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Elon Musk is Fucked

by james-watson on /r/TheRedPill
29 March 2016 05:14 AM UTC

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He's fucked.


Elon is the ultimate beta bucks. No matter how much money he made, he just couldn't control his heavily K selected emotions. The man is a Vulcan, he just wants a chick to do her wifely duty while he makes billions. Too bad for him, that is not possible due to the laws of our universe.

Lesson Learned:

Founding a billion dollar internet Startup? No problem.

Monopolizing the Rocket industry? Fuckin joke.

Building the first luxury electric car, and revolutionizing the auto industry? Goddamn T-ball.


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413 upvotesforgeror4 years ago

She also received a tender tweet from Musk: "It was an amazing four years. I will love you forever. You will make someone very happy one day." That someone was Musk again. They remarried in July 2013. 

The oneitis is strong with this one.

52 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Musk is also a pretty big, recognizable name in the public sphere. I imagine that telling her "fuck off and die bitch" wouldn't go over well for him. He'd just be giving media outlets a free opportunity to roast him and tear him down.

90 upvotesHazetrain4 years ago

There's always a third option:

*If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. *

By no means should he have publicly wished ill toward her but that shit he blasted was just pathetic.

24 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

One of the (many) reasons I quit facebook. You don't need to comment publicly on everything. If your LTR breaks up with you, have the dignity to not write a passive aggressive screed. It's embarrassing.

I'll be over here doing real-life stuff. Get a hold of me if you have my info.

9 upvotesScizzler4 years ago

Exactly. Obviously he shouldn't wish death on her but he didn't have to say that corny shit either.

1 upvotesArcticSpyder4 years ago

I'm sure he has a good reason. He's smarter than you think and to call it pathetic without knowing the real reason is wrong. Come on TRP, have some faith in a man for once.

1 upvotesMGHOW_ATL4 years ago

Once the papers are filed, talking to the ex other than through a lawyer is mistake #1.

Continues to amaze me that otherwise sharp individuals, esp the high net worth/famous/connected guys, get themselves in worse situations with women than ordinary guys. Do everything bigger, I suppose....

264 upvotesShounenEgo4 years ago

"Awwww, how sweeeet!" - Probably my comment if I read that 5 years ago.

"How much retarded can you be?" - My comment now.

111 upvotesrenzy774 years ago

Can you imagine how this would go over if it came out that the ex-wife wrote her husband this sort of sappy love letter after he fleeced her not once, but twice! for billions in two divorce settlements?

People would see it as Stockholm syndrome and feminists would be rioting in the streets if this sort of shit was the norm for women the way it is for men.

I honestly think one of the most important things TRP teaches men to do is to look after themselves. A society that treats its most successful men this way doesn't deserve to have men who contribute back to that society.

37 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Why would anyone want to contribute back to society?

I have seen liars, cheaters get promotions and positive feedback from everyone.

Society screws you when you are not in the norm.

41 upvotesNevrEndr4 years ago

I got the talk at work that I am too assertive and it was intimidating other (female) employees. Was asked to tone it down. Awesome

10 upvotesThrowingMyslfOutther4 years ago

FWIW, if the management chain up is male, you're ok, if any are female, expect to be fired for bullshit at some point.

20 upvotesKartagoPill4 years ago

It's her slave now. He doesn't think logically but emotionally

13 upvoteskillm3throwaway4 years ago

Lol okay, a near genius level business tycoon with billion dollar companies flying out his ass in the most specific industries doesnt think logically... this is a special case of oneitis, he's obviously been able to keep his sex life anf work life sperarate.

17 upvotesShounenEgo4 years ago

this is a special case of oneitis

There's only one case of oneitis, what changes is the amount of damage done.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

damage done


18 upvotespcadrian4 years ago

Not necessarily, I used to say shit like that for damage control when I dropped plates. Set them down gently.

20 upvotesArkAngelEV4 years ago

Sometimes beta moves are the correct play for the long game. I get it, but he sounds like a fedora tipping, beta faggot

3 upvotesAmlanceJockey4 years ago

This absolutely. I've dated a few project chicks and breaking up with them is hell. They see me as alpha bucks. Someone they love who can also get them out of poverty. When you leave them, you shatter their dreams. It makes them angry. They gave you pussy so they could become queen of your empire. When that doesnt happen they are angry because to them it feelz like you cheated them out of what they were due. Its much easier to tell them you lost your job, need somewhere to stay, and cry about your situation and THEN break up with them. I would rather her and all her friends think I'm a beta loser than deal with her keying my car or telling the dudes on the block I beat her.

4 upvotessfstexan4 years ago

A tweet from a public figure is a tweet from a public figure. Just that.

I mean... granted, they did get back together, but I personally wouldn't read too much into a tweet like that.

2 upvotessupersonic-turtle4 years ago

I feel like he was being polite and taking the bigger stance... Elon can get any woman he wants, he doesnt need loyalty from women.... He is literally being the better man right now, total RP truth is letting the woman think she got away easy... meanwhile you have been slamming her girlfriends for years. " I will love you forever. You will make someone very happy one day." hahah aka I dont think you are worth sharing my next 30 years with.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Every time I see a tender dick response from a male to a female.... I always shake my head and quote Beyoncé.

"You must not know 'bout me You must not know 'bout me I could have another you in a minute Matter fact he'll be here in a minute, baby"

1 upvotesDforDeadpool4 years ago

Imagine her reading this tweet while getting railed by an alpha dude.

101 upvotesmensafloyd4 years ago

Again, please hamster to me about what's wrong with hiring hookers? Please...anyone?...Bueller?

88 upvotesRojoEscarlata4 years ago

Hire them, just don't be like Musk and marry one too.

40 upvotesslay_it_forward4 years ago

It's not that satisfying. Another form of masturbation. Best sex is when there's a strong desire from each partty and an emotional connection.

Fucking women that don't want to fuck you isn't very fun.

30 upvotessouthernmost4 years ago

I disagree. Lap dances are better when the stripper's crying.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

What is this emotional connection you speak of?

You don't have to reply to that, I'm just kidding. But I will say I had a very good experience in Amsterdam.

8 upvotesCommanderBlurf4 years ago

It's there, it's fleeting, and it only serves to crush your spirit after she's done with you.

1 upvotesFlintShaman4 years ago

Oh it does exist but indeed it is fleeting. You have a better chance buying a winning lottery ticket and banging a streamline of sluts though.

27 upvotesELLEN_POO4 years ago

This guy doesn't need hookers. High class escorts are often vapid and superficial. This guy can just get whatever sugar baby he wants from seeking arrangement. He can get a mature woman or a girl fresh out of high school. He can have her around permanently or he can tell her to fuck off whenever he's tired of her. He can have multiple ones or just one. He can go bareback also. Just so much advantages compared to escorts especially for someone with his wealth. It's as close to a partner one can get safely with this wealth and it's also as redpill a relationship as it gets as both parties know exactly what their relationship is about, money in exchange for sex and companionship.

34 upvotesnzgs4 years ago

You're rationalising. The whores on seekingarrangements, or any sugar daddy site, are hookers.

43 upvotesredzorp4 years ago

Actually they are way worse and much more dangerous than hookers because they consider themselves "normal" girls who are always entitled to MORE. Exactly the type of personality that may drop hints of a false rape allegation, or some other blackmail scheme, if they don't feel their sugar daddy has given them MORE.

Hookers, on the other hand, set a very specific price.

Pay. Bang. Done.

Much safer, as long as you wrap up.

13 upvotesalways-be-closing4 years ago

High class escorts are often sweethearts.

Plenty of them, especially the younger ones just trying to make some cash, are actually just girls who realize there's a monetary value to their pussy and are far more upfront about it.

You'd be amazed at how not bitchy and actually nice young girls who don't feel financially insecure because you've paid them and who aren't looking for commitment are in comparison to the run of the mill 25+ year old woman with just as much sexual baggage going husband hunting.

Escorts. I'm not talking about sugar daddy site girls. Fuck that entirely. Better off with streetwalkers.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

You are correct. Some have said that "sugar babies" are just prostitutes. This is only half correct. Plenty of girls on seeking arrangement are just after money for sex. Others are after accommodation/ mentoring and others expect payment for no sex!!

However there are also plenty of "normal" girls who are on the site because friends or sisters told them about it. I estimate only 1 in 5 is worth the effort. You need to screen the girls brutally. You also need to game them hard.

If you screen and game then you are in for some of the best sex and relationships you can ever have with a woman. I had one girl who charged me less than $80 an hour and did anything I asked, and I mean anything. Sometimes I forgot to pay her and she let it go. This girl was 21 and an easy 9. She was so fun and free spirited. She would text me pics of herself and always text me back or answer me when I rang. She took her contraceptive pill in front of me and we both did blood screening for all STDs every 4-6 weeks and shared results. Result night was the best raw dog sex of my life.

This girl had a vagina the size of sideways nickel and her ass was a pin hole. She gave the best machine gun deepthroat oral in the whole world. If they ever need to clone someone for sex slaves then I submit that near perfect swedish goddess for cloning. The model would never be superceded.

We met plenty of times without any money changing hands. Indeed I swear she came very close to falling in love wih me. She loved being with a smarter and older man who not only cared if she had an orgasm, but also knew how to give her orgasms. She moved back to Europe but we are still in touch, we have a pact that if we are ever in the same country then we are having sex even if one or both of us have a partner. I have never been with another woman in the world who was as beautiful and sexually satisfying as she was. She is the main default image burned into my spank bank.

Another girl I met on that site was horrified when I mentioned money. She was there to meet a mentor. She was hot and smart. I met another girl and there was no chemistry but we became amazing friends. She would come to my house and clean up for me, look after my kids, bring weed over for us to share.

Seeking arrangement is 80-90% whores and gold diggers. If you screen a lot and find the right girl it is the closest thing to a perfect a relationship that you can have. I still meet with these girls for drinks years later. Having them on my arm and kissing on me in nightclubs and pubs is the best preselection you can have. So guys, do not knock it until you try it. Just be prepared to screen, screen, screen. Let your cock make the decision. You will find that the ratios of whore: good girl are probably as good or better on that site as they are with tinderellas.

