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Once you realize what interested women will do for you with little effort on your part, you'll realize what a waste of energy it is to even talk to women who don't show immediate and enthusiastic interest.

by null on /r/TheRedPill
01 July 2016 03:52 PM UTC
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Ever go up to a woman on an approach and say, "Hey, I saw you and I just want to talk"?

Here's some truth to brand into your flesh:

Women don't want to just talk to men.

They want to fuck, go on an adventure, be told what to do, get into a dangerous situation, start some shit, fuck up someone's day, save the world, ride on a motorcycle, see a movie, dance, sell shit on Etsy, cheat, stab you, eat mayonnaise, and run from a dinosaur.

But never be fooled into ever think a woman ever wants to just talk, ever.

She has an agenda. You have an agenda.

Either you're working toward hers or you're working toward your own. There is no middle ground.

So when a woman shows middling or low interest, you've picked a mountain to climb. You'll climb it her way in her time with small reward and with no respect from her. You'll sacrifice time, energy, and focus, as well as inflating the value of what little payment you'll receive for the trouble - so that at the end, you must also deal with the effects of having catered to self-delusion. This means emotional fallout, time for getting your shit back together, retooling, and rebuilding. You've fucked yourself.

When a woman shows intense and vested interest, you've already won. You can have whatever you want. You can have it now. She will eagerly give you as much as you can handle and more. You've claimed a gift that was yours since birth. By acknowledging and fulfilling her desire to fulfill your desires - without hesitation, without pussyfooting around, with confidence and a smile on your face - you've not done anything amazing. You've simply had a normal sexual interaction between a masculine male and a feminine female. It is an interaction that not many people understand anymore but that everyone craves.

To achieve this end, value quantity of women over quality. This is old hat to many of you, but newbies take note. There's an epiphany waiting for you, that moment when you realize a woman you've known for 30 seconds is willing to do more for you than that girl you chased for 6 years.

Corollary: Any woman you interact with for a long amount of time in a non-sexual manner (who isn't already head over heels for you), is not a woman you will ever sleep with.

Here's the math:

You're more likely to get open eager honest sexuality from a woman within minutes of meeting you than you are in 3 years of dancing around the subject. Be up front, be honest, and in a quick few seconds she'll tell you with words or body language all that you need to know about who is likely to get what, when, and how (the politics of getting your dick wet). That's minutes invested rather than years wasted.

To do that, stop masturbating and do something extremely intense daily. I know we say "lifting." It's a wonderful go-to and will open all new dimensions in your life but to be honest, anything shamelessly and no-fucks intense will work. A sport. A competition. A gig. Anything that becomes something more than the sum of its parts and that requires focused balls-on-fire intensity - do that thing every day.

When you're raging and intense and focused, you become a black hole of Fuck that women fall into naturally. You want them. You can't stop yourself, and women are walking sex toys to a man who can't stop himself.

If you've been jacking off a lot and dispersed your energy and middled your life by avoiding intensity, extreme action, and excitement, you will be static and background noise to anyone you meet.

So if you've been going out after 3 wanks to try to psych yourself up to talk to that girl who maybe kind of likes you, you've fucked yourself. She'll smell your "kind of" interest, return a "kind of" interest with just enough hope to keep you on the leash. You will use the leash later to hang yourself.

If you go out after a week of not cumming, women will look at you from across the room with hopeful and begging eyes. They will say things to you and not know why. They will agree to do the kinkiest most fucked up shit because they can see in your eyes that you want it so goddamn badly. They will feel your leadership and use all your commands as refreshing and simplifying direction in their too-many-choices what-am-I-doing pointless lives.

And they absolutely, certainly, posi-fucking-tively won't just want to talk.

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84 upvotesITworksGuys3 years ago

I learned long ago that there are going to be some women that are instantly attracted to me, and some that will never be attracted to me.

There is a third category, the ones I could wear down/"game"/convince over time, but that is a lot of work.

It is better to spend the time finding the ones that are attracted to you and ignoring the rest.

Women know really fucking fast if they want to sleep with you or not. Take advantage of that and don't chase the uninterested ones.

31 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Women know really fucking fast if they want to sleep with you or not. Take advantage of that and don't chase the uninterested ones.

This is something I have been doing. I get why some guys want to spit game and convince a woman to sleep with them, because they feel like they won. The thing is it's just not worth the time and effort. I would rather just find a woman interested in making out or fucking and do it.

23 upvotesITworksGuys3 years ago

There is nothing sadder than watching that guy you know just trying to grind down that chick's defenses.

I have seen dudes waste a whole night out on one chick who isn't that into them.

Fish aren't biting, move on.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Exactly. I used to go after women who I was attracted to, but didn't show me IOIs or I thought they did, (this while in college) and while many times I did move on after spitting game and all that, there are many times I should have moved on earlier.

I just don't have time or patience to spit game on one chick the entire night. It's not worth it and you look pathetic and like a creep. If she's not interested and I can tell, even if she's dancing with me, moving on to the next one.

15 upvotesstawek3 years ago

And your SMV determines the ratio of women who are interested.

11 upvotesWay_Of_Man3 years ago

I've seen this broken down multiple times using the traffic signal system. "Red, yellow, green"

Reds and greens are pretty self explanatory. The "yellow light" girls are the most dangerous. Just because they are a much wider range of possibilities.

A "yellow light" girl could just be really shy or have a lot of societal programming that she isn't supposed to sleep with strange/new/exciting men. Or she could be on the fence about you in general, but she'll fuck you if the logistics and situation is right. Or maybe the "yellow light" girls is actually a "red light" who just gets her kicks out of leading men on.

Physical escalation tends to cut through the BS and help you figure out who's who. "Yellow Light" girls who you think will sleep with you might take a little push/pull which is more of an art.

8 upvoteslqtys3 years ago

That is the purpose of self-improvement. To increase the number of women that are instantly attracted to you.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Recently I noticed a girl at work who was crazy about me and I did absolutely nothing to gain that attention. It's a stark contrast to girls who wouldn't give me the time of fucking day. The difference is night and day. A girl I could sleep with instantly and a girl I might never sleep with regardless of what I do.

369 upvotesRedWinter883 years ago

Fortune favors the bold. He who hesitates, masturbates.

73 upvotesKartagoPill3 years ago

I like more: Those who work can pay prostitutes.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

60 upvotesObnoxiousDrunk3 years ago

"They keep talking about 'female viagra'......that shit already exists!! It's called a Ferrari"

16 upvotesChadThundercockII3 years ago

It's called a hundred dollar bill. You get it in stacks from the bank.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotessurfjihad3 years ago


1 upvotessurfjihad3 years ago


0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


1 upvotessurfjihad3 years ago

Yes, cuz hyper leftism SJW

-7 upvoteswhyalwaysm33 years ago

Hey rich guy if you're in the NYC/NJ area hire me a good looking 28 year old who will get you laid even more lol

33 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

so many guys would be shocked at the results if they boldly just went in for a kiss at a party with a friend. I find that a lot of the time it works, and if it doesnt, who cares? At least you showed that you werent a pussy

96 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Her: Why did you try to kiss me, I have a boyfriend!?

Op: Oh well who cares

Her: officer, he tried to rape me

21 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

im not saying be creepy about it dude. I meant if you have friendships with women and you see an opening, take it. Obviously there is some nuance here, i didnt just mean grabbing the first girl you see and kissing her right then and there. Just dont be a giant pussy and make a move, if it fails just shrug and move on. I'm obviously assuming in this scenario you're somewhat confident, know how to read signs, and put effort into your appearance so you dont look like a creep. I just didn't think I needed to spell out all the particulars that should be obvious

-9 upvotesSeducibledotcom3 years ago

An opening? Like when a boxer drops his hands and leaves his face open? That's a lot of openings when just talking to a girl.

