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Wealthy man hides past to find a good girl = Liar. Slut hides past to find beta provider= OK.

by el_nikon on /r/TheRedPill
17 October 2015 05:58 PM UTC

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Women are the gatekeepers of sex and men are the gatekeepers of relationships, and its common to say that, in this exchange "her past doesn't matter." The common wisdom today is she should conceal it to get a good man who doesn't want her for just sex. In fact, its typical to say that him asking about her sexual past is just asking for trouble. This is a strong move for her sexual strategy.

What about his past in this exchange in regards to relationship and provisioning? What advice does a wealthy man get if he wants to hide his wealth to get a "good girl" who doesn't want him for his money? Then the advice is to show his hand. This is a weak move for his sexual strategy.


People on TRP have described hiding the past and the adage "women are the gatekeepers of sex and men are the gatekeepers of relationships" with this script-flipping description.

No sweetie, I used to fly women to Europe on spontaneous weekend dining and shopping excursions, but I'm different now. The past is the past.

Rollo covers the relationship dynamic when a male discovers his wife's lurid past and his feeling of dejection in the article "Saving the Best." Of course, r-relationships thread after thread tell men that the "past doesn't matter" in regards to her sexual past.

But what about if we flip the script properly and find a man who hid his financial past? What kind of advice do men get and is it helpful for their sexual strategy?

Here is an example of a wealthy man who is quite dejected about how women change when they see his beautiful home.

I feel like my house destroyed my dating life. Since moving in I had four ~2 month long relationships and they all followed the same pattern. Things would be going great until about a month in when I'd bring them over to the house for the first time. I don't know how to describe it other than it's like their behaviour would change after seeing my home, and it'd weird me out to the point of breaking up. Here are just some of the notable examples:

Ex 1. We were both very adamant about having safe sex, but shortly after the first time coming over she started wanting to have a lot of impromptu sex sessions and almost seemed disappointed when I'd stop for a moment to take out a condom. After a few times I started getting suspicious of her intentions and ended things.

Ex 2. One day as she left my place I saw her take a selfie in front of my house before she got in her car. She had previously told me about her instagram account, so I looked it up because I was curious to see her photos, especially since she took several whenever we went out. I saw about 16 different selfie pics of her from different vantage points at my house, but NONE of the pics of us together were on there. WTF? I got weirded out by that and some other things so I ended it.

The other two simply started trying to make the relationship too serious too quickly, talking about moving in (after five weeks, seriously?) or becoming very possessive. Even my friends commented on the changes in how all four women acted before and after seeing my house for the first time, so I know this isn't just me being paranoid.

His gut reaction is natural revulsion. He doesn't want to be a beta provider. Due to perceived threats from women who want his resources hes trying to hide his provisioning.

In the gendered sexual contract, ♀sex does not equal ♂sex, but ♀sex=♂relationship (provisioning, commitment). The advice is for her to hide her cards and for him not to ask. Flip the script.

R-relationships asks him, of course, to show his cards and give up his defensive strategy.

1457: If you trust her, tell her. If not, you're in a tough spot. She will continue to think you're cheating if you dodge this with a lame excuse. If she's worthwhile, tell her.

1276: He came to pick me up in a Porsche, explained how I'd passed his test. He'd lied to me about the roommate, but also about his job, and some of his hobbies. Basically, I didn't know him at all. It was so embarrassing that I'd been so dumb. And I didn't want to keep seeing someone who obviously had no problem lying to me.

730: this ruse is likely to run off the type of women you actually want. Come clean now and show remorse. Maybe she can try to understand, but if not, don't do this in the future beyond a few dates. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders and realized the true motivations of your exes before getting too heavily involved. Just be smart and trust your gut.

388:Yes. The funny thing about that future situation is that if she leaves you for being dishonest, you will finally know for sure that she didn't care about the money. If she decides to stay with you after learning about your large fortune despite knowing you lied to her a lot? Well, there's more paranoia for you.


Sexual strategy script-flip, just for fun.

♀ Thread: boyfriend is jealous and sad about my sexual past

Top Comment: Your BF has internalized a whole bunch of gender oppressive, sex negative bullshit and it's turned him into a cringing self-centered insecure bag of slop that can't handle the fact that the whole world doesn't revolve around his penis. To help purge him of these shitty attitudes I recommend tying him down in a chair and forcing him to watch Chasing Amy followed by listening to every single episode of Dan Savage's Savage Love podcast. Maybe that will help.

♂ Thread: My(24F) boyfriend's(28) sexual past (threesomes, orgies, polyamory, gay sex) makes me feel insecure. Most of his friends have been sexual with him in the past.

Top Comment: it sounds like you have different values in general. i personally would stay away from someone with a past like that.

Nice follow up comment: I really have to wonder if this would have been the top post if the genders were interchanged.

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358 upvotesevileddy4 years ago

I'm snipped. I never tell anybody this. I simply state "I do not ever want children"

When women I date find out that I am snipped they lose their fucking minds on how I was "lying to them."

Let me restate.. I am snipped and tell women "I don't ever want kids" AND I use condoms every time... but because I didn't tell them that I am snipped.. I'm a horrible lying sack of shit.

It's almost like they are mad at me for winning at their little reproductive power game.

214 upvotesBMW1M4 years ago

I think what you are doing makes every man that has been deceived into having kids by the birth control lie feel a little better. Keep up the good work.

20 upvotesLuckyluke234 years ago

I'm sorry. but I never trust a ho. even if she tells me she's on the pill i still wear a condom man.

1 upvotesryabauer944 years ago


3 upvotesLuckyluke234 years ago

i luaghed at it but it's no laughing matter!

-19 upvotesthe99percent14 years ago

And that's why I tell my ltr to get off birth control and I monitor her natural menstruation cycle..

I know exactly when she has her period and when she's ovulating. It's not rocket science..

28 days cycle.. period on 1st day, ovulation on 14th. Condom or pull out method day 8 till 17th day.. other days you are fine to go raw.

As for ons or casual sex, always wrap it up!

Edit: Science for you fuckwits who don't know when is the peak pregnancy window. http://ec.princeton.edu/questions/risk.html

Afaik, my method is scientifically sound and I'm not leaving shit to chance.. there's evidence (period), timing, responsibility and judgement is on me. For all you know, the girl could be popping sugar tablets all month long... then you're really screwd.

6 upvotesRedPillGold4 years ago

Seems risky, the female body is literally doing everything it can to get pregnant.

11 upvotesveggie_girl4 years ago

Terrible advice. This isn't the same stone age. Use technology to your advantage.

121 upvotesubercoolhipsterguy4 years ago

What we are seeing is the return of the spinster.

In industrial Britain, the spinster was a middle to late aged woman who worked some grueling menial wage job that kept her barely alive in poverty as her body broke down because nobody wanted to wife a used up hole and nobody wanted to hire her without any real skills. So to correct this tragic experience the State started to take from men to compensate the woman in a divorce.