I have not used the site in years but I will definitely go back. Sometimes these plates drive me so insane that I want a long break from women, but not from sex. Sometimes I wonder why I ever left the site. Life was so much easier.....

2 upvotesInfiniteBauer4 years ago

I actually want to have kids :(

2 upvotesDanedina4 years ago

Ever get that terrifying look from a mechanic who rubs his stubble and says, "well, it's gonna run ya..."

484 upvotesCyberninjaZen4 years ago

Wtf. This is the 2nd divorce he is getting from the SAME woman! Can you imagine getting divorced raped twice from the same person? Wth.

454 upvotesjames-watson [OP]4 years ago

It gets better. Since his pre-nup was used for the last divorce, rumor is he doesn't have one for this current marriage. Under California law, if they share a residence, all of the capital gains he's made since the marriage are up for asset division.

He will lose his massive influence at Tesla and SpaceX due to a loss of founder level shares.

This could sink both companies.

Do we love dem bitches? Yes we do!

547 upvotesletsdocrack4 years ago

Wait seriously? You're telling me some divorce raping bitch could halt the single most stalwart force in green and sustainable energy along with space exploration? Can we charge with woman with crimes against humanity?

155 upvotesClint_Redwood4 years ago

If you Own A Business or Want to Start One, Don't get Married

Yep, a very common reason not to get married that isn't talked about here a lot.

If you own a business, it will be utterly wrecked if she gets 50% of it. My father taught me this and thank god I listened to him.

A bank appraiser will come in and ballpark all your assets, equipement, vehicles, buildings, land, everything. Which depending on the industry can be seriously over inflated. Then you have to come up with half of that figure and pay your wife.

A lot of times this results in liquidating your entire business, even then it can not be enough to hit the 50% mark. The bank and appraisers don't care what you can actually sell it for. They just guess as to what it's worth. Usually these people have no context or experience in the field. They are just paper pushers.

There are legal bypasses you can get around. Like selling your shares off to an entrusted friend or family member before filing a divorce, but you are essentially banking on someone else giving you back a company they acquired for free and could be worth $X,XXX,XXX amount of money. Also, it is considered fraud if caught so get prepared to be royally fucked by the law if you try this.

51 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Why would any man get married ever? It's total blue pill to get married in modernity. It gives you nothing. Nothing.

Never get married.

28 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I was reading a post by a guy in another subreddit about that. I mean, the "gains" were basically "spouses can transfer things to each other tax free!" (which means men can give things to their women tax free) and otherwise shit that you could accomplish via power of attorney and other legal documents.

I made it quite clear to my current girlfriend that I have no intention of marrying. This bullshit stops when we make it stop.

2 upvotesKorianHUN4 years ago

Theoretically if i ever marry, can i get a contract that states i don't have to give her anything i own in case of a divorce?

21 upvotesredpillschool4 years ago

Like selling your shares off to an entrusted friend or family member before filing a divorce,

This constitutes fraud, and family courts will rule on a much weaker burden of proof than criminal court.

2 upvotesClint_Redwood4 years ago

I know, but you can still get away with it depending on the circumstances and the amount of time you do it in. Best to advice your accountant on your options. It's very contextual.

7 upvotesHS-Thompson4 years ago

The better way to do it is with trusts, but in both cases it's something you have to do well, well in advance of the divorce for it to be useful, which means it's unlikely to apply in most cases where it actually matters.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

It's time the law changed, how should she be entitled to half of his company earnings? She played no role in any of it and there is no reason to give her that much anyways. You decide not to be with the person fine, here's some cash and gtfo. You shouldn't get the best of both worlds. If you wanted to live like a billionaire then thats one of the perks of staying married to one.

5 upvotesthismaytakeawhile4 years ago


What is this?

2 upvotesboscoist4 years ago

In CA for a longer marriage, the verbiage justifying 50% is to maintain the marital quality of life for the lower earning or unemployed spouse if memory serves.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Still if you want a divorce you can't expect to live the same life style, that's part of being with that person. You shouldn't be able to pick and choose what parts of a relationship you want to keep, it's either all or nothing.

6 upvotesBoozt4 years ago

In Atlanta, there was news recently of a bunch restaurants that "suddenly" closed down. Owner/Chef gets divorced, wife wants more, chef would rather give her the chain of restaurants than more money. She gets business, fails miserably from the start and when the doors suddenly shut a few months later it makes the news because none of the employees had any idea that the place was going south.

6 upvotesCanadaismyhat4 years ago

A bank appraiser will come in and ballpark all your assets, equipement, vehicles, buildings, land, everything. Which depending on the industry can be seriously over inflated. Then you have to come up with half of that figure and pay your wife.

OK so... you have no idea what you're talking about. If you agree to abide by the findings of a "neutral" third party appraiser you deserve to lose everything you do.

211 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

makes me fucking sick. Even if this worthless bitch understood this she'd probably still be ok with it. I really hope she doesn't get half as much as people are predicting.

69 upvotesno_face4 years ago

Women are dangerous and unpredictable. Go close but don't get attached. Hit and Quit.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Women are a risk with negative and positive consequences. It is up to you to minimize the negative impact on your life and projects and enhance the positive impact a woman can have on your life.

86 upvotes-TheOutsid3r-4 years ago

Take a look at European ballots and the voting paterns of women. They're currently voting away the Western world and liberal progressive societies in overwhelming numbers. We're speaking 85% of Green Party voters being female, making up nearly 2/3'rd of all women allowed to vote with the mayority of the rest falling on similar parties, single handedly propelling these parties into government.

You really think this women has any issues with sinking both these companies no matter what that means as long as it profits her personally?

134 upvoteskulrajiskulraj4 years ago

Man the biggest red pill I took was when I realized women's suffrage marks the beginning of the end for a civilization.

27 upvotesnrjk4 years ago

In my younger college days, I would have these long, drawn out discussions/arguments with my dad about various things and I remember him stating this fact and me trying to counter it. He went logically through the theory and now...well, let's say over the course of 10-12 years, I concede to his position.

48 upvotesxRadix4 years ago

"When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I couldn't stand it. When I turned 21, I was shocked at what the old man had learned in seven years"

Mark Twain I think.

46 upvotesTrigger_Warnings4 years ago

At 10 I thought my dad knew everything.

At 20 I thought my dad knew nothing.

At 30 I conceded my dad was right about some things.

At 40 I realized he was right all along.

55 upvotesITS_JUST_2015_BRO4 years ago

Its great that people are waking up to this.

Ultimately I think the solution to most of our problems is changing voting rights to be like those of Singapore. Give most voting power to married couples who own property and are in their 40s, with kids. This ensures stable, conservative values, with an interest in whats best for both children and future generations.

FUCK giving voting rights to KIDS who are 18.

120 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Baby boomers give zero fucks about future generations.

18 upvotesSpidertech5004 years ago

Genuine question, as men aren't we partially to blame for not voting (except in this election (Trump support)) Men don't seem to turn out at all, women (especially white women) is the largest voting block there is. I mean you see the Democratic side attempting to import so many people that they won't ever need the white male vote but they can only die that because "good men do Nothing" or am missing something?

12 upvotespancake_friday4 years ago

Singapore has moved away from that system. It's now everyone who is a citizen aged 21+.

9 upvotesWhitified4 years ago

Okay, Singaporean here. You DON'T WANT TO BECOME LIKE US.

Give most voting power to married couples who own property and are in their 40s, with kids.

I have no idea where you pulled this one out from. Every adult citizen can vote. Every one. Yes, all women, and even some foreigners.

Oh did i mention all male citizens also have to serve 2 years in the military? But EVERYONE gets to vote?

Did i also mention there's only ONE real party, and the other parties consist of amateurs/part-timers/janitors/taxi-drivers, who will return to their jobs immediately after the elections?? (and some opposition parties are probably even paid by the government to exist)

Like i said, you don't want your voting rights to be like us

14 upvotesIVIaskerade4 years ago

FUCK giving voting rights to KIDS who are 18.

I'd support something similar to the system outlined in Starship Troopers - basic citizenship does not come with voting rights, voting rights are granted after you complete your military service.

Not only would mandatory military training lead to a generation of people who aren't fucktards about guns and strengthen the second amendment, it would also beat the stupid out of them.

1 upvotesrcarroll984 years ago

18 year old voters are the smallest voting population, so not much to worry about.

1 upvotesHYPERGAMY_UPPERCUT4 years ago

I don't think that's a terrible idea, as long as the laws that favor women during divorce get thrown out.

I personally think you should have to pass a test, and it shoul d be very difficult. A test of your knowledge of how our government works, basic life skills, competence. Something that would take up a lot of time and effort so only serious and informed people can vote.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Its great that people are waking up to this.

People aren't, by and large. Try talking shit about the vote for women, if you feel like being socially ostracized forever.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Watch the prohibition documentary on Netflix. It's women/progressives pulling all the same shit they do now.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

that's not true at all. the beginning of the end is when people, of whatever gender, who dont own property get the right to vote.

society falls when it begins to violate the "Skin-in-the-game rule."

1 upvotesaakksshhaayy4 years ago

What stops the wealthiest from basically hoarding all the property then?

2 upvotesdestraht4 years ago

Men die young under communism due to ego rape and the women just live out to be even more miserable old women. Women are far more inclined to communism and all of that shit.

2 upvotesredpillschool4 years ago

We're speaking 85% of Green Party voters being female, making up nearly 2/3'rd of all women allowed to vote with the mayority of the rest falling on similar parties, single handedly propelling these parties into government.

You really think this women has any issues with sinking both these companies no matter what that means as long as it profits her personally?

+1 Point

1 upvotesicallmyselfmonster4 years ago

That's the makeup of the labour party in the UK. And in the shadow cabinet, they ended up still voting for men to lead.

11 upvotesnotthatbigbrother4 years ago

Best reply I've read on here.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago


1 upvotesArkAngelEV4 years ago

I would be in that courtroom with a bag of popcorn

1 upvotesquestionthis4 years ago

No, she's probably gonna do one more personal and vindictive towards Elon.

