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My buddy's newfound success caused his (now ex) girlfriend to lose her mind.

by Rudy_J_Peebs on /r/TheRedPill
30 January 2018 12:20 PM UTC

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Last year, my buddy's business took off and he's making a ridiculous amount of money. He makes more in 6 weeks than most people make in a year. It's sick, I admit even I'm jealous of him.

He'd been dating the same girl for 4 years. She has a 'strong personality', he's beta-ish and easygoing, so she often just bowled him over and got her own way. Even so, it seemed like they were happy, they had discussed buying a house together, all signs were pointing to marriage in the near future -- which is why it was such a surprise when he broke up with her 2 weeks ago.

I finally got to see him last weekend and his side of the story is crazy. When she found out exactly how much he was making last summer, she immediately wanted to quit her job and "come work for him" (even though there's nothing she'd be qualified to do). He said no, but from that point onward she regularly pressured him about it -- increasing her demands to wanting to travel the world together on his dime, have him pay off her student loans, etc.

She started getting unjustifiably suspicious. She wanted to know where he was at all hours of the day, who he was talking to, who he was texting. I remember we'd go out and he'd stare at his phone half the night answering her calls and texts. He basically wasn't allowed to speak to or hang out with girls alone anymore, no matter the scenario.

She basically ruined their Christmas by being standoffish all day because he "only" got her a $500 watch. He said by this time they weren't even having sex anymore (!) -- she was just resentful and hostile toward him pretty much 24/7. But that didn't stop her from talking about marriage and trying to guilt him into proposing soon. Every day she'd be showing him expensive cars, houses, wedding venues and travel destinations. All she talked about was money and ways to spend it.

Finally, two weeks ago he woke up at 3AM to find her awake and going through his phone. That was the nail in the coffin; after a huge argument he ended the relationship. She came to her senses and tried desperately to get back together a few days later, "apologizing and taking full responsibility for everything", but he (smartly) refused. Now she's been running her yap to all their mutual friends about how "money has changed him" and "he thinks he's too good for me now". So now a lot of people think he's an asshole.

I found the whole scenario amusing. If she hadn't altered her behavior, they'd most definitely still be together right now. Most girls would start cooking him 5-star meals and fucking him like a pornstar, yet she basically did the opposite. I don't understand her thought process, it's like the thought of being rich short-circuited her brain.

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1365 upvotes2comment2 years ago

I don't understand her thought process, it's like the thought of being rich short-circuited her brain.

He became her unclaimed lottery ticket. First rule with an unclaimed winning lottery ticket, you don't let it out of your sight because someone else can snatch it up and cash it in. That's the sudden possessiveness/jealousy part.

Other part is typical entitlement towards a (now rich) beta. He's been with her so long she couldn't grasp the very thought that he'd break up with her. Just wasn't in the rule book. It's like if your dog stood up on his hind legs and spoke "Fuck this shit, I'm outta here." Just doesn't happen.

648 upvotesmenshouldhaverights2 years ago

You are right I did not expect my dog to do that. She was a fucking bitch.

175 upvotesneedbetterdays12 years ago

i laugh more from reddit than any other shit i swear

39 upvotesAncientScrolls2 years ago

Redpill truths and redpill sarcasm are the best bro.

8 upvotesAndgelyo2 years ago

I’m at the library and I can’t control my laughter god damn it lol

224 upvotesRed_Faust2 years ago

Yes, this is it.

Translating it to a more process-oriented analysis, her behaviour was an overreaction to a supernormal stimulus.

Like, in, you drink 10 coffees at once and get ultra excited and hyperactive (or do like Fry, drink 100 and stop time).

A woman usually reacts to a supernormal stimulus from a lover by having sex with him immediately. Like meeting a Chad in a disco and in 5 minutes fucking him raw in the restrooms.

And she reacts to a supernormal stimulus from a provider by trying to tie him down as tight as possible and extracting from him as many resources as possible.

This woman just got carried away and miscalibrated her supernormal reaction.

85 upvotesPatriarchysaurus2 years ago

Well put. Him going from Zero to Hero in terms of financial assets only gained him status as a BB, not AF. Thus she went for the hard sell on marriage to seal her steal and unconsciously gave him a big 'ol whiff of hypergamous intent.

3 upvoteskuck_kriller2 years ago

And that’s why she’s saying ‘he changed’ and gossiping instead of actually trying to be nice to the guy and get him back.

She despises him on all levels except the money

63 upvotesDubbleFUPAwitCheez2 years ago

Seems you zeroed in on it. It explains the ending of sex completely. He became 100% beta provider in her mind.

1 upvoteskuck_kriller2 years ago

Once he proposed and agreed to marriage she would have been fucking and cheating like crazy if she wasn’t already doing it too. 100% guaranteed

No respect for the guy at all (his fault too) next time he needs to do it right and never give an ounce of power or frame to the girl if he goes for a long term relationshit

1 upvotesIVegANetworks2 years ago

Hey man, could you list alpha qualities out for me if possible?

To me alpha is being number 1. So it would mean being the tallest, strongest, beat looking, most skillful at X, richest, fastest etc etc.

If this is what a man has to be to be considered alpha, what hope is there for most men?

Only 1 in 99 men are 6 foot 4 inches tall I think in America for example and you either are that tall or aren’t. It’s genetics and pure luck. You don’t get to choose this for example. And there are so many other qualities that out of our control as men that would make you alpha or alpha of alphas.

I guess what I’m getting at is, being BB is shit. But if so much of being alpha is genetic and out of your control and women can only ever be turned on by AF then what’s the point in pursuing women?

Escorts seem like the only real worthy option. If she feels no desire for you other than being a BB then what’s the point in having a significant other? If most men will never be AF considering he’s 1 in 100, hell, maybe 1 in 1,000 in reality.

I don’t know. I’m genuinely just trying to get perspective here.

It seems like you’re either alpha or not. This guy sounds like a “contextual alpha”.

And women being the sexual selectors in the free SMP, will only ever have eyes for AF which he probably will never be.

Any thoughts man? Is there hope for even this rich guy?

3 upvoteskuck_kriller2 years ago

I’m only 6-1. But I go to the gym to make up for it. I also have a damn good job and income I worked my ass off to get. Maybe I’m not alpha but my current SO and how hot she is makes me wonder if I am. I don’t care though.

Just live your life and not care what anyone thinks. But be a truly loving person to people you care about. Seriously that’s also alpha. People who try to be alpha aren’t alpha and never will be. Sorry 😐

12 upvotestheDukesofSwagger2 years ago

Upvote for Futurama reference.

1 upvotesRiace2 years ago

In the wild, she would NOT be mixing her genes with the best

25 upvotesEndTimesRadio2 years ago

Close, but there’s a bit more.

She thought she was owed for dating him while he was a beta. The payoff was marriage and a ring. She’d given up on the Instagram lifestyle these ho’s flash to each other; effectively, she saw it as ‘sacrifice,’ and him providing her dream lifestyle would be her getting paid back.

That he didn’t spend so lavishly and wasn’t tripping over himself to ‘pay her back,’ had her suspicious. If it wasn’t going to her, where was it all going?

It freaked her out.

11 upvotesWesternhagen2 years ago

She thought she was owed for dating him while he was a beta. The payoff was marriage and a ring.

The male version of this is the beta provider who thinks she owes him sex after he gives marriage and a ring -- an idea that provokes screams of outrage from women, of course ("you don't own her body, you animal!").

she saw it as ‘sacrifice,’ and him providing her dream lifestyle would be her getting paid back.

Good luck getting any woman even to acknowledge that you've made sacrifices for her, let alone that you deserve repayment.

60 upvotesdiMT-132 years ago

Could also be that if she has the stronger personality she’s used to being the alpha, which will change with the newfound financial boom and previously an insecure person with an unchallenged insecurity now is forced to deal with the face that there’s someone with the bigger metaphorical cojones.

2 upvotesIVegANetworks2 years ago

So you’ve always got to be superior to your woman for her to be happy. And even then, she also resents you for it deep down and it bubbles up at times? If so, what’s the point in being with a woman in a relationship considering how much freedom you lose for not only very basic sexual intimacy generally speaking, but from a person who expects so much from you, believes she’s worthy of it if not more than you’re giving or can possibly give, believes she doesn’t have to put anything in for you and in fact if you even suggest she needs to work for you detests and laughs at you while claiming she wants EQUALITY in the relationship and every other area of life?

Is there any hope for the average guy? Because average women don’t seem to believe they are appropriately matched to the average guy. They think they deserve the alpha when they are betas themselves.

It’s just madness to me. I’ve become so disenchanted with women.

What do you think this guy who’s now rich should do? In relation to women of course.

Just get escorts or try develop himself into as much of an alpha as his genetics will allow and purse women etc?

Most women to me at least, don’t seem worth the effort.

17 upvotesJackGetsIt2 years ago

Seems like after women are married they've 'claimed' the ticket and just like normal lottery winners all the bad traits they had before winning are now amplified because they have money. It's also no surprise lottery winners are poor a few years later and no surprise many of these low quality women are divorced so fast.

34 upvotesRomerike2 years ago

Unclaimed lottery ticket...great way to put it. Exactly what it was.

