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Here's how to fuck one girl/week from swipe apps in 2018 with little time investment

by corsega on /r/TheRedPill
27 December 2017 12:10 AM UTC

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Originally posted on my blog.

The new year is almost upon us, and that means online fucking apps (I refuse to call them online dating apps) will be in full force, filled with lonely women who just realized they were alone for the holidays. Blackdragon, the expert on this stuff, notes that he gets 3x the results in January from apps as any other time of the year.

If you want to take advantage of this, here's what you should do:


Fulfill at least half of the below requirements, roughly in order of importance:

  • 5+/10 face (the most important factor; if you are below a 5/10 facially you should move to another country or try daygame)
  • 5+/10 body
  • White
  • 5'9" or over
  • Decent style (e.g. new, well-fitted clothes, hair and facial grooming)
  • Under age 35
  • Live in a city of more than 150,000 people

If you are lacking in one or more of these factors, improve the controllables (e.g. lift, lose body fat, buy new clothes, get a haircut, move, etc.) and once you're ready, implement the below.


Assemble four to six photos of yourself of the below archetypes. These photos must not be selfies, and ideally should be taken with a DSLR by someone that knows what they're doing.

If you don't have these photos, talk to your photographer friend, or hire a photographer from Craigslist/Instagram. If you don't want to go this route, buy a cheap DSLR and a 50mm 1.8 lens from Craigslist, buy the cheapest tripod you can find on Amazon, buy a DSLR remote, and take the photos yourself.

The first bullet is required, you can pick and choose from the rest:

  • Upper-body shot of just you. Ideally taken with a DSLR with you in focus with a blurred, interesting background, wearing nicely-styled clothes (a suit if you're over 25, a button-down or something else nice if you're under 25).
  • You with a dog or some other sort of animal. Only do this if you actually like animals.
  • You with a group of friends. You should be as tall or taller and as attractive or more attractive than every friend in the photo. All of your friends must be decently attractive and not low-status (i.e. if this photo was taken at an anime convention, you're toast).
  • You doing [insert hobby here]. Snowboarding, DJing, skydiving, climbing, playing a high-status sport (sorry, Magic: The Gathering doesn't count).
  • You in an exotic location.
  • You doing something that indicates you're a leader of men. Holding a microphone, giving a speech, standing on stage, etc.
  • A candid, shirtless photo (e.g. playing sports, on a beach). If you cannot bench your bodyweight and/or squat/deadlift 1.75x your bodyweight AND are less than 18% bodyfat, skip this. If you don't have a candid shirtless photo, a non-candid is OK, but you'll get worse results.

Once you have the photos, pick out 10-12 that you think are good and send them to three girls you've hooked up with in the past to get their advice on which to use. Close female friends are a decent secondary options. Photofeeler is a distant third.

App Setup and Swiping

General App Setup

  1. Create a fake Gmail account.
  2. Use the fake Gmail account to create a fake Facebook account with a photo of a male model and your real first and last name (you don't have to use your last name if you're not using Hinge). If you're 28-35 and want to fuck 18-22 year olds, put your age as 27. This has the added advantage of giving you a 50% discount on Tinder Plus, as we'll see later.
  3. Go to a random page in the Philippines and add 500 random Filipinos until you have 100 Facebook friends. This is needed to bypass Facebook account verification for Tinder.


  1. Download Tinder and sign up with your fake email address.
  2. Tap "Get Tinder Plus" and purchase Plus. If you're under 28, this should cost $9.95 a month. If you're 28 or over, this will set you back $19.95 a month.
  3. Upload the photos you picked out in the photos section. Leave Smart Photos on.
  4. Write a short, positive, non-needy bio that demonstrates higher value, e.g. "Dog whisperer. World traveler, last three trips were to Bali, Australia, and New Zealand. Avid cook, I guarantee my bacon risotto is better than yours."
  5. Link your Instagram only if you have over 1000 followers and/or you have interesting photos that show a high-value lifestyle (e.g. travel, parties, friends).
  6. Go to settings and set your distance range to the furthest range you think a girl would be willing to travel to meet you. Use the Gmaps Radius tool to figure out what the radius of your surrounding area is.
  7. Set your age range to 18 at the low end and whatever the age of the oldest woman you'd have sex with is at the high end.
  8. Go to www.tind3r.com and set up the Chrome extension so you can swipe and message from your computer.
  9. Start swiping with Tind3r. Your minimum for a right swipe would be a girl you'd have sex with if they were to come directly to your house with no monetary investment from you. Do not swipe right on every girl, it brutalizes your private Tinder "Elo score".
  10. Don't read bios or look at closely at photos or Instagrams. You should spend less than a second looking at each profile's photos before determining how to swipe. I can swipe about 75 girls a minute accurately with Tind3r and double that using my phone. This means, assuming 5000 girls are in your area, you should only need to waste about ten minutes a day swiping.
  11. Every day, use your 5 superlikes on girls you think are just out of your range. E.g. if you generally fuck 5s and 6s, use superlikes on 6.5s and the odd 7.
  12. Swipe only during idle time, i.e. when you're on public transportation or on the toilet.
  13. On Sunday between 8 and 10 AM, use your one free monthly Boost, which will put your profile at the top of every girl's stack in your area for 30 minutes. You don't have to swipe during this Boost, it doesn't have any effect on the matches you'll get.


  1. Download Bumble and sign up with your fake email address.
  2. Upload the same photos and use the same bio as you did on Tinder. If you linked your Instagram on Tinder, mention it in your bio.
  3. Use the same distance and age settings that you did on Tinder.
  4. For Bumble, you're going to autoswipe. First, download AutoHotKey on your computer. Edit AutoHotKey.ahk and paste the following in: https://pastebin.com/4XiZHpNd
  5. Download BlueStacks, an Android emulator. Run through the setup.
  6. Download Bumble on your BlueStacks instance. Log in with your fake email address.
  7. In the bottom right, click on the icon of the keyboard and map "r" to "Swipe Up" and "g" to Swipe Right.
  8. While on the swipe screen, hit F7. Let the autoswiper run until you run out of profiles to swipe on (you won't be able to use your computer while you do this, so use a different computer or run it overnight).


  1. Download Hinge and sign in with your fake email address.
  2. Use the same photos you did with Tinder, but remove any shirtless photos if they're not candid.
  3. If you're under 5'10", add an inch to your height.
  4. If you have a medium to high-status job, list it.
  5. If you went to college, list it.
  6. Answer three of the questions in a witty, intellectual way. Use good grammar and proofread for spelling.
  7. Start viewing profiles. Never like any of the photos of the girls, but rather their questions directly (shows interest in their "mind" rather than their appearance).
  8. Don't waste your time leaving a comment with your like unless you have something interesting to say (e.g. if she says she wants to go to Ecuador on her bucket list, mention that you just got back from there).

Coffee Meets Bagel

  1. Download Coffee Meets Bagel and sign in with your fake email address.
  2. Use the same photos you did with Hinge.
  3. Follow the same Hinge guidelines about height, job and education.
  4. Use the same questions you answered for Hinge but warp the answers to fit Coffee Meets Bagel's scheme for "I am...", "I like..." and "I appreciate when my date..."
  5. Go to suggested and like all the Bagels you'd have sex with.
  6. Go to discovery and like girls until you run out of beans.
  7. Repeat this process every day at noon (when your bagels have been replenished).


  1. Download Happn and sign in with your fake email address.
  2. Use the same photos and bio you did with Tinder. If you linked your Instagram to Tinder, link it here as well.
  3. If you never leave your house, sign out of Happn on your phone and sign into Happn on BlueStacks. Use the BlueStacks location feature to change your location to where hot girls live/work/hang out. Change your location once a day.

App Messaging

If you're playing this right, matches should be rolling in on all of your apps. You're going to use the exact same openers and messaging format for every app.

  1. Open a girl with a non-needy, *unique *opener (I'm not going to post examples here, because if I do they'll start getting used and not be unique anymore). The opener should ideally assume something about her and end in a question mark, but doesn't have to.
  2. Gauge her response, and write back, using less text than her. If she hasn't asked you a question (what I call the hook point), provide some information, like a DHV about yourself, and ask her another question.
  3. If she's asking you questions back, you have a green light. Respond something like "That sounds cool, we should grab a drink. I'm free [x] or [y] day, let me know what works for you." Based on her response, tell her where and when to meet you.
  4. If she's not asking you questions back, you have a yellow light. Keep DHVing and teasing her for a few more lines until you get her to invest. If she's not investing but still responding, hit her with the date pitch after a maximum of five messages from each of you.
  5. If she's being combative, you have a red light. Stay non-reactive and playful. Keep DHVing and teasing her until you have a yellow or a green light, at which point you should pitch the date.

Other tips:

  • Ignore any rules about waiting a certain amount of time to text back. The minute you match with a girl, you are already fighting a losing battle against her attention. Reply back as soon as possible and keep her engaged.
  • If a girl stops responding, wait 2-3 days (at least) and hit her back with a funny respawn text teasing her for disappearing. I'm not going to post mine, but if she's riding a horse in her profile, here's a mediocre example: ", did you fall off your horse and die? Let me know where I should send flowers." Do this twice, and wait 2-3 days between each message. If she doesn't respond, leave her and work another girl.
  • Burn every lead to the ground. You should be messaging and scheduling dates with every girl you match with in order to cultivate abundance.

If you want examples, I recommend the breakdowns on Playing with Fire. He's the only guy I know that provides full screenshots of all his messages from opener to sex (keep in mind, however, that he is above average looks and runs shirtless photo + explicit bio game. If you're average, you can't expect these results, but his messaging is good).

Weekly Routine

The above will cover you for the first week. After that, you'll notice that your matches are going to fall off. This is because Tinder and Bumble give newbies an early boost to get their profiles shown to more people. So every Sunday night, here's what you're going to do:

  1. Create a new fake Gmail account and Facebook event, and add 100 friends again.
  2. Go into your Bumble and Tinder accounts associated with your old fake email and hide the profiles to the public. This will make it so you can still chat with your old matches, but won't have two profiles up at once.
  3. Create new Bumble and Tinder accounts. Follow the exact same methods as you did last week regarding using your Tinder Boost and autoswiping on Bumble, but tweak your photos/bio using feedback from the last week.

It should take less than an hour to do this each week, but you'll get 50% more matches, not only with the newbie boost, but also because you'll be shown to different girls each week due to the random nature of Tinder.


Number of matches per week is going to completely depend on physical attractiveness and quality of profile, as well as your sexual market value in your city compared to the male competition on the apps.

Here are my average weekly results as an average-looking guy in San Francisco, the hardest city in the United States for average guys:

  • 52 matches (30 from Tinder, 7 messages from Bumble, 13 from Hinge, 1 from CoffeeMeetsBagel, 1 from Happn)
  • 36 matches worth opening (rest were errant swipes or I had buyers remorse)
  • 17 matches reply
  • 5 matches schedule a date
  • 2 matches actually show up to the date (the rest flake or logistics don't work)

Two dates a week is on the low end for cultivating abundance, so if you're getting worse results than this, something is wrong. You need to improve your sexual market value, photos, openers, or messaging.

It's impossible to provide generic troubleshooting steps because every guy will have different problems, but if you post a comment here or PM me on reddit, I'm happy to help.

Finally, you'll notice I didn't provide any information for what to actually do on a date. That's because this has been written about extensively by other guys. I recommend Blackdragon or JMULV for more on that.

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569 upvotestextualintercourse2 years ago

"Go to a random page in the Philippines and add 500 random Filipinos until you have 100 Facebook friends."

Jesus Christ, I laughed out loud on that one. It's literally fact that they will accept.

184 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Pro - slutty filipino girls

Cons - might end up married to one

57 upvotesPhaedrusHunt2 years ago

Double con: might be a lady boy

1 upvotestrollnaut2 years ago

Pro: Lady boys knows how to give hand and blow jobs.

1 upvotesbikermonk2 years ago

Mamasan asks why you say 2con?

52 upvotesmileswept2 years ago

Heh, I'm Filipino and this is true. You can also try this with Indians.

Hell, have a profile picture that looks foreign to us and you'd boost your chances of getting accepted.

30 upvotestextualintercourse2 years ago

Worked a few years in Manila. They are some racist people. Yayas, anyone from the "province", or with darker skin, lose.

Being white, no matter how shitty, beta, fat, and contemptible, you win. Those women will devour you for skin color and green card alone. Play your cards right, keep your shit wrapped, you are king of the islands.

I recommend everyone to head over at least one time in your life.

20 upvotesmileswept2 years ago

Filipinos usually have this 'colonial mentality'. Anything white to them is godsent. Like you said, any white male beta with like a hundred bucks can get laid if directed to the right avenue. I'm not naive to put up a front about how this isn't true because it's a common thing now.

And yes, if you want to feel pampered and feel like a king, visit the Philippines.

4 upvotesGawernator2 years ago

Why is it like that though?

1 upvotesvignk2 years ago

They think having a white friend improves our Social status

1 upvotesGawernator2 years ago

Even on FB? I get random requests from Filipino girls and stuff like that. Lol.

1 upvotesvignk2 years ago

Just silly things people do online ..

3 upvotesmileswept2 years ago

Especially on FB. Twitter's more on the Class C- spectrum. FB's like a manifestation of what they feel like their social status is.

5 upvotesmileswept2 years ago

Easily because: more friends = more social points.

Filipinos usually stack their accounts with a thousand easy so they could boast about it to their friends. The foreign bit is that they feel a lot more special if a foreign guy seeks them out for their profile-- this applies to males, too, since a lot of gay men are on FaceBook.

3 upvotesfarooq72 years ago

Colonial mentality. Sense of power.

422 upvotesAuvergnat2 years ago

A lot of people disliking tinder here, and not enough gratefuleness at OP for his incredibly detailed guide to optimizing tinder use. Thanks for that and the links, mate. This is all very interesting and will put it to good use. Please ignore the haters and do keep contributing.

