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"I'd love to see her get plowed by a BBC"

by PhantomNishobrah on /r/TheRedPill
13 December 2017 06:00 AM UTC

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Have you ever seen a picture of a hot chick, only to look down in the comments and see: "Man I'd love to see her get plowed by a BBC" (or some similar variant). Why does that happen? How does someone get to that point?

The answer is of course is excessive masturbation and pornography. What's happening is that someone has shunned real sexual experience for a virtual sexual experience. Instead of participating, they observe another man fuck the woman they're interested in. This plays tricks on your brain.

The porn star essentially becomes an avatar for the viewer, through which they can vicariously release their sexual energy. If it gets bad enough and habitual enough, masturbation to porn may be the only sexual outlet for that person.

Naturally, "I want to fuck her" transforms into "I want to watch someone fuck her" because watching someone else fuck is the only way these people know how to experience sexual gratification. You have essentially trained your brain to equate sex with "watching another dude plow the chick I want to plow".

I'm not a crazy no-fapper or anything like that, but the mind is a fickle thing, and porn is a dangerous rabbit hole. Be careful out there.

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167 upvotesWhisper2 years ago

What? The ENTIRE British Broadcasting Corporation?

552 upvotesBobbyPeru2 years ago

This actually makes sense that cucks can be born this way

58 upvotesFlyePUA2 years ago

I work for a porn site- the majority of men who want to watch a girl get fucked by a BBC also want to "lick the cum up" and eventually want to be the ones fucked by the BBC as well. This is definitely a cuck fetish, if not a way to say "I'm actually gay and want a BBC for me too"

It is super disturbing :(

8 upvotesThe_Phoenecian2 years ago

Why do you work for a porn site? It sounds like you think it carries a degree of amorality.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Could also be a fucked up way to devalue a HB if you beta or have low SMV / self esteem

-48 upvotesKnowBrainer2 years ago

He explained the cuckolding aspect but not the "bbc" part.

Some specific fetish porn uses MK Ultra type brainwashing techniques. Apparently, it's effective on people.

NSFW Examples 01 02 from one of the top 20 most visited websites on Earth.

There's also porn that subliminally flashes Nazi emblems, in case you ever wondered how an 80 year old dead regime suddenly found its way back into American news.

Porn is dangerous. They are actively trying to diminish your life.

110 upvotesDarkLunch2 years ago

Got my tinfoil hat on and I'm ready to party!

3 upvotesDarkLunch2 years ago

I saw this thumbnail yesterday and was thinking of using it in a similar fashion.

Good on ya, mate!

14 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

Which part is a conspiracy theory? Mk-Ultra is not as it's well documented and was a real-life conspiracy and not a theory. The results of MK-ultra and the methods are all in the public domain - do you deny that organizations can use these techniques to brainwash people to buy certain products or think a certain way?

13 upvotesDarkLunch2 years ago

Here's my thought: yes I know about Mk ultra, yes I know about the varied success of subliminal messaging and suggestibility, and yes I love the movie Mk ultra.


If you're suggesting that by watching 30 seconds of adverts or rubbing one out to 5 minutes of a 30 minute porn as I'm furiously skipping around "to find the good bits" will cause me to go out and buy a Mazda or drink Pepsi you've lost me. Subliminal messaging, and in particular Mk ultra, were used in sustained and focused test groups. That sort of clandestine marketing has never been shown to work in one off shots.

But I love you and we're going to be happy together.

3 upvotesthomas22192 years ago

would you like a tinfoil hat for our party?⛑🎩

8 upvotesRedPillFusion2 years ago

The MK-ultra thing is unfortunately a very real part of our history. Conspiracy theorists do, however, misattribute all sorts of clearly unrelated events to it, thus appropriately elevating truth to tin foil hat status.

8 upvotesSevere-Autism2 years ago


67 upvotesdonkey_democrat2 years ago

Nationalism came back because people were tired of being treated like 2nd class citizens in the face of immigrant illegals

23 upvotesKnowBrainer2 years ago

I think there might be a difference between nationalism and the neo-Nazi party.

40 upvotesJackGetsIt2 years ago

Don't ask the democrats to help you distinguish though.

8 upvotesUCISee2 years ago

Can confirm, Jack does indeed get it.

13 upvotesUnpluggedGoku2 years ago

Why are people disliking your comment?

27 upvotesmoonlandings2 years ago

Because it's not a sufficient answer to the question he was attempting to answer and the nazi imagery comment is straight nonsense. Fascism is alive for the same reason Marxism is. Ideologies don't die easy and fascism and socialism both are appealing on their surface without much analysis.

2 upvotesUnpluggedGoku2 years ago

Still, people are disliking his comment like he is saying the earth is flat or something.

3 upvotesmoonlandings2 years ago

This community prides itself on rational analysis. Nothing about the comment he made was a rational analysis.

7 upvotesKnowBrainer2 years ago

In general, Reddit hates truth in all forms.

2 upvotesUnpluggedGoku2 years ago

So not so "Redpilled", after all? Huh? I have not posted the mind-boggling content of cuckolding and how a female gets a male to do it. They would have been banned me. This sucks man. I think it is cognitive dissonance.

2 upvotesKnowBrainer2 years ago

You can lead a horse to water...

-2 upvotesthomas22192 years ago

found another one. mods.. where are you

4 upvotesfromthecrypt82 years ago

Probably because they’re porn addicts themselves refusing to accept the very real dangers of porn. If they’re not, then it’s important that they learn that being wary of porn is not the same as being a crazy nofapper. Perhaps he went a little overboard with claiming «they’re actively trying to destroy lives», but that hypnosis type video he linked to, is in my opinion a clear example of destructive porn that preys on the brain’s reward system. Men with insecurities will get even more dopamine from fantasizing about shit that provides even more dread stemming from those insecurities, and it’s all made to maximize dopamine release. It truly fucks up your brain to be watching this kind of shit. I think OPs post is great because ditching a porn addiction is an important step to become the best man you can be. This is especially true for men with fantasies that involves reducing their masculinity.

4 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

It depends on the type of porn too. If it's homemade that a guy and his plate made, it's not so bad.

-4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Which is often revenge porn, annoyingly.

3 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

What do you mean? It's homemade, doesn't have any of that unrealistic shit in porn made by companies, the girls are cute and it doesn't fuck you up mentally and give you erectile dysfunction.

2 upvotesUnpluggedGoku2 years ago

Could not say it better. The brain is one elusive motherfucker. If you torture it for a while, it even connects that pain to reward system. And that goes hand in hand with cuckoldry because the act of seeing your getting pounded by other person is really painful and it mentally overloads the brain with chemicals that I don't even know the names of. There are very common characteristics of a cuckold and I will hope to post them about in future provided that I don't get banned by a "Redpilled" mod.

4 upvotessaucenazi2 years ago

Can you elaborate on the mkultra porn connection? I skimmed the wiki, but couldn't make the connection pls.

14 upvotesKnowBrainer2 years ago

To boil it down, the human mind is like a sponge. Garbage in, garbage out.

MKUltra provides a method of media delivery that makes your sponge extra-absorbent. It puts triggers for recurrent thoughts into your subconscious. Like Pavlov's Dog, you hear a trigger, you think the implanted idea.

5 upvotesPM_me_submissives2 years ago

There's more of that in the today show than in porn.

2 upvotesPM_me_submissives2 years ago
  1. There's no proof that subliminal flashes are registered by the brain
  2. MK ultra does not work like that at all. It is a fascinating subject, but you need more than just video to make it work (according to what I've been able to find out about it)
  3. Nazi stuff is shouted every day by media. The way people are educated through both media and school.... few people become an adult without being taught that nazi's are the worst thing ever, which is why godwin's law is a thing: if you want to give an example of something that "everybody agrees on" is evil, then you use nazi's/hitler.

You are right that porn is dangeorus and you're right taht people are actively trying to diminish your life, though.

1 upvotesBurger_Fingers2 years ago

Careful showing your power level on plebbit, unless you don't care about imaginary internet cool-points.

0 upvotesTRPDigesting2 years ago

Idk that you deserved to be downvoted or at least downvoted that hard. I’d at least be curious to hear some more evidence from you — the nazi thing doesn’t sound too far fetched in the sense that I don’t doubt somebody would be capable of doing that.

However, is a mere emblem enough to incite the behaviors associated with that regime?

My most tinfoil hat belief about porn is that it’s been deliberately propagated and normalized because it pacifiers men to the point where they’re apathetic, impotent, and no real danger to anyone.

But I can’t prove that’s what’s happening — it just seems like it could be a motive. Especially given the innate addictive nature of porn, it would be an easy goal to set forth on.

3 upvotesKnowBrainer2 years ago

I shouldn't have even mentioned the Nazi thing. People can't seem to get past it (typical Reddit).

The point is that pornography is not simply people fucking on camera, it's a package of carefully engineered subliminal messages that get associated within your dopamine reward response system because you're beating your dick while being subjected to it.

3 upvotesTRPDigesting2 years ago

Well man, part of the problem is that there are very quick accusations of Naziism these days. It gets hard to take any claims seriously when you can be dubbed a Nazi merely for disagreeing with some emotional person’s opinion.

I can definitely see how porn could be used as a medium to transmit an agenda, it’s widespread enough. And anything that has such a far-reaching influence can definitely be hijacked for ulterior motives.

1 upvotesmaxrp2 years ago

porn and legally castrating men is like throwing meat in a lion cage, a lion born in captivity knows no ability to catch and kill meat for itself. It can sense somethings not right but it lays there waiting for the next piece of meat to be thrown at it.

13 upvotesSelf_Descr_Huguenot2 years ago

What a sad, sick society we live in. What you’re saying makes me think of all the #metoo bs. So what if Weinstein, for example, propositioned these women (they’re all vestal virgins in Hollywood right?)? What do men seek power and fame for if not to have dominion over others and material things? Among these material things being women and sex.

You’re a stupid empty headed bimbo with nothing to offer but her body, you’re easily replaceable, I can walk out into the streets of L.A. and find 100 more like you, how else do you think you’re gonna get ahead but by satisfying the whims of the power-brokers like Weinstein? Someone like him saying I’ll give you x if you sleep with me, is different from sexual assault or rape, you can say no you just chose not too because you wouldn’t get a part in a movie.

And not to go off on a tangent but with Roy Moore losing due to ultimately unprovable allegations, we can expect that nuke to be deployed in many more elections and subsequently become even more common in general society; I think yesterday was really a watershed moment for that reason. An election for an office at the national level was decided based on accusations, never mind that one of the women walked back her whole year book evidence and confessed she wrote part of the note on which the case pretty much hinged- that was the totality of the evidence besides the testimony of the women themselves.

Tl;dr What all that has to do with what you’re saying is, it’s gonna get so much worse. Men won’t be able to leave the house and catch a passing glimpse of a woman without being hit by an accusation lol. Porn will be the only safe outlet for expressing sexuality that many men will have, and it’ll lead to a lot more of what OP is saying.

Decline of the West or whatever.

1 upvotesriot21002 years ago

Though I don't like Roy Moore in most of his political views, I think that it's pretty fucked up he'd lose over something that's not proven. All the men who swung votes because of that reason are the reason why MeToo is a thing.

260 upvotes4224562 years ago

Porn is the single most destructive thing that has happened to masculinity in the last 10-20 years. It has made modern day men into a bunch of estrogenic pussys with no sense of discipline or self worth.

So many, many, bad behaviours are growing without people evening realising what they are doing. Binge eating, netflix, staying inside all day, the list goes on. This nasty chemical called dopamine is being exploited by every marketing department and business in the world.

Unfortunately, it is only getting worse. The millennial generation have literally grown up with porn hub and access to it all through there teenage years. This is why all these fetishes and open relationships are skyrocketing. Women are starting to pay attention, and will soon start to think they are 'missing out'

Cuckholding will be super mainstream in the future (5-10 years) Open relationships will be the norm, because guys have been porn soaked and trained to think its a great thing their woman will be moaning and horny for someone else. I wouldn't be surprised in the future if women will have 3-5 people watching her in person get pumped by chad, because porn.

