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They are starting to see it too: 30 Is the New 50: "Old Age" is Killing My Dating Life (Most of my 30-something guy friends are dating girls fresh out of college)

by inquiringmindswould on /r/TheRedPill
26 September 2016 07:06 PM UTC

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In an XOJane article dated 16 September, the principles and promises of TRP are so perfectly espoused, I initially thought that it was a subversive post- but, sure enough, it appears to be genuine (Oldie, but goodie).

A 30-year-old women is dating a 38-year-old man who ghosts her for a younger women- and she is seeing it everywhere in her social circle.

"Alex is 38. I’m 30. Technically, there are no "people our age.” But I'm starting to feel that a 30-year-old woman might as well be a 40-year-old-man, though infinitely less desirable, culturally speaking."

Well, if the shoe fits, Tinderella...

"At 40, a man is well into hitting his stride, something the guy I’m arguing with is all too aware of, as evidenced when he professes on multiple occasions, “I’m an amazing guy." “We’re killing it. KILLING IT," he tells me, while explaining that he’s been caught up in his rapidly expanding architecture firm."

Alex knows what's up. He's teeming with options and can't help but indulge.

"Alex sees his stock rising. For a man, age brings success, wisdom, and the Hollywood-approved wrinkles of Robert Redford. And, while I too find that my career is on the up, it doesn’t matter, because time, for a woman, is hardly as kind as it is to a man. My career successes, my triumphs as a human being, are trumped by the fact my looks -- and my ovaries -- have a shelf life. Biology and Sociology 101."

No amount of "girl power" t-shirts or feminist lectures can change the reality of the relationship dynamics. Finally, after hemming and hawing the shoe drops:

"...after nearly an hour on the phone explaining that he’s been so hot and cold because he’s too busy with work, because he’s very into expanding his business, because he’s shy -- admits he’s been seeing some 20-something girl named Anouk for the past few months."

Despite the evidence staring her in the face, she must- must rationalize:

"It’s this logic that has most of my 30-something guy friends dating girls fresh out of college. Girls who, in my experience, are less impressive, less striving, less volatile, less successful, less intimidating, less questioning, less pressing, less complex, less damaged, less opinionated, less powerful, less womanly. They are less, and, to a guy not ready for anything -- like most of the guys I have dated in New York -- less is more."

Because, obviously, younger women are inferior to older women. Isn't that convenient? I'm sure she didn't feel that way 10 years ago. Stick with it, guys- it's working.

If you aren't Chad now, be Alex later.

Original article (visit at your own peril): XOJane

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203 upvotes1033423 years ago

I don't even know if this is legit or not, because women still have it pretty easy finding a guy to marry, she just has to lower has standards a little bit.

But it must be pretty frustrating for a girl reaching 30 and still trying to lock a guy up. Every year the idea of having a real family gets further and futher away. She loses the upper hand in the dating world for sure, this is if she actually wants to date an above average guy.

Truth is, most women past 30 are toxic as fuck to date. I know this from experience. Desperation is no joke. Younger girls are more unstable but at least most of them just want to have fun, the most fucked up thing an average younger girl will do is hookup with a lot of guys and you will just be one of them.

Older women have too much experience and baggage.

68 upvotesnonthaki3 years ago

because women still have it pretty easy finding a guy to marry

Its true . A woman will always hype her own condition and make it public , like post their stories in dailymail or whatever just to feel validated and to get everyone's sympathy and attention .

A woman in her 20s receives attention from guys throughout her day . As the years and ages go by , the number of people who find her attractive decrease but doesnt fall flat out to 0 . I am sure the woman in that article is still chased by some men , most probably beta or old , looking for relationship or sex . But that doesnt mean no guys chase her . She definitely still gets a percentage of the attention she got when she was 20 . And when a woman who used to get so much attention now gets a little less attention , she will definitely overhype the situation and proclaim it hopeless ; And similarly in the guys case in the article , he might have got no attention from women in his 20s and now is getting a lot of attention due to his wealth, maturity , etc ... thats like going from 0 to 100 . ... so he is very over-confident as stated in the article that he is "killing it" .

16 upvotesTryDoingSomethingNew3 years ago

"like post their stories in dailymail or whatever just to feel validated and to get everyone's sympathy and attention ."

Damn, so true. How many times have I seen these bullshit sob stories in the DailyMail? So many...!

Like the way over-the-hill women being portrayed as victims because they "can't find good men". In other words, playing the sympathy card because of poor choices and being undesirable, at least to the men in their age bracket...all while being a bit picky too. And never admitting fault for their own life consequences.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

A woman will always hype her own condition and make it public , like post their stories in dailymail or whatever just to feel validated and to get everyone's sympathy and attention .

Imagine the shitstorm that will happen when people stop caring and giving them likes.

86 upvotes_the_shape_3 years ago

But it must be pretty frustrating for a girl reaching 30 and still trying to lock a guy up. Every year the idea of having a real family gets further and futher away. She loses the upper hand in the dating world for sure, this is if she actually wants to date an above average guy.

Especially if settling ...down (heh) is anticipated by her family and peers. The pressure only rises if her friends are managing to do what she hasn't been able to.

Speaking of pressure, it must be one fiery road to travel down if you take it all into account:

--getting older (and thus less desirable, especially compared to fresher, younger meat); competing gets harder, the hits (getting turned down/ getting pumped and dumped / getting hit on by guys she thinks have no business trying to run game on her) hurt more

--family tapping their wrists asking her "ummm, what are you waiting for???"

--every time she fires up Instagram or Facebook, she's repeatedly reminded of her failures (ex. friends with their babies and hubby "on vacay")

--wanting her alpha but realizing it's progressively coming down to choosing between an uninspiring, predictable, vagina-drying beta or the curse of loneliness from here until the end

Let's see if a decade or two down the line we get a chorus of women preaching against feminism and how it mislead them over the cliff into a pit of ruin, isolation and self-hatred. Not holding my breath though.

29 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Damn... if someone published an article with points like this in it emphasized the shit storm that would ensue would be off the charts.

As for your last bit no that is never gonna happen. This is the red pill after all. Only way it'll change is if dudes make it change (of course) but not gonna happen.

9 upvotestherealpkg3 years ago

They can, will, and already are railing against feminism... But only when it directly benefits their immediate agenda. And actions speak louder than words. You can be damn sure that change in blabber hasn't changed any behavior.

7 upvotesLarParWar3 years ago

All of you guys just want to fuck, and when you decide to settle you want a virgin. Ha-ha. Hypocrites.

This is true, actually. And it's a problem, because if everybody's fucking around then there are no virgins to grab at the end of it all.

It will always be some mid-30s guy pissing in his early-20s counterpart's ever-dwindling pool of virgins.

5 upvotesverify_account3 years ago

What's wrong with men having a dual mating strategy just like women? I want to fuck sluts and LTR and low n-count girl.

2 upvotesLarParWar3 years ago

Ultimately, you can't have both. Imagine a continuum. On the left-hand side is a stable equilibrium in which every girl is a slut. On the right-hand side is a stable equilibrium in which every (unmarried) girl is a virgin.

You can have one or another, but not both. There are intermediate states in which some girls are sluts and some virgins, but these intermediate states exist only as part of a transition from one side to the other. From about 1960 (sexual revolution) to, say, 1990, we were transitioning from the right-hand side to the left-hand side. So if you were lucky enough to be born in the 40s, 50s, or 60s, you might have been able to pull it off, fucking sluts and grabbing a virgin at the end it all.

But it isn't 1976 anymore, and now virgins are exceedingly few and far between, and all the rest are sluts. I suspect you weren't born in the 1960s or 1970s, so where are you going to find the virgins? They only exist at dangerously young ages, and we're not going to be transitioning back to the right-hand side of the continuum until total societal collapse.

So you can see the problem.

5 upvotespaydenbts3 years ago

e we get a chorus of women preaching against feminism

never, women are like children if given the chance they choose whats more satisfying, instant and feels better

2 upvotesTryDoingSomethingNew3 years ago

Put a space after the first hyphen, drop the 2nd, hit enter twice before the first bullet point sentence, and you'll get nice bullet point formatting.

  • Just a tip
  • :)

"Not holding my breath though" <-- This! Never give the assumption of mature self-reflection and personal responsibility to those who spend the majority of their life benefiting from the opposite.

27 upvotesToolman8903 years ago

Whenever there's a photo attached to one of these types of articles, almost always the woman is quite ugly.

24 upvotespcadrian3 years ago

she just has to lower has standards a little bit

Yea, but they don't. Not after riding the cc, maybe if the guy is a millionaire sure.

44 upvotesPlayFair3 years ago

The story is about a women from NYC. The chads in NYC have Ferraris and penthouses and trust funds. At 30, she probably still believes that Mr. 7-figures and a corner office is right around the next grocery aisle. Or maybe a few more swipes on tinder. Or perhaps they'll meet serendipitously at that weekend EDM bars in the LES.

Lowering her standards at this point would mean returning to the realities of middle-class men.

19 upvotesharsha_hs3 years ago

wow! that's a great fall. Not many girls would survive that

18 upvotesPires0073 years ago

The 30s career women in NYC are nothing special either. The issue is that they think they are and the real world is sex in the city

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

At 30, she probably still believes that Mr. 7-figures and a corner office is right around the next grocery aisle.

That sounds like something out of a fucking movie.

1 upvotesVasiliyZaitzev3 years ago

That sounds like something out of a fucking movie.

It's known as a "meet cute" in the movie biz. And when you think about who romantic comedies are aimed at, it's not really such a big surprise that women thing that thing happen because they're "meant to be", or some other bullshit. And don't get me started on Sluts in the City. /shudder

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

And people really buy into that kind of stuff? I watch and read a lot of things that I think are cool, but even excluding the stuff that is outright fantasy, I know it's fiction.

1 upvotessunkindonut1493 years ago

The chads in NYC have Ferraris and penthouses and trust funds.

They don't date native NYers. They aren't NY natives (they aren't black, Italian, Irish, etc guys wearing gold chains and tank tops) - they date fellow transplants.

Interracial dating isn't just about race it's also about what area of the US you are from. I see 10x more WASPized minority guys dating WASP Chicks than NY natives dating transplants.

It's about whether you went to private or public school, and this matters way more than if you're Indian / Asian, black, tall vs short, etc.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yes and no.. They may still very attention, but they are in a different category of men.. Men who have been ruined in divorce!! Sure, the broke fuckers that have nothing to lose will still put a ring on it, but the successful men that already came close to losing everything??

Source: I'm in that age group.. I'm successful. I've heard several women complain about men no longer wanting commitment

17 upvotesCQC33 years ago

I don't even know if this is legit or not, because women still have it pretty easy finding a guy to marry

You never know, but career women have it the worst in this aspect. As we know, women only date up. The more successful they become career wise, the smaller that pool becomes. Suddenly, if she's making good money, a man who makes the often sought after 100k marker isn't really all that impressive is it?

Depending on the woman, they either wise up sooner or later and marry some chump and abuse him, or they always think prince charming is around the corner.

8 upvoteslodro3 years ago

Why should I have to lower MY standards when I'm a such a BAD ASS BITCH?

To be fair though, I have been with and known older women (past early thirties, into early forties) who were totally cool and very feminine. They exist, and they are more mature than 20-somethings generally. Can make for great relationships, sexual or not.

Still comes with the mustache.

21 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Bollocks - my ex wife just turned 30 and she's still super fucking hot - she'll have no trouble in the next few years. Most of her friends are still single and not married - 30 is no longer the shitty age it used to be for Women regardless of their ovaries.

41 upvotesharsha_hs3 years ago

yes. 30 is not so bad as long as she's taking care of health and beauty. But if she's binge drinking throughout her twenties, her body is already into forties.

17 upvotesReddittFeist3 years ago

Not just drinking.

Chicks who smoke age incredibly fast. Even by age 30 you can see a major difference in how old smoker chicks look compared to non-smokers.

It does the same to guys too. No Red Pill guy should be smoking. If a guy who smokes wakes up to the RP, getting off the cigs should be his first, red-flag priority.

5 upvotesNaughtyFred3 years ago

Will stopping smoking improve the look of skin, or just halt further decline?

Do e-cigs/vaping produce the same skin damage?

4 upvotespusangani3 years ago

I'm pretty new to this place, but it's the first time I've seen smoking mentioned

8 upvotesphx-au3 years ago

Smoking and sun age skin like crazy.

edit: compare top to bottom

2 upvotesbsutansalt3 years ago

Wow. that is just an amazing contrast. her expose skin looks a good 20 years older.

1 upvotesphx-au3 years ago

Careful with my post history here before you agree with anything :P

1 upvotesGetrichonIMP3 years ago

Wear that sunscreen boyos and use Retin A before you go to bed.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Retin A

Does it really work? I don't know much about skincare. So far my skincare regimen consists of sunscreen and water.

1 upvotesGetrichonIMP3 years ago

Well your regimen is actually as good as it gets if you have been doing this since your teens and continue to do it. If you want to look young forever Retin A is the way to go. Find people who have been using it for years. You'll see why :)

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Good shit man. There needs to be more published of this. It's disgusting how women will let alot of shit destroy them... especially the sun!

1 upvotesXombie09913 years ago

That's why I don't smoke and always wear sunscreen.

Know what I hate? Women with fit bodies, but wrinkly, aged, sun-ruined skin. Whats the point, then?

7 upvotesTryDoingSomethingNew3 years ago

You're forgetting something extremely important - even with relatively good looks, the baggage and defective personalities that women post-30 have is self-sabotaging and makes men leave them or not interested in long-term. Less beta men, that is.

2 upvotespaydenbts3 years ago

i agree that 30s is the new 20s, specially for men

however, women have been abusing their boddies with sleep deprivation and substances more then ever before, they are used at up at 28

1 upvotesinquiringmindswould [OP]3 years ago

Elevating the anecdote over the average....

7 upvotesTheReformist943 years ago

They can still get alphas.even in Hollywood most of the guys marry women at or past the wall. Clooney is an exception.the wall rele isn't that bad.most have their cake and eat it,if not they just settle and fuck on the side. This article is an exageration

2 upvoteskanyewost3 years ago

to other celebrities though...not no normal post wall snot stain lmao

3 upvotesRedasshole3 years ago

Also, the work place kills women a little bit more.

