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You aren't a clown. Stop trying to entertain every fucking female

by Nikelu on /r/TheRedPill
15 March 2020 09:08 PM UTC

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Hey guys. I just want to give back to this community a bit. Pretty much everything is already said, read the sidebar, lift , do what you want in life and don't be a little bitch and when things don't go your way, work harder or change approach. And hey this sub has gone to utter shit because the "alpha" guys realised it's not all about the girls and how to do cold approach. You guys are too sex depraved to realise there are more important things in life than getting a smelly pussy.

Anyways quick post . Stop trying to entertain every girl you meet. Stop trying to find the next line in your chat, stop trying to pick up the conversation after a dead silence or pause. Why do YOU have to be the entertainer and the one to keep the pace up. Let the girl do the work for once. These b are getting too adhd by the constant likes and approval of instagram and they can't even form half a sentence nowadays.

It's not your job to do that. An interesting girl will keep the convo up. An interesting girl will ask you questions too because she genuinely cares or is just a decent human being. If you go out with a b and you feel like you are doing an interview, that's because that's what's happening. It's not supposed to be like this. I get it you may not have many common points but there are so many things to talk about if you know how to converse.

I'm not going out lately a lot, I used to do that when I was younger. Now my lifestyle has almost taken care of that lol. Girls see me doing interesting shit and they hit me up and say it'd be nice to meet you. Why? Because most people are doing nothing with their lives. I see my family all glued up to a phone. Retards. Don't be like this. And if your friends are like this, change them. Go fucking monk mode until you meet new people.

This also applies to chatting. I know many of you like this way of communication and I get it. It's instant , it's fast . But it only hurts you and your perception. Be busy. Keep texting only for logistics. Don't waste all your subjects in chatting. Tell that to her in person. And you are not supposed to be a fucking shoe carpet for m'ladies. If they are boring, if they respond with an emoji or a thumbs up, don't even bother don't even tell them to fuck off . Don't even try to think of the next interesting line. Just skip this b and live your life. Let them do the work once. Don't answer. or answer with just a thumbs up or emoji. Freak her out a bit. Don't be the average fedora tipper. Have some fucking pride and respect for yourself.

And hey, I hope it's not too late when you realise that pussy doesn't even matter. Like at all. I know, you are insecure now, and some may not have sex at all but ..whatever, experience can't be transferred. I'll try to answer to any questions tomorrow. But be your best self guys . Things are very simple and we are too retarded to understand this. Do some sports, have an interesting passion and chase it, be creative and productive and you will be happy. Having a nice company and a chick that gets you is also nice. Anyways. Gl with the covid shit

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197 upvotesLeg__Day1 week ago

Awesome post and can't agree enough. I've experienced way too many girls who don't reciprocate in conversations or texting and I've stopped talking to all of them asap and life is better than ever. You want quality in your life and that will come, just don't worry about it and waste time on it. Focus on growing yourself and going out and meeting people like yourself and the quality women will present themselves. Stop placing so much emphasis on women as well. Don't live for them, live for you.

61 upvotesmrrooftops1 week ago

Girls joke about setting thirst traps to build their self esteem. Yes, even they use that term now. Guys... don't be that.

36 upvotesLeg__Day1 week ago

Aka white knights or friend zone suckers.

Twitch has grown a new breed of men and women, for the worse.

47 upvotesDrPercs1 week ago

My roommate constantly watches Twitch girl's streams.

I'll get up in the morning, and his PC will be on, broadcasting one of the same few streamers he watches daily to our apartment's living room while I make my eggs.

Dude's 35, turbo-sperg, always makes comments about the girls I bring home and calls them by the wrong names.

Apparently if I leave a bitch alone in the living room, he'll talk to them. Only when I leave. Stops when he hears me coming back. It's some next level cretinous shit.

One ignored him when he started talking to her while I was gone, and he took it personally. Wouldn't shut up about how "rude" she was for a week.

It's definitely interesting observing the behavior of a wild beta-sperg-cuck in it's natural habitat, though. Can't help 'em. Can't change 'em. Just prepare for the fireworks of sexual frustration the man pops off around people, and enjoy the show.

25 upvotesRedHoodhandles1 week ago

He's jealous. And you're acting smug. Both of you would be better off if you find your own apartements.

20 upvotesmrrooftops1 week ago

It's only a matter of time before these drooling spergs are given their own gender.

11 upvotesmeerita1 week ago

I've watched how a big streamer, got dumped by another famouse girl streamer. The couple was disfunctional as fuck: he skinny to the bones, soyboy look, completely antimasculine and she was like 100% fuckable. His posts were stinking simp behaviour and i knew what would happen: she used him for fame, he is one of the most famous streamers of twitch but she don't. In the end, hypergamy step over the current blue pill propaganda. The worst thing about this is he think we red pilled guys are the problem.