Porn has even infiltrated male friendships. These days even guy friends will cock sham you about not being able to please a woman like chad does. The gap from AF/BB keeps getting wider - and abundance mentality has become increasingly scarce.

Worst of all - cuckholding has increased the 'outsource' mentality through women. The ultimate goal is to have an army of men at your disposal for different things. Guys who bring them food, guy friends, guys who give them massages, guys who worship them, guys who give them constant attention, etc, now more than ever you are being placed into a box of what you can do for a woman.

BBC fetishes stems from guys who have no self esteem and have dick size insecurity to the max. I have heard of cucked guys literally choosing chads and doing all the work in setting these things up, even providing food and paying for their hotels.

Stay frosty gents and enjoy the decline.

86 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

Cuckholding will be super mainstream in the future (5-10 years) Open relationships will be the norm, because guys have been porn soaked and trained to think its a great thing their woman will be moaning and horny for someone else. I wouldn't be surprised in the future if women will have 3-5 people watching her in person get pumped by chad, because porn.

Don't we advocate lifetime plating here? How exactly are we contributing to anti-open relationships by perpetual plating? You have open relationships with all your plates - they are fucking other guys and you are fucking other girls.

65 upvotesreckful9942 years ago

There should be no "we" here, and even if there is, you should be thinking for yourself.

This sub outlines sexual dynamics- it is not supposed to be prescriptive. Once it becomes prescriptive, this place becomes nothing more than an ideological echo chamber.

I prefer monogamous relationships. "Well what if she cheats?" Dump her and move on.

19 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

this place becomes nothing more than an ideological echo chamber.

That's exactly what is has become. One of the reasons a lot of the original crowd moved on since it became semi-mainstream in the manosphere.

I prefer monogamous relationships. "Well what if she cheats?" Dump her and move on.

Ya know, I prefer monogamous relationships, too.. maybe with a little something on the side every now and then. I guess one of my biggest problems is because I've heard "it's just your turn" so many times, I just sit around in a relationship waiting for her to leave. I'm not in one now, but obviously is something I'll need to mentally resolve before I get back into one.

9 upvotesMoronicBobbin2 years ago

I just sit around in a relationship waiting for her to leave

Is that a bad thing though? Attachment being the root of all suffering and all that. You've just come to terms with the fact 9 times out of 10 they will leave for x reason. Women aren't monogamous in the long term. Few studies out there pointing to 4-6 years, long enough to raise a child, before they start upping sticks.

31 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

No, it's certainly not a bad thing -- it's an opportunity to overcome that attachment. But I don't think I've fully come to terms with it. I'm still saddened by it and I still lament the loss of what relationships could be if women weren't so fickle.

15 upvotesKirklandCamber2 years ago

Why is this down voted? There's nothing wrong with a person accepting reality yet wishing it wasn't so.

8 upvotesBokehClasses2 years ago

You probably won't ever come to terms with it. I have the same problem.

What a fucking sad time to be alive. So many good things things available to us through technological advancement, but the one core thing that men desire (a wife and kids) is pretty much impossible.

1 upvotesCQC32 years ago

Perhaps you're viewing it wrong.

Do you ever get over attachment? Or do you learn to accept that the attachment itself will cause you to experience a negative emotion like sadness. Through accepting this is inevitable (this cannot be willed by the way) you do not have the subsequent reaction to the reaction. You won't feel hurt or anxious or sad about feeling hurt or anxious or sad about someone leaving you. Attachment is a thing that happens regardless of what you want, so in a sense it is an object of meditation too. This attachment is outside of you, it has little to do with you. If it cannot be helped then it's best to leave it as is, neither engaging it or avoiding it.

Everyone tells you life can be so many ways, but nonetheless there are some things very intrinsic to our experiences.

3 upvotesreckful9942 years ago

If she leaves, its her loss.

My threshold as to when I leave is when she stops meeting my needs.

There's no reason to wait.

2 upvotesloadacode2 years ago

Side note. Where do the old folks move to?

6 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

Blogs? Who knows. I'm not part of that crowd (yet). Getting there, but I'm still gaining some minimal benefit from reading posts here.

-1 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

Monogamy is unnatural and that is fact. It is a sick creation of the Christian faith to control men. If you read history under the reign of Charlemagne all of the religious 'leaders' in the Church had multiple wives and concubines but they told all the peasants it was a 'sin' to do the same.

11 upvotesBokehClasses2 years ago

You are completely wrong. It's not a Christian creation. The earliest legislation we can find with evidence of monogamy is from the code of Hammurabi in 1700BC.

You have to keep in mind that humans are animals, but we are also highly intellectual thanks to our brains. Over time, humans firgured out that monogamy had many advantages:

1) No STD spread. (this was a big deal in the past)

2) Guaranteed paternity. This was important since many societies were based on inheritance of lands/goods via patrilineality. This was also very important because all men have the biological impulse to pass on their genes, and monogamy allows them to guarantee paternity.

3) Giving a man a wife maximizes his labor force output. If you give a beta male the chance to pass on his genes (normally this wouldn't be possible without rape), he will work and die for you, because now you have given him a reason to do so.

So 2/3 of the reasons of monogamy obey the natural order.

But the reality of the situation is that societies that are sexually repressed (eg. monogamy, slut shaming etc.) grow and prosper, wheras sexually liberated societies do not. The book Sex and Culture by Unwin (available free online) comes to this conclusion after evaluating 86 different societies.

2 upvotes_penseroso_2 years ago

The downvoting here is unbelievable. Your analysis is spot on and these conclusions are well documented.

Being red pill isnt only about not getting married and banging multiple plates. There is a much deeper message.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

That is why wifesharing is on the rise. I read your post, how important is height when you are trying to attract hot girls.

1 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

Monogamy became a part of settled Agricultural societies and that is when they collapsed. Babylon collapsed shortly after the code of Hammurabi was written, partly due to monogamy.

That's not true at all. Look at the Chinese where men could have a harem of wives. Look at the Mongolians who conquered the largest Empire known to man, each of which would capture many wives from taken towns. Look at the Greeks or Romans who had a free woman as a wife and many female slaves to do them sexual favors and have their kids. Look at the Arabs who rapidly conquered Christian territories in NORTh Africa and the Roman Middle East replacing Christanity, they have many wives as well. In fact dominant societies had multiple wives as this motivated men to work hard and become alpha to have what those at the top did. It's only Jews and Christians who didn't allow poor people to have multiple wives and tried to restrict men from becoming powerful to be good slaves to the feudal lords.

Having a wife would not have helped a beta in the past if she wouldn't fuck him. Sure they could be married, but that was no guarantee that he'd get laid. ALL one has to do is read the complaints of the Greeks about their wives - that is why they sought their slaves, who'd always fuck them because of the SMV difference between them and was a natural dread factor for their wives.

And i STDs were a problem in the ancient world, that says that most people engaged in polygamy.

6 upvotesreckful9942 years ago

Societies that emphasized "monogamy" did not have nearly so many incels. I know you must envision your desire to fuck a ton of chicks as the most important thing in the world, but the fact is that monogamy leads to wealth and power for a culture.

Your culture, your legacy, and your honor- that is what matters. Nobody gives a fuck how many whores you fucked in your 20s "Chaddeus_Rex"

1 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

That's not true at all. Look at the Chinese where men could have a harem of wives. Look at the Mongolians who conquered the largest Empire known to man, each of which would capture many wives from taken towns. Look at the Greeks or Romans who had a free woman as a wife and many female slaves to do them sexual favors and have their kids. Look at the Arabs who rapidly conquered Christian territories in NORTh Africa and the Roman Middle East replacing Christanity, they have many wives as well.

In fact dominant societies had multiple wives as this motivated men to work hard and become alpha to have what those at the top did.

It's only Jews and Christians who didn't allow poor people to have multiple wives and tried to restrict men from becoming powerful to be good slaves to the feudal lords.

16 upvotes11-Eleven-112 years ago

I don't know about anyone else who frequents this sub but the idea of plating disgusts me. Abundance mentality is an awesome concept that can be achieved without plating. The whole point of trp in mind is to become a high value men. IMO every guy here is higher value or will be higher value than 90% of men. We're allowed to have standards and I'm not going to fuck around with women that are seeing 3 other guys at the same time as me. And as someone who is disgusted by women who sleeps around, as many guys are, I'm not going to do the same because that would make me a hypocrite.

11 upvotesRuleZeroDAD2 years ago

That is a completely valid outlook, so long as you don't find it superior to those who do plate.

TRP is a praxeology of tools, knowledge, and tactics. A man can use these resources in any fashion acceptable to him. Abundance in practice is a demonstration of the concept, but so is "catch and release."

A moral person can't be "good" if he has no choice to act otherwise. If you are convinced that you have options outside of who you may be fucking at the time, but you choose not to act, then by all means, proceed. If you judge other men who act upon their abundance and are not "one woman men" you are tempting the BanHammerTM.

1 upvotes11-Eleven-112 years ago

With the current climate of society I completely understand plating and I don't hold myself higher than men that do. I see them as equals since we're all above the 90% smv of other men or heading that way which is why I said IMO we are capable of having higher standards in the women we date. And I also understand the standard for women is marginally low right now post feminism movement. So I'm not against plating I'm just not going to do it.

10 upvotesRuleZeroDAD2 years ago

I've been married almost 18 years and never plated.

Having the skills and ability to do so also has it's merits.

8 upvotesAnAbsoluteSith2 years ago

Devil's advocate: Plating gives you an opportunity to really test your "RP" strength and understanding.

Like you I wasn't keen on plating. Especially if it meant sharing your plates with other men willingly​. Personally, in my books that's just playing puff puff pass with a woman. So what did I do? I specifically targeted the cute quiet shy ones who I knew had no big social life and lower chances of fucking around. The girls who had standards but "wanted a bit of fun". The girls who were busy pursuing education and just wanted that delivery dick after a night of studying. My max was 4 in rotation. Each one of them knew there were others. My main knew exactly who the others were.

In order to achieve that, I had to implement everything I learned here and from personal experiences and really fine tune my game. I thought I knew abundance previously, but you don't know true abundance until the day plate #2 is in a pissy mood; you call up plate #3 who's down but busy; then finally plate #4 comes through.

Lessons learned:

  • True Abundance

  • How to really deal with women

  • That God forbid my current serious LTR was to fall apart, I know for a fact that I will be okay in the end, because I have demonstrated 100% ability to attract and maintain a relationship with a woman

I should really explain this better in a full post

2 upvoteswitch_pimp2 years ago

Please post! I like your writing style.

2 upvotesAnAbsoluteSith2 years ago

Thanks. Definitely will later this month when I'm done exams.

1 upvotessearcher6122 years ago

I believe the sidebar material originally includes the idea of plating as a sort of first step to abundance mentality. Meaning for a beginner, plating is an easy way to promote abundance.

A more secure man, with different (not better) morals may not need this.

Or a secure man may prefer this arrangement of plating anyway; it's no one's place to question another man's morals with regards to this sort of thing.

However, I do think the original intent of plating was for "beginners" to avoid oneitis.

12 upvotesSolon642 years ago

Men and women are different. Evolutionarily speaking, men want to impregnate as many women as possible. Women want one man who can provide the whole package.

It's, evolutionarily speaking of course, ok for men to do the plate thing. It's less ok for women to do so, as this lowers the chance that they find this male unicorn and manage to keep him.

The ideal for both genders is a man who sleeps with many women: open on his end, and the women only sleep with him: closed on her end. Unfortunately, life is rarely ideal.

9 upvotesSenor_Martillo2 years ago

Which of course, leaves a majority of males as incels. Cuz math.

4 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

This. Women can do the plate thing but they will pay with the changes of a chads attention. High value men who inevitably respect themselves, have options etc will never settle for an easy ho and men like this have the experience to sniff them out.

Really when you see a woman qq on social media about no guy giving her a shot after a couple dates you pretty much know what's up. Everyone knows it.

Women like this are the female equalivent of the beta male who keeps getting friendzoned. Except she's getting fuck zoned. It amazes me how modern liberal millennial esque people seem to not understand this, male and female. It's ludicrous.