7 upvotesnothere_3 years ago

What's happened to this forum

0 upvotesunicorn-carousel3 years ago

I once cut a circle out. The one salvageable girl is one I went in for a kiss with on the first night we met. She noped and I said had to try and shrugged and we were cool after that. Turns out I was dicking her friend who lived there before her good too--the former room mate is what started dragging me through the mud, yet the new girl who noped me is loyal to me. She'll fuck me eventually if I take it (our social circles touch maybe 4-5x/yr), she was about 2 years pre wall at the time... "hey, it's been too long!" message due any day now. I will probably not though, unless she drops weight or something. She is nice and half Latina and an actually good wing. (edit: 2 years PRE wall).

1 upvotesProject_Thor3 years ago

You need to have her tingles continuing to be safe here.

0 upvotesiSnORtcHuNkz693 years ago

That kind of thinking will keep you masturbating in the basement for the rest of your life.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yeah, masturbating all day in a jail cell.

7 upvotesheartbroken_nerd3 years ago

Care to elaborate on the kissing a friend at a party part? Are we talking about a friend-zone situation here? A long-time one?

4 upvotesunicorn-carousel3 years ago


4 upvotesunicorn-carousel3 years ago

LMFAO, I am going to test this tonight :). I know for a fact the answer is yes with vast swaths of women including FOB Latinas and I happen to love their king treatment :) :) -- this can work on them, thanks!

2 upvotesStoicCrane3 years ago

Be sure to report your results. Interested to see how this pans out.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Unicorn carousel is really gonna try being a carousel for these women.

3 upvotesRedPillFreedom3 years ago

Had that exact thing happen to me but it was in class.

So I didn't do the 3rd step and start making out.

Regardless, good on you for such a quick close.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Haha. I have heard of that before and how it works, but never tried it myself. I might try it sometime.

2 upvotesheartbroken_nerd3 years ago

What a cool story, gotta try that sometime.

It does NOT sound like criney pua shit, in fact I like RSD for example because the free videos they put online touch on everything from self-development through psychology to picking girls in bars.

This kind of behavior seems to convey a lot of value and confidence, which is attractive on its own and when you combine them you can get away with more.

19 upvotesExtraltodeus3 years ago


Leave her and stop trying.

3 upvotesheartbroken_nerd3 years ago

I was asking about that specific part, what does he even mean?

Getting over every single oneitis I've ever had took me a while once I discovered RedPill, none left. :D

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesheartbroken_nerd3 years ago


1 upvotesiSnORtcHuNkz693 years ago

Were talking about a girl you just met that night. If you didn't kiss her in the first two interactions, by the third time she'll make up her mind for the both of you.

2 upvoteswiseprogressivethink3 years ago

This comment is a near-perfect tl;dr version of the OP's post.

0 upvotesjon_targstark3 years ago

वीर भोग्य वसुंधरा

A new perspective

115 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

do something extremely intense

I'm posing nude for a sculpting class and workshop. Does that count? Every Wednesday from 6-10pm. About 30 people in the class, 3/4 of them are women. Of those, about 2/3 are attractive, the rest aren't ugly, just too old.

During breaks everyone talks to me. Sometimes they try to hold a conversation while I'm up there trying to hold a pose.

23 upvoteseccentricrealist3 years ago

It's certainly off the beaten track

53 upvotesaDrunkenWhaler3 years ago

Here's what to do. Make yourself very horny before leaving. Watch some porn maybe, but don't jerk off. While in the middle of the sculpting class, look at the girl you want to hit on and focus on banging her right there in front of everyone. Don't stare like a creapo, just undress her with your eyes. Do it until you get a hard on.

Everyone will giggle, slightly uncomfortable, especially the girl. Play it out with a cool and amused grin on your face, not bothered one bit. Don't appologize, own it, 100% confidence, no fucks given. Better to just smile and not say anything, but depending on the atmoaphere you can even throw a joke like 'It's lot harder than you think'. After a minute or so, stop looking at her and let the hard on die out.

She'll start hamstering and get horny, the others will feel jelouse and competitive. You can hit on whoever you want afterwards if you play it right.

139 upvoteswhyalwaysm33 years ago

Wtf... No don't do that. That's fucking weird as hell dude lol

4 upvoteswhyalwaysm33 years ago


4 upvoteswhyalwaysm33 years ago

You're also an idiot. You clearly have no experience with women if you think that dumbass story will work lmao.

32 upvotesaDrunkenWhaler3 years ago

You're nude in front of 30 people looking at your junk for 3-4 hours. How's that for 'fucking weird'? Also, getting a hard on happens frequently when posing, nothing weird about it, just funny for the class and emberassing for the poser, unless he owns it. These are all artsy liberal people, you're not doing it in front of the church choir.

Later edit: it's only weird if you're not attractive.

1 upvoteswhyalwaysm33 years ago

You're an idiot. Guaranteed you have minimal experience wirh women lmao.

2 upvotesupupvote23 years ago

I can picture them clearing the room for a bit until his erection goes down.

12 upvotesaDrunkenWhaler3 years ago

I'm guessing you never took an art class.

1 upvotesmicrowave443 years ago

Indeed, we all know women don't like penises like wtf

22 upvotes5hogun3 years ago

If you happen to adopt a reclining pose before the erection occurs, make sure to envision all of the perverted, depraved deeds you wish to undertake with the chosen girl of focus. Ignore everyone else and penetrate her with your lecherous glare and impish grin.

When the moment is just right and the tension palpable, demonstrate your prowess by—hands-free—shooting your gizz forcefully upwards. As rope after rope of manly seed spurts impressively onto your face, do not break pose and do not break eye contact—ignore the rest of the people in the room and any noticeable reactions.

Finish the pose strong, own it, don't apologize, 100% confidence, zero fucks proffered. Then stand up, walk over and rape her in front of the other beta scum.

2 upvotesBuchloe3 years ago

Can confirm- 60% of the time, it works EVERY time

19 upvotesTWYW3 years ago

What the fuck am I reading?

23 upvoteswiseprogressivethink3 years ago

That might be advanced-level Red Pill shit.

11 upvotesaDrunkenWhaler3 years ago

Agreed. If you're not confident and suck at flirting, better keep it down.

6 upvotesscissor_me_timbers003 years ago

Lol no kidding. It's either total madness, or the boldest rock hard frame move I can conceive.

1 upvotes5t3fan03 years ago

epic! it sounds so unusual that it must work wonders!

2 upvotesTRPrinny3 years ago

Have you converted any of them?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I dated two students and a professor. But nothing ever came of it, if you know what I mean.

2 upvoteswiseprogressivethink3 years ago

Doing something like that reeks of self-confidence. So long as your dick isn't an innie and you aren't 300 pounds, I think you should be harvesting some numbers, my friend.

-16 upvotesKwantuum3 years ago

That's not intense. It's a great thing to do but it doesn't turn you into a bloodthirsty animal full or irrational confidence and pride.

21 upvotestabber873 years ago

Well I guess if you're willing to stand in front of a bunch of clothed strangers butt-ass naked then you don't really need to be filled with irrational confidence; you've already got plenty of it.

0 upvotesbowie7473 years ago

You're getting hammered ITT

37 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is something I've noticed in my life. Some betas never see this first hand, and the first time i experienced the royal treatment there was no going back. I had to do whatever it took to be AF. Totally worth it.

5 upvotesunicorn-carousel3 years ago

YES. I moved to a nice city into a house at the same time as this other chick, and she gave me the king treatment, it was fucking amazing... never looked back. Found another Latina out by chance, she was a good plate for a while until I started listening to her and she lost all respect. I haven't had a plate in a while, been in kind of a shit place without realizing it, not even respecting myself :... in any case, back to a good spot, can already feel tentacles creeping out of vaginas from a lot of new hot girls I meet who are a level above anyone I've dated in the last 5 years.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yep. I've learned that sometimes if I don't respect myself (for any reason), then I should monk mode until I do. Once I'm happy with my life then I exude a kind of confidence that women can smell. It doesn't matter if you're ripped, rich, etc. If you don't respect yourself because you have a problem that you're ignoring and it's festering in your life then you won't be able to game at your peak.