She's gonna offer to let him keep his shares in exchange for everything he has. Make him choose between everything he's built or everything he stands to gain.

1 upvotesphrostbyt4 years ago

why not? why don't you sue her?

1 upvotesbrodamon4 years ago

what if she was an agent of the worldwide oil interests? :O

1 upvotesTheVictor3334 years ago

I wouldn't put it past the elites to do something like this.

1 upvotesrebuildingMyself4 years ago

Welcome to western civilization. Give women an inch, they'll take a mile.

1 upvotesBluepillProfessor4 years ago

you're telling me some divorce raping bitch could halt the single most stalwart force in green and sustainable energy along with space exploration?

People say the dire warnings by Terpers are overblown. I don't think so. I am just beginning to think the "women haters" of TRP and even MGTOW may be right after all.

This story is truly beyond words.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I'm seeing this a lot around here lately. An influx of people still caught in the anger phase.

Can we charge with woman with crimes against humanity?

This woman isn't hindering humanity's progress, Elon is. He has no one to blame but himself. He should have seen this coming, and now the world may very well suffer because of his weakness.

1 upvoteslyspr4 years ago

Yeah. It'd be a shame if she had an accident though. Big dangerous world out there, and all.

42 upvotesKurrKurr4 years ago

Hahahaha! This is golden! So these stupid, medieval divorce rape laws, that facilitate the promiscuity of todays women ultimately block progress for all of humanity.

Time to rethink this shit!

26 upvotesGoomich4 years ago

So these stupid, medieval divorce rape laws

They're actually very not medieval.

15 upvoteshyugafan4 years ago

Henry the 8th had his bitch beheaded and proceeded to keep his kingdom. I fucking wish divorce court was medieval.

2 upvotesIllimitableMan4 years ago

Also created an entirely new sect of Christianity because the pope wouldn't give him an annulment, which later on caused massive religious division in Ireland between Catholics and protestants resulting in the division of Ireland into Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Yeah, because a king was horny and couldn't get a divorce centuries ago, he made an entirely new Church, which later on resulted in religious conflict between two different sects of the same religion. Is actually quite pathetic.

1 upvoteshyugafan4 years ago

My point was that he didn't get anally raped in divorce court because of his divorce, no matter the reason. Even if he was the one in the wrong, would it have been fair to divide the country in two?

53 upvotesEntegrator4 years ago

Okay, okay. This will not affect Tesla or SpaceX. They will not loose 50% of founder shares lol. That is not capital gains and that is not how the market works. He will loose 50% of any profits from stock he has sold which is pretty much none. No companies will be sinking because of this.

29 upvotessansuser4 years ago

Unrealized gains can be captured.

13 upvotesredpillschool4 years ago

Unrealized gains can be captured.

Net worth of anything gained during the marriage is my understanding. If he holds an asset that gained value during the marriage, she owns half that gain. They will force him to sell if he can't get cash.

21 upvotesfullhalf4 years ago

do you know how the cfo of enron got out of it before it collapsed? he and his wife had an agreement to divorce, she got the judge to force him to sell all his shares in enron. so he wasn't an inside trader. he had to sell it for the divorce. a few months later, enron collapsed. so yes, a judge can force one to sell his shares in a company to split the assets.

49 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

53 upvotesIll_mumble_that4 years ago

Nah he'll just marry another hoe and lose it all to the next one.

27 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

you're right... we need to teach him some RP, quick

10 upvotesTrigger_Warnings4 years ago

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Nah let him perish. He doesn't want to be saved

11 upvotesakrebsie4 years ago

I don't think you are getting it dude, if he was a a raving lunatic or a screaming tumblerina feminist with what he is doing and has done he is more valuable than the next thousand people combined. Even if you don't believe climate change is man made or that space travel is important for humanity, the technology he and his company are producing and the people he is inspiring may save civilisation from completely self imploding.

6 upvotesxBonerDetective4 years ago

Whoa whoa whoa.

Share ownership isn't capital gains.

Musk's first wife went after his two companies in their divorce, and the court told her to go fuck herself.

I agree with your article, he's being/he is a fucking pussy, but his companies are not in any danger whatsoever from the divorce proceedings.

11 upvotesmcavvacm4 years ago

Well to be fair, if he got married again to the same woman it's his own fault for being a massive tool really.

2 upvotesNo_NSFW_at_Work4 years ago

So you telling me that the future of humanity into a cleaner energy car and future of space exploration got fucked by a woman? FUCK

1 upvotestedcase4 years ago

Tesla shareholder here.


1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

This can't be true

1 upvotesmrj0ker4 years ago

Oh my fucking god, the one glimmer of hope for humanity's progress is going to get kneecapped. Great

1 upvotesReal_Pokemon4 years ago

Ayyy lpao.

Absolutely love it. Finally, we could catch a break from this guy.

1 upvotesmrkrabz19914 years ago

This is flats out false. Only assets he aquired since the start of the marriage are up for division. He started SpaceX and Tesla over 10 years ago, so they aren't on the table.

1 upvotesFive_Decades4 years ago

That is really sad. Elon is a hero of mine because he sees what is wrong with the world, and then he goes out and he tries to fix it. I have neither the innate talent or ambition to do that. Most people don't, but people like Musk do.

I really hope this doesn't sink his companies. All over a small time actress. Sad stuff.

1 upvotesfoldpak1114 years ago

Women, once again, ruin everything. I bet that little cumslut doesn't even care about Elon's plans for the future to catapult the human race. As long as she gets to live like the rich kids of Instagram, fuck it.


21 upvotesTheBeardedMarxist4 years ago

He didn't get raped the first time. She is back for more now. Lol

5 upvotesArkAngelEV4 years ago

hold on to your butts! She's coming with a strap on

-3 upvotesTheSelfGoverned4 years ago

I've just lost all respect for him.

27 upvotesgrachuss4 years ago

All great men have flaws. His just happens to be the opposite of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Clinton's

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

wha? they all have the same flaw: they dont understand hoes.

56 upvotesAlphaspire4 years ago

The man has affected the course of humanity in a way >99.999% of people ever will. He's potentially losing more than almost any 1000 of us will ever gain. "Losing all respect" for him is idiotic. Learn from both his successes and his mistakes, but never believe is colossal achievements are somehow less commanding of respect because he wasn't RP enough in his relationships.

47 upvotesOrigami844 years ago

I don't know.... didnt you lose a bit of respect for S.Jobs when it was found out his cancer was curable, but he insisted with that retarded natural medicines? Being brilliant in one sector doesnt make you any less of a dumbass in others. Musk is a brilliant entrepeneur, but obviously in his personal life is a bit naive and stupid.

26 upvotesAlphaspire4 years ago

Certainly, I lost respect for Jobs for many reasons, your reason among them. In fact, I think he was a real douchebag and don't like who he seemed to be, but I still have respect for him, his achievements, and many of his methods. The point I was responding to was "having lost all respect" for Musk.

1 upvotesWASPandNOTsorry4 years ago

You have to be a little bit of a douchebag if you're in charge of that much. The man had a remarkable vision for the future and he had to drag the rest of the world with him. He was a brilliant businessman.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

there is nothing wrong with natural medicine. Aspirin is a natural medicine and it works fine. There is everything wrong with bogus cures and avoiding things that work for things that have no scientific basis. It just goes to show that these guys, Jobs and Musk, are the equivalent of idiot savants. Their brilliance is very vertical. Put them to a specific kind of problem and let them churn away and on the other end something beautiful will come out.

But these idiot savants need to have guidance away from their area of expertise. Once they start to believe in their own godhood, the inevitable result is disaster.

Everyone should look to their lessons and try to apply it to their own lives.

4 upvotesTheSelfGoverned4 years ago

If it was one, maybe two divorces, then he could simply be hopelessly optimistic about the true nature of women. But two times to the same woman? It is clear that he doesn't respect himself.

2 upvotesArkAngelEV4 years ago

I have to agree. Its like when women have a physical revulsion to weak pathetic men... men have a revulsion to other men who have no ... self pride

12 upvotesJigsus4 years ago

I honestly think elon musk has some sort of autism spectrum disorder. If you see him responding to questions and anything other than a precanned speech you will see him stammer and stutter. Avoiding eye contact is also one of his big things.

19 upvotespachewychomp4 years ago

I think it is because he is carefully thinking about what he will say.

When he is just talking about normal shit, he can say whatever he wants. When he is talking about rockets, cars, hyperloops, and solar panels, the things he says are going to be scrutinized by scientists, investors, redditors, and in the end, stock prices can be affected with millions lost or gained in the ebb and flow of the media whims.

1 upvotesArkAngelEV4 years ago

Some people truly are masochists

1 upvotesDiogenes--4 years ago

Wtf. This is the 2nd divorce he is getting from the SAME woman! Can you imagine getting divorced raped twice from the same person? Wth.

Theres some snake oil mail order pill on the market for prostate problems called Super Beta Max. Now whenever I see an ad for it I'll be thinking of Elon Musk.

210 upvotesMattyAnon4 years ago

First divorce from her cost $4.2 Million

Second divorce from her will cost him $2-3 Billlion

If he marries her a third time, this could start costing him serious money

160 upvoteslone_wanderer1014 years ago

So she will join the ranks of the ~1500 billionaires in the world by divorce raping. We have reached new lows.

77 upvotesLasherDeviance4 years ago

I find it funny that only one female billionaire in the world actually made her money herself. (Oprah Winfrey)

The rest of them got their money through inheritance or divorce.

98 upvotesAdamJaz4 years ago

Incorrect. See JK Rowling or Judy Faulkner

19 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I never thought of Rowling or Faulkner as billionaires... wow

3 upvoteslone_wanderer1014 years ago

btw rowling lost her billionaire status because she gave away too much to charity..

8 upvotesRedPillHorse4 years ago

This is a woman?

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Still prettier than Australia's richest person.

16 upvotesDextline4 years ago

If by funny you mean tragic.

It's an epidemic of gold digging whores, as a wise man once said.

