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An AWALT Classic - Girl breaks up with her bf for living too frugally only to find out he's actually loaded, a year later the story's changed to her breaking up with him for "lying by omission".

by Ramesses_ on /r/TheRedPill
04 July 2017 10:37 AM UTC

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Oh boy, buckle up fellas. Older folks on TRP might remember the original story of the girl who dumped her boyfriend for living frugally only to later find out that he was rich af and simply chose to live that way. As soon as she breaks up with him he goes no contact and gets on with his life and she cannot figure out why. She then finds out he was secretly rich and was choosing not to spend money on her and gets even more confused. Part one takes place in 2014.

Part one - original

*TL;DR - My boyfriend kept his wealth a secret from me throughout our entire relationship. I ended the relationship on the pretext that he wasn't money/career motivated, he didn't say anything to the contrary. *

I [F26] have been dating Will [M27] for most of 2014; I met him on New Years Eve, we exchanged numbers, scheduled a coffee date and have been seeing each other ever since. He's tall and shy, with long thick hair like Eddie Vedder. He lives in an older house by himself and drives a 1997 Toyota. He dresses very casually - I don't think he even owns a collared shirt - and all his clothes are minimum 1-2 years old. For income, he told me he "ran a few websites" and picked up piece-work as a 'session guitarist'. He is also very frugal. He never took me out for fancy dinners or anything. In the beginning it was always coffee dates, walks, hikes, etc. If we go out, he insists on 'pre-drinking' and refuses to buy drinks at a bar. Most nights he was content staying in, watching Netflix and playing his guitar.

I never outright asked how much money he made, but given his lifestyle, clothes, furnishings, etc. plus the fact that he rarely worked, I assumed it wasn't much. I would lightly prod him with questions about the future, if he had any career goals - he would say that he "saw me in his future", but also he was "happy the way things were".

I have Facebook and am on it every day, usually when work is slow. Lately my newsfeed has been filled with my peers getting married, buying houses, having babies, and other various accolades. I can't help but feel jealous by this; it seems like everyone but me is making significant gains in their lives and relationships. Three weeks ago, after seeing a girl I knew from high school buy her 3rd property with her husband, it felt like my relationship with Will was juvenile and had no future.

The next time I was over at Will's (after he served me potato soup for dinner and was torrenting a documentary for us to watch later) I ended the relationship. I was perfectly honest about everything - he was a great guy, I loved him and his personality, but I felt he lacked career/life ambition and we wanted different things for the future. He sat and listened to everything, seemingly unmoved by it. When I finished talking, he said "fine by me" and asked me to leave. I went to hug him on my way out, instead he just guided me out the door and slammed it shut behind him.

With prior boyfriends, we'd still talk or text a bit after we'd be broken up. Sometimes we'd even still hook up. I dunno, I've just never had a 'bad break-up' and always try to remain on good terms. I haven't heard a fucking word from Will, even after texting him multiple times and calling him once.

I saw two of Wills friends at the gym today. I went over and made small talk, asked how he was, etc. I tried to explain myself, saying he was a great guy but our views on money and the future didn't seem to mesh. To this, one friend chuckled to himself and walked away. I asked the other friend WTF that's about it, and he says "Yeah, we heard. The thing is, Will's loaded. He inherited his grandpas land which is leased to oil and gas companies. I've seen the quarterly checks he gets and they're more than my yearly salary. Good luck getting him to spend it, though. He has a 'if it aint broke, dont fix it' type mentality. Just look at that piece of shit he drives!"

This has completely baffled and upset me. I dated him for 10 months when I thought he was penniless, proof I'm not a fucking gold-digger. I am a 26 year old woman who needs to be pragmatic, I can't just indefinitely date someone with the future being so uncertain. He could've said something, ANYTHING during our break up when I was explaining my doubts about our relationship. Instead he said nothing, and now he refuses to talk to me. It makes absolutely no sense.

I just feel so low right now. If a man with disposable income meets a woman he likes, doesn't he want to treat her? He said he "saw me in his future", why didn't he care enough to share these things with me? He could have easily kept our relationship alive by being forthcoming. Someone please help me make sense of this situation.

Her lack of self awareness is astounding! I love how she just cannot seem to figure out why he's not talking to her after she broke up with him, why he told her to leave and didn't want to hug her goodbye after she essentially told him he wasn't good enough for her to stay in a relationship with. She just seems genuinely baffled - him accepting the break up and moving on is now a 'bad break-up'!

Part 2 - the update

And here's where it gets glorious. A year later and she no longer broke up with him because of his frugality but because "he had been dishonest about some things... [and she] couldn't come to terms with his lying by omission. It seemed he threw [their] relationship away over nothing."

In 2014 I went through a pretty bad break-up. I met Will at a NYE party hosted by a friend-of-a-friend and we dated for 10ish months. I loved him - it was probably the best relationship I'd had on a 'personal connection' level - but he had been dishonest about some things (not infidelity - 'life' things) and it led to us breaking up. I couldn't come to terms with his lying by omission - it seemed like he threw away our relationship over nothing.

I was pretty unhappy for a while, not gonna lie. Went on a few dates, had a few Tinder flings, but nothing serious. Around summer 2015 is when things started to turn around and I felt I was in a good place. Happy with my job, happy with my body, happy with my social circle - just all-around happy and patiently waiting for Mr. Right to come along.

My friends and I were invited to the same NYE party this year, hosted by the same person. I knew there was a chance my ex would be there, but I didn't care - I was over him. Seeing him and being cordial shouldn't have been a problem. He was pretty icy when the relationship ended, so even if he was there, I didn't expect him to say all that much to me.

So my girls and I are there early, having a few cocktails and everything is going great... then Will walks through the door. He saw me, smiled, walked directly over and gave me a big hug. With his arms wrapped around me, smelling his cologne... I just melted. In that moment, whatever bad feelings I had about our relationship were completely gone. I just genuinely missed him.

I got through 15 minutes of small talk with him, my heart racing the entire time. He remembered all these little details about me, my friends and my family - I couldn't believe it. When I told him about my job, my new apartment, etc. he seemed happy for me. When the conversation ended, he gave me another quick hug and then left toward the kitchen.

My friends could tell that seeing him had affected me. They took me to a more private area of the house to talk it out; they reminded me to not get ahead of myself, he's still the same guy who lied to you, etc.

When we went to rejoin the party, he was on his phone giving directions to someone. After a minute of eavesdropping it became clear that he was talking to his girlfriend. Fuck.

I should've left then and there, but I didn't want it to seem like him having a new girlfriend affected me. Like I hadn't gotten on with my fucking life after 14 months apart. And so I stayed.

She arrived about 10 minutes later and Will introduced her to everyone. She seemed nice enough, but seeing them together made me sick to my stomach. I swear she was being all touchy-feely with him just to spite me. I did my best to avoid them throughout the night. I found out through a friend that they'd been dating for 2 or 3 months. The party ended, I got into a car with my friends and just started sobbing uncontrollably. They tried to comfort me but I was too far gone. They dropped me off and I cried for while longer alone in my apartment.

This was supposed to be a fun weekend with my girls, we had all sorts of stuff planned, but I ended up staying home by myself last night. No one questioned it, they all knew. I must've wrote 100 different texts to Will last night but didn't end up sending a single one. I'm going to stay in tonight as well.

I want him back so bad, I just don't know what to do :(

I can't decide if my favourite part is her sobbing uncontrollably or how much of a boss Will is. I'm certain he's on here but if he's not he should be. Wherever you are Will TRP salutes you buddy.

*edit: formatting

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563 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Roflmao You know you are a shit person when even TwoX gives u shit about what you do

240 upvotesWilliamBott2 years ago

Yeah, you know you fucked up when they don't give you a pussy pass.

105 upvotesLibertyIsNotFree2 years ago

Even twox for how much they hate men, knew she actually pissed away Mr Right who was also coincidentally Mr Tall Dark & Handsome & Rich. The very thing they all want but pretend they don't. While lying to themselves that their irrational fem nazi behavior has nothing to do with their betas they can only attract.

33 upvotesaanarchist2 years ago

there's a lot of women who throw away mr everything because she's just incapable of happiness and contentment. honestly i wonder if the master plan for women like that is to learn true humility. i'm talking like accepting a 1-2 smv dude and learning how to appreciate him and respect him, because she really deserves nothing at the end of the day. it's like karma's grand plan for women.

40 upvotesglawkneintehn2 years ago

You just explained how humans came up with marriage.

3 upvotesseattleron2 years ago

there's a lot of women who throw away mr everything because she's just incapable of happiness and contentment.

So fucking true. Why are so many incapable of it? Is it the constant need for drama?

2 upvotesaanarchist2 years ago

mind control, they're raised by parents and teachers to be in a negative polarity as a default, so it's like a bottomless hole that can never be filled but they seek to fill it anyway and that's how they are raised to believe how life works. then she turns to all these hate movements when she's miserable because everything they said was good and would work didn't, not realizing that she's been duped by the system. it's not a natural set of behaviors, it's how she is raised. kinda like how men are raised to be slaves, so are the women in their own way. both are raised to be an abomination to nature rather than in harmony with it.

56 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

hypocrites, most of them would do the same thing

upvotesDegrowth2 years ago

All women would do the same thing if they thought they could better.

What's hilarious here is that the way she writes it out makes it the perfect red-pill example. Few women are so forthcoming about their exact reasons for breaking up with a guy. Usually they're vague, saying things like "we wanted different things" or "I needed to focus on myself."

24 upvotesjosiasx2 years ago

In the first post, she was triumphant! She had escaped a loser, and empowered her future. But given enough time to think about it, she realized she got burnt hard, and exposed as gold digger.

Then the hamster stepped forward, and she became the victim. Not getting the man back, she went into full martyr mode and ruined her own weekend, for a little sympathy from her friends.

-6 upvotesswaglordobama2 years ago

Her intent is to get married and settle down, not to have a casual relationship with a guy who doesn't have his shit together. She mentions throughout that she enjoyed the relationship, but wasn't sure if there was a future due to the honest signals displayed by the guy's lifestyle.

It's not a matter of doing better, it's a matter of finding a stable boring man who can provide for a family to settle down and have kids with.

It really comes down to what the girl is looking for and what you're offering, and vice versa. You're not meant to be with every girl.

27 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

yeah, thats most of what she says and if you dont read to the end and pay attention you'll miss the real clue

If a man with disposable income meets a woman he likes, doesn't he want to treat her?


10 upvotesWilliamBott2 years ago

Clue? Her post threw up so many red flags I thought I was in a fucking Russian airport.

upvotesDegrowth2 years ago

It comes down to what the man in the relationship wants.

13 upvotestallwheel2 years ago

Exactly. This is what this sub is about. Focusing on the male imperative and getting what you want. Fuck what she wants from you if you aren't getting what you want in return. Our gynocentric society is all about the female imperative and giving women what they want. It's damn refreshing to have a place we can go on reddit where we can honestly talk about our wants for a change.

41 upvotesslumdog-millionaire2 years ago

what kind of things did they say to her in twoX more specifically than her just being a shit person?

60 upvotesp0gop0pe2 years ago

She had to change her story entirely because of the backlash she presumably recieved

23 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

That she is lying that she has to change which is equal to saying you are the worst human in the world in normal subreddit. Most of posts like this baby mommas flock and tell the girl that she is right and the bf is fucking mysogenistic animal or some shit

1 upvotesReddsRedds2 years ago

Not many people know because one of their mods nuked the entire thread. About 90% of the comments were removed and the ones that were left were gently explaining to OP that she was essentially a "gold farmer." It was quite the show

31 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

What's even more pathetic is this OP of that thread deep down inside knew she was in the wrong (why else go to TwoX to confirm you did the right thing unless you are grossly insecure about it) and still got shit on.

1 upvotesJohnnySkidmarx2 years ago

These are the gifts that just keep on giving.

413 upvotesPurpleVeteran2 years ago

"Yeah, we heard. The thing is, Will's loaded. He inherited his grandpas land which is leased to oil and gas companies. I've seen the quarterly checks he gets and they're more than my yearly salary."

That's a bro right there. Almost certainly Will really is just a grungy musician living on a shoestring budget, but with a single sentence, he flipped the script on her entirely. Who needs a million dollars when your best friends have your back that way?

313 upvotesthewrecker82 years ago

Man if that's what really happened that dude is the fucking wingman of the decade right there.

99 upvotes345plates2 years ago

Haha now that's a good point.

27 upvotesbeginner_2 years ago

Will really is just a grungy musician living on a shoestring budget

Damn you. Never thought of that. That would be the best troll ever. Getting into her head and she still is mental fucked by that one sentence years later. That one sentence made her into an alpha widow.

23 upvotesdoubleduty2 years ago

Yeah but what's the point of that? He doesn't gain anything from it. Does he? Seems like all it accomplishes is now she's fuckin depressed. He got a new girlfriend easy enough. Am I missing something?

58 upvotesPurpleVeteran2 years ago

No, it didn't seem like Will was bothered either way. He didn't make a big deal when she left, didn't make a big deal when he saw her again. Hell, it wasn't even him who made the comment about the money.

