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[Mod] State of the Union Address. 2,000 subscribers

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February 28, 2013

Well folks, it's another milestone. We've reached over 2,000 users in three short months. This says something big.

We've seen opposition, we've heard from devout feminists, we've read their arguments, and saw their complaints.

And not a single one of them even tried to address our theories properly.

Oh, there were hundreds of misrepresentations. A lot of arguments leading with the conclusion, begging the question of the ever elusive misogynistic phantom, which is always misogynistic because it's misogynistic.

We've seen people continue to use "scary," and "terrifying," "horrifying," and "violent" when describing us, yet we have suggested nothing scary, nothing terrifying, nothing at all remotely violent.

Folks, it's a sure sign that we're on the right track when people run out of ammo and start throwing their own shoes at us.

Let's keep growing, let's keep investigating. 2013 is a big year for the manosphere. Changes are coming, good and bad.

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