8 upvotesTraksimuss2 years ago

Just "lottery ticket" level is different for all women. I have seen woman going cray cray after guy got 120,000/year job. Every time visiting them, there would be a scandal heard. Oh yea, finally he dumped her.

2 upvotesJohnnySkidmarx2 years ago

I’d be really bummed if my dog split on me.

1 upvotesSheepWaker1 year ago

That’s exactly right. Never let them know what your worth. They will destroy you, if you got money.

666 upvotesrossiFan2 years ago

Reminds me of this joke:

A man comes rushing home and tells his wife "Honey! Honey! Pack your bags, I won the lottery!"

She says "That's nice babe, where are we going!!??"

He says " I don't care where you go... just get the fuck out!"

675 upvotescashmoney_x2 years ago

"She came to her senses and tried desperately to get back together a few days later, "apologizing and taking full responsibility for everything", but he (smartly) refused. Now she's been running her yap to all their mutual friends about how "money has changed him" and "he thinks he's too good for me now". So now a lot of people think he's an asshole."

This is the forty billionth time this has happened in human history.

468 upvotesTheRealJesusChristus2 years ago

„She came to her senses...“

No she didnt. She just lost access to money and tried to get back to it.

590 upvotesFrdl2 years ago

"adjusted her manipulation tactics"

73 upvotesL1amas2 years ago

well said

44 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Full stop,

This should be top comment, and nobody allowed to reply or comment, thus taking away from its perfection.


6 upvotessystemshock8692 years ago

I don't think anyone including OP were under any pretenses that this isn't exactly what happened.

299 upvotesOneRedYear2 years ago

when they love you, you are a benevolent golden god and your 13 inch cock spurts chocolate. When they don't get what they want you are a manlet with a vinegar filled 2 inch pecker who's a controlling/abusive/asshole. You can't believe either story. I never believe women when they tell me about their horrible exs. I used to ask "yeah, but what did you do" and sometimes they would actually tell me how they fucked it all up. Now I just smirk and stop listening.

149 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

I never believe women when they tell me about their horrible exs.

So much this. Women always bash their Ex's. Not saying guys don't, but women take it to another level. Guys will usually say "yea she was cheating crazy bitch" and leave it at that.

Women will actually try and ruin their ex's reputation. Try and get everyone to turn on their ex as if she was the perfect angel.

Anyone that has a single mother that talks about that the dad would understand this.

79 upvotesNinjaDingo2 years ago

Women will actually try and ruin their ex's reputation. Try and get everyone to turn on their ex as if she was the perfect angel.

Can confirm. Am going through a marriage separation (13 months into it) and my ex wife continues to character assassinate me to this day, despite the fact that i left due to her abusive & controlling behaviour. It's amazing how much success she's had with convincing my now ex best friend and even my brother with her lies and BS.

69 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

Been divorced from the first one since 2001, she still bitches about me, including bitching about cars I bought and built way back in the 90s. I'm always wrong, abusive, cheated all the time, never cared about my kids, ran off... you know, basically accusing me of everything she is and did.

53 upvotesnihilismMattersTmro2 years ago

my mother still tells me how awful my father is... 27 years after the divorce.

My dad is a stand up guy... I could likely be a homeless drug addict if it wasn't for him.

I should have learned about women from years of hearing my mother talk about dad... but I didn't.

Instead it took years of dealing with my own relationships... and finally reading here for the past few years.

19 upvotesWesternhagen2 years ago

Unfortunately, what most boys learn from alpha widow single mothers is "don't be like your father" (i.e., an alpha). Any display of alpha behavior is ruthlessly suppressed, especially because when it comes from the son of the alpha who widowed them, they are bitterly reminded of the alpha they are no longer getting.

Alpha widow single moms turn up the beta-ization of their sons to 11.

1 upvotesbenzguy19722 years ago

Same here. My dad spoke of RP truths after he and my mom split up in '84 when I was 12. Some things I had to learn on my own through trial and error. The one thing he said to me that's stuck with me since is "Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing and 99% of the time you'll be right."

37 upvotesTheFalseKnave2 years ago

It's amazing how much success she's had with convincing my now ex best friend and even my brother with her lies and BS.

That's pretty worrying as well. I don't have a brother but I do have a best friend of 20 years, and he would have to do something truly despicable (worse than murder) for the friendship to suffer. Who are these sorts of people who are so easily swayed by the words of a relative stranger that they forget their longer and stronger relationships? smh

23 upvotesSirNickClegg2 years ago

She's probably fucking the "ex best friend" or even his brother. No woman could get my relationship with my brother to falter on words alone.

9 upvotesNinjaDingo2 years ago

Nah she's just an expert manipulator and game player. My relationships with those two people were already strained thanks to her, so she didn't need too much help to get them to buy into her rubbish.

I'll note that both of those guys are utter betas with no backbone, and during the course of their relationships have been walked all over.

8 upvotesianpac2 years ago

She has success with your friends and brother because of propaganda. Goebells made it famous. Simply repeat a lie enough times and people will believe.The only way to combat this is to do the same to nullify her propaganda. But this means you would have to devote every spare second of your life to spread your version which as a male you have zero interest in doing. Therefore the woman always wins the propaganda war.

6 upvotesBewareTheOldMan2 years ago

...my ex-wife continues to character assassinate me to this day...

I wouldn't be overly concerned about the ex-wife's character assassination as her effort will be essentially rendered ineffective. Assuming you have kids, the ONLY opinion that matters in the long run is that you are an outstanding father and your kids confirm this as fact.

If you put in work as a good father, the kids and everyone else eventually sees the source of the problem. My ex-wife tried to undermine my influence and authority over my children with insults and other foolishness, and I would hard-check her behavior on a regular basis. Family and TRUE friends eventually see the truth as well.

As a result, my kids have zero confusion why their mother and I are no longer married.

The only other peculiar situation is if she is somehow affecting your employment, but most ex-wives are not foolish enough to affect income stream.

1 upvotesyomo862 years ago

My grandpa used to say: After a breakup men become dicks and women bitches. No ones should give a damn about that. Now everybody caresses a woman's ego by taking everything for the real deal she says. Real friends are most likely to say: This girl is just hurt and exaggerates stuff. The rest are just white knights in the waiting.

23 upvotesThotwrecker2 years ago

For women, group consensus becomes reality. it isn't real until the group believes it.

If you dumped her and she internally knows you were just an asshole, that isn't enough. It only becomes real and her story of being the victim only gets validated after it enters the group lexicon as truth.

16 upvotes2muchtequila2 years ago

That's one thing I judge people on, how/if they talk about ex's. Unless I'm interacting with your ex, your opinion of them has no effect on me. Trash talking them only makes you both look bad. Stay classy about it or don't bring them up.

13 upvotesCanuckinFL2 years ago

I'm 100% with you on this one. I vet totally based on that, no matter how hot. If you're some bimbo who was with a guy anything longer than a year, and have only to say that he was an 'abusive' asshole, I'm not listening. I'm already out the door. It's not a moral judgment, I just know I can't bang someone that stupid.

1 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 years ago

Great observation. Happy to see something that has always irked me in clear words.

3 upvotesredaftrp2 years ago

I’m the single dad(custodial parent) in this picture...

2 upvotesmummersfarce_is_done2 years ago

gg I was the divorce lawyer.

24 upvotescashmoney_x2 years ago

Exactly. They spin all kinds of tales but in the end it amounts to the same thing: We wanted different things and therefore he's an asshole whose good name I must now destroy.

1 upvoteswrekd2 years ago

That last sentence was great.

5 upvoteslonewolf12942 years ago

Story of my motherfucking life m8

1 upvotesJackGetsIt2 years ago

I used to ask "yeah, but what did you do"

Seems like they will either submit and confessed to you or lash out and get pissy for not validating them. Either way you win.

1 upvotesStillHigh092 years ago

Hell yeah! So he is a fat,abusive,controlling asshole with a small dick who never gave you an orgasm,yet you spent the last 2 years with him? Bitch you blind or something?

149 upvotestruedemocracy32 years ago

Remember fellas - being called an asshole is ALWAYS a compliment because it means you come from a position of power. An asshole is basically a strong man who doesnt give women what they want.

58 upvotesNevrEndr2 years ago

Nice. I get called in asshole all the time and just got promoted bc I drive results. Funny how that works

1 upvotesLambdal72 years ago

Um no it's not ALWAYS a compliment. In fact it is rarely a compliment, sometimes it really is, but it's not often. Here just a few examples when it's not a compliment

  • Cheat on your gf
  • Don't visit your sick mother
  • Talking about coworkers behind their back
  • Taking credit for someone elses work at work
  • Mocking people in front of others
  • Trying to be a smartass all the time
  • Insulting a girl, because she doesn't want to fuck you

It only is a compliment when you are actually. not an asshole

  • Teasing a girl back that just teased you
  • Having a spine and not being a pushover
  • Dating multiple women and being called an asshole for that
1 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 years ago


Scrolls past

1 upvotesBlackCraneStoic2 years ago

When a woman calls a man an asshole it's no demeaning slur. In reality it's her spasmodic way of saying she wants said guy inside her asshole I've come to realize.

3 upvotestruedemocracy32 years ago

It's because when a woman says 'asshole' it comes at a position where the guy is more powerful or has something that she wants but he isnt behaving in the way she wants.