Life experiences makes men more attractive but they make women more unattractive. As they go on to experience life, they lose their purity, innocence and naivete, thus getting further away from the child-like human being men love to have around.

The cock carrousel is one of those experiences which strongly affects women negatively. The work place is another one.

2 upvotesOsoto_Gari3 years ago


4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I have no sympathy for a woman who chooses to squander her best opportunity to lock down a high quality husband by riding the cock carousel during her 20s. Hopefully some of these wall crashers will warn the next generation of young women about the error of their ways.

191 upvotesMickeyDsVan3 years ago

"You are X years old, what could you have in common with girls under 24?" - some bitter old hag

"Favorite position."

115 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Women will try everything in order to shame an older man dating young women. They'll call him a pedo, they'll call him insecure.

I've conducted a little experiment on a local forum here in my country. I made a topic where I claimed I want to marry a 19 year old virgin from a patriarchal family, and her only duties would be to give birth to children and take care of the household. Oh boy. I'll just list some replies from women that I can recall:

  • You can't marry a virgin unless you're a virgin too.
  • All of you guys just want to fuck, and when you decide to settle you want a virgin. Ha-ha. Hypocrites.
  • So hymen is the only quality you seek in women? I knew you guys are shallow, but this is just beyond me.
  • You're still mentally stuck in Middle Ages. Wake up, it's <current year>
  • Is your dick really that small?
  • You need a woman to cook and clean for you? Go marry your mother.
  • You don't need a wife, you need a maid.
  • You pervert, you just want to take advantage of an inexperienced girl and trap her.
  • You're a selfish bastard that only cares about himself.
  • Wow, I want to have a slave too! Where can I get one?
  • Are you in a wheelchair?
  • This is disguising. Nothing more to add.
  • Misogynist.

And I live in eastern Europe. This planet is fucked.

61 upvotesnicksnice3 years ago

Blue pill men will try to shame you too. There were many times I was referred to as "Chester" by my coworkers for dating a 21 year old as a 32 year old myself. (Chester is an urban slang term for a pedophile aka Chester the molester) while they went home to beg their fat wives for a piece of ass I had this gorgeous 5ft, 115lb 21 year old hoppin on my dick a few times a week. Did we have anything in common? Absolutely not, we liked the way each other looked naked. I'm not pursuing anyone over 26 again.

58 upvotesesperanzablanca3 years ago

repeat after me , FUCK YOU I WONT DO WHAT YA TELL ME!.

Im 34 and Im dating a 19 and 25 yo. And I got again in college just to be in contact with that age range. I dont care about what they say, my money, my life, my rules. If I want to be back in college, Im. I just went today to campus and had a blast with my 19 yo girl. All my friends are at home with a fat old hag that only wants more money, more purses, more shoes, more bullshit.

17 upvotessocalsolja3 years ago

LOL Community College? I'm taking sports classes and its cool as hell! Soccer in the morning to wake up and swimming later in the day! It feels nice to be outside of a crummy office with burnouts and bitter peeps... not everyone that is older and who works in an office is like that but I guess youthful energy is fun to be around.. p.s I just left my 20's too... seriously believe that college was one of the best times ever haha

6 upvotesesperanzablanca3 years ago

no buddy, a real college, here college aint uber expensive like USA (best ones cost like renting a downtown flat per month, I can afford it), you can go to medic school or engineering or whatever, Im on my second round in a real college... first time I did a STEM bullshit, now Im from a "funny" career, graphic design, plenty of hot girls, tomorrow we are going on a photo trip for example , not only lots of girls but also the career is interesting and funny, not like that stem bullshit I wasted my younger years

In fact this college is the one that has the prettiest girls and VIPs of the country (i.e a candidate to president went here)

I also took guitar lessons, trying to make a band, and tango, sports, and the campus gym, and boxing with a ucranian friend

Keep active!

7 upvoteszue33 years ago

As someone currently wasting his younger years in stem, it is indeed a waste of time. There's no real money in it, at least relevant to the insane amount of work required. I wish someone had told me this so I could've gone into the arts. The bitches would've actually made my college years worth living over there.

1 upvotessocalsolja3 years ago

That's cool. I'm an aspiring photographer/videographer, taking classes at the community college and it's not that expensive either. I studied Philosophy undergrad at a top 40 University here in the states and the career result of that is... blah haha. Life is what you make of it, that's for sure. Good luck

6 upvotesGetrichonIMP3 years ago

Just hooked up with a tight 20 y/o (I'm 34 also) over the weekend after my LTR (27) lost the feelz for me on vacation. She's tasted freedom and I hope this is the start to her CC so she can get a taste of the new 50's very soon :D

106 upvotesTemperfuelmma3 years ago

I couldn't stop laughing wow.

You need a woman to cook and clean for you? Go marry your mother.

You need a man to lead you and feed you? Go marry your daddy haha

27 upvoteshipfash33 years ago

And it's the same people calling him pervert. How ironic.

25 upvoteslosectrl3 years ago

Can you follow up saying you're a woman looking for a rich husband who's only duty is to provide for you in exchange for sex?

9 upvotesharsha_hs3 years ago

She says yes and Still she won't get it.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Mothers here are saying to their daughters "marry a rich guy, don't end up like me" eversince they're toddlers. Being a gold digger is considered "normal".

2 upvotesstawek3 years ago

Nothing wrong with gold diggers. The problem are the divorce diggers.

14 upvotesmax_peenor3 years ago

Women will try everything in order to shame an older man dating young women.

I was 33 and took a fresh little 19-year-old to a hotel for a weekend of nothing but sex. It was an embassy suites, so nothing too fancy but nothing seedy either. I checked in and as I escorted the young thing to the room, I noticed what must have been the manager glaring at me as we went by. She was some 40-something hag. She was clearly displeased.

So, a few hours later, when I'm all up in this chicks ass, there is a knock at the door. wtf? So, apparently, there was an urgent need to replace all the curtains in the room right then. Like this shit can't wait; red alert curtain emergency. I refused to leave the room, so there we are--young girl on the couch wearing only a blanket, I'm standing in shorts, two workers change the curtains and the haggard old bat manager glaring at me.

In hindsight, I'm shocked she didn't call the police to check it out.

3 upvotesWildFox873 years ago

Oh wow man. Fuck that. I would of got her name and called corporate. That was totally her trying to interfere. That shit seems to happen all the time for some reason, at least for me.

2 upvotesthewalex3 years ago

She attempted to intervene, but she knew deep inside that she could only stall for so long. The moment the curtains were replaced, you would resume plunging balls deep into dat ass!

Great story!

9 upvotesTryDoingSomethingNew3 years ago

I'm a huge believer in exactly what you wrote, and I find it exquisitely enjoyable when I hear stories of American men (I'm American) who marry far younger women (example: Asian, or other) and how it drives a dagger into the soul of women who see them out together, simply because they exist. A few men over at Return of Kings had written some brief experiences, and also got negative attention from some male simps, too, about their younger women.

I find it fascinating that these same bitches who would ignore the men in question normally take it upon themselves to suddenly decide to criticize and shame these men suddenly once they see them with a younger, hotter woman. However, it is awesome to know it gnaws at them internally. I love it. It shows you how real biological motivation trumps any "feel good" bullshit put out by today's feminist/female propaganda.

Your points are excellent, and very true. I have seen comments in other venues from women, targeted at men, about "age-appropriate dating." It is bullshit shaming jargon, and should be thrown back in their face immediately and harshly.

Don't forget about "she just wants a green card", and how supposedly men want "passive, subservient women" (implying taking advantage of poor, weak women etc.).

8 upvotesGrain_Man3 years ago

The thing that's always weirded me out about that argument is how incredibly shallow must you be if your only interests are completely boring to someone 10 years older or younger than yourself?

I had a conversation with my father and my nephew over the weekend, and despite the fact that there's a quarter of a century either way the three of us still managed to hold a conversation about something of mutual interest.

2 upvotesarcticshqip3 years ago

That's a great point, I think that mentally and emotionally age (or gender) doesn't really affect relationships since most people have friends of all ages. I have a 34-year old friend who left his wife and is seeing a 22 year-old woman now. I'm an old, ugly hag obviously but I'm happy for them because they're a great match.

2 upvotesAttackOnKvothe3 years ago

How come an old woman is lurking this type of sites?

Pure curiosity, I would love to hear the story behind.

6 upvotesarcticshqip3 years ago

Curiosity towards human nature, trying to understand men better, trying to understand my own feelings better. And I have couple of friends that either have read the red pill theory or are naturally living it and they are both very caring and loving people who respect women even though they see the sexual and relationship game aspect in their relations.

1 upvotesAttackOnKvothe3 years ago

And what is your opinion and experience of everything (of this topic) so far?

2 upvotesarcticshqip3 years ago

People are people, for many of us sex and relationships are in some way based on primal urges and attraction and red pill can be applied in those cases. It works in many cases, but then there are demisexuals and sapiosexuals and sometimes strong connections between people that make their relationships break the rule so to speak... For me personally age, money or power have never been attractive, but I do like this energy or glow some men have and it might be alpha trait, idk...

In general I find some things very culturally attached to USA like women getting fat or being fat (I'm size 2 or 4) and women wanting money from men either during marriage or in divorce.

I don't judge anyone, be with someone you want to be, a young girl or many of them, but hopefully people keep in mind that love can hurt both men and women and it's good to have empathy and care about your partner even if it isn't LTR.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is gold. I'm gonna so use this next time I get that shit.

-2 upvoteshb8only3 years ago

:D didn't give you upvote because your comment has 69 upvotes :)))

1 upvotesAttackOnKvothe3 years ago

...so, now they have computers with internet at kindergarten too?


75 upvotes2comment3 years ago

Yeah baby, come right here and jiggle your career right in my face! Man, those 401ks are stacked!

Said no man ever. These women are the female equivalent of sci-fi nerds showing off their comic collection.

32 upvotesRedMoonAscendant3 years ago

In all fairness, though, my comic collection is pretty sexy. I was showing this one girl how I had #32 from the Wolverine 1992 series that officially only had 31.

Her mom died at that very moment and she had to go to the funeral. Pretty sad stuff. She never did get to see that insane ink on the final pages.

11 upvotesmummersfarce_is_done3 years ago

Yeah. Discovering Blue Pill was the best thing that happened in my life. Before I discovered Blue Pill, I was an Average Frustrated Red pill guy. I thought hitting the gym, improving myself, holding my frame etc. was what would get me girls. But now I am enlightened. Instead I focused on having a comic collection and now girls literally jump on my lap when I wave an old Avengers comic to their faces.

TBP changed my life. Thank you TBP.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It's like they don't understand men only had careers to support families.. Men would work part time otherwise then fish all day

6 upvotesmaxbrooksmacbook3 years ago

I dated a girl worth 40 million that is a high value lawyer in manhattan. Don't underestimate the life you can have with a woman that is driven, successful and rich

2 upvotes2comment3 years ago

I'm sure there be a ton of perks and an interesting short-term experience but by the time you're in LTR phase with someone like that, you'd become the kept and cucked bitch, with an ironclad prenup squeezing your balls like a chastity belt to boot.

2 upvotesmaxbrooksmacbook3 years ago

She had borderline personality disorder so an LTR was impossible anyway, but doing whatever I want when I wanted was pretty great for the year I was with her

127 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

My sister's friends are all turning 30 right about now. They're absolutely desperate to find men to marry them, and to start popping out babies, where most of them were party girls through their 20s.

I went to one of their 30th birthday parties last weekend, and it was funny how nice all of them were to me, when some of them were stuck-up bitches in their 20s. Oh how the power dynamic changes :)

53 upvotesaskmrcia3 years ago

Its the same with my sister and her friends. Except they are in their mid twenties. Now they used to be hot as shit when they were in high school, but not so much anymore.

They all put way too much makeup on and they all gained some weight. Still trying to relive their high school glory days while my sister is so desperate for a man, the best she can get is some loser who doesn't even have a job, loads of college debt and does nothing, but smoke weed all day.

My sister and her friends will end up miserable by the time they are 30 assuming if they not already. I know my sis was a whore (hate to talk about her, but shit it's true) who got STDs and been with so many guys its just.....eh. Same with her friends. All whores.

Now all these girls graduated college (tons of debt) and have corporate jobs (Human resources). They all think they are hot shit because of their degree, but don't realize they bring nothing else to the table.

Again these women are in their mid 20s and have hit the wall. Sure they can still get guys attention, but these are guys who will just sleep with them then move on. No guy who has their head on their shoulders want women like this.

I know I don't and my sister's friends hit on me all the time, but I never go for it because who knows what I'll catch. Some of them call me gay because I never went for them (did when I was younger like 14, but they didn't want me back then).

The wall is real. And I see plenty of good looking 30 year old women affected by it as well. These girls are the same, they pull low quality guys, bitch about all men being the same, take their meds, and then post on social media like they are "queen bees."

But I have noticed a lot more women on medication. Its like every woman past 25 is on them.

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Damn. It's funny how when people, including myself thought about the wall for the first time, I literally thought it was about looks. The thing is there are still women in their 30s who look good. Heck, there are female celebrities in their 40s or even 50s who are still bangable.

The problem is all the baggage and stuck up attitude they come with. Some older women I'm sure are chill, but many of them these days in the future will have rode so many cocks, that they are damaged goods.

22 upvotesTemperfuelmma3 years ago

It's not just that, the drop of attention from hot guys and slight increase in attention from disgusting beta's that'll make them puke really takes a toll on them.

They think they're worthless hence all the rationalizations that they're not. Dating younger, normal girls itself is a pain in the ass now imagine dating an insecure woman that thinks she's nothing but a worthless piece of human shit made entirely for the sole purpose of being a fuck toy, haha.

Shit, this must be what it's like for women to date beta's.

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Exactly why I'm not focusing on women and focusing on my career. Of course if I'm out at a bar and I see a woman I'm interested in approaching or is giving me signal, I will approach.

I'm currently 25, but I just want to make as much money as I can, save a good portion of it, live in a decent sized apartment or a smaller house by myself in 3-5 years, travel to places, have fun, stay in good shape and have an almost drama free life. Women can be such a pain in the ass sometimes with the flakiness and all that. They aren't worth putting on a pedestal.

24 upvotesokiedokie3213 years ago

You have the right mindset. Sometimes it isn't always about banging as many as possible, but focusing on you and you alone. You're young and swallowed the pill early, enjoy it.