It worked so well that so much wealth was produced and accumulated that exponentially increased our standard of living to the point that women decided that they didn't need to sell their sex to men after all, they were going to be "liberated" from constraints on their sexuality. In the same vein feminists introduced the concept of "no-fault divorce", which of course ensured most marriages are going to fail since no two people are perfect and no relationship stable enough to last 50 years without the threat of eternal damnation in hell and/or the state. And that worked for a couple of decades as men stuck to the old script and got anally divorced raped by the most entitled spoiled generation of women in the history of the planet :the baby boomers. (25% to 55% divorce rate rise in one generation)

So men started to wise up to how badly they were getting screwed over; marriage rates plummeted and we reverted back to the pre-civilization 80/20 distribution of sex (since semen is cheap, women only want the top men) and the middle aged woman game of finding a sucker BB before her beauty clock runs out.

But now the BB are wising up too and refusing to give up free shit. So if girls don't make changes to their sexual strategy, they're going to wind up spinsters. In a generation or two there will be so many bad examples of female sluttiness that the push will be to return to conservative Victorian, reconstruction, and depression era social norms again (instead of their liberal Romantic and Swinging 20s counterparts) because incentives.

This cycle has all happened before in the past and it will all happen again because human nature is fixed and it is flawed (penis is cheap, pussy is expensive, and our fundamental biological drive is to procreate). The instructive study of history is lost on the masses but it's enlightening to watch society's values and economy change in perfect sequence.

129 upvotesevileddy4 years ago

I can definitely feel the pendulum about to reach it's zenith and starting to swing back.

Sex androids and virtual sex are going to be the final nail in marriage as I can't for the life of me think of any benefit, other than some sex, that women offer men these days..

They can't cook (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs0Mi4n3Y6M)
They have ZERO hobbies or passions of their own ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AJ51s2B8qE)
All are addicted to their phones (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gr_SFg6B668)
They are uneducated lack logic ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2eyq9qTOQY)
They are spoiled little teens: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpxYbcbCgkc)

This is no longer limited to just North American women.. I travel... it's everywhere now.

So when women ask me why I am single:

"Find me a woman that can cook, reads books and isn't attached to her phone that hasn't fucked half the city and hook me up!"

"wow.. maybe you should lower your ridiculous standards.."

ha ha!

25 upvotesIGoYouStayTwoAutumns4 years ago

Am so with you on the book thing: did a lot of speed dating back in NYC, and one of my openers (a great one, actually, if you only have a few min to talk a girl up) was: "So tell me about the last great book you read!" I'd say that knocked out about 99% of the candidates right off the top--very, very few women I met (and these are the so-called "educated" New York women, mind you) had cracked a book within the past 12 months, and of the few that had, it was the usual "Twilight!!" etc.

Moved to LA 2+ years ago, almost the same deal--only you bring up the book thing out here (at any point), and you'll knock out 100% of the women, guaranteed. Hell, many women out here have actually never read a single book cover to cover IN THEIR ENTIRE LIVES, let alone in the past year. (And yet, somehow, they still manage to get by...)

28 upvotesTRPShill4 years ago

holy shit. that girl in the fourth video is good for her holes and nothing more.

15 upvotesevileddy4 years ago

This is my favorite as she starts to get really angry at the guy instead of just saying "Huh.. I don't know.. explain it to me please"


12 upvotes0kool744 years ago

oh my God!!!!!!! The stupid makes my head hurt. And to think losers like this are allowed to vote. SMH

8 upvotesRed_Pill_Raskol4 years ago

Wow. I do a similar test by asking "Which way is North?"

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

At least you actually have to think about it, instead of just repeating the correct answer back to the questionnaire.

1 upvotesGelu_sf4 years ago

That is actually harder. It implies they have some concrete knowledge of astronomy and geography that they pull the answer from.

2 upvotesBaldr2094 years ago

similar question but the same principle. this one takes the cake.


14 upvotesDRMMR764 years ago

She's going to be the Senior Vice President of Human Resources somewhere with the authority over the lives and careers of hundreds of men someday. Just wait.

19 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

It seems easier now, to filter girls just by asking this question.

6 upvotesteeelo4 years ago

What are you trying to prove exactly?

There's video of this question stumping guys as well.

2 upvotesDonuteater7804 years ago

I got asked this by a friend, was perplexed for about a minute because I was trying to figure out the trick.

2 upvotesevileddy4 years ago

Most women have zero logic skills and rely on "feelings" to get the correct answer....they feel the question out.. most replies were "well I feel that you can take off 10 minutes"

There's zero feelings in math and logic.

2 upvotesJumpXVI4 years ago


This one really takes the cake.

Girl 1: "It would take exactly one hour."
Girl 2 (the dumb one): "No it wouldn't!!!
Girl 1: "There's 60 minutes in one hour—"
Girl 2: "I'm going to prove my point..."
Girl 1: "Your point is wrong, so you don't need to prove it..."
Girl 2: "It's going to be right, so..."

She then says "If you were going 80MPH, but you were speeding, then it would take you less than an hour."

Girl 1: "But if you were speeding then you wouldn't be going 80MPH."
Girl 2: "But you could be..."

It's not that Girl 2 is wrong. There's enough evidence that this is a "trick question" on some level that you can understand a brain fart. It's that she's so convinced she's right that she's arguing against logic. She inserts both "what if you were speeding" and "what if you got pulled over" as reasons you wouldn't be going a constant 80MPH as reasons that "an hour" is wrong, even when she'd said earlier "it would take a little less than an hour". It's simply breathtaking.

1 upvotesnuesuh4 years ago

can't wait for some bluepill moron to crop out this comment and post it without context, to prove how much we all hate women

4 upvotesnuesuh4 years ago

Currently traveling through Thailand. Was on the skytrain in Bangkok.. 98% of the women there are on their phones, constantly. You step off of the train, you see 15+ women taking selfies from different vantage points.. You do sense the vapidness

9 upvotesfoldpak1114 years ago

Third video shows the narcissistic nature of women. LOOK AT ME LOOK WHERE I AM LOOK WHERE YOU'RE NOT!!! Now hit that like button beta orbiters so I can get my daily dose of self esteem because I have no confidence building hobbies.

3 upvotesSdom14 years ago

In the last video, I believe that they divorced after he released that video. I just don't know how he managed to wind up married to her in the first place.

2 upvotesevileddy4 years ago

I imagine she did that routine but instead of "going to the lake" it was "why won't you marry meEEEEEEEEEE?" and he fell for it.

5 upvotes25russianbear254 years ago

Find me a woman that can cook, reads books and isn't attached to her phone that hasn't fucked half the city and hook me up

All you see is mainstream women and you think they dont exist... let me tell you this: those types of women exist. All types of men and women exist.

8 upvotesnuesuh4 years ago

He didn't say they didn't exist, just that they are fucking rare. I can't think of a single girl that I know, that matches his "criterias".

2 upvotesgalt884 years ago

I didn't lower my standards and found that unicorn. They do exist.

6 upvotesmoose_war4 years ago

All are addicted to their phones

Not all, I've been out with women who I notice specifically put their phone away the entire time I'm with them and don't check them once. Besides, guys are obsessed with their phones too.

They are uneducated

Pretty sure more women get college degrees than men now.