Plenty of women insults mean true disgust: 'creep', 'weirdo', 'gross'.

'Asshole' and 'douche' are almost always positive though.

-42 upvotesPigFeetSammich2 years ago

I can hear the spirit of your inner beta in this post. Who hurt you lil buddy?

40 upvotestruedemocracy32 years ago

Hey thanks for caring buddy! You seem like a 'nice' guy!

4 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

His mommy hurt me, then she touched my no no place

22 upvotesCollegia_Titanica2 years ago

Technically right about 40 Billion since that's a bit less than half of all humans who ever lived. Implying that women had always done this since the beginning of human time.

42 upvotesBucky_Goldstein2 years ago

It's pretty funny when chick's start to think the value of their pussy is so sky high that he'll deal with all of her crazy bullshit and demands and just take everything she dishes out.

Nope the fuck out of that situation

19 upvotessoulcatcher3572 years ago

In my experience it usually is a red flag of infidelity. it is women's version of abundance mentality mixed with entitlement.

5 upvotesCanuckinFL2 years ago

"nope the fuck out of that situation" is really something I want on my tombstone lol.

9 upvotesFyrjefe2 years ago

"RIP [in piece (sic)] Canuck in Florida. 'I finally noped TF out of this situation'."

5 upvotesbenzguy19722 years ago

"If you can't handle me at my worst, then you don't deserve my best."

Any woman who quotes that Marilyn Monroe horseshit, stay tf away from.

1 upvotesAncientScrolls2 years ago

It's pretty funny when chick's start to think the value of their pussy is so sky high that he'll deal with all of her crazy bullshit and demands and just take everything she dishes out.

I love to see their faces when they learn the hard way that the world doesnt revolves around them and neither us.

275 upvotesmontrev2 years ago

"So now a lot of people think he's an asshole. "

good if that's what they think instead of previously probably thinking he was a beta like you say, so now I bet he has plates lining up.

338 upvotestruedemocracy32 years ago

Asshole from a woman is always a compliment. Always.

89 upvotesratthing2 years ago

AMEN! I never realized how true this is.

25 upvotesalbino_red_head2 years ago

Yep, sounds like he’s doing great.

6 upvotesrationalityiskey2 years ago

I was always a "nice guy." Now I strive to be the asshole.

19 upvotesrussbussdp2 years ago

I used to joke with one of my plates about how I liked when she called me a douchebag.

4 upvotescasemodsalt2 years ago

My ex/half ex (still talking I guess) had been distant and basically making me do all the effort. As if she's she prize. I asked her what she's doing today (I've been nice to her) and she said "get rich or die trying"

To that I responded "see you at your funeral"

She called me a jerk and asked what my problem was. I didn't respond.

We still snapchat...well...more of her stalking my story and me sending her one dumb thing every other day after not opening whatever she sends me till the next day.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago


All they ate doing is outing themselves as shitty friends. Easier to identify and cut them out.

6 upvotesianpac2 years ago

Any person who judges you without first hearing your side of the story is no friend. A true friend listens, understands and advises. The actual assholes are the ones who pre-judge. Never associate with such losers.

3 upvotesdr_warlock2 years ago

"I'm an asshole? I make more in six weeks than you make in a year. Fuck you, peasant."

1 upvotesmontrev2 years ago

even if rich he might get cucked like elon musk but then again not if he is making asshole moves which it sounds like he is. dumping plates that went too nuts.

297 upvotesMetalageddon2 years ago

Been there. Exactly.

When my business took off my income more than quadrupled over 3 months. That was several years ago, now I make more per quarter than most do per year or even two.

That's dread level infinite.

She's desperate to keep you on or beneath her level. It's just the way things work. She doesn't want to be left behind as she knows you've got options everywhere.

At the same time she's excited as fuck because this is the dream. Unlimited support and options, status, and absolutely no responsibility.

It causes a stall-out in the brain. The good ones do absolutely everything in their power to out-do your options. Sex goes up, care goes up, effort goes up, everything becomes the best she can provide. The bad ones focus on the "me" instead of the "others waiting and available". They begin to grab. And their little grabby demanding hands end up cuffed to a cat or three pretty quickly.

Be there for your bro, buy him a copy of the manipulated man, and maybe one of bachelor pad econ. He'll be fine.

124 upvotesGodLikeVelociraptor2 years ago

I've been making high six figures to low seven figures for at least a decade.

People get weird around large amounts of money. There's little you can do to predict who someone will respond, and not just women and not just family.

And it's not like you can go online and watch a youtube video on how to act rich and get away with it. If you advertise your wealth all sorts of "friends" come out of the woodwork. Fail to advertise it enough and no one takes you seriously until after the fact (yes, we really can afford to the chartered jet to Monaco.)

I've had girlfriends (who didn't last long) use me as an ATM without so much as a passing thought. Their HB9.999 beauty to my very average 6ish allowed me to tolerate it some but it's not so much the money as it is the objectification. I get it now when women complain of being objectified for sex. People are just as likely to objectify for money given the chance.

My current girlfriend simply doesn't comprehend wealth and what it can do. It's funny in many respects but is also the reason I keep her around. She insists on paying for things which is cute, and still gets happy and excited when I give her a $10 candle as a gift.

40 upvotesRedpiller772 years ago

Or maybe she is too intelligent and only makes you think that she doesn't understand so you keep her around. I doubt it, but it would be funny.

15 upvotesGodLikeVelociraptor2 years ago

She is quite intelligent so I wouldn't put it past her. The charade seems mutually beneficial which is really all that matters.

6 upvotesdestraht2 years ago

I've had a few girlfriends in Ukraine who wouldn't let me spend $5 on them and probably ten one hour one-time dates where I wasn't allowed to spend $2 on them. It actually became rather irritating because they didn't have any money at all and so we couldn't do much. Then there was the well known completely soaking type and its amazing what they can get into if you don't pay attention when they are speaking to the waiter. Racking up $8 on hot cocoa in fifteen minutes in Ukraine is quite an achievement.

1 upvotessaladon2 years ago

I thought Ukrainian girls were materialistic as hell, which explained why they are the poster girls for mail order brides.

What sets the two types of ukrainian girls, apart in your opinion?

1 upvotesdestraht2 years ago

There are young women who are determined to make their own way in life and they just take it too far with not accepting stuff from men. They don't want to be obligated to do something for a $5 pizza. My last girlfriend there was rather annoying in that she gave me shit for buying 12L of (fairly inexpensive) mineral water for her apartment when I was staying there and then again when I bought her a cheap pizza. It can be just difficult to find balance there since they are just figuring themselves out.

A lot of people get scammed in Odessa but I have only ever been hit with a girl whom I met on the street ordering these expensive chocolates with her coffee and then getting hit with a bill 5x what I thought it would be. So just like ~$10 but its not that I can't afford it but that its obscene. I figured that out day 1 that it was that kind of place and then I never left myself open to that again. Scammers and leachers generally need a willing participant on the other side of it or its instead called robbery.

4 upvotesCHAD_J_THUNDERCOCK2 years ago

And it's not like you can go online and watch a youtube video on how to act rich and get away with it.

This guy might come close, if it interests you:


And wallstreetplayboys have some stuff on Stealth Wealth too that you might find relevant. And it includes dealing with women.

And if you don't mind me asking, as I can never resist finding routes/paths: what path did you take to make your money in the tech industry, and how can people 20 years behind you now position themselves to maximise their chances of replicating your success?

1 upvotesCasaDeFranco2 years ago

How did you find your girl and how do you know she's into you and not your wealth?

My startup hit an inflection point and I've come from being $0 man to being worth 8 figures.

I live frugally (no car, rent a bedroom in my brother's house) but dress nicely and work out.

Recently my business has had more exposure so whenever I date women and they google my somewhat distinctive name (it's not Anglosaxon); they automatically assume a millionaire has most of that money liquid, just sitting in a bank waiting to be spent.

It works with getting laid but it's difficult to find meaningful relationships. Women used to be attracted to me, but now they're attracted to money I literally don't have - I pay myself a decent salary but the most of the value is tied to equity.

I've started just changing my name slightly at first, think from say, Francisco de Rojas Tormes to something shorter like Paco Tormes.

What works for you? Part of me thinks I should just upgrade everything, own the wealth and just never have a meaningful relationship - but I do want children, a legacy beyond money.

I've also dated women from wealthier families which also works somewhat to mitigate the hypergamy on money alone.

1 upvotesAarxnw2 years ago

Hey man it's me your ol friendo

23 upvoteshalfback9102 years ago

cuffed to a cat

This yielded nothing in Google. Can you please explain this to me?

EDIT: Okay, got it now.

28 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

Buy stock in Cat food with the rise in feminism.

7 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

Pharmaceuticals (antidepressants) will have the better return IMHO. lol

2 upvotesloddfavne2 years ago

Somebody's already doing so. Tuna is the main ingredient in much of the cat food. Japan is cornering that market. Tuna is actually being overfished to decrease the supply and increase the price even more.

38 upvotesIanP232 years ago

If she acts like this with every guy she's with, and they're able to figure it out before getting conned into marriage, she'll end up alone and single, living with cats.