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Yep. Honestly now that you mentioned it, in college I was obsessed with the notch count, because well every young guy is. And that's what people back in college love talking about. I'm somewhere in the low double digits. Some alright girls, a couple really good ones and a few ones I would rather forget. I'm not exactly focused on that right now.

The problem is the pedestalization of women continues not just because of people think of women as "special snowflakes." It happens because most guys don't try to improve themselves so that they can be successful in their lives. They do it just to impress women and maybe find someone to "settle down with." So they spend so much time focusing on "game" and try to be nice to women.

If the guy does those things and gets laid, he's happy, but when he does those things and isn't getting that validation, that's where the problem occurs for them and why you have to dress well, strive to make money and stay healthy for YOURSELF. Not just do it so one day, you can find "the one"

Plus, if I'm making more money in the future, I can go to Thailand and fuck some slim Asian chicks.

1 upvotesrp-one3 years ago

You're in a good place, keep working hard and doing your thing. 10 years from now you'll be in a position to have everything exactly the way you want it, without compromise.

15 upvotesRedDeadlift3 years ago

Exactly right. I'm 32 and usually date under 25, but I met this 30 yo who I initially clicked with. But after 2 dates, the demands where ridiculous. Clearly she was in no mood to have fun or get to know each other. It was like an interrogation.

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I remember one night, since my roommate was doing something else, I decided to go out solo. I end up approaching a woman who was probably in her 30s. I think she might have told me her age, but can't remember.

At first, she would show interest in me and all that, but after that it was an interrogation of sorts. Like constant shit tests and questions. We made out, but she kept asking personal question and out of nowhere, would keep feeling my dick. I didn't get laid that night. It was such a mindfuck and so many times, I should have just walked away before all that. She was acting hot and cold, regarding interest level.

1 upvotesTryDoingSomethingNew3 years ago

I've learned sometimes you're better off just going home or doing something else than wasting your time on some women.

Once it's over, you have nothing to show for the stress and hassle.

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This is something that I have learned over time. If a woman isn't showing 100% interest or close to it, whether online or in person, then it's not really worth going after.

1 upvoteszephyrprime3 years ago

"She was acting hot and cold". That's what women actually want men to do to them. They don't realize that men are different than them though and don't like the same things. The only thing playings games does is filter for a guy who is a great player which is exactly the kind of guy a girl who wants to settle down wants to avoid.

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Pretty much this exactly.. I've dated several in their 30s this year since being single.. All cunts, except for one.. Pretty decent plate.. When I first met her she called Hillary a cunt and said trump should win..

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Well, she is right about the fact that Hillary Clinton is a cunt.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Pretty hardcore republican.. Had to keep reminding myself that unicorns don't exist..

Took me about an hour to finger her under the bar then take her home.. Conservative girls are always the best lays!!

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Not just that, but conservative women tend to be better looking than girls who are liberals.

13 upvotespsirico1233 years ago

"But I have noticed a lot more women on medication. Its like every woman past 25 is on them."

I have noticed it too.

8 upvotesGalactic-Unicorn3 years ago

Depression now affects one in three.

2 upvotespsirico1233 years ago

That's horrible. Do you have any source on this?

2 upvotesGalactic-Unicorn3 years ago

I asked the FY1 that told me. It's one in three will experience a disorder under the umbrella of depression at some point in their life.

He couldn't remember the source. I might look once home if I remember.

13 upvotesharsha_hs3 years ago

I second about meds. EVERY single woman past 30 is on meds!

2 upvoteszephyrprime3 years ago

Regarding the meds - they're the reason we have so many kids now that are trans-sexual and have adhd.

16 upvotesnicksnice3 years ago

There's this group of girls I know from a few years back I follow them on IG. Theyre all 30 and on social media crying about fuckboys. This girl who is a former obeast (was hot in her teens and early 20s then ballooned) had the audacity to make this post about lowering her standards. Her post read "stop going for the fuckboys, get you a solid 7 that beats the kitty up." This girl is a high 4 at best claiming she will lower her standards to the top 30% of men with a good dick. her saving grace is that she's not ugly and has some huge tits so she's prime real estate for the BP social media simps to boost her ego.

17 upvotesjoeyjojosharknado3 years ago

prime real estate for the BP social media simps to boost her ego.

That's the disconnect that is making women crazy. Extreme validation from social media and online dating that doesn't translate into tangible, real world benefits, such as a solid relationship with a high SMV guy. It's all smoke and mirrors, but the hamster fights against seeing it for what it is. Even in their 40's and 50's women will get this shallow validation, from younger guys who just want to stick their dick in anything so go for the low hanging fruit, or beta uggos with mommy issues. The hamster tells them they must still be hot and young and desirable, because the reality - that they are a mommy substitute for some loser or a small step up from a tube sock for a regular guy - is horrifying.

13 upvotesTheOtherWalternate3 years ago

Some years ago there were studies that got publicized that claimed old age begins at 27. They mostly discussed mental decline but I wouldn't be surprised if that's the magic average age our bodies start declining.

Long before that came out, some friends and I had noticed it was right around 27 that many of the women who bragged about being able to eat anything and stay thin suddenly gained 50 lbs in a year. Hell, I was in my late 20s when my weight really got out of control. I went through a wuick weight loss then, crept back up, and when I finally took it all of again last year (early/mid 40s) it was several times as hard.

My point is, mid 20-s is biologically when it all starts changing.

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Men's strength does not peak until 30.


8 upvotesnonthaki3 years ago

Yay . Enjoy . Do a fake laugh for them and not a genuine one , whenever they have a light hearted conversation with you . This will fuck up their brains , cause they already have low confidence because they are post wall , and they will think they cant hold the situation socially enough with you , or suck in conversations . Let them never suspect that you are sarcastic inside and that you Know their fucking game .

2 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

i'm still in my 20s and waiting for that shit to start happening. not sure if i'm gonna be able to hold the laughs back.

3 upvotesOsoto_Gari3 years ago

Laugh now. You know what their future brings

2 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

true. i couldn't help but feel bad for my ex who decided to swing branches. it was 2 months before she was single again. she started trying to communicate with me again but the red pill once seen cannot be unseen. approaching 30 and very little accomplishments in her life, not even a career to have her finances secured. it's like she's still 15 mentally but she looks old and has 30 years of baggage. it's more sad than anything else, just a pitiful existence of her own doing.

1 upvotessirmadam3 years ago

I'm the other way around…by the time my lifting turns me into a god and my business takes off a bit more, my sisters friend will all be 16-18 and I'll have a pool of them to pick from. To the gym!

254 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

As a 34yo man who is currently banging a 21yo sorority chick on the regular I second this article.

133 upvotesheelface3 years ago

As a guy who just broke up with a GF and just turned 34 you've made my day.

97 upvotesLeftShark863 years ago

Bro. I'm slightly younger, but there's no excuse for dating any girl even close to 30. There are so many 21-26 year olds out there. Seriously, as I get older, I date younger. 22-24 is the sweet spot.

26 upvotesrobotghow3 years ago

How/Where do you meet them? If you don't mind me asking

58 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Starbucks. Where all young white girls hangout

10 upvotesrobotghow3 years ago

Damn, we don't have those in my country.

45 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Starbucks, or young white girls?

32 upvotesRUSTY_LEMONADE3 years ago

No white girls? Go for the brown ones then. Shit, Captain Kirk it. Green, blue, yellow, black, albino, vitiligo, it don't matter.

32 upvotesBlackHeart893 years ago

That's funny. I'm 26 and I'm dating a 21 year old. She's great, but on an intellectual note, I don't like her. On the other hand, all the women my age and up have, "too much baggage". Either several children or too damn stubborn. The girl I'm dating now is eager to please. So of course going forward, I don't think I'll ever be able to date a chick older than me or the same age without intentions of breaking up later down the line.

59 upvotesyomo863 years ago

You want meaningful conversations grt some friends.

1 upvotesBlackHeart893 years ago

Yeah. But its better when those conversations are with a woman you're fucking. But its generally not worth it. Its like a wishing for a unicorn. Great sex, great conversations, and no baggage?! Yeah right...

11 upvotesverify_account3 years ago

blue pill dreams lad. Guy friends are what you need for conversations.

1 upvotesyomo863 years ago

I would give me left nut if that is was true. A man will throw you under the bus if he is a beta or worse a beta who is your deep friend. A woman will throw you under the bus because she feels like it.

16 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

i've tried dating older and while it's nice to have a conversation with a woman who isn't a complete child, she still ends up being less mature and less intelligent, and eventually brings all her baggage on my doorstep. there's simply nothing she brings to the table at the end of the day.

6 upvotesStormhammer3 years ago

It sucks banging someone you don't respect intellectually, doesn't it? :|

3 upvotesBlackHeart893 years ago

Well, the banging is awesome. Its just at times, I want to have a more in depth conversation about some things. But to be honest, that's not going to happen with most people I meet, in general. -____-

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It's not going to happen with women. Stop looking to women for that. You'll be eternally disappointed. Find a good girl who's loyal, a 7, and somewhat based regarding politics, her ideas about gender roles, etc., if you want something long-term. That's the best you're going to do. Don't look to get ideas and mental stimulation out of women. The booky, deep girls you're after aren't booky and deep. You'll learn that fast. And they're only going to be much more obnoxious in the long run.

1 upvotesStormhammer3 years ago

I know what you mean. I'm still trying to determine what's worse, someone who doesn't scratch that intellectual itch, or someone who in their day to day is an A-type female, behind the door can be submissive, but also the selfish whiny princess type ( think Vince Vaughn gf in Wedding Crashers kind of voice ) its such a fucking turn off.

It's like wtf - woman, you're an engineer, you own your own place, are well travelled, what the fuck is this shit and where did it come from.

2 upvotesGalactic-Unicorn3 years ago

Reasons I couldn't be gay. Couldn't fuck some one I respect.

?Jim Jeffries joke.

5 upvotesTSM_Bjergson3 years ago

I'm obviously doing something wrong here. 20 years old and dating a 25 year old.

20 upvotesaggresivenapk1n3 years ago

You gotta get experience somewhere

3 upvotesLeJacquelope3 years ago

Nothing wrong with that. It's a man's prerogative to date an older or younger woman as he pleases, if she's down with him, too. The BIGGEST mistake of this XoJane article, par for the feminist course as it is, is that this woman feels she's owed a man for being an older, "stronger" woman. Yet in the next article they probably screamed hellfire and damnation at nice guys for having the same attitude. So if your 25 year old is good for you, keep her and don't let anyone tell you she's past her expiration date. But don't stick with her just because someone says you can't handle a strong woman, you owe her, etc etc etc

40 upvotesTheStumblingWolf3 years ago

I have a friend who's 41. He's seeing a 20 year old girl. I'm 31 and my other friend wants me to date his 20 year old cousin. Would be a shame to let him down :)

35 upvotesLuce_Bree3 years ago

Bro, I'm about to be 34, recently ended a 3.5-year LTR, and many months later the OLDEST chick I've banged since then was 25.

It's glorious. And most of them don't even know I'm over 30 unless I tell them (I started lifting at 27...needless to say it has served me extremely well).

A couple years ago I had no idea that such a life was even possible. Trust me brother, you're about to have the time of your fucking life.

1 upvotesMildsoss3 years ago

Wow great to hear dude because im 27 and i just started lifting as well.

43 upvotesJoseph_the_Carpenter3 years ago

If you've internalized TRP you will begin to celebrate every breakup and see it as a victory. You are now free to replace your car for a newer bouncier model.

14 upvotesatomsk4133 years ago

This thought alone got me through a hard break-up after I found this place. Thanks for the refresher mate.

16 upvotesaceangel3k3 years ago

Yup. 31 here dating a 21 year old model. Less is definitely more.

3 upvotesvengefully_yours3 years ago

I'm 47, while I have a few over 30 that I have fucked in the three years since my divorce from a 30 year old, the majority of girls I've banged have been between 18 and 26. It's a myth that men can't pull young tail, but it's because of the losers being so prominent and numerous. I'm not even great looking and girls constantly flirt and eye fuck me. All I have to do to fuck them is engage, isolate, and escalate. It's easier now than 20 years ago.

27 upvotesB_uckets3 years ago

They're the best. You don't even need to kick them out because they already know the drill.

By the time they hit 25-ish, they're probably at the stage where they try to sit around "getting to know each other" first, then they want to cuddle and sleep over afterwards.

48 upvotestextualintercourse3 years ago

38 with a 25, been working out perfectly fine. Her older used up coworkers hate her and say we are "gross", at the same time pissed no one gives them the time.

8 upvotesSnarkyFella3 years ago

Damn thats hilarious. Keep at it man. Always wear a rubber.

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

31 with 23's to 26's over the past couple years. It's been hard for me to crack under 23.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yep these are the type of plates or LTR's that it will kinda suck when they fall and break - AH WELL ¯_(ツ)_/¯

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Exact same circumstances when I ended the relationship of 5 years. She became all the negatives listee by the writer, had to go.

40 upvotesVasiliyZaitzev3 years ago

As a 49 y.o. man who woke up next to a 20 y.o. hottie this morning, I third, fourth, and fifth it. <EFG>

38 upvotesKeldoclock3 years ago

Uncle Vasya, as a 20yo man, I have 2 things to say.

  1. fuck you for making things harder for me
  2. thank you for giving me no option but to try harder and be better
23 upvotesVasiliyZaitzev3 years ago

You're welcome.

That said, I can only bang so many 20 y.o. girls...and they make more every year. So you have that going for you. Besides, I am Here To Help. Play your cards right and you can do what I do, too.

8 upvotesKeldoclock3 years ago

I did. It was okay at the time and bad in retrospect, or the reverse. Nothing to do but think about how to do it better next time.

I was always salty about having to compete with essentially all of the men in the world for the tiny segment of college girls. Tough enough dealing with the rich kids, the naturally gifted ones, without also having to worry about playing fucking chess games against my dad, you know? Nothing I can do to change that though.

The reality is, in a tough environment, you're going to get fewer people succeeding and they're all going to be better than they would have been in a less demanding environment, just because that's the nature of the cut. All I can do is work at it until I'm weeded out.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Curious, where do you meet them? I assume online?