Just trying to keep it real here.

8 upvotesDRMMR764 years ago

They are uneducated

Pretty sure more women get college degrees than men now.

That has fuck all to do with how educated someone is these days.

3 upvotesmoose_war4 years ago

That has fuck all to do with how educated someone is these days.

It's the definition of being educated...you can claim they still have lower intelligence, sure, but they're technically more "Educated" than men, at least if statistics on the matter are correct.

2 upvotesSophisticatedIce4 years ago

Doesn't education just mean being given instruction on a subject though? You can receive that without going to university like for example military MOS school or trade school which are pretty male dominated. Not to mention online videos that teach a subject could fall under that too. Or even readings.

5 upvotesevileddy4 years ago

I should have used "lack logic" instead of "uneducated."

1 upvotesmoose_war4 years ago

Well fair enough. I've met women more intelligent than me on paper who were completely ruled by their feelings, no doubt.

10 upvotesnuesuh4 years ago

What good are a womens studies degree if they still can't figure out how long a car traveling at 80 mp/h will need to travel 80 miles?

25 upvotesmoose_war4 years ago

Apparently the most popular degree for women is Business, followed by Nursing/Healthcare. Also taking a few youtube videos of some bimbos and judging every woman based on that is ridiculous. It's pure circlejerking and you know it.

2 upvotesrpkarma4 years ago

A college education in Gender Studies with a minor in Intersectional Feminism is hardly an education though, wouldn't you agree?

3 upvotesmoose_war4 years ago

Apparently the most popular degree for women is Business, followed by Nursing/Healthcare

0 upvotesFat_Arrogant_Bastard4 years ago

Oh boo fucking hoo. This is typical beta bitch rationalization. You haven't internalized one of the foremost tenets of TRP (this is like the first thing you learn in PUA ffs) which is that YOU LEAD HER. She doesn't have any hobbies of her own? Good. Give her some: cooking your food and cleaning your house. Doesn't know how to cook? Fine. You can teach her how to make things just the way you like them (perfect chance to get up behind her, grab her wrist, and show her how to hold that spatula with some purpose.) No personality or principles? Great! Let her adopt your principles. Acts like a spoiled brat! Fan-fucking-tastic! Your raw masculinity will knock her off her self-righteous pedestal like she's never seen in her entire life and she'll be calling you at 3 AM begging you to come and fuck her silly.

You're listing all kind of reasons why you should just continue to be a celibate and all I see are perfect opportunities to ruin her panties by showing her just how much of an alpha, red-pilled man you are.

23 upvotesMattyAnon4 years ago

So if girls don't make changes to their sexual strategy, they're going to wind up spinsters.

They're changing their sexual strategy alright. Next up is Daddy Government to do the beta providing. And they've got the majority of the vote, so they'll probably get it too.

Women felt hard done by: men sorted it out. In the future when men feel hard done by, the state and women will be there, ready and willing, to say "tough shit".

9 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

The pessimistic cynic in me thinks you're right. Girls already have incentives to do anything or nothing and still be supported for it, it will get worse.

49 upvotesvandaalen4 years ago

So if girls don't make changes to their sexual strategy, they're going to wind up spinsters.

They aren't capable of it, because their hypergamous nature holds them back from doing so.

Either there is a strong patriarchy which controls women's promiscuity and hypergamy in order to make sure that betas also get their share of women, or the sex market is heavily skewed in favour of the 80:20 rule (or even worse) with the betas starting to pull out of the game and ultimately hurting society as a whole with the loss of productivity.

This world isn't build on the handwork of alphas, but on that of betas lead by alphas. The contract however is, that they in return get a share of the women, while the alphas keep the top notch women.

2 upvotesLuckyluke234 years ago

great piece of writing man.

11 upvotesmoose_war4 years ago

Because women always think they can change a man. You say you don't want kids and she thinks "We'll see" with a sly smile in her head. Women are used to men being honest and blunt and not using tact as in your case. When they find out having kids is physically impossible with you it's GAME OVER to them and their facade falls.

I'm not snipped, still in my 20s, not sure if I ever will get snipped, but I think I might use that line in the future at some point in the same way you did. See their reaction.

4 upvotesevileddy4 years ago

Then I push them harder by throwing "It's my body.. my business...as a woman.. how can you not sympathize?"


1 upvotesRasalom724 years ago

Yup... my wife kept "hinting" that it would be nice to have a kid, and after about a half dozen years, I just finally told her to stop mentioning it... it would never happen. She mentioned that she might just go have one with another guy then... and I told her "there's the door."

13 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

I do the same thing, very few of the girls I fuck know I cannot have kids. It's the best feeling in the world knowing I won't be trapped into child support again. Besides I'm 46, who the fuck wants rugrats and fuck trophies at my age? Not this man that's for damn sure.

5 upvotesBlackierobinsin4 years ago

How much did it cost I was seriously thinking about a vasectomy

19 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The most prohibitive thing isn't the cost as its well under a grand if I remember correctly. The worst part is that doctors are notorious for not doing it unless you're old as fuck or have kids and are married already.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

So if your 19 and single they can legally not do it?

9 upvotesKafkasTrial4 years ago

Doctors can refuse to perform any elective procedure that they feel like. Issue is in 10 (or more) years some percentage that have it performed will turn around and say 'Hey I want kids'. A percentage of those will blame the doctor for 'not properly explaining the consequences of a vasectomy' and even though it's unlikely to hold up in court no one wants to deal with that stress.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I get it it's like when a plastic surgeon refuses to operate on someone that has an addiction to it

4 upvotesILoveSunflowers4 years ago

19 year olds don't usually make well thought out long term decisions.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Yes. Like abortions in the 50s.

-8 upvotesPlanB_pedofile4 years ago

Sterilizing yourself at a young age....

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

So when girls don't want a kid it's "her body her choice " but for dudes it's idiotic sterilization. ...kk

2 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

The VA badgered me about it, waited six months and they asked me no less than ten times during the procedure. The last time was after my sack was open and he hadn't cut the passages yet. Shit, I was late 30s, had two teenage kids, was divorce raped, and my girlfriend at the time was hardcore child free. She got her tubes tied three years later, just six months after getting married. Divorced from her ten months after that. I would laugh my ass off if she got knocked up by the omega she has now, jowls and receding hairline at 25. If only karma were real, she would get stuck with a fuck trophy from a complete loser.

Schadenfreude is rampant in my life.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Holy fuck. I'd never let the VA near my sack. Glad you're still with us, brother.

1 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

My VA is great for the most part, they actually fix shit and in a timely manner. The mental health care is laughable and nearly useless, but as long as I have a physician things go well physically. I'm on my 7th, went 17 months without one until June this year. I know more about ptsd and the rest of my mental shit than my shrink does, been teaching her for five years now.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The procedure is like 150 dollars in canada.

There's different processes but most are pretty non invasive and a couple don't even involve cutting the skin.

-7 upvotesBlackierobinsin4 years ago

I'm a black male living in United States

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.

11 upvotesMorePancakes4 years ago

It means he is not a white woman from Canada

2 upvotesComradeCynic4 years ago

It means he is not an aborigine living in Australia.