11 upvotesGuitarHero072 years ago

She will become a lonely crazy cat lady.

4 upvotesGodLikeVelociraptor2 years ago

I have personally seen this happen with an ex.

6 upvotesPedro_Navaja2 years ago

She becomes handcuffed to a cat or three, she becomes a crazy cat lady

7 upvotescasemodsalt2 years ago

What do you do and are you hiring? $18-$20/hour would be fine.

1 upvotes_JustASnowFlake_2 years ago

Off topic, do you mind sharing what changed about you for your business to take off?

I'm looking for something to click so I can get my business at least providing a steady income.

285 upvotesBertranThePharmacist2 years ago

Sounds quite familiar, happened to my family member. Here is a theory:

If you increase the voltage slowly (MAP, 12 levels of Dread etc.), it gives some time for a girl to adjust. But when you turn on 200 kV... well, it electrocutes.

88 upvotessadomasochrist2 years ago

It's basically the opposite of "boiling the frog." Shock the monkey?

42 upvotesGroundhogLiberator2 years ago

Who doesn't like Peter Gabriel

1 upvotesCrispyChicken692 years ago

Great song and epic comment. Cheers

148 upvotestruedemocracy32 years ago

Women have an acute sense of what their man is worth and if other women are interested in them. If it gets too high THEY WILL SABOTAGE to bring you back within their range.

132 upvotesBertranThePharmacist2 years ago

True story.

When I started exercising, my wife started buying and making some high-carbohydrates food like pizza, cakes etc. She was surprised how I can refuse to eat any crumb from such food.

104 upvotesFlamingAmmosexual2 years ago

That happened to my father's co-worker. He was massively overweight. He lost something like 150-200 pounds, had the surgery to remove the extra skin, and all that.

His wife wasn't as big as him but still a big girl. He's an older gentlemen so he didn't leave her or anything but everybody was impressed with what he did and congratulating him.

He got all that weight back. I never got the full story but apparently his wife started making home cooked meals daily of very unhealthy foods and would throw a bitch fit that he wasn't eating them. He'd eat what she made to appease her and destroyed all that hard work he did.

23 upvotesHsnbrg5012 years ago

My LTR literally tried to force a piece of chocolate into my mouth one day, presumably because I'm eating better and working out, and she frequently says she's going to do the same. So, because she had recently quit cigarretes, I took my lit cigarette and pushed the filter up to her lips. That shit stopped real quick.

45 upvotesSlothOnRoids2 years ago

Lol, same thing happened to me, except I've already been excersizing for quite some time, bodyfat was still too high for me so I told her I wanted her to buy clean foods like chicken breast and brown rice instead of all this processed shit she usually gets, yet she still continued to buy the unhealthy shit, I guess in hopes I wouldn't look better. You would think women would want their men to to keep improving but they rather keep you where you're at so there's not more competition.

48 upvotescappadocianhawk2 years ago

They want you to keep improving but only for them. And never more than what they can handle. When you start to pull ahead they panic. Some of them start improving themselves to keep up with their new competition but most are lazy and try to put you down.

33 upvotespisspoordecisions2 years ago

It’s true. My LTR straight up tells me she works out all the time to stay hot and keep fit because of how often I work out. No complaints here

5 upvotescasemodsalt2 years ago

And then they will still flirt and cheat with other guys.

They have to manipulate a nest. A secure guy. Because they are just horrible people and nobody sane would want them

18 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Same here except I was powerlifting instead of "exercising". I ate all that shit and turned into a jacked and strong as shit 270lb monster (compared to 98% of the population, at least). Now I get looks everywhere I go from everyone.

Fucking love dirty bulking.

2 upvotesWesternhagen2 years ago

Just another shit test. "Is his new diet and exercise frame strong enough to withstand my offer of pizza and cake?"

26 upvotesThatOneDrunkUncle2 years ago

Is this why my LTR insists on getting a gym membership at my new gym, despite the fact that she never set foot in one before our relationship?

79 upvotesOracleofFl2 years ago

I think this is a healthy response from her. Her response to you increasing your SMV is that she wants to increase her's too.

28 upvotescappadocianhawk2 years ago

Well also she can keep an eye on him so he doesn't get friendly with any of the hotter gym chicks.

24 upvotespisspoordecisions2 years ago

Eh. I mean honestly who actually wastes their time with that? I don’t talk to anyone at the gym, I’d rather put my head down and grind through a workout.

5 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 years ago

Her hamster couldn't possibly understand that.

1 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

Exactly. I go to the gym to strengthen my mind and body. I'm surprised, based on the facts, we waste any time with women, let alone in the gym.

18 upvotesdonkey_democrat2 years ago

Yeah but that increases dread and he can use plausible deniability to counter.

2 upvotesthefilthyhermit2 years ago

Naw, baby. Why don't you go to Planet Fitness. They got pizza night on friday.

1 upvotesBlackCraneStoic2 years ago

Such a scam. They claim it's 10 bucks a month but they slam members with bi yearly surcharges. Plus they but low weighted machines to discourage people who actually want results from maintaining a membership there.

In reality they don't want to fill their gyms with people so they do little things to either fuck up progression like bagel Tuesdays or discriminate against real lifters to avoid encouraging beginners who'll probably throw in the towel after 2 weeks while losing 10 bucks and then some every month.

15 upvotestruedemocracy32 years ago

Actually makes more sense. Wants to work out together instead of sending you there alone. Key word on my post though was 'too high'. Just dont get too shredded ;)

12 upvotesImHerWonderland2 years ago

Happened to me too with a plate. I take her and make her lift actual weights with me instead of just running treadmill the whole time. I like women who improve themselves for me.

50 upvotesriot21002 years ago

In a sense, she was hardwired... to self destruct!

22 upvotes102117991072 years ago

I see what you did there Hetfield

173 upvotesatticusfinch19732 years ago

Good for him for not falling into the trap. And as for his "friends" in five years he will be living a life they would only dream of as they head home to their wives who aren't giving them sex, two kids and their lovely suburban home while they work to pay off their car loans.

Focusing on the things that are important now will allow you to live an amazing life you actually want five years from now. Just have to put in the work.

42 upvotesTheRealJesusChristus2 years ago

Dont forget that many people that suddenly have much much money dont know how to use it wisely and end up lonely without an amazing life and all that. Even if you say „no im dofferent“. You dont know. It could be even you. Hell, even me (I am very sure of me being different).

25 upvotespurduered2 years ago

This is definitely true. One of the big mistakes a lot of people make is to do exactly the opposite of what OP's friend did here. They spoil their significant other and start living lavishly. Allocating a lot of their capital to status items and living in a way that assumes their successful cash flow will continue. I mean it was quite a brief story, but it seems OP's friend is disciplined and is still very much focused on wealth accumulation.

20 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

There was a post I remember on personal finance years ago that went until details how alot of doctors are in financial trouble. It went into the fact that they were basically going through their 20s not making much to making close to $200k in their 30s.

And those people just didn't know how to handle making that much money as they were buying high-end houses and cars while paying off their loans.

It was an interesting article and it kind of caught me off surprise because I was thinking how can these people be so smart yet still manage to screw up their finances.

24 upvotesmarplaneit2 years ago

Hey I'm finishing medical school in a year I'll tell you how it really is!.

We graduate at 26 yo old with 250k in debt. Then we spend another 4 years on residency making 50-60k a year, that between paying student loans and renting, you get to save nothing. Then suddenly from being a poor bastard through all your 20's. You start making 250k++ (If you don't mind moving, you can start with a salary of 300-350k++ with some type of specialties, hell even 400k for osteo). So you have a 30 yo old who is know making 300k pre taxes. He thinks he is a millionaire and start buying shit, 80k car, new clothes, travelling to europe in long weekend, most of the time they decide they want a family so a house + wife and kids. And now you have a 350k salary, probably 220k after taxes. You pay student loans, your 1 million dollars house mortage, your wife insane spending habits because her wife is a doctor and think she is a millonaire. You may be lucky if you can save after everything, 1-2k usd, or maybe nothing. Now you live paycheck to paycheck because you are paying more than 10k in debt each month.

Now doctors who marry other doctors, or just stay single, if you are not money stupid and a little entreprenourish you start your own practice, and by the time you are in your mid 30s you are putting out 1mill. I know a guy with a practice he reinvested almost all his money in cranking out 2mill a year by the time he was in his late 30's.

6 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

Yes you pretty much hit the nail on the head and summed up that article.

The wife and kids also add to it. It's just crazy to think people can be making so much money but still be living paycheck to paycheck.

Thanks for the insight

2 upvotesWesternhagen2 years ago

Both my parents are doctors, I grew up around lots of doctors, and "paycheck to paycheck" is exactly right for many of them. The big bucks come in, and go right back out again to pay for big house, fancy cars, expensive vacations, etc.

4 upvotesBlackCraneStoic2 years ago

Give a person with a poor financial mindset money you'll just have a poor person with alot of money.

2 upvotesRunawayGrain2 years ago

This is also why a lot of doctors wind up getting snared in dicey financial schemes. I know one that got nailed for tax evasion because he set up a fake church, donated all of his pay to the church, had himself as the sole employee slash head priest of said church, and then paid himself back his full salary while claiming the tax exemption of clergy.