I tried to explain myself, saying he was a great guy but our views on money and the future didn't seem to mesh

It bothered her that he didn't beg or chase after her. In fact, she seems to be the only one emotionally invested (although she claimed to be pragmatic), and it was clear that she felt guilty about how it ended.

Still, the irony is just that changing the context of the break-up was enough to make her go from "pragmatic" to the "victim". I suppose that's why it's re-posted here so often... because of the RP justice boner it inspires.

25 upvotesbootmeng2 years ago

Here's how I see it. The girl probably fluffed a lot of what she was saying on 2X because she knew the full truth wouldnt get her as much validation "Had a whole weekend planned but I stayed home crying. Woe is me. Feel sorry for me." "I dated him for 10 months when I thought he was penniless, so obv Im not a gold digger" Feeling a little guilty, like you just might be? When she heard he was loaded she went from justified in breaking up to OMG I made a huge mistake. Gold Digger.

Women/gold diggers get validated left and right all day. It can feel mighty good turning their world upside down for a moment. As little as it is, its still enough.

9 upvotesBluepillProfessor2 years ago

He doesn't gain anything from it. Does he?

Watching her sob would be glorious Karma so yes, he certainly does gain from lying about something like that.

209 upvotesctrl_alt_el1te2 years ago

Also for all you people reading this for the first time, take this subtle lesson.

A lot of rich people are able to stay rich because they minimize unnecessary expenses. This can be interpreted on the scale of him driving an old car and "pre-drinking" before going out OR on the scale of him letting a soon-to-be expensive wife walk out his door.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This is such a great book. So much insight into just plain old quantitative data about rich people. This was a real script flipper for me when I was a younger man (originally published in 1996).

10 upvotes-ATLAS-_2 years ago

Also see:

Warren Buffett, literally talks ad nauseum about the power of compounded interest as the key to everything.

Plus It never hurts to looks at all the counter examples of lottery winners and athletes that ended up bankrupt.

26 upvotesExpectations12 years ago

Yeh, im finally starting to build some wealth by not spending as much, not hanging out at shopping centres.

My friends pretty much buy all this new shit whenever they get a raise, im the other way, i work out ways to spend less so i can get out of this abominable thing we call 9-5

20 upvotesdrunksaver2 years ago

Well said. I feel like that part of this story gets overshadowed by the rest.

14 upvotesKalidane2 years ago

When I had a fancy office job, my coffee and smokes budget was greater than my rent, which was in a fancy CBD-fringe area. Absolute shit ton of money pissed away over the years.

If time travel, that would be one of the three things I would discuss with young-me.

8 upvotesIkWhatUDidLastSummer2 years ago

lol dont ever worry about spending money you have on stupid shit. Theres alot of people (including me) spending money we DONT have. If i had just only thrown away money i actually had damn boy my life woulda been great.

3 upvotesimmozart932 years ago

Okay you got me. What are the other two things?

9 upvotesKalidane2 years ago

The second would be passing on Red Pill understanding, to speed the process.

I'll have to hold the third in reserve. Maybe learn to drink without binging.

5 upvotesimmozart932 years ago

In northern China people just have their kids start drinking at a young age under supervision LOL, and its the serious kinda white shots.

13 upvotesbeginner_2 years ago

While my dad was kind of absent and beta bucks, that is one thing I have to thank him for. Frugality. It ain't broken if you can glue it together. 2-component glue can fix almost anything.

In contrast to TRP you can save a ton of money on your wardrobe. If it doesn't have holes, you don't need a new one. Most of my close also is several years old. So what? I change when I get home. Sweat pants and and old t-shirt. Old t-shirts can also be used for gym or sports in general. No need to buy fancy, expensive shirts from the fitness section. old jeans can be used for hiking or in general when doing something were they could get dirty (car, bike, home remodeling...). And last but not least you can rip the cloth in pieces and use them as rags.

1 upvotesKalidane2 years ago

I've almost filled a 60 litre storage bin with excess clothes to be recycled. WTF

299 upvotesDontTreadOnSnek2 years ago

I was pretty unhappy for a while, not gonna lie. Went on a few dates, had a few Tinder flings, but nothing serious.

"I fucked half the regulars at my favorite club"

-43 upvotesbalalasaurus2 years ago


True? Maybe.

But definitely angry.

Move past that.

upvotespineappleeverything2 years ago

He doesn't sound angry to me at all.

9 upvoteswheresMYsteakAt2 years ago

Yeah Im like wtf is this dude? Where did he buy his endorsement from?

-23 upvotesbalalasaurus2 years ago

Women are prone to promiscuity. More so than men. It's a consequence of hypergany.

He focused on that particular statement in the entire post. It betrays latent bitterness.

You can't hold what is essentially female nature against a female. That's just a waste of time. But hey, interpret it how you will.

upvotespineappleeverything2 years ago

I don't disagree, but his comment doesn't imply that he's angry. He's just pointing out that women typically understate how promiscuous they are, and this is a good example of that.

You're letting your flair and ego get in the way of your common sense. Just because you have them does not mean you'll always have something of value to say.

If it's not of value, don't say it.

upvotesstonepimpletilists2 years ago

It does.

Your writing betrays your thoughts, what you feel is important.

7 upvoteskelvin_condensate2 years ago

Except most people here aren't drawing the same conclusion as you are. So why are you 'right' and everyone else isn't?

1 upvotesMetalgear2222 years ago

This exactly. I'm pretty sure the sidebar teaches that loyalty is largely a male characteristic. Something that hypergamous women know nothing of.

17 upvotesfrankreyes2 years ago

His comment is very TRP: amoral. You are interpreting it as angry.

218 upvotesdenisgomesfranco2 years ago

The entitlement is strong with this one.

Before TRP I would think "You decided to break up with him, so suck it up" but then TRP teached me that women just won't take any responsibility. So I laughed a lot reading this story.

and just started sobbing uncontrollably

Yeah, of course you did, hahaha!

I must've wrote 100 different texts to Will last night but didn't end up sending a single one

That guy is my new hero.

upvotessamenrofringslikeLBJ2 years ago

I must've wrote 100 different texts to Will last night but didn't end up sending a single one

Before TRP I would have thought he was heroic, but nowadays don't think that what he did was anything other than pragmatic, standard.

To really push it he could have sent her a reply like "insert more coins to keep texting" or something.

39 upvotesalphabachelor2 years ago

To really push it he could have sent her a reply like "insert more coins to keep texting" or something.

As tempting as that is, the best reply is none at all. Women cannot stand being dumped, being ghosted, etc.

Hell, one of my gf's "friend" flew from Canada to Connecticut to confront her LD orbiter because he grew some balls and blocked her on WhatsApp.

31 upvotesdenisgomesfranco2 years ago

insert more coins to keep texting

Haha, great idea, I'll use it someday. Or it could be this one: 'To confirm the receipt of this message type the code 1M4G0LDD1GG3R'

-25 upvotesCharlie-Waffles2 years ago

Your hero is a bum who happens to have grandpas money? He's a real shining beacon.

26 upvotesThe_Adm0n2 years ago

I think the "heroism" comes into play when the guy doesn't get sucked in by all that consumer driven materialism out there. He lives the way he wants to, saying "fuck you" to society's expectations. Granted, he lives more frugally than I would, but it's his life, so more power to him.

Also, dropping that golddigger so easily after she showed her true colors... slow clap

I showed this post to an acquaintance who has a lot in common with this dude. He makes stupid amounts of money (real estate), yet lives in a 1-bedroom apartment, drives a 2002 wrangler with a leaky top, and most of his clothes are from the local thrift store. He did say that he gets fewer women, living the way he does, but the women he does date are much higher quality (i.e. not golddiggers). In his words: "Quantity's for boys. Only good women deserve a good man's dick."

I asked him when he thought would be a good time in a relationship to let the cat out of the bag. He said "She'll figure it out when I take her to Bora Bora or some shit for our honeymoon."

46 upvotesanothdae2 years ago

He is frugal and not wasting money, even when he has it. That is better than 90% of people out there.

I would hope that in the same situation I would do the same thing. But the odds are against that.

He also displayed great stoicism and self restraint in his personal life. Those are good qualities that most people don't have.

Yeah, he probably needs to find a purpose in life, but all in all he seems to have his shit together in ways that the majority (even here) do not.

I have no doubt that if he didn't have grandpa's money he would be doing just fine.

12 upvotesCharlie-Waffles2 years ago

but all in all he seems to have his shit together in ways that the majority (even here) do not

Fuck, not that hard with a quarterly check coming in.

14 upvotesWhereIsTheEvidence12 years ago

It also doesn't seem hard for a lottery winner to stay a millionaire, but almost all of them become bankrupt soon after.

He sounds smart and resourceful if not a bit boring.

4 upvotesalphabachelor2 years ago

Yup, I've worked in Private Banking. A large chunk of them piss it away.

19 upvotesanothdae2 years ago

It's hard to save money and not spend it lavishly.

If you were making 4+x what the average guy was, would you be driving a 97 corolla?

The point is that he isn't spending the money that is falling into his lap... and that is hard.

1 upvotesdonkey_democrat2 years ago

I don't know how you can blame someone for living frugally though. He is being smart with what he was given, even if he got more than the average person is given. Most people would go out and buy a new car or house, but he decided to save up. Sounds to me like he is being smart all around

11 upvoteslqtys2 years ago

Someone here is green with envy......

266 upvotesPalmajr2 years ago

Wow, she just got absolutely destroyed. That's the kind of man I want to be.

158 upvotesThe-Devilz-Advocate2 years ago

And for the people who want a good tip. If you have a LTR and you have never spoken about finances or where you go in life and she then dumps you because of that same reason do like Soup guy did and move on.

If she had taken a complete rational aproach by talking to her BF about finances or their "plan" for their future both as individuals and as a couple then maybe MAYBE she wouldn't have gotten out of the best possible deal of her life. But then again if I remember she said something about scrolling FB and being jealous that she didn't have her 3rd house or property.

150 upvotesDontTreadOnSnek2 years ago

she said something about scrolling FB and being jealous that she didn't have her 3rd house or property

Women believe they're entitled to the hard work of men, shouldn't surprise us anymore at this point.

upvotessamenrofringslikeLBJ2 years ago

It's not just men's work, it is everybody around them. Women are solipsistic like children, they are the center of the universe and stuff just floats towards them. They will allways find a rationale for why something they want should be theirs without sacrifice.

47 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Over on TRP women subreddit (yes, I know) they have a nice little discussion on how modern men don't know how to date. One of the many vices? The unwillingness for many men to pay for everything on the first date. Shows lack of ability to lead or some bullshit. Yeah, bitches, THAT's the reason ... LOL.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Eh they have a point. Either you want to be a leader, which means adhering to traditional gender roles in some fashion, or want to be a new age 'equality' baby which will help you pat yourself on the back at night but wont get you laid.

This doesn't mean being an ATM machine or dating some materialistic bimbo. But you should follow the role of leading on dates (and basically everything else) including paying for the first date (which if you are experienced will know by now that shouldn't include dinner, a movie, or any garbage like that. Should just be drinks somewhere)

25 upvotesblackberrydoughnuts2 years ago

That's a false dilemma - leading doesn't mean letting people freeload on you. It means valuing yourself. Why should you pay for someone you don't know and who hasn't earned it? Not to mention that you are much less likely to get sex if you pay.

3 upvotesblackberrydoughnuts2 years ago

Wait what? How is that something trp women would say? You'd think they'd realize...

-10 upvotesSirBobz2 years ago

I know this is TRP and all but maybe don't generalise for all women what the worst women are like. Not every woman is terrible like that, you just have to find the right ones.

7 upvotesCh1pp2 years ago

I'll back you up on this one. I work with a woman who lives in a shitty house, drives a shitty car and goes on shitty holidays. She admits that she didn't take the scholarship she got to a better school, didn't take the promotions she's been offered and is responsible for her lot in life but she is sort of happy with/resigned to it. She aimed low and achieved her aims but she acknowledges that she is responsible.

12 upvotesKingoffistycuffs2 years ago

When the percentage of "right" ones is sub 5% I think using awalt is absolutely appropriate. It's not like you're going to bet money on a 95% chance of losing it right?

2 upvotesSirBobz2 years ago

Yes, well it's very regrettable if it is that high a percentage. I'd like to think people could surround themselves with women who weren't all, for lack of a better word, snakes. But maybe I haven't experienced the phenomenon enough yet.

1 upvotesobi2kanobi2 years ago

Or 50% chance of losing due to divorce?

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Oh of course sweetheart. Only 99.99999999999 percent of women are like that. We just have to find the right one........

1 upvotesSirBobz2 years ago

I think this is just disillusionment... There are plenty of decent human beings male and female alike.

2 upvotesDragon_Garoo2 years ago

In my experience, 5% might be generous. I've had Tinder chics that really didn't like it if I paid for even ONE drink, but I she was rare. My main/LTR is really good at pitching in. However... many many ex's all seem to think that being showered with $ and gifts = access to pussy. And that's why you'll find her selling access to her snapchat on tumblr, and seeking arrangements. Pussy=$. They are trained early on.

1 upvotesSirBobz2 years ago

I know I get downvoted again, but I think having bad experiences with bad women is inevitable, even necessary, to allow you to value good women with good values and hearts. Most people in the sub are disillusioned that the women they've met are all lying double-standard backstabbers - yes they exist - but good, kind women exist too, and you have to find them and keep them close.