45 upvotesRed_Faust2 years ago


TRP is full of belligerent nitpicky aspies, who when presented with actionable information are too eager to cry "sour grapes".

Whoever is playing the field these days knows for a fact that night game is all but dead as the chicks have moved to Tinder to hookup. You can adapt or you can cry for the spilled milk.

I already do many of the things OP says in the post but again there are some useful tips on things I hadn't noticed, so thanks /u/corsega.

One thing: you don't need an external client like tind3r.com since tinder.com actually works. Haven't tried resetting my account (I don't seem to be needing it), so I don't know if tind3r.com is better than tinder.com for that.

24 upvotesJcHgvr2 years ago

Creating new profiles and accounts every weekend plus adding friends all over again and again and again is actionable?

How much free time does one have to have to be able to do this ? Because I sure as fuck could not find the time to do all that for a chance of one fuck per week. If that was getting me a fresh pussy on a daily basis we could talk.

13 upvotesrefunkulation2 years ago

One more optimization tip, become acquainted with Upwork.

Go to Upwork, hire a Filipino to create the FB accounts with 100 friends for fixed price of x amount (no more than $5-$10 per account with 500 friends).

Live your life

Optimizing your life hiring people abroad is the way to basically live these days. Takes time to build up an army of people doing tasks for me but it makes for more productive lifestyle.

15 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Takes an hour a week, less if you have it down to a science like me.

If you're not willing to put in the work, feel free to keep getting laid less, though.

3 upvotesJcHgvr2 years ago

I think I'll survive with getting laid one time less per week. I'm not on social media anyway. So for me it's not worth the hassle.

1 upvotesFapisluv2 years ago

Do you think this tinder game could work for a young guy in a small town( at most 25k population) ?

3 upvotesBluepillProfessor2 years ago

Only if you are in driving distance to a much larger population.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I used to spend maybe 30 minutes tops a week on tinder. I was getting laid plenty and I didn't do any of the shit OP was talking about, go through all those theatrics for what. Tinder is a hook up app, you don't need to jump through hoops to get laid, that's what the girls are there for, you just have to learn how to approach certain ones and how not to approach others.

Don't waste your time, just be direct, women love a mystery.

1 upvotesempty_moshpit2 years ago

Night game is still tolerable in huge capitals because there is a constant influx of tourists and outsider women every single day. In regular sized and smaller towns, Tinder is probably much more effective.

1 upvotesdrallcom32 years ago

I lived in several huge tourist cities. Tourists use Tinder too.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

My friends and I go to Montreal quite regularly for weekend trips. None of us need Tinder to hook up and none of us have ever gone there and NOT hooked up.

You just show up to the bar, fucking mingle and be social. You're bound to run into at least one chick who is willing to bang... in Montreal, they'll even ask you back to their place if they find out you're a tourist.

2 upvotesLoverofalifetime1 year ago

/u/gazzamerda That's true. I live in Phoenix and I'm a "7", African-American and with some talking at a club I can meet someone... Not as big as Montreal but similar.

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Please preface all your posts with the fact that you're a "soft 7". Don't give guys unrealistic expectations.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Is it tho? Maybe I'm in the wrong... I thought my expectations were realistic but I don't know. I'm tall but skinny. Have a handsome face but am balding. I see better looking lads than me, I figure if I do ok, other guys can too.

One of my friends who comes on these road trips is short and bald (shaved head) and he does well too. We are honestly always having fun and cracking jokes and we tend to help each other out with girls... it's sort of a team game, we figure if we are all having fun girls will want to be around that and for the most part it works. I won't lie, even when I've done that trip solo, it works out too... I don't know. Maybe it is unrealistic, I didn't think it was.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

night game might be dead but it really isn't. My old flatmate is pretty much brain dead when it comes to technology. Dude is from the 1990's. He still managed to pick chicks up at bars (he's the type who'll go to bars alone, sit and talk to the bar tender and chat up all the girls who come by to order drinks).

Personally, I'm not gonna go to some bar alone like that (I don't drink that much) but I haven't had to use Tinder since last summer cuz I meet enough girls while I'm out doing shit. Day game is where it's at... I guess I'm lucky that I live in a trendy young neighborhood, but even so, tinder isn't the end all be all, it should just be an aspect of your game, not the whole game in of itself. Nothing builds confidence better than talking to girls face to face and picking them up. Hell, try picking up a girl on the subway, = instant confidence

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

'sperg' is the preferred nomenclature

1 upvotesdrallcom32 years ago

Tinder is fantastic. You can dedicate all your time to self-improvements and once you're there the girls literally show up on your doorstep.

16 upvotesScandinavianredpill2 years ago

What a shocker. that's how life is. TRP is great, but like with everything it gets boring after a while. tons of new guys coming in to better themselves only to get pussy. The few that manage to get a hang of their life, get a sixpack and learn alot will fuck a ton of girls and then tire out to focus on your own thing instead of investing countless hours into getting women. You will only do that if you don't get any. At this point I like the self improvement part of TRP, but that's it.

18 upvotesmallardcove2 years ago

Pretty easy to tell who in this comment section has low SMV, and therefore can't make Tinder work for them. It's OK though, they have their daygame(which in all likelihood is orbitting the most attractive girl at the anime convention, which is like being the tallest midget)

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I think OP's post is shit. Tinder is a meet market, you don't need game for tinder, you just need to show up. That's what Tinder is there for, it's hook up app. The problem is guys think they have to compete with one another for these chicks when reality is, that's not the case. It's too much talk, not enough action.

Just fucking state your intentions, be blunt and honest. Match everyone, weed out the ones you're absolutely not interested in, approach the ones you are, know which ones to be direct with, which ones not to be. There are a lot of bullshit tinder profiles, call people out on their shit (the ones wasting time will un-match you, focus on the ones that are left).

The majority of these tinder sluts look the same, same hair, same pictures, same poses same profiles, even say the same damn thing if anything at all. You don't think girls are thinking the exact same thing when they are looking at guys profiles.

Any average guy could get lucky off tinder if they drop the fucking act and just be straight up with their approach. The problem is they don't do this and they are out there trying to compete with the next Tinder bloke hoping their game is better than his... That's a waste of time. Don't waste time on pussy. Let pussy waste time on you

1 upvoteschhingochangomango2 years ago

This thread is quite possibly the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen on this website

0 upvotesmallardcove2 years ago

I'm guessing your an Indian or an autist.

Tinder is a great resource but the likes of you obviously hate it because you suck at it.

6 upvotesMrBean542 years ago

Most men suck at Tinder. Period.

146 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

That does not sound like little time investment. Recreate my accounts and add 100 friends on fb every week? How is that low investment? I just go through 'em all, maybe buy a boost here and there, usually always have active Tinder pro subscription.. and just deal with whatever matches come through.

If it dries up then I go through my matches until I'm certain there is nobody worth pursuing THEN I might consider refreshing my account, but I'm usually distracted by something more worthwhile by then.

But I focus more on retention of women I want to sleep with (plating), and so I can just find a few plates within a month and stop using Tinder altogether for as long as they keep spinning.

18 upvotesredd_reality2 years ago

Your perspective has everything to do with your smv.

Funny thing about smv, is that no one knows what it's like to be several points higher or lower than others.

Unless you go from very low smv, improve and clean up, then place several points higher in smv, you won't make the connection.

My whole game is on trp is to push guys to stop performing/pua tactics and just stop caring so much. But that perspective is mine because it reflects where my smv is currently and what works best for me.

14 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Funny thing about smv, is that no one knows what it's like to be several points higher or lower than others.

That's why I encourage guys to make a fake Tinder with photos of a different guy. It's eye opening.

When I first signed up I used photos of a male model. That's the true red pill, when you can actually see Hypergamy in action.

1 upvotesRPBetaphag2 years ago

How does that work? If you use a male model's photo and she meets you on a date, how do you explain you're a 5 instead of a 10?

5 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Didn't actually meet girls, just matched and messaged. That was how I experimented with different openers, what worked and didn't, etc.

The hilarious thing was that even direct sexual messaging with a male model didn't really work, because... San Francisco.

1 upvotes7391347566292 years ago

I have seen screenshots from people doing this where they literally opened with things like "I am a convicted child molester" and still had the girls salivating over them. Responses ranged from "oh you're a bad boy ;)" to "i like age play lets meet".

4 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

I've seen it too, it was fake: http://www.pomofo.com/article/guy-poses-pedophile-tinder-and-responses-he-gets-are-horrifying

He clearly changed the bio after the got the responses from the girls.

I tried with another male model and same bio and got only whales as matches, and girls were horrified.

52 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

This guide is aimed at the average guy. If you're getting enough matches without having to reset — excellent! No need. but for guys that aren't doing as well as they want to, a profile reset is needed occasionally.

7 upvotesRian_Stone2 years ago

why the alternative facebook account btw?

19 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Not required, but makes it so your mutual friends can't see you're on Tinder. Plus if you're resetting over and over there's a chance that Tinder flags accounts, so you don't want your main email address flagged.

1 upvotesDrPetes2 years ago

Why would it matter if people know you’re on tinder? Who cares what they think

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Some of us are public figures.

1 upvotesanylegtypes2 years ago

Okay, sure, but his point that this is not little time investment (as claimed) still stands.

12 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

I'd call ten minutes of swiping a day little time investment. There's an initial setup cost, but once you have everything up and running, you're set for months.

1 upvotesRonTomJohnson2 years ago

I still think apps like that should be supplemental to face to face interaction. If you aren't a 9/10 SMV. There are a lot of better options.

3 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

There are a lot of better options.

Completely depends on the person and city. I have tried most other options. Online works best for me. I'd encourage guys to try out everything and see what works for them.

2 upvotesRonTomJohnson2 years ago

I'll agree with that. The only thing I'd add is don't put all your eggs in one basket.

2 upvotesNYCSPARKLE2 years ago

I’m a solid 8 face / 7 body (have a shirtless photo so this matters pointing out) and have no trouble getting 20+ matches a day and 10 active convos at any given time.

I would actually not recommend the professional photos. A couple of plates have mentioned that they think it’s weird and trying too hard. Smartphones today take photos that are perfectly fine.

I’m 6’2 which is my biggest helper and I have that listed in my profile.

Also two sentence profile. What you do and what you like. “I work in tech and like playing guitar”

1 upvotesscaramouth892 years ago

hey just wondering what exactly does your bio say? (the 50 shades of grey one) help a brotha out

2 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

I don't share specific bios/openers, sorry. They would spread everywhere and get burned out.

1 upvotesscaramouth892 years ago

could you possibly PM it to me? won't tell anyone and would just use it myself

1 upvotesdrallcom32 years ago

Getting ready for going to a bar and then being there takes as much time as setting all that up (excluding taking the photos). You do it once btw.

1 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

I didn't say one thing about any alternatives. My point is - even this is too high investment for what is essentially a bunch of Tinder hoes? Come on.

7 upvotesPhaedrusHunt2 years ago

This. I'm exactly at the same place as you right now. Don't get me wrong I've slept with a lot of women off of Tinder and other dating apps. But it is certain point it's just better to have a few in reserve. Right now I have four plates and a couple other dates schedule for this week. But I don't pay too much attention to new matches unless they're really hot. After you've done a lot of the leg work of meeting women whether if Tinder in real-life or whatever, it's easier to spend less of your time on that and more time just going into your Rolodex.

7 upvotesBluepillProfessor2 years ago

This guide is to bang a new girl every week. You are free to do less work if you want. You could do 1/4 of the work and bang a new girl every month.

1 upvotesGavlar8882 years ago

Is this the lengths men have to go to for getting a woman. Fuck that, do this pic, that pic, be this, be that. Call me old fashioned but this is putting Women on a pedestal before you even start anything. Just enjoy your life doing whatever you enjoy doing, and get out of the house and socialise, do hobbies that are outside and involve groups of people. Always worked for me.

Maybe I’m not banging women weekly or whatever like some guys are through these apps, but then sex isn’t a numbers game for me, I don’t have that need to fuck women all the time to feel good of about myself.

34 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

need to fuck women all the time to feel good of about myself

Agreed. I was there when I first started finding success with women, but sex is quite ordinary now.. and casual sex is vapid, anyway. Maybe it's part of growing up and slowing down (I'm 30 now), but I couldn't care less if I only have sex once a week, so long as I have plenty of time to enjoy it. Quality over quantity!

7 upvotesBluepillProfessor2 years ago

enjoy your life doing whatever you enjoy doing, and get out of the house and socialise, do hobbies

And fuck one new woman a year. This plan is for a new woman every week so it obviously takes more work- but not 52 times the work!

168 upvotesGR8AGN2 years ago

"Swipe" apps in my opinion have gone the way of dating sites such as e-harmony and match.com. They ran their shelf life when they were the hot new thing to do and now they are at the phase of their life span where it's mostly fat/post wall woman who are looking for a beta provider or attractive women looking for validation/laugh at male desperation.

Spend your time looking to game women at other places rather than waste your time hoping to strike gold on these swipe apps

109 upvotesIsolatedBag2 years ago

Almost every college girl and a decent amount of smut high school girls still use tinder a lot. (I’m on the East coast if that matters)

18 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

Agree. I can see where the guy is coming from where the shelf life has run its course. It hasn't fully yet.

Its getting there, but not yet. Yes a lot of fake profiles, bots and inactive accounts are on tinder.

However, I can walk into any bar literally any bar in my city with a decent crowd and there will be girls sharing phones with eachother as they swipe through tinder accounts.

Its crazy how common it is now. I remember people were seemed as losers for even being on any dating site, but now its pretty normal.

17 upvotessailorJery2 years ago

I don't use those apps specifically because I kept getting matched with high schoolers. I can tell when a chick is lying about her age much easier in person than I can in the seconds it takes me to swipe.

3 upvotesRollo_Mayhem32 years ago

i can attest to increasing their age. A girl I banged, eventually matched with me and it had her age 3 years older (23), she was 20 a the time.

1 upvotesNakedAndBehindYou2 years ago

Some high schoolers are 18 though...

1 upvotessailorJery2 years ago

18 year olds are children. I'm not risking pregnancy with a child.