28 upvotesHisHolyShitness2 years ago

Money doesn't make you happy. But it also doesn't make you unhappy. It has it's undeniable perks to live without financial worries.

40 upvotesPigFeetSammich2 years ago

Money is the the grease that makes the gears of life turn more easily. Grease however will not fix a broken engine or turn your tercel into a Ferrari.

31 upvoteshalfback9102 years ago

I like the people who say money doesn't mean you don't have problems.

"More money, more problems!"

No. More money, better problems. Same amount of problems (because of the hedonistic treadmill, we'll always find problems to fix), but better problems.

Here we are on Reddit talking about how to improve society, promote gender equality, get laid, etc. Eight hundred years ago we would work fourteen hours shoveling pig shit and harvesting grain, HOPEFULLY have time to have sex and pop out some kids, collapse next to a wife we probably didn't pick in a house we probably didn't own and pray that we die soon.

Do we still have problems? Of course. But they're undeniably better problems.

2 upvotesThe_Noble_Lie2 years ago

Thats not money, thats technology changing the scenario. It takes very little money to make use of modern technology. Or no money at all since we just reap the rewards living in a first world country.

2 upvoteshalfback9102 years ago

Money is just a representation of surplus value. Technology creates value.

1 upvotesThe_Noble_Lie2 years ago

Technology frees us up of "simpler" problems and lets us tackle bigger ones, or less important ones... I thought that was your point, actually.

1 upvotescazbot2 years ago

My flight home was cancelled and I was stuck in Zurich two Fridays ago on the tail end of a work trip. I wanted to get an elliptical workout in, but the machine in the hotel gym was being serviced and I don't enjoy the other cardio machines. So I figured I'd go out to a dance club for my cardio instead. I texted my DJ buddy asking him where I should go. He said he didn't know but that he admired the quality of my problems. Made me chuckle and reminded me that I need to go on more solo backpacking trips just to let nature send me some real problems to deal with.

1 upvotesBlackCraneStoic2 years ago

Money and it's value is just an arbitrary abstraction. It's not money that causes problem. It's fiberglass paper for crying out loud. It's peoples' perception of money that causes problems. As the Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius said "Life is opinion."

16 upvotesPatsFever2 years ago

I'd love to see a post on this, it is a good topic that a very well paying job doesn't mean everything just falls into place.

EDIT: Like a guide to, so you got the six figure job with huge growth opportunity and career overall sorted out in mid 20's, now what. That'd be awesome, maybe there's value in personal trainer, nice car, etc that I'd love to hear people's perspectives on how to use their success and resources to further the journey and make the journey more efficient.

6 upvotesmarplaneit2 years ago

If I were in my mid 20's earning 6 figures... I would go through 2 options and see whats fits best:

1) Save money for 3-5 years and start a business in your early 30's- late 20's. 2) Save money 1-2 years, quit your job and go travelling around the world for at least one year.

Depend on how hard is to get a job on your career (Ie I'm going finishing med school in a year and a half, getting a career once fully graduated and certificated is quite easy) I would pick one. Is it easy? Go for travelling the world. Is it hard? Go for the business and travel later.

5 upvotesread_if_gay_2 years ago

There's also 3) work and save money until you can retire, which should take somewhere between 5 and 10 years if you're happy with a modest yearly budget.

2 upvotesmarplaneit2 years ago

retire at 40, and then what? SERIOUSLY, I am asking this seriously. You do your hobby? As a doctor you can half retired, ie you only work 3 days a week and earn 150k+. Still, for people who want to retire early, I just can't comprehend. You still have 30 years a head of you, even 40 if you are bit lucky. Sure you can play video games, and have hobbies. But then what? for 30 years straight? It's not like you are retiring with 10 usd million dollars to play with.

10 upvotesread_if_gay_2 years ago

Well, I suppose different people have different views but for me hedonism isn't the end goal. It's more about having total freedom and the ability to pursue higher goals. Nothing is stopping you from going to work if you want to, or launching your own business if you want to. But you can also put that on pause and travel, or read/become more educated, jump into research, write a book or pursue artistic interests for a while. Working is necessary to some degree, but it's basically trading time for money and I'm sure many people can imagine a multitude of more productive uses of their time.

4 upvotesthisguyPlaysPoE2 years ago

First, You can lift weights daily. Second you can look into investing into real estate/businesses that interest you either through stocks or being an angel investor(you get a certain large share of the company if succesful) Third if you still have time, take up salsa dancing, learn an instrument. Foruth, take some amazing professional model type photos, put them on tinder, change your age to 29 and bang sloots all day Fifth, travel to places you havent been to before

Basically stop making excuses for your lack of imagination.

dumb comments like this is the reason why I don't read farther down in reddit threads, the quality gets shitty real fast.

1 upvotesmerchcon2 years ago

I did option two straight after University after working a 3 month software dev contract - you don't need to be rich to do that.

Now that I'm in my thirties, I've been to over 35 countries, worked at several of the largest tech firms and now run my own consulting practice. I could have rolled with a single bachelor life forever but decided a very nice house, a partner (not married) and a two kids was for me and I'm loving it.

2 upvotesTheRealJesusChristus2 years ago

I would love this too, i have not enough data and tbh im too lazy to do the research. But if somebody thinks its the topic for him, please do it.

40 upvotesWISE_TURD2 years ago

For him turning into a beta: it was like putting a frog in room temp water then heating up slowly.

For her turning into a psycho: it was like throwing the frog into boiling water.

Case in point: she should have stuck with what worked. She let her short greed and lack of patience sabotage her game.

I'm wondering if/when there's sub that teaches gold digging cunts how to play the game. Really, trp in the wrong hands could show women how to betacuck rich pussies. Thankfully the majority of women don't give a shit about learning new things or bettering themselves, which paradoxically is why they want a rich beta in the first place.

20 upvotesSwanksterino2 years ago

Women know instinctively how to betacuck rich pussies. It is how natural wealth distribution happens.

6 upvotesWISE_TURD2 years ago

I agree that there are more women who are "naturals" (in truth it's probably more about how you were raised) when compared to men. It other words, they understand how to exploit societal norms to achieve their biological imperative.

However, when you're think about the best pickup artists, they are the "naturals" who also learn about game and put in the work. Same for any other profession or trade really. Not to say that women don't subconsciously practice their trade, but men typically become more obsessive and scientific about their interests in general.

Actually, I've been trying to get around to reading "why men love bitches" (the number one ranked dating book for women on amazon) to see what they preach. Really hope someone posts a review on trp to save everyone us all the time.

2 upvotesJackGetsIt2 years ago

which paradoxically is why they want a rich beta in the first place.

True. They know that won't keep a man that wants them to perform so the game becomes 'find the biggest sucker.'

133 upvotesWhorehouseVet2 years ago

It's called an "unjustified sense of entitlement".

She legitimately believes that she's responsible for your friend's financial success, thus in her mind, she felt she deserves his money, thus her idea of traveling the word in his dime. When that didn't pan out, she was infuriated because all his success depended on her.

"How dare he doesn't spend money on me that I helped him make?"

72 upvotesAugustuscrassus2 years ago

This reminds me of my current roommates girlfriend. Her boyfriend (my roommate) is a genius. I'd say >150IQ. Because she is dating him, she too must be smart.

She isn't.

11 upvotesmarplaneit2 years ago

Oh my god I know someone like this hahahaha.

31 upvotesMaxWyght2 years ago

A woman will make any man a millionaire, if he was a billionaire first.

Someone much smarter than I am

3 upvotesJackGetsIt2 years ago

unjustified sense of entitlement

They have a vagina that produces life so in some sense justified; traditionally women knew that wasn't enough to get and keep a man. You had to offer a lot more as a women in the past. Not anymore.

2 upvotesBewareTheOldMan2 years ago

It goes to the phrase "behind (or beside) every great man is a great woman."

This ridiculously assumes the same man would not have the drive, desire, or ability to achieve the same level of success without a woman.

It's a flawed concept. When men have no distractions of women, wife, or children they have increased productivity, but many women love the phrase and associated recognition.

I can accept there may be exceptions, but most men will perform much better without a woman serving as a distraction.

1 upvotesBanned-in-Boston2 years ago

To help your friend from backsliding, give him an intro to TRP. Perhaps one of the books, Manipulated Man, comes to mind.

41 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yea. Wouldn’t be surprised if het met another girl like her and thought she was the one because she treats him so well. But she’d never have been with him if it wasnt for him becoming rich/successful. And then comes the divorce

1 upvotesnorcalguy5102 years ago

Fuck bro that hit too close to home hahah. Met a chick after my first LTR (pre-redpilled) who was the complete opposite of my first: cooked, cleaned, rubbed my feet, etc.. I thought she was the one forsure!

Bitch turned out to be a low key drug addict entire relationship LOL

1 upvotesjoeytrentrain2 years ago

She sounds dope other than the drug issue.

Why not just help her get clean and keep her around?

1 upvotesnorcalguy5102 years ago

Cuz she deceived, used and manipulated me. Cuz i love myself and deserve better than that.

I miss her at times, hence my oneitis. But i remind myself all the reasons why she wasnt the unicorn i thought.

You new to redpill?