7 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

The ideal for both genders is a man who sleeps with many women: open on his end, and the women only sleep with him: closed on her end. Unfortunately, life is rarely ideal.

Yup. I think one of the only ways to increase the chance of this ideal is to have a very high SMV relatively to your spouse. That's my plan, anyway, because there is no way in hell I'll ever allow a woman/person to have sole-control over my source of intimacy.

3 upvotesBrokenthrowaway2472 years ago

I think he mispoke. It will only be open on the females end, not open in the sense that they can both do whatever they want

27 upvotesscissor_me_timbers002 years ago

Oh yah. Just wait til the deranged feminist narrative spinners start trying to sell to the mainstream the idea that a guy is "selfish" if he won't let his wife go and fuck whoever she wants. "It's my body. I can do what I want. Keeping me all to himself is selfish".

I can feel this type of shit coming right around the corner.

17 upvotesSenor_Martillo2 years ago

It's already happening. Huffpost and Vice and some other bullshit peddlers are writing articles about how "empowering" it is for women to have affairs.

24 upvotesscissor_me_timbers002 years ago

Dude shit like this seriously makes me almost believe in religion. This is the type of biblical level societal delusion and corruption of the women that prophecies and shit talk about. It's overwhelmingly repulsive to me at the very least, especially cuz it's all done with this sanctimonious self righteousness. Goddam. Disgust has become the existential flavor of my frame of mind lately.

10 upvotesRo1t2 years ago

I think there is a lot to be said for religious ideals. I never used to think this but if you consider the ideas and culture contained within as genes, as in if these ideas are passed on they are selected for because they make society more stable or what have you, it begins to make a lot of sense. Certain people, like feminists, are equating systems that they imagine in their head with systems that have evolved over millennia they mistakenly assume that they were 'put in place by the patriarchy' to be stable, which is a big mistake and deeply short sighted.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I think you will enjoy this


Talks a lot about why religion was useful for society, and how ingrained it is in our being. I'm not religious but after listening to Peterson talk about this stuff I appreciate it more.

4 upvotesMartel_732_Tours2 years ago

If you read the Old Testament there's loads of examples spanning the centuries that the books encompass (both metaphorical and literal) of numerous societies that collapsed due to degeneration and immorality. Sodom and Gomorrah being one famous example, but also the fall of the Canaanites, the exile of the Israelites to Babylon, the list goes on. Each time that a society fell, similar patterns that we are witnessing in our own society were observed. One doesn't have to be religious to appreciate the truth to this.

1 upvotesSCV706562 years ago

If you want to see how it plays out, look into the mouse utopia experiment. It will explain all the social issues today.

1 upvotesscissor_me_timbers002 years ago

Yeah it's all framed as part of her "journey". Disgusting

9 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

That type of attitude is already here. I've seen this plastered all over the internet and even irl.

On the relationship sub the other day (I know, I know) a guy was asking for advice on his wife going on vacation for two months alone overseas.

Majority of the comments on there was supporting the wife saying she is due for a break every now and then. She needs her time to herself.

To me, that is the same behavior as someone asking for a break.

But no, it doesn't stop there. How many times do women put guys in awkward positions basically telling them to accept them going over guy friend's houses and spending the night.

Guys having issues with that are basically labeled as insecured and controlling.

This is where things are going now

8 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

I suppose I can see that reality for the average beta. Thankfully, that isn't the reality for a RP-man. After all, women would rather share a high quality guy than possess a low quality beta. More guys need to wise up to this and insist on polygamy from the outset. If she doesn't agree, work on your SMV.

-7 upvotesInterceox2 years ago

I am also okay with this future? We could all be getting laid way more

3 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

It'll happen. It's funny how so many of our insecurities and jealousies are based on just the concept of monogamous relationships, as if that's the way it is supposed to be. Yet if we accept the reality of human promiscuity, we will also overcome the insecurity, possessiveness and jealousy that the denial of it fuels.

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

There is a difference between playing the field and being in some fucked up poly bullshit relationship where your 'partner' comes home tasting of some other guy's cock.

If one chooses to be in a relationship, it should be monogamous. If not, feel free to nail anything with a pulse. But confusing those two is about as beta as you can get.

4 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

fucked up poly bullshit relationship

..and monogamous relationships aren't bullshit? Think about the amount of rampant cheating. We constantly chant to ourselves "It's just your turn" here all the time because women are notoriously NOT loyal and will swing onto another dick just for feelz. How is any monogamous relationship not a sham in light of that?

We advocate plates.. well, plates are open relationships. Your plates are being raw-dogged by other chads.

If one chooses to be in a relationship, it should be monogamous

Yeh, that's YOUR idea. Not everybody's. Not every RPers.

The only fact of all of this is that monogamy is simply not sustainable for extended lifespans. We have never lived as long as we live now, and it's finally coming to light that we are very rarely capable of maintaining 50+ years of monogamy. What do you suggest? Serial monogamy? I've seen that criticised heavily here, too.

Just seems there is so much conflicting opinion on this, and so many assertions being thrown around that half of us don't know what the hell to think. Primarily because a lot of people here don't know what the fuck they are talking about (including me) and have fallen into one-track mind.

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Men are the gatekeepers of commitment.

My commitment is valuable because I am the prize. I will not be continuing to give my commitment to my wife if she cheats on me, doesn't put out on the regular (assuming my game and frame are good), or doesn't generally add value to my life. She knows this implicitly.

If she fails at this, you think I'd go out and marry the next HB7 I slept with? Fuck no, she won't even get cab fare from me. She'd probably get my real phone number if the sex was good though. The bar is set pretty high for my commitment because I am the prize. She's lucky to have fucked me, much less gotten the opportunity to again.

Nobody should LTR a woman who can't even provide this most basic of a requirement. Makes you pretty fuckin cheap.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Given your post history, I think you are a coward. You clearly want to be in a poly relationship, so shut the fuck up and do it.

Why are you pretending to be red-pilled? You don't seem to be at all. Rather than take charge of your life, you weakly defend the beta lifestyle which attracts you. Stop lying to yourself and find a nice girl you can share with real men.

13 upvotesreckful9942 years ago

BBC fetishes stems from guys who have no self esteem and have dick size insecurity to the max.

The only thing I'd add is that this also stems from some type of inferiority complex to black men. Otherwise there wouldn't be two Bs in "BBC"

20 upvotesArabian_Wolf2 years ago

I’d like to see a full post of this by you.

6 upvoteschocolatex2 years ago

I remember thinking that the average 14/15 year old boy has seen more naked women and more sex than kings and emperors back in the day. They had to earn that shit. Now with 2 keystrokes they can be 'satisfied' like kings. No wonder most men don't even try anymore.

1 upvotesHeathcliff--2 years ago

I agree with it all except "enjoy the decline".

That's a defeatist attitude, we're not losers, we're not just going to lay down and take it.

7 upvotes4224562 years ago

My context for enjoy the decline means simply observe and internalise what is happening and adjust accordingly - not to cry about it

7 upvotesGroundhogLiberator2 years ago

I read it in a sarcastic tone. Even if I become a top 1% man someday, I'll never enjoy watching the U.S. devolving further and further into degeneracy and knowing there's nothing I can do that will actually help stem the tide.

3 upvotesexcludedprinciple2 years ago

Just remember that the great societies of the future will grow from the ashes.

One day we figured out, to our great surprise, that forest fires were beneficial to the forest ecosystem. But when you think about it for a while, it's obvious that there always have to be cycles of creation and destruction.

2 upvotesMoronicBobbin2 years ago

Also I take enjoy the decline to remind me to only worry about things in my circle of control vs the 99% of stuff I have no power over. Why I no longer read any news.

4 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

Really? That's not the attitude I see at all when this is perpetuated around this place.. it's more "we can't stop the decline, so you might as well enjoy it".

1 upvotesThePwnter2 years ago

Agree! It's the same defeated mindset as an Alpha male proudly proclaiming that they will never have kids. Every beta wins then, because at that point your whole purpose and genetic lineage is lost, and you become pointless to the human race.

3 upvoteslivinlavidal0ca2 years ago

You’re supposed to have the kids and have the betas raise them for you. That’s the true cuckholding found in nature

6 upvotesAlphaGrad2 years ago

I just can't. Just can't sit and watch. Won't.

0 upvotesWolfofAnarchy2 years ago

So what are you going to do? Post on Reddit some more?

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The gap from AF/BB keeps getting wider

this. on the bright side, if you're on the AF side of the chasm, you're drowning in pussy.

2 upvotesZerophobe2 years ago

I mean if you want to blame anything msm it should be movies.

Which has created this "ideal man" image which automatically excludes most of men from the dating pool.

Ironic, its this sub which is addicted to "join gym bro"...

Prostitutes have existed since civilization existed.

Picking up rocks for no reason just to fit to an image? That's new.

9 upvotesKirklandCamber2 years ago

You don't understand the significance because you don't go to the gym. Go to the gym and then talk. Aesthetic reasons is only 25% of it.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

have you read brave new world?

1 upvotesaesu2 years ago

Not sure if this is a parody account, or not.

1 upvotesjewishsupremacist882 years ago

I think prostitution becoming more mainstream and or acceptable is the next big thing, more so than cuckholding. It's very common in 3rd world countries like Ukraine and or India for example.

1 upvotesThe_Phoenecian2 years ago

I can't give you enough upvotes. Your analysis is spot on. I am so thankful that we have a community in which others see the insanity and sickness of it all. Porn is cancer and it's spreading to every limb of society. Talking to people about it feels like banging my fucking head against the wall. Everyone is so addicted.

1 upvotesmetallicdrama2 years ago

Whoa. I’m missing out bigly. A junket paid for by the boyfriend and I bang his girl. I need to leave the house more.

1 upvoteswarjar1012 years ago

I wouldn't go that far at all. What about White Male-Asian Female porn? Do Asian men have an inferiority complex to White men? Dick size insecurity?

I think there's a reason why sites like "Blacked.com" has done so well and been so successful. Also, there is a reason why sites like this AsianChicksWhiteDicks exist still. There's just an audience for it and it has nothing to do with sissy guys, it's just a preference. Also, women are enjoying this and supporting these websites as well not just men.

Some guys like to see their wives get fucked. This is nothing new and has been happening way before porn days.

We got bigger fish to fry, like getting a person who's actually presidential into our country's White House.

1 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

Do Asian men have an inferiority complex to White men? Dick size insecurity?

Pretty sure they do. There's a lot of anger over Asian chicks preferring white guys. And there's also a reason Asian porn has censored dicks.

I'm willing to bet though that once genetic engineering becomes mainstream they're going to compensate and engineer 3 ft long Asian dongs. Lol

1 upvoteswarjar1012 years ago

Why am I getting downvoted? Smh. Reminds of that episode in the Orville.

Here I thought it was White Guys preferring Asian girls? But, I maybe wrong. The censoring has nothing to do with their penis size my friend lol. Leave my Asian brothers alone, they need their own chance at interracial site that makes them feel wanted too. An Asian Male-White Female site, "Asian man conquers white female, reasserts his dominance Genghis Khan-style." Asian men need something for them, I think I will create a website like this.

1 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

Yeah dude. Entrepreneurship all the way.

But the censored wangs thing... That's always been my theory and I'm sticking to it.

Regarding the inferiority thing it's just like white guys that don't date white girls that date black guys. In Japan the Japanese guys will not use the services of Japanese prostitutes that bang white guys. Very similar undercurrents in both scenarios.

1 upvotesumadlolx32 years ago

I can agree that porn CAN be destructive. But it is not that bad, it is as bad as religions as they give fake beliefs and fuck up your brain..

For example islam, where porn is "unacceptable", they look at women like at pieces of meat, mostly treating them like pieces of meat.

I used to study with several muslims, and some of them were quite mature 40-50yo, and all of them seemed the same.

I remember this guy who was 40+, with 4 kids and a wife at home, looking at 10-12 yo schoolgirl in skirt, telling me how he would take her rough..

Or another guy saying that women are worth nothing, and European women are only there to get "fucked"..

I mean we (1st and 2nd world country mostly) don't behave like that, well at least majority doesn't.