1 upvotestyrryt2 years ago

LOL. Jesus, what is this... is TRP being brigaded by tumblr?

50 upvotesThe-Devilz-Advocate2 years ago

Because of the sole belief that if a woman is with a man then "his" money is now her money as well. This was all true and just when women couldn't work or get a job but it was never changed. Something that feminism forgets to fight for, unless it's the woman doing the hard work.

33 upvotesEntropy-72 years ago

There are so many guys who have pointed out that when you get serious with a woman then suddenly your money becomes "our" money, but if she has a paying career then that is still "her" money.

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

It's funny because this is something that ROUTINELY concerns guys - the joint bank account. It just shows how more often than not women spend much more than they make.

Really this wouldn't even be an issue if women were like other men

16 upvotesmugenowns2 years ago

Absolutely right. This will was obviously supporting himself so he wouldn't be a burden but at no point did it seem to occur To her that she could go out and get a gig paying job to afford all the fancy stuff she wanted. No she wanted a man to do it for her.

27 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Finances suck because it can absolutely derail a LTR or marriage that is healthy in other areas. I just got out of one where I made roughly double what my SO made. Still, she was the one wanting to fly out on trips all the time, look at getting large scale assets (new car, expensive engagement ring, lake houses) - with many being unnecessarily expensive.

Her logic when I said we couldn't afford those things now? "well in 5 years you will be making enough to afford it". Lmao

1 upvotesBaconNote2 years ago

I am currently in one where I am in the same position, doubling her salary. I've attempted to have the talk seriously with her, its hard to gauge whether this stuff sinks in (spend v save, or living within your means!). I now know from previous relationships, it's actions not words these days to understand where women are truly coming from.. Agree money and/or sex (or apparent lack thereof) are likely to derail any relationship quickly.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Actions not words. All my ex would say is that she is frugal, her family says she is great at saving money, etc. but she lived a lifestyle well beyond the average individual.

Also addicted to social media which compounds on feelings of inferiority.

1 upvotesBaconNote2 years ago

Yes the social media part as well.. my ex would be on socials until 3am .. crazy part is I allowed that to occur, until I split from her anyway . I actually think to some extent that is the third part to be comfortable with in a relationship as well.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

It truly was annoying having to get pictures taken no matter where we went. Along with the most bullshit drama you could possibly believe (x friend hasn't liked one of my pictures in weeks, why is she upset at me??).

Like how is that a problem in your life?

1 upvotesSatou42 years ago

My plan is to just date until that point where they start demanding expensive things, then move on to the next.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

There are minimalist women out there. Of course to an extent women care about those kind of things more than men (especially those with many options) but it can vary quite a bit. From my experience avoid Jewish women in major cities or really any woman from A LOT of money

28 upvotes-MAurelius-2 years ago

She had done what you suggest though. Will said he "ran a couple of websites" and "saw her in his future" but was "happy with the way things are"

35 upvotesThe-Devilz-Advocate2 years ago

Yeah but it wasn't something serious. What I meant was sitting down and talking about it, he probably said that while watching tv and she never pushed for a serious comversation

25 upvotesColdIceZero2 years ago

I read into this as though she didn't push the conversation. This becomes a little more clear in light of the idea that women aren't leaders; they're followers.

She probably asked a single, vague, open-ended question; and Will probably responded with an equally simple and vague answer.

I speculate that she didn't take the initiative and become a leader in that situation by asking follow up questions to better flush out the topic. Instead, as a follower, she probably just left the conversation in a state of dissatisfaction and just allowed herself to run wild with assumed conclusions.

15 upvotesFailingBillionaire2 years ago

This guy inherited his wealth, so by definition he didn't work for it.

Having a guy without any accomplishments and without any drive or ambition as a role model is just dumb.

This chick was probably fat and a <6 and that's probably the only reason for the situation.

11 upvotessegagaga2 years ago

Accomplishments, Drive and Ambition aren't for everyone. If he wants to coast and live simply that's up to him. Being a man is partly about living your life how you want to, and nothing else. Sounds like he is very content, wants for nothing, stress-free life and finds enjoyment in nature and simple company. There's a lot of appeal to that. Not everyone is going to make it to the 0.1% anyway, and those who never start the rat race usually end up where they want to be in life in any case.

1 upvotesFailingBillionaire2 years ago

those who never start the rat race usually end up where they want to be in life in any case

if you don't know where you're going, any destination is acceptable.

4 upvotessegagaga2 years ago

If you don't have a destination to arrive at, the journey itself is more enjoyable.

1 upvotesFailingBillionaire2 years ago

Enjoy living in the gutter.

1 upvotessegagaga2 years ago

One does not have to follow a path to understand where it goes and why one takes it. He clearly wasn't living in the gutter. Stability and Ambition are mutually exclusive things, you can have one without the other. It's good that you might be ambitious, but learn not to judge other people's paths, as the thread topic points out, the woman in question made the mistake of judging the man by his Ambition not by his Stability. There is much to be said for a frugal Spartan life, and it requires a level of self-discipline that many do not possess. It is worthwhile to respect that.

1 upvotesPalmajr2 years ago

Not that, I mean the part where he's rich and actually doesn't spend it like a crazy bitch, much less on women.

120 upvotesChillesauce2 years ago

BWAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA ,pure comedy gold "If a man with disposable income meets a woman he likes, doesn't he want to treat her? He said he "saw me in his future", why didn't he care enough to share these things with me? "

Women are truly independent Women don't need a man Women are not gold diggers they marry for love Isn't feminism beautiful boys

68 upvotestop_zozzle2 years ago

Im not a gold digger I dated him for months thinking he was frugal! I only dumped him because I thought he didn't have money though

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

And this is why women need to be stripped of the right to vote and sent back into the kitchen.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

All the Muslims wholeheartedly agree with you and believe in it strongly enough to have implemented it in the highest law and to make disobeying those laws punishable by death. Women aren't allowed to be educated, women can't be outside without a family escort, can't own property, aren't allowed to work and earn profit, can't choose their husband, can't vote, etc etc. All this is outlined very clearly in Islam and Quaranic law. Their theory isn't wrong, it's that when you give women the same authority and power over their environments that men have, the number of children per woman falls below replacement (below 2.1), which is now the case in western countries (between 1.7 and 1.9). American and European population would be in 5-15% decline per year if not for the weekly boatloads of immigrants and refugees from other parts of the world with these surplus humans. Go to any Arab country, their women have no purpose except to breed, and thus women have on average 5 to 8 successful children which grow up and do the same.

It's interesting how this subreddit and Mohammad's ideals over 1400 years ago have arrived at the same conclusions. Hopefully you won't be converting to Islam since their ideals on the subjugation of women as much lesser people are compatible.

11 upvotesSatou42 years ago

Please stop dealing in absolutes. Things were fine in the 1920s. There's no need to adopt stone age, undeveloped values of barbarians. Just stop helping women make decisions for their children or their government. They're hardly ever honest with what they actually want, so how can we trust them to vote according to what they want, and not what they think will give them status with their social circle?

We're not going to cut off heads because some sex slaves decided to flee the caliphate. We have much higher moral standards than that here. Women aren't trash. They just need a bit of guidance. Until they can start being honest, that is.

upvotesanon352022 years ago

Is stripping women of their right to vote one of those dealing-in-absolutes things you were talking about, or is that different?

Is taking away equality of men and women in the voting department an "Undeveloped country barbarian thing" or just good sense that needs to be done?

The source of that Evil Caliphate you condemn was from people like you, who knew that women aren't to be trusted. And they got into positions of power and made law governing many others. So it's important I get to know you really well, so I can use my power to make sure you never get that power, because if I fail, you will truly destroy the nation that made America great to begin with and replace it with something that rhymes with Sharia law, a bunch of barbarians who keep their women as baby factories.

Men who aren't able to think logically and rationally, and make silly proclamations to strip rights from whole sections of the populations should be sent back to the kitchen. That's you.

3 upvotesSatou42 years ago

I certainly don't believe the feminization of western men has done the world any favors. This is something that women wanted for the future, and this is what we are left with. Feminine manchildren (of which I am still regrettably one) who don't understand at a basic level what it means to lead or stand up for themselves against obvious abusers. Even those who do understand how, most believe it is impolite or incorrect to do so, and those people end up with low confidence and depression.

I did say women need to be honest. That's all I'm really looking for. Until the woman in question can be honest with herself and the people around her, she needs guidance. That's all I'm saying. Should people take an honesty test before they're allowed to vote? Probably not. There are plenty of men who also act like children, unwilling to take personal responsibility for their actions, unable to hold themselves to account, unable to respect themselves. Should they be allowed to vote? Probably not. I'm not going to stand for your bullshit; you don't know me and you don't know how I treat women. Don't come near me or my family.

3 upvotessegagaga2 years ago

I really think you are confused about what Islamic countries are like. It is possible to be both in control of women and barbaric as separate conditions of civilization. I suggest you go travelling a bit to see how stone age some Arabian communities live and realise how that drives their conservative tendancies. They don't adopt the laws they do out of some enlightenment, they do so out of still being stuck in the mentality of an age of conquest and bronze age society. In that respect, they could not be further from TRP and the principle of observing your environment and acting accordingly.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You're not getting it dude. In the end, in the end, it's their culture that will survive, while the West implodes. And in the end, the true end, survival is all that matters. How you got there? Doesn't matter.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

In some twisted sense Islam, ISIS, koranic law, sharia law, and the middle eastern arab culture are a superior culture in the eyes of evolution and natural selection than the western countries.

It is because they breed 6 babies per couple to grow, and we breed one or two which is decline into irrelevance. When there are 10000 chocolate brown Allah Akbar yelling Arab Muslims walking around in america for every single native white western Caucasian, it wont matter how much more advanced our technology is in wartime. The enemy will have surrounded us, denying us jobs, being the general leading the armies to cleanse the world of the enemies of america: the infidel.

American women who love America and its flag and the western culture it represents, persuade them to have twice or three times as many babies as they think is ideal. The survival of Western culture depends on it.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Agreed with the last part. But good luck on that. They love their bad boys until they hit the wall. Then get some beta shmuck to pop out one or two kids before they hit 40. Then after 40 they divorce said beta shmuck and take his money and resources. What kind of moron thinks that's a good deal???

1 upvotesHjalmbere2 years ago

The Islamic civilization is very fragile. It doesn't even have a core country and resources besides oil are mostly lacking. The West could have watched Islam implode under it's own weight due to population pressure and failing economies, but Western Europe chose to open the borders. In 50 years Poland and Hungary will still be Poland and Hungary. Western Europe will be Lebanon.

1 upvotesChadThundercockII2 years ago

Uh, no. I am a Muslim living in Muslim country of 45mill and that shit is long gone. The same thing also applied to the 1 billion muslim that lives in 21st century. Please educate yourself before speaking in absolutes about a culture you never experienced.

14 upvotesLeviticus592 years ago

Heh! The best part is the next part:

I dated him for 10 months when I thought he was penniless, proof I'm not a fucking gold-digger.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

If she was honest with herself, then she would say: "I didn't like his style and didn't enjoy who he wanted to be". The money having changed her mind about how much she liked him is plenty of proof. How does money change whether she likes his grungy car, guitar playing and sit-at-home with beer and documentary watching style? The guy comes across as a layabout.

But then you can't blame her, women go after money and security the same way men go after sexy boobs and butts, it's stamped right on our DNA and limbic system. You can't just wish it away.

She liked him, but he came across as a poor drifter and wanderer. Normally I would criticize her for her expectation of the male to be the provider, but the problem is I took a course on Anthropology and Biology, and expecting people to transcend these primal desires is as foolish as her expectation for a man to want to take care of her.

The answer she craves is right under her nose. He didn't really like you enough to keep you around. So keep looking for the next best thing, that's how the jungle goes. Not sure why there has to be so much second guessing. You play the game, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. In either case you do what you got to do.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Its because most women equate love to material things and money spent. It's why they care about the wedding and the groom just says "whatever honey". Its why they want the most expensive ring possible. Or why they are more likely to get their friends small gifts than men.

Its a major area of disconnect between the two genders

3 upvotesDragon_Garoo2 years ago

And such is the start of someone being BP'd... and BB'd... a decline that starts with disrespect of finances, and that ends in divorce rape.

302 upvotesyomo862 years ago

This story has been around for a couple of years. Honestly, it reads like RP porn - and is heavily on point and data-driven garnered with some feelings sounding like a man who tried to hide his identity.

But on the other side.

Will is not RP in any way. He was lacking a mission, any mission, in life. Even his guitar sessions are more distractions rather than passion.

Furthermore, if he wants her to stay aka comittment he has to dish out nuggets of providership. In terms of plating he over-invested by giving up his time so freely. So this is neither fish nor fowl. I can't really blame her. She invested one year of her short SMV-span into a man who was a good guy and she was quite okay with coffee dates and the like, though she acted entitleed, but human nature is human nature after all - men want to have sex on a regular basis, women want to have a modicum of security for herself and possible children and as it seems to me she kept her part of the deal. After one year things did not really progressed in any way. Judged solely on the facts, as a man, I would not want to get pregnant by a dude, stay in a relationship, or whatever who is a walking dead.