10 upvotestruedemocracy32 years ago

Definitely dip the toes in, but dont link the sub as it might be too much for someone who didnt find it on his own accord.

Nevertheless he needs this type of information NOW as a single and successful man more than ever before. Women will be coming at him nonstop

65 upvotesFlyingSexistPig2 years ago

He was rich, which meant they were rich, which meant she was rich. Too rich to be hanging out with a loser like him who didn't ever treat her in the manner to which she'd like to be accustomed to.

He'll trade up to a much nicer newer model, and then she'll really lose her shit. Wait for the false rape allegations next!

6 upvotesYuri_TxM2 years ago

I also believe that's where she got messed up. At the same time she was rich, she knew she was not.

120 upvotesbrinkleybuzz2 years ago

Most girls would start cooking him 5-star meals and fucking him like a pornstar.

No, she did what the average woman would do if she found out the guy she was banging was rich and she wasn't getting her "fair share". They'll never admit it, but sex is transactional for women. They defintely expect a return on their investment.

Good thing your buddy wasn't married to her.

26 upvotesbloodshot_eyes2 years ago

The cost of sex isn't a flat rate, its a percentage.

20 upvotesMetalgear2222 years ago

Which is why you never tell them how much you make.

8 upvotesdr_warlock2 years ago

Base-pay + percentage**

Women put a price-floor on pussy.

47 upvotesrandarrow2 years ago

He should start recording everything. She's cooked the golden goose, she's not going to calm down for years. There doesn't seem to be much of a difference between attitude and rape accusations. He also needs to start being more proactive about fixing his friendships and deciding who his real friends are and are not.

Had a couple of friendships turn sour a year ago, no big blowup I just started avoiding someone, and others followed. One woman is now terrified of me, the whole, she interprets her insecurity as disgust, fear, or rage thing. Willing to bet the story is fictional karma farming, but if real he needs to be concerned she is going to do more than turn his friends against him.

18 upvotesIShavedMyNutsForThis2 years ago

Most girls would start cooking him 5-star meals and fucking him like a pornstar

No, most women would probably do exactly what this one did, or some variation of it. Really, most people probably would. Money changes the people around a person more than the person itself. Everyone is looking to get something for free, and they often think it's easiest to get it from someone you know and can manipulate.

17 upvoteschazthundergut2 years ago

She definitely didn't think it through. She thought his frame was weaker than it actually was (based on how much of a beta he was), and she didn't realize her mistake until it was too late. I gfuarantee you if she could go back in time she would replace all that shitty behavior with blowjobs until after the wedding/ pregnancy. Then it would all come back out.

Good for him.

1 upvotesSheepWaker1 year ago

Most women misunderstand a mans frame. The best offense is a dumb defense. Keep it simple stupid are words to live by. Also, Embrace the Suck.

39 upvotestruedemocracy32 years ago

In a LTR you will often, not always, see major SMV swings between you and your partner. Maybe you lose a job, maybe she gains weight, maybe one of you inherent a lot of money, etc. I'd say entrepreneurial success is rarer- but definitely falls into that line.

Why did she act the way she did? Simple - she is insecure in her value as his SMV grew several numbers above hers. I had something similar happen to me in a previous relationship where my then gf was struggling and unemployed and she would always ask what I was doing, get mad if I was at a work lunch with women, look at Uber addresses on my phone and think I was cheating etc.

If you are with a high intelligence women usually they will treat you more like a king. These are the women who have strong interests on their own - could be a doctor or work in research, maybe have their own business themselves. Care less about money and more about being brainy. However, I would guess this is USUALLY the exception. And more often then not they will treat YOUR new money as THEIRS.

If any of the above shit tests happen to you then simply say 'you're paranoid', dont change behavior, and most of all hold frame as she cries and pouts until she eventually recognizes she is being a psycho (and if you hold frame she will) and come around to you

20 upvotesratthing2 years ago

If you are with a high intelligence women usually they will treat you more like a king.

Very true. My wife (a redpilled wife with a PhD) has been with me as my income has increased by an exponent since we've been together. She never pulled anything like this, and has done everything in her power to keep me happy.

12 upvotestruedemocracy32 years ago

And I'm guessing she isnt very materialistic. Dont get me wrong - if you are doing well financially it's ok to have nicer than average things. But the girls I know with who fit that bill would never be upset over a several hundred dollar watch, and would actually prefer things like a fun adventurous trip instead

15 upvotesratthing2 years ago

Exactly. She is very non-materialistic. For example, we could be living in a very expensive and large home, but she preferred us to buy a small house in a middle class neighborhood, so we could pay it off in 10 years. In 2016 I bought her a new minivan and she was absolutely floored that I had "wasted" money on a NEW vehicle, when we usually buy used.

20 upvotestruedemocracy32 years ago

Nothing is more attractive than a financially responsible woman lol know so many relationships where it's the man doing everything to pay for a womans lifestyle and it's so sad to see

12 upvotesjm512 years ago

'True wealth is having a thrifty wife.'

1 upvotesBewareTheOldMan2 years ago

'True wealth is having a thrifty wife.'

TM that phrase before someone else does...

6 upvotesdonkey_democrat2 years ago

Materialism (mainly status spending) is generally inversely proportional to intelligence.

3 upvotestruedemocracy32 years ago

I would disagree - many status products are reserved typically for the wealthiest and most intelligent of society. The iPhones, Audis, etc.

3 upvotesdonkey_democrat2 years ago

Yes, but people who are stupid will often go to lengths of disadvantaging themselves to obtain such items. That is what I was trying to convey. Usually smarter people have the money, but also are able to control themselves to make better financial decisions.

1 upvotesThe_Noble_Lie2 years ago

I can easily make the case these purchases are not intelligent.

....you cant make that case?

1 upvotestruedemocracy32 years ago

huh? That's what I just said?

The wealthy definitely pay for status in many areas. Often at an absurd premium.

2 upvotesOriginal_Dankster2 years ago

"Why did she act the way she did? Simple - she is insecure in her value as his SMV grew several numbers above hers..."

His RMV increased, not SMV. But otherwise the analysis is very astute.

29 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

There is actually a reason behind her actions:

You said they'd been dating for about 4 years. To her that likley made her feel she was in a secure relationship. She was giving her part and he was giving his. Then, she gained additional information; i.e., he had a lot more resources he could commit to her but was not. That scared her and made her rethink the stability of their relationship and his commitment.

A male correlary goes: we're together and sex is a huge part of our relationship, so we should be having frequent sex, good sex and kinky sex. Then, after several years of this you one day find out--wholly shit she's done all sorts of things with other men that she refuses to do with me! You aren't going to care why she hasn't done those things with you or how she truly feels about you, or at least says she feels about you, you and your relationship are going to feel inferior to her past escapades and ruin your whole relationship despite how you thought about it immediately before you learned that info.

It's the same for her. They were in a relationship, she felt entitled to his resources, saw he could give much more than he was, he refused all suggestions to up his commitment/provisioning, she could reach no other conclussion than that he wasn't commited. His not giving resources as part of the relationship is like her not giving sex. She acted out drastictly.

-2 upvotesSwanksterino2 years ago

But the sex thing was already happening, it wasn't happening.

Since when is a GF entitled to any of a BF's income, over and above shared living expenses? Or even a fiance? Sounds like trying to have the best parts of a relationship, and the advantages of a marriage at the same time

He was living with her, why is that not a clear enough demonstration of his commitment?

She wasn't asking for more food on the table. Or a fair share of rent, or movie channels. She was talkung cars, house, and marriage.

Your post feels like an excuse for this behaviour.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Excuse? I'm not justifying anything. I'm explaining. Do what you need to do and let others act the same.

As for the decrease in sex, that proves my point, she back tracked the relationship on her end to meet what she thought she was getting from him: no resources commitment = no sex. She was trying to establish an equalibrium, she just grossly miscalculated her value. No point in closing the barn while the cow is out.

I agree she is NOT entitled to anything from him. If he isn't giving it enthusiastically, she shouldn't want it. But, on the other hand, if all she wants to give him is duty sex once a week, he can't get mad that she went ass to mouth on 10 guys before him. That's irrelevant as he isn't entitled to anything from her, even if she's his wife, and if she doesn't do it with enthusiastic consent he shouldn't want her to do it.

She wasn't asking for more food on the table. Or a fair share of rent, or movie channels. She was talkung cars, house, and marriage.

That's why it's so important to understand women. She wasn't talking necessities, she was talking status. Fuck necessities, women will starve themselves, murder their unborn kids, abandon their born kids, and happily make themselves into whores, for status.

What she did made perfect sense to her. It's also easy for any guy to understand. None of which is to say that the guy in th story didn't play his hand correctly.

37 upvotes102117991072 years ago

Nobody seems to be asking the question why the hell did your buddy tell her how much he was making to begin with?

Dated a girl for almost 4yrs, she never knew my income. Keep your mouth shut about your finances fellas

18 upvotesalxjones2 years ago

classy rule #1 : don't speak of finances

2 upvotes102117991072 years ago

Apart from the behaviours etc that allowed her to go off the rails like this, nr one mistake was divulging this info.

13 upvotesraceAround1262 years ago

I had this exact situation. I was in a crap career trap, didn't make much money and was fat as all hell.