3 upvotesVasiliyZaitzev3 years ago

Nope. I do nearly all my work in 3 dimensions. I pretty much have a black belt in "Day Game", plus zero approach anxiety, and zen-like outcome indifference, and I'm Confident As Fuck1, yada-yada. I am an extreme extrovert, so approaching and talking to people I have never met is the most natural thing in the world for me. Also, I've been Talking To Girls for 3 decades. If I wasn't super-good at it by now, something would have had to go horribly wrong along the way.

Other than being an extrovert, I had to LURN all that shit. Anyone can do it.

1 And I get it, some people think I'm an asshole. Fine. Tell me...who do girls fuck again? Asshole or "Nice Guys"? Exactly.

7 upvotesEatsnax3 years ago

As a bald 40 yo man who's dating a hot 22 yo I'll second that too. Besides loosing my hair which I've owned in the best way possible, I workout on the reg, diet, dress nice and get mine. It gets better gents.

3 upvotesantariusz3 years ago

Hello fellow 34 year old man... As I sit and watch Netflix with a 21 year old girl next to me.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Kudos ;) just dumped 2 loads onto mine's face in the past 3 hrs lol

1 upvotesRenaissanceMan793 years ago

Once I hit my mid 20s, I pretty much always dated younger. But then for some stupid reason (pre-RP), I decided to give a couple women my own age a try. NEVER again.

1 upvotestartarus23 years ago

Where do/did you meet them?

108 upvotesLeftShark863 years ago

I've had this conversation with women countless times. I always ask "Who would I rather date; you at 28 or you at 22." They have no regrets. They always argue that their mistakes make them who they are today. I wholeheartedly agree and say "that's why I wish I would have met you when you were 22". The difference is X number of dicks, sagging tits, and a wider waist. The insignificant rise in their bs career is irrelevant.

"It’s this logic that has most of my 30-something guy friends dating girls fresh out of college. Girls who, in my experience, are less impressive, less striving, less volatile, less successful, less intimidating, less questioning, less pressing, less complex, less damaged, less opinionated, less powerful, less womanly. They are less, and, to a guy not ready for anything -- like most of the guys I have dated in New York -- less is more."

In my experience, younger women are more impressive, more striving, about the same volatile, marginally less successful, less intimidating, less questioning, less, pressing, less annoying, less damaged, and more womanly. They are certainly more than their older counterparts.

40 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

about the same volatile

i'd actually say younger women are less volatile. i found TRP when i was looking for econometrics in dating, and for answers to questions like "why the fuck are so many women in their 30s on antidepressants?" after you bang a girl in her 30s the first time and she doesn't cum, it's a blow to your ego. but fuck them 3 or 4 times, and it's not that they just had more stamina than me... start asking questions. turns out it's because they're taking anti-depressants, and one of the most common side effects is inability to orgasm. now multiple studies have been done, and even the CDC was like "wtf, 25%+ of middle aged women are on anti-depressants." when you narrow to single women in their 30s, living in big liberal cities, it's usually above 50%.

the only downside i'd say with younger girls is more starfish sex. they just don't have the same motivation to lock down a guy.

8 upvotesLeftShark863 years ago

I haven't noticed worse sex in younger girls. I'd say on average lower 20's and upper 20's are about the same. Though my age range is 19-30, so I don't know about older.

15 upvotesStormhammer3 years ago

Older women are kinky as fuck.

On a serious note, keep aware of their hands when they're sucking you off. You might find one trying to sneak its way up your ass.

15 upvotesSad_Larry3 years ago

reddit is a non stop source of entertainment

3 upvotesStormhammer3 years ago

Oh god, I just realized I failed to specify a finger. A finger, not their entire hand!

1 upvoteshbdale3093 years ago

But a hand is so much more funny. Haha. I knew you meant a finger but re-reading your post I can't stop laughing thinking of her trying to sneak her hand up you ass! My sides are bleedng.

6 upvotesVasiliyZaitzev3 years ago

The thing about older women is they "know" that their currency has deflated, even if they don't consciously know it, so they get that they're going to have to put some effort into it. They have some mileage on them, so experience is a factor also. Plus the back door is usually open.

With a less experienced girl, you're simply going to have to lead her, which isn't much of a trade-off for her young, supple body. One of the best things you can do is ask her what her fantasies are. You'll likely get some good intel, and even if you don't, it's an opener for explaining what YOU want, and then leading her through it.

10 upvotes996393 years ago

Independent of anorgasmia from SSRI, many women aren't able to orgasm from penetrative sex, and a large percentage of those can't orgasm from sex of any kind. Regardless, they can still enjoy sex and men often struggle to understand this because of the nature of male orgasm.

9 upvotesomega_dawg933 years ago

Go to Katy Texas... It is the antidepressant capital of the USA.

6 upvotesRedDeadlift3 years ago

Fuckin right. I was at a house party in Katy one time and couldn't wait to get the hell out of there.

8 upvotesSad_Larry3 years ago

Can you explain for those of us who haven't attended anti depressant parties? Like anything besides being boring and sad?

3 upvotesRedDeadlift3 years ago

Hard to explain. No one seemed happy, complaining about things, general negative attitude, just not fun to be around,

2 upvotesomega_dawg933 years ago

yep... they are driving bmw's, living in big houses, fake tits, etc... all the stuff they thought would make them happy.

but instead, all they do is whine & complain abt how hard their lives are... and they take those meds like skittles. then they pick up the kids from piano & soccer practice.

1 upvotesalvlear3 years ago

Did you find your answers? It is all part of a fantastic grand design.

14 upvotes2comment3 years ago

They always argue that their mistakes make them who they are today.

A pumpndump. They should open a gas station franchise.

9 upvotesRufferto_n_Groo3 years ago

"more womanly"

That was my takeaway as well.

35 upvotesLsegundo3 years ago

Girls who, in my experience, are less impressive, less striving, less volatile, less successful, less intimidating, less questioning, less pressing, less complex, less damaged, less opinionated, less powerful, less womanly....

How the fuck are less volatile, less intimidating, less questioning, less pressing, less complex, and less damaged listed as negatives? Oh right the hamster.

Women have it drilled into their hamsters that they need to be successful. I see so many career women confused as fuck that they aren't dating higher quality men based on their career success. Guys want to be seen with the most beautiful woman in the room. Is there any guy that beams with pride because he has the most career accomplished woman in the room?

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Career women are nuts.. I'm going back to waitresses.. Went out with two very well off career women last week.. Both showed up drunk one even got out of her car with her big cup of wine..

I ended up telling one that she was bossy. She told me men liked being bossed around. I asked her if that's why she's been divorced twice.. She still tried to make a move before I left..

Fucking train wrecks!!

2 upvotesinquiringmindswould [OP]3 years ago

In the same way women give men bad relationship advice, women give other women bad relationship advice.

They think the qualities they find attractive in men, men must also find attractive in women. They want a man that is bold, career-oriented, successful, ambitious and somewhat disagreeable (i.e. demanding). It's an amusing self-gratifying notion. It's the blind leading the blind.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Dead on. Women give terrible advice overall but best part is women will listen to other women. There will be shaming to pay for the woman who asks quality advice from "shocker" other men who are successful by their own hands.

71 upvotesoffthebeatmeoff3 years ago

The culture we live in now, is impacting women the hardest (believe it or not). This stuff should have been common knowledge. In Japan they call them Christmas cake. In Hispanic cultures it is common to see a guy with a woman 15-20 years younger than he is. In India arranged marriages were sought with men who were established successful providers, and I'm sure other cultures that perform arranged marriages do the same. Women in China know they are fucked if they're not married after 25. Everyone knows it, but western women are being force fed garbage, similar to how we are being force fed garbage. At the very least guys have a fighting chance with common sense, their own observations from getting laid, observations from friends who get laid a lot, and last but not least the Redpill.

I'm not defending women or anything like that, but they're being fed this garbage and buy the time they realize it's garbage they're past their prime. Naturally being selfish they don't warn other women.

We on the other hand have each other and other networks. On top of that, once we snap out of it we haven't even hit our prime, and even if we have, we're still riding the peak of the plateau.

30 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This. Let's be red pilled it's only a shock in White western societies. Everywhere else its nothing new for an 18 year old to 20s to be snatched up by an old guy. In the west though chicks can't see that they are destroying themselves literally by waiting till the end. It's fine though the way it should be.

Whoever came up with feminism is an evil little bastard. They took advantage of womens lack of foresight to ensure their doom. It is a nice time to be alive though if you are somewhat decent looking.

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It's awesome to be a man in western society as long as you are in top 20%. But still, in this society I'd rather be in the bottom 80% than to be a woman.

35 upvotesoffthebeatmeoff3 years ago

This is an unpopular opinion on this sub, but "top 20%" is all context. There are niches for everyone and everything. There are flabby stupid guys who get laid tons because they do drugs like coke, that hot girls love. There's a redneck crushing some country tail, because he's got a big pick up that he pounds puss in that he meets right at the honky tonk. There's a handsome wealthy guy who's frustrated and beating his meat, because he's in San Francisco or down in Silicon Valley, and it's mostly dudes. It's all context. Don't get me wrong, improve yourself and work on your game and you'll get results, but I would confidently put myself in the top 5% easy within my demographic, and there are nights and places where I feel like a God, and others where I feel like an ugly freak that couldn't come close to even sniffing pussy

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That's true. It's all relative and I have some nights where I feel like the best looking and most charming guy on the planet and other times, where I feel like I can attract any women. You could be top 20% in one place, but be in the bottom 20% in another place.

1 upvotesantariusz3 years ago

Exactly this. All it takes to be a top tier male in Northeast Ohio.

6 figure salary. Average Height. Less than 20% bodyfat.

Here, I'm probably right around top 20%, maybe a bit higher

If I were in NYC, I probably wouldn't even register with most women. (say 70%)

If I back living in San Antonio but with current life situation. Easily top 10%

9 upvotesefrp3 years ago

Very well said. One of the things I learned rather late in life is to figure out your niche and then work it as much as you can. Some types/demographics of women will just be naturally more receptive; others won't give a fuck about you for whatever reason. Get in where you fit in etc etc.

8 upvotesoffthebeatmeoff3 years ago

Yeah exactly. I have a buddy, he's handsome and jacked (competes in physique). He can pull fitness chicks pretty well where as I barely stand a chance. That being said, I dominate him with tall girls, bar skanks, and ethnic chicks. I even have a buddy who honest to god has a fucking pear shaped figure. Definition of skinny fat, with a lesbian haircut, but he's juggling three chicks. They're cute, but look like emos. He has his niche as well.

4 upvotesRedDeadlift3 years ago

Agreed. Your SMV varies wildly with different environments. Find your niche.

1 upvotesS3542U3 years ago

How can one find their niche? Is this simply trial and error or are there guidelines? I would guess one should start doing activities they enjoy and where there are people and socialize/game with those people. Am I in the right path?

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Pick a field that you will be successful in, (you will be the alpha of the group) and ideally one that women you desire participate in.

1 upvotesNotUpToAnythingGood3 years ago

Have to use the right bait for the environment you are fishing in...

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What women look for in men is cultural success.


Evolutionary logic indicates that the best situation for a woman is a long-term partner with good genes who has reproductive potential and the willingness to invest this potential in her and her children. Men’s reproductive potential is determined by the ability to parent and the ability to invest social and material resources in children. One way to conceptualize men’s resources is in terms of their cultural success (Irons, 1979): that is, their social status and their control of material resources. We describe women’s preference for culturally successful men in the first section.

Women desire men who are culturally successful.

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Your post basically describes the story of this woman my fiancee worked with. Hot Long Island mom 'goes out with the girls' once a month and leaves daddy and the kids at home. Found dead in a NYC apt. hallway after a coke-fueled orgy with some fat, greasy HBO producer:


1 upvotesoffthebeatmeoff3 years ago

If it wasn't for the fact I'm paranoid about revealing too much about myself I'd share some stories. I've got a million of them. Everyone has this idea that Chad is always tall, muscular, and dumb. Sometimes Chad is a fat balding greasy coke head. Sometimes he's a hairy Persian guy getting bottle service. Sometime he's just any loser that has the balls to actually give himself a chance at getting laid.

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Take advantage, they did. But evil? Technology had made women useless in the home, and we had a lot of wealth to create. Doubling the workforce is a neat idea.

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Doubling the workforce lowered demand for labour and pushed down wages, now making it almost necessary for a household to have two workers to get by thus necessitating less childbirth/children by women and a reduced total fertility rate for the nation. A real winner.

1 upvoteszephyrprime3 years ago

Plus, it was only technology that had even allowed women to get into the home. Historically, for most of human history women had jobs and that job was to be a forager for food. Most of the calories in the typical tribe are actually brought in by women foraging.

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Theory has it that feminism took off in the 60's because there was a surplus of women after WWII. i.e. a gender ratio favouring men. All those women had to justify being sluts somehow in order to mate with the few available men.

1 upvotesoffthebeatmeoff3 years ago

I would argue that it is more of an economic reason. This is an already established theory so I'm sure someone has said what I'm about to say, but in much better words.

When men returned from WW2 women had overtaken the workforce, and men were trying to return to the workforce/school. However, the number of jobs didn't magically increase, but the number of people did. This created the perfect storm of cheap labor the elite wanted. It made sense to continue women to be strong and independent. God forbid they went back home and let men take over to continue the high value of a worker. It's also one of the reasons cheap 3rd world labor is imported. It devalues the cost of labor

15 upvotesOsoto_Gari3 years ago

In Japan they call them Christmas cake

"Because nobody wants Christmas cake after 26". LOL

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This is definitely true. Women were sold a bill of goods by feminists that was never true. For as much as TRP is needed for men, it's messed women up far more than it has men. Men can recover and become the man they were meant to be through work and effort, but women? Once they pass a threshold in age, looks, or action, it's pretty much game over for them. Women cannot recover that which has been lost. This is why so many women are using anti-depressants. They know they are fucked and they know there isn't a damn thing they can do about it beyond watch all of the men go for younger women.

I see my sister, who is 36, and in this position. She has been dating a dude for a few years who is in his 40s who has never been married, yet for some reason everyone expects them to get married. I know he's never going to pull the trigger because he has zero incentive to do so. He's established and makes a lot of money and they don't want kids. I know with an absolute certainty that if he breaks it off, then she is going to break for good, especially now that I just had a son with my wife and likely will have another kid in the next few years.