Basically, she, a woman, fell ill to her hypergamy only to strangled by seller's remorse turned sour. If she stayed with her beta-provider who did not even work for his providerdom, this story would go on, on how she fucked the pool boy.

27 upvotesTriggeringEveryone2 years ago

I think it's fake.

This bitch has a reddit account that she's only posted with twice in several years? Please.

Oh, it's obviously a throwaway? Yes, it's completely normal to use the same throwaway a year later when you are going to subtly change the story you gave the previous time you used the throwaway, just so people can call you out and make you look like a greedy gold-digger.

It's also normal to remember the throwaway password after a year.

10 upvotesLeviticus592 years ago

I kinda agree. It's just too sterotypically perfect.

upvotesjahozafet2 years ago

Ahh . . . and here I was, falling for it. Now I see it. Fakes are typically easier to spot than this one. Here's the smoking gun:

She arrived about 10 minutes later and Will introduced her to everyone. She seemed nice enough, but seeing them together made me sick to my stomach. I swear she was being all touchy-feely with him just to spite me.

No woman on the planet would write about this subject matter and not comment on the new girlfriend's appearance in comparison to hers.

4 upvoteswheresMYsteakAt2 years ago

People using throwaways on relationship subs arent using keepass to keep track of their many different accounts and passwords, they most likely reuse passwords.

61 upvotesMacheako2 years ago

He was able to provide. He wasnt providing her with what SHE thought she deserved...but, that dont mean shit. Dude did nothing wrong. To any half way intelligent woman this guy is a catch. Not only is he sitting on securitu, he has the self discipline to make it last. Hes glowing with security out the ass.

He didnt give her the flashy life that she could use to make other bitches jealous. She aint a terrible person, but she sure as fuck aint wholesome either. Will was a solid dude in this story.

55 upvotesyomo862 years ago

I see your point. My take in this is on the homo economicus side. She is aging, probably wants kids and after one year what has she gotten? Potato soup and torrented documentaries. From what she wrote she put up with a light-headed lifestyle out of feelings for one year. In my book she is a keeper, most girls can't make it past the first date without playing the hypergamy roulette in their head.

Living frugally is one thing. Being entitled is also one thing. But planning a future family based on a guy with no ambition and prima facia no potential is not what you want; be it based on the biological imperative or on a conscious level. The inheritance is a game changer for sure - the problem of no ambition, no potential still persists.

29 upvotescapsigrany2 years ago

She thought he has no ambition or potential, and so she moved. He still has no ambition or potential...

Then I don't see why she is sobbing or regretting nothing. She should be content with its former decision as she was totally right...

11 upvotesHobKing2 years ago

Right, but ambition is only good for gaining financial security, which she didn't know he already had.

Tbh I totally get where she's coming from. If this sub espouses the idea that men are to be the providers, why would the sub fault her for leaving someone who had, as yomo86 put, "no ambition and no prima facie potential"?

To criticize her for that is to criticize the very basis of this sub.

6 upvotessailorJery2 years ago

she simply ended things without trying to communicate with him what she expects out of a relationship.

1 upvotescapsigrany2 years ago

We are not criticizing her per se, as there's no point to anonymously criticizing an internet extranger, and she will probably never know. I think nothing in that girl's behaviour surprises redpillers, but amuses us as it shows clearly all the bs women put up.

Part 1 showed how she just looks her own economic security without procuring it herself. Nothing new for us. She didn't look for an inspiring man with a mission, or a lovely one, etc. Just she regrets she missed the jackpot.

Part 2 shows the rationalisation hamster, making up a new history, so it was not her decision but his fault. Rationalization anyway fails... more regrets and tears because the missed jackpot.

TRP is all about deconstructing BS on human behaviour and interaction, and show harsh reality as it is. These posts show a few funny things that confirms sub.

1 upvotescapsigrany2 years ago

We are not criticizing her per se, as there's no point to anonymously criticizing an internet extranger, and she will probably never know. I think nothing in that girl's behaviour surprises redpillers, but amuses us as it shows clearly all the bs women put up.

Part 1 showed how she just looks her own economic security without procuring it herself. Nothing new for us. She didn't look for an inspiring man with a mission, or a lovely one, etc. Just she regrets she missed the jackpot.

Part 2 shows the rationalisation hamster, making up a new history, so it was not her decision but his fault. Rationalization anyway fails... more regrets and tears because the missed jackpot.

TRP is all about deconstructing BS on human behaviour and interaction, and show harsh reality as it is. These posts show a few funny things that confirms sub.

0 upvotestallwheel2 years ago

The fact that she left because he didn't seem to be a good provider just makes her a basic bitch - par for the course. Anyone on this sub who wants an LTR should be looking for a woman who is a bit better than that. Yes, we know women want a provider, but what we want in an LTR is a woman who can at least pretend to like us for who we are for more than a year. Besides, if you have some alpha in you, she should be addicted to more than just your bank account.

This story, at face value, is just about a beta who wouldn't pay up, and a basic bitch who wanted him to settle and to give her the comfort she wanted. Yeah, I would like to think most of us here can do better than her. And if you can't, honestly you are better off without an LTR.

3 upvotesBluepillProfessor2 years ago

I would like to think most of us here can do better than her.

AWALT is not just a good idea. Its the law.

1 upvotesGbcue2 years ago

He still has no ambition or potential...

It seems like his ambition is to not lose all the money. Oil and gas only last for so long before it's dried up. Maybe he puts all that money in investments, so not liquid.

19 upvotesMacheako2 years ago

Heh, I actually thought 10 months wasnt THAT long on her part. Not to mention she never appeared to actually talk about any of those things (kids,marriage,etc) with Will; based off the story. She just assumed he wouldnt be "par the course" for what SHE wanted outta the relationship.

Men and Women used to get married and THEN build up together. If the "entry level" for pussy is now to have all this flashy, showy, dumb material shit....what kind of society are we building? What are women saying is important about a Man? What are Men saying about themselves?

I cant speak for you, but Im more than my fucking TV set, if a bitch cant appreciate that, like hell am I gonna appreciate her. I value living frugally. Look at how much consumerism is royally fucking this planet in half....and were gonna let women choose mates by THIS standard?

Im glad you can appreciate this cum dumpster, but Im personally holding out for something just a little less cunty and shallow lol. Fuck bitches like this man, we arent our "toys". If my worth is defined by how much dumb shit I can buy some vain cunt....then ill just have to define myself lol but I aint wasting this one shot at life on that dumb shit, thats for damned sure.

1 upvotessailorJery2 years ago

consumerism might be fucking things up but it's paid for by competent people being rewarded in a meritocracy so I'd say we're building a better one

1 upvotesMacheako2 years ago

What? I can't understand your statement man. It's "paid for by competent people"? Ya gotta elaborate for me if you want me to respond, sorry.

1 upvotessailorJery2 years ago

Consumerism, is a system of hyper commerce, this hyper commerce is made possible because competent people are rewarded for the benefits they offer society.

4 upvotesYogiwolf2 years ago

This story was also told from her perspective. Maybe the guitar lessons were his passion. Art is a highly underpaid area yet provides immense satisfaction to some. Being an alpha is not always seeking what other alphas are. The dude stuck to his guns and what makes him happy.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

tbh the guy is probably raised well by not blowing the money. He likely realizes that while it is 'his' it isn't 'his'. Any well raised person knows what I'm talking about. You might have rights to it but you didn't earn it yourself so why blow it?

5 upvotesMacheako2 years ago

That's what I'm saying! lol

Seriously, this "Will" is turning me on with all this talk about him saving that money and living by the code "If it ain't broke don't fix it!" haha Like that's a GREAT way to see shit!!!

And that's sorta really my underlying point here, so thanks for picking up on that man. But Women today, and I do believe it's a "Modern" thing, though really it's just a result of the modern day state of society and that "state" could technically show up in any time period, but Women today value all the wrong things. They don't fuckin know what actually is good, or is bad for them. They're dodo birds just walkin themselves off a cliff lol

And I mean, I "Love" em and all, but like....if you're REALLY dying to see what's at the bottom of that cliff, it's let her be an independent woman, right? lol. It sucks to see em walk themselves off this one, but not NEARLY as much if it was her AND me walking off that fuckin cliff. See ya!

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

fake story or not, there's a few things that should be considered 1) music is not ambitionlessness. its one of the hardest, most competitive fields out there. it was so difficult, at one point I went back to demolition/rough framing. (25$usd PR hr 2) at the height of the recession, I was making 50$pr hr doing studio sessions 3) when you look at people who live frugally, think again. the guy weed whipping the motel and can't stand to see someone throw away a bottle return, is the owner, owns 12 other properties, on lakes, collects 30$k per month, and is a millionaire. 4) these kinds of men detest women who want material value demonstrations. the unspoken attitude is "bitch you didn't earn it, how the hell you know how to spend it?" Let. Her. Walk 5) what do you listen to in the gym? someone put time energy origionality thought into that, AND overcame the faceless inumerous masses of weak sauce tunes for it to eventually reach you. think about it. do you even shred, brah?

1 upvotesMacheako2 years ago

I'm just gonna number each response to correspond with the question, but I'm lazy and don't wanna copy/pasta your original question lol thank you for your cooperation ;)

1) Absolutely. But I will add the caveat that I DO believe in "fair" relations between the sexes. That is, as a guy, I hold myself responsible to be honest with myself when my risky endeavors aren't paying off. If I'm being a musician that DIDNT have a giant inheritance and I'm barely making ends meet...sadly, I would say maybe it's time to give that one up and get something with more "security". She doesn't deserve to have this up and down roller coaster life if she's trying to have a kid. BUT....this was a different case. The guy had money....so....fuck her lol

2) Where there's a will, there's a way. That's awesome you were still doing good man. That's exactly the attitude to keep. Whether sun or rain, my ass can't complain.

3) RIGHT!??!?!?!? I'm learning this a LOT lately. Spending stupidly really IS in some ways a "sin" lol. I think it boils down to many of the jobs today are "easy", and cheap, so people feel little connection to their wealth. But this is a GREAT fucking point and one I think really needs to be taught to young kids.

4) There is honestly something to "earning your power" in life. Undeserved authority, which money brings, really is a problem in our society. If you haven't had to sacrifice for something, really give up something you love.....then you have no right holding onto whatever it is you undeservedly now possess. Women DO NOT understand the sacrifice that comes with attaining real wealth. Women's studies are lower than a joke. I'm offended when someone laughs at that shit lol.

5) I play sports as opposed to the gym (I like to acquire a fun "skill" in addition to staying healthy, just me) but I mostly listen to hip hop (wale), rock (white stripes), and since I play with a lotta Mexicans in Florida, some spanish mixes occasionally lol. (I'm as average white guy as ya get which is why I lol'd). But anything thats fast and gets me pumped, moving my body, and it's GOTTA have rhythm cause when you're playing sports the most important thing is finding your "flow".

12 upvotesTheRedThrowAwayPill2 years ago

He was lacking a mission, any mission, in life.

You're wrong.

He was taught very very clearly by life or by parents that money makes other people around him fake. So he had to hide that to see what their real personality was like.

His mission is to father babies and make sure his linage continues. He will need a mate in this god forsaken divorce environment. So he is treading as carefully as he possibly can.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Problem is she was 2-3 primeish years left and every guy is going to be compared to this similar aged millionaire (at least in assets).

Not a good spot to be assuming she cant get over the whole money stuff.

4 upvotesprecisionclear2 years ago

I have no trouble believing these posts. Plenty of my own life experiences were similar, and or much worse not just for one individual - but multiple. Now it doesn't seem strange at all. It's just normal.

upvotesse7enpsychopaths2 years ago

I'll agree that Will might be a man without a mission but I disagree that he's not redpill in any way.

He sat and listened to everything, seemingly unmoved by it. When I finished talking, he said "fine by me" and asked me to leave.

Strong frame and most importantly not afraid to lose her. Might be inadvertent but you can't say he's not redpill at all.

4 upvotestallwheel2 years ago

He has abundance mentality at the very least. Either that or he just really wasn't very into her. LOL

1 upvotesvandaalen2 years ago

Yeah. I am pretty sure that is fiction written by a man. It reads like one of those fake letters to lifestyle magazines. There are just too many unnecessary details in there like i.e. him serving her potato soup while torrenting a documentary.

1 upvotesbob13bob2 years ago

yeah, in fact she's probably one of hte better ones, sticking with him that long. People on here are too biased. She wants to have children at some point, and to do that you need money and a house. I wouldn't want my daughter to hang around someone who played guitar giggs with no prospects.

upvotesHeathcliff--2 years ago

I think it's RP porn as well, simply because I don't believe women right this well or coherently, especially when they're hurt. From spending a lot of time on the interneg and subreddits frequented by women, you quickly start being able to tell the difference between male writing and female writing.

Regardless, it's a great story anyway, nice dose of schadenfruede if it's true.

104 upvotesjudethedude2 years ago

"Don't believe women right this well" lol

31 upvotesWhoSweg2 years ago

Aight can we just be clear, there IS a difference between TRP and hating women. Shit like "Don't believe women right this well" is what makes people think this sub is just a bunch of fat lonely virgins that LOVE to make people think they've got a good life.