She was abusive and frankly nearly bipolar. I spent two years rebuilding myself into something new.

About 4 years later after we've both moved on, split etc, I've changed completely. I have a very decent salary for my age, two sources of income and in a position whereby I have actual fans of my music and all the rest of it. Women are no problem for me to get should I want to.

No end of "stories" are coming out about me since she heard I'm doing well. As far as I know she's pregnant after a one night stand from a former mutual friend who instantly took her side when we broke up painting me up to be the biggest asshole ever. He occasionally does temp work in factories.

24 upvotesGenericBadGuyNumber32 years ago

Sounds like a smart guy on multiple levels.

5 upvotesmontrev2 years ago

OP said he was beta in the past well I bet more recently he started wising up to red pill ideas and that is why his business did well. well not red pill just good business sense anyway. Then though his gf going nuts made him wisely next her. Not due to red pill ideas just his good common sense that he somehow regained.

26 upvotesDocbear642 years ago

Most girls would start cooking him 5-star meals and fucking him like a pornstar, yet she basically did the opposite.

No they wouldn't and that's why the average woman doesn't deserve to be taken seriously right now as anything beyond a plate. She got insecure so instead of making sure that she was such a good fuck and such a sweet kind angel that he wouldn't htink to replace her ( because it sounds like he wasn't going to before she lost her mind ) she tripled down and went Psycho bitch in an attempt to eliminate his options and ensure that no other woman had even a mild chance to latch onto her meal ticket.

Women have basically lost any powers of seduction and attraction that women of the past possessed besides knowing how to dress in skimpy clothes, apply make up, and, fuck everything else is left up to the guy to figure out .... this bitch couldn't even fuck him properly to get what she wanted. Stupid as fuck.

1 upvotesdonkey_democrat2 years ago

He means what they should do.

32 upvotesBigMawsmidget2 years ago

I'm not too sure, but it sounds like she became self-conscious about his SMV possibly increasing. Reading your friend side of the story he was busy or texting and to girls that's a threat even though for him it was just business.

Regardless AWALT

17 upvotesAugustuscrassus2 years ago

"So now a lot of people think he's an asshole"

She did him a favor. Instead of the niceguy/provider he will be seen as the asshole who wouldn't commit. Girls and betas don't even try to boost your SMV but they end up doing it unconsciously.

Reminds me of this guy who I played soccer with who told a few girls at a party how they should "be careful" and "he's not very nice." He ended up getting me laid.

1 upvotesocean_of_spunk1 year ago

who told a few girls at a party how they should "be careful" and "he's not very nice."

Did he do that with the intention of getting you laid?

7 upvotesMind_ripper2 years ago

Most girls would had poked holes in the condom and got knocked up. claiming HALF!

25 upvotesInscrutablePUA2 years ago

I care less about the reaction of this girl and more about what businesses TRPers are starting that are generating high levels of income and wealth. Wish we had more discussions about this...

11 upvotesratthing2 years ago

One HUGE area right now is anything having to do with business applications for data analytics and AI. You need to work hard to crack into a particular niche area but once you do that and build trust with a few key clients, the money is very, very good. I guess that's the same for getting into any business.

4 upvotesmubee942 years ago

Agreed. I am taking machine learning courses these days. I am already doing CS major. AI expert is the job of the future. Machine learning, deep learning, data analysts and neural networking are some fields of it

7 upvotesp_and_q2 years ago

It's not important as you might think. If you're smart and willing to put the work in, making good can be easy. Opportunity is all over the place. There's always money to be made in asset trading. The problem is that it takes a ton of time, work, and dedication. That means every single spare minute has to go into this work. If you don't love what you are doing to make this money, then it becomes a truly grueling process that many would rather trade for a reliable 9-5 job with benefits and vacation time. <br/> Plus a bit of luck is essential. Never underestimate the power of chance.

12 upvotesBostonM22 years ago

It comes and goes too so there is that other side to the story as well. I had a buddy with a towing company that because of change in legislation grew 500% in one year and kept going for 3 more years at that rate because he now got first dibs on all the state contracts.

But then in a few years, after he bought two houses, the cars..etc..etc. he got a back injury and one of his partners screwed him over.

Now he's a drunk captain and close to being bankrupt.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

That's his own fault for splashing out without thinking about the future. You can't just assume your income will remain the same

6 upvotesTravelGameAddict2 years ago

I'm interested in this too. I've been spinning my wheels at online business for 2 years. Got every training program i could get my hands on. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong.

7 upvotesHtowngetdown2 years ago

I'm sure you're doing plenty of things wrong. But so is everyone else. What matters is that you're trying. I'm too scared to leave the security of the 9-5 yet. Good luck out there.

2 upvotesbea5tly2 years ago

you are most likely stuck in a shiny object "learning mode" type of trance. Stop buying training programs, stop learning and start doing. Imperfect action trumps inaction every damn day.

4 upvotesistp4ever2 years ago

I'm posting on a throwaway account but it's really about two things 1) getting into something you love doing and 2) something that solves a market need

I made 300k in several months promoting products related to relationships/psychology (i wont go too specific, but it was affiliate marketing related and i used FB ads)

I couldn't replicate the process because I was exploiting loopholes within FB's system that soon were closed.

With that money I tried to go into SEO because it was where "everyone was making money."

I fucking hated it. I got it up and running but the business was making jack shit and I had no motivation to work.

Right now I'm getting back into the area that originally made me a ton of money. I'm not making money yet but I'm 100% confident it'll be successful, based on previous experiences, data, and how competitors are doing (though how successful my business will be the big question. it could just make $500 a year or $500k a year, we will see)

So yeah, biggest lesson I can give anyone is do what you love.

Having that passion is what allows you to work 12+ hour days and actually enjoy it and makes you want to be the best in your field, that passion also gives you a huge creative advantage in that you have more fun thinking about different angles and strategies to implement.

And it makes sense. You can't just have people going into any industry that makes money. For example, data analytics is big according to the other poster, and software engineering is also a huge field, but it's not like you can have anyone just look at those fields and think to themselves "oh those make a lot of money? i'm gonna go into it, work hard, and make a lot of money too!" It's not that simple, you need to have an actual talent and passion in these areas.

Otherwise, everyone would be a computer scientist or data analytics guy and no one would be a restaurant owner, salon owner, construction company owner, owning a dentistry, etc.

It's funny, it's like people are destined to go into certain occupations. It's the only way the human race can thrive, you need variety. It's a good thing that most people are find programming/data analytics very difficult (including myself) otherwise everyone would go into those fields, thereby leaving no other occupations left or drastically driving down the wages of people scrambling to enter those fields.

tldr: You need to find what drives you (which also makes money) and become the best at it.

Also, having a business project to work on is the best thing you can do for yourself. When your whole life is going to shit, maybe your girl cheated on you, you're not having the best luck with your career, or your friends ditched you, your business will always be there, it's 100% loyal to you, it doesn't care if you take a break from it or flirt with other business ideas and then come back to it, and it will give you a passion/drive that no friend/girl/hobby can give you.

Owning a business aka making money doing what you love is the secret to life. That's something a 60+ year old business owner told me, and you can't get any closer to the truth than that.

8 upvotesdbev90442 years ago

Some people legit can’t have money. It’s something about the lack of confidence that someone else still needs your or not.

Sadly, this is first hand experience. From her side. I’ve been trying to fix it ever since. That being said, fuck her for fucking up a good guys name. That’s WICKED shitty.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

What kind of business is it?

1 upvotesadidas5584922 years ago

interested to know as well

1 upvotesFrgElder2 years ago

If she hadn't altered her behavior, they'd most definitely still be together right now. Most girls would start cooking him 5-star meals and fucking him like a pornstar, yet she basically did the opposite. I don't understand her thought process, it's like the thought of being rich short-circuited her brain.

It's entirely because of her mindset and history with him. A normal woman who is meeting this guy for the first time feels the need to impress him and qualify themselves for his attention/affection/money.

But she's different, she feels entitled to a piece of his newfound success because she was with him before he was rich. Her investment has matured and she's looking to cash in for all her "hard work".

You see this all the time with rich/famous men. Arnold's ex-wife, Tiger Woods ex-wife, there's tons of examples. Hell, look at Elon Musk's first wife; the woman thinks she should get millions of dollars because Musk used her as a "starter wife". A man that is so talented he has made billions by revolutionizing the transportation and energy industries and is looking to tackle space exploration and on the forefront of AI technology. What has she done to deserve half his money? Well she put his dick inside her and then looked after a few kids for a while.

These women don't think they're getting away with scamming their comparatively much more talented and valuable ex husbands through abuse of a broken court system. They legitimately feel they earned that money and are entitled to it. Personally I really don't see how a glorified babysitter could ever think they deserve access to millions of dollars just because they were married to someone super successful, but the hamster is going to spin and spin. It's a good reminder that a woman's worldview has absolutely nothing to do with reality, and everything to do with feels.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

glorified babysitter

that pretty much sums it up. I mean, if a guy is working and paying for a household all by himself so the wife can stay at home and watch the kids, then after the divorce he still has to "compensate" her for her not having a job while taking care of the kids, it's like he's paying twice for her to watch her own kids (often every woman's dream job anyway). He paid for it once when he had to support the household all by himself, then again when he had to pay alimony because hey, she wasn't working.