1 upvotesDRMMR764 years ago

What do you want, a cookie? Wtf does that have to do with anything?

5 upvotespsycho_sid4 years ago

Ice your balls for a few days and that's it. I believe it cost me under 300 here in Montreal. Doc did ask me a few questions, but when i told him have 2 kids and I'm done, he was satisfied. Went to some length to explain it's a non-reversible procedure - even though it can, but it's very tricky, lengthy and can't be done 5 years post-vasectomy.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

My friends grandpa has had to get 5 of them because his shit keeps healing.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I did mine during the summer of 2014 (24 years old) no questions asked. I live in New England if that helps. I have insurance so the cost for me was my copay. Did it on a Friday and didn't even have to ice my balls. By Monday I was 100% like nothing happened.

1 upvotesFedora_Tipper_4 years ago

Is there an option to store sperm anywhere or does that mean no kids for sure now unless you got the operation reversed

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Around here, sperm banks are found like 7 Eleven. You're looking at approx. $500/yr here in New England. You get a break if you pay for longer terms longer i.e. 5+ years at a time.

The Google is your friend here.

As for reversal, if you're thinking about reversal, you shouldn't get it done. Those usually cost $10,000-$20,000 cash as most insurance companies won't cover it. Also, reversal isn't always successful.

1 upvotesteeelo4 years ago

Live in Canada?

Free. Maybe cost you a day off work.

1 upvoteswhatsazipper4 years ago

Contribute to the war effort.

1 upvoteslife0364 years ago

Doesn't getting snipped prevent you from "cleaning out your pipes", therefore negating any positive anti-cancer benefits that come with regular ejaculation?

(Source) http://www.webmd.com/prostate-cancer/news/20040406/frequent-ejaculation-prostate

1 upvotesmarkfeel4 years ago

Vasectomies don't prevent ejaculation, man.

2 upvoteswhatsazipper4 years ago

They prevent one part of the pipeline, but not ejaculation as a whole. The vas deferens are snipped.

1 upvoteslife0364 years ago

Right, but they prevent something from coming out.

3 upvoteschrisindub4 years ago

You are awesome.

They have nothing to be upset about

2 upvotesevileddy4 years ago

I completely understand where they are coming from.

"This mother fucker "lied" to me and I can't use my vagina to control him.. FUCKKK YOU BUDDY!!"

3 upvoteschrisindub4 years ago

At that very moment where they got upset, you knew they were lying about their intentions and they don't respect your wishes.

2 upvotesevileddy4 years ago

Yes. "Why are you so upset... wait a minute.. were you secretly trying to get pregnant? That is FUCKED UP!"


3 upvoteschrisindub4 years ago

Anecdotally, of all the naive guys I know with money.

Like 30% of them got into a scenario with a girl they were dating, where she just, "got pregnant."

2 upvotesevileddy4 years ago

I hold the very unpopular opinion that there is simply no such thing as an "unplanned pregnancy".

Every single woman I have ever slept with wanted me to not use a condom after a few fucks.

Fuck that. No glove.. no love.

2 upvotesniceguy_gone_cad4 years ago

If they find out you're doing something wrong...

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

You have your sperm banked? Just in case?

6 upvotesPlanB_pedofile4 years ago

Or better yet already reproduced and he's in the 2nd phase.

Being divorced, kids are teenagers, and slaying the field as a 45 year old with a new lease on life

11 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

That's me! My oldest is 21, youngest 19 next month. Free at last! Motherfucking free at last!

1 upvotesDRMMR764 years ago

And this is why I got snipped and didn't put any of my sperm on ice. Besides the fact I can't stand being in the same room as children, when the majority of men talk about their kids growing up in the same way a felon speaks about getting out of prison after an 18 year sentence, I'm confident I'm better off skipping the whole ordeal.

2 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

I never wanted kids, I had other plans for my life. My sex drive was crazy high from 13 to 40 so I did whatever I had to do to get laid, it ended up costing me dearly. Wish I could have focused more on my goals than on getting my balls drained four or five times a week.

1 upvotesrpkarma4 years ago

This is what my dad is doing. Makes me proud :)

2 upvotesChewbaccaFart4 years ago

This actually is a phenomenal idea. Sperm bank and a vesectomy. Zero repercussion on average I would say.

-1 upvotessourpuss_ashkenazi4 years ago

Yah bro you're a winner, shame about not making any genetic contribution to the future of humanity but hey you don't have to pay for annoying family things.

1 upvotesyaardi4 years ago

genetic contribution to the future of humanity

Yeah, 7+ billion people are hardly enough.

-14 upvoteshavelbrandybuck4 years ago

Most of the population want kids, including women. I don't want to find a decent girl, be with her for years just to find out she withheld telling me she was infertile. Their reactions are justified and understandable.

16 upvotesevileddy4 years ago

"I don't ever want kids"

If a person is with me they know they aren't getting any kids from me.. because I don't ever want kids.

I'm not lying... it's my body.. my business.

9 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

Really? You're assuming we go for years banging these sluts in committed relationships telling them we want kids. I tell bitches straight up, I will not marry you, I do not want kids, take it or leave it. Thus far every one has taken it.

My first ex wife was on the edge of being kicked to the curb when she sprung the oops trap on me. My oldest is so fucked up I don't want to find out if she is actually mine, would hurt her too much. The ex was fucking two other guys while living with me, they would come by when I was at work. Her best friend told me after my ex fucked her husband.

Fuck them, they have all the benefits, we have all the risk and I got to see my daughters all of 12 days for the first 7 years after the bitch left. Justified my gelatinous white ass, bitches get pissed because they cant trap us, nothing more.

61 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

everyone is telling him he fucked up and he lied. He hasn't deceived by commission (lied), he has deceived by omission (being stingy with the truth)

Don't ever let someone shame you for operating on a 'needs to know basis'. they are dribbling you information as they see fit to. They just get angry when they find out your information is more valuable.

Personally, I don't like deception by commission. It gets messy, you have to remember what was said, and to whom, who will talk to talking to who. But being parsimonious with the truth is just good business.

6 upvotesthefisherman19614 years ago

Law 4: Always say less than necessary


5 upvoteshouseprobs0074 years ago

This is really the crux of the issue. I started off with a lie of omission, which I have no problem with. My finances are no one's business. However, after several weeks it became impossible to simply omit because we were interacting too much, so I had to resort to telling occasional small lies about where I was or who I was with.

And you're right, it gets messy trying to keep track of everything and it is a poor way to handle the issue. We both deserve better, so it is going to stop.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I'm a big deontologist and lying is so destructive to trust that I don't engage in it. I understand why people do it, but usually being careful with what you say can do the same work with as a lie. Take a look at some of the biggest falls from grace and its not what they did, but the lies they told (Martha Stewart, John Browne).

Welcome to the sub. You'll find this sub populated with other viewpoints (stoics and Machiavellian Men). Check out the side bar and treat it like buffet. Try it out for yourself, pick what you want (if anything) and leave the rest behind.

1 upvotesNetaro4 years ago

Did you delete your post on relationships yourself, or was it deleted by a mod?