Cultural marxism has irreparably damaged an entire generation of women. We, as a civilization, may never recover from the damage that has been done.

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It's because there are large segments of society (leftists) who sincerely believe that our perceptions and values are socially constructed and if we just pretend these perceptions and values aren't real than they will stop existing. This has lead to a whole lot of maladaptive behaviour proliferating and a whole lot of re-inventing the wheel. A lot of TRP is just folk knowledge that got thrown out the window decades ago. The sort of stuff our great grand dads taught each other.

62 upvotesAFPJ3 years ago

From the article:

There was something there, and we both knew it, which is why were attempting to hash things out over the phone at some ungodly hour. Because at our age, we’re adults, and things matter more. The mistakes leave marks.

This is female scarcity. It's just like male scarcity. 10 years ago she would flake or go out and never call back if they didn't fuck or it wasn't amazing, because she didn't give a shit - because she had 100 dudes just like him lined up.

The pain, plight and rejection of women between 28 and 38 is identical to what men experience from 18 to 28 - the only difference is, it's direction in time is reversed. Just as most 18y/o men are invisible, so are most 38y/o women.

The difference is: whether guys are the equivalent of a 18, 28 or 38y/o chick depends on the work they put in.

52 upvotesMattyAnon3 years ago

10 years ago she would flake or go out and never call back if they didn't fuck or it wasn't amazing, because she didn't give a shit

Exactly. This is why I have no sympathy. Every time I hear a post wall woman complaining about dating not being quite as easy as it once was, I think "yeah, I remember what you were like when you were in your 20's and I was a sexually frustrated victim of your lies and manipulations and you had all the options and you used them at my expense".

The pain, plight and rejection of women between 28 and 38 is identical to what men experience from 18 to 28

No it's not. Men 28 to 38 still do more, give more, get more rejections, get less attention, get more rejections. It's not even starting to balance out until she hits 50. All that's happening is that she has it not-quite-as-fucking-easy but still vastly easier than most men. The only thing making her life even very slightly hard is her own insane level of choosiness and entitlement.

Imagine if she had to be attractive with zero inherent value in a world that was anti-female and the slightest bit of complaining or neediness or caring or saying the wrong thing even once would instantly cancel out all potential sexual attractiveness. A world in which she is constantly criticised for both being female, not being female enough and the opposite sex demanded their best interests be permanently accounted for even at the expense of her own potential sexual attractiveness, and not only that but she has to maintain this perfect level of attractiveness in the face of doing all the work and taking all the rejections.

After all that, she's not even close to being at the level men are when they deal with women.

TL;DR: even at 35 she's still got it easier than 99.9% of men. 50 is when the roles reverse and women realise (too late) that they have to put some work in and offer value. Of course even then they'd rather just complain about it.

15 upvotessd4c3 years ago

Imagine if she had to be attractive with zero inherent value in a world that was anti-female and the slightest bit of complaining or neediness or caring or saying the wrong thing even once would instantly cancel out all potential sexual attractiveness.

Excellent and very true. I once had one in the bag, until I mentioned that my favorite bar was called "The Mangy Dog". She disgusted by the name of the bar, that's all it took.

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Oh, I can believe it. I was at a bar with a friend, and he gets talking to a woman. I honestly thought he was going to fuck her. When he was buying her drinks, she made a sneering remark about his wallet, and from that point on, her behaviour towards him cooled. His fucking wallet. A basic, black nylon wallet.

0 upvotesDisgruntledWolverine3 years ago

A man carries a leather wallet.

A child carries a nylon wallet.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

A wallet is a fucking wallet. Having owned both, I prefer nylon. Leather falls apart to easily, to say nothing of the fact that they get ruined in the rain. It seems like such a bullshit, arbitrary standard that people adhere to, but has little to no basis in reality.

1 upvotesDisgruntledWolverine3 years ago

I am 32, I have carried a wallet since I was 16. In those 16 years, I have only owned 2 wallets, Both leather. Neither fell apart.

The first one was a gift. the only reason I replaced it was that I was gifted a newer one.

I have been in rivers and pools with them. Didn't ruin them. They age with grace and collect character as they age.

Nylon on the other hand, just screams 10 year old man boy...

I know it is a preference thing, but Stylistically, it is the equivalent of saying you only like t shirts because they are comfortable and it's just what you like... Dress yourself like an adult and wear button downs.

2 upvotesjoeyjojosharknado3 years ago

You did the right thing. That's an awesome name for a bar.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I don't know if I agree with you.. I'm currently 37 and rejection is extremely low.. When I put forth the effort it's not hard to land 4-5 dates in a week.. Honestly, I flake on women constantly..

I don't think women have that big of an advantage at this agree unless they are hot and have no kids.. Since most are chubby, that is not the case

4 upvotesAFPJ3 years ago

TL;DR: even at 35 she's still got it easier than 99.9% of men. 50 is when the roles reverse

Meanwhile, back in reality, by pretty much 38, women, on average, have no choice at all. That data might look not too significant on paper but then you realize that most 30+ guys are fucking chicks under 35, and the further up the age ladder one climbs, the less total population (not to mention the eligible singles pool): women are fucked after 35.

The way you write makes it sound like it's bad to be a man, but shit's the best since sliced bread. Even at 18-24, the worst years for men, with 1-2 years worth of actual work, most of us can be more sexually active than a ham planet.

2 upvotesillicitwit3 years ago

Genuine, humble question here - how do you define "actual work" and how would you recommend a nobody become a somebody over time?

2 upvotesAFPJ3 years ago

define "actual work"

Anything that 80% of men don't do, or don't do as hard, or don't do as well - lift, dress, socialize, vibe. Also, avoiding anything that 80% do, which detracts - porn, video games, excessive booze, TV, etc. Anything that everyone else in your area does, doesn't count. You work 40 hours a week, go to the gym 3-4 times a week but so does everyone else - making that the male "baseline", aka 60 hours a week spent on being average. It's hard to do more, because your incentive for being average is to be accepted, and the payout is immediate. Alas, it's the extra hours on top of all this that set you apart from the others. A side business, learning extra skills, doing sports, improving your style, learning social skills, reflecting on life - and these are hard to justify since the payout is highly delayed.

Fighting the day to day fatigue to invest the extra work into your future is where the real progress is made.

2 upvotesYour_Coke_Dealer3 years ago

I'd say 40. In the NYC area, there's so many attractive women that there are even far more attractive ones to easily trade up to if you're into MILFs

2 upvotesDrogba0063 years ago

This is THE Red Pill right here.

I don't have anything to add to it, but this is what is the distilled version of what it means to wake up, in my opinion.

36 upvotesnonthaki3 years ago

It’s this logic that has most of my 30-something guy friends dating girls fresh out of college. Girls who, in my experience, are less impressive, less striving, less volatile, less successful, less intimidating, less questioning, less pressing, less complex, less damaged, less opinionated, less powerful, less womanly. They are less, and, to a guy not ready for anything -- like most of the guys I have dated in New York -- less is more.

Sweet karma . She is judging what men like by what she thinks men should want or like about her or post wall women like her . One can feel her hopelessness , just like men felt in their 20s , but she never cared about what men went through .

As though any amount of talking is going to make this better, Alex continues to tell me about Anouk, who doesn’t mind him going on dates with other women because he “doesn’t love her,” and who he is dating precisely because she’s not looking for anything at all.

Oh man , this is just class , and I suspect that guy is Red Pill or became a Natural Red Pill after seeing the change in sexual market dynamics from a young guy to his current age .

By the way , its a 2 year old post . I dont know how the hell you found it now .

30 upvotesuseyourmouth3 years ago

Lol at her hamstering at the end. We can play word games, too:

...less wrinkled, less fat, less demanding, less used up, less barren, less broken, less cunty -- so yes, less is more.

1 upvotesrot_barth3 years ago

"Better for you". (Than WHAT?)

34 upvotesjb_trp3 years ago

Jokes on you, divorced women with baggage: We'd rather have two 20s than one 40.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Or nothing at all!! Rather ride solo then settle for a fat old divorced hag with kids

13 upvoteskaspell3 years ago

37 here, dating a 24 year old (turned last week), started with 36/23. The one before her was 24 too. They're broken but fun. The older ones are just broken.

2 upvotestorodinson3 years ago

Why are they all broken...thanks feminism.

1 upvoteskaspell3 years ago

If you can find a way to make the broken work for you.... it becomes a free feature :\

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Hit the wall and then cry "where are all da good men?"

26 upvotesInvalidity3 years ago

The 28 year old woman was once the 22 year old fresh-out-of-college girl. So not only does she have the baggage of the 22 year old, she also has the ravages of time with her as well. Women at the age of 28 pretend like they are completely different from their 22 year old counterparts, yet they tend to forget that most of them have experienced the same things.

I've met girls that were exceedingly intelligent and driven in college, more so than women who were older at the time. Why should I believe that women get "smarter" as they age? The whole notion that women become more "mature" in character as they get older is mostly bullshit. The only difference is how much more desperate a woman becomes as she knows her options are declining exponentially.

2 upvotesmummersfarce_is_done3 years ago

Men can be easily fooled by this lie, because this maturing process is true for men. Not every man who ages becomes more mature, but indeed time usually shapes a man for the better.

For woman... I don't really know. Maybe there are some who gain something with time, but their decline in beauty truly takes up something in them regardless. Perhaps that is why some woman actually try to gain something other than their beauty, or try to go into a path of self-enlightenment after hitting the wall. Most probably suck at this process and a few rest are good at covering their past self.

I mean, this is probably how those "spiritually enlightened" women are made, who "mastered their ego". Am I the only one who meets such woman at past-wall stage? Mind you, women always seem more apt towards mysticism at any age (hence the tarot cards, palm reading routines). It's just that, they try to compensate their decline in beauty with mysticism, at least some women. They look pretty calm on the surface, but I don't know what's inside.

9 upvotespyrom333 years ago

I often work with old (RP) men from eastern Europe. they are between 50-65 yrs. they have good shape because hard work (oil&gas industry) and they fuck young chicks regularly (no prostitute)

23 upvotesyummyluckycharms3 years ago

Younger women are more enjoyable and fun to be around. No negativity, no toxic feminism, no attitudes - they have a greater zest for life in general

Case in point, I've had 3 plates that I enjoyed ffm threesomes with - all under 30. I've had 0 plates over 30 that enjoyed them. Women over 30 are just plain boring and they just seem to become more frigid over time

42 upvotesDailyManliness3 years ago

I don't think it even takes this long for women to notice the wall anymore, it's happening in the early to mid-20s where they're locking down the betas now. I'd say most of the women in my group are far removed from the wall or going on the decline and even they are starting to feel the biological clock. It's built in them, we can analyze it and call it the wall but women feel it. By the looks of it they feel it long before even one wrinkle sets in. If they find the right beta early enough they'll go with him and "settle down" while craving alphas on the side.

45 upvotesMarino4K3 years ago

they'll go with him and "settle down" while craving alphas on the side

Which is why divorce rates are so high. Nothing wrong with settling down but you can't have your cake and eat it too.

37 upvotesDailyManliness3 years ago

Completely agreed, this has to be the reason for the insanely high divorce rate. I can see it already from the married girls I know. One of the girls in my group has been with a beta for a year and she's already antsy and going out without him. What's gonna happen when she marries him in 2-3 years? They've already needed one "break" so she could be with other guys and that was a few months in. This is why TRP is so necessary for men, you can't blame the women, it's how they are. It's a mans responsibility to take control of himself and his relationships.

21 upvotesMarino4K3 years ago

I mean for real though. You want beta qualities but alpha tendencies? Hold up woman, let me get you a build a bear,.

41 upvotesLeftShark863 years ago

Yea, I'd like a number HB9, petite, toned but easy on the muscles, with DDs and a side of nympho.

22 upvotesColdIceZero3 years ago

"Alright, so I got you down for the Number 2 combo deal, with blonde. Would you like to super size your order to 'appreciates giving head' for another 99 cents?"

16 upvotesKingoffistycuffs3 years ago

As the manager of this establishment I can say I like the cut of your jib and I'll toss on a side of "can actually cook" to your order. Keep up the good work.

4 upvotesfatalbinoninja3 years ago

I'll take the jumbo value size if you can toss in general housekeeping and cooking as well.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yes, but how much extra will it cost for one that does anal?

1 upvotes0kool743 years ago

Yea, I'd like a number HB9, petite, toned but easy on the muscles, with DDs and a side of nympho.

Without the STDs of course :-)

1 upvotesantariusz3 years ago

Find a younger woman, close to your natural desires, and mold her into the woman you want her to be.

I know you're just making a joke, but you CAN build a better woman. You can lead and shape a woman in an LTR. If you can keep a woman you've molded into a 9, then you could have just gotten a 9 in the first place.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Well if they made sense they wouldn't be women they'd be men.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

A break after a few months? LMAO

11 upvotesDailyManliness3 years ago

Yup. It's shocking how much guys deal with from girls who are clearly above them. Once you show your hand like that you will always lose, she knows she can do whatever she wants. This is commonplace for a beta situation though

11 upvotessd4c3 years ago

It can get worse. There are legions of guys on Craigslist being forced to find sexual partners for their cruel ruthless wives

7 upvotesthisishowibowl3 years ago

I almost refuse to believe this cuck thing exists. I know it does but . It's so insane to me that I can almost not wrap my mind around it. Just hearing about makes my blood boil.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

if you ever get a time machine, do me a favor: go back and slap 20 y.o. me HARD

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Also my 15 y.o. one version. You can have my savings later, doesn't matter. Idk, my 15 y.o. version would prefer that, my 26 y.o. version would prefer he never fell for a whore but still would like to hunt well into old age with .

I saw a hunter while going to mountain a day ago. He was 45 y.o. atleast, alone, with a shotgun and his dog. Never saw someone smiling more to randoms like us. Not like he wanted to please us, like he just was that happy in life and wanted to share.

Hunting and conquering is the youth of spirit.

7 upvotessd4c3 years ago

What's gonna happen when she marries him in 2-3 years? They've already needed one "break" so she could be with other guys and that was a few months in.

DO NOT GET ATTACHED. And the way to do that is not to spend so much damned time with them. Plate 2-3, or none at all. Do not commit.