Just look up some documentaries on ISIS and Islamic States in general.

fapping calms your hormones down, porn gives you the opportunity to see things, if you use it once in a while it isn't so special, so most people who watch porn wouldn't go so aggressive towards women irl.

It is a bit different with people that can't see what is acceptable and what is not due to brain disorders, it is different, but it is rare.

So it is not as destructive as you said.

1 upvotesMedullaOblongata1212 years ago

You are a loser. Stop masturbating.

70 upvotesTheWhiskeyTickler2 years ago

It's always self flagellating white people. As a white guy, it upsets me that we as a group are losing our masculinity. Whites are always the emo kids, the underconfident losers, the nerdy betas. Not blaming other peoples or races, just an observation.

I remember white guys not wanting to try out for the football team in high school because "some big black guy will be better than me". TRP to me goes above and beyond getting girls because it helps reassert your confidence and self reliance. So many people are missing that in our society. It manifests itself like this because I guarantee if you found the guys watching this stuff, they would be timid beta white guys too afraid to make a splash in other areas of their lives.

Again, I don't blame blacks or some imaginary secret cabal of jews or something. The blame for this rests squarely on white folks. I totally understand the anger of asians and indian guys who feel pigeon holed into the nice guy beta role. The problem is when people realize this they lash outwards at society or blame other races (looking at you nazis) instead of inwards in observation of their shortcomings. Self reflection drives self improvement.

In the end it doesn't matter what color skin you have, because you determine the outcome of your life. Always be improving yourself, it's the only thing you've got in the end, and always, enjoy the decline boys.

30 upvotesYour_Coke_Dealer2 years ago

This sort of shit happened to Black people in a different way years before. Women embraced hypergamy, so many men got redpilled and adopted the "hoes ain't loyal" mentality. The rest, by and large, didn't reproduce, as natural selection entails. Listen to hip hop and hear the message of the redpilled. The reason the Black community is at a systemic disadvantage is the decline started earlier for them. Broken families and 'deadbeat' fathers are the fault of this.

It's hitting white people now, and it looks different but it's not. Some will refuse to give a fuck and will be naturally redpilled. They'll get mocked as country bumpkins and [insert Trump-related insult here], just like redpilled Black men were called deadbeats, but the strong guys who hold frame and don't give a fuck survive. The cucks, the 'gentlemen', will not reproduce.

Society is cyclical. We act like race and culture make so much difference, but they don't in the end. Humanity needs to reset itself of weak genes, within all races, so the whole cycle of "weak men >> hard times >> strong men >> good times >> weak men" keeps going with only a difference in the exact events occurring and a slight staggering between cultures.

Enjoy the decline.

1 upvotesleonxtravis2 years ago

What about techonology?

Unless you're implying there will be some sort of dark age again, isn't tech supposed to offset this second "fall of Rome" through mass consumerism (VR, porn, netflix, etc.); thus leaving everyone too distracted to go into another world war regardless of whether or not "men are unhappy"?

3 upvotesYour_Coke_Dealer2 years ago

To your Rome analogy, more technologically advanced circuses to go with your bread are still circuses. Distractions only placate people for so long.

3 upvotesSteve_Chiv2 years ago

Not everyone is too distracted though. Islam is enormous in numbers and it's coming

2 upvotesJFMX19962 years ago

The conflict will most likely still happen. Those in power aren't likely to be that addicted to be distracted with such shit.

What is worrisome is a conflict coming up and our men are too weak to stand and fight, and we have a military of weak men, feminists, and lowered standards in general.

19 upvotesTangoZulu2 years ago

I believe it's a result of the systematic breakdown of positive male sexuality combined with the vilification of the "CIS white male" for all of societies ills. Add to that the fact that white (American?) males have no strong culture and male role models to look up to, and you have an entire generation of confused, brainwashed men.

6 upvotesVanwaq2 years ago

as a brown man I find this view so strange. Asians are continuously shown as beta males in all media from tv to movies. Raj from big bang after 9 seasons is the only person to be single and shown with beta gay tendencies. Tinder stats for Asians speak for themselves. White male a dominating on all dating websites and blacks are second. Asians might as well not exist on these platforms.

5 upvotesTheWhiskeyTickler2 years ago

I suppose it's a "grass is always greener" thing. I will admit that white guys probably do better on Tinder, but I think that masculinity can still suffer. White guys are always sterotyped as the mild mannered guy who are averse to conflict. Asians experience this to a much greater extent. It's hard to speak out and fight it without being labeled bitter or racist. I suppose the best way to combat it, is to be the change you want to see in the world. (quoting an asian pacifist, I know). However, if more guys are masculine examples, people will start to see the disconnect between what they see around them and what hollywood/society projects.

5 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

What you say sounds nice on the surface. But it ignores the reality that genetics drive behavior and potential as well as culture and society. The latter two are engineered systems. But it seems like you are claiming those systems don't exist. For example to stay on topic--feminism. An engineered system built to destroy masculinity and society to create a power vacuum that the state can then fulfill. There are specific people that spread this ideology and they know what they are doing. But you are not even aware that you are a pawn in this game. This is why white people as a whole end up cucked, weak, and emasculated.

2 upvotesSpottyDam2 years ago

White women as well as non white men are absolutely complicit in the emasculation and humiliation of white men and they deserve to be called out for it.

-4 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

As someone who leans on the side of cucking simply because I find it quite arousing and I'm just following my nose, and, as a white guy, I mostly agree with this post. Not the whole story, but some great points!

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

What are you doing here? You know you're in TRP, right?

Are you happy living this way?

-2 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

Living what way? TRP is not a way of life, it is a set of truths. How you use those is up to you.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This is a masculinity-focused sub, and cuckoldry is a classic form of - in the simplest terms - sexual humiliation.

I'm just curious if this is a socially conditioned thing (eg "this is taboo, therefore it's a fetish") or you have personally conditioned it through masturbation without checking yourself.

I am of the mind that cuckoldry signifies a loss of power and respect in a relationship, and is innately feminine. Change my view, or have I misinterpreted what you said?

22 upvotesBlackNaziSJWFeminist2 years ago

i'm 15, and I made the choice to live porn free about a month ago. I feel better than ever.

251 upvotestb876702 years ago

I never got that, even as a moderate porn addict while I was bluepill. There are guys who love watching their wives get banged by strangers. A married woman proposed such a deal to me before and it was just too weird for me to even consider because she kept saying her husband had to watch, I didn't need a nut that bad. Has to be a mental illness for a man to enjoy that, not natural. Porn probably doesn't help but it's not the cause.

1 upvotessamenrofringslikeLBJ2 years ago

Exactly, blaming everything on external things is a cucked way of being. It has scientifically been proven with low income and low status and is called "external attribution". Take responsibility for your flaws, it is the only way of living right.

If you wanna understand men who are into watching their wives get fucked go ahead and watch the VICE Magazine documentary about Florida swingers. It's all beta males with Oneitis for some garbage slut. Once they create the template, more closeted sluts apply the template to their lives and create more cucks. Porn is only a reflection of demand from viewers, so porn didn't create this.

48 upvotesscissor_me_timbers002 years ago

I don't think it's entirely demand from the viewers. I think there's genuinely a political agenda pushed by the porn industry these days to overemphasize certain things.

For example I noticed a very high amount of incest themed porn with mainstream stars, and I cannot imagine that the demand for incest is as high as how common the theme is.

46 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

Yup. They are pushing these bizzare fetishes hard.

It started with MILF, IR, Cuck, incest, tranny/sissy.

Think it's best to avoid.

Don't think the elite only use news and Hollywood to brainwash. They use every medium at their disposal.

21 upvotesmemphisjohn2 years ago

Don't think the elite only use news and Hollywood to brainwash. They use every medium at their disposal.

here buddy have an upvote for truth

13 upvotesscissor_me_timbers002 years ago

Yeah I would not be surprised at all at this point if it was an orchestrated attempt at subversion. And my guess about the ideology behind it would be, pardon the cliche, but neomarxist types who want to bring down bourgeois society and replace it with some ideal they have cooked up.

16 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

Yup. there is no way it is demand driven.

It is pushed on the populace.

10 upvotesPremixedBox2 years ago

All porn companies are owned by one giant company, follow the money trail/paper trail

21 upvotesCosmicSpiral2 years ago

I cannot imagine that the demand for incest is as high as how common the theme is.

The appeal of porn isn't so much about the visceral enjoyment than the assemblage of signs that compose any specific "genre" (circularly, this is why porn is so easily segmented into genres). People aren't so much into genres as the subtext and meaning behind them. If you consider how emasculated and confused modern men are by our culture, it makes more sense. Society demands they live up to a narrow, feckless set of norms while it condemns them for anything else.

Why is there so much interracial black-on-white porn? Because blackness is one of the last stereotypical paragons of masculinity left, and in an era that condemns and obfuscates masculinity blackness stands as a readily recognizable fetish. This is the same reason white teenagers latch onto black culture and aspire to be like rappers.

Why is cuckoldry so widespread? Because men don't see themselves as attractive enough to deserve the type of sex they want; this type of narcissistic rationale is essentially how women feel when they go cold in bed. So if their wives are hot enough for other, more manly men to lust after, that proves via association that the husbands are valuable. And since the wife elects to stay with him rather than leave for those men, their connection is something stronger and purer than mere salaciousness. Or so the logic goes.

Which are so many people into incest? Because in a world that demonizes interpersonal interaction and severely punishes those who aren't socially savvy, the desire for sexual interest and novelty will be conflated with the comfort and familiarity of familial bonds. The companies are still aware that these customers don't want real incest; notice how the entire genre is dominated by half-sisters, half-brothers, and mothers-in-law. Just enough taboo to make it exciting, but not close enough to activate visceral disgust.

If you want a primer on this specific phenomenon, look how Japan's porn industry evolved as its social integrity broke down. The exact same shit occurred with regard to incest and more deviant strains.

3 upvotesscissor_me_timbers002 years ago

Yeah that's a good analysis. Personally tho porn for me was simply about the visceral horniness of wanting to fuck nubile young women, and never about the plot or theme or symbology. If I found a pornstar I thought was hot, I would just look up all her scenes regardless of the theme. That was all just background noise and annoyance. I'm mostly over porn now tho fortunately.

5 upvotesCosmicSpiral2 years ago

never about the plot or theme or symbology

I'm talking about semiotics, not storytelling. It's also subconscious which is why it works so well.

1 upvotesscissor_me_timbers002 years ago

Lol dude the "plot" or "theme" IS the semiotics. That's the relevant core that it boils down to.

12 upvotesAconite_Eagle2 years ago

And before this they pushed the transgender agenda hard before it became a "thing" when that Bruce Jenner guy went strange.

27 upvoteslolypuppy2 years ago

Pretty interesting, but I'd like to add that (as OP suggested) porn could motivate some individuals.

By that I mean not everyone is 100% or 0% "cuck". So, for the ones who might have a tendency to the side of cuckoldry, porn could be an influence.

23 upvotesGroundhogLiberator2 years ago

Porn is absolutely impacting this. If you watch people fuck on a screen daily for ten years, is it really that big a leap to wanting to see it play out live?

13 upvotesTFWnoLTR2 years ago

I think this really comes down to the individual's personality.

I am, or was, a heavy porn user but I can't stand strip clubs and sex shows. I thought I'd be into it because of the porn habit so I tried it out and it's just not the same IRL.

Same thing when my wife went through my history on my phone and decided to try the kind of stuff I had watched, I just wasn't that in to it and I don't watch much porn that's like the sex I enjoy having IRL.

Different strokes for different folks. This isn't something that can be generalized.

35 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

If you kill a million people in a video game over years of playing, is it really a big leap wanting to see it play out live?

That is the tired and widely disproven brain fart pushed by the likes of Tipper Gore and the "won't somebody think of the children" totalitarian cunts who wish to ban everything they don't like.

While there are pathetic weak fucks who can get addicted to anything, the vast majority won't, and are in no danger of making something reality. If you're one of those pathetic fucks, you need to understand most are not like you. If you're like those album labeling cunts, then fuck you.