3 upvoteshouseprobs0074 years ago

I don't know what happened to it. Unfortunately, there were some good comments I wanted to respond to but it was locked before I had a chance.

-34 upvotesneedless_pickup_line4 years ago

He's absolutely lying to her. He's not wrong to do what he's doing but he's very clearly/actively misleading her about his living situation.

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

'this is my condo' - absolutely true. Not a lie. He omits his villa on the hill. But he hasn't lied yet. It is misleading, but it's not unethical or immoral at this point at all. Completely amoral.

-13 upvotesneedless_pickup_line4 years ago

I'm not saying it's unethical or immoral. But in this scenario he's deliberately leading her to believe the condo is his main place of residence.

There was that recent post about the guy with the gf who gave massages/handjobs. Technically, she didn't lie. She never said she wasn't a prostitute. She just neglected to mention it.

Now lies of omission are a big deal, no? At the end of the day, lying is lying.

Girls don't always deserve the truth, but don't misrepresent the reality of the situation.

17 upvotesDewArmy4 years ago

Why does it even matter if it's his main residence or not? That's not a lie in either sense.

I have a cabin on a lake and one in suburbia closer to where I work (by 100 miles easy). I date women solely in the area I work. Why do any of them need to know about my lake-house or anything else I possess?

They don't. My finances are none of their business.

2 upvotesarrayay4 years ago

If they never know about the lake house, how can they maximize their cash and prizes when they divorce rape you? That's simply not fair.

-7 upvotesneedless_pickup_line4 years ago

Ok then playing Devils Advocate, how is a woman's sexual past any of your business then?

14 upvotesDewArmy4 years ago

Gee let's figure this out.

Why aren't my finances a woman's business? It doesn't have any bearing into us fucking.

Why is your sexual history my business? Because if I know you fucked ChadThundercock 2.0 that I know has aids or some other STI, well you can fuck right off.

One has absolutely nothing to do with responsible sex. The other does. Use the brain you were born with.

9 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

Do you tell the cop you have an ounce of weed and five grams of coke in the car when he pulls you over? Did you flag him down to tell him about the stoplight you ran and how you were going 22mph over the limit? Would you disclose the dead hooker in the trunk? Did you tell your mom she looked fat and haggard? The chick giving hand jobs is the equivalent of the dead hooker in the trunk.

There's a common theme in the military, never volunteer information. It's not lying, it's basic security.

Why not post your name and address, the place you work and your entire families names on reddit and tell them you post in here?

Lying is lying huh?

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Lol, no. She was a prostitute that gave handies for money. Handies are a sex act for sure

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Gronk, head your ass over to /relationships. You might land a pity fuck with what they spew there

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

And what obligation does he have?

All those Chads, how many of them do they know on any level at all?

Besides, the ones that start manipulating him once they see it? Of course thats what you do. you don't walk into a rought neighbourhood waving cash either, are you being dishonest there?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Ok. Let's ban make up, push up bras and cosmetic surgery

89 upvotesmobilus4 years ago

That thread is locked, what a surprise.

This is why money is only comfortable marrying other money. She's not gold digging if she can bring the same or more wealth to the table. Of course women who don't have wealth will never admit to seeing it this way, their comments in that post scream of camouflaged intentions.

72 upvotesmonsieurhire24 years ago

Oh no, my friend. It's much worse than that. You think marrying money solves the gold-digger situation? Wrong you are. Rich people marrying other rich people are still marrying for money, whether it be defensively, or acquisitively. Money cannot buy you physical chemistry, and it cannot buy you character. When you wake up one morning and realize you can't stand the person you chose to marry because you were blinded by their wealth, then you realize how impoverished your really are. I've seen plenty of wealthy people in miserable unhappy marriages, even though both sides have it. It's why women cheat on their arranged beta bux husbands and why men cheat on their nagging bitch wives: resentment about having been roped into an unnatural situation.

Also, wealthy people know more about money and the system and are much harder to fleece. If you marry a rich girl, she may have an easier divorce-raping you because she and her friends and family know how to game the system optimally, whereas the poor girl could be dispatched with a token settlement, the rich girl hire a private detective, find all the hidden asset and get her several pounds of flesh.

11 upvotesBlueFreedom4204 years ago

Definitely reminds me when I read up on the history of European nobility.

5 upvotesmonsieurhire24 years ago

Any recommended reading on that front?

12 upvotesyaardi4 years ago

Don't Lose Your Head, Honey: The History of Divorce in the Middle Ages

13 upvotesmonsieurhire24 years ago

“Many so-called ‘wife-thefts’ were not actually forced abductions, but cases of adultery framed as abduction by wives trying to avoid adultery charges or by husbands suing to receive financial compensation for their losses,” she said. “My dissertation broadens the understanding of the role of women in the legal system and provides a means for analyzing male control over female bodies, sexuality and access to the courts.

“But it also reveals ways in which females could maneuver around such controls.”

While Dunne acknowledges some medieval Englishwomen who endured abduction were raped or coerced into marriage, she said legal documents reveal a significant amount of consensual elopements or abductions.

“I was quite pleased to see some women maneuvering around at least some of the controls of a male-dominated world and a male-dominated hierarchy,” she said. “They had more freedom to live a life they wanted to lead.

Marry Lord Beta Bux for political reasons, and then run off with Sir Alpha Fuxalot, taking a whole pile of jewelery, gold, and whatever else can be spirited away.


6 upvotesKingoftheAssholes4 years ago

Sir Alpha Fuxalot

Damn that would a awesome screen name.

4 upvotesNecroticFury4 years ago

Women are the scum of the earth when you don't make them work for what they have.

2 upvotesgrubek4 years ago

I've seen the same resentment in marriages, but I believe the problem is believing the marriage had to or was going to be something that it never was, romantic. I think there is nothing wrong using your marriage as a business arrangement, as long as both partners are aware and don't try to force a typical romantic relationship. I know of a relatively rich couple that let each other do their thing and they seem fine.

I'm not sure this type of arrangement is for everybody, some people seem really fixated on mixing marriage and romanticism. But what I am sure of is what you have have also seen, that trying to force a romantic relationship out of a business minded arranged marriage leads to big resentment and desilusion. You either accept the marriage for what it is, live happy with it and fulfil your romantic needs elsewhere or you have to marry someone you both feel romantic about each other, which usually means its a bad business marriage. There is no other way.

2 upvotesasianmasaccount4 years ago

I disagree with this. Most women desire wealth to a greater or lesser extent, but women who have actually experienced poverty or not having what they want will desire wealth more and be more willing to sacrifice on other things to get it. Girls who have always gotten what they want materially will be more likely to emphasize other qualities in men.

This gold digging theme is something that I've been thinking about recently. I am about to start my medical residency...

2 upvotesmonsieurhire24 years ago

I think it ultimately comes down to what kind of character and conditioning the individual woman has. But for us, we must think in generalities, because you have gold-diggers in EVERY class level. I also think in general that women are hypergamous and are culturally conditioned to be hypergamous in a number of ways. There are idiosyncratic reasons for why each individual woman makes her choices, and we'll never be able to tease them all out. I just don't want people on here to think they are "safe" from divorce rape or financial exploitation pursuing rich women.