75 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Waste your time looking to game women at other places rather than spend your time striking gold on these swipe apps

Fixed it for you.

Go ahead and spend four hours walking around a city, find 15 girls worth approaching, and get three numbers.

Go ahead and spend four hours on a night out at a club, spend $40 on cover and drinks, find 10 girls worth approaching, and get one number.

No thanks. I'll continue my 10 minutes a day swiping on the toilet and scheduling dates.

Apps are a more efficient use of time for pretty much everyone, and it's not even a comparison.

1 upvotesWolfofAnarchy2 years ago

A problem with this sub is that people take themselves (like you do now) way too seriously.

I agree with the dude above, those apps have gone down in quality a lot.

It's a lot more fun to go out, have fun with mates, and then if you see hot chicks, approach and go for it. Since most people aren't a 8+, they won't have a lot of success on Tinder (not none, just not a lot), yet maybe they have incredible confidence, body language and a fantastic voice. Then they should ONLY go out and stop using any of those apps.

47 upvotesCanedude082 years ago

It's hilarious how many of these Pro-Tinder guys think that we are just walking around trying to hit on women, as if that's the only thing a man does. No, you live your life, and if a woman comes across that fits the bill, then you take a shot. I go out to have a good time, and if a woman wants to be part of that, then so be it. Never, and I repeat, never make a woman the center of your social life.

23 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

No, you live your life, and if a woman comes across that fits the bill, then you take a shot. I go out to have a good time, and if a woman wants to be part of that, then so be it.

The amount of approachable women I see while going about my daily business averages out to roughly 0 per day. Try building abundance with those kind of numbers.

3 upvotesCanedude082 years ago

Well, then either you aren't paying attention, or most likely you are stuck in a place where the talent isn't good. I'd consider moving to somewhere better if possible. I've been fortunate to live in some very target rich environments, so I tend to make my hay just going about my daily life. Then again, I do work in a field in which I deal with a lot of people on a daily basis, so that also helps.

25 upvotesRedPilledRoaster2 years ago

Don’t make women the center, oh wait now move somewhere else to get women.

Flawed logic friend.

18 upvotesanonlymouse2 years ago

This is pretty stupid. If you're getting results with tinder/whatever, why the fuck would you move somewhere else just to get results without using tinder?

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I kind of get your sentiment here but OP is right in saying that you still stand a bigger chance of scoring on the swipe apps rather than looking for approachable women. Having said that, I'd like to make it clear that I'm not that big a fan of Tinder as mostly it has women looking for validation. Fuck them.

2 upvotesvicious_armbar2 years ago

most likely you are stuck in a place where the talent isn't good. I'd consider moving to somewhere better if possible

I don't disagree. But that's not possible for everyone. In order to move to a more target rich environment I'd have to: give up custody of my son, to move to a higher cost of living and higher tax area, then hand over 1/3rd of my pretax salary in child support on top of that. Not worth it from a financial standpoint. Not to mention that his mom is a loser and I don't trust her to raise him.

1 upvotesBluepillProfessor2 years ago

Try walking around with your shoulders square and eyes looking around instead of shoulders slumped and eyes on the ground.

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Try living where I do. Guys don't believe it until they move here.

4 upvotesgELSK2 years ago

// , I don't really see guys having a good time in these bars and clubs.

I went out to a couple, just to observe, and it seemed really sad.

Drinking and talking and sitting

1 upvotesCanedude082 years ago

So, it's sad to see a bunch of guys having a drink and shooting the shit? I don't know how to respond to that bit of "Knowledge", outside of those guys must have really boring friends. When I'm out with the fellas, there are a lot of good conversations going on, lots of learning(that's what happens when you have a ton of professionals hanging out) and some laughs for good measure.

2 upvotesvicious_armbar2 years ago

It's hilarious how many of these Pro-Tinder guys think that we are just walking around trying to hit on women, as if that's the only thing a man does. No, you live your life, and if a woman comes across that fits the bill, then you take a shot.

You can still do that while using online dating apps.

17 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

I agree with the dude above, those apps have gone down in quality a lot.

Of course they have. But the reason I fired back is that insinuating that they're full of "mostly fat/post wall woman who are looking for a beta provider or attractive women looking for validation/laugh at male desperation" is laughable. There are hot girls on swipe apps and they do meet up with guys.

It's a lot more fun to go out, have fun with mates, and then if you see hot chicks, approach and go for it.

Depends on the person. Some of us don't like going out. I don't drink, personally, and my friends don't tend to hang out at bars.

And there's no reason why you can't combine going out at night with using Tinder during the day.

7 upvotessteppenwolfofwallst2 years ago

Very true. Tinder has a lot of hot women on it. Granted, it is a lot of effort to go from swiping, to matching, to messaging, to a date (my stats are similar to yours), but I've met some very hot ones. I swipe right on probably half though, because there are some awful ones, just like in real life.

3 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

I see both sides to this. I really do.

Hear me out.

I agree with the dude above, those apps have gone down in quality a lot.

This is no doubt true, but you can still get chicks on there. The Quality has gone down because now there are a shit ton of inactive accounts on there, bots, girls who use it for validation, and fatties. However, you still have girls on there that maybe just moved to a new city, work shitty hours (med school/nurses) to the point they don't go out often, or college students back home for break. So those girls still exist on there.

It's a lot more fun to go out, have fun with mates, and then if you see hot chicks, approach and go for it.

This is true too. However, I go out a lot and let me tell you a lot of girls aren't that approachable as many here claim they are.

There are tons of women who go out and stick to their groups, only dance with their groups and have their heads buried into their phones.

And yea sure, you may get a number, but numbers don't mean shit now a days. Women hand that out like candy. You can text them the next day only to never hear from them again and that's basically the same thing as tinder.

The thing with bars/clubs when comparing it to tinder is that its more work. You have to drive to said place, you're going to spend money on drinks and its not like you're some god where you're going to pull every chick you hit on. you could be spend maybe 20mins just talking to one girl or dancing with one girl and nothing comes out of it.

I'll say this because I agree with you in some ways. I think people really need to stop relying on tinder and bars/clubs for women. Its way easier to meet them at some social event, party, or day game activity.

2 upvotesredvelvet_oreo2 years ago

IMO Tinder is great for finding someone to pump and dump. Finding any kind of quality chick on swipe apps is like a needle in a hay stack. They do exist but your going through a lot of snatches that have been filled with dicks just to find it.

I personally have had better luck finding quality chicks in person. Whether it be through different social circles or just gaming chicks at bars/clubs/resorts/restaurants etc.

To each their own though. Tinder is exactly what it suppose to be fast and to the point.

Also wrap your cocks up. Most these bitches on tinder are not even self aware of their own bodies except they know how to get attention and a dick shoved in them and they get their period once a month.

Im cool with a HB9 (was an orbiter of her before TRP) but in retrospect im glad I never smashed. She actually confided in me that she has herpes. She has Type 2 from what the doctor told her which she thought was the "good type" lol. Needless to say shes has fucked over 40 guys off tinder. No idea if shes disclosed this information to them.

Stay woke

1 upvotesletsbambamamba2 years ago

For some people it is the opposite. I can get more numbers or dates by day gaming 1 hour than from 3 WEEKS of constant swiping (till the limit hist or no more girls shown). I get IOIs during the day (or night) often, can easily open and get a date, yet barely get anything on tinder (and best matches I get on tinder are probably worst of those I had dates in real life). not to mention that most of those on tinder even do not reply (not a bad/boring opener). So I guess my SMV is low on tinder while being great IRL. Also it shows that for some tin der works beter, for some it is otherwise. But again, if we made a big bet whether I could get more quality dates on tinder swiping to the max for the whole week, or daygaming for just 1 hour, I would definitely bet on 1 hour and it would be winning by a lot. Easily at least 3 8s, while on tinder during whole week I would be lucky to get 1 7 or even 1 six to come to date.

So something must be in play why we have opposite results.

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Where do you live? And how are your Tinder photos/bio?

1 upvotesletsbambamamba2 years ago

Baltic countries. Bio just city name and height (185cm). I put height only because I read that ladies are afraid/disappointed when guy turns out short. Photos average, not bad and not good.

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Yeah, my experience with Tinder is solely in Latin America and North America. I'm sure it's different over there.

1 upvoteswhuttupfoo2 years ago

Go ahead and spend four hours on a night out at a club, spend $40 on cover and drinks, find 10 girls worth approaching, and get one number.

If you haven't learned how to bang women without having to grab their number, then you're probably using Tinder as a crutch for your lack of game.

Let me fix that for you:

Go ahead and spend three hours at a bar, get $40 worth of free drinks from a girl, make out with two to three other girls and bring home the one you wanted to fuck the most.

0 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

a severe lack of game right there

Please, keep acting like what's holding guys back is their "game" and not their looks.

3 upvotesredd_reality2 years ago

You're using it wrong if you have this perspective. Every girl who fucks is on tinder.

6 upvotesKumonRoguing2 years ago

If you're near a big city or colleges tinder is still popping.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I get a bunch of 7s/8s/9s on tinder and bumble. The rest aren't worth the time.

Fair warning: 9s on dating apps tend to be total cunts. They already get guys offline all the time so they're just looking to upgrade as high as possible and get sugar daddied by multiple guys.

60 upvotesHarry_Wangs2 years ago

I recently moved to a new city. I used Tinder for a few bangs, but I don't really use it much anymore. If I had proper pictures I would get more.

Yet, I still am uncertain if it is worth using. Three things to consider:

1) Tinder gives you a boost when you first start, your matches will decrease each month.

2) Overall quality is lower than what you get in real life. More than half the hot girls there are just there for validation. Really only the less hot girls want to meet up and bang. There are exceptions of course. In person, most girls that pursue me are 6-8s. On tinder I am only getting 5-6s who want to meet up.

3) It is time consuming. It is definitely not true that it takes 10 minutes a day. I only take 4-6 tinder messages until I get a phone number. Even then, texting so many girls takes time. Tinder girls are also fickle. If you don't message quickly after you match, they lose interest.

4) Zero chance of LTR-material. I will never LTR a tinder/bumble/hinge/etc... girl. I am more of a quality over quantity guy, so these dating apps are not good for that. Even if the girl is good looking, most high quality girls are not on dating apps

13 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

1) Tinder gives you a boost when you first start, your matches will decrease each month.

Read the Weekly Routine section for how to get around that.

In person, most girls that pursue me are 6-8s. On tinder I am only getting 5-6s who want to meet up.

Sounds like your profile could use some improvement. I get hotter girls from Tinder than I do from real life. It doesn't take that much time/effort to get better photos, and if you can use them for several years, it's definitely worth it.

It is time consuming. It is definitely not true that it takes 10 minutes a day. I only take 4-6 tinder messages until I get a phone number. Even then, texting so many girls takes time.

You're going to need to text girls no matter where you meet them, so this is a moot point.

9 upvotesHarry_Wangs2 years ago

Yes, my profile can definitely be improved and I would get more matches, no doubt.

The weekly thing is clever, I admit.

My issue with time investment stems from the fact that it is hard to screen the girls online. I am spending time getting girls on dates and going on dates with girls I might not necessarily like. Whereas with social circle or game, I can screen the girl much better to see if she is worth my time. With online dating, the girl usually also looks worse than the pictures.

I work pretty long hours, so my free time is valuable. A date means I don't get to sleep so much at night, which also means my work, working out, etc... suffers the next day. Especially since I usually bang my date (even if I don't vibe that well) and have to clean my sheets, tidy up, etc...

13 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

My issue with time investment stems from the fact that it is hard to screen the girls online.

Ask for her Instagram or plug her phone number into Facebook and get her profile. It's pretty easy to get an idea of who a girl is just by stalking her on social media if you've gone on enough dates. Especially helpful are if you stumble on her YouTube channel and get an actual video of her talking. I rarely get surprised anymore, often I can predict exactly how a girl will answer a question on a date before I even ask it.


At the end of the day, you are right: if you're looking for something more serious, online is not the way to go. Which is why I call them "online fucking apps", not "online dating apps." :)

4 upvotesHarry_Wangs2 years ago

I do the stalking thing haha. But somehow, these girls still look way better on Instagram. Overall, I like what you shared, it has value.

I definitely agree that the cost of paying for the subscription is a better ROI than buying drinks every weekend.

1 upvotesRevo_Luzione2 years ago

Yeah, women have a lock on the photography secrets of bumping SMV 1-2 points. Judge accordingly.

1 upvotesRevo_Luzione2 years ago

On Bumble, a lot of girls list their Instagram in their bios. It's a thirst trap, but still a way to screen.

3 upvotesTHE_Aft_io9_Giz2 years ago

taking good pics...use a tripod and a timer if you have to. Or a good video camera and take screenshots from the video, which actually works very well. Here's a very good reference video about taking profile pics from a pro: It's all about the Jaw!

4 upvoteshtbf2 years ago

Point 4 used to be true but not anymore. Girls are bored and if they are single, they don't have a single reason not to be on Tinder, no matter how unicorny they are.

I know sluts that are not on Tinder and I know "good" girls that are on Tinder.

3 upvotesPhaedrusHunt2 years ago

I think you're kind of really depends on where you live and the demographic of woman you're looking for.

I live in Austin. There are TONS of hot women here. So that means there are actually a lot of hot women on dating apps. I've been single and back in the game for about 2 years. Believe me I have slept with some really fine women from apps. A couple legit tens and several eights and nines.

I'm dating one right now that is a 10 to me (probably more of an 8 to most guys it's a personal taste thing). She's also super cool. I have a married plate in an open relationship. 9 for sure. She looks like a damn supermodel. I Stevie Nicks banged Angelina Jolie or something. She's 39 so she's a 9 now but she was definitely a 10. Couple other women that are really attractive. I dated a 9 I met on Tinder for a year. She was sexy in a super slutty way. Physical appearance between Dolly Parton and Patricia Arquette but stylistic sensitivity of Joan Jett (note to all guys out there: don't get seriously involved with chicks that are into metal. They're whores). I hooked up with one chick on there it was a legit 10. She looked like a Victoria's Secret model. I hooked up with a twenty-two-year-old Haitian chick with a body like an Olympic athlete. Honestly not really my cup of tea but it was a hell of an experience.