In the past I would keep chasing women even when deep down I just didn't feel like dicking with them at all and they'd sense it and treat me like shit. Then I'd spiral into an even worse place and buy into the rejection.

Monk mode can be awesome. Mostly because it teaches you that you don't need bitches to be happy... and ironically once you don't need them they come running.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Monk mode is a nice way to describe it, but yeah that's extremely important. Have to respect yourself and be happy first and foremost then the women can come along and you can be successful.

64 upvotesmax_peenor3 years ago


64 upvotesmax_peenor3 years ago

The women come after you've focused on and improved yourself.

Literally. If you are high value, they will present themselves to you, lift their tails and hope they are selected. If you have to hunt women, you aren't the tribal chief--you are just another war party drone.

I'm an old guy so I like to share life experiences with the whipper-snappers, much like men did with me long ago, to put color on these conversations we have. So here is a somewhat related tangent:

Are you a good looking guy in an office full of hens? Do you harbor a passing disdain for the beasts? This is what you do. Those that are desperate for your manly presence inside their delicate (but no doubt previously occupied) girl places, will bring you things. In workplaces, women tend to bring food, which makes sense because an unfortunate number of them are fat. I don't want women to bring me food; I want them to bring me quality pussy. I have never once eaten anything given to me by these women. I would accept the food with a smile and then leave it in my office until it was no good and the cleaning staff tosses it. It drove them fucking nuts. The few that I did bed (aka sane and a proper BMI) would tell me how much of an asshole the other women thought I was Yet it didn't stop any of them from continuing to try. There was one of them that I must have done this to a dozen times and when I finally agreed to have dinner with her twice, I stood her up, twice (bad luck, I wasn't trying to be a dick). A decade and a half later she still sends me birthday and holiday notes, along with the random messages proposing coffee to catch up on old times. We had no old times, lady, you were creepy, desperate and worked in the same company--that's it.

10 upvotes-sr713 years ago

Hey man im having a very hard time with accepting what women actually like. For the first time in my life i figured out how to evoke desire in a girl not just friendship or likeability and it just seems so wrong. What are your thoughts on this?

21 upvotesRedPillHorse3 years ago

Well, it's sort of revolting to wake up and realize that society grooms up to be absolute needy failures when it comes to courting women.

It's not even that society is deliberately lying. The qualities that women list as being positive qualities are all positive qualities for friends. It's just that the part of the brain that picks friends, and the part of the brain that picks mates is separate, and most women in addition to some men, believe that their brains only have the friendship part and that sex is just an integrated function of friendship. a.k.a. your s.o. should be your best friend spiel.

Women have direct conscious access to the part of their brains that tell them what they like in friends. But what they like in mates is illusive, which is why they hate that they can't quit losers and jerks, a.k.a. men that fit the profile of survival a thousand years ago. It's better for them to not know, because what is the optimal choice for survival isn't always the most seemingly logical choice. I.e. being the third wife of some abusive chief vs being the "one and only" of some beta loser.

You can't negotiate affection, and a function of this is that you cannot negotiate the fact that women's preferences aren't made for modern society, and women's preferences isn't the modern man. You can't change this, and you have to adapt into the behaviour that, frankly, is best for banging women.

So you become a wealthy swole jerk. Quod erat demonstrandum.

1 upvotesbrasileiro5553 years ago

i read as if i was reading a book... somehow

6 upvotesmanslutalt3 years ago

You don't have to be an asshole to attract women, but if you are attractive they will tolerate you being an asshole.

2 upvotesmax_peenor3 years ago

It's sort of like Divine Right. King conquer and possesses because that's just the way it is. They don't shed a single tear over it. Well, I'm a male. Millions of years have created me and my desire to physically conquer possess a woman. It's just the way it is. Kings use armies. I use my attraction.

I refuse to apologize for being human.

11 upvotesDannyDemotta3 years ago

And 99% of gains happen outside of the gym - but if you don't Gym properly, if you're a 6 day PPL fuckhat on a hump and pump routine, you're still going to look like a skinny DYEL or a fat turd.

Women are the reward for TRPing, and for many, the main motivation. Its biological. No need to throw on your fedora and start worshipping le self improvement. I don't want a six pack for other dudes, and neither did I buy my sweet ride for men. I could have gotten a GTO or a scraper for that.

Self improvement is like foundational work, its like your AA degree - but we're here to major in Banging Strange. You can't get that Bachelors degree if the only woman you TRP on is your current wife or GF. You're outside looking in.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Lmao whats wrong with PPL? You can get swole as fuck on a 6 day split.

3 upvotesDannyDemotta3 years ago

Unless you're on gear, it's overkill. You'll get just as big doing a 4-day program with 2 strength/heavy days and 2 hypertrophy/pump days. Doing 6 days - especially when you do "shoulders" the DAY BEFORE Bench, and Deadlift the DAY BEFORE Squatting - just guarantees your strength gains will be sub-optimal and you'll just make superficial gains while punishing your joints.

Not sustainable, will make you injury prone. That's why you see so many 6 day PPL guys on this "Yeah, I don't Squat any more, I do leg press instead" "I don't flat bench, I do DB bench instead, it's just as effective, and it doesn't hurt my shoulder" etc etc bullshit excuses. They're more concerned with hitting reps/sets and "feeling it" than they are doing the lifts appropriately and getting stronger - thus making their hypertrophy sets actually mean something.

1 upvotesProject_Thor3 years ago

4-Day Program of Strength Days, Conquer your inner bitch.

1 upvotesDannyDemotta3 years ago

My strength gains ain't going much higher without a prolonged bulk (year or more) mixed with tons of vacation/absenteeism at work and request for less hours. No thanks, I like money too much.

20 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Women are 10% of TRP philosophy but get 90% of the posts and attention.

It's a forum on sexual strategy. It says so in the intro right after "Welcome to The Red Pill." Why do people keep saying this "it's not about women" shit? No, you're not the first.

1 upvotesjackandjill223 years ago

Why bored, you realize there's a lot to the theory behind it correct? Also, that 'relatively simple' outline is extraordinarily more complicated than your succinct sentence makes it seem.

-Can you explain how to make social connects when nepotism drives human favour? -How about how location & socioeconomics drives whether or not someone is successful? & why?

Didn't think so

-17 upvotesKwantuum3 years ago

Nope. TRP is a sexual strategy. If you've got the sex part figured out you can move on to more self-dev/philosophical circles, but TRP is just that: sexual strategy.

4 upvotesAvengerSentinel3 years ago


4 upvotesAvengerSentinel3 years ago


4 upvotesAvengerSentinel3 years ago

"Sexual strategy and life strategy are the same."


2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I like this ideology. It serves to demote women off the pedestal - a place I'm happy to say TRP has helped me to see they don't belong.

1 upvotesSeducibledotcom3 years ago

There is no sexual strategy anymore bro. If you're fit and clean you can fuck a hot ass hooker for $100 or less if it's a regular thing.

5 upvotesJackGetsIt3 years ago

? Seriously what are you trying to say with this comment??

66 upvotesgrewapair3 years ago

When you reach your 30s, some of the women "settle" for you. They want Chad, but they aren't getting him and the clock is ticking and they settle for you. You are between an alpha and an orbiter. They'll give you sex, so you think you must be her alpha.

That is, until you get married, have kids, and the youngest kid is in school, at which point your ass gets divorce raped, because now you have no utility to them. They have your money and your sperm and so you are just a useless bag of wasted time to her. That's when you realize she settled for you.

