Best book in the bible to start with for a non-believer

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April 3, 2020

I know this has probably been answered before but I could not find it on either page on Reddit. 3 of my non-saved friends (who believe they are saved but have not repented and put on the new) have agreed to do a bible-study with me on Sunday so I was trying to find a good place to start. My instinct is Matthew since that is my favorite book in the New Testament and it is where I started as well.

My plan is to make it interactive and ask them questions about different aspects while steering the conversations in the right direction.

Any advice on how to lead a bible study would be appreciated. This is my first time going through the bible with someone other than my wife.

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I agree with John and it's one of the standard answers. Goes into a lot of the reasons why Jesus did ministry more than just the stories of Jesus like the synoptic gospels.

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Depends on what they want to learn first....

  • Genesis - learn how it all started
  • Exodus - learn the framework
  • Matthew - learn the basics of Jesus
  • John - learn the mysteries of Jesus
  • Acts - learn how church started, gifts & miracles
  • Psalms - learn inner peace & hope
  • Proverbs - learn wisdom & practical living
  • Song of Solomon - learn what preachers are afraid to tell you
  • 1st John - learn what love really means
  • James - learn how to practice faith
  • Romans - learn morality in a decadent world
  • Daniel & Revelations - learn how it went & how it ends

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Romans 3:10
Romans 3:23
Romans 6:23a
Revelation 20:14
Revelation 20:15
Revelation 21:8
James 2:10
Romans 6:23b
Ephesians 2:8

In that order.

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The gospels

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Mark is the fastest paced Gospel account. It's generally considered a good starting point if you're looking to keep people engaged and interested.

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Why start them on calculus if they don’t even have the basic math classes?

Proverbs/Ecclesiastes are easy and digestible and almost secular. If you’re Catholic you can include Wisdom. Finally, Revelation makes an impact on everyone regardless of their beliefs!

Anything else has the potential to be off-putting for nonbelievers if you ask me.

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