12 upvotessd4c3 years ago

If you do commit, you will be punished. Your sacrifice will be rewarded for 2-3 days, then the demands will resume escalating. See Briffault's Law:

"Any agreement where the male provides a current benefit in return for a promise of future association is null and void as soon as the male has provided the benefit"

4 upvotes_the_shape_3 years ago

They've already needed one "break" so she could be with other guys and that was a few months in.

This one flies over the beta's head over and over and strongly supports what you wrote next:

This is why TRP is so necessary for men, you can't blame the women, it's how they are. It's a mans responsibility to take control of himself and his relationships.

At least she's having the decency to not outright cuck the guy, but the beta fails to read between the lines of her message: you're not my first choice, in fact you're a back-up at best, completely written off if I find better at worst.

--"So what now, beta? She wants to try out a few different cocks date a bit, so what are you going to do?"

--"Um, I guess, um, just gonna give her some space, and umm, just sorta hang around in the meantime.."

--"So you're going to wait for her - that's what you're saying..."

--"Umm, yeah, pretty much"

--"Sheesh. Take a seat for a second, son. While you're at it, get a pen and paper so you can take some notes.."

1 upvotesLeftShark863 years ago

It's not so much taking control as it is having some self respect. Usually, the right course of action when you're not married is to dump her.

2 upvotesDailyManliness3 years ago

I meant control in terms of control over yourself such as financial control, emotional control, frame control etc...Self-respect is an aspect of having control over where you are and where you're going

6 upvotesbornredd3 years ago

Was out with my friends this weekend and met a woman who has been married for just over a year, short, cute little thing, very religious.

I was invited to this shindig by a mutual friend, and she spent the entire time flirting with me. When I wasn't around, she spent the time asking my friends about me (where'd they meet me, what do I do for a living, am I married, etc). I would have had no idea she was married except for the ring.

5 upvotesDailyManliness3 years ago

That is the only way I can tell some women are married. This is why blaming the guy when a woman cheats is absurd. If a woman doesn't have a ring there's no way to know if she's with someone. They rarely act like it.

2 upvotesuhHerpDerp3 years ago

If she's very religious I'd think she's probably doing recon for a sister / girlfriend

8 upvotestheneoroot3 years ago

It doesn't really help the club culture (aka CC, cock carousel) of doing drugs, drinking till you pass out and eating whatever gives the most instant satisfaction at the moment.

Women that work out, eat well and take care of themselves although rare can postpone the wall for a few years, but these CC chicks are believing that whatever happens to them when they get older can be fixed with plastic surgery, not knowing the difference between the skin of a 20yo and a 30 or 40 something hag with a stretched face.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I think it depends where you live.. When I lived in small towns women tried to settle down early.. Since I've moved closer to a major city I've noticed several women over 35 wanting to have kids..

Oh, and more drunk women.. Never seen so many heavy female drinkers till I moved

9 upvotesatomsk4133 years ago

"That the fox could not reach, for all [her] labour, And leaving them declared, they're not ripe yet..."

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Idk about other guys here, but for me it's not the age in years of a woman that bothers me and makes her undateable, but the literal age... Lots of girls I know were heavy partiers, drugs, alcohol, careless sex, smoking etc. I know girls who were an HB8 in their early twenties drop down to a 5 by the time they're 27.

Then there's other factors.. Emotional damage, little or no housekeeping skills (TBH, I keep my place tidier than most women I've met in their 20's), and a very unrealistic outlook on how a healthy relationship functions.

As the old saying goes, you reap what you sow. This isn't really a concept that's strictly gendered. If a guy eats like shit all his life, drinks heavily, does drugs, and has some shitty ME FIRST entitled attitude.. He's probably going to be in shitty shape physically and financially too, thus un-fuckable. I personally knew plenty of guys like this in their late 20's. Beer guts, dead end uninspiring jobs they stay at out of safety, dress like shit, and just put minimal effort into life then wonder why they're so unlucky.

1 upvotesmummersfarce_is_done3 years ago

The same is true for both genders. Difference is, women without guidance goes to degenerate hedonism, at least in this age by the influence of our hedonistic culture. We can say culture is the guidance here maybe. So women automatically follow guidance.

Men are not that much different as in they can be led astray easily too. But a man can save himself from this cultural mess provided he has access to relevant information and advice. But a woman needs to be led out of a situation. You can provide all the information and advice to a woman, but she can not save herself unlike a man. She has no use of those things, what she needs is guidance.

This has been my experience so far.

1 upvotesNotUpToAnythingGood3 years ago

I think the saying you are looking for is...

It's not the years, it's the miles.

Some younger women look as though they were ridden hard by life and others look as though they've cruised through without a single ounce of effort.

Some of that is genetics but a lot of it is how they took care of themselves. Is the body a temple or a slum tenement?

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

"For a man, age brings success, wisdom..."

Uh no. The man-truck doesn't stop by when you're 40 to drop a million dollars in gold ingots. Hard work, discipline and experience brings success and wisdom, for anyone. Delusions like this are why women act and see the world the way they do.

8 upvotesDiebytheSword6663 years ago

I visited at my own peril.

Yep, she's seems a bit bat-shit crazy. She said that she had four dates with the guy - the first three being good. But she said "we" had to discuss things for an hour on the phone, at, what was it?, 1:00 AM. Guys don't need closure, it's obvious that she was bothering him. Christ, they didn't even have sex.

6 upvotesELLEN_POO3 years ago

Small correction, only the high SMV men are dating the younger girls. The low SMV men aren't dating anyone at all.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I want to feel bad but can't. I'm a little nervous the current age gap I'm used to is going to expand even more. I used to think "8" years was a big gap, now 20 years is nothing. If it gets to 30 years, well, whoa. It is what it is.

I've had some successes, but over my lifespan I've had far more rejections, dry spells, and periods of time where I couldn't pay a woman to have a cup of coffee with me.

6 upvotesRedMoonAscendant3 years ago

So damn good.

Just adding my data point out there for you youngsters that are feeling down. I'm 40+. LTR is HB9 who is 20 years my junior.

She's great. Mainly because she recognizes my value to her as a mate. As a 40+, my value is higher than when I was her age.

Fuck those girls your age in their 20's and just keep fucking girls that same age as you get older. They'll get better and better.

Never settle for a girl over 25. It's fine to keep her around forever, but your first date with her she must be under 25.

1 upvotesrot_barth3 years ago

My personal experience has borne this out to be true. 24-25 seems to be the sweet spot.

6 upvotespaydenbts3 years ago

"i am tired of ridding the dick caroussel, i am ready to commit!!!


5 upvoteslodro3 years ago

"It’s this logic that has most of my 30-something guy friends dating girls fresh out of college. "

Yeah, must be the logic. See - men just don't get it. They don't understand. Why are men so dumb?

Hips, tits, kindness, innocence, girlishness, youth, and a lack of mustachio - these things are obviously, rationally inferior to the power of a career driven woman who knows what she wants and won't take no for an answer because she's 38 and racked with testosterone.


5 upvotesblackierobinsin63 years ago

Appearently a guy she wouldn't want 10/20 years ago, now he's supposed to use those year to gain wealth and be with some old bich!?!?

5 upvotesMakonar3 years ago

As a 34 yo who has been dating for 5 years a girl 9 years younger - I can assure you, that a 30+ yo woman would be nothing but baggage and arguing, the exact 2 things my gf lacks. It's funny how women always dream of dating a mature, adult guy - girls 14-18 always bragging about some 18-28 yo guy who would be their dream partner, but somehow, women 30-35 don't want to date men 39-45. It's twice as funny when you think how women at their teens are envious about their best friends older boyfriends, but when they hit their best before date, immediately, guys dating younger girls are creeps and younger girls are stupid bimbos.... funny how age changes women views, but most guys stay the same....

6 upvotesecosci3 years ago

Its not that women dont have options but her pool of alphas and badboys has diminished and to think she has to settle for beta bob makes them sad which is were the bitching starts from they all knew this day would come but didnt think it would come because of a favourble society and illogical reasoning lie in your beds cunts.

4 upvotesmax_peenor3 years ago

less intimidating

What she thinks she is saying: She's a strong grrl and you should be impressed with her ability to have opinions, instead of running away from her like a scared boy.

What we hear her saying: She will have an opinion about everything and throw tantrums if she doesn't get what she wants. We have more important things to do with our time than trying to cage a harpy.

11 upvotesSteve_Wiener3 years ago


3 upvotesedwardhwhite3 years ago

They act like what we want should be exclusive to them, that we should have no choice in our love lives simply because it is inconvienent to them.

3 upvoteskgriffen3 years ago

Why would I want to date a woman who is more volatile, more intimidating, more questioning, more pressing, more complex, more damaged, more opinionated and more womanly (matronly)?

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Because men like to be bossed around.. I had a woman say that to me this past week.

3 upvotesRUSTY_LEMONADE3 years ago

Intimidating, damaged, opinonated? Are these supposed to be virtues? These are obstacles at best, at worst they are a reason to next. WTF?

3 upvotesvicious_armbar3 years ago

deleted What is this?

3 upvoteswaldo8883 years ago

Its the same game of expecting things to be like they were when it benefits them while enjoying the fruits of modern female life. These "Women" have no respect for nor any idea how to take care of a man at all. They only know how to get something from him. And they expect everything from him. If this guy is taking a young woman for sex only, that is how he also saw this older woman. There is no love, no fidelity, no connection, and no wife or pleasant womanly company just cheap pussy. So of course anything more attractive is better. It used to be you got everything if you gave up everything, and now you don't give shit besides a ride... guess what happens.. you only get a ride.

3 upvotesyomo863 years ago

College aged women are also less old.

3 upvotesVenicedreaming3 years ago

Do tell how you tumbled on this article lol. With that said, women are past their prime at 30s, and youth is very attractive in a woman. People can deny all they want, no changing that

1 upvotesinquiringmindswould [OP]3 years ago

Accidents, happy or otherwise, happen every day...

3 upvotesjoh21413 years ago

Fuck I didn't even hit 30 and most girls I date around my age have so much baggage and bullshit crazy attitude like they think the president will eat her shit if she wanted. None of these girls have less than double digit partners. All of them are godforsaken sluts on top of having a million guy friends. Maybe it is just where I live but this is why no one wants to date a woman even close to or post 30. Shit I can get a girl who just entered college looking to have fun and explore new things. That's exciting. Instead I'm supposed to want some lunatic that thinks more emotional baggage and damage and drama is better than carefree, fun, adventure.

Full retard version of hamster mode there.

3 upvotesOverkillengine3 years ago

The party lifestyle ages anyone faster than they would have aged otherwise. Staying up all night, alcohol, and drugs will have you looking like 35 when you are only 25, and that's if you are lucky.

And this hits women harder than men because a woman that can't/won't put the bottle and pills away is very likely to bear deformed children- far more so than a man.

This is the trade-off for being the biological bottleneck bearer for human reproduction. A man looking for a long term mate is rightly wary of any woman that appears to have treated this power and attendant responsibility frivolously.

3 upvotesTheRedChemist3 years ago

Alex sees his stock rising. For a man, age brings success, wisdom, and the Hollywood-approved wrinkles of Robert Redford. And, while I too find that my career is on the up, it doesn’t matter, because time, for a woman, is hardly as kind as it is to a man.

Notice how all she sees is the injustice of his rising stock in the face of hers falling. Never mind the fact that he likely spent the previous 40 years of his life on the bottom looking up, fighting for scraps, while she enjoyed the perks of her own high value. She cannot even perceive it.

3 upvotesRougepellet3 years ago

I love how she perfectly identifies all the evidence staring her kn the face but draws an absurd conclusion. Humans truly are irrational creatures. To shelter our fragile egos, because the truth hurts, we would rather fabricate a more pleasent version of our environment than accept reality.

3 upvotesindlife3 years ago

If you aren't Chad now, be Alex later.

I predict this is how things are going to be for many women who are now in their teens to mid-20s, maybe even late 20s especially if the whole 80/20, 70/30, or even 60/40 concept is true. Many guys who didn't have a lot of fun in their youth and up that notch count are going just become serial monogamist, and possibly cheat many times just to obtain experiences they missed out on. Once a guy who got nothing finds out he can now get something, he is likely going to want to have all these experiences he missed out on during his young years. While the 'Alex' guys might not be able to experience everything that 'Chad' obtained, he can still rack up numbers by simply doing very short term dating and relationships. Alex can lie and claim he is looking to 'settle down' and 'start something serious,' then easy change his mind two or three months later. Young women in their late 20s and into their 30s know they have to have sex to even begin to start considering the committed path. Will be interesting to see how things are in the dating and marriage world in about ten years from now.

1 upvotesinquiringmindswould [OP]3 years ago

This is true. They've no legs to stand on (no pun intended) if they try the chaste, "True Love Waits" act. If they want even a hope of landing a long-term partner, they gotta put out. The Alexes of the world may be arriving late, but they are no mopes- they know these women have been around the block a time or two.

That leaves these women vulnerable to the counter-strategy "pump 'n dump". If they don't put out, Alex will leave (which is exactly what happened in the article).

3 upvotesTarnsman4Life3 years ago

The lack of self awareness is so funny. If the 30 year old woman had been smart she would have kept her partner count low or non existent , learned to cook, clean and be a good partner in her late teens/early twenties. Then by 21-25 she could have found someone of high value who would be willing to commit because her value in SMV and self worth is high.

Instead she probably spent her teens and 20's fucking anyone who was "hot" and would stick it in. Now that she is 30 she realizes that the age of the men interested in her has slowly creeped up into a range where the men she finds attractive won't commit to someone with the 1000 cock stare and can easily through their wealth and experience fuck younger, more fun, more attractive women. The men who will commit she finds unsuitable for various reasons thus they are invisible E: "I can't find a man!"

As for Alex I consider myself an Alex, I spent most of my 20's with the same woman. She was a good woman or so I thought but I got oneitis and found out about 7 years in she started fucking other guys (and women) behind my back. Now that I am over 30 I am taking full advantage to catch up by pulling 18-21 year olds with daddy issues. Spending most of my 20's nose to the grindstone with work and not solely focused on chasing pussy enabled me to get well ahead of my peers in my career, which has enabled me in part to pull these chicks.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I will start caring about a chick's masters degree in whatever she got it in when I can have sex with it.