43 upvotesKartagoPill4 years ago

Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago


2 upvoteszylo474 years ago


19 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

You tell me, what sort of pussy could you buy with 2-3 billion? I'd wager that it's of higher quality than this tired old hoe's.

5 upvotesbluedrygrass4 years ago

See, at least if she was a man, it could be argued he fucked perfectly good. But she's a woman, so she most likely cannot comprehend handjobs, gives sloppy blowjobs and can't fuck to save her life! Not even most pornstars are good at fucking or do anything more than just lie there! No fucking pussy is worth that money, a hole is a hole is a hole.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

For 500 million, he could easily have a 1000$ an hour prostitute for 24/7 , every day for at least the rest of his life. Imagine 2-3 billion. Crazy fucking money.

A prosititute is cheaper than a wife.

2 upvotesalpha_buffalo4 years ago

With all the engineering and mathematics those are very simple simple calculations. He could honestly set up a company where 12 people rotate monthly shifts for 12 months,no one ever repeats a shift - a new person every month- each getting 1mil a month = p.a = 12,000,000 p.a on "pleasure expenses" assuming he still fucks till he's 80, that would cost $432m he would have had 432 different partners. Along the way someone would accept just living with him with no marriage license ffs!

20 upvotespcadrian4 years ago

It's his fucking mistake for not learning his lesson the first time. Why would any one remarry a woman who divorced him.... it boggles my mind.

14 upvotesMattyAnon4 years ago

And without a prenup after losing so much cash the first time..

14 upvotesvoomer534 years ago

Somebody please send him the link to TRP.....

5 upvotesMattyAnon4 years ago


5 upvotesMattyAnon4 years ago

Except that women don't marry poorer men...

150 upvoteshailhailhailandkill4 years ago

IQ ≠ Social Intelligence

PUA Memorizing ≠ TRP Mindset (see Adam Lyons)

Wealth ≠ Abundance Mentality

Fame ≠ Game

46 upvotesPostingIsFutile4 years ago

I strongly hope he does have a second prenup. Just splitting the assets could end up wrecking his companies if control passes into the wrong hands.

17 upvotesyomo864 years ago

After she realized that you cannit get a beta bux higher on the totem pole. And this usally happens after she found herself and made a 'mistake'.

9 upvotesmacardent4 years ago

I think he did and it was for 10 million dollars or something. I remember reading about his first divorce. I follow this man a lot, he is a genius. Read manY books. Should have picked up a book on pickup and he wouldn't be in this ruin.

44 upvotesdaedaluswing4 years ago

It's not just his second time getting divorce-raped by an ungrateful woman, as mentioned in the article.

They have no children together, but Musk has five sons from a previous marriage to author Justine Musk (Marie Claire called theirs "America's messiest divorce").

Justine's own fucking article is here. It's actually a repost by her because she can't get enough of her own ego-stroking. Nevertheless, it's a great look into the minds of both betabuxes like Elon and these Amazonian warriors.

One excerpt that resonated with me:

I needed our life to change. I didn't want to be a sideline player in the multimillion-dollar spectacle of my husband's life. I wanted equality. I wanted partnership.

Pretty much exactly what I was told as a girl dumped me. This happened as I went from nonchalant alpha to needy, supplicating beta. The more I got sucked into her frame, the more my acts of alpha became unacceptable acts of rebellion to her. (ie. the more I actually treated her as my equal, the more she resented me)

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago


47 upvotesTheVictor3334 years ago

This woman is going to cost him millions (possibly billions), but if Musk is forced to sell his shares to satisfy the divorce settlement, then it may cost investors millions as well.

43 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Not even that... It could cost HUMANITY as a whole.

26 upvotesjames-watson [OP]4 years ago

The gift that keeps on giving...

166 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Space colonization gets set back decades because of a fucking divorce rape! Just fuck my shit up, fam!

37 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

this bitch needs to be hanged.

36 upvotessteelerfaninperu4 years ago

Let's hold off before we see what she actually pushes for and gets.

Just because an article speculates that she's "entitled" to a certain amount doesn't mean she'll actually go for that amount. She took 4.5 million out of a whopping 600 the first time around. That's a great deal by modern standards.

4 upvotesboscoist4 years ago

Its CA, you are entitled to 50% +permanent support if the marriage was longer than 10 years IIRC. Thats the default, she may agree to less.

44 upvotesVasiliyZaitzev4 years ago

No one to blame but himself.

The only positive for him is that he's rich beyond avarice.

California is one of the most fucked up states when it comes to divorce/alimony....and merely not getting married isn't enough, as, while California doesn't technically have "common law marriage", a person's property can still be subject to a "Marvin Claim", aka "Palimony" if a couple lives together.

I have a long term buddy - like from 1st grade - who turned out to be gay, and was a big SSM supporter. I used to tell him, "You only want this because someone is telling you you can't have it. When it's finally legal in all 50 states there's going to be a triumphant shout and then you guys are all going to say...'WHAT THE FUCK DID WE JUST DO?!?!' Srlsy. I've been avoiding it for decades."

20 upvotesjames-watson [OP]4 years ago

Silicon Valley has a massive Gay Mafia. Tim Cook, Peter Thiel, Sam Altman, etc etc

Shit is gonna get real when one of these guys discovers the "perks" of legal marriage...

43 upvotesHoodwink4 years ago

If marriage is going to be fixed, it'll probably be because of homosexual men.


17 upvotesArkAngelEV4 years ago

It will always be because men. We are the spear

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Damn straight. That is how badly men are losing the battle. It is like gay men are an emergency seed bank of masculinity which can help re-educate emasculated blue pill men. They can help to wake up the sheep and remind them they are really wolves.

Let's look at some of our favourite influences in the red pill. Milo Yiannopolous, Chuck Palahniuk (author of fight club), Bret Easton Ellis (author of American Psycho), Jack Donovan. All gay.

Red pill men have much to learn from the gay community. It makes perfect sense, they are men and there are no corrupting female influences. Feminism has nothing to say about gay men, gay men are immune to women's bullshit. That is why feminists hate gay men, they cannot shame or control them.

What a wonderful paradox. Two extremities of the masculine spectrum with a common enemy and similar goals. Our common enemy: misandry, the criminalisation of our sexuality and feminism, our common goals: muscles, parties and sex haha!!

4 upvotesMithra90094 years ago

Can you tell me more about the Gay Mafia? I know of the Ebay Mafia but I've never heard of this one.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago


74 upvotesmonsieurhire24 years ago

I know people who are genius entrepreneurs and make millions a year by innovating . . . . but they are still clueless beta brainwashed slaves to women. It's like, you'd think they'd figure it out, but so much of their brainpower has been directed at their work, that they just take the image that women present to them for granted. What little they know of women comes from personal experience in succumbing to female artifice and the media, which bolsters said artifice.

Part of the problem is that in the past, there was no internet, so men couldn't compare notes. Also, even now that there is the internet, many men are still in the oldmedia habit of not ferretting out information valuable to them; instead they just passively consume whatever drek comes across their screen.

It's bad enough that he got married in the first place, let along divorced raped, but now he's getting divorce raped again, and by the same woman. What sort of bullshit must he have swallowed to get suckered into remarrying him? Is it possible that a criminal gang is masterminding this? Are they slipping him drugs or something? It seriously makes NO sense that a guy with his intellect and accomplishments would make these kinds of mistakes, especially given his experience. Either that, or its some sort of evolutionary display of plenty to attract more women, because you know, dumping bottles of expensive booze onto the floor is SO 1990's. In the 2010's, you display your massive wealth by allowing yourself to be repeatedly divorce-raped! Think about all the gold-diggers he's going to attract now, lololol, as if he doesn't have enough coming after him.

62 upvotesjames-watson [OP]4 years ago

I'm a multi-banned ex-member of Hacker News. You will never find a more wretched hive of cucks and faggotry.

One random example of a conversation regarding gender roles:


Note: "dang" is a moderator. Everyone on the pro-biology side of the argument was banned.

Tech geniuses tend to be quite far on the Autism spectrum, and have a very narrow breadth of expertise. Sheldon Cooper is a poor stereotype, because he's actually quite knowledgeable about all the sciences. Most tech spergs are monsters of math and computer science, but don't know their anus from a microbial cell.

My approach on Hacker News was always focused on genetics, sexual dimorphism, sex specialization, etc, but I was unable to unplug the cucks and was banned repetitively. They're hopeless.

22 upvoteskarmalizing4 years ago

Same here. Dang banned me last month, and asked me to make my case on email. Where he just spouted more of the same specious rhetoric and never unbanned me. He's a piece of work. And by that I mean a piece of shit.

10 upvotescucumber_vaccine4 years ago

They're hopeless.

Not all of us (not that I comment on HN anymore). Some of us unplugged. It's interesting how many tech types you see on places like TRP.

6 upvotesnothere_4 years ago

Analytical,logical,sexually deprived?

10 upvotessupergilbert4 years ago

Yeah I gave up on Hackernews as well.

The hivemind is now too strong and too predictable. I think their biggest pitfall is their arrogance. Basically they think their intelligence can dissect every phenomenon in the universe. But they refuse to believe in and don't see the absolute forces moving the world (like let's say.. male/female forces).

HN lacks..poetry, real art and imagination. It's actually a sad place (reddit isn't much better). I now try to read great book classics. I feel like my time is less wasted.

22 upvotesmonsieurhire24 years ago

I just talked to a guy I've know for a few years, and some interesting details came to light. This guy is actually pretty alpha; an ex-bouncer who does martial arts; a guy who made enough money to buy several luxury cars and who lived in an affluent suburb. A guy with expertise in important technologies. Married a woman who didn't even give him his own children and who eventually left him. Raised a kid he adopted and the kid doesn't appreciate him and shits on him. Ex-wife still shits on him. He feeds them both with money and barely has any of his own. And he's completely okay with all of this and accepts it as normal. So, it's not just the sperg crowd. That's not the common denominator.

