of weakness becomes a profitable strength.

2 upvotesoldredder4 years ago

the bottleneck may not even become an issue if the women destroy everything or let nature do it because there's not enough intelligent, useful men able to hold the village / tribe together.

-14 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Where is this post about TRP? This is more circle-jerking than a sensible, TRP-related discussion. Downvote!

-20 upvotesjesuschicken4 years ago

you guys think a single fucking REALITY TV show represents reality?

sooo what about, you know, how most of the criminals in reality TV shows - police chase shows etc. - are men. therefore men are naturally evil, right?

do you still feel superior then?

misogynistic dumb asses. stop fooling yourselves and grow up.

9 upvotesRed_Shirt_Blue_Pants4 years ago

Wish I could give you some troll points here...but...dude this is terribly structured. I mean seriously, where the fuck did you learn to troll? On the back of Cereal box thats actually just a picture embedded on to the back of an actual cereal box? Shit tits man, I am very disappoint. 0/10

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Meh. It was so bad its kinda good. 2/10

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