This sub has gone from a good place and a strong position to just a MGTOW place. Which I mean is fine but not everyone wants to go Monk mode for their life. Going out and experiencing new women and new things in life that's what you should be doing. I understand a lot of people on TRP are learning this and they're younger.

I'll put my hands up and say I'm 19, I found this sub at 16/17 and back then yeah it helped me understand things that I had already seen, but right now there is a huge problem with the people on this subreddit (this happens when a sub scales out of control)

I've gone on a tangent so I'll stop now. Just RP men please think about what you're saying, you don't have to try and impress me and other TRP males, because I know for a fact there is an extremely small chance of me meeting you so all you'll get from me is a "good job".

7 upvotesMacheako2 years ago

I respect your opinion, and agree, but the problematic people dont give a fuck about it lol, thats life ;)

Not always, some things can be salvaged, but most shit in life is a cycle of something new and exciting comes out, attratcts a buncha people, and slowly, bit by bit, the fucking d bag psychopaths start creeping in and ruining shit.

Eventually you realize theres no point in bitching about it as a man, thats more of a chicks game; no offense to the ladies, just that its very unbecoming of a man to whine. But mostly cause as a guy, you have the ability and strentgh to start your own shit, build something better. And if your smart, thats the route youll take ;)

I swear, that old saying "if you build it, they will come", rings so true in life. People are fuckinh lazy and unimaginative lol, so its up to us, and others, to build cool shit and show em how its done. Not to mention, the psychopaths hate it when people dont wanna hang out with them anymore....and boy do I fucking hate these loser psychopaths so seeing them writhe is my piña colada on the beach.

6 upvotesanothdae2 years ago

Aight can we just be clear, there IS a difference between TRP and hating women. Shit like "Don't believe women right this well" is what makes people think this sub is just a bunch of fat lonely virgins that LOVE to make people think they've got a good life.

I think you missed the point.

That guy was making fun of the other because he can't spell, in a sentence where he is bashing women for not writing well.

This isn't women hating... it's making fun of someone for hating women... And it got 36x the upvotes than the "women hating" comment.

EDIT: 100x

2 upvotesWhoSweg2 years ago

Oh dear I completely missed that makes it quite ironic

1 upvotesnewls2 years ago

Anyone reading between the lines will tell that TRP is one of the most pro-women communities on the internet. We understand what makes them happy, we're the kind of men they want to date, and we take a more paternal view than most 'nice' communities out there.

2 upvotesWhoSweg2 years ago

At some point in the past I would have agreed, but not recently. It's just a bunch of "all women cheat", lots of recycled information and somewhere deep within one in 100 posts? Yep that's the gem I've been looking for.

1 upvotesnewls2 years ago

No doubt it was more profound when I first came here in 2014, I guess that with time we see the same shit getting rehashed and we compare that to the old community when we first joined.

upvotesClapboom2 years ago

You sound like a pussy.

Not because you don't hate women, but because you give a shit about the makeup of some internet forum.

10 upvotesQudd2 years ago

How is being stressed about a negative change in a community that helped you through what is arguably one of the most confusing times in your life something that makes you a pussy.

4 upvotesWhoSweg2 years ago

yeah man I'm a massive pussy because I think that there is a lot of information that will end up hurting people that are younger than I am.

upvotesHeathcliff--2 years ago

Bla bla bla. You know nothing kiddo.

The more time you spend on the internet, especially in sexually polarised communities, the more you start to pick up on certain trends within the way men and women write. Males and females definitely do follow specific patterns in the way they communicate through word, and you can learn how these work and guess the genders of posters simply by the way they write.

Don't believe me? Go on relationships or twox or any other female dominated subreddit and look closely at the similiarities between the way each commentor speaks... You'll find they have a lot in common. Now compare and contrast with commentors in male dominated subreddits and you'll find a marked difference in the way each gender communicates.

Women are more emotionally driven and less "eloquent" and more to the point with their writing. Men like to fluff it up a bit more or spin a yarn to add dramatic storytelling effect. It's very, very obvious on the relationships subreddit; just read the posts from different genders and you'll start to get the gist.

But yeah regardless of all this, women are children and inferior and write worse then men in general I've found. Have't really been impressed with many female authors I've read. Plath was okay but honestly nothing special.

"Bla bla bla TRP should cut out the mysogyny you're all lonely neckbeards you should treat women like people"

Bla bla bla we've heard it all before. Read the sidebar more.

1 upvotesWhoSweg2 years ago

Yeah man reading the sidebar more is going to help me understand the social sciences behind how men and women type on Reddit. Thanks, "kiddo". I don't give a fuck about "mysogny" or any of that bollocks, I just don't think the reason to be sceptical is the way the person writes?

3 upvotesDigitallyDisrupt2 years ago

Muphry's law, one of my faves

7 upvotesMagicGainbow2 years ago

And the sad thing? This idiot's endorsed.

upvotesHeathcliff--2 years ago

Earn your endorsement then instead of whining like a lil bitch.

7 upvotesMagicGainbow2 years ago

Where am I whining? Besides nowhere did I say I wanted to be endorsed.

1 upvotesBluepillProfessor2 years ago

Spelling aside he is "Write." (Get it?).

Men and women write very, very differently and it is usually very easy to tell. I also suspect this may be TRP porn written by a man. On MRP where I am a moderator we Flair men and women and it is ridiculously easy about 95% of the time to ID female writing. While I wouldn't say it is "better" or worse writing. it is most certainly different and obvious.

This letter feels like a man trying to imitate a female style and includes every one of the hot-button porn topics we know and love on TRP.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I have Facebook and am on it every day, usually when work is slow. Lately my newsfeed has been filled with my peers getting married, buying houses, having babies, and other various accolades. I can't help but feel jealous by this

Frankly, this part screams to me that the story was written by a frustrated male virgin rather than a girl. It's obviously based on stereotypes and is aimed to ridicule the main character. I assure you no woman would ever write anything like this. Even if facebook actually DID make her think all this stuff, she wouldn't ever admit it, even on the internet.

0 upvotesSoulRedemption2 years ago

At last! I thought I was one of the rare ones who fixated on him rather than what happened to the chick or what he did to the chick. I didn't like the chick because of the way she flipped the script but for some reason, when this story came out first, I thought she did what I woulda done if I was a chick in the society.

It's like, I've dated a chick for awhile who doesn't give a lot of blow jobs. Ain't into the kinky things I'm into. But I've been okay with it cuz we have gud convos and my freedom is still there. However when my buddies talk about his kinky shit and hoe he gets good morning blow jobs, I start feeling jealous and remorseful. I tell my chick that am gonna end it cuz of these reasons. Shit ain't working out etc and she is totally cool wiv that. Then half a year later she's in a monogomous relationship but slutty as ever. Fuck, maybe if I waited or if she had changed we'd still be together. I'm annoyed that I wasted so long and got nothing for it. I'm bitter. Wait....am I a beta?....nahhh nope. I was just a gud guy.

When the roles swap so do the opinions. With my fellas they'd say I'm not alpha enough, should have ended it early, gud thing it din work out, shunt have wasted my time etc. We'll let the chick off the hook by saying awalt. But when its switched, we do the same. Beta bux.

81 upvotesclint_bronson2 years ago

This has been posted before. I still remember when i was browsing TRP and got to see her first post mentioned here. And then, months later, the second.

It was still as good a read as it was back then.

12 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 years ago

Yes part 2 has been posted before.

63 upvotesIVIaskerade2 years ago

This is what an alpha widow looks like.

23 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The sad thing is every guy after him will be compared to that financial barometer - and how many millionaire 20-something guys looking to settle down with someone like this are realistically out there?

11 upvotesmuddynips2 years ago

What's even sadder is that there are plenty of guys willing to love and fuck her in the exact same way. But she can't help but compare, and will be ruined by it.

If she was willing to see men as bonding partners instead of career opportunities, this would be nothing more than a learning experience.

1 upvotesGr0o0vy2 years ago

Exactly, thinking that she is entitled to at least the same quality while her own value is rapidly diminishing. The end we all know, BB marriage and divorce...

42 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Lol, she expected to text and talk on the phone after they broke up? The other guys she's done that with had lots of time to waste. Will obviously values his time and doesnt want to waste it by texting her.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Makes you wonder how she would have reacted to a Prenup Talk at that time, instead of dumping him.

12 upvotesredpillbanana2 years ago

Potato Soup Man is a legend around these parts.

14 upvotesred-pill-man2 years ago

In other news, Skittles man treats a plate like a plate.

Film at 11.

11 upvotesDocbear642 years ago

I just feel so low right now. If a man with disposable income meets a woman he likes, doesn't he want to treat her? He said he "saw me in his future", why didn't he care enough to share these things with me? He could have easily kept our relationship alive by being forthcoming.

This is my favorite part of the whole thing . I get that the woman wasn't interested in idling by in life that she needed some sense of direction or to know what the future held for her relationship Except .... to me this reads like it's not about the future at all . It's not about are we going to have kids , are we building a life together, do we make each other happy . In fact the reason she was unhappy and broke up with him in the first place was she saw what other people had , got jealous, and felt like Will or some new man should be taking care of her the way some of her facebook friends were being taken care of . Not once did she mention personal goals or an internal motivation to attain more she needs a workhorse to take care of her and show off her success with .

Whether Will is real or not this was a vapid bitch with notions of jealousy driven by social media . Will had no reason to share or rush to to share the secrets of his wealth with her and if he did she would start making plans for not " his money " but "our money" .

Whether this story is real or not Will showed absolute abundance , the chick is broken because she had a lotto ticket , didn't realize it , and found out it was good after it expired. She's mourning what she could have had not the fact she lost a relationship with Will and that''s exactly why he's fortunate she showed her true colors before too long .

Sue enough 9 months later Will has a new girl who digs him , she has been pumped and dumped, and she once more turns into a pile of misery at the opportunity she unwittingly lost .

I get many men here don't agree with how Will manages his life and that's fair but this chick was not a winner no matter how you slice it Wills life is better without her in it .

1 upvotesyomo862 years ago

True. But once again, human nature. She wants security and nice things. He wants sex.

Even mother Theresa did not enter a relationship with a bum, as any alpha Chad will not bang a 3. This is the way it is. We won't judge Chad for pumping and dumping and I will not judge a women for following her hypergamy in sane ways. We should not hold her to a higher moral standard for following her imperative.

As you put it: She is broken because she lost the lottery ticket. Sans said ticket this guy is still a perpetual loser. When you got all the money at hand you really want, a good man will not talk about it - much like Will did - but he will start to build. The best new website the world has ever seen, going on tour with his band, inventing the best fuck doll ever with four boobs. Instead, he lived a 'meh' lifestyle. A lifestyle of mediocrity. And add on top of it the image he produced of himself - a guy with no money. Love if you will, can overcome a lot but not basic biology.

11 upvotesTirfing882 years ago

This shite sounded fake when I first read it and sounds fake now. Probably something a fucking fedora nice guy made up one day. Red pill is amazing, but not this fantasy revenge porn.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

deleted What is this?

11 upvotesIvabighairy12 years ago

Women don't marry for money

They divorce for it

18 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

i just love she rewrites history from

The next time I was over at Will's ... I ended the relationship.


he threw away our relationship over nothing.

5 upvotesAuvergnat2 years ago

That's what we call rationalisation, or here "the hamster"

2 upvotesozaku72 years ago

Mind that he threw the relationship away by not spending money on her. Nowhere do you read about her efforts to talk to him about the future, talk about what she wants in life, and giving each other the chance to better themselves. She just went straight for the breakup because his ass was seemingly to her broke.

7 upvotesthrowdownshowdownman2 years ago

It does kinda give you that wholesome movie feeling at the end there

8 upvotesDB_20142 years ago

Sounds like my uncle. The guy is worth millions, yet he drives halfway across town in his beat up Honda to use an ice cream coupon. Save, save, save. That's the key.

As far as those of you dissing Will for potatoe soup and shitty clothes, keep in mind his priority wasn't keeping the girl, it was keeping his money. He had his priorities straight. Not saying every guy needs to wear shit clothes and serve cheap food, but his mentality was in the right place. He had boundaries for his life and didn't allow a female to change those one bit.

7 upvotesn4ru2 years ago

I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of shit for this, but I don't think she did anything wrong. I make decent money and I make my girlfriend give me her entire paycheck because I handle the finances (she gets a small allowance for food from her own check). We're semi frugal and she knows she will not see serious splurging until we have the money to retire indefinitely. We both work our fair share and the financial decisions are ultimately mine, and she knows better than to question if I put my foot down. But despite not being loaded she knows there is at least some plan. This dude sounds like a bum with a secret stash he's hoarding.

The dude didn't have have to tell her he was rich, but if he was interested he should have mentioned there was a plan. I don't think he missed out on anything and if he didn't care that's fine, but to expect women to stay in a relationship with no future is silly to me. She missed out but I wouldn't actually say she necessarily fucked up.

If you didn't know the dude was loaded, you could imagine this guy was a bum from her description. If true, why would she date a bum who never did anything? Fuck buddies are one thing, but sounds like he didn't give her anything to go on.

Don't get me wrong, this definitely worked out in his favor, but I just don't see why she was in the wrong otherwise than embellishing herself in the story.