I think it's a combination of wishful thinking, hoping, fantasizing, imagining, and being fed a steady stream of myths from the mass culture. Also, and I know this is heresy, but NAWALT. There are women that are exceptions, or at least are exceptions for long enough periods of time to create hope. Like, you'll know a happy couple who have been married awhile, seem happy, seem to have an amazing sex life, have kids, the house, etc. Everything is perfect. And it gives you hope, so then you project all that onto some girl who doesn't even have 1/2 of the attributes of the girl in the successful relationship. Also, girls are constantly giving out fake signals.

IMO, a big part of dating is SIGINT; where both sides are constantly emitting a combination of false and true signals, and the winner discerns which is which and acts accordingly. Meaning, for example, a battle-scarred, veteran gold-digger happens upon an unassuming guy, and using her experience, winkles out that he probably has money, and then runs her long con "I'm interested in you for YOU" game on him, and it works because she has learned to camoflage her true nature, and even though the unassuming guy has tried to camoflage his wealth, he still gets gold-dug because he leaked some important pieces of info about his wealthy background; maybe it was shoes, or maybe he posted something on social media, or maybe a friend ratted him out. Conversely, we on TRP constantly talk about how to determine if a woman is a slut even if she appears not to be, etc. etc.

5 upvotesOverkillengine4 years ago

Doesn't help that natural human laziness leads a lot of men to try to use any form of preselection they can to avoid the effort of "forever vetting" a woman.

So they blindly trust a woman because she came from a particular background/culture/etc and get reamed when they should have been paying attention to the obvious red flags.

The irony of course being that just sticking to forever vetting would have cost far less over time.

1 upvoteskellykebab4 years ago

Conversely, we on TRP constantly talk about how to determine if a woman is a slut even if she appears not to be, etc. etc.

I've seen this topic come up casually in many threads, but have yet to run across credible-sounding, "definitive" posts, including anything in the sidebar. Are there any essays on TRP or elsewhere that you'd recommend that focus on this particular topic?

6 upvotesClint_Redwood4 years ago

I can't understand how someone can blatantly disregard firmly understood principles of science and evolution? It's like everything applies to the animal kingdom except when it comes to humans. Somehow we are superior or above the millions of years of evolutionary design. Like our species just woke up one day with this fancy new brain and turned off all the stuff that got us there in the first place.

I've never visiting hacker news, I'm assuming it's tech centric sub of fairly educated individuals? Which baffles me even more.

1 upvotesCommanderBlurf4 years ago

It's readership is mostly in the Silicon Valley bubble, as it's part of the Y Combinator startup incubator in San Francisco.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Ironic, since you don't seem to think evolution applies to the human species (plural).

2 upvotesArkAngelEV4 years ago

And its hopeless to beat a lesson into stubborn children. I think we have to take the " when the student is ready, a master will appear " philosophy

1 upvotesCommanderBlurf4 years ago

CleverNickName is Wil Wheaton's nick from Slashdot.

1 upvotesRathadin4 years ago

Hmm, just read that exchange... he's an idiot.

Here's why. If you ignoring facts, even in pursuit of an agenda, you're a fucking idiot.

1 upvotes7yphoid4 years ago

Can confirm, Elon is pretty beta. He's a genius business and technology-wise, and he gets shit done, but beyond that, he's pretty awkward in his speech, sometimes makes crude and inappropriate jokes, and laughs with awkward timing. Basically every sign of a genius sperglord that made it because he's smart. Socially though, he's a bit behind, and evidently still has some life lessons to learn.

68 upvotesGayLubeOil4 years ago

Russian billionaires have a unique solution for this kind of situation.

16 upvotesGelu_sf4 years ago

Would that be a concrete solution with a solid base under the arctic circle ?

5 upvotesnothere_4 years ago

A tireless one with no breaks

3 upvotesChadThundercockII4 years ago

I would relieve Musk of his back pain for a million dollars.

3 upvoteseccentricrealist4 years ago

A good billionaire has a good pig farm.

111 upvotesdomoremath4 years ago

As someone going into tech soon, I'm quite pissed thinking about how much money he's going to lose, which could be used to fund new tech companies to benefit humanity.

165 upvotesTheSelfGoverned4 years ago

But his wife deserves to buy a new $10,000 Louis Vuitton handbag every weekend for life! After all, she is the #1 beta bucks manipulator and divorce raper. She is at the top of her field, therefore she has earned the right to flaunt her wealth via massively overpriced consumerist garbage, and show her friends/peers that she is the best lying whore of them all.

22 upvotesrp_newdawn4 years ago

In a really fucked up way... Your sarcastic comment is absolutely right. She must be one of the most talented manipulators in the world today to get Musk to ignore the advice of EVERYBODY and marry her a SECOND time.

2 upvotesbluedrygrass4 years ago

The worst part is that she's probably not even that. You don't need skills or particular traits to get a male to get sick of that mortal morb called oneitis. Source: experience

5 upvotesFortunateBum4 years ago

Of course! Let's be honest, half of what he earned during their marriage is directly attributable to what she did. Marriage is a partnership, right?

2 upvotesbluedrygrass4 years ago

She is at the top of her field,

And in true womanly style, she did nothing in particular to end up there

2 upvotesTheSelfGoverned4 years ago

Besides talk and lay on her back. The usual.

78 upvotestrpthrowaway20034 years ago


What is this?

1 upvotesArkAngelEV4 years ago

wouldnt surprise me. You would think shes got the golden cunt

58 upvotessansuser4 years ago

THIS is the best argument against insane divorce settlements. Money should be at the hands of the person who made it.

A basketball player is likely to sponsor and setup a camp for kids to learn basketball.

A tech guy is going to fund the EFF, new technologies, new companies.

An industry captain is going to forge another new revolution by putting those dollars to proper use.

Think about the fucking difference Gates alone is making, he respects his dollar and is putting it to making the world a better place.

The best way to turn money into toilet paper is to give it to someone who doesn't respect it.

Every dollar that goes through my hands is multiplied in effect for my community, employees and providers. All my shit is locked up in undisclosed trusts, I know that Musk has a bit of his stuff secured away also, but he kept the majority in the open. He did the world a disservice by not proactively protecting his control of resources.

Musk in control of billions = better world. Wifey in control = more demand for high-end luxury products.

EDIT: "A" to "An" cause I'm fucking retarded.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Toilet paper is actually useful though.

1 upvoteslakalahehe4 years ago

putting it to making the world a better place.

Sure with depopulation and centralization of state power. 'better'

3 upvoteslone_wanderer1014 years ago

im pissed because this will affect his influence at space x, which might sink the company..

1 upvotesdankvibez4 years ago

Tech... benefit humanity.... ROFL

We wouldn't have all this feminism bs if it weren't for technology. Feminism is the symptom, not the cause. If women are doing work high up on the pyramid they feel like they should have more. This is possible now because jobs do not require any physical strength. The further automation and technology advances women will become more powerful.

63 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Hiring a tier-1 assassin to make an "accident" would be much more...financially sound.

I'm just saying...

Any person that's a threatening to take away millions/billions away from me will without a doubt be considered for assassination in my mind.

Edit: last line.

11 upvotesnzgs4 years ago

I agree, I'm shocked at just how few of these vapid women go "missing". Were men to take justice into their own hands more regularly then women might think twice before raping rich husbands. At least, in much of the world a woman would be risking her life to pursue a course of action like this, and rightly so.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

You would think the Tesla/SpaceX/SolarCity board of directors and investors wouldn't just put a hit on her. She is potentially fucking with their company and their money.

2 upvotes7yphoid4 years ago

IDK man, ending someone's life is pretty fucked up. He had more money than he can spend anyway, and ending someone's life over something like this is pretty evil in my books. Besides, killing his eternal lover would probably bring him more unhappiness than just giving her a few billion. He's got plenty more where those came from.

1 upvotesWASPandNOTsorry4 years ago

It's too obvious and not worth the risk to be honest. Half of 10 billion is still 5 billion. It's better than rotting in prison for the rest of your life for murder.
It's unfair and infuriating but way too risky. They are gonna put a lot of men on your case because it's pretty much obvious that you had something to do with it.

29 upvotes0xdada4 years ago

A settlement in the billions. What is she, some kind of superhooker?

Guy builds multiple multi-billion dollar empires of technology that improves the lives of millions of people, has potential to mitigate global warming, and explore other planets, classic 100x genius that improves humanity.

Chick remarries him a second time, this time in California, rinses him for half of estimated, not net, value. Who's smart now?

You can see how this turns the guy into an evil super villain. Musk should take his companies and jobs and leave the U.S. as a matter of principle. Would love to see the scorched earth result of subjecting that guy to family court.

filling out evil henchmen application now...

82 upvotesgoemon454 years ago

Fuck man I just wanna start a family one day

61 upvotesAmazonExplorer4 years ago

Me too. The only reason I haven't given up yet is that I strongly believe it has always been this way. Women have never been loyal, only difference is that men in the past have control and retribution for women who crossed them, either by violence or law.

I of course have entirely abandoned living a happy marriage with a nice wife, but I still want kids no matter what, especially a son. As fun a daughter would be, I'll probably just be disappointed in her becoming a "modern" woman, so I'd rather not have one.

61 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Good comment but you do want a daughter. I have a daughter and a son. I love them both equally. Have you heard the term "daddy's girl"? That is because girls worship their fathers. Apart from your mum (if you got lucky and had a great mum) your daughter will be the only female who loves you unconditionally. You will feel the same about her. I wish everyone here could experience having kids but romance and the nuclear family is being destroyed by feminism and online dating.

30 upvotesAnaxamandrous4 years ago

My older daughter is like this for me. Younger one doesn't love anything except pooping her diapers yet, but yeah, my older one thinks I'm fantastic.

2 upvotesrp_newdawn4 years ago

Look at Cristiano Ronaldo. He got the son he always wanted, no mother in sight, and he dates the supermodel Irina Shayk. Patriarchy 2.0 will never exist, but high value men always have the option of refusing to play the matriarchy game (except for excessive taxation of course).

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Find a woman who was not raised in America, and consider reproducing with her.

1 upvotessilvertoken4 years ago

You could always become Amish.

9 upvotesSepean4 years ago

Just remember to not be a beta like Musk.