Now here's another thing is crazy. I matched with his woman I used to work with. She's from Paris but her Heritage is Arabic and Caribbean with some French also. She was 54 and smmmmmooooookin hot. You'd have to see it to believe it.

I went out the other night with a girl I met on Tinder. 35, recently divorced. High 8. Ginger. I ate her out in her car then went on my way home. Probably going to bang next week. Maybe not I don't really care.

Pointers that you can still meet a lot of good looking women on these apps. Yeah it takes some time but it's better than spending all your money at the bar

2 upvotesredd_reality2 years ago

I hear your hamster wheel creaking from across the room bro.

1 upvoteslook_in_the_mirror2 years ago

Where can I find those quality girls?

1 upvotesHarry_Wangs2 years ago

Social circle, church, charities, community events, etc.. If you're looking for a LTR the important thing is to have several options to choose from and screen them all.

There are still plenty of low quality girls even at churches, so your best bet is to have several girls who want to date you and screen from there.

Its very important to have several options when you're looking for a quality girl(s). Because it is easy to naturally fall into scarcity and not screen the girl properly or put her on a pedestal.

70 upvotesConsumingImpulse2 years ago

This is all WAY too much fucking effort for a load of apps filled with boring, flaky women who half the time aren't even there to be useful and hook up, but instead just sit there and get swiped on as yet another form of undeserved validation.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I tend to agree. A 5 or 6 on Tinder behaves like she's a 8.

If you're a male 7 or 7.5, you will have infinite more success if you're hitting on 5s and 6s in person. Just don't make approaching your full time job and become a guy who gets kicked out of every shopping mall in the town.

1 upvotesredd_reality2 years ago

This is your perspective because you're low smv or have shit pictures and don't get any results.

You know that is true. It take work to get results, bucko.

42 upvotesTerrificMcSpecial2 years ago

This kind of lifestyle is corrosive to the soul. This whole post just makes me really sad for this upcoming generation.

12 upvotesRian_Stone2 years ago

Lol @ getting a pro to give you photos, but balking at 10$ a month.

You know when people talk about congruence? This is the kind of stuff they mean.

If you have a medium to high-status job, list it. If you went to college, list it.

Why signal for BB status, when your goal is to fuck?

Answer three of the questions in a witty, intellectual way

I'm starting to think you're a dating coach. This is reading like upstreamtwitter, not people who fuck.

Trying to remember the tinder guide here, was it humansockpuppet, GLO, or one of the old vanguards?

Interested to see how this works in the field.

2 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Lol @ getting a pro to give you photos, but balking at 10$ a month

I took my own photos.

Why signal for BB status, when your goal is to fuck?

Because girls fuck high-status guys. Especially on Hinge and CMB where it's more professional chicks.

I'm starting to think you're a dating coach. This is reading like upstreamtwitter, not people who fuck.

Can't argue with success.

11 upvotesKennigmatic2 years ago

Stopped reading after White...

5 upvotesbcool472 years ago

Exactly. Had 1600+ matches on my old account. Black dude.

34 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Jeezus I'd rather just jack off.

21 upvotesamekooky2 years ago

Also tinder doesn’t require Facebook anymore, found this out after deactivating my Facebook acct in august.

1 upvotesmancozbi2 years ago

But don't you need Facebook to start a new tinder account?

3 upvotesamekooky2 years ago

no. you just have to verify with either fb or by phone number now.

50 upvotesJonlife2 years ago

Or you could avoid this nonsense all together and spend time on doing things that actually make you happy, instead of trying to lie your way into some 4.00 pussy. Trust me guys. Fake profiles, and auto swipe bots/scripts? The sad part is that there are some men desperate enough on here to actually go through all this trouble. Lololololol

And to think you call yourselves red pilled. This belongs in the pua sub where men are still completely fine with manipulating and lying... All for getting some 2.00 pussy (the price of ratchet pussy keeps falling when dealing with people who have zero morals).

Seriously, work on yourselves and then you won't have to worry about heading this route. Lying is never the option. Anyone who tells you otherwise is unfit to give you life advice and should be avoided like the plague.

14 upvotesLendoran2 years ago

Honestly even the PUA guys would laugh at this kind of shit. They actually go out and approach women.

7 upvotesJonlife2 years ago

There's decent chunk of puas who's bread and butter was online dating. This blog post is from a wannabe pua. Most decent puas don't have time for this. They'll hire a kid like this and have him automate everything for them while they continue to go out.

Online dating is basically young women trying to get with the most successful males. It's a money exchange and some women just up and say up front what they're looking for. There's literally sugar baby apps for women offering their services to guys who can afford it. All dating apps are basically a form of men paying for women, whether it's sex or a meal (the women always decide who they open up their legs to). Blue pill cucks always end up paying the most as their negotiating skills are dog shit.

1 upvotesempty_moshpit2 years ago

While I agree that going through this amount of effort is very BP, the thread starter is doing this from the perspective of a man who looks like a 5-6. He will have to put exponentially more effort into his Tinder if he ever wants to convert matches to sex, compared to someone who looks like Brad Pitt or Nick Bateman.

Hence, OP is actually being very realistic about how Tinder works. Tinder is an extremely superficial app.

5 upvotesJonlife2 years ago

Nope. Because OP still thinks that looking like Brad Pitt will get him pussy. Lying to a woman when you look like a 5 or a 6 (which means you're under 6ft tall for most men) will not help you. It will only let them know they should never trust you.

We men hate it when women post pics of themselves when they're actually 20 lbs heavier. It's deceptive and we think less of a woman who tries to do that. This is no different what op is suggesting.

Also, stop thinking that women care about looks. It's a shit test when they say you need to be over 6ft tall. Height is the one thing you cannot alter or fake. This is why they say this. Women honestly don't care. Yes, looking like Brad Pitt def helps, but in the end location and how prosperous you are will Trump anything op says over this pua post he's trying to pass off as "red pill" (which it's not).

If I had a dime for every confident fat slob I see daily who has women all over him (because he's was confident, funny and most importantly, has money/success) I'd be a millionaire.

Get it out of your thick heads that women can be controlled. Women are only loyal to their hypergamous nature. Married women cheat more than single women. And single women love fucking with married men. What part of women being literally insane do you not comprehend. The best thing you can do, for your own health (physically and mentally) is to avoid any cunt who uses apps like tinder.

If you're using apps like tinder I know to swipe left on you in real life.

The amount of women I've fucked in the back of a disgusting alley because I refused to pay for a hotel is too much. Even worse, most of them found doing shit like that as being so "adventurous." No bitch, you simply aren't worth the money it costs for a hotel (btw, no woman is worth getting a hotel room for). I've fucked more women in the back of my old car then I care to admit (I only stopped fucking in my car because it started fucking up my knees to the point where thinking about it still makes them ache).

Women are literally insane. But once you figure out how to crack them it's doesn't matter how you look. All that matters is location and getting access to them. Don't live in small shit town, plain and simple.

Seriously, pussy is overrated and dangerous (thank God I never caught anything...alot of these chicks could barely boil water let alone knew how to apply deodorant....yes fellas... Alot of super models have horrible hygiene, smell, and not in a good way).

Stop lying to yourselves and delete tinder. Thank me later

8 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

If I had a dime for every confident fat slob I see daily who has women all over him (because he's was confident, funny and most importantly, has money/success) I'd be a millionaire.

You are so full of shit.

Post photos of them. I'll be waiting for the proof.

0 upvotesJonlife2 years ago

Yeah, I'll be right back with some photos for you bud. How about a hand job too while we're at it

1 upvotesempty_moshpit2 years ago

This thread was only about Tinder strategy. A lot of young women use Tinder. All the billions in your bank account, sense of humor and funny jokes in the world wont matter on Tinder, because they make a split second decision based on how attractive you are.

5 upvotesJonlife2 years ago

That's because tinder is GARBAGE. But guys still think they'll be finding that unicorn on the there. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink it.

1 upvotesEntropy-72 years ago

"Traditional" online dating sort of splits the difference between swipe-apps and pick-up IRL. The photos are usually more limited and those like OKC that have a Q&A matching system give the women something else to think about. Plus all of them have more detailed profiles where you have the chance to put across your wit, sense of humour, erudition or whatever you like.

Of course, you still need face-to-face gaming skills because the whole point of online dating is to meet them in person and go from there.

0 upvotesJonlife2 years ago

Read up on the online dating stats. Women are literally insane when it comes to what they consider a good catch on online dating. Have you seen the memes. They literally want you to be Christian Grey, money and all. I'm not even kidding. Google the stats about how women considered only 20 percent of men online as someone they would swipe right to. Men on the other hand considered fat slobs to be fine. Moral, women will never be happy. Run while you have all your money and youth.

1 upvotesempty_moshpit2 years ago

People don't really go on Tinder for finding their unicorn, they go there for quick lays. Unfortunately it's not very successful for average looking men because women have an endless supply of model tier men to choose from.

2 upvotesJonlife2 years ago

Women use tinder to get resources (free food, money for sex or blow jobs)... Men will stick their dicks in a glory hole, which means they'll fuck anything. Hence why sloppy warthog 5's and 6's are getting so much action on tinder.

Guys just want new pussy. Women want commitment of some kind whether through getting resources out of these Cucks or finding a male that will provide fir them till death. Women are thinking about this always because they only have so many eggs. Men have billions of sperm.

Don't go on tinder to get cucked simply because you're so desperate for pussy. The best way to get pussy is to not give away fuck about getting pussy. Hence why tinder is a trap and not worth the effort. You'll learn the hard way though, as most men in your position always do

2 upvotesJonasena2 years ago

Haha the amount of bull shit in one post exceeds my wildest imagination. It is like you live in a completely different world if you actually believe this

1 upvotesJonlife2 years ago

Like I said. There's those who are still taking the blue pill in this sub, trying to pass yourselves off as red pilled. For one you still think apps like tinder can be beneficial. You also think that "not all" women are like that. Second mistake. But hey, I get it that you won't be learning these lessons from a random guy on Reddit....because that would actually mean that you were paying attention.

2 upvotesJonasena2 years ago

Whatever keyboard warrior. If you had used half the time on tinder that you do arguing and spewing bs on an anonymous forum you might have had another chick in the back of your car.

1 upvotesJonlife2 years ago

Comparing tinder to Reddit lol. Are you 12? Last I checked, you needed a keyboard to use both platforms. How about not responding to my responses on here in the first place and not trying to act like you're an authority on this subject. Without you even existing on here, or having an opinion, then problem solved. But since you are on here right now you don't get to dictate who's less or more of a keyboard jockey. It's cute and amusing of you to try though

39 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The pussy is never free. Better to spent your time gaining $ and fuck 9/10 escorts. Chase money, never chase women.

10 upvotesmohchapa2 years ago

Chase a check, never chase a bitch

Don't chase no bitches

1 upvotesChadThundercockII2 years ago

I'm liking the fact that more guys here are going to "Fuck whores, make money". Still, some guys need to get the "hunt" for pussy out of their system and then choose if they want to get pros or carry on hunting.

7 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago


7 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Already rich. Guess why... because I have the same attention to detail in my personal life as well.

18 upvotesavocadowithsalt1232 years ago

All that to get two actual dates? Dude..I do not know what to say. This is funny. Cold approach will get you more for less time even if you are 3/10.

2 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Nope. I've tested both methods. Online is more efficient.

17 upvotesdontbethatguynow2 years ago
  • see attractive girl, go talk to her.

Fixed it.

25 upvotesTheseNthose2 years ago

i'm over 35 use two selfies and a pic dressed up for work. Bio is a funny sarcastic one liner. I use an alt FB profile with zero friends. Match, meet, date and lay women 10 years younger. That's what i call no time investment. Not gonna jump through hoops for chics over an app. That shit's for the birds.

I think you're just trying to get people to come your blog.

15 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

i'm over 35 use two selfies and a pic dressed up for work. Bio is a funny sarcastic one liner. I use an alt FB profile with zero friends. Match, meet, date and lay women 10 years younger.

Congratulations, you're naturally good-looking! As I said in another comment, try using Tinder for a week as a guy with an average-looking face, and you'll understand why optimization is needed for more of us.

7 upvotesRevo_Luzione2 years ago

OP, how much age-lying can you get away with? I'm 43. I consistently get mid-30's when I ask people to guess how old I am, but I don't think I can get away with 27.. maybe if I dye my hair & a few other things.

I'm on bumble now with my actual age, and I consistently match with late 20's dames. I set 18-32 as my age range, and still get a few matches. I've got decent pics.

5 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

If you're 43 you can't fake 27. I know a couple of 40+ guys that set it to 35 and are still able to match younger girls.

1 upvotesTheseNthose2 years ago

if you just want ass up that max age. There's still some hot career broads on bumble in their mid 30s

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I'm 45. Set my age to 26 in facebook, hide in tinder. No editing of pics, clearly I'm in my 40's and get plenty of likes from the under 30 crowd. If I was laying them, I'd be doing headline posts. 2018 here I come.

1 upvotesTheseNthose2 years ago

Eh, maybe?...I'm certainly no Tom Brady or Chad Thundercock. What i do is display mystery and mischief i actually have a personality to my profile. I don't take myself too seriously.

4 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

What i do is display mystery and mischief i actually have a personality to my profile.

If you had a blank bio and normal photos, you would still get laid at pretty much the same rate.

I've done many experiments on Tinder of the years with different combinations of photos and bios of guys with different attractiveness levels.

Like I say in the text of my post, 95% has to do with the quality of your photos, quality of your market (e.g. hot girls, good ratios, male competition), and facial attractiveness. The minimal rest is "Game".

0 upvotesTheseNthose2 years ago

I've done many experiments on Tinder of the years with different combinations of photos and bios of guys with different attractiveness levels.