0 upvotesGroundhogLiberator2 years ago

I'm the furthest thing from a cuck fetishist. The normalization of female promiscuity disgusts me.

Why are you so antagonistic?

11 upvotesRian_Stone2 years ago

Most guys who have been here for any length of time find mental masturbation more annoying than even the worst blue pilled femenist.

It's not that you're malicious, just clueless. That antagonism you sense is a natural reaction to stupidity. You've just not developed the social network that has historically called men out on it before

TLDR; he isn't antagonistic, you're just an idiot.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You're asking someone whose handle is "vengefully_yours" why he's so antagonistic. That's fucking hilarious!

6 upvotesEPArt2 years ago

Its true I got influenced when I watched quite a bit but the other way around. Just made me want to cuck other guys or what I would rather cuck potential future gf's with their sisters,friends,mothers without them seeing jap style. Havent done it yet but its on the to-do list for when I go to japan.

20 upvoteslolypuppy2 years ago

I am more to the side of "anti-cuckoldry".

Every time I read "wife/girlfriend/whatever getting fucked by another man", it is a huge turn off. It doesn't matter if it is acting or an amateur video in which everyone agreed, it just sounds wrong to me. When a person (man or woman) has a partner, they should only to have sex with their partner.

I am a big fan of private property, just so you know.

19 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

You are thirsty, not getting laid and thinking you own the bitch if you ever do get laid is why it turns you off. You know the bitch is going to cheat on you, but you think you'll find that unicorn that won't. Dude, she isn't yours, it's only your turn.

I've fucked enough wives and girlfriends to know that any bitch will cheat given opportunity and plausible deniability. These bitches like me because they know I'm not going to keep them, it's nothing more than fucking.

I know guys who like to watch their wife get fucked, it's their thing man. Not mine. I haven't cared in years if a girl I'm fucking is fucking other dudes, I get mine and she's not the only one I'm fucking. Like I said, I don't own her, she doesn't belong to me, bitches can leave any time they want, and if a sorry sap like you married one to try and keep her, she gets half your sit at least as a reward for your stupidity.

This is reality, this is how people are, and while you wait for her to fuck you, she is out fucking someone like me then coming home and not giving you any.

1 upvotesTheLaughingRhino2 years ago

I've fucked enough wives and girlfriends to know that any bitch will cheat given opportunity and plausible deniability.

Well, I'm not a huge fan personally of the idea of banging some other dudes wife, I recognize TRP is amoral ( and to each their own, to determine their own litmus of risk versus reward)

Though as a teaching/discussion point, I think it would be interesting if you created a new top level post about women who do cheat and the nuance behind it. Sure there are things usually said like she's now at the gym all the time or she wants a boob job or she can't stop talking about this guy from work, but my guess is there might be some deeper range type stuff from your own observation that could help some guys here with recognition/cues/tactics/countertactics/things to look for that might not be as surface level.

Just a thought. Thanks in advance.

12 upvoteswe_are_compromised2 years ago

Blaming everything on external things is a cucked way of being.

There is not better way to explain this. I think it's a shame that the term 'cuck' in it's idiomatic usage has been so successfully affiliated with the alt-right by the media. Most people seem to think that it's just a catch all insult by people who are insecure about their girl's faithfulness, when in reality it's a word that fills a real linguistic void in this language. It's as plastic as the word 'fuck'. I don't know how else you could express this to a person.

8 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

Actually "cuck" quite apt. Considering it describes a person who acts against their own interests for someone else's benefit and they derive some perverted enjoyment from being destroyed physically, mentally, and spiritually.

1 upvotesThePwnter2 years ago

You're post is pure awesome, and I wish more people could key into your well thought insight.

1 upvotesDamien_Scott2 years ago

I get allof my insight from hillary's dildo - with three ds.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

That's the documentary called "Mangingo!" isn't it! I watched that it was so ridiculous.

I really don't understand cucks either. Most of the time they're not even masturbating when they are watching themselves being cucked, they just sit there enjoying it and smiling and saying "now tell me how much I am so bad at sex compared to him, now say this."

It's the same as financial domination guys who literally give 10k to a woman for nothing and beg her to insult him and say she laughs at him and is spending his money on bullshit and doesn't care. That's just straight mental illness wasting money for nothing.

1 upvotesKaiBlueAn2 years ago

I used to think that too with an ex of mine. I used to fuck her all the time but I was fantasizing about her telling me how hard another dude fucked her and iy made me real hard and fucking her harder. Is that bad??? Lol

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Depends, is this just a plate? No problem IMO, try and lay off porn for 3 months and revisit the question. Maybe you just like some kinky sluts for fun,. I see nothing wrong with that, its just games. I have a plate currently that has 2 girls she is seeing, its nasty and dirty but I have 0 emotional connections.

If this is the mother of your children and LTR candidate, then I would say it is absolutely not healthty. I have never desired a threesome with a girl I am seriously interested in, let alone just her fucking other dudes.

2 upvotesKaiBlueAn2 years ago

I had an emotional connection. And ltr with her.. No I mean I fantasized about her and her rebound when we broke up and she came back to me later, it kinda started one night when I told her about another girls pussy and she got mad and told me the rebound guy had a big dick with surprise in her look, immediately I got TURNT off but In a minute after scolding her I got super hard and rammed her as punishment. She got really wet. I don't know if she was wet because of me or because of remembering the guy and that's what made me go crazy and horny. But yeah when I was with her I might have enjoyed that but it caused me more insecurities than good. Because I was invested emotionally

2 upvotesSenor_Martillo2 years ago

This phenomenon is well understood as sexual competition. Explained thoroughly in MMSLP.

1 upvotesKaiBlueAn2 years ago

I thought I was a cuckold or had tendencies to become one. Thanks for the info brother

7 upvotesMrCarepig2 years ago

If you read the book sex at dawn it touches on this subject. It has something to do with sperm competition.

12 upvotescolovick2 years ago

I've been a bull before. It's about 50/50 on mentally ill doormats and closeted gay men who love the woman they're married to but neither get the satisfaction from sex with each other, so they bring a guy in to humiliate him, having him get slapped in the face by your balls among other things. I enjoyed it, the girls were hot, the guys I kinda feel bad for, but mostly just enjoyed the reactions from the girls who were really into someone abusing their husband or boyfriend

7 upvotesHeinousFu_kery2 years ago

I've been sort of in this situation a couple of times - women fucking me and then telling the husbands about it (they weren't in the room). Weird, but they were seriously hot for it so I just put it down to the guys either being totally whipped or, as you said, closeted gay guys. Either way, kinda sad - you should just let your freak flag fly if that's what you're going to do.

I've also had women who do this: "Tell me how my pussy feels on your cock in comparison to all the other women?" and even one who had some fantasies about watching me do another women but the stars never lined up on that one.

The whole monogamy things seems pretty questionable after a while...

2 upvotesWastedPotential2 years ago

Has to be a mental illness for a man to enjoy that, not natural. Porn probably doesn't help but it's not the cause.

I would imagine there are evolutionary reasons for it, on some level.

It's not hard to see how it might be advantageous to let the tribal leader bang your woman. At least that way you get to live and take the sloppy seconds. Try to stop him and he'll smash your head on a rock.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

If that were the case, the tribal leader would have a greater chance of spreading his genes, and future generations would be less and less cuckold before disappearing.

More likely they just get off on the high of jealous anger. It's interesting that it's viewed as a "kink" on Reddit. It seems like the cuckolds have deep seeded issues they need work on, and this is just stopping them from fixing them.

3 upvotesblackedoutfast2 years ago

this relates to the theory that the male penis evolved to pull sperm out of the vagina.

this could have developed as a "sneaky" alternative mating strategy. alpha male goes and mates with a female. some of the betas who aren't strong enough to challenge the alpha get turned off by seeing this and wander away. but the betas with the cuck tendencies hang out and watch, and as soon as the alpha finishes and wanders off, the cuck betas jump on the female and also put some sperm in there.

2 upvotesWastedPotential2 years ago

If that were the case, the tribal leader would have a greater chance of spreading his genes

And so would the cuck, because he survives.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Over time, there would be less and less cucks to the point where they would disappear due to the tribal leader genes. You may have a couple who survive as a result, but nothing I see which correlates to a tangible evolutionary purpose for it.

12 upvotesmartinko13372 years ago

These guys are just low test betas, porn might contribute to this but its FAR from the main factor. Lets assume basically everyone watches porn, source: it was impossible to find a control group that did not watch porn. This and the fact not everyone is a cuck leads us to the conclusion there must be other main factor.

What's happening is that someone has shunned real sexual experience for a virtual sexual experience.

You're on to something here, people lack real life sexual experiences and thus associate sexual release as masturbation only. Neuroplasticity will eventually lead you here, lack of real life interaction with women will only make it worse. If youre caught in a bad spiral you need to push yourself out there, fail a lot in the start, then fail a bit less, and finally start succeeding.

12 upvoteskowaikawaii2 years ago

I honestly think the reason people think his way is because people view BBC as a type of humiliation for the girl. Usually in porn with black men, they have ginormous cocks and it’s a dominance / border line disgusting. Almost like watching a girl get fucked by an animal.

22 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Why nofap is crazy? Why taking distance from it.

I respect nofap, evenif i found some excess of bluepill in it.

Why? I see people with some courage (in various measures, of course), who recognize their problem, face it, and try to solve it.

You have a point in noticing how our brain on porn tricks us.

17 upvotesLeftHookTKD2 years ago

Nothing wrong with doing nofap. The problem is when these guys think nofap gives you super powers and swears by it.

45 upvotesPassthepogs2 years ago

Porn has made us all into voyeuristic cucks.

So this was always inevitable, only one thing can save us.


3 upvotesxKalista2 years ago

That will be the Dawn of brave New world

28 upvotesKalinali2 years ago

There was a meme circulating around that watching porn turns men into cucks, since you're watching other men have sex with women while you observe. So there's some truth to porn being harmful in how it rewires a man's brain into being a passive observer.

1 upvotesLefort90002 years ago

Well masturbating lowers androgen receptor density, and masturbating/sex to the point of sexual exhaustion lowers their density heavily. And having higher androgen receptor function has the same effects as higher testosterone, atleast from what I've experienced.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

There is also a lot of trolling involved. Some people love to post cuck spam on /pol/ and see people rage. Same thing in the comment section on a porn site. There is no need to take it at face value.

2 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

I scrolled way way way too far down to see this comment. People don't know what trolling is now

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Cuck trollig is successful because people take it far too seriously.

Proof: This thread.

2 upvotesmental_models2 years ago

I 'get' the amount of convo this thread generated. I don't get the ~700 likes/86%...

that's fucking sad commentary

I also get that generating traffic is good for TRP, but there is a question about quality. /keepingitreal

28 upvotesaZZburgers12 years ago

I've never understood cucks. The only thing about porn that makes me horny is to be able to fantasize that it's me giving the dicking.

31 upvotesOppressions2 years ago

All porn is cuck porn. Simple as that.

6 upvotesL3T2 years ago

"Everything is about sex, except sex, which is about power".

5 upvoteslasttimewedidthis2 years ago

Blaming porn for the inability to control yourself? Nah. I've been watching porn ever since i was a teen. Never once have i fantasized about another dude fucking one of my girls. It just doesn't happen for me. So a lot has to do with what you actually have in preference. Porn isn't making you a cuck. You are making you a cuck.

Stop fantasizing about the dude and start applying what you see to your girl. Women love getting roughed up. I haven't met a single girl that didn't like getting handled.

1 upvotesMr-Kabuki2 years ago

Never once have i fantasized about another dude fucking one of my girls

prolly cause you are getting girls. this probably happens to those who watch excess porn and dont get girls

1 upvoteslasttimewedidthis2 years ago

The bad thing here is they are blaming porn for being cucks. Which couldn't be more false. I watch porn to get off, do the deed and go to sleep. Because I have other things to do with my life. I can't sit on my phone or pc for hours looking at other dudes junks and fantasize how would it be to be a cuck. Sounds ridiculous to me.