13 upvotesTheSelfGoverned4 years ago

And never sign any marriage documents.

13 upvotesOverkillengine4 years ago

Most worthless contract in existence right now. One would be better off financially finding someone they dislike and buying them a house.

2 upvotesTrigger_Warnings4 years ago

Meh. If you cohabit for more than two years here you still get divorce raped even if you never signed a contract.

3 upvotesSepean4 years ago


3 upvotesSepean4 years ago

Oh he told her! Was this on the first wedding night where he had just signed a contract entitling her to $4 million whenever she wanted to leave, or the second wedding night where the amount was much higher?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

It's Russian roulette with 3 bullets instead of 1.

1 upvotesPurecorrupt4 years ago

Don't have bad luck. Don't be a loser. Don't be TOO successful?

1 upvotesalways-be-closing4 years ago

Get your egg and surrogate fund started.

10 upvotesKartagoPill4 years ago


10 upvotesKartagoPill4 years ago

Because Jesus and MURICA you commie.

90 upvotesAlgernoq4 years ago

She claimed in interviews that she was a virgin when she married him, so presumably Elon Musk believes this, and will not adequately defend himself against the incoming divorce rape.

Maybe this time Musk will finally approach the problem of marriage with the same analysis and engineering he brings to rocket explosions.

I'm mailing a copy of "The Rational Male" to the SpaceX headquarters. Probably won't make it but Musk is my inspiration professionally, plus I might not get an electric car if he drives off a cliff into the Pacific.

127 upvotespink_ego_box4 years ago

Yeah, right, a 25-year old English actress with Hollywood relations... She totally was a virgin.

12 upvotesmidoriringo4 years ago

Include links to TRP, in case he hasn't found it yet.

14 upvoteslone_wanderer1014 years ago

doubt he wastes time surfing reddit, he has 2 companies to run.

22 upvotesAnthonyMimming4 years ago

Wouldnt it be amazing if Elons divorce settlement bullshit starts a nationwide public debate/revolution on asset and monetary splitting during divorce?

I mean there are millions of people all over the world who are emotionally involved in the actions of Elons companies.

This divorce might spark a change in divorce law if it becomes high profile enough.

I mean, imagine all those millions of people when they find out that Tesla and other companies no longer exist because of 1 bitch who did none of the work.

This might be a good thing. Not likely, but might.

7 upvotesshadowchicken854 years ago

Let us hope that you are right.

19 upvotesthefisherman19614 years ago

Lessons Learned: Don't get married!

114 upvotesFLFTW164 years ago

This woman needs to have an "accident." The break up of normal couples doesn't effect the trajectory of the entire human species. But this divorce will effect SpaceX and may therefore damage our transition into a spacefaring species. Is this the "great filter" great minds have postulated exists to stop intelligent lifeforms from expanding out beyond their home worlds? For the species--this woman must be sacrificed.

34 upvotesClint_Redwood4 years ago

I oddly agree with you but I'd rather see the divorce laws refined than just Elon getting an exemption.

No man has ever held this much influence to the human race and it's continuance. He's literally made it his life's work to colonize mars and further the human race. The laws in place are giving this woman the ability to destroy all of that.

20 upvotescdtCPTret4 years ago

Well clearly his priorities were more along the lines of: 1) get married 2) colonize Mars if there's any money/etc. left over

10 upvotessaml014 years ago

"SpaceX begins manned test flights, wife first volunteer."

20 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy4 years ago

Perhaps sexually dimorphic species all experience a great filter. I think reproduction and the drives and affects it has on humans could be a huge part of it.

The small weak reproductive sex that man can't help but love keeps fucking things up and holding us all back on trivial matters.

Maybe only a hivemind or asexually reproducing species can evolve to the point of space travel.

5 upvotesS-Blaze4 years ago

Also hivemind =/= redpill. An hivemind is the pipe dream of tyrants. Think 1984, The matrix, the Borg or Brave new world.

1 upvoteslemurmort4 years ago

The small weak reproductive sex that man can't help but love keeps fucking things up and holding us all back on trivial matters.

This also goes for low IQ people.

13 upvotesLinoran4 years ago

I see where you're coming from, but ultimately this is Elons fault. If not her then it would be someone else. Hopefully this 3rd divorce will wake him up, as you said, for the sake of our species.

10 upvotesnzgs4 years ago

Many scientists and geniuses have almost autistic social failings. It wouldn't surprise me if he learned nothing from this. It wouldn't be the first time a genius inventor was manipulated and exploited by others.

1 upvotesEvrythingISayIsRight4 years ago

Now I can see why OJ did what he did. He was about to get divorce raped from a cheating bitch

33 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Elon Musk is working towards humanity colonising Mars, and based on prior history he just may.

It may be a but hyperbolic, but if you were looking at the human race from a risk management perspective. Elon Musk would be the single most important human alive.

This divorce could put everything in jeopardy.

It's hard to say but the world and the species would be better off is this Chick just dropped dead.

6 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy4 years ago

It would be fucking miles better. This human may be worse for the world than most dictators. I genuinely wish death on her.

29 upvotesHateblade4 years ago

Humanity's best and perhaps only chance at becoming an Interstellar race? Lost, at the tear-streaked whimsy of a female.

11 upvoteshyugafan4 years ago

We honeslty don't deserve to be an interstellar species if that's all it takes

12 upvotesCristoff134 years ago

This woman is a grandmaster golddigging pyscho bitch. When a regular gold digger divorces a guy, she often allows herself to slip into hatred. Not Talulah.

When she divorced Elon the first time, she realized he still had some assets left and, against all logic, he still held feelings for her. So she kept things warm and friendly, and somehow convinced him to marry her again. She'll make sure to plunder him good and hard this time so she won't have to go back for round three.

I mean, this icky beta would have given her zero tingles, yet she would have had to fuck him at least a few times and pretend to like it. In her mind she earned her payday fair and square.

12 upvotesRollo-Tomassi4 years ago


One of the most frustrating things I’ve had to deal with in this life is knowing men with incredible potential who, for whatever reason, never realize it (or as fully) because they deliberately limit themselves due to a Beta mindset . Whether it’s potential for success due to a particular talent, the potential of their socio-economic state and affluence, or simply dumb luck that put them into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, their blue-pill ignorance or pride, or rule-bound duty to the feminine imperative thanks to their Beta frame of mind, hold them back from really benefitting from it.

God forbid you’d have to cooperate with a guy like this in a business or creative endeavor where your own livelihood might be attached to his inability to move past his Beta frame or his feminine conditioning. One of the benefits of becoming red pill aware is a heightened sensitivity to how the feminized world we live in is organized; and part of that sensitivity is becoming a better judge of Beta character and avoiding it, or at least insofar as minimizing another man’s liabilities as a Beta to how his malaise could affect you.

I used to work with a very rich man who owned a few of the brands I became involved with in my career. While he was wealthy and had a certain knack for developing some very creative and profitable products, the guy was a deplorable chump with regards to his personal and romantic life. He was very much a White Knight Beta bordering on martyrdom when it came to his wives and the women in his life, who were all too happy to capitalize on this very obvious flaw. At one point he was attempting to launch a new product for which he needed some financial backing, but simply couldn’t get it from investors because they weren’t convinced their part of his venture wouldn’t end up as part of his next divorce settlement since he was planning his 3rd marriage.

His self-righteous ‘love conquers all’ White Knight idealism chaffed at the suggestion he would need a pre-nuptial affidavit for anyone to even chance being involved with him professionally, but his proven Beta mindset was a liability to his realizing his full potential. His story is an exceptional illustration of this Beta limitation dynamic, but there are far more common examples with everyday men I know, and you probably do too. That limitation may not even be recognizable until such a time that it becomes an impediment to some future opportunity that opens up to you.

10 upvotesTheDude414 years ago

LOL so crazy.

Consider it a failure of the educational system, that women are taught endlessly about rape (either real or imagined), but men are left completely clueless about the matrimonial system of law and how it uses and abuses men on a daily basis -- unleashed on the cruel world like lambs to the slaughter.

Unfortunately, nobody gave him this man the following book when he was yet young & impressionable:


If it had come from a place of authority when he was young, he might have believed it. Unfortunately, his only sources of information are routinely discredited and disbelieved.

5 upvotesrenzy774 years ago

Consider it a failure of the educational system, that women are taught endlessly about rape (either real or imagined), but men are left completely clueless about the matrimonial system of law and how it uses and abuses men on a daily basis

It's only a failure if you view it from a man's perspective. For women, the system is a resounding success and working exactly as intended.

Elon's ex-wife is about to get a billion dollar payout for spreading her legs. I'm sure she wouldn't say the system that enables her to do this is a failure.

11 upvotesasrhx44 years ago

Jesus this is fucked. According to the article, she may be awarded billions. He worked his entire life to better himself and humanity and this bitch thinks she's entitled to his hard work. She's a fucking actress for God's sake. It takes a lot to get me angry, this sure as shit did the trick. I hope he hires a badass attorney who can put her the fuck back in her place, but of course society may think "she deserves more". Unreal and sickening

12 upvotesobx8084 years ago

I like the one Yahoo comment:

"At an insurance convention i attended (I'm an insurance agent) i met a high level exec, who i had a brief lunch with, exchanging quick personal info, I mentioned i was divorced, promising not to divulge his name or company, he told me what he described as the most interesting statistic he'd ever heard: Divorced men, who did not remarry, in their 40's and 50's, had the demographic with the fasted (sic) rising life expectancy. The reason? Significantly reduced stress in their lives. ask any Doctor, stress kills quicker than just about anything."

TL;DR? Don't remarry.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

For the love of humanity, we need to teach this poor (but genius) bastard some RP.

8 upvotesyoghurtorgan4 years ago

Waiting for Elon's transformation like this.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AHH0bdNKyM

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Lulz. For a genius, he sure is one dumb ass motherfucker.

1 upvotesperuvianlurker4 years ago

Fuck man, thats really sad, if he had one real homie, one real man friend he would have called his shit out for real and saved humanity.