The women who are settling for you don't eagerly sleep with you. They reluctantly do so after tons of prodding.

I've had both types of women, one sleeps with me on the first or second date or with no date. The other type reluctantly does so after much prodding, but there's always an issue in the back of her mind that keeps her from ever being very enthusiastic. She always thinks she's better than me, so I have to fulfill her dream and she is NOT going to put one iota of effort into fulfilling mine.

If the girl isn't eager by date 2, next her. It's just never fun to be with a girl who is settling for you rather than desiring you. Although you might think beggars can't be choosers, it's never worth the time.

3 upvotesNaughtyFred3 years ago


3 upvotesNaughtyFred3 years ago

The Book Of Pook should be on the sidebar.

3 upvoteszzttgg3 years ago

I completely agree with this. Nowhere is it written than you are not allowed to be single. There are a lot of prostitutes even if you never attract a woman.

7 upvoteszzttgg3 years ago

They do not. They are mindless. They get to their 30's and decide it is time to settle down. Little do they realise by the time most men are 30 they have figured out that they do not want to settle down. Why would I want to settle down with a fat 30 year old woman who is fucked in the head mental and completely selfish ?

70 upvotesRedditAdminsSuck_883 years ago

Good post, my advice:

Don't wait for "the right time" to approach, escalate, or make your intentions known. There is only one right time to do all 3 of those things - NOW or as soon as possible.

If you have the mindset of "I need to wait for the right moment" then no moment will be good enough for your hamster. You will just hamster away the moment and come up with reasons why its not the optimal time.

20 upvotesTestoclesBalls3 years ago

This, so much this. I used to think I need the right "moment" to approach, and what happened? I went home and beat off because there was never a moment that was "right"

Just fucking do it

3 upvoteswiredtobeweird3 years ago

Did you read any books prior to cold approaching?

2 upvotesTestoclesBalls3 years ago

Yeah I finished The First Formic War by Orson Scott Card lol

I mostly just went out with friends to bars and observed the way of the world. I was homeschooled so I had to do some catching up as a 19 year old with fiercely religious parents... I quickly figured out that even though I'm rather a pretty boy I wasn't gonna get a damn thing if I didn't man up and start hitting on some hoes. So trial and error, some Red Pill and a lot of observation of other guys who kill it with the ladies and boom progress.

2 upvotesonADailyy3 years ago

What if she's at work surrounded by everyone else, and she's in a senior position... What then?

Get my ass fired?

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Work isn't the best place to be hitting on people.

6 upvoteskaane3 years ago

You should not shit where you eat. I mean if you want to keep your job, but otherwise, go for it..

Remember, if she has a higher pay grade than you, the chances are when you next her (and you will eventually) she will try her best to use her power over you. And this would ruin your job, or even your career.

In the end, doesn't work the risk..

26 upvotescirclhat3 years ago

Dude, you just drop some deep shit, and its 100% true , to be honest I don't know why I pursue women who don't show immediate interests, I guess because I feel I should be building my game but in reality even if you make them laugh they will still fuck someone else who they like.

I recently had a girl who was so kind, sweet and gentle and fuck like a porn star, with no effort on my part, it was almost surreal , than you have girls who say lets talk and get to know each other first.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Exactly. This so much. It's like why bother jumping through all these hoops when you can just find a chick who is chill and will give you sex and make you feel attractive.

3 upvotesKwantuum3 years ago

I remember watching a video of RSD where Julien was saying that a lot of the time, you just need to be "good enough" and I think it hits it on the head. If she has nobody else lined up and you play your cards right you will bang her. Now of course it's no where near as intense and natural as with a girl that's into you right off the bat, but you can still make it happen. Up to you to decide if it's even worth the effort when you could spend that effort trying to find girls that are into you instead.

10 upvotesrscumslut3 years ago

The second to last sentence inspired me to start nofap today. Hopefully this won't end tomorrow.

14 upvotesWolfofAnarchy3 years ago

NoFap remains the best thing I've ever done.

It gave me so much energy and drive, that it was a catalyst for lifting, working, improving, TRP, reading, meditating, everything.

Masturbating is the ultimate 'everything is OK' thing to do.

You do what your body wants you to do because you caved to a simple urge and your body is now content that you fuck every day, so nothing needs to change.

When you are 2 weeks dry, you're going to go fucking nuts, at least I did, many times. So much drive and energy.

2 upvotesmojo_juju3 years ago

it would be cool to read a post where someone tracks their commitment to this, along with their self improvement / reaching goals and describe how and why they think the nofap contributed in the ways you mention. i'd like to see a post about it...

1 upvotesbrasileiro5553 years ago

reddit nofap there's like 100 thousands of it

1 upvotesmojo_juju3 years ago

yeah, but i want to see one on TRP

4 upvotesNoFapCZ3 years ago

I am on 72 days streak right now. It´s not that hard. Just do a lot of physical activity, get really busy, dont be pussy and you will control your body. Not the other way around.

Results are amazing

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I went 45 days no fapped and I caved. Not doing that again. I'm starting another streak again and gonna go for longer.

3 upvotesthats_abingo3 years ago

it honestly may. the first few days are the hardest for sure

20 upvotesGoingTheHardWay3 years ago

If you go out after a week of not cumming, women will look at you from across the room with hopeful and begging eyes. They will say things to you and not know why.

This is true... I can attest to that with some recent success (just ended a 8+ month dry spell...)

It's a catch 22 though. You jerk off, you lack the drive or mojo to make it happen. You don't jerk off and you nut in less than 5 minutes with anyone that isn't a hampig.

I recognize the benefits of no porn and limited fapping - it's improved the overall quality of my life... but I cannot begin to tell you how disappointing it feels to finally get that payout only to end up a two pump chump...

Not all girls are understanding or attracted enough to wait 10 more minutes for round two after such disappointments.

18 upvoteswiseprogressivethink3 years ago

I understand what you're talking about, but it's a fairly easy fix. Explain to her as you are fucking her that she's just so damn hot that you just can't last with her. (Don't make it an "explanation" but just a comment in the heat of passion.) So when you shoot your load within 300 seconds, it won't come as a huge surprise/disappointment. Chuckle at yourself and praise her ("you're just so amazing") and then immediately eat the pussy. Eating the pussy is just buying yourself time during the refractory period. Then it's just a matter of time before the dick starts functioning normally again, and you can give her a solid full-length fucking in Round Two. She'll be both flattered by the quick cum and impressed by the stamina (and hopefully pleased by the pussy-eating during the intermission).

9 upvotesp3n1x3 years ago

you nut in less than 5 minutes

If you are concerned with her "disappointment" then get better in bed, period. Up your foreplay skills, get your face in her pussy, etc... Women can easily come within seconds of being penetrated.

You are under a spell if you believe its harder for women than men to orgasm.

Not all girls are understanding or attracted enough to wait 10 more minutes

This is an entirely different problem and not about how fast you pop a nut.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Have you tried oral first? Give them theres then go to town (for 1.5 minutes).

1 upvotesadam_varg3 years ago


Do your kegels and in few months you will be able to control your ejaculation.

If you will be extremely horny the worst can happen is you will have to stop or pull out for ten second (i usually use this pause to make her cum by massaging g spot hard) then proceed with fucking again. If she will notice or you inform her that you almost came so early she will get more happy and aroused because she is gonna feel so attractive that this attractive and experienced man (loser wouldnt be able to regulate himself) almost couldnt helphimself.

19 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

There is some serious new talent in here. I have been reading TRP for over a year and I think the quality of posts are getting better. OP is clearly a serious player. When you get pearls of wisdom like this you just know the man understands his shit and understands women. There are no exceptions to what OP is saying here, if the girl is talking to you and there are no IOIs then you are best of moving on instantly. You CANNOT negotiate attraction.