2 upvotesRamesses_ [OP]2 years ago

Hah I don't see why you'd get shit for that, seems like an accurate assessment. The AWALT parts are the solipsism and rationalisation. I'm very much amused by how she struggles to see what was really going on. She's not wrong, it's just funny. She can do whatever she wants. I don't think she fucked up - Will probably just was not that into her and when she said she was leaving he pointed to the door. That's what makes him a legend. If he'd liked her more he probably would have told her about the money at an earlier stage.

Also don't forget we're only hearing her side of the story and judging by her re-writing history from her breaking up with him for having no ambition to her breaking up with him for lying and him throwing away their relationship it's also likely she's exaggerated or straight up lied about other aspects for affect. For one, the potato soup + torrenting documentary is designed to really point out what a tightass he is. I'm not saying that part's not accurate but there's likely more balance to the real Will, i.e. ways in which he's a tightass and ways in which he's generous, ways in which he's unmotivated and ways in which he's motivated. She heavily emphasises the appearance of things (shitty car, old clothes) - his behaviour could have been laser focused and motivated with his music. It probably was because if he's as much of a bum as she would NOW have us believe, why would she be attracted to him in the first place? Hamstering about this fits in perfectly with the rest of her rationale. I wouldn't be surprised if the guy even had another job as well that she neglected to mention in her re-writing of history.

For the record I think some of what the red pill deems AWALT is actually cultural and specific to America (I am not American). AWALT for me is things like solipsism and hypergamy - hard wired biological and instinctual behaviours. Things like entitlement don't strike me as hard wired into females - that's just cultural. Saudi men act entitled with women, spoiled children of both genders act entitled with their parents.

I feel like I've never had experiences with women who cared more about my money than me. Maybe they did, who knows. My longest LTR was 4 years and spanned uni to beginning career. I was poorer than her until we started working and then I was making more. Regardless we pooled our money for things like rent, groceries, trips, etc and then kept the rest to ourselves. After we broke up I started spending like mad. I was definitely better off financially when I was with her. She was legitimately good with money, got me on a budget, organised my savings - had a millionaire next door type Dad who ingrained this shit in her from a young age. So I doubt it's an AWALT female trait to just spend a man's money or even her own money without regard. Some women like my ex are brilliant planners and very good savers.

In summary, don't read too much into the posts and comments you find here. Some guys are angry, some guys are ignorant, some guys are new, some guys are just plain stupid. This is the internet. It's a mixed bag.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

"I'm not gonna a lie..." Bwahahahaha.

7 upvotesTominatorXX2 years ago

Where was this posted? Her story I mean? Relationship?

6 upvotesbloodthorn19902 years ago

originally was posted on twox

6 upvotesEntropy-72 years ago

I think this story has made the rounds before.

What baffles me is that she didn't even attempt "The Talk" but just decided to dump his ass and then surprise, bitch!

But ya, it goes from her being a materialistic cunt to him being "dishonest".

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yeah clearly she's not a gold digger, wtf how much can you lie to yourself hahahhahah. This is fucking tremendous.

10 upvotesimbeciI2 years ago

I stopped reading midthrough.


11 upvotesUnderstooddit2 years ago

I was ready to marry the last gf I had, and she was always arguing that we should wait until my company starts to make money.

It started to work out for me, and I could pay myself and change my old car. She went crazy about it, like I was spending her money. The thing I never told her is that I had more than she could ever think of on my bank account, but I always had been cautious with my money and never wanted to be loved for it. I was acting "poor" but always paid for restaurants and shit like this "because I can".

"How can you, you haven't made a cent during the last two year ?"

I never answered more than : "I still have a few bucks on my bank account, enough to live for months, don't worry about it love".

During the two weeks before the split-up she was fucking insane bat shit crazy and trying to make me crazy. Raging, insulting, unforgiving the tinniest mistakes. I was about to buy the car, but she was insulting me about everything else except this. Texting "asshole" because I did not want to go shopping with her considering she was insulting me 24/7 for 2 weeks now.

We got into a big dispute, after 2h of me stoically waiting for her to stop, I slapped her bitching mouth because at the moment, I was sure it was the only way she would never want to me see again, I wasn't courageous enough to tell that insulting bitch to fuck off.

After all, AWALTS. Tho, I'm still stupid enough to keep dreaming about having a wife and kids and a nice normal life. It's been a year, I still feel like utter shit for what I've done.

I spent 6 years with her, we met when we were both at college (different ones). I spent 7 with the one before. I'm 34 and the life I wanted since I'm a kid may never happen to me. I may never recover from TRP "she" forced me to eat.

ps : english isn't my first langage, feel free to correct me

7 upvotesAuvergnat2 years ago

TRP is the truth of human relationship dynamics. One of these truths is that all women seek to pair long-term with the man who is the most able to provide her and her offspring with safety and comfort. She's not in this "for love only".

Just like TRP teaches men the bitter truth that to attract a girl into your bed you need to be attractive, not nice. The other bitter truth is that to get a long term partner you need to provide, not "be loved just for who you are".

2 upvotesUnderstooddit2 years ago

So ? what is the answer ? I'm a fucking dumbass being a beta that trust in love or I'm being a dumbass alpha to think that a woman can fit my expectations ?

8 upvotesAuvergnat2 years ago

The answer is just to be aware of women's sexual strategy and act in consequence. Their AF strategy means that if you want no strings attached sex with many girls, you need mostly alpha behaviour; Their BB strategy means that if you want to get married and get kids, you need mostly beta behaviour.

So by definition, if you want a LTR with a girl, you're going to need to demonstrate to her that you can be a good provider. Trying to make a LTR work on purely alpha behaviour is doomed to create drama as she'll be both very attracted to you and very anxious that you can't provide her the safety and providing she needs. In a LTR, you need to maintain a minimum level of alpha, and a minimum level of beta.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Accept the fact that things will get worse before it gets better. Soon the pendulum will swing the other way. Right now, women have too much freedom and not enough sense. Give it another 10 years.

We all had the same dream.

6 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov2 years ago

swallowing the pill is the hardest part. once you see the truth you can't go back.

3 upvotestallwheel2 years ago

During the two weeks before the split-up she was fucking insane bat shit crazy and trying to make me crazy. Raging, insulting, unforgiving the tinniest mistakes. I was about to buy the car, but she was insulting me about everything else except this. Texting "asshole" because I did not want to go shopping with her considering she was insulting me 24/7 for 2 weeks now.

It's amazing how much women think they can get away with in an LTR as soon as they start to feel a little secure. One of the reasons is that there are so many fucking betas who will apologize and try to appease her in order to "save the relationship".

You're fortunate to have been able to break it off when you did, even if it wasn't on the terms you would have preferred.

14 upvotesputsomecolourson2 years ago

This guy is my new idol. I lost it when I read "he served me potato soup for dinner". I hope for his sake he's read this post.

19 upvotesredpillchill2 years ago

Yeah, this girl sounds exactly like my ex girlfriend. The chilling part is the reframing of the breakup nearly every time we see eachother. In her eyes I wasn't willing to commit, had eyes for other girls, that I broke up with her, that I wasn't a good boyfriend anyway, etc..

The true reality of it is that she felt entitled to more of my shit than I was willing to give, and she kept pushing it and pushing it until I finally grew balls and told her no. I should've shown her the door 1 month into our relationship. She gave absolutely nothing in our relationship and was a complete leech. It's amazing to see how she can rewrite history to fit whatever the fuck she feels in the moment.

The suggested readings from RP have helped me really piece together reality.

11 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov2 years ago

it's not just your ex, I'd say most will spin the story to feed the hamster. especially if they regret the break up, they will invent bad things that never happened or highly exaggerate negative events, just to justify to themselves that it was a good idea to break up.

3 upvotesEntropy-72 years ago

I refer to this as "ret-conning, from the fictional narrative technique to change historical events to make the present story better.

After you break up with a girl the historical facts and the facts on the ground at the time are less important to her than being able to make sense of things in her mind and being able to tell a good story to friends and family as to why the relationship ended (typically by making you look like an asshole).

2 upvotesDragon_Garoo2 years ago

They always reframe; sometimes, during the actual breakup. Last plate I nexted literally made it sound like she made the choice, lol. byeeeeeeeee

2 upvoteshipstersdontlie2 years ago

Yeah definately the best part. And then the loaded guy crowns it with torrented documentary. Because frugality.

2 upvotesStarter912 years ago

Now i want a potato soup for a dinner :(

1 upvotesThisCatMightCheerYou2 years ago


The cats are sad because you are sad :( ... Here's a picture/gif of a cat, hopefully it'll cheer you up :). The internet needs more cats..

If you want me to ignore you, type !unsubscribetosadcat, however if you`ve unsubscribed and like to come back, just type !subscribetosadcat

5 upvotestanqop2 years ago

I hadn't seen part 2 yet. Thank you for posting. I can't help but smile about this story. This girl deserves what she's got.

-3 upvotesomega_fat2 years ago

Maybe because part one is nothing but a terpers wank fantasy. Would enjoy reading the sequel though

1 upvotestallwheel2 years ago

Then read it. It's in the OP of this thread.

5 upvotestop_zozzle2 years ago

Holy fuck Potato Soup Guy is a boss

6 upvotesBielzabutt2 years ago

The hamster runs strong in this one.

6 upvotesthechaosz2 years ago

Will is a rich hippie with alpha traits. He CAN give no fucks because he's loaded, not because of some lifestyle of kicking ass, working out, pursuing passions. Almost like a pseudo alpha/RP you could say. He would super stressed working minimum wage and trying to live that life of his (I know people of ages still doing this)

If he spent some money on experiences and travel I would more keen to condone his lifestyle. As long as his place clean and car I wouldn't have problems there .

Just sitting in your ass and Netflix and chilling with life changing money would be boring as fuck

upvotesDegrowth2 years ago

Sounds like Will was one with nature though. His life sounds wholesome.

1 upvotesthechaosz2 years ago

Ya it's all good, he's doing well. I'm just mentioning it's easy to be chill and get tail in his situation

10 upvotesfuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-2 years ago

Haha. Cunty tried to played the cunt card and got discarded for being a cunt.

4 upvotesbigtonebone932 years ago

Any one have the link to the original post?

5 upvotesfrankreyes2 years ago

Part 1: http://archive.is/afKa8

Part 2: http://archive.is/ytz25

2 upvotesalphabachelor2 years ago

Thanks. Both parts are still on Reddit but part 1 has been completely mod nuked.

4 upvotesThe_Heyyze2 years ago

My guy Will. He might just be the king of savagery. He basically was a savage while not even trying to be. Good stuff.

Also, I like how after she found out he was loaded, she suddenly "wants him back so bad".

4 upvotesScarletNumbers2 years ago

after seeing a girl I knew from high school buy her 3rd property with her husband

I'm sure she bought it with her husband's money

3 upvotesGbcue2 years ago

I thought he was penniless, proof I'm not a fucking gold-digger.

Yet she broke up with him over money. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

3 upvotescasemodsalt2 years ago

My favorite part was the torrenting.

3 upvoteswheresMYsteakAt2 years ago

Probably a documentary about the history of shoe laces or something she has no interest in as he sits there captivated by the screen eating potato soup.

upvotesstonepimpletilists2 years ago

I liked Amsterdam-Girl better, but this one was good.

3 upvotesYogiwolf2 years ago

link, if you would good sir?

3 upvotesJuan-San2 years ago

So which one of you fuckers is Will?

3 upvotesMetalgear2222 years ago

10 months when he was penniless!! wow! better hand over half of his shit amirite guys? guys?? oh...

3 upvotesGOATmar2 years ago

Frugal is very smart in the long run, and it can be quite addicting especially if you become proficient at negotiating/finding deals


And this is coming from probably the least superstitious person you will ever meet

I've noticed the more Frugal my Mindset, the worse my """fortune"""

When I switch from Frugal to Abundance, just like fortune with women, my finances see success.

Fucking bizarre but Poor isn't a status, it is a state of mind... and it is poisonous.

I still spend """Smart""", but dont go to great lengths to save as much money as possible... if that makes sense.

3 upvotesntvirtue2 years ago

Holy crap if you could hook her hamster up to a generator it would meet the power needs of the entire world!

3 upvotesAllahHatesFags2 years ago

It's like what would happen IRL in that Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America.

3 upvotesDesadarius2 years ago

"My friends were all making life gains"

AKA money gains. This bitch is retarded.

2 upvotesQerus2 years ago

Bro this is the funniest shit ever. Saved

upvotesdognose2 years ago

I’m a lot like Will... live simple life, run a few websites, make millions, but I don’t show it. On the surface, I don’t look that motivated.. and why should I be? I have what I need now.. if I had a nice girl to be with, that would be great, but I’ve never met one.

2 upvotesApollosSin2 years ago

Anyone have the comments from TwoX?

2 upvotesBaltais2 years ago

This deserves a gold and a sticky!!! Everyone should read this!!!

2 upvotesXoramung2 years ago

Chad. and Billy. and introducing Will.

upvotesX-Trem02 years ago

Bwahahahaha great, you made my day. Something similar happened to me. Let me know if you wanna hear it :)

2 upvotesBluepillProfessor2 years ago

He could've said something, ANYTHING during our break up when I was explaining my doubts about our relationship. Instead he said nothing, and now he refuses to talk to me. It makes absolutely no sense.