5 upvotesItsupport43501 week ago

Question: if he is such a loser why r u living with him?

7 upvotesLeg__Day1 week ago

They will die out because they won't ever get to procreate.

17 upvotesDemFineKnees1 week ago

Doubt it. He'll end up being the useful virgin to some used up thot. He'll get settled down for and the girl will eventually let him put a baby in her.

You only need to check relationship subreddits to find prime examples of "virgin dude met SO who's been with 50+ partners, now happily married with 2 beautiful children."

3 upvotesDrPercs1 week ago

I'm leaning towards the "never spreads his genes" side of this argument.

Even if he did land the situation you've described, those ain't Sperg's kid, bro. They're someone else's.

He's not going to procreate because his bottom-line standards for a girlfriend are 18 year old virgin 10's who have never had their vaginas gazed upon. Not even by themselves.

1 upvotesbarnowl51 week ago

Just found this...might be an interesting read: http://www.dearcupid.org/question/my-wifes-promiscuous-past-still-haunts-me-after.html

The retroactive jealousy is eye-opening.

12 upvotesDrPercs1 week ago

Update: He's currently baking chocolate chip cookies.

14 upvotesLeg__Day1 week ago

Lmao. I don't know how people have roommates, I can't and won't ever do it.

4 upvotesglikojen1 week ago

What the fuck is wrong with that?

1 upvotesle_artistic_madlad1 week ago

they are not products of genetics, these people will continue to be created.

0 upvoteskubicas1 week ago

Who cares about procreation dude... the world is going to shit anyway unless you're secured financially and socially and can provide good life experience for kids otherwise fuck that. IMO people shouldn't procreate up to middle class. They'll turn out to be wage slaves most likely with issues.

Legacy LOL. Delusion. What will I care about it when I die?

1 upvotesLeg__Day1 week ago

That's one toxic and pessimistic take

1 upvotesSavvyVolley61 week ago


Dude needs to be euthanized.

0 upvotesandreas-mgtow1 week ago

My roommate ... bleh, bleh, bleh

Stop being a weak cunt and get your own fucking place.

I tell you this as a true bro. Thank me later.

5 upvotesyomo861 week ago

Thinking of teenage boys and young men we have to be equally empathatic as we are tough on them. Imagine being younger man longing for the soft caring touch and approval of a woman in her peak years after coming from a broken fatherless home. Being a simp by default is the norm. Being hurr-durr me-alpha isn't the answer. Whenever young guys in my white collar corp doing their little fool's dance for a girls attention I quietly talk to them using a RP lite form. Usually it helps more in their lifes than just being a dick.

3 upvotesLeg__Day1 week ago

Wow, you do that? I had a mentor 6 years ago that I just gravitated towards in my work space. I was in my mid 20s and he was in his either late 60s or early 70s and just about the best guy I've ever met or known under my father. We are still in touch to this day. We talked about so much and his advice (whenever I asked for it) was always so rational and perfect.

He's currently retired and racing cars like a crazy old man, but I love the guy.

The one piece of advice that has stuck with me to this day is this: You are in a position of power when you have options. Never find yourself in a position without options.

This can be applied to literally any area of life, but one thing I want to make clear, whatever your agenda is with women, I personally don't take it to mean always have several girls on the side of your main one. I take it as weed out the ones that drain your energy and effort and come to one that enhances you and your life and be sure and confident in that decision from an aggregate of life experiences. When this happens, you can be safe and secure.

2 upvotesNofapislit1 week ago

Girls should be chasing you 80% of the time maslows law

2 upvotesmmfootball9271 week ago

Shame is a thing of the past for them in terms of this. Really is crazy how publicly girls can talk about manipulating men for attention and no one even batting a fucking eye

78 upvotesbrofessor19011 week ago

If you have fun and entertain yourself/bros, females will have fun to.

45 upvotesShieldless_One1 week ago

“Women love anything with a sense of belonging” Patrice O’Neal

25 upvotesMrAnderzon1 week ago

His radio show Black Phillip all of us should watch monthly to keep our pimp hands strong.


Rest In Pimp Patrice O’Neal

11 upvotesDrive_Thru_Sushi1 week ago

I think the important thing to note here is that you can’t catch them all, so stop trying so god damn hard unless you’re here for straight PUA advice.

51 upvoteszUltimateRedditor1 week ago

Having friends in life is a HUGE deal. I think it all starts with making friends first. And then take it from there.

29 upvotesSumfuc1 week ago

I lived most of my life as a ”Lone Wolf”, & I wish I had not. Addressing this & I realize friendships are earned & needs to be constantly cultivated(work).