One great test of her level of attraction is the hand hold. Hold her hand, then play with her fingers, squeeze her hand or make little circles on her wrist with your finger. If she squeezes back, or plays with your fingers then she likes you and she is yours for the taking. Just shut the fuck up at this point and escalate. If she lets go of your hand, get up and walk away. Have some pride, do not waste your precious time on girls who will not fuck you.

3 upvotesWolfofAnarchy3 years ago

Dude, there are great posts every day here. It's a fucking goldmine for knowledge. LOVIN IT!

18 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

this is totally true, in fact it's so true I wish I could upvote it a million times over. Once someone finally experiences the contrast between a woman that actually likes them and someone using them as an orbiter, it's hard to ever 'orbit' willingly again. I mean girls will do so fucking much for you if they are interested it's not funny

edit: the one part I take issue with is hte statement that a woman you have been friends with non sexually will never sleep with you though. I've def slept with friends I was friends with for years upon years...maybe I changed and they recognized it, or they always were open to the idea, but the fact still stands imo

7 upvotesp3n1x3 years ago

I've def slept with friends I was friends with for years upon years

To expand, there is a mistake I see here sometimes. Remember, a woman sleeping with you does NOT make you Alpha. It does NOT mean you are acting Alpha.

Beta's still get sex, lets not lose sight of women who settle for Beta.

A long time friendship that turns sexual, can easily be a woman approaching the wall, ticking clock or tired of being hit with a river of cum and not reaping resources for it. She could easily be looking at someone as a possible "provider", Alpha or Beta or whatever.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

lol I assure you that wasnt the case. I wasn't provider status then, and im definitely not provider status now. Most of the flings we had were just fuck buddies at best anyways. I don't get why people are so intent on simplifying everything here; not everything has to fit a perfect mold ie people are not all the same

edit: and most of the chicks in question were 20-23 lol, so hardly a hitting the wall in looks scenario, believe me

1 upvotesp3n1x3 years ago

I understand, but someone that is new here could totally misunderstand 'your' experiences and improperly read the signs in their current situation.

Why intent on simplifying everything? Because AWALT. and that is 'my' experiences talking.

35 upvotesGentSir3 years ago

+1 on riding a motorcycle. Never had a girl disinterested after going for a ride on my bikes.

92 upvotesNotMyBestEffort3 years ago

very likely that no disinterested women would get on your bike

5 upvotesGentSir3 years ago

That's true, but it can often make them more interested than they were.

8 upvotesYYasuoLogic3 years ago

Well it is not diminished either, probably even amplified instead.

4 upvotesp3n1x3 years ago


His point is, you don't need a bike to do that.

15 upvotesObnoxiousDrunk3 years ago

I get tons of inquiries as to when they can go for a ride. The answer is unequivocally "NEVER".

maximum interest.

2 upvotesadaman3603 years ago

You don't need a motorcycle to get laid. If the only reason you have a motorcycle is to get laid that's BPAF.

1 upvotesGentSir3 years ago

I'm well aware a motorcycle will never get someone laid, it's something I do for my own enjoyment. Can act as a multiplier for attraction that's already there, but will never create attraction.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

yep... they either want to hop on with you or be taught how to ride it.

39 upvotesIGoYouStayTwoAutumns3 years ago

Any woman you interact with for a long amount of time in a non-sexual manner (who isn't already head over heels for you), is not a woman you will ever sleep with.

So true. Women are usually comfortable having sex after about 7 hours of knowing you (often you can get that down to 3 or 4 if you know what you're doing, but 7 is pretty standard, it's also about the length of 3 dates), once you hit 10-15 hours however you're now in the "danger zone", and after 15 hours, if you haven't moved into sex territory by then that's it, you're done, she's polarized you into the Friend Zone and you'll never have sex with her regardless of what you do after that. (Go ahead and make a billion dollars, cure cancer, join a rock band, save the world, none of it will matter--once in the Friend Zone always in the Friend Zone, there is no getting out.)

Took me years to figure this one out, but once I did, I can't tell you how much easier (and better) life became. Once you realize that a woman you've known for more than 15 hours yet still haven't had sex with SHOULD AUTOMATICALLY BE NEXTED NO MATTER WHAT (because at that point she'll never have sex with you no matter what), it's like having the ultimate cheatcode to life--the time, money, energy (and heartache) you save, it's truly beyond measure.

20 upvotesGenetically_Awesome3 years ago

she's polarized you into the Friend Zone and you'll never have sex with her regardless of what you do after that

Not true at all. Many girls I never got to bang in college are now my plates. If you go monk for a year or two and make huge improvements they see you as a new person.

17 upvotesRedPistola3 years ago

This is an exception. When they don't see you for two years the clock essentially resets, as the familiarity diminishes. Still, a two-year game plan isn't as effective as the methodology described by the OP.

4 upvotesDannyDemotta3 years ago

There's multiple exceptions then. Because as you improve yourself and get more outside female attention, the "inside" females will circle back and be like "maybe I was wrong about him?!" and consider giving it another shot, with newfound touching, attention, dancing, whatever. They'll go out of their way to communicate to you "hey friend, its OK to make another move on me, if you want. It might just work this time 😊 " - women always want to be on a winning team.

In this example I'm not talking acquaintances, I'm talking women you've known and hung out with 10, 15, 20+ times, for drinks, class homework, whatever. For randos - yeah, 15 hours is a great rule of thumb.

8 upvoteswelcome_to3 years ago

I've been telling people about the 7 hour rule for the longest time, and no one ever believes me. Totally true.

1 upvotesIGoYouStayTwoAutumns3 years ago

It's funny, because I stumbled upon the 7-hour thing on my own (through MUCH trial and error), and then at one point a little while later I was reading something by Mystery (may have been his book), when he mentions the 7-hour thing, and I was like "Yep! Way ahead of ya buddy..."

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

That's so true. That's why betas keep getting pissed at women. They do all this shit thinking that if they just act nice to a woman every time they are in their presence and "be patient" she will eventually come around and have sex with him.

I had it happen to me in college where I could have fucked this chick who was really into me, but I didn't know and I'm pretty sure she lost interest in me after I didn't act on it.

1 upvotesbrasileiro5553 years ago

tell me something please, what if I had a chance in 7 hours windown and failed to pull the right triger, acted beta... and she lost part of the atraction ... can I try again after somw time away and a better bodyshape, knowing she wanted me to be fitter, lean than i m... ahhaha this is a oneitis of course, a very strong one, i became an orbiter... declared myself lol... she probably want me to marriage in few years because she got pissed when i said i would stop to talk to her because i cant be sane while seeing her.. i dont want marry her... i dont do favors... we only share good time with some flirtation and some kino, mostly light, sometimes harder...

1 upvotesIGoYouStayTwoAutumns3 years ago

Once you're in the Friend Zone you can never get back out. Go ahead and lose fat, gain muscle, make money, save the world, it doesn't matter. None of it will ever matter. No matter how much your physical appearance and / or life circumstances change, she will always see you as the "friend", the beta slave, and never the alpha lover. You can never, ever overturn a woman's initial "imprint" of you--and in fact, if and when you DO improve your life, and come back around months or even years later (thinner, richer), not only will she not be impressed, she will actually be OFFENDED. Like "Who do you think you are, with this new body? And this new money? Why are you pretending to be someone you're not? Why are you LYING to me??" She'll see you as a sheep in wolf's clothing. There's absolutely no way around this.

Abundance mentality. Cut her off and move on. NEXT.

2 upvotesElantris893 years ago

This is some crazy world you live in.