5 upvotesVenny_13 years ago

Girls who, in my experience, are less impressive

basic projection, but let's see what she means by that.

less striving

Striving means setting goals for yourself and trying to achieve them on a daily basis. A person studying daily for months for his finals is no less striving than an architect directing a project on a daily basis for months too.

less volatile

And that's a negative because?

less successful

Success is basically tied with striving. Striving is the journey itself, and success is the ending point. If the above is achieved, then succes will be close at hand.

less intimidating

If a woman applies the concept of intimidation in a relationship, then the guy needs to get the fuck out. Intimidation, or dread game, is a tool only to be had at a man's disposal. When applied by a woman, it SHOULD be useless.

less questioning, less pressing

Of course! The girls are in their sexual prime (early 20s), and the guys are in their sexual prime (late 20s-40s). They are just enjoying each other at their highest values!

less complex

Easy with the basic projection! You think having led 35+ years makes you complex? It's actions and mental fortitude that cover that, and not how long it takes to get there.

less damaged, less opinionated

I see only positives there.

less powerful

Yeah, cause behind every powerful woman, there is man, or did I get the saying wrong? Besides, I love me some bossy bitch!

less womanly.

By biological metrics alone, that is simply not the case. A 20 year old woman is more fertile, more beautiful, releases more pheromones for attracting mates, has lesser percentile chance to siren a child with birth defects or pregnancy complications, is psychologically not stunted, etc.

They are less, and, to a guy not ready for anything -- like most of the guys I have dated in New York -- less is more.

Welcome to wall honey!!!

6 upvotesnicetimeisback3 years ago

What make me crazy about this wall thing is that the more they get post-wall the more they get desperate, but also the more they get difficult to fuck.

I got this chick who i used to meet (sex) from time to time, kind of longterm FWB, meet her every few years, 15 yrs ago it was very smooth, now the more the time pass the more difficult it's becoming.

Still i can't understand why

5 upvotesnonthaki3 years ago

Past her sexual prime . A woman's renewed sexual energy during her 40s is more about having sex with multiple (to be aroused by the validation and acceptance) close-friendship or relationship partners than having sex multiple times with her own hubby .

5 upvotesdonkey_democrat3 years ago

Because now they realize the value they had all that time. Unfortunately they think their sexual value is the same as when they were longer, leading to an entitled, branch swinging mentality.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

" striving, less volatile, less intimidating, less questioning, less pressing, less complex, less damaged, less opinionated, less powerful, less womanly."

Women and the writer don't understand that men are players in the most competitive game in the world and don't need that shit at home. A woman who's all those things listee is a better match period.

2 upvotesLimekill3 years ago

less damaged


less volatile, less pressing, less opinionated,

And thats bad right? Because nothing shows me love like an opinionated woman who is pressing you to 'man up', who is volatile because she wants a baby.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Volatile = unstable.

Don't press me. Got enough of that from the world and myself. Press with me, not at me.

Opinionated is good about not me.

2 upvotesMythicalflavour3 years ago

I almost didn't believe it was all true until the last year where I stopped placing limits on myself and started dating again (after a few years focused on self) 32 top 0.1% of bodies out there. Good job and I find girls all over.

On tinder at 32 I first had it around 27-33 age for women. Low and behold, those around 30 were crazy and would bring up talk of wanting kids often on the first meet. I opened up my range all the way down to 20. Then started getting matches all these matches round 20-25.

In no time at all I was hooking up with fit young girls. Nurses, personal trainers, physio's. It's awesome. Will never date a girl my age again.

2 upvotesFriendly_B3 years ago

My last 3 girlfriends were 19. My random 2nd date hookup on vacation last week was 27. I've turned into the dude I used to hate when I was in my 20s and I'm not letting it get to my head. It's natural.

2 upvotesNergaal3 years ago

"It’s this logic that has most of my 30-something guy friends dating girls fresh out of college. Girls who, in my experience, are less impressive, less striving, less volatile, less successful, less intimidating, less questioning, less pressing, less complex, less damaged, less opinionated, less powerful, less womanly. They are less, and, to a guy not ready for anything -- like most of the guys I have dated in New York -- less is more."

Half of those qualifiers are absolute plusses. Most of the others aren't even true

2 upvotesinquiringmindswould [OP]3 years ago

It's willful blindness, really.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Oh relax SugarTits, there are plenty of guys for you @ 30 now that you can no longer compete for AlphaCock.

Thing is, these guys have pot bellies, poor social skills, and are simpering betas.

Enjoy! At least you won't starve

2 upvotesvengefully_yours3 years ago

Intimidating? Old girls are intimidating? Hot shit I can barely write because of the laughter.

Less damage? Usually that is the case, but if it is the damage is often self inflicted.

Here's what is why we are not chasing girls our age. What they have less of. Demands. Wrinkles. Saggy bits. Drama. Kids from some other guy. Baggage. Debt. A huge list of poor life choices. Just to name a few.

If a girl over 30 gets to ride my cock, it's because she has earned it and still looks decent. Earning it by not being a demanding cunt, not shit testing the fuck out of me, by gladly offering her body to me so I can enjoy it however and whenever I want, everything is on the table.

For an old girl to stay in the game, she has to bring only the good and the great, the bullshit needs to stay locked away. If she doesn't take much for that 35-45 girl to be replaced by a much hotter 20 something that will do whatever I tell her to do. She has to work for it, more so than the young ones, because 20 year old tits are nicer, and a 22 year old snatch is tighter, plus it's all in a better looking package.

This chick writing will either be alone with cats, or find a desperate loser who will be almost torture for her to pity fuck.

2 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

The truth is on her lips and yet she's to afraid to actually type them out. Hilarious. She's hamstering so fast it's going light speed.

In reality she knows that women are only one thing to a man. Which is looks, looks, looks. All her achievements mean nothing to a man, her personality, her experience and her opinions are in fact nothing but a hurdle to a man. In order to cut to the sex.

For succesfull men this is simply not worth the effort. Why spend an entire weekend backhanding shit test and besting the volatile waters of a heavily opinionated power tripping wall hitter if you can fuck a dumb fuck doll that just got out of college and knows fuck all but flashing her tits.

It's still funny to me that women actually don't realize how much of a nuisance they are to men. They actually believe their strong personalities make them 'quirky'. Hahahahaha..

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Young women are less womanly? What?

2 upvotesinquiringmindswould [OP]3 years ago

Yes. Convenient once you are an older women, right? It's hard to believe that they believe it.

3 upvotes_the_shape_3 years ago

"I'm sorry, but it's too far gone - your hamster is simply too much. I give you 5, 7, maybe 10 more years if you're lucky before you become a full-blown crazy cat lady. Just try to get as comfortable as possible, come to terms with your condition and make peace with the World. I'm so sorry. I wish you the best", I imagine a red 'doctor', if such a thing ever existed, telling this one..

...but the show must go on!

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

To reflect what daily manliness has said... women nowadays don't want to listen to good advice from anyone much less men. By drinking hard, not taking care of themselves, all the detrimental shit that comes with partying they end up looking old as shit by 25. Nevermind once the college lifestyle goes things get desperate (unless they get a great job). Still a nice way of how things are in our society that things turn to our favor.

4 upvotesStythe3 years ago

I have an 18 year old plate. Shes a mix black girl. Her mom is strict. Like, ridiculously strict. Helicopter parent strict. ....Her mom is pretty nuts. I've never dated anyone as submissive. Shes actually ridiculously obedient. There's more to it than just her age, but I can see the appeal. More than that, She's not drinking/party girl, which helps a lot.

I've considered trying to LTR her, but I'm not really for that at the moment. If I was, I'd probably choose her.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

That brings back memories.. I had a 18 year old submissive mixed plate back when I was 30..

She actually turned out to be insane and tried to milk me for money with a fake pregnancy.. Sex was fantastic tho!!

1 upvotesStythe3 years ago

I'm wary of that. I had a BPD ex that led me here and I still consistently look for red flags. Though what I see with her is good, my gut is wary. Her mom being crazy, her having no father as hers cheated on her mom and the smaller signs of potential crazy I see such as consistently dying her hair and her having a tattoo set off too many warning bells.

The best way to explain is that I see her wanting a relationship more than a relationship with me. Now given everything known in TRP, that's an obvious given fact, BUT I'm not set. We'll see.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yea, sounds familiar.. Just be careful. I was amazed at just how quickly that girl turned on me.. Not to mention what she hide beforehand (like her stripping job)

1 upvotesStythe3 years ago

Yea, I don't think this girl is that crazy. Shes been a plate for over 6 months, I've met some of her friends and fron what I've seen she's about as legit as I've seen. But I still have my doubts. That's probably due to being burned before, but I'm doing my thing regardless.

If there's negatives to find, I'll find them. Or if I don't, I can bail just as easily. My ex destroyed my naivety, so I doubt I'll ever get attached again mentally.

0 upvotesRedMoonAscendant3 years ago

Why not LTR her? Just tell her it's not exclusive. Make her help you bring home some other girls.

2 upvotesStythe3 years ago

If not for exclusivity there's no reason in my mind for an LTR. Most plates I get last 3-6 months at least. The only difference I see between plating and LTRing is whether or not I'm seeing more than one person.

Beyond that I'm not sold on her due to red flags and my own attraction level, though the latter may be a good thing.

2 upvotesHeatseekingLogicBomb3 years ago

A piece OP didn't get to:

After decades after messing around, they’re ready to settle down.

We have the time to do so (which she acknowledges) and the dating market is trash. We (liberated / TRP style men) don't squander our primes. But let's read on...

Which is precisely where Alex was at about a year ago with his ex-fiancé, who -- kudos to Alex -- was four years his senior and under the crushing pressure of having kids right away, lest the opportunity pass them by altogether -- or, more precisely, pass her by.

Okay, so, a year ago. Right now he's 38. 37+4=41. That ship, the one for healthy babies and a mother with energy to handle 18 years, for Alex's ex, has long sailed.

Alex couldn’t handle the idea of having kids right away and broke it off, because he had the luxury his fiancé did not: namely, time. And the ability to eventually, when he was ready, find someone 15 years younger to have children with.

So yes, they are somewhat self aware. They're just greedy little hypocrites.

Refer back to the top. We're the ones waiting decades fucking around, only to be ready to settle down (as her implication goes) far too late? It's only too late for her/their convenience. The truth of that is plastered all over this article a hamster shat out almost verbatim as it occurred to itself, while the woman in possession of said hamster tinkered around to sugarcoat and spin. Laughable. Let's keep going.

Alex: Well, what do you want?

Me: I want to love someone and I want them to love me.

Alex: You? You think you’re loveable? You think someone can fall in love with you? You’re so guarded. How can anyone fall in love with someone so guarded?

Alex, of course, self-professed amazing person that his is, is not very well versed in Newton’s Third Law and its role in relationship physics. I was guarded because he did things that made me sense he had a girlfriend. Which he did. But that’s not his fault. Because Alex the Architect is amazing!

So first she starts out by saying:

It’s 1 a.m. on a Monday and I am currently on the phone having an argument with a guy I’d only been on four dates with, three of them good. One of them -- the last -- was less good, given he had gone MIA for the better part of three weeks and I had a sneaking suspicion he had a girlfriend.

Then later she says she was guarded because of that suspicion. I'm going to go out on a limb and say Alex, who clearly isn't falling for any BP romanticism narrative, withdrew attention at least in part because she was already guarded on the first dates.

Consider what we talk about here, and consider her next sentence after that previous quote is:

We hadn’t slept together,

Alex wasn't interested in some post-wall bitch playing hard to get. So complex, right? So, back to her self awareness failing. I am not sure how you can manage to process your own life, think about an article, prepare for it, and write it, and re-read it, edit it, and not realize what the fuck you are missing. Oh, wait. Yeah I know how that works. Female solipsism and total lack of introspective ability.

As though any amount of talking is going to make this better, Alex continues to tell me about Anouk, who doesn’t mind him going on dates with other women because he “doesn’t love her,” and who he is dating precisely because she’s not looking for anything at all.

First off, Anouk has different goals, and so appreciates social proofing. She also is still more instinctively drawn to DGAF, as the biological clock isn't beating her about the head yet.

So was Alex letting her down in a manner he thought was "easy"? And it kicked the hamster into hyperdrive like a steel-toed boot rattling a cage? Indeed he was trying in his own foolish way, OR, he was testing her to see if his own hamster knowledge was accurate. Given that she ran off and wrote an article about how it's the end of the world, we can conclude he followed through and nexted her regardless of which it was.

Her final sentence:

Age ain’t nothing but a number, until it’s a number someone else doesn’t want to deal with.

Age is fucking relevant, retard. You just blathered on about it for the majority of your article.

In conclusion: "kudos to Alex" for dating a 41 year old, "fucking die Alex" for dating a 23 year old.

-- From the comments section on that page I advise you go read them, they're fucking hilarious (and interestingly quite aware) (the numbers are upvotes):

Guy comments on the OP, then a shitstorm ensues. It was listed as the top comment chain for me, a response to "berae".

  • McPot @ ohheyitsina • 2 years ago When this slut was 20 and was dating men in their 30s, she didn't mind the age gap. Neither did she care about the 30-something women that were being ignored. Now that she is one of them, she suddenly cares. A woman past the age of 25 is old. Period. A woman looks best between 16 and 20. In those years she should work to attract the best male she possibly can and stay with him. Frankly any woman who is above 30 and is still dating is pathetic.


  • Lady_Frenzy @ McPot • 2 years ago You are one sick f***, y'know that?


  • McPot @ Lady_Frenzy • 2 years ago Yes, I am a sick f*ck, but you know what's the best part? Women prefer sick fcks to so called "nice guys". You Western women are the very proof that no matter how many years you may spend in college, or how old you are, you'll always be stupid. Why? Because you waste your short youth dating and getting banged by studs or boyfriends that are not husband material, but then when you are much less attractive, much more entitled, and unbelievably useless as partners, you suddenly want a "nice guy" to settle down with.


  • annebeth @ McPot • 2 years ago hahahaha you don't even know how much of a cliché you are


  • McPot @ annebeth • 2 years ago I'm a cliche...Says the woman behind a blog about fashion. How ironic.


  • annebeth McPot • 2 years ago Hey, I never claimed I was original, so that's really nothing but a childish retort. You are preaching the old red pill discourse about how you see through dumb women and have figured it alllll out, this sex war thing, and you've come out on top, but so many douchebags before you have said the exact same thing. And you know what all of you had in common? You are all bitter, arrogant sexists. Not someone who "sees through it". Take some responsibility for your own flaws and let other people figure out theirs.