19 upvoteszUltimateRedditor1 week ago

Yeah man, it sucks because you can’t force them. Having friends opens so many doors to hobbies, experiences, girls, money etc

22 upvotesSumfuc1 week ago

Recently got introduced to a HUGE group of fellas that roll together because of related professions (law enforcement), veterans & various hobbies (guns, motorcycles, cigars). After a tremendous BBQ dinner we met at a very exceptional cigar lounge & spent a total of 11 hours smoking cigars, whiskey & mercilessly busting each other’s balls till 3AM. Not bad considering my first time ever meeting this crew.

Now I’m on a mission to get my pistol permit & MC license before the riding season starts.

5 upvoteswinter_snowboarding1 week ago

Now I’m on a mission to get my pistol permit & MC license before the riding season starts.

so jealous of this. i feel the 1 thing holding me back is i have 0 guy friends... putting more effort into this but it hard af

4 upvoteschocolatecomedyfan1 week ago

Mate. My two unsolicited cents. I moved to London a couple of years after having lived in NYC for the longest time. Didn’t know anyone here except people from work. Joining local Reddit groups and meeting people at events led me to make a small but tight group of friends with whom I do different types of hobbies. Try and see if your local area has a subreddit and invite people to do random things with you. It’s hard work but very rewarding. Good luck mate.

3 upvoteswinter_snowboarding1 week ago

this is great, thank you.. it seems my biggest issue is either i come off as an arrogant fuck or i feel guys are hyper-competitive to me because of my age + income. (over REMOVED, in my 20s, tech etc). i try to not mention it but my work is also my life so it eventually comes up. i get on well with 30, 40yr olds but not too many are keen of a "kid" friend. any advice here?

love the uk btw. just came back from staying in north yorkshire w/ a girl i met on reddit 🙃

0 upvotesDONT_reply_with_THIS1 week ago

Join the military, law enforcement or fire department.

0 upvotesSkullBoyFive1 week ago

This sounds fucking badass

42 upvotesSpurnout1 week ago

RIP to all the clown performers subbed here. No one respects clowning as a profession anymore, lol.

17 upvotesMisterSlippyFinger1 week ago

Anymore? When was it ever respected?

3 upvotesSpurnout1 week ago

Ouch! Good thing I'm not a clown!

40 upvotesTheRealMewt1 week ago

Very good write-up.

Being a girl's fucking court jester isn't how you treat yourself as the prize for her to win. It's the very antithesis of the idea. It's not to say don't have fun or to not make her laugh or whatever, but if you're putting in way too much energy to receive a pittance of her attention, it's time to reevaluate your strategy.

36 upvotesMaxofwarcraft1 week ago

These b are getting too adhd by the constant likes and approval of instagram and they can't even form half a sentence nowadays.

100% this. Chicks will literally make a post and then link the post to their story asking their followers to like it. Like it's some form of currency or drug.

Great post.

4 upvotesle_artistic_madlad1 week ago

that's just putting a number on validation. it makes competition easier.

60 upvotesCfwydirk1 week ago

Great post. Too often I read posts where men do the redpill so they have a better chance for a 9 or 10 in looks. How about being 100% redpill and go for a 9 or 10 good person? Has her own life not depending on you for everything, glad to see you, few games or drama, mostly on time, somewhat thrifty, doesn’t feel entitled, one who you want to be around!

0 upvotesGardener4Life4ever1 week ago

Because she's not yours, just your turn. When she's gone, will you look back fondly and remember how she showed up on time, or remember her perfectly round tits? For me it's the latter.

2 upvotesCfwydirk1 week ago

Well good. Good for you! Perfect round fake tits!

21 upvoteslolomotif121 week ago

Exactly! When ever I see "I wAnT sOmE OnE tO mAkE mE LaUgH" on a woman's profile in OLD no matter how hot they are it's a hard NEXT. I am no bitches clown.

4 upvotesAcidwanker1 week ago

I want to make people laugh but I'm not waiting for someone to come entertain me smh. If they're funny as well great, but there's no better feeling than making someone else laugh.

43 upvotesDepressedkid19981 week ago

Its hard when so few females actually validate u and give u pussy u get attached as fuck, i have to pretend to not give a fuck and slowly die inside then they always come back but it shouldn’t be this hard

44 upvotesrussian-jewboi1 week ago

That’s because you’re putting pussy on a pedestal. Learn how to not do that (see: finding your mission) and then you’ll stop giving a fuck about women and realize that sex and pussy is pretty fucking overrated.

14 upvotesskippwiggins1 week ago

Man sex is awesome. I will saying being into dudes is nice because you don’t deal with any of this. You literally say “hey handsome why aren’t we fucking yet?” And you’ll be fucking that night. If you’re really good and really hot you can do this with women too but it’s rare. Guys just want to fuck always and don’t hide it. For the record I’m into both.!

7 upvotesrussian-jewboi1 week ago

Good for you bro haha. I’m personally not gay but I can definitely see what you’re saying. For me, sex honestly feels like a chore. Maybe there’s something wrong with me but who knows. I just think it’s super overrated and I’d rather choose to spend my time doing more useful things.