Nope. Makes no sense at all. Why would a woman have a wonderful relationship and let it go to shit because her BF doesn't make enough money. It's almost like women have some weird instinct that makes them seek out men with money. Weird.

she was being all touchy-feely with him just to spite me.

Sorry sweets. That is called "mate guarding." You see, when a girl likes a boy she wants to keep him, not trade him in for a model with more money. Fucking gold diggers can't see the forest for the trees.

just started sobbing uncontrollably.

I bathe in female tears. Fuck you whore and enjoy your cats or the poor stupid fucker you trap.

2 upvotesDesadarius2 years ago

This is what happened.

This guy managed to give her tingles for 10 months straight before she got bored.

She was bored of him so she tried to turn him into beta bux, and would have soon started fucking other guy(s) on the side.

She failed, so she broke it off so she could continue riding the CC freely without worry of being caught.

Soon she realized her mistake, and, as all girls do (AWALT), hamstered herself into being the victim.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Sounds like Will is a good dude. Never let the money turn him into a crazy degenerate and even after the break up where she treated him as a utility he still went and talked to her and showed by remembering details that he felt a bond with her while they were together, never showing bitterness as far as the story goes. Then pieces out.

And this chick wouldn't be sobbing over him if he didn't have money.

3 upvotesRepostGhostCst2Cst2 years ago

This story is pretty rad, but honestly, this guy sounds like he'd be a bore to be around. He's good at dealing with break ups because they're happening to him every 10 months.

I'm all for the way he handed it, but doesn't TRP preach pushing yourself and just being an exciting person overall...?

12 upvotespentakiller192 years ago

I don't understand why everyone is demonizing her like she's some lying, manipulative, cheater or something. She did what any rational person would do.

50 upvotesfrankreyes2 years ago

You're poor? You don't have any life purpose, I don't like you. Oh, I'm sorry, you're rich you say? I love you and miss you and want to have your babies!

18 upvotesWhoSweg2 years ago

Not agreeing with either party, but if you wanted an LTR with someone, you'd want them to be goal oriented and have a career? You wouldn't just choose some random checkout girl at the local supermarket (I mean you might but I know I couldn't live with one of them for my life).

I don't do LTRs but I want to one day once I've had my fun. Seeing all of my friends get fucked over by them opens my eyes up (I also got fucked over by one but that's another story for another day)

12 upvotessixseven892 years ago

you'd want them to be goal oriented and have a career?

Sure, but she's expecting him to be the Beta Bucks. There's also no indication that she was goal oriented. She couldn't accept the fact that he should provide for himself and she should provide for herself.

11 upvotespentakiller192 years ago

Exactly. If my s/o sits on her ass all day and does nothing I'm going to break up with her.

7 upvotesneedless_pickup_line2 years ago

Scenario: For 10 months you date a really great girl who treats you well, but is about 40 pounds overweight. You talk to her about health and the importance of sexual attraction, but she says she's happy how things are. You break up with her, she says nothing. Two months later, she's lost all the weight and looks great.

Do you want to get back together?

27 upvotesfrankreyes2 years ago

It is non comparable. Your analogy is flawed: he was always rich, and only in her imagination he was poor. She then spins it by saying that she "couldn't come to terms with his lying by omission". And this is the root of all her conflict: she regrets dumping him, not because he changed after the break-up, but that he never had this "issue" in the first place. The only deception was done by herself in her own imagination. She saw him as a person without life purpose, when in fact he had his life things right where he wanted to be. She is a gold digger, and I would have done the same with her.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The whole bit about being jealous of some acquaintance who's on her third property is where I completely lost any and all sympathy for her. Like, who the hell EXPECTS that for themselves, at any time, let alone at 26?! Maybe he spotted something in her that made him keep his financial status close to his chest? We don't have his side of the story.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

It's perfectly comparable. Not 100% accurate but it is the gender switch equivalent. Obviously the woman cant be in a fat suit that she magically takes off after the break up.

-1 upvotesfrankreyes2 years ago

Obviously the woman cant be in a fat suit that she magically takes off after the break up.

Still missing the point: he never changed. There is no suit or whatever. It was all in her imagination

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Not disagreeing with you but there is no direct comparison to this situation for men, the one outlined is as close as it gets

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

No, because if revenge is the only thing that will motivate her to maintain a healthy weight, something is clearly wrong with her.

3 upvotesDragon_Garoo2 years ago

Never happens. Two months later, she's bigger, riding the CC and hamstering to everyone how you fat shamed her.

1 upvoteswheresMYsteakAt2 years ago

Not back together because it would be clear to me she didn't respect me as much as the cock she is trimming her self down for now. I would however want to fuck her.

5 upvotesCharlie-Waffles2 years ago

More like the guy appeared to have no motivation or interest to better himself. It had nothing to do with the money because according to the first story she found out after they broke up.

The chick cared about him but figured out she couldn't get him to try and better himself. Would you want to date a lazy person? The guy is a loser who has a trust fund. Good for him.

8 upvotessixseven892 years ago

the guy appeared to have no motivation or interest to better himself

That's the female way of saying "he was poor". You clearly haven't been here very long.

2 upvotesyuube2 years ago

There's two different things here and it's nuanced. Both sides are right.

1) Since this girl wanted to get back with him after she found out he had money even though nothing had changed about him she is definitely being the stereotype people are accusing her of.


2) it's very understandable to break up with someone if they don't have ambition and drive. This guy inheriting his grandfathers land is living off the ambition of his grandfather, I wouldn't want to date someone who enjoys living like shit either, the difference being I'd stay broken up with them even if they ended up being rich, because I just don't want to spend that amount of time with that person, the lack of ambition probably bleeds over to everything else in their life, and If they were a joy to be around to the point I don't care about their ambition then I wouldn't have broken up in the first place.

People are looking at both perspectives and they're both right, it depends on the underlying reason though.

4 upvotesCharlie-Waffles2 years ago

You clearly haven't been here very long.

I forgot to read the side bar...

4 upvotesfrankreyes2 years ago

More like the guy appeared to have no motivation or interest to better himself.

Only in her eyes and before she realized he was rich. Then she suddenly is in love with him and wants to be back. But nothing changed in his life, except she was not a part of it anymore.

-2 upvotesMaHamandMaSalami2 years ago

And what's wrong with that? A 26YO woman has her youth and fecundity. Those two things will go away, never to be replaced.

A young man has ambition, an older man has wealth and status.

You see the chick Mnuchin got? You see what that guy looks like?



That guy has a mug like the back end of a horse. And Louse Linton overlooked that, because he's loaded. Bless her soul!

7 upvotesMacheako2 years ago

Im really getting tired of people miss using the term "rational". The idea only makes sense when discussing some kind of end goal. If you have no goal in life, then your goal is merely survival, and being rational only applies to what you do towards meeting that goals requirements.

If I want a banana, its not rational for me to stick a dildo up my ass, but if i want to feel the male g spot, sticking a dildo up my ass IS rational. So what changed?

The stated goals. So if youre gonna say her actions were rational, youre gonna have to address "to what ends were her actions rational". If the ends were pure selfish desire, sure, shes being rational, but if her goals include other things, like not being a D bag....then not so much.

But please. Stop ass fucking my languange and logic, its all we have to communicate lol. I dont wanna lose that ability.

5 upvotesDigitallyDisrupt2 years ago

Im really getting tired of people miss using the term "rational"

Good ole Muphry's law. Not one, but TWO grammatical errors in the first sentence.

4 upvotespbar2 years ago

Muphry? This is like fractal version of Murphy's law, that keeps branching off into new posts, and each new post also has an eror.

1 upvotesDigitallyDisrupt2 years ago


Or, you know, it doesn't.

Speaking of which, you also muphried, when you tried to incorrectly apply Murphy's law, when it's actually Finagle's law. And down the rabbit hole we go.

2 upvotespbar2 years ago

I've learned something here today...

3 upvotesMacheako2 years ago

Attacking someones grammar can sometimes be an effective counter argument strategy.

This, however, is not one of those times.

-1 upvoteswheresMYsteakAt2 years ago

If I want a banana, its not rational for me to stick a dildo up my ass, but if i want to feel the male g spot, sticking a dildo up my ass IS rational. So what changed?

You need to google and follow #nofap - you're like 5 xhamster sessions away from watching two dudes banging.

Stop ass fucking my languange and logic

Go, quick bro. They are trying to make us gay though porn.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The difference is men are honest in what they desire, both to themselves and society. Women aren't.

So if the above played out with genders reversed the man likely wouldn't care. We are not raised to expect support financially. We are raised to take care of a woman if she is lazy, in a bad spot, wants to stay at home, etc.

5 upvotesyellowthing2 years ago

It would make sense if he couldn't afford things and wouldn't help himself. But he frugal, and never struggled for anything. That is stability, it just wasn't enough for her.

What she should have done was seek out her own personal financial success and security (through her own earnings, not a divorce court) rather than looking for someone to provide for her. However, we know the general Western School of Thought for women is that they are owed things. Her entitlement gave it away the most.

3 upvotesSympatheticChad2 years ago

What's funny is her hamster wheel between first and second posts about why she dumped him, and why she wanted to get back together. ("I just melted in his arms" lololol)

3 upvotesalphabachelor2 years ago

After 10 months of dating, she could have had a mature discussion about her expectations instead of dumping him based on assumptions.

upvotesctrl_alt_el1te2 years ago

Getting mad at women for being the way they are is like being mad at a fish for swimming.

6 upvotesMacheako2 years ago

Yea, but remember, we helped get em there. So maybe we need to talk about how we need to change?

0 upvotesTheColorOfWater2 years ago

All fish swim. Not all women are like this girl.

3 upvotescasemodsalt2 years ago

To me it's bad because she expects the guy to accomodate and provide for her. It proves she was either broke herself or made even less than him...or nothing at all...

1 upvotespentakiller192 years ago

She said nothing of the sort, she even said she thought he was broke based on how he lived. How would she expect a broke person to accommodate her? Her s/o just had a shit ton of money so he felt no need to do anything with his life, and from that outside looking in, it appears that he's just lazy and has no ambition.

1 upvotescasemodsalt2 years ago

Women still love ambition. She figured he would change and want more money and provide for her.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Because she's a lying, manipulative cheater.

-3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Because she's a lying, manipulative cheater.

-5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Because she's a lying, manipulative cheater.

3 upvotesjetsetter8832 years ago

Tbh he sounds like a bit of a loser who just happened to walk into some money. I would have broken up with him too if I were that girl. People who are religiously frugal, whether they have money or not, are supremely obnoxious. It also seems like he is probably ashamed of his wealth since it was inherited

3 upvotescantFindValidNam2 years ago

She left a guy who seemingly was without a mission or vision and didn't make any effort to show he was on top of things. What a whore indeed.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I dated him for 10 months when I thought he was penniless, proof I'm not a fucking gold-digger.

i find it hard to argue with that. not the best data point for AWALT

44 upvotesPhoenixtorment2 years ago

She digged for 10 months, found no gold and dumped him.

A Golddigger.

3 upvotesneedless_pickup_line2 years ago

Just for the sake of argument:

If you dated a girl for 10 months and only got vanilla sex, then found out she's secretly a freak, what would you do?

9 upvotesClapboom2 years ago

Implying if she had found out he was rich before dumping him she still would be upset and dump him?

Lmao. Sure bud. She wouldn't have cared at all if she had found out BEFORE.

7 upvotesWhoSweg2 years ago

That's what he's saying? Like as a guy if all you've been getting is so missionary for 10 months sometimes a bit of doggy you're going to be bored as fuck, so you dump her and say "blah blah" only to then a few weeks later talk to her friends (extremely unlikely) and just say "we were just not sexually compatible she wouldn't even let me cum on her face" and one of them pisses themselves walks away you then ask the other one "what was funny" next friend goes "we've seen her have a train ran on her by a football team whilst she got tied up" or some shit (maybe not the train extremely extremely bad example but it's a proof that she would do a lot more than just a bit of doggy, but you wouldn't want that as an LTR, and a better example maybe is "she has a tumblr of her ex relationships and she's got a whole bunch of BDSM gear under her bed!!!") you'd think to yourself like "well shit I've been had over here, damn I'd love to tie her up and xyz"

1 upvotestallwheel2 years ago

Honestly, I would blame that on the guy. If she is a slut who won't be a slut for him, then he just wasn't alpha enough in her eyes... at least not in bed. Dude should have taken charge and fucked her like the slut she wanted to be.

Any RP guy who found himself in the above scenario should be introspective and take a good long hard look at his own behavior, rather than calling her a bitch and blaming her for her nature.

If it were a typical BP guy, then yeah, of course I would understand why he would feel like he got duped by her.

3 upvotesPhoenixtorment2 years ago

Then she is changing her behaviour when she is with me, the rich guy from the story is not. He is the same with or without her.

23 upvotesxx3152 years ago

Except...she broke up with him over money.

49 upvotesOmnibrad2 years ago

She thinks her dating him is proof that she is not a gold digger. She is wrong.

Her breaking up with him because of his "lack of career" is proof that she is a gold digger. Her overwhelming desire to get with a man, considering the only thing that changed was her knowledge of his bank account, is proof she is a gold digger.