16 upvotesKisame_X3 years ago

This is gold someone should sticky this

8 upvotesChadThundercockII3 years ago

“It still pleases me to be awake during the dark, early hours before morning when everyone else is still asleep. I've been that way since I first moved to New York. I do my best thinking and writing then. During those early years in New York, I often got on my motorcycle in the middle of the night and went for a ride–anyplace. There wasn't much crime in the city then, and if you owned a motorcycle, you left it outside your apartment and in the morning it was still there. It was wonderful on summer nights to cruise around the city at one, two, or three A.M. wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a girl on the seat behind me. If I didn't start out with one, I’d find one.” -Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando got a shit load of pussy before he was famous by living a bad ass life. The women rode with him to enjoy the experience.

3 upvotesd0lphinsex3 years ago

To be fair he looked like this...

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

They will agree to do the kinkiest most fucked up shit because they can see in your eyes that you want it so goddamn badly.

You have to want it, not need it. If they don't give you what you want, you don't need them. Abundance mentality. Yada yada yada.

6 upvotesOmLaLa3 years ago

TRP's Greatest Title of the Year Award goes to u/Touledemole. Great way to lead into a great post.

3 upvotesNightwingTRP3 years ago

eat mayonnaise

You have some odd adventures with women mate. You're gonna need to post some FRs or it didn't happen.

4 upvotesPm_MeyourManBoobs3 years ago

First first rule. Stop giving a shit what women want.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


What is this?

10 upvotesSmokeyMcBlunt3 years ago

yea but... thats a good thing?

8 upvotesp3n1x3 years ago

Absolutely it is. Learning how to channel that energy into personal success and growth is very rewarding.

Personally, I don't go to the gym to taste the "chilled out" feeling. I do it to increase my health, focus, intensity and a desirable appearance and reward my male body/brain with testosterone.

You won't get there yawning and fapping to what you wish you were doing

6 upvotesGoingTheHardWay3 years ago

Beyond a week or so and it's mostly just in your head. Your body starts to recycle your "mojo" at this point.

semi-regular release is healthy and will still maintain your libido - if not, you can edge yourself a few days a week to maintain that.

The benefits come from not using fapping as a vice to distract or appease you (like cigarettes and other addictions).

I would argue that EVERYONE would benefit from cutting out porn entirely - but that should not be confused with no-fap. I would argue that no-fap (100%) isn't going to be any more effective for the vast majority of men than cutting it down to once or twice a week.

They main point isn't that the activity itself is bad for you, just how you use it. Like food - eating isn't bad in itself, you need to do it to be healthy, but what you eat, how often, and WHY you eat are the things you need to pay attention to.

-1 upvotesWolfofAnarchy3 years ago

This is so funny, you think that after a week of quitting a daily insanely complex (neurochemical) habit, nothing actually changes? You'd have to be nuts to think that.

NoFap changes you

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

once a week is fine. any benefit will go away after a week, masturbation can clear your head and provide stress relief as well.


0 upvotesWolfofAnarchy3 years ago

Bullshit, you're rationalizing.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Once a week? come on man

There's a limit, it goes both ways. If you're pent up and don't have a release then that can have a negative effect. Stress effects your life negatively.

2 upvotesBig_Daddy_PDX3 years ago


2 upvotesBig_Daddy_PDX3 years ago

Getting laid is what men do. While it shouldn't be the only goal, success w/ women seems to help all the aspects of masculinity fall into place - you're doing the things men's should do.
There's a physical, mental payoff that comes from sex, that's and it shows in your swagger. You're never going to have swagger from masturbating. The times when my wife and I were regularly having threesomes w/ a few different girls, I was less anxious for the release but I felt drastically more virile and dangerous - literally DGAF. Every woman was in play and none were untouchable.

1 upvotesRavelsBolero3 years ago

Perhaps, but I've never been able to test this in reality. nofap is difficult

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is good stuff. Gonna save this.

3 upvotesnsareadsmyemails3 years ago

Prior to RP this would be some crazy shit one would say while high and only while high. Just to entertain your beta friends and to laugh about it.

But this is the truth. I am just waking up to the realization that women make it so God damned easy for you to fuck them. I still don't get the signs sometimes because of some ingrained RP shit and time and again try to put them on a pedestal, soon as I do that they're gone. Nothing turns a woman off quicker than a guy that topics them on a pedestal.

Womens are like cats, let them come to you. Store them and let them go. I haven't mastered this, but I am on my way.

Back to lifting. Shoulder day today.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

If they smile and make eye contact for an abnormal amount of time, ie. outside of the comfort zone doing the same to a male friend, she's in to you.

3 upvotesJustTitDirt3 years ago

I don't go out of my way to talk to any one. I pay attention to ioi's rather than waste my time

3 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

She'll smell your "kind of" interest, return a "kind of" interest

My worst fear has always been giving off a to strong "I'm into you" vibe. Nothing terrifies me more than a woman falling head over heels for me. I'm not joking.

This one time two girls walked up to me from across the bar, I was being my usual fun self. It was still early enough for them to overhear my conversation. I was making some joke about finding and dancing with my soulmate.

The hotter girl of the two actually went out and said she'd volunteer happily for the role and gave me all the googly eyes you can expect. Arms hanging off my shoulder, head cocked slightly, with a look of expectation. I made a smirk, threw some uncaring asshole charming line so not to openly reject her. Took a big gulp off my bear, got out of my seat, walked out the bar and puked in the back alley.

I had the shakes for about twenty minutes until my friend passed me the J and promised we'd hit another club afterward. Usually my reaction isn't that intense but definitely can't describe it as positive.

Consequently I'm perfectly fine plating, flirting and seducing a woman on my own accord. But the moment she goes all 'loveydovey' on me I'm spooked.

People have called me a coward and a pussy shaming me for my commitment phobia, fuck that. Honestly what's up?

4 upvotesJackGetsIt3 years ago

This is a bit of a weird post but I appreciate the honesty. Just because a girl is so into your vibe that she approaches doesn't necessary mean she wants to commit to you and have your kids. But your right I've had women approach me as well and it almost feels too easy (and normally it's an easy hook up).

It's the right dynamic if you are approaching her. It's just sad if she has to approach you.

2 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

Princely, doesn't feel right most of the time. These women give up some weird vibe. I've only had physical reactions like that when it was clearly stated she'd like to pursue commitment.

2 upvotesJackGetsIt3 years ago

clearly stated she'd like to pursue commitment.

That makes a little more sense.

3 upvotesLuckyluke233 years ago

To achieve this end, value quantity of women over quality. This is old hat to many of you, but newbies take note. There's an epiphany waiting for you, that moment when you realize a woman you've known for 30 seconds is willing to do more for you than that girl you chased for 6 years.

game is DEFINATLY a shotgun approach. many bullets spread of an area. it's not like a sniper rifle where it shoots one bullet precisely

They want to fuck, go on an adventure, be told what to do, get into a dangerous situation, start some shit, fuck up someone's day, save the world, ride on a motorcycle, see a movie, dance, sell shit on Etsy, cheat, stab you, eat mayonnaise, and run from a dinosaur.

what is this a lonely island song?

3 upvoteskaane3 years ago

You've simply had a normal sexual interaction between a masculine male and a feminine female. It is an interaction that not many people understand anymore but that everyone craves

This defines the core of the relationship between a man and a woman. Most of the people, PUA's, RP'ers miss this point and think that "fake it till you make it" bullshit would save them. You can't fake a genuine attraction

You're more likely to get open eager honest sexuality from a woman within minutes of meeting you than you are in 3 years of dancing around the subject. Be up front, be honest, and in a quick few seconds she'll tell you with words or body language all that you need to know about who is likely to get what, when, and how (the politics of getting your dick wet). That's minutes invested rather than years wasted

If you can't get into her pants in 3 days, the chances are you won't get her forever. If this is what you want, you should next her and go to some other willing woman.

This post was one of the rare quality posts here written to date. Experience, knowledge and a clear understanding of what's ideal and what's real (i.e. available)

3 upvotesGL_HaveFun3 years ago

Yea I'm all about that...yea...great...