3 upvotestbonemcmotherfuck1 week ago

Maybe have your testosterone level checked.

1 upvotesrussian-jewboi1 week ago

I actually just started TRT two weeks ago lmao. But I've been this way my whole life, where the chase to sex is great but the actual sex is meh

2 upvotesMisterSlippyFinger1 week ago

You ever get into tantric sex? If not, then try it out. It’s like a whole new world.

0 upvotesSeeno11 week ago

It’s a chore cause you probably got shitty stamina.

2 upvotesrussian-jewboi1 week ago

Definitely not bro. I have to force myself to cum. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with condoms because when I wear a condom I basically don’t feel anything.

1 upvotesskippwiggins1 week ago

Oh well that makes sense. I never use condoms with women.

2 upvotesparty_dragon1 week ago

^ biggest downside of being strictly straight :*(

2 upvotesGardener4Life4ever1 week ago

Dating men shows just how much of a hassle dating women is. I don't mean sex, I mean texting, setting up dates, aligning schedules, knowing if they are interest, holding conservations. It's just so much better across the board. I started dating men this year, and it caused me to lose A LOT of interest in dating women when I realized how much BS I put up with.

2 upvotesaherrns1 week ago

Read this aloud every morning in front of the mirror for a month.

6 upvotesstevecapw1 week ago

You either aren't focusing on your own goals, or are getting over-invested/outcome independent with them.

20 upvotesdb1000c1 week ago

I agree with the sentiment here for the most part. The thing is though, a substantial chunk of people are very boring/annoying. Generally speaking. Think about it, if you go out to a bar and strike up a conversation, or match with a girl on Tinder, what percentage chance is there of them being totally boring. I'd say it's upwards of 75%. 3 in ever 4 people will be a bore. Sometimes you have to be the change you want to see, you can bring people out of themselves with some liveliness on your part. Don't be a clown, and don't chase a lost cause, but don't think socialising should take no work on your own end, that's the slight downside of the "you're the prize" mentality here. Yes, the end goal is to realise you are worth more than you think and to change your mindset to be less desperate. But that doesn't mean beginning to act like every chubber with too many matches on Tinder who now thinks she's HB9. You are the prize but you need to be a prize worth claiming. The Lottery jackpot might be £15million, but if they don't advertise that no one would ever play.

6 upvotesnickdimitrov1 week ago

This right here. Most people are bored because they have been conditioned by constant stimulation to be boring and never take initiative. Most people are a drag, but you can still have a quick conversation or a one night stand with them. Vetting for people with value is for male friendships and girls you keep around.

Most people are in a half-asleep state where they expect for good emotions to be served to them on a plate, it's just how things are nowadays. A quality man should see to his own good emotions and transcendent life - people will be attracted to that reality you maintain for yourself - you can then set boundaries to only keep high-quality people around to enjoy that experience.

I agree that you have to be the change you want to see - people are attracted to presence and conviction, because they see security and good emotions in that. When overwhelmed with anxiety, people default to a closed-off uptight state, where they numb their own emotions, but when a man follows his mission and takes responsibility for his fun, he is no longer clinging to people and things to satisfy those needs for him - people gravitate to that strongly.

8 upvotesMarbleWheels1 week ago

You. You are right. Translated in more general worlds: THE goal is to have a cool life, that will make you attractive. A strong man strives to have a cool life not "being attractive".

6 upvotesFeniZio941 week ago

Thankfully there are still people in TRP who actually understand that these guys entertaining every single hoe they can see, are basically glorified blue pill betas... with a 10% TRP brain

7 upvotesthanusall1 week ago

yes dont be an entertainer, but men do have the burden of performance, we cant change nature

3 upvotesbemore_1 week ago

I practice meditation. I watch my mind literally look for, find and see opportunities to make her laugh. A part of it is my witty, playful nature but another part is a sense that if she laughs she likes me, ie. my intention is validation based, so I don't try anymore, if she doesn't laugh at something that's on her. All this effort because media said that women like humour. I say just save your humour for the girls that want to see you, since they like you they'll enjoy even your dummest shit anyway. So because of the mental effects social conditioning has in this sense I'd advise guys to not to be funny at all, just drop it, save it for people that like you for you. In fact do the opposite, laugh at her... If she says something witty, clever, amusing encourage it, thats the role you wanna be playing - not getting validation for your effort, giving validation for hers

3 upvotesstrikethrough1231 week ago

Rule of thumb is don’t overinvest. If she isn’t matching your energy then next her. Keep it simple.