Also, coming from money and having money raises your expectations for a standard of living. Plus, if your friends are with wealthy men, you'll naturally want to keep up with them. This alone makes things difficult for men who don't have money. I've seen plenty of otherwise alpha guys who women liked, fucked for years, had natural chemistry with, dumped for lack of "ambition" meaning, lack of ambition to make tons of money to spend on the woman. Remember, young attractive women, who of course, are what most men want, are in high demand, and are constantly being solicited by men from all backgrounds. It would be very hard for most of them to rationalize not branch-swinging to wealthier man who was just as good as the regular guys she's dating, especially as she approaches the wall.

21 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

4 upvoteslugubrius4 years ago

damn son, how old are you and how much do you earn a year if you don't mind me asking.... i see myself saving alot since i wont be living with a woman.

-16 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

remember the story of the ancient egyptian pharoh? conquered the entire world, spent thousands of lives to build the biggest monument the world will ever know

When it's all done, he takes her up, showes her his empire, as far as the eye can see, she says.

Thats it? What else you building me?

6 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

Push the bitch down the steps.

Just kidding, leave her in a small town and tell everyone she has an infectious deadly std.

78 upvotesBMW1M4 years ago

People in that thread saying she will break up with him for lying to her, they would be pissed if he "tested" them, and the breakup will be his fault for lying. However the recent post about the girl who broke up with the wealthy man because of his minimalist lifestyle without knowing how wealthy he was. She got all upset after she broke up with him because of finding out how wealthy he actually was.

My point being is to a woman you are either damned if you do or damned if you don't when it comes to money. Be honest about your wealth and they will take you for all your worth. Lie and pretend to be poor and they will leave you for someone better.

108 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

That actually made me laugh a little.. Because we all know how fast women will run when they find money..

"How dare you hide your lambo from me!! I'm leaving you for a man with a Honda civic!"

Said no girl ever

31 upvoteshoward3334 years ago

I think they've adopted a whore mentality while being told the price they should charge has no limit. It's what happens, apparently, when a woman has no concept of monogamy, family, commitment. Men are just marks to take for everything they're worth, or an outrageous sex toy for solipsistic self-amusement.

18 upvotesel_nikon [OP]4 years ago

However the recent post about the girl who broke up with the wealthy man

Here is that thread for posterity

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

What did everyone expect?

Ever play call of duty back in the day? Everyone you would kill would call you a hacker. No one likes to lose

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

It's a cry for attention and sympathy. Not a legitimate strategy to leave rich men for poor ones....

119 upvotes326432644 years ago

Women can, in an instant, shift you from the 'alpha' box to the 'beta' box if they think you have money.

I dont have any issues getting laid thanks to RPT. But I have noticed some major differences in a female's behavior when I show a sign of wealth. Its like a light switch flips in their brain. And I'm not even surprised.

Example: I wear a Rolex. Its a nice watch. I was at a bar, running some push pull game on a HB8 with a great ass. She was eating it up and was giving me all the go signals. We're about to go back to my place for some wine when I turn to the bar to settle my tab. I put my left arm on the bar and my watch catches the light. The flicker hits her in the face. "Nice watch. Is that a rolex?" "Of course, its a Rolex." The look on her face changed, as did her attitude towards me and I could see the wheels turning in her hamster brain. What followed was a barrage of thinly veiled questions regarding my wealth. Combined with her approval of the car I drive and my apartment, I know she s lining me up as a cash cow. Now, Im keen to all this so I attempt to change the conversation anytime its about my wealth. But she continues to prod. Anyway, I laugh it off, get her back to my place. And then LMR. She says she doesnt fuck guys on the first date. Starts making demands that I have to take her to dinner and shit. I sent her home and never called her again. She, meanwhile, blew up my phone 3 out of the next 4 days.

I have no doubt she would have fucked me if it hadnt been for my watch. In recent field tests, ive worn a casio. And by 2am, its always time to take her to pound town.

66 upvotesalveoli14 years ago

But if you wear the casio you are lying about your wealth you lying bastard!! /s

The hamster demands full upfront disclosure about all monetary matters.

19 upvotesShraker4 years ago

Exactly! He's a lying bastard! What else might he be lying about? It could be anything! Is he actually just a grizzly bear wearing a nice watch? Who is this guy?

1 upvotesthefisherman19614 years ago

But if you wear the casio you are lying about your wealth you lying bastard!!

Yep. She wouldn't have consented had she known. That means he raped her.

30 upvotesawalt_cupcake4 years ago

This is an exceptional observation. Can you do a report on how to balance your wealth in social situations? You said your Casio got you pussy while your Rolex didnt. You can't be too rich or too poor!

29 upvoteswidec4 years ago

So you're telling me the watch I drew on my arm won't cut it?

4 upvotesawalt_cupcake4 years ago

Actually that could work with the right personality. It shows you're witty and like to have fun.

Seriousness aside lol

21 upvotesChairBorneMGTOW4 years ago

This is EXACTLY a problem I face. I'm not rich. But I had a number of military deployments, did some civilian work in the sandbox, and I saved a bunch of money because my cost of living was virtually zero for a good chunk of my life (in my 40s now). So I bought a luxury condo in a desirable neighbourhood. My income is downright middle-class, but because I saved a fuckton, I live in a building with doctors, diplomats, a bunch of lawyers, and a judge.

With women, I'm no Chad, but I am in the top 20% for my age. I did internet dating for a while, and behaved like an alpha for the most part. I get positive response, eager little beavers, but once I bring them home... LMR goes through the roof. They want the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow more than a thorough dickin'. despite any alpha traits I may demonstrate, my home pigeon-holes me as a Beta-bux.

I'm actually thinking of downsizing.

15 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

I hide it, they have no idea how many acres of land I own, the value of the cars I've not yet painted, nor how much my monthly passive income is. Hell, I live in a 700sqft cabin I built this summer. My 2000sqft shop doesn't interest them at all. I spend zero money on them unless she has shelled out enough to make me feel like she really wants me around.

Getting pussy has never been easier.

2 upvotesChairBorneMGTOW4 years ago

I like your pragmatic approach. If I can tolerate moving again, I'll downsize and pump my equity into an investment property or something, to try to generate some passive income, as you mentioned elsewhere. In my 40s, the thought of working another 20 years just to live in a high end place, is a shitty option compared to semi retirement right now

2 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

Why try to impress people you don't even like? Invest in yourself, not in bullshit that doesn't matter. Travel, experience life, go do exciting and interesting shit instead of spending that money on a big house just because you can. When you have something like a huge house and a ton of shit you're a slave to it. Yes I have a ludicrous number of old cars, but that's what I do, my passion, my reason for living. I build them to scare myself, not to impress anyone else.

2 upvotesChairBorneMGTOW4 years ago

Agreed 100%. I purchased that home before I had 'swallowed the pill'. Blue as fuck back then.