8 upvotes5t3fan04 years ago

i always wonder how many great men, inventors, scientist, artists and politicians... have been divorce raped to death throu history, losing their chance to better humanity.

she is a the top of the gold-digging race, just as musk is (was?) at the top of space race

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Marcus Aurelius was supposedly blue pill (there was a superb post on here recently - search for 'St Jerome'), which is sad & surprising.

Dude had the wisdom of a thousand intelligent people combined.

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Now i understand why tesla chose to die a virgin

9 upvotesGioware4 years ago

That's what I don't understand about him, I doubt he is beta bucks, everyone mentions how he is ultimate leader and alpha when it comes to business and stuff.

Same time he clings to this really shitty woman, unless she is some sort of alien that reveals alien technology to him, I can't understand this.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

deleted What is this?

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago


That when Elon Musk was dancing with his first wife at their wedding reception, he looked into her eyes and told her "Im the alpha in this relationship."

Why is this relevant?

Because people only say they're "The Alpha"...

...when they're not the Alpha.

7 upvotesRampantD4 years ago

Now instead of the money being re-invested into some new ground breaking technology by musk, his ex-wife will have it and squander it on ivory dildos

7 upvotesaholeguy4 years ago

dude has 5 kids by his first wife. he married the same actress twice, should have stuck with the loyal breeder 1st wife.

5 upvotesDarth_Sin4 years ago

Elon Musk is a fine example of how pussy can make a man stupid, no matter how innovative and intelligent the said man is in other areas of life.

5 upvoteshyugafan4 years ago

At this point monogamy and marriage in general are a fucking joke. I mean seriously, how is this fair?

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago


5 upvotesIndyBrodaSolo4 years ago


Watch this video where Elon Musk interacts with this woman. He maybe alpha when it comes to business, but he seems like beta when it comes to women.

1 upvotesWASPandNOTsorry4 years ago


1 upvotesWASPandNOTsorry4 years ago

Time? He doesn't have time. That's the last thing that he has. Dude probably pulls 18hrs work days every fucking day.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Posts from an account called ElonTRP incoming in.. 3.. 2.. 1..

5 upvotessteelerfaninperu4 years ago

Quick comment here:

Let's hold off on some of the vitriol. This article is speculation about what she could theoretically receive. This still all depends on whether she pushes for it all or not.

Clearly in the first divorce she didn't take as much as she could.

So, if she does in fact destroy the future of the world, then we can get our pitchforks and torches. For now, let's just shake our head at Musk's poor decision making.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Didn't take as much as she could, or took everything allowed under the pre-nup and went back for second helpings, this time making sure there was no pre-nup? We will see.

1 upvotessteelerfaninperu4 years ago

Yep, that's absolutely within the realm of possibility.

Again, I'll withhold judgment on her until I see how things play out. Then again, it's Musk's fault and society's fault. Can you blame someone for walking off with half a fortune?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I can't say I entirely blame her, in the sense that pretty much any woman would do the same. She certainly comes across as a gold-digger. I mean, marrying someone for 2 years, walking off with 4 million, then going back for more. In fact, so far as I can see, in the present state of laws, marriage is purely to support gold-diggers. If she was just interested in the man, having a binding contract like that, entirely for her benefit and to his detriment, wouldn't be a goal. You don't need a marriage contract to love someone, to live with them, even to have children with them. They will say it makes them feel 'more secure' or something, but of course it is women who initiate divorces, not men. So, she was strongly incentivized by society to be a gold-digging, disloyal whore. That is the fault of society, and as you say, Musk himself for being an idiot. Doesn't make her a good person, though, she is still a scumbag; but if society says, 'here, earn billions just by opening your legs for a little while', few would say no. Loyalty and honour are masculine traits, after all, not feminine ones.

1 upvotessteelerfaninperu4 years ago

Yep, exactly this. There is no benefit for men in marriage anymore. None at all. Not when a woman can cheat and still get half.

5 upvotesbergkampinthesheets4 years ago

The article doesn't state (and doesn't know) whether there was a second prenup. It also speculates that someone like Musk would definitely have made a prenup. So chances are that he won't be fucked.

Moreover, while I don't know California Marriage Laws, there are some facts which will work in his favor: - he hasn't cheated - they don't have kids together - she is educated, is able to work, and earns plenty on her own.

That doesn't mean that I live in la-la land. Pretty sure he's gonna get divorce raped if there's no prenup. Would love to see what the feminist take on this is, that she wants "spousal support" even though she is a modern independent woman who is educated and can find work on her own.

5 upvotesSherlock--Holmes4 years ago

"irreconcilable differences" = "I get billions of your dollars if I divorce you"

6 upvotesWhisper4 years ago

Women and power do not mix.

The microsecond a woman has power she ruins everything she touches with it. She simply does not understand how to act with restraint, or that restraint is a thing. She believes that anything she is allowed to do is okay for her to do.

Women are not inherently toxic, but giving them power is like throwing alkali metal into water. The instant they have they will abuse it, not out of malice, but because they simply do not understand the difference between use of power and abuse of it.

I recently watched a good friend of mine, who is generally quite wise, be overcome by his own good nature and place two highly-trustworthy-appearing women in a position where they had access to tools that gave them a slight degree of power over others. Within days, they abused those tools to go after one of his right-hand guys, and were puzzled and hurt when everyone reacted with repugnance and rage, and took the controls away again.

They honestly had no idea that they had done anything wrong, and the idea was so foreign to them that it couldn't successfully even be explained.

He had given them a crown, right? And now they were queens and could do anything they wanted, right?

Women aren't divided into untrustworthy bad women and trustworthy good ones. Even the nicest, sweetest, most well-intentioned woman is no better at handling power than the most rotten, bitchy, toxic skank.

Because the sheer magnitude of their incompetence at handling power eclipses any ill intentions they could possibly have.

And this is why you do not get married. It has nothing to do with whether the woman is "good" or "bad" or somewhere in between. Modern family law gives women power over their husbands. And no woman is equipped to properly use that power.

4 upvotesUcDat4 years ago

and none of you alpha smart mofoes can conceive they are playing you all she's securing half his assets before the fall. well I guess we'll know soon enough give it a year or less if not you can take pride in that beta downvote

6 upvotesosama_bin_lefty24 years ago

At this point I have no fucking sympathy for men getting divorced fucked. WHY ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED? You have EVERYTHING to loose and nothing to gain.

5 upvotesBluepillProfessor4 years ago

If it were me? The next propulsive landing would be programmed rather differently. Those Falcon-9's can't seem to sink the drone ship, but I bet a rocket hitting the marital home at Mach 5 would do a satisfying amount of damage.

His prenup was good for the first divorce-rape. It may very well NOT be any good for the second. Plus she gets to add her time married with the guy the second time so her second short term (4 year) marriage metastasizes into a "long term" marriage.

This cunt had the entire strategy planned from the beginning. This is one time when it didn't "just happen." Count on it.

5 upvotesHoundDogs4 years ago

Jesus, this is disgusting. There's no excuse for this. He's literally changing the fucking world and the state is going to give half his wealth to a woman who's accomplished absolutely nothing notable.

3 upvotesB_Campbell4 years ago

There's absolutely no way he doesn't have a prenup.

3 upvotesLuckyluke234 years ago

he just wants a chick to do her wifely duty while he makes billions.

this is the fucking problem. because women are now " liberated" and everyone has to be a " strong independent women" it fucked the dynamic up.

she can have her cake and eat it too. instead of toeing the line and being a good little wifey and reap the benefits.

now all she has to do is divorce rape him and ride the CC and it's the same thing.

10 upvotesDustin_Bromain4 years ago

Oh fuck no, if this fish fucks with SpaceX because she wants to go on a thirty million dollar dick shopping spree, I will fucking assassinate her.

17 upvotesInterversity4 years ago

Why blame her? Musk is the dumbass who married her a second time. He's not responsible for being so reckless?

4 upvotesmarplaneit4 years ago

Society still gonna pay for it (As well as Elon Musk)

3 upvotesrockmasterflex4 years ago

Who the fuck remarries somebody they already divorced?

3 upvotestaoofmojo4 years ago

Women are no longer there to support great men.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

They never have been. They're parasite pretenders

5 upvotesbittr_n_swt4 years ago

I have no sympathy for him, he's truly an idiot. Maybe he'll learn his lesson now

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago


What is this?

2 upvotescantFindValidNam4 years ago

Im not american nor very familiar with divorce law. Can someone please explain what's the reasoning here that makes a divorcing wife entitled to her husband's assests? Shoulnd't the husband in the worst case just pay some monthly fee as child support? (which are a function of the cost of living and not the husband's value?)

2 upvotesTheDarkTriad4 years ago

That's the entire issue with American divorce laws. She gets at least half of everything sometimes more and you may have to pay alimony (monthly financial support to her). All of this regardless of why you're divorcing. Found her in the bathroom of a club with a dude giving it to her and now you want to divorce her? Well then she gets rewarded with half of everything and alimony.

2 upvotesWhyNotJustEnjoyLife4 years ago

Carl the cuck would be proud.

2 upvotesTarnsman4Life4 years ago

What a fucking idiot for not getting a pre-nump, I mean she has shown you that she is gonna buck, yet you trust her not to again? Smart guys are really fucking stupid sometimes.

2 upvotesberlinbrown4 years ago

Why would you divorce the guy?

2 upvotesberlinbrown4 years ago


2 upvotesberlinbrown4 years ago

I just realized something.

Elon Musk is one of the coolest, smartest guys of our generation. Just based on the things that he had done. He is pioneering a private space program for fucksakes.

If you can't make it work with this guy, then it just confirms that marriage is the biggest sham out there.

On Musk, how does he play it. Maybe some guys would get tired of stuck up super models being around all the time. I don't know how these super rich/famous guys operate. Either way, I don't think they should get married at least to one woman anyway.

2 upvotesNeoreactionSafe4 years ago


  • Marriage 1.0 - In a divorce a woman gets nothing.

  • Marriage 2.0 - In a divorce a woman gets half plus alimony and child support.

  • Child Support Laws - Invented in 1950, now unmarried women can gain male slaves if they extract the man's sperm and use it for a child.