6 upvotesKuanLuPi1 week ago

A lot of blue pill running through this post. You don’t have to entertain them if you don’t want. I don’t know what you’re looking for exactly, but if you are looking to get out and meet women then this advice will go over like a lead-beta-balloon. If being charming, funny, or interesting in a natural and sincere way seems too hard for you it’s ok. You don’t have to. But the crusade you’re on is existing solely in your head. The women you stare at blankly are not going to be learning the bizarre lesson you are trying to teach them.

22 upvotesempatheticapathetic1 week ago

This post is so unfocused and missing the mark. So much for preventing the sub from going to shit...

We are aware we shouldn't validate women excessively, but "an interesting scotsman girl would open you". No, it's your job. Women don't hit most of us up. It's up to us to do the entire approach and lead from beginning to end.

There is no binary way to look at these situations the way you're doing. She might be somewhat interested but unable or unwilling to show it. It's up to you to read the situation, and learn from any misreads or fuck ups. Some women might be worth hitting up and some not, its up to whether you think it's worth it and whether you even care enough. How you feel about that isn't the same as everyone else. The idea regularly communicated on this forum is to try things for yourself and learn what works and doesn't work for you.

But no women aren't hitting men up regularly unless you are in the top 20%, and most men are not there. Part of getting there is learning how to converse, which is what you say we should know already...

It's easy to have this attitude when you have abundance and admittedly don't give a shit anyway. I don't really give a shit and focus on fitness/work/friends/hobbies and exactly zero women are hitting me up.

Try spending more than 5 minutes writing a post next time.

1 upvotesnickdimitrov1 week ago

My thoughts exactly. It's nonsensical to entertain people as a social strategy, but most people are bored and closed-off by default, which means very often we have to carry the weight, at least initially. The post mentioned that we should focus more on improving our lives (which is spot on), but it's borderline insane to think that women will swarm a guy like flies just because he "has a cool life". Learning to communicate that higher-value experience effortlessly to people (and make them feel it) is a crucial skill, since you can't expect all women to be able immediately open up to any guy who chats them up.

1 upvotesim2rad2b4go101 week ago

Yeah dude. There are conflicting mindsets that get passed around TRP. The first is getting laid. The second is being indifferent to whether you get laid.

This post blurs the line and makes it sound like by being indifferent, you will get laid. That is not the case for 99% of men.

If you want to get laid you have to work at it. Work on your game and frame. Being outgoing, being persistent, being experienced enough to know quickly whether a chick is worth your effort or not. Men need to get laid a lot to understand the feeling of ownership and leadership that men need to feel. You need to feel that dominance over women at some point in your life.

Telling normal dudes that by being indifferent, IDGAF, or monk mode will mean that women will hit you up to get fucked is misleading.

6 upvotesslip-down1 week ago

If they are boring, if they respond with an emoji or a thumbs up, don't even bother don't even tell them to fuck off . Don't even try to think of the next interesting line. Just skip this b and live your life.

Exactly this. There's another top post about how you're not her top option, or something like that. Basically, if she's slow to respond, doesn't seem available or is giving one word replies, next her. It's freed me. So many men out there are trying to be strategic and witty. Don't waste your time. This will also give you more of an abundance mentality and IDGAF. Which serves to help you later. Good post.

7 upvotesebaymasochist1 week ago

It all comes down to this: Women don't want to fuck the jester. They want to fuck the king.

1 upvotesDemFineKnees1 week ago

They ain't gonna fuck a boring ass king either. Stop making retarded analogies to describe inter-gender relationships.

6 upvotesebaymasochist1 week ago

I'm not ass king, I'm telling.

1 upvotes_QuantumSupremacist_1 week ago

what you are doing is called bullshitting.

You need to get atleast something working for you. Either face, or sense of humor or money etc. There's not crown that i can wear and call myself king. So stop bullshitting.

2 upvoteskenpachitz1 week ago

Girls see me doing interesting shit and they hit me up and say it'd be nice to meet you.

Paint the picture. What interesting things are you doing and how are these girls seeing it to hit you up?

1 upvotesNikelu [OP]1 week ago

Travelling, working out, climbing mountains/hiking etc, going to concerts , uploading myself singing and having fun trolling,driving , doing voluntary work when possible (#trashtag) / feeding homeless people.

2 upvotesDONT_reply_with_THIS1 week ago

Great post, always thought the guys spending 20 minutes coming up with a "witty" opener for a chick he never met was beta.

I like to let a silence linger every once in a while. It doesn't make me uncomfortable. Also I refuse to interview a woman on a date. If she's not asking me questions or contributing to the conversation there won't be a second date.

Raise your standards bros. Some of these hoes don't deserve your dick.

2 upvotesSnowpeartea1 week ago

F for me! Thank you for this!! FUCK!! MET A girl recently all she does is want to go out on "dates" and do stuff. She turned me down for wanting to stay home to cook and have a relaxing time.

So I should just say fuck it. I want to stay in, you can join me or not, either I ll be FUCKING MAKING HOME MADE PIZZA during this corona virus.