I've had the HB8 (off the charts 12 to me but trying to be objective) treat me like a king. REAL desire. I can't go back to anything less...but I lost it. Lung failure and a whole host of crap I just...FFFUUUUUUU this post just makes me angry. Being told it'll be a miracle if I live the year and lose this girl... the feels are overpowering.

Here's a question - I think I'm a natural alpha/beta. I seem to intimidate women with my demeanor/looks (literally been told this multiple times) but when I open up and give someone my heart it's like I'm super beta-male because I'm a Christian and I LOVE helping people. I don't have "game" because women come to me and always have so now I'm trying to relearn what makes me "ME" in a sense because of all this...well I've got a feeding tube I'm on oxygen and might not make the year.

Sorry to hijack thread. Bit lost these days.

4 upvotesrombios3 years ago

a good release now and again before going out to a social function ("hunting") helps with the IDGAF attitude necessary for maintaining your "frame" and avoiding bad choices

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I think that's only if you lack abundance mentality. If you're scared of putting it out there and fucking up, you'll rein yourself in and limit your chances to make mistakes. Then another man who actually doesn't give a fuck has a chance to show up, make some funny and interesting mistakes, and get what he wants.

5 upvotesGoingTheHardWay3 years ago

Having guaranteed sex lined up (escort or another girl) is better in almost every way. You keep your mojo, you DGAF, and you till get laid no matter what.

8 upvotesrombios3 years ago

it rarely happens that way. its still a numbers game and i find my focus is stronger when its not nagging at me.

a starving man will take any thing put in front of him. an even half fed man would be judicious in his approach.

women can spot the starving look and demeanor a mile away.

before you get to abundance, youve gotta approach, seduce, plate, rinse and repeat. i find it easier done on a clear head and not with my tongue hanging out my mouth

4 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

Stop masturbating

I can find porn of a girl that matches the description of a girl i see in public and bust a nut in less time than it takes to get a girls name.

Women need to step it up. We make the money.

Stay rich brothers.

2 upvotestheycallmedumdum3 years ago

This is exactly the reason I'm subbed

2 upvotesmrfox0073 years ago

Well no shit. Don't pursue women who aren't interested... seems like common sense.

2 upvoteszhu_3 years ago

Jacking off really depletes my energy.

I need more determination and discipline to stop. Anyone got tips?

1 upvotesJackGetsIt3 years ago

Stay busy. I'm sure the nofap subreddit has some tips.

2 upvotesCashFrags3 years ago

This is an excellent post.

Even now I find myself keeping chat alive with girls, I've experienced it before when a girl has been head over heels for me and dull conversations are not it.

Time to stop with the conversation queues and just continue doing me. If she's not putting effort into conversing with me that should be a blatant sign of dis-interest.

Thanks for putting that into fantastic words for me

2 upvotesRynolz3 years ago

“Those pimps back in the joint sure knew basic whorology. I was glad my ears had flapped to all those rundowns. They had said, “Chase a whore, you get a chump’s weak cop. Stalk a whore, you get a pimp’s strong cop.” My turn down of her measly first offer had her jumpy. It was a slick sharp hook twisting in the bitch’s mind. Her juicy tongue darted out like a red lizard past her ivory teeth. It slithered over the full lips. She wiggled toward me in an uneven race with the bar keep.”

Excerpt From: Slim, Iceberg. “Pimp.”

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I've read it cover to cover.

I think your quote points to one of the great obstacles for recovering men: Not wanting to seem like creeps.

But really every woman wants a creep - she just wants the one who pushes all the right buttons. A true unattractive creep is one without style, without substance, who ignores her boundaries because he is unaware of the situation.

The sexy stalker, the attractive creep, is the one who obviously knows what he's doing, has clearly done it before, and is simply stopping for another thrill on his way through life. He puts all his chips on the table for one night but never for more than that.

The unattractive dangerous stalker is one who invests everything in one woman.

The attractive stalker is never that invested but makes no apologies for the feelings he's having right now.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

There is a new girl at work who is extremely interested in me. It's almost exactly what you talk about in this post. She's all over me while I have essentially done nothing. It's just a great contrast compared to girls who will not give you the time of day. Knowing if someone is interested or not from the get go will save you so much time and frustration.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I agree on this. A chick getting the hungry eyes when seeing you is the purest and most primal form of human attraction. Experiencing that is really cool

1 upvotessomefrommars3 years ago

Say that again. 6 girls have given me a primal stare and smiled for once in my life; this happened all in the same year when I was in my best shape and lost so much weight. It was in 2014 when I was 18. Looking back on it; it felt so good though I was shy then to realize, what a rare experience it is, since it happened for the first time in my life.

4 upvotesstawek3 years ago

While the science of this post is dubious at least, it is fucking poetic. Will take the advice.

2 upvotesstawek3 years ago

About jerking off.. let's use logic.

We are animals. Animals are simple. DNA can only encode the simplest of behaviours.

When you jerk off, what does your body/primordial brain think? "I don't know what we're doing here, but it must be good, cause we fulfilled our utmost goal: sex. KEEP DOING IT"

Whatever you are doing now, even if it's playing WoW and jerking off, your brain thinks you are spreading the genes. Changing these behaviours will be hard.

edited for clarity

3 upvotesAarxnw3 years ago

You used good logic but essentially wrote a preceding statement without a point or conclusion, I'm not sure if you're saying stop jacking it so that our body knows it has to reproduce, or if you're saying that you can't help but jack it because your body is forcing you too.

1 upvotesYokep3 years ago

Great title. Love the message.

1 upvotesbowie7473 years ago

That was amazingly well written

1 upvotesaditas3 years ago

Exceptional contribution. You have good style.

1 upvoteskoox00183 years ago

LOVE.. THIS. Keep those words of inspiration coming!!!

1 upvotesthestupidmansuit3 years ago

Such posts comes once in a long time on reddit. A true master piece advice shared. Thank you u/touledemode. You've made my day with such valuable insight. ✌

1 upvoteswe_need_more_lumber3 years ago

So well written, so dense with knowledge. I want more from you, guy. Transfer me your manness! Lets hang out! Too bad I live in fucking Serbia!

1 upvotesNirmohiAham3 years ago

Amen, brother! Like every fundamental truth, you feel it's presence in the back of your head but are not able to enunciate it. And then someone comes along and lays the truth bare. Thank you.

1 upvotesyaa_haa3 years ago

Totally Agree with the "be upfront and honest " also a little rudeness is not bad idea. If you think she has a hot ass tell her

1 upvotesnatman29393 years ago

something intense a sport, a competition, a gig

Can I get a quick batch of examples of what is and isn't this?

I mean as intense as it can be I assume learning to juggle isn't on the is list.

And gig, as in like music gig?

1 upvotesthinkreate3 years ago

Running from dinosaurs has always been a deal breaker for me.

1 upvotesrockumsockumrobots3 years ago

I'm not good at chatting up women, mainly because I can't stand the pointless, childish, innocuous drivel that women vomit from their mouths. It's like trying to force myself to start a conversation with the guy at the gas station who spits while he talks; not something I seek out.

However, I can work hard, with speed and intensity. So, for a while, I'll stop approaching and let nature take it's course.

Thanks for the post OP.

2 upvotesBig_Daddy_PDX3 years ago

Maybe it's your attribute toward women that needs adjustment. They see you coming a mile away with your "dogs are stupid, I don't like hearing them bark" attitude. That's surface level fakery and probably the reason your approaches fail. When you are so into yourself that you can't bring yourself to talk to another person c you think they're a waste of your time, you model your true personality. Enjoy the ride, engage w/ people and try not to be so full of yourself that other people avoid you.

1 upvotesRynolz3 years ago

I took it to mean stalking your prey more like a hunter.. You may come back later for the big buck just because you don't want to chase it all over the field...