  • David @ annebeth • 2 years ago If he weren't right, OP would not have found herself with the problem she wrote this post about. It's not really a cliche, because for a brief several decades it wasn't all that true. OP probably saw women 10 and 20 years older than herself dating into their late 30's and figured she had plenty of time. But male strategy changed and suddenly her dating life became difficult far too soon for her plans.


  • annebeth @ David • 2 years ago And what historical facts is this based on? Several decades ago, men didn't date younger women? Male strategy changed? So all men and women have a fixed dating strategy, and the male one changed after a couple of decades of being different? None of this makes sense and none of this is based on anything but bitter douche philosophy.


  • David @ annebeth • 2 years ago Well yes, it seems to me that several decades ago, men were more amenable to dating older women and also more willing to date single mothers. Recently it seems to me that they are less willing to do so, opting instead to seek younger women, overseas women or simply no women (MGTOW). I don't have some academic sort of studies to back this impression up but neither do you to support your baseless ad-hominem assertions.. Why would I be bitter? I am married 20 years so far. And OP wrote this whole article supporting my view. That's a datapoint. Why don't you ask her for her supporting evidence? Is she a bitter douche? Are you?


  • annebeth @ David • 2 years ago In other words, you are basing a generalization on nothing but your own anecdotal memories. Not very impressive. I'm not making broad generalizations about societal trends, so I don't have to prove that I think people who say stuff like this are dumb. The article only supports that this particular woman finds it hard to find a date, and based on one negative experience with a guy who sounds like just as much of a catch as she does (in other words: not). No idea why you'd be bitter, but then again I have no idea why you as a married man of 20 years would feel the need to tell others that their dating strategy sucks and is out of synch with the times (again, based on nothing but MRA rhetoric). Please.


  • David @ annebeth • 2 years ago So you disclaim any responsibility to support anything including your characterization (only slightly indirect) of me as a bitter douche. BTW OP is pretty hot and it's not clear to me that she's no longer "catch" material. That someone with her shape is having trouble is a significant datapoint. You should post your full-body photo and then we can compare your body with OP's. As for personality, she didn't insult me, so I'd put her ahead of you on that. Or is that just because I don't like strong and challenging women?


Chick fails to make any real dispute of any substance. Then flees, after self aggrandizing character attacks and disqualification by affiliation when confronted by someone who is being more diplomatic.

The comments continue, though not by annebeth the idiot Feminist, but go check them yourself.

1 upvotesBlackHeart893 years ago

Lol This is funny. I mean, shit happens. People leave people for other people they find to be attractive. This guy is almost 40... Chances are, he'll probably leave the 20 something for a hot 30 something. Then leave her for another. shrug

Her attempt at rationalizing is a fail. The other chick probably gives him more of what he desires or he simply isn't a faithful guy to begin with. Its simple really.

1 upvotesbad_pattern103 years ago

they'd like mightily to shame the older-man younger-woman scenario. unfortunately in their dismantling of the slut shaming framework they have left themselves without the capacity to socially police anything. shame is a social construct and we are all unique and at the same time COMPLETELY EQUAL individuals who don't need no one else besides the state

1 upvotessatanicpriest133 years ago

Tfw Chad now and transitioning into Alex steadily. We're all gonna make it brehs.

1 upvotesRedDeadlift3 years ago

A bit trial and error, but more be in environments where you have confidence. Try to find a hobby you enjoy and excel at which also has a good m/f ratio.

1 upvotes33a5t3 years ago

archived link

1 upvotesFaymozilla3 years ago

I wanna b Alex when I grow up!

1 upvotesslutnip3 years ago

Even happens to A-list celebrities



1 upvotessomeboringdude3 years ago

fresh out of college? gross. i like them when theyre just walking thru the door.

1 upvotesAddy-Agame3 years ago

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1 upvotesAn_All-Beef_Engineer3 years ago

less striving, less volatile, less intimidating, less questioning, less pressing, less complex, less damaged, less opinionated, less powerful

Doesn't this sound like the ideal woman to be with???

1 upvotestolerantman3 years ago

Time is good for a man... if you manage to get rich, of course, if you are a broke old man, you have less chances than the 16 year olds...

1 upvotesinquiringmindswould [OP]3 years ago

Right. Effort matters. But emotionally, it is very different for men & women.

For healthy women, it's like they are given $1M the day they turn 18, but she cannot keep it forever. The average healthy man has no endowments on his 18th birthday, and may only become a millionaire with hard work. But once he has it, it cannot be taken away. There are trade-off to this. Many men will never earn that $1M- but the opportunity was available for most.

1 upvotesWildFox873 years ago

I don't know if it's just me, but it seems that there's been a definite shift in the culture in terms of older men dating younger women. For example, but in the early 2000s late 90s many of the most desirable actors and such seemed to be mid thirties. But now, it seems our culture is promoting these pre pubescent type boys ie Bieber. Even in movies, you have the villain being these fresh faced dorks as opposed to someone truly rugged and scary.

The bottom line is, there's zoological evidence to support why it's so much easier when you get older. Genetically speaking, you have stronger dna. You've survived longer. Think silver back gorillas, silver meaning grey.

1 upvotesLeJacquelope3 years ago

I have a different perspective on this. This is the same thing as when nice guys say "why won't women date nice guys!" So let's apply the feminist logic to this, shall we?

1) Nobody is owed a date, sorry feminists but that also includes women. If guys like younger women then that's their prerogative. You know, just like it's a woman's prerogative to date a bad boy drug dealing biker. Except the latter can get you killed but hey. 2) Lots of men date older women, look at Vivica Fox, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry (she even had kids when she was older!), Mariah Carey (ditto), and so on. Old fat women find husbands, too, imagine that! The article writer's problem is she's not one of those women. 3) Men also date older, successful women. See the above list. Which means 4) If your fallback is that men don't like strong and successful women then your problem is that you really aren't strong or successful, you're whiny and entitled and that's what's driving men away.

And THIS is why feminists like to avoid me, LOL.

1 upvotesinquiringmindswould [OP]3 years ago

"Feminist logic"- an oxymoron if I've ever heard one! Good points, here. People seems to treat exceptions as the rule as a mental salve to deny reality. Like: "College dropouts can become tech billionaires."

Oh yeah? First of all, they got into & matriculated at Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford or some equally elite college. Moreover, look at who works for and runs the companies. Management and project leaders all have degrees from said institution. The founders are the least credentialed people at their companies!

1 upvotessdonaldsonjr3 years ago

Approaching my 30's and dating a 20 year old girl is attractive because she hasn't had 10 years of getting wrecked by Chads. She still hasn't reached her prime yet, and I can pretty much afford anything she could ever want to do in her early 20's. I've already been through most life experiences at this point, and I can pretty much gauge everything a 20 year old might be thinking. The trick is finding the right girl in her early 20's. It's possible but like finding a unicorn, sometimes you just have to find the best pony and epoxy a horn on its head. lol

2 upvotesinquiringmindswould [OP]3 years ago

You got that right. Enjoy it while it's your turn.

1 upvotessummersss3 years ago

She's criticizing men; by taking a giant dump on girls in their 20's. This boils down to "Men don't like me because I'm so amazing and all other younger pretty girls suck!" forgetting that in order to reach 30 she was once 20.

1 upvotesinquiringmindswould [OP]3 years ago

It's symptomatic of a general lack of wisdom- or disdain for it. Mothers, aunts, older women used to advise younger women that following their impulses should be checked by their limited time frame. Nowadays, no one is there to give advice anymore or are shouted down as misogynist and/or browbeaten into silence. It is only the pain of experience that can reveal reality. The question is: does she truly and faithfully explain her experiences & mistakes to the next generation, or does she double down?

Experience suggests the latter before the former.

1 upvotesevolveto3 years ago

As a 31 year old, there seems to be light, somewhere in the future!

1 upvotesRenaissanceMan793 years ago

I'm sure she rode the cock carousel a plenty in her 20s, which is why she's still single now. Sucks for her.

-3 upvotesblackierobinsin63 years ago

If a woman isn't taking care of a kid/husband past 20, then she really has no reason to be alive

-24 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

Why does everyone like younger chicks? Sure the body and pussy is better (unless she's a complete whore) but the mind is not developed.

You always hear about how women mature faster...I don't believe that. Not in terms of actual knowledge and understanding anyway...

The 35 year old with 2 kids was really the best fwb I ever had. She was married too. No drama, no pressure. Just fun. You'll never get that with a young chick.

6 upvotesinquiringmindswould [OP]3 years ago

What?! That's the opposite of many guys' experience. Younger women are generally not looking for something serious, just fun: no drama, no pressure. With the added benefit of not sleeping with another man's wife and the potential risks and consequences that entails.

Your cheating sidepiece isn't looking for something serious because that would be bigamy.

-9 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

Maybe you guys aren't good looking? Younger chicks have always wanted something serious and the older ones just wanted to have fun because they've already acquired their beta cuck provider.

10 upvotesglobst3 years ago

mind is not developed.

Their minds never fully develop.

-1 upvotes1033423 years ago

No, you are so wrong.

After 10 years and 20 dicks an average young girl suddenly becomes a very intelligent, controlled person.

9 upvotesLeftShark863 years ago

I've never met a woman who was more mature than she was at 22. More broken, damaged, tired, and fat, sure. But never more mature.

-8 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

That's very odd. Experience should have granted advancement. It's always been the case with the older women I've met.

2 upvotesLeftShark863 years ago

It's only valuable experience if you're doing something of value. If you're spending your time on a worthless career and riding the CC, you're worse off than you were when you were younger.

1 upvotesjoeyjojosharknado3 years ago

Older women aren't more mature, they just have a more extensive collection of neuroses and shitty personality traits. Women are infantilised in our society. Protected from the consequences of their actions, rationalising their negative traits as if they are virtues. The woman you were with was invariably the same, but you probably were just too young to see past the thin veneer of bullshit.

1 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

This was about 6 months ago...so...

6 months ago: bang married chick with kids, kinda chubby, just a tiny bit, but that chubby that is still sexy. Great sex, comes over to fuck, or meet up and bang in my wagon, etc.

Meet 21 year old on tinder. Have to try hard to get in her pants. Still not over her ex. Sex was meh.

Yeah, I'll stick with the slighter over the wall 30-40 year olds with kids and a beta cuck provider that hasn't been fucked properly in months and doesn't think she's that sexy anymore.

1 upvotesjoeyjojosharknado3 years ago

When women get what they want they're well behaved. Just like children. if married chick suddenly decided she wanted more from you, then you'd begin to see her real nature. The nature that she hides from you and no doubt her husband sees in spades. The 21 year old didn't have what she wanted, so you saw her real nature. Single 30-40 year old women are fucked up.

2 upvoteszedsdedforever3 years ago

To each their own. I like 25 year olds, my buddy likes 30 year olds. We are both still fucking the girls we prefer. Both are winning.

4 upvotesdonkey_democrat3 years ago

What? Older women want to marry, young girls throw away their 20s drinking and fucking. Young women are also more fertile and you pick up on that, they are more attractive.

Take any 35 year old women and rewind the clock 15 years and she will look better. Just because she lacks a few life skills and didn't complete college yet doesn't mean she is a complete bimbo by default. If you want a smarter girl, go for it, but the rule stands that younger is better.

0 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

Younger = dumber, less emotionally and mentally stable.

No thanks

3 upvotesDrogba0063 years ago

Really? Because I knew a 38 year old woman who would cheat on her husband with me who was a fucking doctor and had a kid with him. I worked in a goddamned kitchen.

Is that very smart to you? Throw away a marriage where you are literally set for life because your husband is too boring to give a fucking blowjob to?

Yeah they're much smarter.

-1 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

The doctor had her beta cuck provider. You had the perfect thing going. She knows what she's doing

2 upvotesDrogba0063 years ago

Her husband was the doctor....

-1 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

Whatever, beta cuck provider

1 upvotesTemperfuelmma3 years ago

I like my women dumb. There's a certain appeal to a dumb bitch that needs me to be her daddy, haha.

1 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

I'm not a fan of leading a pack of idiots

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

I really just go for married with kids so I don't really have an issue with gold diggers or provider finders

1 upvotesDrogba0063 years ago

The only negative I can think of about a younger girl is that she might talk too much, and that shit really doesn't bother me or I imagine any other dude compared to all the positives

1 upvotesomega_dawg933 years ago

Mature in the context of getting married & going full "leave it to beaver." the race to insure their $ future.

1 upvoteskick63 years ago

How does one of these "undeveloped minds" you claim young girls have simultaneously create so much drama for you?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It depends. Older can be cool if they are accepting of the game, and sort of used to it. More often than not though by age 27 they are bitter and getting worse. To about age 24 they are more carefree, drama free, less demanding, basically everything stated in OP. Except they are more feminine, it's been really rare in my experience for a woman older than 27 to be truly happy playing first mate.

2 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

I've only experienced the exact opposite. But I'm decent looking.

-1 upvotesTheRedStoic3 years ago

My friend there is no seasoning such as hunger

Likewise there is no good fuck that doesn't have fear or desperation behind it.

Fear of loss, fear of time running out, the desperation of provision, and social standing or feeding the tingles.

But the thing is, you can spur these in younger women. So why use the used? If you're her alpha or even better, everyone else's, an 18yr old can be as talented and funky as a 30yr old desperate to lock down.

The difference is, she has that 18yr old snapper instead of 30, jaded, and pair broken.

-4 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

Older women appreciate it more. They might be a little fat or some stretch marks. They might feel not as hot. When you give them a good sex session, they appreciate it more than the 21 year old who can get ripped alphas.

Young girls are too entitled still.

2 upvotesdonkey_democrat3 years ago

That could be completely true, but you said it in your post that they may potentially not be as hot anymore. From a guy's view, they predominantly want an attractive girl.

1 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

Hotter = higher maintenance. I don't try hard

2 upvotesDrogba0063 years ago

So you admit you go for less attractive women?

1 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

Actually yes. Much easier, better personality, more sexually open. I'll pass on a high maintenance bitch any day.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Go serve your older women then guy. They'll appreciate it! You can leave the younger ones for the rest of us.

1 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

You bet! Enjoy the drama I won't be dealing with

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