Sounds like you put a lot of time into this....

6 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

I did personally, yeah, because I'm fascinated by it. And I want to help other guys out as well.

I'm investing in online now because it's the future of Game. Read this article: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2017/09/has-the-smartphone-destroyed-a-generation/534198/

I want to be fucking 18-year-olds for the rest of my life. Less and less 18-year-olds are going outside as the years go on.

Go to where the girls are. Nightgame is already pretty much dead except for a few select spots. Hot girls don't spend much time outside anymore because they get spam approached. They're glued to their phones.

1 upvoteschauncy_popperstein2 years ago

Hot girls don't get spam approached. Your average guy is a sperg who doesn't even have the balls to approach. And Tinder is the 1# cause of that. Tinder is "easy mode" dating. Because you don't have to actually talk to a real person to get a date it kills your approach game.

Hot girls are out there you just have to actually go outside to see them. If you see one go talk to her. Spending all your time making fake profiles is a waste of time, and it keeps YOU inside not meeting women.

Tinder is useful and easy to get laid with. But this really is too much effort to go through using it. Just make a decent profile and go about your day. Use it when on the toilet or when you have a few free minutes. Do NOT make it the focus or only means of getting dates.

33 upvotesRedPilledRoaster2 years ago

Some of the most desperate shit I’ve ever seen LOL

4 upvotesHoneySquash2 years ago

This is just ridiculous. So desperate to satisfy their urges.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

SF is a tough city... Total cockfest.

If you have the opportunity, go to NYC or DC or Denver. Not NJ, not MD (cuck state), Arlington is okay if you're around DC, and no Denver burbs.

I'm very tall, fit, make bank, but have a pretty average face. I can do 23 dates in a week before it starts to get tough... Wait listing the lower ranked girls to the next week. Follow the TRP sidebar on how to talk to women and you'll be sleeping with 5+ women.

January is good because they're getting pressure from family. Mid February is even better because they're feeling so insecure by social media. You can easily pull a notch or two above your looks, and still get tons of dates/sex.

2 upvotesRedditor20000002 years ago

Genius, the only reason you're getting "tons of dates/sex" is because you're very tall. So how does your post add anything to this thread?

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

You're still one of the only dudes here who knows what they're talking about. This subreddit has really fallen off.

13 upvotesWhitified2 years ago

my main problem with apps is that since every girl has a profile where she states her requirements, you're basically qualifying yourself to her the minute you talk to her.

Much more fun to just approach strangers IRL and make them qualify themselves

4 upvotessmirk_addict2 years ago

Struggle with this too. Maybe it’s good because it means there is a sense of pride. It’s already an uphill battle because the girl is full of herself and any match/message validates her sense of entitlement. I’ve gotten around it with being cocky/funny but it’s hardly worth the effort. They ghost, flake or uninstall the app and I’ve wasted some of my best material..

7 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Most girls don't state their requirements on Tinder/Bumble. And even if they do, just ignore them.

5 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

This is RP 101, and I can't believe it's been upvoted -- don't listen to what women say, listen to what they do. Many women will say they aren't down for hook ups who will suck you dry within 30 minutes of meeting you. Ignore whatever comes out of their mouth, and ignore whatever they say in their profile. Run your game and escalate.. that's how you work out what she's really like.

1 upvotesWhitified2 years ago

true. But I can argue too it's less convenient to run Game when through an app. Many women will swipe right too the moment they see I'm not White, for instance. It's not their fault, there's just no chance to Game yet. That's why many Players prefer real life hookups. Personal preference, perhaps.

1 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

It is true..

Case in point I just lost a few matches that I was talking to trying to hook up tonight because they don't even know what they're getting into. They can't hear my voice, they can't see my body language, they don't know if I'm relaxed and confident or thirsty and anxious. I might even start getting some of these chicks on the phone.. it's impossible to sell any kind of personality over text.

So yeh, even though I have enough successes to keep me busy, I am by no means satisfied with this method of gaming.

1 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

Most of those requirements are bullshit and hot air. They say things they don't mean.

The only one maybe when they list the height.

But if they say shit like "not into hookups, you better have a dog, my dog better like you, I hope you don't wear such and such shirts, I hope you're not a such and such fan,ect.." All that is bullshit.

8 upvotesterrorismofthemind2 years ago

As someone who got a lot of pussy in middle and high school, but then became a “relationship guy” at the end of high school - I never really understood “hook up culture”.

What is appealing about hooking up with 52 slags a year? Aren’t you concerned about rape accusations and STD’s and shit?

Im really not hating - cause like I said I fucked around when I was younger, but all we had back then was 10cent text messages and AOL instant messenger (and I was a kid) so modern hook-up culture is completely alien to me.

So what is the appeal of APP sluts exactly and why aren’t you trying to find a nice girl to pass your seed onto?

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

A lot of guys seem to think that make whores don't exist. Fucking random women every couple of days must have some sort of prolonged effects on the psyche.

2 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Aren’t you concerned about rape accusations and STD’s and shit?

Don't hook up with crazy girls and use condoms.

why aren’t you trying to find a nice girl to pass your seed onto?

LOL at the idea of finding a "nice girl" in 2017. She's not yours, it's just your turn.

3 upvotesterrorismofthemind2 years ago

Condoms don’t always work.

Oral STDs exist.

And that is the most beta shit I’ve ever heard.

3 upvotespinkpeachdust2 years ago

I've only read half of it but two quick things from a girl's perspective:

Don't have your first pic as a group photo- normally I'm too lazy to swipe thru the others to work out which one you are

If I was a guy I wouldn't use superlikes at all, to me they just subconsciously make you seem desperate

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

If I was a guy I wouldn't use superlikes at all, to me they just subconsciously make you seem desperate

Of course they do. But they're the only way to get around the Tinder Elo algorithm. Superlikes let you reach girls that are out of your league. Otherwise the girl will never see your profile.

Not trying to dog you too much, but this is why women shouldn't give Tinder advice. Unless you've used it from a guy's perspective you have no idea how it works.

1 upvotespinkpeachdust2 years ago

I still think they disadvantage you, I would never swipe right on them

2 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Good thing you're not a majority.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Is your next blog post: home remedies for VD?

1 upvotesvicious_armbar2 years ago

Use a condom. Problem solved.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Mouth herpies bro...1 in 5. Don’t buy what this creep is selling...it’s bullshit.

1 upvotesvicious_armbar2 years ago

Mouth herpies bro...1 in 5.

I already have mouth herp so it's all good. I probably got it when I was a kid from sharing a cup or some shit. I get one small bump on the inside of my mouth maybe once or twice a year. It's mildly annoying at worst. No biggie and definitely not a reason to not get laid!

Don’t buy what this creep is selling...it’s bullshit.

I don't know what exactly you're referring to...

22 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

White is a requirement? I beg to differ.

5 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Never said it was a requirement. Read the post.

2 upvotesI_dontevenlift2 years ago

Its not. I am a minority and i slay more than my white friends.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Redpill is about the truth, no bs just for the sake of PC. Yes it is a requirement, the way the post is titled. Observe a white girl swiping on tinder.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

RP is about truth, when did I state otherwise. It is much easier to put yourself in the AF category for white girls as a non-white (unless you are asian or indian). You dont look like beta bux material to white girls and most high value.white girls wouldnt want to settle with a non-white. They put you in the category of "fun times". I have heard this many times from ONS and plates : "You are not my type [I never date non-whites] but there is something about you [You are alpha and exciting and dick me down real good]".

This is simply my experience as a Persian living in Sweden. If you lift and are of high social and sexual market value, you can easily use your ethnicity to your advantage. I get way more pussy than my blonde Swedish friends that are as attractive (even more attractive) as me, online and irl.

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

This is simply my experience as a Persian living in Sweden.

That's a very unique perspective. Keep in mind this guide is meant for an average guy living in America.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I will. But is it really a disadvantage if you are non white in america? Even if you are of high value? Isnt like the majority un the US non white? I would think it is should be worse in Sweden

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

But is it really a disadvantage if you are non white in america?

Yep. https://theblog.okcupid.com/race-and-attraction-2009-2014-107dcbb4f060

I've actually heard that Sweden is great for non-white guys because not only are you a novelty, girls are liberal, accepting, and progressive. Not so in the US.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

That is data on what women rate they prefer right? If so wouldnt that be a classic instance of look at what they do and not what they say? I mean women also claim they prefer "nice and respectful" men over assertive men.

I am looking to move to america after I get my degree, so Im just wondering how I should adjust my game in America. If I am of high SMV, have high status and good game, would the fact that I dark hair and brown eyes stand in my way on the sexual marketplace?

girls are liberal, accepting, and progressive

And they are not in America? Im pretty certain it depends alot on the area. I live in an area that is like the OC equivalent of Sweden. Surely it would work similarly as Sweden in those areas of the US?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Props to you. Try the apps in the US though.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I will. But is it really a disadvantage if you are non white in america? Even if you are of high value? Isnt like the majority un the US non white? I would think it is should be worse in Sweden

9 upvotesamekooky2 years ago

My roommate plays this system like a fiddle, and he has zero day game.

3 upvotessteppenwolfofwallst2 years ago

Good advice!

I have used some similar techniques to do pretty well (a lot of dates with girls half my age). I agree you should lie about your age. I put mine at 28. However, I recommend using Tinder Plus/Gold to then hide your age (a feature of Gold). This creates some plausible deniability if they figure out you're older than they expected.

I occasionally do reset my accounts if it goes dry, but overall I find that boosts get me good exposure to pretty girls. For me, this is a better deal than spending a lot of time each week creating new emails and Facebooks. If you buy 10 they are 2.50 each, well worth not spending an hour each week.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I do the same, hide age. Am 45. How much are you pushing it? Do you lift? What's your angle?

2 upvotessteppenwolfofwallst2 years ago

I am in good shape for my age and have a youthful appearance. I run about 100 miles a month, lift, and eat well. My written profile is usually something funny, and my job is listed as my business ("founder at...").

I usually open with something related to their profile that is funny, flirty, or a pun on their name. I find that they don't ever say anything about my age when we meet and just assume I'm close to their age.

3 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat2 years ago

Wow. Very detailed and a lot of good info.

3 upvotesLuckyluke232 years ago

so this is how dating works in 2017... good god no wonder so many guys are " going there own way"

11 upvotesTHEnimble_mongoose2 years ago

Create a new fake Gmail account and Facebook event, and add 100 friends again. Go into your Bumble and Tinder accounts associated with your old fake email and hide the profiles to the public. This will make it so you can still chat with your old matches, but won't have two profiles up at once. Create new Bumble and Tinder accounts. Follow the exact same methods as you did last week regarding using your Tinder Boost and autoswiping on Bumble, but tweak your photos/bio using feedback from the last week.


you don't have to try this hard or put in this much effort. Just have good photos and be in good shape and look good. Be direct in messages. Don't try so hard or invest so much time.

It's a lot easier to meet girls in real life then jump through all these hoops you set up for yourself. Go out and try it, you'd be surprised.

15 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

you don't have to try this hard or put in this much effort. Just have good photos and be in good shape and look good.

Spoken like someone who's naturally good looking. Here's a challenge for you: use the photos of a guy with an average-looking face for a week and see how you do on Tinder. I challenge you.

1 upvotesTheseNthose2 years ago

use the photos of a guy with an average-looking face for a week and see how you do on Tinder. I challenge you.

I challenge you: make a profile of a woman and take a look at the guys profiles. I guarantee they'll all like the same and boring no matter how good their looks are.

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Guess what makes you attractive to the largest subset of girls? Being the same as everyone else. Just ask any member of your local fraternity.

-7 upvotesTHEnimble_mongoose2 years ago

Spoken like someone who's naturally good looking. Here's a challenge for you: use the photos of a guy with an average-looking face for a week and see how you do on Tinder. I challenge you.

That's another massive waste of time. Your time would be better spent in the gym and researching nutrition to get in shape. Try it. You don't need all these tricks and gimmicks to get laid.

11 upvotesESGuy2 years ago

Teach me how to go to the gym and fix my average looking face.

8 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

I have a top 10% physique. Been lifting for 10 years and I'm a competitive athlete. Ripped abs and 10-12% bodyfat. Between 1 and 2 here: http://foxhoundstudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/sex-icon-line-scott-herman-bob-adrien-brody-zyzz-ideal-body-small.jpg

It's a lot easier to meet girls in real life then jump through all these hoops you set up for yourself. Go out and try it, you'd be surprised.

115 cold approaches during daygame. Time investment: dozens of hours pounding the streets. 4 dates, 1 bang.

Thousands of openers online that require little time investment: 110 dates, 47 bangs.

I've run the numbers, I've put in the work, I know what works for me. Does it look like I'm new at this?

5 upvotesthomascoopers2 years ago

Dude - don't listen. Your post is really spot on.

My only 2c is that I've found Tinder boost extremely successful on Thursday nights - 8:30 to 9:00. I'll often snag between 20-30 matches in that time, and I'm not ripped at all.

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

I tried Thursdays here, same or less results than Sundays. Could just be an Australian thing for you.

2 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

Do you think body shots matter much? I have literally one really good face shot and that is it. I get enough matches to keep me busy, but reckon I'd get more if I was showing off I wasn't at least out of shape. I've been hitting gym for the last 6 months, so I'm sure it will only get easier as time goes on.

..and I do agree, despite believing the specific instructions are not low investment enough for me, that Tinder can provide all the sex a man could ever need once you've found a system that works for you.

-4 upvotesTHEnimble_mongoose2 years ago

then it shouldn't be hard for you to get laid, just go out in the real world and talk to girls. Be direct and not a socially awkward weirdo. You'll have a lot of success. You don't need all of these tinder gimmicks to have success with hotties.