Everyone here saying porn has ruined them need to get a grip in life and figure out they are the only person who can change things. It's not porn or alcohol or drugs. You could abuse every modern technology and end up with nothing.

2 upvotesMr-Kabuki2 years ago

so the problem isnt porn, the problem is simply abusing or being addicted to anything?

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I've watched a lot of porn in my life, but it's almost always solo or lesbian girls. My dick used to get soft and I'd have to find a new video if a naked guy popped in the scene.

But porn is a rabbit hole, your brain will eventually not be satisfied by what you started out viewing. I used to waste hours looking for the perfect ass/tits for whatever my mood was.

13 upvotesAutofluorescentGrid2 years ago

Porn is kinda okay but the problem is addiction and how it fcks up your dopamine release without even doing anything to deserve such feeling .

2 upvotesMKSsystem2 years ago

Pretty sure "Man I'd love to see her get plowed by a BBC" and "made for bbc" is a meme

2 upvotesDmva1002 years ago

Inb4 some dude who says all white chicks crave BBC, when all they fuck is white HB3 fat slag single moms.

4 upvotestelluwhut2 years ago

I think the rise in the popularity of the cuckolding fetish is a direct result of ubiquitous pornography.

6 upvotesAnjaJutta2 years ago

OP, you are making a good point. These people picture a bull fucking the hot chick instead of themselves because they lack the testosterone to see themselves as the bull.

4 upvotesAurien72 years ago

Porn is easy to abuse and should be avoided. It is sad to see men cucking themselves.

12 upvotesPM_me_submissives2 years ago

Orgasm is one of the most physiologically rewarding things with the amount of dopamine it provides to you. This reinforces not just the current stimuli, but also the neural pathways that were active before (getting ready to watch porn, pulling down your pants, etc)

And it seems the most promoted type of porn is the blacked type porn, with apparently some of the most handsome black porn actors and most angelic looking white porn actresses. It's kinda like some pop stars, it's not that they're the best singers, but they're picked, promoted and pushed by considerable production.

Who those producers are? Well if you used pornhub, you might have seen what happened to their logo yesterday.

That will give you some idea to who is interested in pushing exactly that kind of pornographic idea.

5 upvotescudder172 years ago

What was their logo? I don't watch porn anymore.

4 upvotesPM_me_submissives2 years ago



That's the logo.

2 upvotesGraceful_Ballsack2 years ago

let me know if you find out

5 upvotesListen_up_slapnuts2 years ago

Porn isn't a Jewish conspiracy. Come on.

8 upvotesPM_me_submissives2 years ago

You're the one who calls it by the loaded word conspiracy.

I simply pointed out one specific category and who pushes it.

Before that it was male jew with white catholic female. Take it from this jewish scholar if you don't take it from me: http://archive.is/VZSVc

And in the future it will be a lot more cuck porn.

2 upvotesEnigma2212 years ago

This. Holy shit man I know what you are talking about and have studied it extensively. Run the whole Porn industry and everything. We are really going to be screwed if we cant get out shit together. We shouldn't let them win.

1 upvotesvoomer532 years ago

some of the most handsome black porn actors and most angelic looking white porn actresses.

I think it's all about the sexual polarity...the larger physical difference between a black man and a white girl, therefore there's more physical attraction.

1 upvotesPM_me_submissives2 years ago

I respectfully disagree. Am I wrong in thinking this is your personal intuitive musing on the subject in trying to explain why it's such a common thing one would come across?

For me it's based on considerable study.

There are quite a few different puzzle pieces that bring me to this conclusion. If you want to study more, here are some breadcrumbs.



This doctor turned out to be a jewish sociologist. Besides this, he also impregnated about 200 women with his own sperm while giving fake dna passports about it being from succesful white men

1 upvotescraignayce2 years ago

In a book, it was 'Sperm Wars' I guess, it is explained why guys can get aroused by watching a girl get fucked. It gives him the incentive to fuck her afterwards and by fucking removing the other guys sperm and injecting his own. It's a evolutionary thing.

14 upvotesMoronicBobbin2 years ago

Most the stuff in Sperm Wars has long been debunked.

7 upvotesKirklandCamber2 years ago

Sources? I want to read these as I still think sperm wars is mostly true.

2 upvotesPhoenixtorment2 years ago

The head of the penis is shaped in a way that it removes the competitors sperm.

8 upvotesoccupythekitchen2 years ago

Mind reprogramming is a thing. I've reprogrammed myself a few times but holy shit if it's not something people actively avoid.

I don't think porn makes all user cucks but it definitely can program someone to think that is the new normal

3 upvotestravillo2 years ago

I'm pissed I just masturbated to porn. Fuck it's so a bitch behavior 😒

3 upvotesred_matrix2 years ago

I've been curious about this behavior for a while. Lots of my friends follow 'hot chicks' on Instagram/Snap,etc it makes no sense. It seems like the ultimate beta activity you could do. I agree porn is cancer, and it's the reason why there is an epidemic of young guys with erectile dysfunction today.

3 upvotesMr-Kabuki2 years ago

people who comment on pornhub creep me out

5 upvotesRian_Stone2 years ago

So when I play call of duty, the character is an avatar for me to kill axis and allied forces.

Naturally "I want to kill the russians' transforms into... You get the idea.

Porn is like alcohol, not Mk ultra

2 upvotesmental_models2 years ago

alcohol is a good analogy.

Pleasure can be a paradise or a prison.

A taste or moderation is usually better than overindulging when it comes to pleasure.

add porn, alcohol, drugs, food, internet, gaming, and zillion other things to the list...

If I could keep a bag of heroin in the medicine cabinet, and only sniff a tiny line once a year when I had a bad migraine, I would. But I can't, so I don't.

There's a great market for all these things to be used and encouraged to be used habitually. I don't see a 'need' beyond that market(financial) that involves weakening a percentage of society that lacks self-control/discipline, but weak/addicted men among the sheeple certainly doesn't hurt the rulers of our society. It's possible that some of the exposure, or even simply the lack of education/training on how to self-discipline, could be at the very least seen as a means of control.

5 upvotesRian_Stone2 years ago

If you can't say no, stop saying yes

1 upvotesKnowBrainer2 years ago

SOME porn literally uses MKUltra techniques. Find my downvoted-to-hell top-level comment for direct links to examples.

1 upvotesRian_Stone2 years ago

And tobacco Companies put sugar in cigarettes to create addiction.

If you can't say no, don't say yes

8 upvotesbennyhapianno2 years ago

The answer is black dudes watch porn

1 upvotesTRPAndNofapGotMeLaid2 years ago

So only watch softcore nude pics and solo?

1 upvotesHeathcliff--2 years ago

Fantasise about the girls you know, or retrieve previous IRL material from the wank bank.

1 upvotesTRPAndNofapGotMeLaid2 years ago

Fantasising about girls I know? Sounds like a beta orbiter pedestalising women. Maybe replay previous sexual encounters instead?

1 upvotes2comment2 years ago

Is there really some superalpha way to give yourself a handjob?

1 upvotesAlphaGrad2 years ago

Maybe watch yourself in the mirror? XD

2 upvotesRedpillandrew2 years ago

IMO this is the modern true foundation of cuckoldry

2 upvotesBeingRoman2 years ago

I don't think porn is the cause of the issue, but I think it exacerbates the issue.

Its like this person already cannot connect to women, but instead of solving the problem they escape it through porn. Over time porn mutates their problems with connecting to women into extreme fetishes like cuckold, or submission. They've tricked themselves into believing they actually like to be sidelined, because they don't want to overcome their problems with connecting to women.

The difference is there are people who watch porn, and that's it. There are also people who watch porn as a substitute for intimacy with women, and that is what the problem is.

Porn does not have to be bad, but it will make any problems you have with women worse. You also gain nothing from watching it so its better to quit either way.

2 upvotesThey_Call_Me2 years ago

really, its pissed of asian men trolling

2 upvotesStarfuckingman2 years ago

Have you had any, what I'd assume to be called porn-induced fetishes and got rid of them?

2 upvotesfatboybug2 years ago

Dayum.....Now that is some twisted shit

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Or maybe he's just got a tiny dick and wants to see her happy. /s

7 upvotesAstuteBlackMan2 years ago

This is how all cucks, pedos, rapists and even simps start.

Excess porn. Not good. Not healthy.

Edit: y'all are annoying. I'm not saying rapists didn't exist before porn. I'm just saying its a major fucking factor in today's society.

That's not to say everyone who watches porn becomes a cuck. Holy shit

17 upvotesBulletproof_P2 years ago

Shure man, rape and pedophilia did not exist before porn. You must be very smart.

-6 upvotesAstuteBlackMan2 years ago

Did I say it didn't? Oh. Ok

1 upvotesumadlolx32 years ago

well not really, it usually happens due to illnesses or mental traumas in the early age. When they regret something that they haven't done before..

If person is completely normal and has healthy mentality it wouldn't happen because of the porn

5 upvotesAstuteBlackMan2 years ago

You guys aren't understanding my comment.

A lot of people have been led astray due to porn. They were healthy beforehand and porn made their life bad in general.

When people claim to stop using it they claim their life got better.

You can believe whatever. I'm not saying rapists didn't exist before porn though.

1 upvotesstevenbarcynski2 years ago

I've been porn sober about 2 or 3 months. Really wished someone explained scientifically to me how it would fuck me. Now I get it. I maintain eye contact and show my soul to others. The toxic shame is gone. Or way less at least. I'm more powerful than I ever was before. I'm also no fapping 2 weeks in before my Peru shaman trip at New Years. Bring on the great awakening baby.

5 upvotesAstuteBlackMan2 years ago

Yeah the benefits are amazing. I think most men who don't like to hear that porn isn't that great are men who don't wish to date women. They say porn is their sexual substitute. That's sad.

1 upvotesumadlolx32 years ago

So can you explain how people go "astray" due to porn? how can normal person with healthy mind become pedo, rapist or gay because of watching porn?

I mean if person had some kind of mental disorder at first place, he would eventually become a rapist anyway, regardless of porn...

e.g. you only fap and never get to fuck yourself, instead of raping someone normal person would go to a hooker...

Yeah there are advantages of not watching porn e.g. you get more excited over girls irl, you get more mental energy, more testosterone.

But there are advantages as well, also I have made a long comment above and you can see the advantages of it.

5 upvotesAstuteBlackMan2 years ago

Wow dude.

You can literally become addicted to porn. Are we just all in the mindset that porn can't be addicting at all? Dopamine doesn't occur from porn?

When you consistently watch porn and frequently watch it you have the possibility of escalating the type of porn you watch. Sooner or later you'll be watching sissy porn, borderline kid porn, and even gay porn. This isn't odd or something new.

There's people online who have said they began having gay thoughts knowing they weren't gay from an addiction to porn. They got off it and say it helped.

You can choose to not believe them I honestly don't care. I don't know why y'all wanna defend porn so much. It's really not a big deal.

e.g. you only fap and never get to fuck yourself, instead of raping someone normal person would go to a hooker...

People become depressed and only watch porn and it can lead to them using porn as a crutch and simply idolizing women in general. This is what leads to the "cuck" shit. They idolize the idea of a woman being fucked. Rapists also idolize women and sex too.

1 upvotesumadlolx32 years ago

look at my edit..

in short, look at countries where porn is a big deal and is no "acceptable" at all.

Look at how they treat women and how many rapes are there. Look at the fact that women cant even live a free life because there is a high possibility of rape, and they have to cover their body...

I was in the middle east, and I know how it is like, and all the bad things that happen to women are not solely done by the "bad guys", it is quite the same with normal civilians etc..

so yeah, I disagree. If someone has a mental disorder and has possibility to become gay, sooner or later he will.

I get what you mean, eventually due to dopamine cravings you will require something new, something more, and if you over do it, it can lead you to some shit and you can lose control, but then this is a mental disorder as well..

And if a person that has such mental disorder and is not able to control his borders, he would release this energy to something else and it can become self destructive..