1 upvotesDesadarius2 years ago


Girls will hamster their way into being the victim every single fucking time.

9 upvotesmatthewzz19972 years ago

To me, it seems like more lack of proof she is a gold digger than proof she is not. Small difference but big implications.

5 upvotesChavagnatze2 years ago

All women need gold and they dig for it; its just the amount they need and when they need the gold. There is a minimum barrier to entry for all markets. She smelled gold. That's why she stuck around so long. A man that is capable of dutifully sustaining a lifestyle, no matter how relatively meager, is evidence of utility in and of itself. She saw potential just in the fact that he wasn't on a roller coaster.

7 upvotescasemodsalt2 years ago

She wasn't an "immediate gold digger" but she was still influenced by others on what her perception of a long term relationship should be. To her, it meant her partner (the man) making more money as time goes on, and then buying a nice house and car (and obviously a nice car for her).

Women are always under the impression that their looks grant them a certain amount of money from their partner. That's why she broke up with him.

The fact that she complained about the potato soup and torrenting (torrenting was my favorite part) proves it got to her and she wanted to go out on expensive dinners and movies. Women play mental gymnastics all the time and this is no different.

1 upvotesDesadarius2 years ago

How is that against AWALT? If anything it supports it.

This guy managed to give her tingles for 10 months straight before she got bored.

She was bored of him so she tried to turn him into beta bux, and would have soon started fucking other guy(s) on the side.

She failed, so she broke it off so she could continue riding the CC freely without worry of being caught.

3 upvotesDaniel_Lugo2 years ago

Funnt story but this Will guy seems a bit extreme.

It's good to be pragmatic and slightly frugal but you are not gonna take anything with you when you die.

Who doesn't enjoy a nice expensive dinner every so often?

If you love a woman, you should treat her in whatever fashion you deem appropriate.

In my case, I'm quite wealthy and I don't shower my gf with presents on the daily but we do go to nice places to eat and take lavish vacations. It is my choice but it's more fun that way.

2 upvotesDesadarius2 years ago

"Who doesn't enjoy a fancy dinner every so often?"

Who says he didn't? Maybe he went without her.

"You should treat her in whatever fashion you deem appropriate"

He though it was appropriate to not waste money on her.

When you bring money into the equation, you risk being used for beta bux. Will clearly didn't want to risk that.

2 upvotesToussant2 years ago

No defending this girl but I'm guessing the guy also learned a thing or two from that relationship. Saving is 1 part of spending and overly spending on saving is just as imbalanced as overspending on any other category. He sounded like a vegetable in the initial story, living off of inheritance. Someone passionate about work reflects it regardless of whether understand the details.

2 upvotesIkWhatUDidLastSummer2 years ago

Will is alpha af in his own casual "down to earth" way and this stuck up bitch is AWALT.

1 upvotesozaku72 years ago

This should be in the sidebar labeled "TRP Examples". That moment when she realized she was sitting on a goldmine all this time without knowing it, LOL.

upvotesTHE_StrongBoy2 years ago

A good litmus test for if you really understand and accept the nature of women and the red pill is if you are on the woman's side here.

If I was that girl, I'd get the fuck out too. I'd kill myself if I watched Netflix every night.

2 upvotesSolon642 years ago

I dunno man. I like watching netflix or gaming on my time off, going out and doing shit is exhausting to me. Id love to have a girl who just wants to stay in and cuddle all night.

It really irks me to have stuff to do. I work 9 or 10 hours a day, i dont want to have to run around doing shit after that, my time off is for relaxing, not staying stressed.

upvotesTHE_StrongBoy2 years ago

Ok, but don't expect a hot girl to get on board with you.

I work 9 hours, go to the gym, then do other stuff - you aren't gonna break

0 upvotesDesadarius2 years ago

Does your girl work 9 hours, go to the gym, then do other stuff with you? No.

1 upvotesEuphoricentia2 years ago

This story is chicken mgnuggets

1 upvotesBedtimeshine2 years ago

Didn't want to go through the hassle of making a new post about it... but here's another soon to be classic. http://nypost.com/2017/07/04/i-tried-scheduled-sex-with-my-ex-and-it-was-terrible/?

1 upvotescashmoney_x2 years ago

There is so much insight into female psychology in that second post. The way her and her friends think, sum things up, etc. Just amazing. Girls, frankly, are retarded.

1 upvotesBonsai36902 years ago

Does anyone have a link to the original post or the update?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Which one of you fuckers is this??

He makes her dinner, she breaks up with him for lack of $$ potential...

bullet dodged.

1 upvotesMisterRoid2 years ago

I just puked a little in my mouth from reading this.

1 upvotesjkarovskaya2 years ago

Guy dodged a MAJOR bullet, hope he stays single.

1 upvoteswtf_is_taken2 years ago

I never knew she made an update. I would've thought she would never come back from all the shit she caught...

1 upvotesRedPill_Swinger2 years ago

I vote for changing the archetype of the Alpha male name to "Will" rather than "Chad".

1 upvotesRodion-Raskolnikov2 years ago

This revenge fantasy porn is not Red Pill. Move past the anger phase and accept that AWALT.

1 upvotesI_AM_CALAMITY2 years ago

Yeah you're right. There's a difference between understanding red pill and breathing it subconsciously. I need work

upvotesDeeDee12345672 years ago

hmmm, cmon man, I cant really hate on a girl for wanting financial security. Is that so Bad? She needs a provider who will secure future for children, plus give some sort of social status. The dude is trying to game himself a unicorn who won't care about any of it. She's right. She stayed 10 months with him. Maybe she omitted something in her story, but how its written, can't help but feel sorry for her. This is real life. In real life, a woman who has nowhere to go age-wise buut down has to make pragmatic choices.

upvotesCastlesIntheSky222 years ago

For me, her sin is that she was so self-centered (selfish, narcissistic, etc) she wasn't curious enough about him to find out he was loaded, or to gain his trust enough for him to reveal it. How was that even possible unless there is something wrong with her from a relationship point of view? Yes, it's fine that a woman wants a good provider, but a man needs a woman to care for his needs so he can provide, and she obviously didn't do shit for him in that realm. This is the problem with modern women, they want all the benefits of having a "provider" but no longer want to submit themselves to their half of the deal.

5 upvotesChavagnatze2 years ago

Exactly! She didn't say a damn thing about cooking, cleaning, or caring. These women think their presence and pussy is all that matters. A blow up doll does the exact same thing but, it doesn't nag and complain.

3 upvotestallwheel2 years ago

All we know is that he sometimes cooked for her (potato soup), and she had the nerve to complain about it on reddit.

16 upvotesdenisgomesfranco2 years ago

really hate on a girl for wanting financial security

Yeah, thing is, what if the girl gets too lazy and/or entitled? She knows he's loaded, then all of a sudden she 'can't find any good jobs', 'work too much', 'deserve this' and whatever.

upvotesDeeDee12345672 years ago

these are all what ifs. We don't know shit of what could have happened. You're assuming an L before even playing the game. Be honest, don't get married and see how the world shapes up. I reckon the dude doesn't want to settle down though probably, and wants to fuck around in LTR's until he's ready to tell someone when hes 40 or something

4 upvotesClapboom2 years ago

Lol you sound personally hurt. Did this happen to you too? Please share

37 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

I cant really hate on a girl for wanting financial security. Is that so Bad?

Yes, it's that bad, because of how women disrespect and fail to appreciate male sacrifice.

We've seen how women behave when they have security - they increase their power within the relationship as much as they can, they stop having sex, and they use every legal and social convention possible to keep the man in a sexless, unhappy marriage/kids trap.

Men stick around because they are loyal to their wives and children.

can't help but feel sorry for her. This is real life. In real life, a woman who has nowhere to go age-wise buut down has to make pragmatic choices.

Not our fucking problem.

Women have had every chance in the last 100 years to show appreciation and gratitude for our sacrifice and we have been rewarded with dead bedrooms, feminism and relentless criticism.

Women give us very little and demand payment for it using little more than vagina extortion - either for sex or babies.

No, the "wanting financial security" justification doesn't work any more.

15 upvotesThephilhouse2 years ago

Hating girls for female nature is the way to the dark side.

A big part of the reason her brain wants him back is of course the money, but she can't really help that any more than you can stop wanting to fuck 9s and 10s.

3 upvotesomega_fat2 years ago

No hating girls for female nature is hating water for being wet. Childish and stupid

upvotesDeeDee12345672 years ago

ok fair enough. I agree in a macroscopic modern societal sense. But just as I can't hate on men to want to fuck beautiful women due to their own biology, how can I hate a woman for doing what she's biologically driven to do? find security financially, physically etc in a man?

27 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

how can I hate a woman for doing what she's biologically driven to do? find security financially, physically etc in a man?

Sure... I get you... don't hate them for their nature.

This doesn't make her deserving of your sympathy or care though. She has been dishonest throughout the whole thing. She dumped him because he didn't earn enough (in her mind), EVEN THOUGH he was the same guy for all 10 months. We only hear about this story because she changes his mind after realising he has money.

It's the lying that's the problem. "I am not a gold digger, I have proved this by dating you for 10 months, NOW GIVE ME THE GOLD".

upvotesDeeDee12345672 years ago

look, there is a difference. If he was a struggling dude, who was working with a dream, say something he told her would come into fruition 10 years from now and she dumped him, then you could say, yeah, she was impatient and wanted money. From how she wrote it, he displayed no signs of wanting to improve his situation. There is a difference there.

27 upvotesPanzerBatallion2 years ago

he displayed no signs of wanting to improve his situation.

You're implying there's something wrong with his situation.

He has a house. He has a car. He drinks responsibly. He eats.

What's the fucking problem here?

There isn't one. It's bullshit made up by a person who values possessions over relationships.

3 upvotes345plates2 years ago

You hit the nail on the head brother.

1 upvotesFailingBillionaire2 years ago

Ambition signifies potential which is connected to hypergamy

upvotesPowerfulJimmy2 years ago

This is awesome but clearly written by a neckbeard. This shit never happened.

2 upvoteswheresMYsteakAt2 years ago

' I get the same feeling. I was waiting for the end to be "then as I was crying outside Will drove by in a Tesla and I couldn't help but notice a shiny watch with some sort of rare gems that nearly blinded me, he had his window down and I overheard him telling his new girlfriend "told her i was downloading a torrent but I had a limo enroute and was going to propose to her that evening, I had to return the 50k ring I bought from her as well as back out of a the purchase of a vacation home""

It's just a shade away from being as far fetched as the story where the cheating girlfriend cuts her hand off to prove she will do anything and the guy still dumps her. Someone needs to link that as well as the funny reunion story where the dude bangs the girl and has traps that he flexes as soon as he walks in the runion, they are mentioned throughout the story - i think that one actually contains a lamborgini as well.

0 upvotesSiulaGrande2 years ago

this story has already been posted here

-1 upvotesmrpthrowa2 years ago

This is too perfect not to be fake IMO.

0 upvotesjohnchapel2 years ago

That doesnt seem like AWALT to me, mostly because the second part is out of the ordinary.

Wouldn't AWALT be if she stayed with him and praises his frugality, after finding out he's loaded?

3 upvotesredefining_reality2 years ago

No, she didn't know he was loaded until significantly after he went no-contact

0 upvotesAnInstant2 years ago

To be perfectly honest I really don't see the point here. Or, in other words- i see the latest TRP Reddit point here. For me it's no surprise she dropped him. Like you wanted to have a Fritzl-like girl and live together on basement. Ofc you wouldnt, but hey, it's a girl so i have to laugh at her for having a broke boyfriend, not even sure if he works or why he isn't working, maybe he is just lazy stud without future, who knows?

I see some real men hamster here.

-5 upvotesDrakane12 years ago

You guys get a weird sense of pleasure from seeing women suffer. I mean yeah she wasn't getting younger and needs to have kids. So she made the right decision and since shes a woman she cant take responsibility for her actions

11 upvotessixseven892 years ago

You guys get a weird sense of pleasure from seeing women suffer

And this is because...

she cant take responsibility for her actions

Even though she should.

0 upvotesDrakane12 years ago

She's a woman they don't understand responsibility

-1 upvotestigerjaws2 years ago

Brev this is so old , i don't mind the reposting though because its a good read and a good lesson for the newbiez

1 upvotesimn0tg00d2 years ago

I don't see the lesson in this.

1 upvotestigerjaws2 years ago

you should keep your financial matters a mystery

women have a misconception of 'if a man loves me he'll spend money on me'

gold diggaz etc etc

-31 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Literally everybody on this subreddit is fucking phsycotic. Can't believe it hasn't been banned yet

17 upvotesreddttt2 years ago

Are you so triggered you couldn't even type psychotic correctly?

-12 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Nah just aren't sure how to spell it. And the reddit app is busted or something so it doesn't spell check for me

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yup, it's reddit's fault you can't spell

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

But... you're on this subreddit. So now you should be banned. But if you are banned, no one can hear your plea to ban everyone on the subreddit. So you're not banned. Or are you? It's called a paradox.

5 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov2 years ago

instead of insults, why don't you write out what you think is wrong and shed some light on your opinion

-10 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yeah, its crazy how everybody in this bubble thinks all people are emotionless robots

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