Need some fucking respect and pride for myself I am the prize.

2 upvotesdeepakjohn90001 week ago

Some bitch : you gotta make me laugh!

Dr. Patrice O'Neal : bitch stfu, it ain't my job!

2 upvotescustoscustodis1 week ago


If she's attracted to you, she'll text you to death all day long (shiny new toy) and talk your ear off in person. She'll definitely initiate and keep up the witty banter.

2 upvotesVividAstronaut861 week ago

Great read. It's nice to have something that goes to the roots of this sub. I'm saving this.

RP is about opening your mind not twat chasing.

2 upvotesmaverick97591 week ago

Simple back to basics post. Medium is the message and NEXT. Great reminder.

2 upvotesStandgrounding1 week ago

TL;DR entertain yourself not them

3 upvotesZech4riah1 week ago

Ah, the ultimate TRP goal. If just all the girls could see you doing what you do, you wouldn't need to cold approach. The girls would just start falling to your lap and you could feel like a man finally. No need for cold approach.

It seems that you haven't been too successful with approaching girls or it has been exhausting for you (the bitterness tells it). When you get it down, you will enjoy interactions even with a bit duller girls. (self amusement etc.). Also personally I love the thrill of the hunt and talking to multiple girls in the night clubs etc.

Once again, it's not so black and white.

1 upvotesNikelu [OP]1 week ago

Well I got lucky with decent genes so any type of approach usually works. My sarcasm and idgaf attitude takes care of that. Love approaching at clubs.

Btw Im not talking abt club life. I'm just talking about texting and dates.

1 upvotesZech4riah1 week ago

Btw Im not talking abt club life. I'm just talking about texting and dates.

Alright, missed that, perhaps many others did too.

And hey, I hope it's not too late when you realise that pussy doesn't even matter. Like at all.

This is also scientifically proven wrong. That's just the feeling when you get to the point that you can get laid whenever you want. That's the point when pussy's value drops significantly in mans thoughts.

1 upvotesUseeikill1 week ago

Since you mentioned monk mode I'm curious, do you support nofap? I feel as if many TRPers misinterpret it(in both directions) and either think that it will solve all their issues on its own or that it's BS, where both of those views are false.

13 upvotessalezman121 week ago

NoFap is the biggest load of shit I've ever heard. I beat my dick every single mornin before I even get out of bed and I damn sure ain't gonna stop any time soon.

The problem is having your ideals shaped by pornography. A lot of people will tell you that porn is the problem but I don't even believe that porn itself is the issue. Its the way you allow yourself to perceive the porn you are watching. If you are watching porn and you find yourself having unrealistic ideas of how sex works because you are unable to separate fantasy from reality, then you have a problem, but that problem is not the porn its you.

They also wanna act like watchin' porn is conditioning yourself to be cucked because you are watchin somebody fuck a girl you wanna be fuckin. I feel like thats pretty goddamn weak minded too. If that's your take away then, yet again, you have a problem. But that problem is still not porn, its you.

The whole thing here is to not be so fuckin weak minded that you are effected by that sorta thing. When you wanna get out there and fuck, get out there and fuck. When you wanna sit on your couch and not be bothered but still get a nutt, beat your dick like it owes you money and dont let anyone tell you not to. The real cuck move is lettin another dude tell you when and how to nutt.

2 upvotes555WeWolf1 week ago

I'm curious what is your opinion on the book "Your brain on porn"?

6 upvotessalezman121 week ago

I havn't ever read it because it addresses problems that I don't have. I wouldn't want to make any uneducated comments on it so I will just say that I don't have enough information to form an opinion.

2 upvotesReinhard231 week ago

YesFap is the biggest load of shit I've ever heard. I never beat my meat and I damn sure ain't gonna do it anytime soon.

The problem is turning your mind into a ball of filth with all this sexual indulgence. It's not good for your mind nor your body nor your soul.

I also used to believe in these harmlessness theories but later realized they are used to fool fools. Fapping literally makes you less of a man. When you don't fap, you have a lot more energy, feel more masculine, and feel more fulfilled in general. Your head is actually clear from all those sexual fantasies.

The whole thing here is to be strong-minded enough to restrain yourself from doing such self-degrading acts. When you wanna fuck, get married and fuck. And don't beat your dick, wasting your precious energy. Don't let anyone tell you you should, because if you actually tried retaining, you would know how amazing it is. And how your previous life was a lie. The real cuck move is indulging without any restrain and becoming deprived when you wanna fuck.

5 upvotesDemFineKnees1 week ago

The amount of ignorance spewed by this comment transcends human stupidity which is quite a feat.

If you are watching porn and you find yourself having unrealistic ideas of how sex works because you are unable to separate fantasy from reality, then you have a problem, but that problem is not the porn its you.