3 upvotesAstuteBlackMan2 years ago

Ok. Cool. I'm speaking on this society. There are so many other factors to consider when comparing different cultures with porn and the history of Porn

Porn has a negative effect on this Society based on how this society is functioned.

so yeah, I disagree. If someone has a mental disorder and has possibility to become gay, sooner or later he will.

lmao. Bro. This convo over

Edit: words

-1 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

..and these things didn't exist before porn? Porn is just a trigger. It is evidently inside a lot of us, considering the stats on extreme porn fetishes.

2 upvotesAstuteBlackMan2 years ago

I'm not saying they did. I'm speaking about modern people.

Porn is definitely a huge factor.

But alright buddy

1 upvotesptl792 years ago

jews boy. titus 1:14 dont watch it.

1 upvotessamsmith672 years ago

I've read that Jews are usually the ones behind pushing that sort of thing in Porn now days. (Joanna Angel and that guy that runs Blacked) Ask yourself what is the motive or benefit for them in doing so? Hmmm..

2 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

"Now a days?" someone wrote about this problem in the 40s. Lol

4 upvoteslucidum2 years ago

Subtext being Jews specifically are out to get you? Take responsibility for yourself man, that line of reasoning is played out and untrue.

-8 upvotesMarsupian2 years ago

Getting money? At the end of the day there is something primal and savage about a young, small white girl getting plowed by a bbc. It fills a void in this modern pacified society.

It's our task to reconnect with the primal savage inside us so we don't need to watch porn to get that kick and can share that experience with the girls in our lives who are also hungry for that experience.

I don't think it's jews trying to encourage race mixing or some shit but a symptom of our pacified society hungry for a more raw experience behind closed doors.

7 upvotescrunkisifoshizi2 years ago


All seeing eye included at 0:09, just to flaunt who is behind it.

20 upvotesStephanohehe2 years ago

Sweden saved tons of jews from all over central Europe in WW2, now the jews own every book company, every paper, every media company and are also deeply rooted in our government. Now 70 years later we took in 2 million arab and african "refugees" and became the rape capital of the world. Hmmm....

3 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

Yup Sweden is Fucked and Cucked.

2 upvotescrunkisifoshizi2 years ago

Makes you really think, doesn't it?!

Its a bitter realization once you see how peoples lives and livelihoods are being played with on a daily basis, families and even whole countries extorted and destroyed, just for the benefit of a few greedy bastards. I am genuinely concerned of what the people might do to them once they figure out what these "Jews" are really doing behind the curtains.

(I put Jews in "" because we need to stop the generalizations that only lead to more misery, we are better then that. There is a huge number of satanists that pretend to be Jewish so lets not put all in one basket.)

"A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it."

Lets pretend for a moment it all started with 9/11 and we are not controlled by the same people for the last couple thousand years. Waiting until today did not solve much as these people wont prosecute themselves, so what are we to do? Demonstrate? Create and instigate chaos, so they can benefit even more as the scenario is already planned?! They are already pushing for a united european military that we will so desperately need??

No, we are not here to promote stupidity and play into their hands. We are here for self-improvement and we need to get on that, not just from the self-centered perspective of oneself. That is short-sighted. I see a lot of talented and smart people around here and I am pretty confident we could come up with solutions if we got our heads into it. I want ideas, what do you want?

Let us for the sake of all leave the shitter in a better condition then we found it. Read the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares while you think about solutions.

2 upvotesMarsupian2 years ago

I'm not doubting that there are jewish people/institutions pushing for multiculturalism. I'm doubting whether producing interracial porn is part of their plan.

1 upvotesEnigma2212 years ago

Why cant it be a young, small white girl getting plowed by a Big White D? Is the 'primalness and savagery' just because the person doing the fucking is black? Is it cause they look like animals or something I dont understand? Isn't sex in general a primal instinct? I see through your plan goyim

3 upvotesMarsupian2 years ago

I'm no jew and am not a fan of a forced multicultural society. I'm just doubting whether producing interracial porn is part of a master plan to force a multi(non)cultural and mixed race society.

Btw. I think a lot of people assosciate dark skin with a more primal culture. I might be wrong in that assumption.

2 upvoteswhuttupfoo2 years ago

I wonder if there’s any scientific proof of this or if it’s all just hypothesizing.

5 upvotesred_matrix2 years ago

Yeah - there has been studies on dopamine overload and the brain's rewiring with porn (neuroplasticity). In chronic users the men have lost their libido when it comes to sexual encounters with women, but have no issue jerking it to porn. This strange case of erectile dysfunction is not physical (like with older men), but a mental issue tied to porn addiction. This is a fairly new phenomenon, and is still being studied, but it seems fairly obvious.

1 upvoteswhuttupfoo2 years ago

I’m specifically talking about the topic of this post though. About fantasizing on other men in porn.

1 upvotesred_matrix2 years ago

Well porn takes up more of the Internet than anything else - so I believe it.

2 upvotesjamesbwbevis2 years ago

What's wrong with that? Jerking off is the better option 99% of the time now

1 upvotesmental_models2 years ago

The sex is >>>. There's a physical dynamic, and a social dynamic and a power dynamic that is wayyy more fun than watching freaky shit on a screen.

1 upvotesjamesbwbevis2 years ago

My friend, you must not know the art of banana peel fapping. Better than 90% vaginas I guarantee

1 upvotesmental_models2 years ago

You are correct, sir (that I am not familiar with such arts).

1 upvotesburrrahhh2 years ago

This sub is turning into nofap, no good red pilled material has been posted in a long time.

38 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Write a post exploring why nofap isn't redpill then. Don't just bitch about it, do something

2 upvoteslasttimewedidthis2 years ago

He's right man. This post has nothing to do with porn or red pill. Everyone here agreeing with this either thirsty for dick or just love the idea of being a cuck and blame porn for it. Jesus Christ. Get a grip people.

1 upvotesmental_models2 years ago

Nofap is an adjunct for incels.

weak souls who can't stop obsessing over porn, and then become addicted to their fetishized guilt lol. After draining their balls and brains to porn fetish, they can only recharge by obsessing over guilt and shame in a figurative circle-jerk where they talk about(and fantasize about) the porn fetish in a group dynamic.

Then, feeling better, they keep the cycle going by watching more weird porn.

don't break the circle brah

1 upvotesgreatslyfer2 years ago

I'm kinda developing that over the years lol, what a cuck, amirite guys?

But yeah holy shit I thought this was self esteem issue but this does make sense.

You shape the way you visualize sex with porn. It's not just the woman. But the random guy behind the woman.

I even had friends and acquantainces in my fapping sessions lmao.

Should I just kill myself or what? 😭😭😭

1 upvotesEnigma2212 years ago

Lmfao I could actually believe this happening.

1 upvotesgreatslyfer2 years ago

haha, but yea, I just have to restart approaching girls and gaining respect for myself in that sense, saying that I can get these girls and that I'll be the one to fuck em.

1 upvotesthemostlegit2 years ago

I don’t think you’re right, and I say that with experience as a bull. In the relationships I’ve had with hotwives, it’s been a need for self validation. Most of these guys have been men who obviously had self esteem issues, and used the fact that they had a wife other men wanted as a way to kind of validate themselves. They were the same guys who were always showing off their cars, or the shit they buy to get attention.

1 upvotesEverythingIsFractal2 years ago

My theory is the guys who wanna see their wife get fucked are either gay or somewhat gay. I think they actually just want to see a dick and are severely closeted. Ive had several couples hit on me and the girl with me, at a bar. In retrospect I have realized that the guy was particularly flirty with me, I didn't notice at the time but it just clicked one day.

He doesn't wanna see his girl fucked, he wants to see my dick and the only way he's gonna see a stud fuck someone is if he uses his girl as bait. I have no interest in watching but they definitely did. To each his own.

For older men I think it could be declining testosterone and increasing estrogen causing a little gayness.

1 upvotesCarnivOre932 years ago

@lordthunderbolt Any comments here sir?

1 upvotescasemodsalt2 years ago

Mgtow perhaps.

I have a better time jacking it and then sleeping or playing vidya. However I have an easier time sleeping if the girl is here.

Sure a woman is better for sex it is the rest worth it?

1 upvotesmental_models2 years ago

No. I can't say that I've ever felt like this, and I have watched plenty of porn.

I don't understand the mindset. I can't relate. I guess people like the OP and comments are why there is a market for porn stars with xxxlarge or surgically enhanced cocks, and for fake cum shots. When I see shit like that, I think "eh, this fake shit is annoying". I guess I should read through the comments to understand you guys' cuck fetish perspective, but it's not that interesting to me at the moment.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

jerking off to a girl sucking a dick through a hole is better than most women these days.

1 upvoteswoodie_wood2 years ago

In other words you’ve just been Cuck’d.

1 upvotesConsumingImpulse2 years ago

Racecucking in porn is the new trend.

1 upvotesSwoleyMoleyFrijoley2 years ago

"Crazy no-fapper" don't knock it until you try it bro. Makes you hungry like the wolf. Builds confidence, chasing pussy becomes an instinct.

1 upvotesbecefoot2 years ago

I would love to see her get plowed by me?

1 upvotesOneTrueDuck2 years ago

I completely agree. Porn works as a stimulant to your brain, releasing dopamine etc. so addiction to it is a real thing. But I think that cuckolding is a totally different thing. By the way, have you come across these "sissy hypno" things? Could these be an evolution of the porn fetish? Could they disorient these guys' sexual orientation?

1 upvotesJuggernaut_is_here2 years ago

If you have not done a yearlong Hardmode NoFap, you donot now your true Sexual Market Place Value..Lot of men are castrating and sabotaging themselves through ejaculation to porn especially interracial cuck porn

1 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Having a small dick, having weird racial beliefs and projection. A.k.a white guy is tiny and small so believes every white guy is tiny and small. Coalburners who equally want to maintain a world where every white guy sucks to serve their ego pathology. So they compartmentalize sexuality with race. etc.

I'm white, i'm big and I've got an even bigger dick. The very idea that there are no real measurement differences between most races but that one little thing is laughable and serves how badly certain people want to play something up.

Why on earth would you make a post out of this.

1 upvotesbikermonk2 years ago

this is the basis of sissy porn

1 upvotestolerantman2 years ago

I'd love to see your post being upvoted by a black man.

1 upvotesreddit420xxx2 years ago

You are right on the mark and I agree with this. I have cutback my pornography use because it was beginning to develope into that BBC cuck shit and I found myself with extremely low motivation and confidence in myself after masturbating to that shit. People need to remember that the rush of looking at this fetish porn, it's just a nut and you will regret it 5 seconds after you bust.

I believe cutting back from porn and meditating are the two best steps to get your head on right and not believe in all the bullshit society and women might tell you. As long as you are confident in yourself and believe in all your great qualities that's all that matters.

1 upvotesberlengas2 years ago

porn teaches you to be pleasured by the pleasure of a person that is not you. So you end up thinking and building perspectives regarding EVERY way to maximize this aspect in order to retrieve the maximum experience.

What someone needs to realize is that their pleasure does not exist in the way you think, becouse your neurons that think she is getting pleasure are different from the neurons that she has sensing pleasure. This way it is a fallacy to be attracted to the other person's pleasure (you and the person on the screen are different persons). It is a fallacy trying to fulfill what you think are her desires becouse the moment you start thinking about her desires you are turning your thoughts into how you think she might have more pleasure, which is a different event from the person on the screen getting pleasure.

What i noticed, was that i was thinking like this: what can I do so that she accept me and want me in every extreme way, more than any person in her lifetime? This is a puppet's mind of thinking, you can start thinking like this, but the moment you start with this line of thoughts the more slave you become to your false perception (bigger is better, extreme ways of preversion, rape fantasies) that she has more pleasure and therefore if you replicate that feeling she will want you more. In other words you are attracted to her control, perhaps becouse you are affraid of the concept of being alone, i dunno. I think there needs to have a major shift in the way of thinking. Instead of thinking what can i do to get her acceptance?

I recently started to think like this, EVEN if i have her refusal, what will my next action be?EVEN if the worst possible situation in the world happens to me, what will be my next action?And here the answer is very simple, for it is the most basic and important aspect about your existence.

Focus on yourself. Right now.

Your breaths, your sensations, your actions. Maximize your actions regarding YOUR intentions, RIGHT NOW.