-2 upvotesTHEnimble_mongoose2 years ago


-2 upvotesTHEnimble_mongoose2 years ago

I don't have codewords for things and quantify things. If I see a girl I want to talk to and see her look and me and she seems interested I talk to her and get her number. Sometimes random girls talk to me. Just dress well and don't walk around like a spergy weirdo with bad body language. The girls I meet in real life are always much higher quality than any ho I have ever met on tindr and bumble. Those swipe apps seem played out and dead these days. Definitely not worth the insane effort and time described in the OP. I had a lot of success with tindr and bumble a few years ago but it's gotten really boring for me and I was sick of the low quality hos I kept meeting. If you meet people in real life you can atleast figure out if they're an idiot or not before you try to set up a date with them.

Is it daygame? How many approaches on quality women can you feasibly do in an hour? 10? Maybe a few more in a high volume location? What's your conversion ratio between daygame open and same day lay?

This sounds really spergy. I don't make excel sheets dude. I generally get laid when I want to to with girls that turn me on. Is that a good enough answer?

What exactly does your "go out in the real world and talk to girls" look like?

I think the fact that you have to ask this question is part of your problem.

4 upvoteslegitimateusername42 years ago

This is well outlined and very good, thanks OP.

So much better than another fucking MAN YOU GOTTA LIFT post.

5 upvotesAlphafagtrainer2 years ago

You need to be a pretty diligent creep to put all that work in.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Get back to pretty boy asses, you faggot.

2 upvotesAlphafagtrainer2 years ago

What a great idea... good luck with your pathetic alien conspiracy dedication to manipulating someone to want to fuck you. Maybe if you had a fucking personality and weren't a psychotic lonely person you could get laid without going through an episode of CSI to do it.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

TRP teaches that women are a lagging indicator to self improvement, and should come in fifth or sixth after working out, tending to careers, working on projects or hobbies... this helps both men and women... but you're here to spout bullshit so you can say "I sure got those terpers derp derp"

10 upvotesMrEscher2 years ago

Jesus christ the amount of time that you put into this is absurd.

This reeks of something lowly

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Jesus man, you are overanalyzing running game way too hard. If you have to try this hard, your time would be better spent self improving yourself and then the chicks would naturally come to you.

3 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

improving yourself and then the chicks would naturally come to you.


Boy, that was a good one. The good ol' red pill myth. Yes, just improve yourself and women will be flooding your inbox wanting to bang you without you lifting a finger!

2 upvotesfrancisco_DANKonia2 years ago

My message to date ratio is way lower (1 out of maybe 1000). I'd need more info on that.

2 upvotesLuckylancer962 years ago

I dont like fuck apps but I havent seen a guide as good as this one. You wrote down every detail, facebook friends included.

2 upvotesrakibwashere2 years ago

Thanks. This is really detailed

2 upvotesSnufek2 years ago

what would be a 5/10+ face for a man?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

In 2018, the guy that plays Superman in justice league. /s

2 upvotesWerewolf35b2 years ago

I like this post

Only thing I don't like is the idea that you should have a pic with friends.

I'd be pissed if my friend was on a dating site and has a pic of both of us there! Even worse is when it's a sleazy guy on Craigslist trying to cheat on his wife and he has a pic with her there!!

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

I'd be pissed if my friend was on a dating site and has a pic of both of us there!

You don't want your friend to get laid? Cockblocker ;-)

2 upvotesTENNOU2 years ago

You deserve a gold, best tips so far.

2 upvotesIzakthegreat232 years ago

How do I know if my face is above a 5 lmao

2 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Put a high-quality photo of just your face up on Tinder with a simple bio. Swipe on 500 girls. If you get more than say... 2 matches in a week, you're probably a 5+/10. Obviously this varies with location, but it's a place to start.

0 upvotesIzakthegreat232 years ago

Hmm yeah I've got a ok selfie photo on there and I've gotten 17 matches in the 2 or 3 months I've had tinder. one girl I had sex with so I guess that's a good sign then.

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

You're probably about a 5. Improve your photos and you'll do better.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

5'3" Asian male here. Working out isn't going to help that. Haha.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I'm tall, and even though I know women are biologically wired to prefer tall men, I think heightism is one of the worst injustices, makes me angry. It's insanity to think on how a few centimeters of bone have such an effect on the life of a human being. Nature is cruel.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

ya well, when I finally accepted that no amount of working out and improving my personality and being rich is going to change that, I actually felt much better, because I can accept that girls don't like me because of my height, not because of something I'm doing wrong.

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Have you tried elevator shoes? These would at least give you some sort of... something. You could say you were 5'6" and target short Asian chicks. Most wouldn't care that that point and you might be able to hook up with a few: https://www.chamaripashoes.com/

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

interesting that you mention that. Asian chicks actually prefer asian guys less than other races do. See this okc stat: https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/1600/0*C1hAYh2NFpmDNvHs.

Girls tend to be going out wearing 3" heels, and at some of the bigger clubs in town, most of the guys I honestly think are wearing elevator shoes too. I've done ok in social circles, but in cold approach, it's kind of impossible. This is coming from a guy who's not shy. I'm saying it like it is.

2 upvotesshockinghillaryquote2 years ago

Eastern Europe, here I come.

2 upvotesExtremely_Photogenic2 years ago

Here's a strategy I use to avoid messing with my Tinder ELO. Set your range to as far as you want. Wait a few days at that range and then set your range to 1 mile. The only women who will show up are the ones within 1 mile (likely not too many) and any girl that right swiped you. Guarantees 95% match rate for your right swipes.

2 upvotesskinbrother12 years ago

I tried making a facebook account to add filipinos and FB blocked me for suspicious activity....

2 upvotesImmortal_Decisions1 year ago

I am a Filipino and this is straight facts, White and tall is a 10 for Filipino girls.

5 upvotesYour_Coke_Dealer2 years ago

Solid post with both social and technical advice for using dating apps without wasting your time. This sub needs more of these

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Wow. First off I have way lower match rates but almost all of them turn into “dates”. Maybe it’s who I’m swiping on.

Also, I take issue with super likes. This doesn’t work. I know because I worked on a Tinder clone app for a client and spent plenty of time in male and female profiles. The guys who super like are thirsty and look so. Don’t lump yourself in with them.

You are right that guys that are 5’s, if they play the game right, can actually get dates on tinder. I’ve seen it. If you’re a 9 it’s like shooting fish in a barrel but guys who are 5-6’s whine like little bitches about all the super hot chads getting all the pussy. If you are a 5 I promise you can bang 7’s on tinder. But you have to be smart and work the system.

What I learned from working on a Tinder clone

I had to build and use male and female profiles to understand the “game” and user behaviors so I could advise my client during design and development. The budget was small so this is not exhaustive.

  1. There are some perfect 10 chad thundercocks on there. They could fuck any woman on earth. They’re like 1% of the guys on there though.
  2. 95% of dudes have terrible profiles. Hot or ugly your profiles all suck.
  3. Thus 5% of the profiles are clever/funny and have good quality photos showing them off in various activities and dress (active, formal, on vacay, etc...)

Guys seriously, this isn’t fishing where you just toss a line in. You can seriously up your match potential just by taking some care of your profile. Get some good photos taken of you and write a nice clever/funny profile that shows off your personality.

Believe it or not plenty of girls weigh your personality as much as your looks. They’re not only looking for someone decent enough looking to fuck, they want the emotional tingles too and if your personalities are a match this is perfect. Don’t be someone you’re not because then you’ll get the chemistry all wrong. Unless you’re a perfect 10 Chad thundercock but then you can have a shit profile and still get laid. Get this though, there are perfect 10 chads who put time into crafting their profile. Why shouldn’t you?

Personally I like day game and cold approaches because I’m really charming in person and I don’t feel like that comes across well in apps. Still I take the time to make my profile really reflect what kind of dude I am. It makes a huge difference than just tossing a line in the water and hoping for a bite.

Stack the deck in your favor. Hope is not a strategy.

0 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

This doesn’t work. I know because I worked on a Tinder clone app for a client and spent plenty of time in male and female profiles. The guys who super like are thirsty and look so. Don’t lump yourself in with them.

Would you rather look "thirsty" and have the girl see your profile, or not use a superlike and not have a girl see your profile at all? Superlike gets around the Elo rating. If your Elo rating isn't high enough and you don't use a superlike, you're probably not going to show up in a hot girl's stack.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

If you show up in a hot girls stack and you’ve super liked her she can see it and she knows you’re thirsty. What’s better, not being seen or being seen as thirsty?

To each his own of course.

Alternatively you can guard your elo score and do other things to promote yourself such as boosting. Boosting had deff got me laid.

2 upvotesrigbed2 years ago

What does a perfect10 Chad look like

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Ever picked up a men’s mag and seen an ad for an expensive watch or some luxury good? The model in the photo. That guy. Ridiculously fit, handsome.

I once had a mutual friend who was a male model in watch ads and stuff. Dude had no game but was so strikingly good looking he just asked girls for their numbers and banged. He couldn’t understand how other dudes couldn’t pull ass like him. He was like “just go ask for her number IDK” LOL

My SMV went up by two points just chilling with him in public. But they probably just talked to me to get at him.

3 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Yup, good looking guys have no idea what it's like for guys that are not good looking. Hence all the dumb comments in here saying "NO MAN ITS EASY JUST PUT UP A SHIRTLESS SELFIE AND YOULL GET TAIL"

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

To be fair if you’re ugly you can hit the gym really fucking hard and then pull the shirt up... over your ugly ass head .. then yah. Hahahaha

2 upvotesrigbed2 years ago

I’m not photogenic at all and my face gains weight really easily. I have a square jaw and it helps not at all because I don’t have a gaunt face. I would do anything to make my face gaunt.

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

What’s better, not being seen or being seen as thirsty?

Being seen as thirsty. Practically the only time I've been able to fuck girls above my range (7s) were from superlikes.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Then keep doing what you’re doing buddy. Get some.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago


I'm not the coveted master race of White, but I do have a full time job and friends and an actual life.

Tinder gets me laid pretty regularly, and with little effort. Guess I should call up all those girls and tell them to disavow sleeping with me, because I'm not a 5'9" white frat bro.

(Now that I think on it, Tinder has given me solely white girl sex. Maybe they didn't get the memo that only 23 year old 5'9" white frat guys who fit every stereotype imaginable are the ones who are allowed to have sex!)

2 upvotesKwantuum2 years ago

If you're not white your swipe rate on Tinder goes through the floor. If you're getting laid from Tinder as a non-white you're either in a part of the world where non-whites are very well integrated or you're very good looking.

1 upvotesCanedude082 years ago

I'm not very good looking, but I take care of myself, and I've had some good runs on Tinder over the years. If you are a black guy, you have to have your niche, and you have to work that niche. If you are an intelligent black guy, work with that. If you are a straight thug, use that.

2 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Sounds like you completely missed the point of the Prerequisites section.

-3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You'll have to forgive me. I'm not white, you see, so I'm not superior enough to comprehend such incredible philosophical works.

4 upvotesDownVote_for_Pedro2 years ago

The prerequisite of being white was just stupid. I'm all for throwing out the PC bullshit but OP is an asshat and was out of line. No need for racist prerequisites, they serve no real purpose. Not everyone from one race acts the same way or has had the same experiences.

2 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

No need for racist prerequisites, they serve no real purpose.

You call it racist, I call it reality.

White men do the best online. This is a reality and has been proven time and time again: https://theblog.okcupid.com/how-your-race-affects-the-messages-you-get-39c68771b99e

If you believe otherwise, you are still bluepilled.

The whole point is that if you are not white, you wiill need to make up for it in other areas. Just like being short, just like being ugly, etc.

1 upvotesDownVote_for_Pedro2 years ago

You can call it what you want, but it is racist by definition. At least have the balls to own it and not dance around it.

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Society is racist. My statement is not racist.

2 upvotesEmstario2 years ago

you sound bitter, and you also sound like you're lying

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Got me! It's really amazing how you can tell everything about a simple inferior non-white over the internet.

Please give me your mailing address. I want to cash out all my wealth and send you a check. Us simple colored folks should know our place: we live to serve the 23 year old white frat boy master race.

0 upvotesSteve_O--2 years ago

I'm not white either, I'm Latino.... and 90% of the girls I've met online (and actually F-closed) have been white. Maybe the stats show otherwise, but I have done fairly well without being white. As a matter of fact, all the girls that I've met have said that part of the fact that they swiped right was because I was Latino. That pre-req is stupid AF. OH, and I live in TN....

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

No dude. Only 23 year old white frat boys who have absolutely zero indivualistic traits and are 100% carbon copy clones of archetype "white frat boy" are allowed to get laid.

Requirements: - white - 23 - white - baseball cap backwards - white - parents pay for everything -white -white - in a frat - white - have never once had one original idea or thought of their own - white -parents paid for everything in their spoiled soft little lives - white

1 upvotesSteve_O--2 years ago

Or as I like to call them: the "my dad is a lawyer" guy. The shortie pink Khaki shorts, sky blue Polo button-down shirt, sailor shoes, Justin Bieber hair-do, a Titleist (or any golf brand) visor, Ray-ban glasses and the half pipe sunglass strap - preferably yellow, and the gigantic F-250 sponsored by daddy.

Yeah, those are the guys that get all the ass around here. Do that, and you'll get a shit ton of right swipes on Tinder

GTFO here!

1 upvotesSteve_O--2 years ago

Oh, and since it's winter, bonus points if you're representing a fleece sweater with the logo of any SEC school (Preferably Alabama or Ole Miss)

Extra Bonus points if you have some sort of camouflage on

Extra Extra Bonus points if you have a "Ducks Unlimited" sticker in the back of the F-250

Post that in your Tinder and get unlimited pussy! and if you don't believe it, you're still blue pilled!

0 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

"Maybe the stats show otherwise, but here's my one bit of anecdotal evidence that proves them all wrong!"

3 upvotesAjCheeze2 years ago

If your new to Online Dating I highly recommend googling some of the basic scams. Cam Girls, Jailbait scams, Anything Verified person scam, And anything taking you to a different website or app to "chat"(that means the garbage app KIK, SC could be ok though) especially if your already texting. If you found a credit card wall you took it to far dumbass Stop now. All of these waste your time, or money if your dumb. If your in a crappy area with low population you have probably seen all of these considering they are more common than actual people.