Having unrealistic ideas about sex and being unable to separate fantasy from reality is often due to having LITTLE TO NO EXPERIENCE OF SEX IN REALITY. Peoples' perceptions of things is based on what they're exposed to, if you can't properly separate fantasy from reality, it's because you've been almost exclusively exposed to sex through PORN. That's the issue and it's conditioning. Fantasy effectively becomes reality because it's all you've ever seen.

They also wanna act like watchin' porn is conditioning yourself to be cucked because you are watchin somebody fuck a girl you wanna be fuckin. I feel like thats pretty goddamn weak minded too. If that's your take away then, yet again, you have a problem. But that problem is still not porn, its you.

People get conditioned to what they're exposed to. That's how the brain functions in animals: it adapts and bases its "reality" and normalcy based on what it sees daily. Pavlovian conditioning can and does work on humans. Porn is merely one of the many forms of conditioning to which people can be subject to. Framing it as "weak minded" to fall for porn is absolutely retarded. If you've been spoonfed the idea that porn is a healthy substitute to sex, that games are a safer and better alternative to sports as a mean for entertainment: BRAVO! You've been effectively given easier alternatives to social interactions. You can and often will indulge in them because they're easy to access and human brain SEEKS easy and instant gratification. Failing in having good social interactions will push people back to instant gratification. That's how nerd culture became such a thing and how virtual is replacing real.

If you've been on meds your whole life, going sober at some point will break you because you don't know how the world operates without the lenses added by meds. Similarly, if your only experience of inter-gender relationships comes from soap operas or teen romantic movies, then that will be how you imagine all relationships.

The whole thing here is to not be so fuckin weak minded that you are effected by that sorta thing. When you wanna get out there and fuck, get out there and fuck.

Do you have like 3 functional brain cells that can operate at the same time ? You cannot get out there and fuck IF YOU'VE BEEN AT HOME JACKING OFF AND CANNOT TALK TO A CHICK IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT. The whole point of porn is that it's an extremely easy alternative to sexual intercourse. You need to take a look at the demographic that constitutes the NoFap community, it's mainly powernerds. Nerds lack the social skills to get laid.

The real cuck move is lettin another dude tell you when and how to nutt.

Then all of society is cucked because modern society is essentially people conditioned by their social and legal framework to follow certain routines and morals, superseding instincts to some degree and thus forcing their expression into other aspects of life: porn for sexuality, team sports for inter-group competition, etc. We have far less control over what we do than you believe.

Don't get me wrong, the benefits people observe from NoFap are 100% placebo and make no fuckin sense but if that placebo gives them the confidence to actually pursue real relationships because of a renewed sense of confidence then that placebo effectively turned into a benefit which is associated to some degree to NoFap.

1) You need to fucking comprehend that NoFap demographic isn't constituted of regular Joes who fap once a day. A social smoker ain't gonna benefit from quitting smoke like a guy who's been smoking 2+ packs a day from the day he popped from his mother's womb. An average Joe who jerks off once a day ain't gonna feel a benefit from NoFap like a nerd whose only sexual interaction in 15 years of puberty has been with his hand and who's been jacking off 3+ times daily.

2) Read some goddamn books instead of spewing nonsense about weak mind and whatnot. It's been over 50 years since Skinner published the biggest chunk of his work.

1 upvotesXnoContact1 week ago

Why doesn't this have more upvotes? It's dangerous that the other guy disregarded the effect of pavlovian conditioning.

1 upvotesUseeikill1 week ago

I agree that I also never liked all the talk on nofap about how porn is demeaning to women and how it is embarassing for a guy to watch it (unless its a clear means to a jizztastic end). The women in porn have already disrespected themselves and in my HUMBLE opinion 97% of guys who can't take their eyes off porn also disrespect themselves(by overdosing on dopamine). Everyone may do as they like but don't you agree there are objective facts that apply to you and me both?

2 upvotessalezman121 week ago

I mean if we are talking about addictions or overdoing it, sure. I mean overdoing nearly anything is bad. But it just goes back to the entire premise of my post. Porn isn't the problem, somethin else is. In your example its dependency, which in turn, reshapes a man's ideals surrounding sex. It's important to properly identify the problem and not just use what sounds good as the scapegoat.

4 upvotesUseeikill1 week ago

100% the problem needs to be identified verbatum in exact terms, but the same clarity applies to the apriori conditions as well. To start, in my understanding fapping 1x/day especially if a person uses hardcore porn(not that softcore material where theres no explicit nudity) studies and many testimonies have shown that a man's drive, motivation and even strength decrease.

What bothers me about this is that I have a few friends and from what I understand you would agree with them, that say that they still feel at 100% even after fapping. Be honest with me, do you genuinely feel absolutely no energy drop after fapping??

2 upvotessalezman121 week ago

If you mean immediately after, of course I do. But if you mean to say that I feel less energetic throughout the day, absolutely not.