Wether you are going after her, wether is stopping what you are doing, or continuing, you name it, make sure it is what you want right, now.

Turn your attention to you. Be responsible for your sexual desires, for, basing a sexual life on what you think others feel will get you hurt becouse her sexual pleasure only exists in her head, you can only access a perception of sexual pleasure. Her sexual pleasure is her sexual pleasure, focus on you, for the reason you should have sex is becouse you want it

However one of the challenge questions after you get this line of thoughts is this: And what about when she accepts me and wants me, that means i can relax and let myself go, becouse im having pleasure from it and try to embrace that moment as a special and unique moment? No, and here is the hard part. Even if she does have interest in you, you need to keep focusing into you, otherwise you will get back to square one and become attracted to her attraction, which does make sense if you want to a life based on being a slave, which can get you into, cuck fantasies, BBC fantasies, pegging fantasies, which can lead to depression and other forms of feeling less than a human.

So by symmetry our line of thoughts this time would be: When she accepts me what will my next action be?

And this is the challenge, to keep focusing on what you want RIGHT NOW, even after she accepts you.

Share your thoughts.

TL;DR: Don't give a fuck. Seriously.

1 upvotesZerophobe2 years ago

a) let people be happy the way they can be.

B) For most people its poem or no sexual experiences at all. The entire post reads like everyone is willingly chossing porn over sex.

Sure, some people. In which case refer to (a)

1 upvotesA_Bandini2 years ago

It's a taboo thing as well in the fact that not even 250 years ago black men were owned as slaves by whites and even to this day are unfortunately perceived as a "lower caste." So it's a thrill to a white woman and her cuck husband to have a black man "service" her. That movie "Get Out" captures this dynamic well. Same reason why incest porn is a thing, it's taboo and unusual and thus it turns certain people on.

1 upvotesDrinkMyPenis2 years ago

You know what I picture every time I see that comment? (Or the other 5 tiresome same comments in the same vein) I picture a little fat balding turd - could be some SJW numale, could be some righty just "trolling his own" - but no matter what, it's always coming from the same fat little balding turd. So how could that affect me?

In a perfect world, how could that affect anyone? Yet people are constantly taking the bait instead of just ignoring it, which is why they keep coming back every single fucking day with "Man I'd love to see her get plowed by a BBC" or "BLACKED™ when?" or "LOL wherez the dicc? XD" and dumbasses on the chans or on reddit alwys feel the need to +50 replies to the tune of "DUUU SHUT THe FUK UP CUCK, DUUUUUUU" which is exactly what they want.

-2 upvotesBlueFreedom4202 years ago

A slight change of a few words and this sounds like a christian fundamentalist rant.

-2 upvotesGreatSmithanon2 years ago

Yeah, this is fucking bullshit. Dude I beat my dick like it owes me money almost every single day. Never in my life have I thought "Yeah I wanna see this chick fuck a black dick". I have occasionally thought "I wonder if she can handle my dick" or "I wonder if he can handle my dick". Maybe that's because I'm hung or maybe just because racial fetishization has never been my thing and commonly makes me turn off whatever porn video I may be watching. Hell, the shit I usually search for on pornhub is either goth chicks, petite girls, or public humiliation because all of those things are fun for me.

I think you have to be a special kind of pathetic human being to think that pornography can somehow warp the brain of a rational and sane person.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You only watch lesbian porn?

That "do it for you"?

No? You'd rather see a girl getting properly fucked by a big dick, right? And a big messy cumshot at the end? Like pretty much every guy.

So, you're telling me that your porn pretty much requires there to be a big spurting cock in it for you to get off?

You must be a cuckfagqueer.

It's just porn. Use it and drop it.

Analyzing porn preferences is retarded. It's fantasy. Theatre.

0 upvotesCrey-Z2 years ago

I wanna see her whipped and bloody personally

-3 upvotesKommanderdude2 years ago

Op says he’s not a crazy no fapper. Preaches crazy no fap ideologies.

0 upvotesLustful_Priest2 years ago

Wonderful explanation mein brudhr.

  • Furiously maturbates *
0 upvotescrouchPepper2 years ago

What’s wrong with releasing sexual energy indirectly? Why are you redpillers all about fucking? Tell me, what exactly are you doing with this post? Should I ask another question? Am I being cheeky? Sincerely, the one true Purple Pill, Esquire

0 upvoteschaosrunssociety2 years ago

Quit moaning. What's to be done about this issue? I say hack the porn sites. I have seen a lot of programmers around this subreddit; Time to get busy y'all!

-13 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

Interesting all of these great insights and facts from people who don't even experience the very thing they are making assertions about.

I do experience this fantasy, sometimes quite vividly, and I barely ever watch porn. Nothing to do with being a cuck. Granted, porn I'm sure could open the door, but it can arise through several means.

For example, I'm an average guy -- I don't have a cricket bat between my legs, I can't just sit back and watch her convulse. And yet I know every woman I'm with WOULD behave like that with a big dick in her pussy. Naturally, being attracted to this woman, and especially being turned on by her orgasms, I want to see her when she is at the height of sexual ecstasy. If I can't deliver that, then I imagine a scenario where that might happen - with or without toys. Just curiosity, imagination, whatever. Doesn't mean I would ever agree to it actually happening, but that is where it starts for me.

Then, drop all the jealousy and possessiveness and accept that "it's just your turn" and she isn't mine and never will be -- well, that's how this stuff can spiral. We treat women like sexual playthings and yet can only play with them when we possess them? Please. You think your plates are only fucking you? Haha

Calling this a mental illness is hilarious. Absolutely no intention from people here to even try to understand the mindset. Everything must be so simple when you think in black-and-white.

1 upvotesHeathcliff--2 years ago

Actually lol at this guy defending being a cuck.

-4 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

Not defending anything, buddy. Just explaining how this kind of fetish can spiral. I do know some guys do this despite feeling extreme forms of shame, jealousy and humiliation. I know this place can't handle nuance, but there it is.

If you don't have the intelligence or maturity to take it in without thinking "OMG CUCK" then that's on you. Endorsed? Lol

1 upvotesmonkeysword882 years ago

You've fetishized your own insecurities and shortcomings. That makes you weak.

-3 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

Heard that one before. Thanks for the diagnosis, doc.

6 upvotesFilthMonger852 years ago

Lol jesus dude, stop watching porn. Being a dud in the sack isnt because you dont have an 8 incher, its because you're a god damned pussy.

-3 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

Can you not read? I just said I barely watch porn. Try harder... and I'm not a dud haha plenty of plates come back for more.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Played might be fucking others, they might not. The difference however is that you seem to be getting off on them being fucked by others... which is pathetic.

2 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

Hmm.. not really. I mean, yeh, sometimes the thought is arousing, sometimes not. It's just a random fetish, no big deal dude. That's the problem with the black-and-white thinking in this place -- people are treating it like a big deal and refusing to attempt to understand the mindset, while chastising those who have it. Sad, really, considering this community apparently makes a push for swallowing hard truths about reality. Seems on quite a few issues we would rather close our eyes, downvote and hope it goes away. It won't.

which is pathetic.

Not fact, that's just your opinion. Doesn't matter if the entire world stands by it, it's still an opinion.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Willingly allowing yourself to be cucked is weak beyond measure.

This is the wrong sub for you buddy. Go find a bull to do your fucking for you.

2 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

Lol, you're being cucked by all your plates. Wake up, friend.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Lol, no. I'm well aware of how things stand for me.

You, on the other hand, are in denial about actually being a cuckold.

1 upvotesthomas22192 years ago

even though this dude is a cuck he’s not wrong u are being cucked by all ur plates lol. every girl is cheating and i love it that way i love hoes

if you were pulling 100s of hoes the thought of an ltr/plates would be unthinkable

2 upvotesTangoZulu2 years ago

You keep making the accusation that no one is attempting to "understand the mindset", yet I would question whether you have actually sat down and gave this any deeper thought yourself?

All you seem to believe is that "it's just a random fetish, no big deal dude", which is about as "black-and-white thinking" as can be. Have you ever questioned whether this fetish is healthy for you? From your posts, you do seem to have a certain level of sexual anxiety about your size and abilities, so you retreat to the fetish where you have the power (by proxy) to drive her wild. Understandable, but not necessarily healthy.

Don't you think it's telling that even in your own fantasies you don't imagine having the ability to please the woman yourself? Ultimately, the cuckold/BBC fetish is about power; the cuck believes he still has power over the encounter because he is "allowing" the bull to dominate his woman in ways that he can't. But that's a fantasy that not only stems from weakness, but also romanticizes it.

0 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

From your posts, you do seem to have a certain level of sexual anxiety about your size and abilities, so you retreat to the fetish where you have the power (by proxy) to drive her wild. Understandable, but not necessarily healthy.

Yeh, I'll admit there is some sexual anxiety. I've only had a regular sex life the last few years so I've spent most of my life sex-starved. I don't retreat to a fetish where I have power because I have the ultimate power: being able to go without. I couldn't care less about driving her wild. I wasn't put on this planet to satisfy women.

even in your own fantasies you don't imagine having the ability to please the woman yourself?

I do please the women I'm with, otherwise they would not come back for more again and again. Perhaps there is some performance anxiety involved in terms of being able to have a certain effect on the women I bed. But that's something I am happily overcoming.

the cuck believes he still has power over the encounter because he is "allowing" the bull to dominate his woman in ways that he can't.

Again, ironically after pointing it out, another black-and-white thought emerges. There are gradations of cuck.

Look, man, I just like to see bitches get fucked. I also very much enjoy watching videos (pov) I've made myself. Regardless of what anxiety was involved during the time of my first relationship, that does not equal causation, ok?

Having said all this, I do think there is a valid point about fetishising insecurities. Hey, I am who I am. As I become more and more confident, my insecurities will morph. These things don't just disappear.

3 upvotesTangoZulu2 years ago

But you DO care about driving her wild, you stated so yourself:

Naturally, being attracted to this woman, and especially being turned on by her orgasms, I want to see her when she is at the height of sexual ecstasy. If I can't deliver that, then I imagine a scenario where that might happen.

Listen, I am not attempting to put you down here. Insecurities are not always rooted in reality, so I'll defer to your word about your actual sex life. But examining the root of a fetish is the farthest thing from black-and-white thinking. There is a reason why feminism pushes "sex positivity" to the extreme of normalizing any and all fetishes, no matter how extreme. They don't want men to take a step back ask why that fetish arouses them, or whether that fetish is a healthy expression of their sexuality. IMO, the cuckold fantasy is the ultimate expression of the female sexual imperative: it is AF/BB played out with the consent of the BB. Indulging that fantasy rewires your brain to work against your own male sexual strategy.

1 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

You do make some good points. I'll do more digging and try to determine just how healthy it is for me.

-2 upvotesmacaroon182 years ago

Arousal is pathetic? Gimme a break dude 😂

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This specific arousal is, yes.

You know very well that I was addressing this moron's emerging cuckold fetish. It's intellectually dishonest to try and claim I was making a blanket statement about all arousal.

1 upvotesmacaroon182 years ago

Arousal is an involuntary response, to judge it as pathetic fails to recognise it's power. 'Pathetic' is subjective, arousal is not.

2 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

No point in even trying to explain. They also have an involuntary convulsion at the thought of 'CUCK' or any flavour of it. There have been a couple of interesting thoughts regarding fetishising insecurities. Apparently it is a bad thing my body/mind is feeding me pleasurable sensations haha

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You are missing the point entirely.

I don't care that you aren't man enough to satisfy an women and therefore need someone else to donut for you. If that's what gets you off- have fun with it.

I do, however, take issue with you claiming that you are somehow a red-pulled man while delighting in having the women you are into get plowed by other dudes. Being a cuckold is antithetical to being a woke, empowered man. You are exactly the beta bitch that she wants- someone who provides everything, including the alphas who she really desires.

As I've said before, you are in the wrong sub.

-1 upvotesPeterRheaPlanemo2 years ago

Yaaaaaa what you said is entirely wrong. Their fetish is dumb but cuckold fantasy has nothing to do with porn lol

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