3 upvotesJcHgvr2 years ago

Sounds like a metric fuck tonne of work for something that still doesn't guarantee success. I'd rather devote that time to pumping iron and working on my real life success.

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

What if I told you... YOU COULD DO BOTH.

<insert image of Morpheus here>

1 upvotesJcHgvr2 years ago

What if I told you that I while I might not be drowning in pussy I get enough of it not to want to do all that for one or two more.

5 upvotesilovevidya2 years ago

Fuck this guide, I stopped reading about a quarter way through.

This is WAAAY to much effort to be putting in for the chance to meet a girl on tinder. Dont follow his advice. If you want to use tinder, upload some photos where you look good, leave the description blank or literally just put a few emoji's, and be picky with the girls you like. I got more matches than OP in a week and i live in Somerset UK, pretty much fucking farm land.

I've used tinder with success and got a few lays, but most of the girls you meet will be at least 2/3 points below their photos, and will likely be shallow asf. I think of it like this, in the world we live in where women have such high value because of beta male validation, something must not be quite right with the girl for being on there in the first place. A woman struggling to get laid in this day and age is suspect. Theyve either already sucked every dick in the neighborhood and now need to reach out for new ones, or have dogshit personality's that even beta males cant handle. And this rings true for 99% of the women on there, I haven't met the 1% but I dont want to completely rule them out.

So by all means use tinder to get laid, but dont commit any more than 5 minutes to setting up an account or doing all this overthinking shit. Literally I can imagine desperate guys doing all this shit for a tinder match and feeling entitled and needy as fuck when they get some because they spent hours setting the whole thing up.

2 upvotesAugustuscrassus2 years ago

Honestly all you need is a couple of shirtless selfies with abs and be top 10% in terms of facial aesthetics and muscle. Otherwise none of this will actually work.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

If you are willing to do all this stuff to get third rate pussy then you might be better with an escort..you spend less and you get more..

From personal experiences ive never dated a good looking girl from these apps...Actually the best one was maybe 2 or 3 steps lower then me in beauty...

This means it is way better to do some daygame or nightgame, you will get more fun, improve your interactions skills, improve your confidence and might actually get some decent looking pussy unlike online dating apps..

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

This means it is way better to do some daygame or nightgame

This isn't 2010.

Nightgame is dead. Girls don't go out to clubs anymore.

Daygame is dying. Girls don't even go outside anymore. You should see some of the routines of girls I've fucked. Gym -> Uber -> Work/School -> Uber -> House -> Spend 6 hours watching Netflix and on the phone.

Feel free to stay stuck in the past. I'll be over here fucking girls.

2 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago


2 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Dead is obviously an exaggeration (but London is an exception in general). But it's dying.

In the UK, 45% of nightclubs have closed in the past 10 years. http://aaronsleazy.blogspot.com/2016/09/clubs-seem-to-be-having-harder-time.html

2 upvotestino1252 years ago

Night game is so far from dead. I live in a decent sized US city and the bars and nightclubs are packed with talent. Hell, my most recent new lay last weekend was a girl I literally opened at 2:15am OUTSIDE of the club that had just closed and she came back with me. Nightgame is easy as fuck.

1 upvotesTheseNthose2 years ago

If it's so dead how are these broads in pictures of them wining and dining it up in dresses?

Ya know where else has thirsty crazy bitches? Yoga. Chics talkin "namaste" and being spiritually centered. It's all an outlet for them not getting good dick so they have to put that energy into something.

2 upvoteschauncy_popperstein2 years ago

Night game and day game are not dead.

I wrote a field report about picking up a HB8 iranian belly dancer with my plate (she is bisexual) and people acted like it was fake. That's how shitty most of the guys on here are at approach.

A few weeks ago I got a date because I just walked up to two hot girls sitting at a table at a bar. They even commented that "guys don't approach". And because I can be charming and witty it worked out.

Tinder is a tool, but don't EVER put too much effort it. It kills the rest of your game. Hot girls are out there.

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago


1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

I don't think posting pictures publicly is a good idea, but guys can feel free to PM me.

1 upvotesodinmeister2 years ago

I'm 5'4'' - should I even try?

2 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

5'4" is tough. At that point I would just day/night game and approach shorter girls. Or move to the Philippines or Thailand.

1 upvotesAn_All-Beef_Engineer2 years ago

Yup. Elon Musk could be 4"2 for all the world cares.

1 upvotesWillGildUifUmakeSRS2 years ago

For me i never ask for drinks. First date is my place, theirs, or my car. Anything else is a waste of time.

If they insist you can agree to a date out. But plan it in such a way that the most logical thing to do is to hang at your place/theirs/A vehicle. If possible let them be the one to suggest it when they see it makes more sense than going out. Create some last minute work emergency that has you working too late for conventional plans, etc.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Damn dude, you know your shit.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Cool hacks but some of them are the natural, aka hard way, ie photo op as a leader of men or in exotic places.

Perhaps the hack there is photoshop?

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago


1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

does non-white people have a general worse time online dating

Yes. https://theblog.okcupid.com/race-and-attraction-2009-2014-107dcbb4f060

2 upvotesmental_models2 years ago


2 upvotesmental_models2 years ago

Have your shit together and schedule a date. You'd be surprised.

Many non-whites at least have a sexual stereotype that they can play to when dating average thinking women.

and, Yes, if you are a 5'4" Indian dude , and you aren't starring in and filming a Netflix series(Aziz A. is a TRP reader on the low), you could be up against the odds in the States, while having a huge pool of quality from back home....

But, if you have your shit together, and you have game, and get to the date stage, you are going to have success on some level

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

You should go for girls of your own race first.

If you want white girls, sadly the advice is usually to just look and act as white as possible: https://lookism.net/Thread-Theory-how-to-slay-for-ethnics-guide

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Any coders out there? I’ve had a good idea for a dating aggregator that brings all dating apps and texts into one spot, kind of like the old school black book, the main reason is to set a respond lock out that forces you to wait the same time they do, thoughts?

Great post btw

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Not possible to code. Tinder is the only app with an open API.

1 upvotesRP_782 years ago

I don't use any of your "advanced tricks", neither pay for premium accounts, and I get only 4 or 5 matches per week: however the fuck-rate on those is around 80%, so I'm ok with it.

The fake FB account is genius 😉

2 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

I'm calling bullshit on the fact that you fuck 4 out of every 5 matches.

1 upvotesRP_782 years ago

I only swipe right on girls I actually want to fuck, and also keep the distance very nearby: when I don't fuck one match is because she left for vacation or something related to logistics.

If you match 52 girls every week and fuck only 2 of them your conversion rate is very low in my opinion.

1 upvotesmidgetpooooo2 years ago

While I've had success with bumble and tinder without much effort or even great pictures (I don't take any pictures of myself, crazy right, so just what people have tagged me in has worked well enough), I would not say this guide is particularly healthy for a fulfilling lifestyle. However, in this day and age it is an option and this is the best guide I've seen to optimize that so kudos for compiling the info together for those who want to take fuck apps more seriously. Reason I don't is because I meet lots of girls in college and it's much easier to gain an attraction with them in person than waiting around for a message.

1 upvotesTRPmc1172 years ago

Great thread, thanks for the detailed info. I'm having trouble with this step on Bumble:

For Bumble, you're going to autoswipe. First, download AutoHotKey on your computer. Edit AutoHotKey.ahk and paste the following in: https://pastebin.com/4XiZHpNd

I don't see AutoHotKey.ahk in the program folder.

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Hmm. Autohotkey should come with a sample .AHK file. If not, try searching for a sample one online.

1 upvoteswashington_breadstix2 years ago

Upper-body shot of just you. Ideally taken with a DSLR with you in focus with a blurred, interesting background, wearing nicely-styled clothes (a suit if you're over 25, a button-down or something else nice if you're under 25).

You with a dog or some other sort of animal. Only do this if you actually like animals.

You with a group of friends. You should be as tall or taller and as attractive or more attractive than every friend in the photo. All of your friends must be decently attractive and not low-status (i.e. if this photo was taken at an anime convention, you're toast).

You doing [insert hobby here]. Snowboarding, DJing, skydiving, climbing, playing a high-status sport (sorry, Magic: The Gathering doesn't count).

You in an exotic location.

You doing something that indicates you're a leader of men. Holding a microphone, giving a speech, standing on stage, etc.

A candid, shirtless photo (e.g. playing sports, on a beach). If you cannot bench your bodyweight and/or squat/deadlift 1.75x your bodyweight AND are less than 18% bodyfat, skip this. If you don't have a candid shirtless photo, a non-candid is OK, but you'll get worse results.

I literally have no pictures of myself doing any of those things. Do most guys actually have pictures like this? I don't think I'm bad looking at all, but apparently I'm not even social enough to meet women on Tinder.

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

I'm not social either. I hate having photos taken of myself and my friends aren't the type that take a bunch of photos when we go out, so I had to fake it. It's sad, but such is the state of things in 2017.

1 upvoteswashington_breadstix2 years ago

How exactly do you "fake it"?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Is there not an automated guide to adding facebook friends? I find it hard to believe bots don't have a system for getting 'legit" FB accounts.

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

There are sites that give you a bunch of Facebook friends but in my experience Facebook figures it out and locks your account for security purposes.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

does that effect your tinder profile though?

1 upvotesThe_Handsome_Penguin2 years ago

Thanks for the great post, OP! This is really helpful.

One question - I know what DHV stands for but didn't understand how to do that with a message in conversation. An example please?

2 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

you: <opener>

her: hahhaa how are you

you: pretty good, just got back from <exotic foreign country>

1 upvotesThe_Handsome_Penguin2 years ago

Thanks man! A clear example which explains the point. You're the MVP.

1 upvotesfsaep2 years ago

I've also used the fake Facebook profile trick because my name is quite uncommon and I don't want any weird girls finding me, my friends and family there.

This "adding 100 Filipinos" is to get the blue verification check in tinder?

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

No, it's to bypass Facebook Account kit text message verification.

1 upvotesNino_BrownX2 years ago


Be white.

I thought white guys were under attack by society

1 upvotesNYCSPARKLE2 years ago

I don’t recommend the pro photos. Have heard some active feedback from plates that they think it’s weird / trying too hard.

An iPhone 7 will take a perfectly good photo. The key is to make it natural and active. Not posed.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

All that effort for some pussy? Pass. I have better shit to do with my time.

1 upvotesZukanStorm2 years ago

Well FUCK.. i live in a city with 50.000. I`m really doomed then :(

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You doing something that indicates you're a leader of men. Holding a microphone, giving a speech, standing on stage, etc.

This is a hard one for those of us in individual contributor roles. Any hacks for this? Seems like if you're already or naturally in a leadership position, you won't need much game.

1 upvotespablowaspicasso2 years ago

@corsega I already have an account with tinder plus and it doesn't let me add tinder plus to my new fake account. How did you get around that?

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Cancel subscription for Plus first, then "buy" the subscription again with your new account.

1 upvotespablowaspicasso2 years ago

Thanks! Also, it looks like if you use google voice number, they flag your account (they all starting to use the same facebook backend system for mobile number verfication). How do you get around that?

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Add 100 friends and you won't have to use phone number verification.

1 upvotespablowaspicasso2 years ago

I tried that and they deactivated my account. I think they can detect pattern if you send friend requests very aggressively.

1 upvotesroco-j2 years ago

But why a fake Facebook account?

1 upvotesOtter_Limits2 years ago

Should I be saddened that this is the level of work we've stooped too to get things moving along between two people or amazed that we have the whole "online dating" thing down to a science? I'm split on the matter.

Also, "with little investment"? C'mon let's be real here: this is not a small amount of time or money we're talking here. I mean, the Tinder part of this instruction manual basically starts with "get Tinder Plus" (which is $9.99/month at absolute minimum or $119.88/year), so already I'm spending dough before I've even talked to one chick.

On top of that, there's the matter of geography and accessibility. Where I live in SoCal, there is no easily-reachable social hub. Downtown is basically an hour away, just taking a Lyft there is easily $50. I don't know where OP lives, that this would work so easily, but where I'm at right now, it's at least a 20 minute drive in every direction--not including traffic.

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

What's your alternative?

Getting laid costs time, money, and energy. Distribute those three as you wish.

1 upvotesSignor19682 years ago

Impressive and very "scientific", congrats bro! :

1 upvotespoochman2 years ago

"Keep DHVing and teasing her until you have a yellow or a green light"

Are there examples of this? How do you tease girls over text?

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

"keep that up and you'll get a spanking" if you're going hardcore

1 upvotesRealMikeHawk2 years ago

How does the Bumble autoswiper take into account when you get a match? You have to click on "bumble more" manually to keep swiping. Swiping up doesn't seem to work

1 upvoteshotburgerz2 years ago

Benching your bodyweight is not something that people that haven’t been lifting for years can do, especially when they’re tall.

1 upvotestirafuera12121 year ago

Is anyone else feeling like their Tinder elo score didn't reset after trying this? I wonder if it's now associated with more than just your facebook?

1 upvotesThunderfin1 year ago

What if you're half white, half asian?

2 upvotesisthatsuperman2 years ago

The hate for apps is comical. Its been said before, if you're not getting results on these apps it's because of your SMV. Tinder and bumble really separate the wheat from the chaff. If you're not getting results raise your SMV, which is practically the pinnacle of TRP anyways.

I don't have to create a new profile every week to get results, that point does seem time consuming.

However, I do get about 5-10 matches a day and will see between 2-4 of these girls in a week. These girls aren't post wall fatties either, we're talking HB7+ 18-22 year old girls. Between juggling plates and setting up dates with these girls to get more plates my dating life is practically booked. To say these things are a waste of my time for the effort I put into it just amazes me.

2 upvotesdum_dum_boy2 years ago

SMV is contextual. Some men do really well on Tinder, but looking good without a shirt on and knowing how to game a dating app doesn't mean much when it comes to real life SMV.