I don't really think it matters if I have a short term decrease in energy considering I get up long before I actually have to do anything, which is the healthy thing to do anyway. There has never been a time when I jerked off in the morning and it caused me to feel indifferent about having sex that evening.

I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but my original point still applies. The issue is the person, not the porn. If you are the type person who's ability to do any of these things is altered due to consumption, then the problem is you not the porn.

2 upvotesnickdimitrov1 week ago

If you beat your meat every single morning, how do you have a reference experience of how you would feel after some time of abstinence? It's entirely possible that you have a higher-than-average testosterone that drops to average.

1 upvotesUseeikill1 week ago

Or I think I can augment your point and we can agree, the problem is a person's specific physiological reaction to cooming, and how it affects them.

2 upvotesNikelu [OP]1 week ago

It depends . If you don't get pussy and you are doing nofap supposedly you increase your test or something and you do nice stuff with that ( take initiatives , have more energy etc).

Now I have tried it, but it's not for me. I have plates etc so I can get it often but I like a good ol fap here and there. It's relaxing. If you keep fapping instead of fucking lets say the last half year or more then maybe you should consider stopping it , unless you don't care about girls and it doesn't interfere with your life.

If I fap in the morning, Ill procrastinate , I'll have a shitty workout, and be in a shitty mood . So I avoid that. At night is ideal after a good day, and only if you are in the mood. No point just whipping it out and opening porn just to do so. Do you get me?

1 upvotesUseeikill1 week ago

Thats very reasonable and I do agree. However in my experience fapping even in the evening is also shitty since then, under the same night-noise conditions and blue light exposure as before, the quality of the sleep is busted up, leaving a person feeling groggy and without that spark of energy in the morning when they wake up.

1 upvotesNikelu [OP]1 week ago

Never had that feeling mate. Good diet and working out helps a lot. Blue light etc is kinda bs for me, wake up early enough and you will be wasted when you hit the bed at 11-12

1 upvotesUseeikill1 week ago

True that blue light also fucks up your ability to straight up go to sleep to a degree but I was talking about how it can impact the quality of sleep itself. Again like I said to some other guy in the thread I am still just as much in the dark as I was before talking with you, how is it that some people are so affected by fapping and others are not? Back when I used to work out a lot more and had an amazing diet because of it one fap would absolutely still bring me down and ruin my workout for that day, even though now that you mentioned it as if back then the knockdown effect of fapping wasn't as severe.

1 upvotesgusta_cl1 week ago

I agree a lot. By this sentence, then PUAs are the biggest clowns of them all.

1 upvotesRPDream1 week ago

This is a very simple post, to the point, and yet very powerful to me. Thank you!

1 upvotesThat-Donut1 week ago

Girls see me doing interesting shit and they hit me up and say it'd be nice to meet you

What kind of interesting shit do you do? I travel a lot, live at a beach, have a sweet boat and jet skis, motorcycle, jeep, rzr, and i fly planes for fun and i wouldn't attribute any chicks i bang to this. My friends who dont have any of this get FAR more pussy than I do, like a dozen chicks a summer whereas I'd be lucky to bang 4-5 girls in a summer. MAYBE.

1 upvotesNikelu [OP]1 week ago

Travelling, working out, climbing mountains/hiking etc, going to concerts , uploading myself singing and having fun trolling,driving , doing voluntary work when possible (#trashtag) / feeding homeless people. All these paints a nice picture. Also helps that I'm 24,shredded,186cm with decent face genes.

Your lifestyle seems sweet btw. Why do you care about banging 12 instead of 5? it's not a numbers game is it?

1 upvotesFanaticMind1 week ago

Damn bro you fixed the market!

Compensate for supply shortage by offering a lower price? Nice.

Call it Maroon Pill but too many motherfuckers right here think that going to the gym for a month and waiting 2 hours before texting back makes you a high smv man.

if that's what makes the difference for you, you managed to fuck it up against the odds and you definitely didn't read the sidebar.

1 upvotesNikelu [OP]1 week ago

if that's all you got from the post then lol

1 upvotesimatworkpleasenonsfw1 week ago

i was the biggest clown everywhere there was a woman close to me smh.

1 upvotesJeviok1 week ago

You'll be pleased to know that my life is currently woman-free as I become increasingly more awesome in all my other endeavors.

0 upvotesXxtourlife1 week ago

I quickly realized this after I ghosted this honey I was talking to yesterday.

She would want something and I'd be like I have or I don't have and I would have to be the 🤡🤡 to start the conversation.

I just decided to ghost her last reply Yesterday and she still hasn't Talked to me even till now 😂😂😂

I realized she sees me as a Friend and that's cool,But a Bummer. But I gotta move on with my life.😎😎

0 upvotesJasonStar791 week ago

Some pussy stinks so good though. Can't help myself.

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