14 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

I drive a beat up 96 chevy 4x4, wear black t shirts, jeans, and redwing boots, I don't have my completed cars in view, don't tell them how much I have invested in tools or equipment, and I live in a small home I built myself. Looking at me you'd never guess I have been retired for ten years, goofing off and restoring muscle cars for fun to stay busy. I have something like 40 vehicles, most from the 60s and 70s, all desirable V8 2 doors and cool trucks.

Doesn't matter really, I'd rather spend every cent I have on GTOs than on girls.

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

what a dumb bitch. Yeah being more unpleasant is how to get him to date/marry you. good strategy!

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

It's not a good strategy. It's the only strategy.

What does a woman have to offer other than pussy? How much power does a woman have once she's given it up?

Better in her mind to play hard to get, apply the brakes and hope that Mr Moneybags likes her enough to LTR/Wife her up. This option comes with the added bonus of being potentially wined & dined or being able to save their ego if it goes south by blaming the man rather than themselves when he realizes the juice isn't worth the squeeze.

Most of these women are showered with so much validation and ego boosting that it's not hard to imagine why they always take option #2 and then lament "where have all the good men gone?".

9 upvotesFire_away_Fire_away4 years ago

In recent field tests, ive worn a casio. And by 2am, its always time to take her to pound town.

They should run an ad based on this.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Wow. That's some weird shit. Glad I don't wear watches.

8 upvotestrp_dude4 years ago

Totally right. Money = beta. It literally turns off the part of the brain that stimulates libido.

I have been lucky to make fair amount of money in my career, and when I had my major payout, sex life with my wife declined from bad to virtually brain dead.

2 upvotesTechHeistTalky4 years ago

It literally turns off the part of the brain that stimulates libido.

Do you have anything backing this up? scientifically?

18 upvotesthenameisA4 years ago

So you still drive the same car and live in the same apartment. Considering you own a Rolex one would say the car and apartment are expensive as well. I am going to make 2 assumptions:

  1. You drove the same car with the Casio girls.
  2. You took the Casio girls to the same apartment.

If this is the case, do you really think wearing a Casio then driving an expensive car and arriving at an expensive apartment would make you look less like a cash cow?

3 upvotes326432644 years ago

My house is now off limits.

I try not to drink and drive.

-23 upvotesNecroticFury4 years ago

what a completely redundant point you are making there. take a downvote.

19 upvotessamsonx4 years ago

Leave the rolex at home, it's an old man watch these days.

5 upvotesTheDialecticParadox4 years ago

The name's famous. That's enough for most people.

11 upvotesPENIS__FINGERS4 years ago

Is this a serious comment? Rolex is still very much in style

4 upvotessourpuss_ashkenazi4 years ago

if rolex is an old man watchmaker then patek phillipe is your greatx7 grandfather

1 upvotesthefisherman19614 years ago

That's why on my OKC profile I removed any mention of what my college degree is, because I bet I would immediately get pigeonholed as a beta provider if I left it there

20 upvotesyaardi4 years ago

Lesson learned: If you're a wealthy single man don't flaunt it (unless you want a quick ONS and need to show status with an expensive watch, car or clothes, etc.). Either live in a more average normal home or have the big cool house for yourself and a little city apartment to take women to.

11 upvotesjustadavid4 years ago

This is a good place to inject a philosophy: "Simplify, simplify." It makes life so much easier to live!


43 upvotesmax_peenor4 years ago

But what about if we flip the script properly and find a man who hid his financial past?

Never, ever let a woman know how much money you have. Never. Not even your own mother. Your relationship with all of them will change, even if you are their AF. Don't fucking do it. Joint accounts are fine, particularly to run a marriage, LTR or whatever, but keep any real wealth somewhere else. Materialism is for women and for good reason. Don't be a woman.

And god help you if you are in a place where everyone knows you've suddenly come into a lot of money.

4 upvotesDrekalo4 years ago

The guy in the thread bought a multi million dollar mansion on a wealthy hillside. It's kind of hard to hide that.

9 upvotesmax_peenor4 years ago

He did a pretty good job of it for a while...

... but anyway, mansions are for the aristocracy and women. He deserves what he gets.

11 upvotesInteristi104 years ago

At university - i was friends with an expatriate Chinese student - whose family were essentially worth close to a 1 billion USD.

Whenever we went out on weekends to meet girls (of all nationalities) we would never discuss his wealth and would purposely dress down. Was easy to weed out the diggers.

and I agree completely with what another user said - as soon as they see $$ / future potential security - a switch is turned on internally. And the hamstering begins

4 upvotesCowardlyPetrov4 years ago

Excellent post. Accurate observations of hypocrisy and the lies which destroy men's lives. Also a good format and very good supporting links.

I don't really have any comments, but I really enjoyed the read so I wanted to give you the kudos.

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

If you really want to do this, why not just fake sudden success once she passes the test? Be a struggling "whatever you're actually successful at" with a fledgling company/firm/whatever that has a potential (but unlikely) big payout (i.e. acquisition, huge influx of contracts, etc...). When she passes the test, you call her ecstatically shouting about your big break. Then, over the next few months, just phase in your wealth. First a new house, car, clothes, etc...

I'm never going to be able to hide my wealth (once I actually start making money). Becoming a doctor is simply too big a part of my life to hide it without acting as a completely different person. However, I'm starting to appreciate that I have to be relatively broke during my training period. If I do decide to marry, no gold digger is going to want to stick around though the rest of med school, internship, residency, fellowship, etc... I think broke to rich is the ideal way to live your life. You learn who is actually loyal to you, and you can better appreciate the good life if you spent a good deal of your early adult life struggling out of shitty apartments.

8 upvotesTigerMonarchy4 years ago

You have some strange and interesting ideas, netizen.

6 upvotesMjazz34 years ago

I think this is a viable option. Just tell her you were staying in a place that you were thinking of buying. When she asks you how you got the money just say you sold part of your business. He is not married to the girl and quite entitled to have business etc that she is not aware of.

If I was him though I would just tell her the truth and why. Just say also that the condo is his work residencecy. If she can't accept that and show some empathy for his problems then I dont think she is worth staying with LT.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

When she passes the test, you call her ecstatically shouting about your big break.

You're a genius, my friend.

4 upvotesChoiceProductions4 years ago

I read through this entire thread and I'm having difficulty finding good takeaways. Some people have strategies that work for them - but its an awful lot of effort being invested to deceive.

Isn't being alpha controlling your destiny - and not hiding your reality? Can't this be reframed? Seems like these ruses exist only to hide weakness.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

There's a difference between hiding your reality to others, and hiding your reality to yourself. TRP is the latter, it points out your deficiencies and tells you to get your ass off the couch to work on them. It's about being completely honest with yourself.

It is completely distinct from the former (hiding your reality to others) which is not showing all the cards you have at once because you'll get played like a fool by others. A man has to learn how to protect his assets, which in this case is wealth. You do that by weeding out the gold diggers who are only there for the betabux. This is especially important in this day and age where divorce rape/sperm jacking is a thing.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Semantics to a certain extent. Control of ones destiny stems from the ability to manipulate your environment and those around you to your benefit.