So Elon Musk never got the memo that things have changed.


2 upvotesBenitoKLA4 years ago

Who in their right mind would marry the same hoe twice? If you ask me this guy played himself

2 upvotesthrowaway_advice44 years ago

Idk, I read a postmortem from his first wife. Dude seemed pretty alpha.

Also he pretty much got his second wife to raise 5 children from his first wife while he's out building companies.

It's not over yet.

2 upvotesIndigo_Monkey4 years ago

What a fucking idiot. Second time. I would want him to get rinsed if it weren't for his value in the technological arena.

This is just beyond belief.

2 upvotes_DiscoNinja_4 years ago

They originally married in 2010, the year she played the Hot-as-fuck blonde in Inception.

But the Blonde wasn't real. It was just something Tom Hardy came up with to help trick a Billionaire into dismantling his empire.

Life imitates Art.

2 upvotesDJGammaRabbit4 years ago

For being that smart he's pretty fucking stupid! I guess anyone like that would fall under those polarities.

2 upvotesTheSlicemanCometh4 years ago

Okay we need to fucking immediately end this K-seletion=betabux bullshit.

Not true at all. K-selected are predators, R-selected are prey therefore procreate as fast as possible before you die.

Chad is R-selected. You do not want to be Chad. You are not a moron poolboy. You are a fucking wolf. You have a high ability to recongnize danger, that is why you are on TRP. You are K-selected.

2 upvotessummersss3 years ago

she ran out of money so they "fell back together" how romantic. dont feel sorry for him. He didn't learn the first time.

4 upvoteslawrencep934 years ago

I hope this hoe doesn't slow his projects down, I have a bit of money invested in Lithium mines for Musk's electric car and battery projects

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I have a bit of money invested in Lithium mines

Thats a good idea I want to do that

3 upvotesSepean4 years ago

Probably no one else thought of that, so the market undervalues it. That's your thinking?

1 upvoteslawrencep934 years ago

Go find some lithium stocks, research them and buy one you like

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Elon probably tried the same shit he tried to pull with Geohotz over self-driving cars. Geohotz walked away making a bet, but this female will walk away with half his money......again!

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Being successful professionally is already an accomplishment and it's even harder to find a good wife.

I hope it is a plan to evade taxes or some intelligent scheme like that.

I can't believe a successful entrepreneur making the same mistake twice.

Or Life is just a fucking joke

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

It may be some "deal" definitely. But what, will become apparent a while later. Somehow, I find it hard to believe that such smart and rich guys don't have access to amazing lawyers and advisers.

On the other hand..why do smart rich guys need a wife?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Status, social acceptance, and sex ? (sometimes ;) )

2 upvotessirmadam4 years ago

Sex, go to a hooker. How is going to a hooker any different than this setup? She's clearly in it for the pay day.

1 upvotesSepean4 years ago

It's certainly A LOT easier to find a good wife than get the success he had.

But most people have very domain specific skills. He's a good entrepeneur, that doesn't mean he knows the first thing about women.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

She also received a tender tweet from Musk: "It was an amazing four years. I will love you forever. You will make someone very happy one day." Nigga please. How can someone that brilliant be that fucking stupid.

1 upvotesDaphneDK4 years ago

Well at least he now "shot to the top of T&C's list of the most eligible bachelors." Lucky guy. Isn't he a S. African btw. But I guess it won't save him if he has residency in California.

1 upvotesiliketohumblebrag4 years ago

South African born and raised to approx. the age of 18, but living in the US since, so at least residency, but probably citizenship in America. Anyway, very clever and rich, but no common sense. C'est la vie, you can't make a horse drink.

1 upvotesnuesuh4 years ago

She already got 4,2M, a car and expensive watches in her first divorce.

It's never enough with these women. Nothing can satisfy them.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago


I'm sorry, TRP, but I don't understand why you guys are so vehement about this point. It's simply not true. I can speak from personal experience.

1 upvotes6-_-j4 years ago

It is likely this bitch is going to slow the pace of human progress because she totally deserves half his self-made fortune.

1 upvotesSherlock--Holmes4 years ago

"There is no such thing as female privilege."

"There is no equality in this world for women!"

1 upvotesExamplePrime4 years ago

How is this nonsense legal?

This is basically straight up theft.

1 upvotestones20134 years ago

Wow. Since trump the comments in this sub have taken a massive quality dive

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Tweet him on Twitter directing to this.

1 upvotesbleed-red4 years ago

Can somebody send him a link?

1 upvotesEscortSportage4 years ago

He and many other men didnt learn the first time.

1 upvotesFFXIV_Machinist4 years ago

idk that you can call musk beta.... he put fuckers in space. thats a pretty alpha achievement.

1 upvotessatanicpriest134 years ago

Don't get married. Fucking hell how can such geniuses make the mistake. Simple. Do not get married. Make money, lift weights, spin plates.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Having a family could be cool.

1 upvotessatanicpriest134 years ago

Get surrogate and have kids. And get a dog.

1 upvotesCobra322334 years ago

Poor Musk, he's going to learn the true fate of all beta bucks, even the billion dollar class BB.

1 upvotesF_Dingo4 years ago

After the first divorce I'm sure Musk wised up. The bitch won't be a billionaire from a divorce.

1 upvotespenis_butter_n_jelly4 years ago

This thread reads like XX Chromosomes echo chamber. Musk will likely pay a negligible amount. Both of his previous divorce settlements were in his favor to a shocking degree. He offered his first ex-wife 80 million and when she fought for more, he made sure she only got 20 million. This is pure speculation on the part of the author. Musk most certainly had a prenup and though his net worth has increased, he hasn't actually posted capital gains. He has the same shares he entered the marriage with.

Is it stupid that Musk got married the first, second, and especially tird time? Obviously. Are family court laws stacked against men? Absolutely. Is there a reason to believe this divorce settlement will be different than the previous? No, unless you mean it will likely be less than the previous settlements.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The outrage is not so much at what will happen in this case, but what can happen under the law of the land.

Prenups get tossed out all of the time (not saying it's going to happen; I agree that there is a low chance Musk didn't cover his ass). The outrage is rather that these kind of guys are even at risk of losing billions to people who have done nothing to deserve those billions, and have to take legal/contractual actions to just be protected against unjustified and ridiculous asset-stripping.

1 upvotesNo_NSFW_at_Work4 years ago

It's because shit like this that Alien don't contact us, and now we can't contact them. FUCK THIS BITCH

1 upvotesbenuntu4 years ago

I've seen enough examples of abuse and manipulation of married women to justify awarding pretty hefty divorce settlements. These cases are few and far between, however. There are also cases where both the man and the woman earn similar amounts in their jobs and have purchased assets together. It makes sense to split up property and gains that they have made during their relationship. I also understand in those cases about ensuring two safe and comfortable living situations for children that might be involved.

But this shit right here? The money involved goes far beyond cost of living, there was no abuse involved, and this woman hasn't contributed enough to the businesses to lay claim to any profits made. Show me what his wife has done to "earn" her possibly hundreds of millions of dollars? What did she bring to the table? And more importantly, what prevented her from making her own money during the time of the marriage?

And yes, Elon is a goddamned idiot for letting this happen twice. And double damned for not having a prenup this second time.

1 upvotesSt_OP_to_u_chin_me4 years ago

He could of done better. She ain't all that.

1 upvotesfutianze4 years ago

It says she wants spousal fees and attorney fees. Although there is no mention of a prenup in the divorce filing, what are the odds she actually goes after assets/shares?

1 upvotesRealRational4 years ago

The societal and economic repercussions of treating this as "A California divorce" will be severe enough that I hope, I pray that some reform is achieved.

I mean, this will cost so many people so much. This will destroy so many jobs and so much creation. If this isn't enough to change divorce law then frankly, nothing is.

1 upvotesFillingInTheSkanks4 years ago

This here is an MPV in today's women game. She deserves a godamn medal

1 upvotescali81124 years ago

Sad. This guy is one of the most innovative people alive today. With what he ends up paying her, it could really impede whatever great things he was coming up with.

1 upvotesmilo3334 years ago

Why is everyone asssuming that he doesn't have a second prenup? The article only says that the first one does not transfer to the second marriage. If he was smart enough to get it the first time, I'm pretty sure he's smart enough to get it again.

1 upvotesMoneyley4 years ago

I dont believe any of this...she's a strong independent woman who dont need no man!

anymore *for 10,000 of her liftetimes over

1 upvotesjoseph_fuzzco_Jr4 years ago

"irreconcilable differences as legal ground for the divorce" Wait, that's a thing? Well, nice to know you can marry a guy, then split with half his cash for no valid reason.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Can we get Elon Musk to take the red pill?

1 upvotesTheZooveGroover4 years ago

On a slightly less serious note, have any of you watched "Love Sucks?"

1 upvotesnuffsaiddoe4 years ago

How is it possible none of you have mentioned the lack of info on the second pre-nump?

We dont even know if he has a pre-nump for this marriage. Its too early to say hes completely fucked.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Haha, if she gets half of Musk's assets after the divorce, then does Musk still get to have court ordered sex with her until she turns 30?

1 upvoteswastagaswe4 years ago

My dad invested a few hundred thousand in Tesla a couple years ago. Fantastic to hear the owner is a beta bucks..

1 upvotesunlockedshrine4 years ago

Not that it matters at this amount of money.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I'm not a godly man, but I am praying right now that Musk has a prenup. If he doesn't, this could be a setback for humanity akin to the Mongol siege of Baghdad that sent Islam back into the dark ages.

1 upvotesMakeAChoice94 years ago

Honour, loyalty and perseverance 99.999% of modern women have no idea what those terms mean.

1 upvotes_Madison_4 years ago

You can tell Elon is a complete beta from his craptacular public speaking skills.

1 upvotesBrewjo4 years ago

Certainly hasn't worked through his Competent Communicator book at Toastmasters yet.

1 upvotesBrewjo4 years ago

I look forward to Popps doing a vidjayo on this one, Musk could be paying over $200,000.00 per thrust!

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