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You're not the one she wants. You're the one she's using.

by HardRightCapn on /r/TheRedPill
04 May 2017 04:12 PM UTC

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Women, like men, have a survival instinct to get their needs met. Unlike men, they can get their needs met very easily and comfortably by convincing the right beta to take her in and put up with her shit. Men, however, have to ensure their own survival or keep living with their parents. She may actually "love you" and bring you joy. And you may feel strong feelings for her, but beware!! Watch who she really is by her actions.
How can you tell if you're just her Beta Bux? Here are a few key signs.
  • She still contacts her ex. Especially after you've asked her not to. If she was "in love" with you, she'd drop everyone else.
  • She openly flirts with others. If she does this, then she's still looking for her next branch while claiming that you're a dick for not letting her flirt "innocently".
  • She disrespects you publicly. Any woman worth a damn will show you the respect you deserve. Question is, how much do you actually deserve?
  • She disrespects you to her friends. Did you see a text or overhear a conversation with her bitching about you. Drop her!
  • She doesn't value your time, only your money. She may love that you pay for things, but then whines when you don't pick up the phone at work or when you don't take the afternoon off to help her pick out yoga pants.
  • You pay for more than she does. Don't do it.
  • She lives with you for free or cheap. Stop it!
  • She encourages you to be someone you're not. If she's trying to change you, then she's also trying to find another guy that actually is the persona that she wants.
  • She limits your time with family and friends. If she's actively trying to isolate you, it's because she subconsciously knows who she really is and she doesn't want to be found out. NEVER let a woman take you away from your family and friends.
Remember RP guys... listen to her actions, not her words. Acta, non verba - has been a turning point in my life for seeing the world for how it really is.

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