2 upvotesGreatSmithanon2 years ago

Here's how to be a douchebag and increase your chances of being accused of sexual assault by 100% and having your life ruined by feminists

2 upvotesNourse412 years ago

I don't understand the need to overcomplicate a very simple and effective system that has worked for longer than anyone on this thread had been alive... ask your dad or grandpa --- these steps are most likely the reason your reading this now.

Step 1 -- learn to talk to girls

Step 2 -- go to a bar

Step 3 -- profit

2 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

ask your dad or grandpa

Times changed completely. Go to any bar today you will see girls on tinder or online dating app. Yes In the actual bar.

1 upvotesTheseNthose2 years ago

That's because the guys are doing the same...

1 upvotesRhynovirus2 years ago

ITT: Girls on swipe apps are warm holes and pretty easy.

Welcome to 2014.

Also you don't need to be under 35 but you do need to have good grooming and social skills. If you're an incel this won't help you. I probably Chad Thundercocked all your matches anyway.

1 upvotesFabelTromp2 years ago

Honestly Im getting bored of fucking >6/10. But yeah, starting to run helped me so much. CrossFit even more. Having a beautiful daughter too. Etc these guides are correct. But don't you get bored ? Im really getting existential problems from dating banging too much girls. Last relationship I got dumped because Im not a beta provider. Do you guys think there are good relationships?

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

But don't you get bored?

A year and a half and 47 girls in... nope.

5 upvotesFabelTromp2 years ago

So you bother with the less than 6/10 ? It feels like fucking with misfits or something

0 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Nope. Pretty much all are 6/10 or above these days. The last 5.5 girl I fucked was part of a threesome with a hotter girl, and I wasn't going to turn that down.

12 upvotesJustmagick2 years ago

5.5 ... LOL ... you must have Terminator type calibrated eyeballs.

Look, there’s a nice one. Definitely an 8.66.

2 upvotesAtheist_Utopia2 years ago

Ahhahahahaha that just made my day

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Please take this garbage to


2 upvotesanonlymouse2 years ago

What's with the attempt to redefine red pill as not something to do with getting laid?

1 upvotesthe_force_is_with_u2 years ago

Thanks for putting this together!

1 upvotesRXM96002 years ago

What about POF? There's some cuties and it's super easy

5 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

...the fuck? Plenty of Fish is nothing but ghetto trash, single moms, and whales.

Open it right now and post three screenshots of girls that are even remotely attractive.

0 upvotesRXM96002 years ago

Yeah thats true for 90% of them.I just signed up last week and had some success with hotties, they're out there.

3 upvotesTheseNthose2 years ago

POF was baller before Lady Gaga featured it in a video like 10 years ago before tinder destroyed it.

Now it's Plenty of Methheads. 1 or 2 decent to hot lookin women but since they are the needle in the haystack their inboxes are more full than ever full of dudes blasting off their hobbies and talking about their jobs with pictures of them in button up shirts on safari with their bros in cancun.

1 upvotesLiveAFTSOV2 years ago

I hate how good this guide is.

1 upvotesyoukickmyd0g2 years ago

Good work man. From the relevant portions it's clear that this will retain timeless lessons when combined with my own experience, saved for later.

I've not developed a comprehensive system and get about 5-10 matches and 1 date per week with Tinder only. 5'5" and most of the pre-requisites met, some exceedingly well. Agree that Gold is worth $20/mo, it's been a differentiation a of couple times: they've mentioned the super like or hidden distance, and on a first date they've only mentioned a couple of things. 5 super likes per week can be a game changer if you're lacking anything they can notice right away. In my case dates are always first night lays or ghosts, I'm good at reading when girls just wanna get fucked and am in great shape to do it. Women cum harder when the guy has resources, so there's that.

Have you been doing this long? I may study and deploy this strategy and am having trouble thinking of an excuse not to, other than time is money and I don't have much at the moment. Although I always get new plates between jobs, now I think I just quit my last ever job and got a new FOB plate last week (young Easy Bay Au Paire, we know why they're here :)

Never mind the comments saying this isn't little time investment, they're just slow readers

1 upvotesfapsquiat2 years ago

Prerequisites: "- White" ..... huh?

1 upvotesbuswithsquarewheels2 years ago

Just think of all the other things you could be doing instead of all of this! Its kinda horrifying.

0 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

I know, right? Like spending hours pounding the pavement and talking to 10 girls you see on the street!

Or getting drunk and spending hours in clubs with loud music approaching women!

Oh wait, I spend 10 minutes a day swiping and message girls between sets at the gym.

2 upvotesbuswithsquarewheels2 years ago

Except this post is not advocating a mere "10 mins of swipes at the gym". It's asking for a lot more, including professional photographs at one one point lmao!

There are many little nuggets of gold in here true. I will credit you with that. But not ALL of it. Plus that pounding the pavement, and doing other real life things practices other social skills at least, rather than being a path of least resistance and... arguably least quality in the end. So that's a big caveat.

Would you even know how to approach a woman in person successfully without using an app to start the interaction after using tinder so much? Hmm. Maybe you do, but seems an awful lot of men these days don't.

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Would you even know how to approach a woman in person successfully without using an app to start the interaction after using tinder so much?

Of course. It's not like Tinder somehow stunts your abilities to approach women in person.

After all, you're asking them on a date and meeting with them in person.

1 upvotesgELSK2 years ago

// , This poster has had solid contributions on his blog for a long while, now.

It's worth checking out.


1 upvotesLow_Cost_Chimp_Meat2 years ago

A step by step on how to get an incurable STD.

If she fucks you right away, she's fucked other guys right away. Herpes tend to stick around......and rubbers won't prevent it.

3 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago


Keep up the fearmongering. Guess I'll keep fucking the girls you don't want to.

4 upvotesLow_Cost_Chimp_Meat2 years ago

I fucked a "hot blond" for about a month ten years ago, and got genital warts....I then gave it to two other women. One of them harassed me by phone at my work daily (an engineering office) over it. I had to let a doctor and nurse look at my dick in a brightly lit exam room before being prescribed antivirals (that quickly wiped it out luckily).

I'll pass on that stress and humiliation again....so enjoy!

1 upvotescampa56la2 years ago

This is some simp shit. Desperate as fuck. Create a fake account, auto swipe, adding random Filipinos. Seriously? How about grow some balls and go out or stop giving a fuck and live your life. Beta guide 101.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Man get a life, there's no reason to invest that much time into regularly getting laid. Go find a hobby or something.

1 upvoteswooptiedoo4442 years ago

jesus christ what the fuck is this

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Seriously? Being white is third in compulsory importance? This post is completely trash.

1 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Next time actually read the post.

0 upvoteslumberjackinla2 years ago

You forgot the most import part - have balls. everything else will follow through. Online dating is a waste of time for 99.999999% of men.

0 upvotesDon_Himself2 years ago

this would be a decent guide

if it was 2013 and these apps actually still had anyone worth all this trouble

0 upvotesno_face2 years ago

Holy shit. All of that work for 2 dates a week? Far easier to hit the bars for my lazy ass

-1 upvotesjakebr6662 years ago

You bitch be alpha like me, no make dating guide, more be alpha. Cuck bitch.

-2 upvotesDrinkMyPenis2 years ago

>under age 35

"Uh yah btw guise I'm like a 20-somthing fuckin' brootal-skilled pick up artist and you should listen to me lolz"

Literally no man of worth who has anything to say worth hearing brings age into it, and being 39 I can pretty much guarantee I still get more top shelf tail than you'll ever actually see in your lifetime, "playa'"

3 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Sign up for a Tinder account, put your real age, and post photos here of all your "top shelf tail" matches.

We'll be waiting.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago


0 upvotesriot21002 years ago

I'd beg to differ, OP

I picked up a chick by telling her that I'd be on the play, and when she objected I started screaming "JUDGE!!! JUDGE!!!" All in all it was a good interaction. There were some sweaty dudes there though.

0 upvotesJonlife2 years ago

To you soy boys on here still acting like tinder is just for "hooking up", enjoy your STDs. And btw, if you were wondering what app to use to find women who cheat (they all cheat, btw, you just have to catch em on the right day) without any recourse... Just use tinder... http://www.psypost.org/2017/12/how-often-are-college-students-using-the-dating-app-tinder-to-cheat-on-their-partners-infidelity-study-50493

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

WTF, this has got to be the worst advice ever. You're seriously going to go through all this production for pussy? WTF? LOL. Talk about time wasted that could be spent on more productive things.

I'm like maybe a hard 6 or a soft 7. I ain't nothing special, and I have no problems picking up off Tinder.

And paying for tinder plus. WTF, who is going to pay for the "privilege" of "hoping" to get noticed. That's just pathetic. I don't even use the free superlikes. Just show up, match everyone, delete the ones you absolutely don't want to fuck.

The ones you're left with, you simply got to know your target audience and know how to translate bullshit tinder profiles. 90% of girls on there will waste your time if you let them.

My rules are, if I like a girl enough, I'll straight up ask her to grab drinks or whatever. Majority of the time you'll have her number and date set up within a handful of messages. Make her come to you, tell her you'll buy her a drink. If you still like her after a drink, tell her she should get you another round, alternate every other round... ie. don't pay for pussy, don't waste your money paying for something that is free.

If a girl has a ridiculous profile, (good ridiculous or bad ridiculous), than that's your cue to either make fun of her or call her out on her bullshit. I've casual dated a least a handful of girls that started off with me insulting them on tinder. My approach is "if you're gonna be ab asshole, I'm gonna treat you like one."

Another thing to note, If a girl says "I'm not here for sex" it means she IS here for sex, but doesn't want to advertise it, You have to talk to those girls, majority of the time they are DTF but they need to get comfortable with the idea first (this can take anywhere between a day to a few days of talking but I've never struck out with these girls).

Also, If you profile is super blunt and straight forward and you limit your pictures to 1-2 profile pics, you'll straight up get girls throwing themselves at you. Not often, but it will happen, I slept with three chicks last year (I'm not on tinder ATM) who flat out msg'd me and said "hey, I'm DTF, wanna meet this weekend". One was complete rando, visiting my city for the weekend. The other was a girl I actually had slept with the previous summer, we matched on Tinder and she started a convo asking how I'd been and closed it with "I haven't been fucked in a while, you should come over and take care of that." The other girl this chick I went on one date with years before. I didn't recognize her at first but she remembered me and flat out messaged me asking "why didn't we fuck" after asking me if I remembered her (I lied and said I did).

My point is, you don't need to TRY to get laid off tinder. That's what these girls are there for (even the ones who say they aren't, especially the one's who say they aren't). If you're trying, you're doing it wrong.

Literally, post a couple pics (you're not some bitch who sits there and takes selfies all day and posts to her social media account, you should have better things to do with your life than take pictures, so pick your best two and let their imaginations do the work, they want to see you're good looking enough but chick also dig mystery, if you're working for it on tinder it means you've overshared, and these girls are comparing you to every other bloke in her inbox, trick is to not over share).

3 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

You could have just stopped at "i'm a soft 7". If you're above a 6, there's no need to put in effort on Tinder.

Try putting yourself in the shoes of someone less attractive for a day and you'll see why this is necessary.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

yeah,, i replied to your other reply

-2 upvotesCanedude082 years ago

Frankly, if you are doing all of that in order to get some ass on Tinder, you are doing it wrong. Maybe Tinder has changed recently(I stopped using it once they started trying to monetize it), but I doubt jumping through that many hoops is worth it, when you can easily work on your day game, and get similar, if not significantly better results. Tinder is supposed to be a supplement to your game, where you add some plates to go along with your regular ones.

3 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

when you can easily work on your day game, and get similar, if not significantly better results.

Read my reply to the second comment on this thread. Tinder is more time-efficient than daygame.

1 upvotesCanedude082 years ago

The way you do tinder isn't more time efficient. I can easily day game while waiting for sandwich during my lunch break, I can easily day game while merely grocery shopping. Now, if you were just running with your regular FB profile, and merely putting some lines out there, then it's time efficient. But, to beat the Tinder algorithm, and jump through those hoops, it's not worth it. I'm happy that it's working for you, but for a lot of us, that is a waste of our time, time that could be better utilized elsewhere.

6 upvotescorsega [OP]2 years ago

Show me a grocery store or sandwich place that has 1000 attractive, single women that are looking to get laid in it.

I grocery shop once a week. I see maybe one attractive woman each time I go.

It makes zero sense to shame people using Tinder when you don't know their personal situations. This guide is meant to help guys that are interested in online game, and it's pointless to be negative about it.

2 upvotesCanedude082 years ago

If you need 1000 attractive, single women in one place in order to bed one, then something's wrong. Think about it, if you go grab lunch 4 days a week, and you are on your shit, you should have at some numbers. It doesn't require thousands of tries to get a couple of lays, that's a myth pushed by these "Game" shysters.

Maybe I'm a different guy, because I have managed to build stables without having thousands of women at my beck and call, but I think that the way this "Plan" was presented does guys a disservice. Tinder has its place, but it shouldn't require that much work in order for it pay off. I'm not spending enough time on facebook to add 500 random people, I'm not going to sit around and take random pictures, just for an app that is a meat market.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The OP is right it is more time efficient. Still too much effort for me. Just go your own way.

-1 upvotesScandinavianredpill2 years ago

I get 50 matches in 2-3 days without tinder+ when I am available on the market. 5.10. lean, working out but not huge. I did do a week of dating marathon when on there, but realistically you will have to fuck some not so hot girls if you go for quantity. Also if you can pull that many girls you will also be less obsessed with doing so (hint hint redpill). It's a great way to move on from a relationsship, I highly doubt those numbers whoever for average guys. My male friends get next to no matches except a few that look like models, so it's very much an on / off switch. look like a model, plenty of pussy. If you don't. well then take unattractive girls or none.

-1 upvotesBeeSwattter2 years ago

This is too hard. I'm a nice guy. Yeah I've but on a few pounds, but I' m not a dick like the guys they seem to hang around with. I don't understand why I have to do all this. They should be able to tell how nice I am and then have sex with me.

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