Stalking takes times and patience, chasing is the moron running around doing anything he possibly can to get attention and to get laid.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is one of the best posts I've read on this forum.

1 upvotesEnjoyitbeforeitsover3 years ago

You feel chemistry, ACT on that. If not quit wasting your fucking time.

1 upvotesplsjustgo3 years ago

This is the realest post I've seen yet. Haven't related to anything this strongly.

1 upvotesAdem873 years ago

I thought, woman don't like needy men. I was 20 days on nofap. Nothing changed. I woke up really relaxed the day after I fapped.

1 upvotestolerantman3 years ago

I recommend reading "Models" by Mark Manson, there is an entire chapter about this immediate attraction that you either get it or you don't, it's one of the best books I've ever read, not kidding.

1 upvotesBradPit_B4_GrabClit3 years ago

I would love to see what OP looks like, the way he writes an the things he's saying he better be some straight from the fighting pits alpha dude, with all his disciplines peaking, money's nothing anymore, girls are 10's standard. And 14 stone 9% BF shredded

But let's be honest, he and most of you fags are complete losers who are maybe banging girls here an there but no more than the average male does anyway... no where near hitting the numbers an calibre you all fantasise about.

Do you reckon a natural leader of men/alpha would even know this sub? Or Reddit? Jesus I know for a fucking fact 99.9% of you dudes are un self aware kids who proper wanna live the 'entourage' lifestyle

There better not be anyone over the age of 15 in here

1 upvoteskupakuma3 years ago

To achieve this end, value quantity of women over quality. This is old hat to many of you, but newbies take note. There's an epiphany waiting for you, that moment when you realize a woman you've known for 30 seconds is willing to do more for you than that girl you chased for 6 years.

This is what's happening to me right now... and my jaw is on the floor...

3 upvotessbdhfgy54wre8uifj3 years ago

is once every 2 or 3 days too much masturbation? is any? i guess it would have to vary inter-personally

1 upvotesDouglasPR3 years ago

if makes you eager enough, I guess op warns us to go out eager for pussy, not "meh" for pussy

1 upvotesRedpill_Hannibal3 years ago

I give myself two weeks. If i didnt bang her after that period of time, that means either me or she wasn't interested.

1 upvotesplasticslug3 years ago

I am 100% for this but for me the "interested" parties are low as fuck, seriously probably 3 out of 50 women, and annually I come across 33 women (social interactions).

But it falls back on me to be more social, get out there etc, but still with low levels of interest vs high amounts of social interaction I have said fuck it and now spend that time in myself, leading to monk mode hardcore version.

1 upvotesSmokeyMcBlunt3 years ago

If you go out after a week of not cumming, women will look at you from across the room with hopeful and begging eyes. They will say things to you and not know why. They will agree to do the kinkiest most fucked up shit because they can see in your eyes that you want it so goddamn badly. They will feel your leadership and use all your commands as refreshing and simplifying direction in their too-many-choices what-am-I-doing pointless lives.

And they absolutely, certainly, posi-fucking-tively won't just want to talk.

Even if ur average? I have my doubts.

2 upvotesMonkey_Jerk3 years ago

It's bollocks. He was probably always getting IOI's but is now hyper-aware of them. I've gone 3 weeks without fapping and nothing has changed. Women aren't magically looking at me now. I also did a 2.5 month stint a few years back.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I love how you were able to connect the desire we have towards women to the passions we enjoy in life. The deeper we are in improving ourselves, the more women will want to follow.

1 upvotesKwantuum3 years ago

I'm not sure I agree with the minutia of this post but the main point can't be overstated: if you have to work for her it very quickly becomes more effective and rewarding to just next her. Mutual attraction is decided very quickly and having to build attraction brick by brick is not worth the time and effort.

1 upvoteswhyalwaysm33 years ago

"Hey I saw you and I just want to talk"... That's a terrible opener lmao I hope you really don't approach women like that lol

-1 upvoteszzttgg3 years ago

I view women as nothing more than pieces of meat. Objects for my enjoyment. How can you get sad if an object does not like you ? You do not get upset if you cannot afford a new car. You just get a second job and go buy one. Likewise, women are objects to be bought and sold. They're not even whores, because to be a whore requires some conscious decision. They're more like mindless cattle, who attach themselves to the highest status male they can find.

0 upvotesjameygates3 years ago

Is this sub okay with comments like this?

2 upvoteszzttgg3 years ago

What is wrong with my comment ? Do you think all people have to have women up on a pedestal ?

1 upvotesjameygates3 years ago

Yeah you shouldn't put women on a pedistal but you should never see a sentient living being is a mere object, period.

Men and women have different natures, and people need to realize that more. But damm think about your mother, or do you have any female friends at all?

2 upvoteszzttgg3 years ago

I have many female friends. We slip in and out of friendships all the time. Friendship is worth zero.

My mother is not a woman. She is my mother. There is a special relationship between parent and child which transcends normal human interaction. This applies to a lesser to degree to extended family.

Men can be my brothers. I can depend on men to be on my side because men work together to achieve things. Regardless there is always an implied knowledge that such brotherhood means nothing the second it stops being convenient.

Women do not do any of this they're entirely selfish with everything. Women just sit around and wait to get fucked. So to me, they're on par with an object. An object has about as much empathy for me and my feelings as a woman would, so why should I care more about women than they would care about me ?

1 upvotesjameygates3 years ago

You are just extremely radical, plain and simple.

0 upvotesch913 years ago

Just wanted to say thank you. My ex and I have struggled through having different career paths while being long distance and broke up about a month ago. She kept telling me that she loved me, but wanted someone that would be there with her. I don't blame her. But she messaged me yesterday and has been nice and flirty, but still leaves her wall up. Of course it makes me miss her more after talking to her and I was of course falling back in love with her. I have been feeling really anxious about everything until I read your post. I just happened to come across it while scrolling the front page and wanted to say thank you. You make a good point and it is a post that goes farther than just getting a few upvotes.

1 upvotesonADailyy3 years ago

For others reading ch91's comment, TLDR: "Thank you for the post". What are you going to do with your girlfriend dude??

1 upvotesch913 years ago

I'm just gonna focus on me for the time being. She has a lot to figure out and it's better for me to take a step back from it all instead of pushing her one way or another. Thanks for the reply man

0 upvotesIndigoh3 years ago

Makes at least some sense until you start treating women like objects. Quantity over Quality? Have fun with that STD.

1 upvotesnatman29393 years ago


Not objects. Just women. Not to be confused with men. The problem with a lot of people they'll tell you "women aren't objects. They're people like you and me."

Right and wrong. They're not objects but they're not like you and me. Women are not like men. If you treat them the same as you would a man (using same logic and behavior and social cues) you'll fail

The problem with the "they're just people like you and me" line is it implies that there's no major difference between men and women

But the whole Mars and Venus thing is spot on

0 upvotesJackGetsIt3 years ago

I'm late to this thread and this comment won't get read much but the only thing I'd add is that if you approach a women and she shit tests you, that doesn't mean she's not interested. Every guy should get comfortable with pushing past a few shit tests on approach. In fact if she throws herself at you and doesn't put up some token resistance she's probably not the type of girl you want anyway.

-1 upvotesecosci3 years ago

Nice, but it still boils down to options because it will create tingles 24hrs a day thats why alphas in ltr get what he wants from her closing time has nothing to do with it i can wait to fuck her when im ready now thats confidence i think you need more knowledge on female nature because there is no logic and blueprint for dealing with women its all primal and instinctive you seem like you are trying too hard to act alpha she will see thru it quickly and fade you, another thing your post is very long which means your self esteem is down because a true alpha will get right to the point with conviction and small talk because his sexual needs are meet dont ever put this much effort into women thier not worth it just be be brief and truthful.

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