Hence the 48 Laws of Power etc as required reading for TRP.

It's not so much hiding your reality as it is manipulating those around you to react as you wish. Up to you as to whether the juice is worth the squeeze.

1 upvotessourpuss_ashkenazi4 years ago

Apparently the takeaway here is that if you have money a women will want to settle down with you. People in this thread say the answer is to get a vasectomy or live like a hobo and girls respect you more...? Yah or just figure it out for yourself.

6 upvotesnuesuh4 years ago

" ...a lot of impromptu sex sessions and almost seemed disappointed when I'd stop for a moment to take out a condom"

This is where the versectomy comes in handy.

2 upvotesrurpe4 years ago

This is where the versectomy comes in handy

unless you want to see green goo oozing from your dick, use a rubber

11 upvotesfoldpak1114 years ago

"The funny thing about that future situation is that if she leaves you for being dishonest, you will finally know for sure that she didn't care about the money."

Did I really just read this?

9 upvotesNecroticFury4 years ago

Yea because she'll take all the money with her as she leaves.

5 upvotesbloodfoxtrue4 years ago

If I was rich, I'd definitely try to hide (most of) my wealth when searching for a long-term partner. It's nice to have someone that will actually be with you, through "thick and thin". Loyalty seems scarce, nowadays.

5 upvoteskellykebab4 years ago

These aren't parallel situations.

The promiscuous woman lies about her past to hide an unattractive part of herself. The wealthy man lies about his riches to hide an attractive part of himself.

A better comparison would be between a promiscuous woman and a poor man or between a chaste woman and a rich man. The new analogies would read as follows:

If promiscuous women should disclose their pasts, should poor men disclose their meager funds?

If a rich man should disclose his wealth, should a female virgin disclose her inexperience?

2 upvotesViklove4 years ago

They are parallel actions:

woman lies

wealthy man lies

Apparently what you lie about makes the difference, not the fact that you're being dishonest.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Getting caught lying makes more of a difference than what the lie is regarding.

Nobody, man or woman, likes being lied to and finding out post hoc. Though everybody likes whomever can lie well. Reddit at large is a pretty good example of this. The bullshit that gets passed around the larger subs to much praise and adoration sometimes has to be seen to be believed.

2 upvotesHydris4 years ago

Want there a thread linked a day or so agai about a women wondering f she should lie about her # Bing I. The 60s and the overwhelming support that he should be ok with it.

4 upvotesBuchloe4 years ago

I think the more accurate example would be to pretend you ate wealthy when you are really poor.

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I don't think anyone has a right to know anyone's past and no one owes any partner that information, but expect a possible confrontation if your lies catch up with you.

1 upvotesarrayay4 years ago

The hypocrisy exists without even needing to make an analogy. The man should expose his financial standing to these women? Do these women share their financial situation with the men? Does she being up her crippling debt on the first date?

2 upvotesfoldpak1114 years ago

People put women through this laundry machine of false feedback to the point they get delusional and end up ruining their lives. Funny how these same people trying to defend women actually destroy women and nonchalantly instruct men to give away their wealth to women who will blow it within a year on other men (and drugs).

What really helps me understand and accept what is going on is to simply ask "would they be able to act this way if we lived in ancient times?" No. Would've gotten killed off the second they got out of line by a male leader (virtually non existant today).

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I agree with what you're saying (mostly) in your first paragraph, but everyone's free to make their own mistakes and responsible for dealing with the consequences. Paragraph two really worries me, it almost sounds like you long for the days when women were killed for being dishonorable. I find the whole notion of honor killings truly abhorrent, and that goes for any kind of killing that's motivated by someone's sense of what is socially right or wrong.

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I was talking about the white knights.

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They fucking deserve that fate. If you accept shit in and out, you deserve shit in and out.

I cannot believe yet again it needs to be about a female victim. It needs to be considered that she is just inept, and that is why bad things befall her and the men she involves herself with.

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He lied because he's a weak person and that turned her off. He also thought there was a test or something and there wasn't he just made his own life 10,000,000 times more complicated. She wanted a fuck. Now she wants his money and is wondering if she said anything to fuck that up.

Gentlemen, by all means be discrete about your respurces, but this guy is not a trp role model.

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I think a sexual past vs. Wealth are two very different things. If someone is lying about the amount of money they make, it is still a lie. But if they are not open bout their financial situation and it is discovered, that is fine. Same goes for sexual past. I personally don't discuss either and believe if 2 people do come together that their finances stay separate. Split bills, whether it be food, rent, etc. But whatever is leftover is their own to spend as they wish. A sexual past also is just a past. Both men and women have their fair share of histories. A person is capable of growing and changing from experience and therefore a man or woman with multiple partners in their past is of no importance. A person should be assessed on their current actions and behaviors. Lying has no place in a relationship neither does deception or manipulation. If a person's behavior changes and becomes manipulative after discovering their other has money or has had sex freely in the past, then that other should drop that person. But if the person continues to respect the other despite the new information( lots of money or previous sex) then continue to date.

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A person is capable of growing and changing from experience and therefore a man or woman with multiple partners in their past is of no importance.

A person is capable of changing =/= A person has changed and improved

This is the flaw in your logic.

A person should be assessed on their current actions and behaviors.

Does this apply to employers and background checks? Should employers not hesitate to employ people with a history of stealing when they someone who will not steal? People who stole from their bosses have changed right?? Doesn't matter what happened in the past.

Similarly, if I want someone who will not fuck other people why would I not choose a woman with n=1 over a woman that has fucked 50 other people?

  1. "The best predictor of future behavior is … past behavior"

  2. People are free to use whatever metrics they want to find a partner. If a man decides he only wants women who can whistle and he tests his partners, that is his prerogative.

Cheating aside, a high count feels disgusting. That's all I need to know. Just like the man looking for a woman who can whistle, I'm not going to try to change my instincts. I'll just find a woman without a high count.

1 upvotesplasticsporks214 years ago

I dont believe i claimed that a person is changed because of experience. But it is definitely possible. So I give people the benefit of the doubt because of the possibility.

I don't know how someone's sexual history applies to employment history. As I said, if someone becomes manipulative after learning of your financial situation (tries to become impregnated etc) or your sexual history (questions why u won't have sex with them yet when you've had sex with a bunch before)...judge them on their behavior.

Pretty much if you are dating someone that you like as a person but they are being manipulative or deceitful after discovering that ur wealthy or have been promiscuous in the past, then drop them.

I personally don't like the idea of "testing" a partner. But do agree that it's someone's prerogative. If u want a partner "less traveled" that's also ur prerogative. But I wouldn't determine a partner's quality on their sexual past nor how much money they are making. Quality of a partner, for me, is someone who is trustworthy, reliable, and capable of taking care of their own shit. I don't want to be a mother for my partner but I also don't want my partner to take care of me. I want to share my life with my partner. Support each other if needed but for the most part just enjoy life together. Some people think money leads to good life and some people think a bunch of sex does--which is why rich people and sexy people deal with others trying to latch on. It comes with the territory. Be cautious but don't be dismissive.

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Don't waste our time, head to /relationships. Tits or gtfo

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