7 upvotesC_Till2 years ago

Your buddy dodged a bullet. Buy him a beer and show him this sub. Now that he is wealthy he's gonna need it.

7 upvotesAshyBoneVR42 years ago

She came to her senses...

LOL No she didn't. She saw the money flying away.

5 upvotesRAiderNat882 years ago

So now a lot of people think he's an asshole.

Good now more pussy will be thrown at him.

5 upvotesHisHolyShitness2 years ago

At the end her hamster of her actions just went into absolute hyperdrive and crashed into the first order capital ship of abundance.

6 upvotesPhaedrusHunt2 years ago

My ex-wife did something similar. It wasn't so much when I started to make money, it was after I got accepted to a good program in grad school. She didn't like my prospects improving. She did the same thing when I was working out a lot. She said something to me once along the lines of who you trying to be, Hercules? Yeah basically. I was getting more female attention and not even noticing it until she started to point it out. I was just doing it for my own Improvement not to get strange. Thanks for the tip bitch.

4 upvotesS-Blaze2 years ago

''that didn't stop her from talking about marriage and trying to guilt him into proposing soon'' Imagine saying yes to that. Fuck.

She thought she had him in leash turns out he's the smarter kind of easygoing.

5 upvoteshodltaco2 years ago

Ha-she fucked herself. What an idiot.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Men and women alike have a tendency to allow vice to harm and destroy everything they once loved

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago
  • Stop having sex and being a mean spirited controlling person.

  • Demand to lock him down with marriage.

Hmm. I wonder why he didn't choose to shackle himself to her and enter a deal where she can walk away with half his shit? This guy must be crazy to pass up on such a great deal! /s

16 upvotesddysbbygrl2 years ago

That bitch not happy with a 500$ watch. Man ill be soooo happy with a 2 dollar watch hahaha

7 upvotesHamilton950B2 years ago

$500. But yeah, if you added up every watch I've ever owned it wouldn't be that much.

1 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 years ago

Someone needs to wife this unicorn up STAT

4 upvotesjoner8882 years ago

Thank God she snapped now and not in 5 years when they're settled down and maybe married . Could have gotten nasty for his business and wallet

5 upvotespatriargate2 years ago

You see that is total feminism. It makes them believe that they are entitled to receive because they are women. It is a meta program thst runs unconsciously, and it tells them to screw the man (men if possible). There are in fact multiples meta programs already present in women, one being a dedicated wife, and another being a desperate whore/bitch. Feminism is about triggering the second one. The only solution to this won't fit all men, but we have to leave our own instincts and individualistic behaviours to unite and act as one. We, all of us, have to say no. We have yo get involved in politics, in companies, wherever we can, and say no. Send back women to where they fit: family, and support functions in the society. Old Russian women used to go to Siberia with their husband, modern ones behave 90% of the time like your story. Makes you think.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

She seems to be extremely entitled and is usually used to getting everything she wants. What probably what pissed her off was when your friend wasn't going to buy her the ridiculous shit she was begging for. So she threw bitchfits like she normally did so she would get what she wanted and he would comply since you said he's usually easy-going. I think it was when his income expedited that he was seeing right through her.

5 upvotesabdada2 years ago

Lucky guy.

All her hot friends are going to hang him one after another.

I love power and the free marketing that drives getting more of it.

2 upvotesRicky4692 years ago

Definitely, these girls will agree with the psycho ex to her face but will find ways to run into him and say things like "she didn't know how lucky done was to be with a handsome sexy man like you".

7 upvotesboniggy2 years ago

She sounds like a narcissist

19 upvotessleepyweaselisawake2 years ago

What woman isn't a narcissist?

8 upvotesHappyBoostMan2 years ago

If you are a rich man do not marry.

3 upvotesbobbydreddits2 years ago

It's cool she's going around and telling people that he's to good for her now because it sounds like he is.

3 upvotesdrkinferno722 years ago

She feels entitled to his, I mean ‘our’ money XD

3 upvotesIWillSayCrassStuff2 years ago

Most girls would start cooking him 5-star meals and fucking him like a pornstar, yet she basically did the opposite.

That would be fucked up too. You wouldn't want that person in your life either. Someone's worth shouldn't come from their income no matter their sex.

3 upvotesBing_Bang_Bam2 years ago

He got lucky and dodged a fuckin bullet. If he was married she would have taken it all and made him pay alimony for the rest of his life.

Fuck relationships, fuck the cucked institution of marriage.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

She was probably insecure because rich guys can upgrade partners easily, like women.

Some people in general turn really ugly when they find out you're doing well, man. A lot of your best friends and family start resenting you for what they experience as you outgrowing them.

2 upvotesBluepillProfessor2 years ago

She was probably insecure

Obviously cutting him off sexually and turning into a sharp tongued harpy was the best strategy for her "insecurity."

3 upvotesCryptomineand692 years ago

He’s lucky he’s just being called an asshole and not a “he hit me” or “he raped me”

3 upvoteswashington_breadstix2 years ago

The more stories like this I read, the more I think my goal in life should be for people to think I'm an asshole.

2 upvotesKoulyone2 years ago

I think my goal in life should be for people to think I'm an asshole.

At least I have one goal achieved.

1 upvotesdherik2 years ago

Best thing you can do for yourself.

3 upvotesGman7772 years ago

So she basically realised he was likely a whole lot more attractive of a catch to other girls, and did everything she could to beat him down to her level, ensuring other females would be put off/ he had less chance to find other girls.

Lucky he got out when he did.

3 upvotesmichasv2 years ago

this strong personaliy that you mentioned is a clear sign to extremely low self-esteem \ worth - so basically she's controlling and not strong. she is controlling because if she loses control then she feels threatened. she's weak as fuck for all material things that can make her feel worthwhile. those types of girls always get into relationships with beta males because otherwise they feel inferior because they have to have security. betas provide this security because they worship her. when he became rich she became needy for his money not for him. because now he holds her "worth" so he has the control and she's a control freak so she became weak as fuck and he became strong because he could feel her neediness and it's annoying.

hypergamy can be analyzed in terms of simple psychology of self esteem. the more a person has low self esteem the more shallow he becomes and the more he craves material things and achievements to feel good about himself because he sees no value in just being a human being so this is what hypergamy is all about. guys can be hypergamous too. if a low self esteem beta would get billions of dollars suddenly and posses all the pussy that he can get then he will be highly hypergamous too. there's this sentence about power that if you give power to a weak person then he loses his head and becomes narcissistic. it works exactly like this. so basically she just wasen't thinking with her head, she became anxious of loosing the loot and that is the reason she acted like a stupid whore instead of using her logic and make him feel good and make him want to marrie her and then take his money.

the exact same thing happens to a beta guy who gets attention from a super hot girl. he starts to get obssessive. why? because he sees her beauty as his "worth". he doesn't even care about her as a human being, he cares about the compliment to his ego that. that if a hot girl like her is with him then he feels good about himself so now she has his worth in her hands so of course he becomes her bitch. the same thing happens with weak girls. why would a strong person be so controlling?

3 upvotesboogalooshrimp11032 years ago

Money doesnt change you. it changes the people around you.

2 upvotesIdoNtEvEnWaTz2 years ago

Right on the tails of the recent post on why women betafy their men.

She was trying to lock him down but it just won't work in this case as she was suddenly btfo of her league.

2 upvotesdarksyndicate172 years ago

"The thought of being rich short-circuited her brain" haha Great post

2 upvotesanon27772 years ago

god why is it so easy to see when someone else needs to leave a relationship but so hard to do it yourself. any advice bros? inb4 stop being a pussy

2 upvoteschances_are_ur_a_fag2 years ago

because we instinctively think our situation is "different" and our partner is "different" and "its not like that". its all excuses you give yourself, when if given the same situation of a stranger you'd point all those things out

2 upvotesxFLASHYx2 years ago

Good on this guy man. I want to hear about the life he’s living now or maybe in a few months. What is he doing with his extra time. If he’s doubling down on his business, or adding something else to his schedule now that the dog is gone. Or worse, if he took her back :/.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

dominance heirarchy 101.... lol

2 upvotesJackGetsIt2 years ago

After reading a few stories like yours here's my take away:

If you have money and start dating a women keep your wealth partially hidden.

If you get wealthy while with a women hide all of it and let her in on is slowly so she can adjust (if you want to keep her). NEVER let her in anyway know the FULL amount.

2 upvotesBlackCraneStoic2 years ago

Why let her know at all? It's your money.

1 upvotesJackGetsIt2 years ago

Women will find out what your worth either directly from you when you've let down your guard or by snooping around and asking friends and family. It's impossible to hide it completely but you can hide a chunk of it.

2 upvotesIvabighairy12 years ago

People will believe whatever they want to believe. So what if they think he's an asshole. Agree and amplify all the way to the bank.

2 upvotesquicklogaccount2 years ago

Most girls would start cooking him 5-star meals and fucking him like a pornstar, yet she basically did the opposite.

Nope. Most chicks would act EXACTLY like she did. Women actually believe that betas get their thrill by dutifully serving. She grew possessive because she feared he'd serve another master.
It came as a shock to her that he had expectations and was displeased with her. That's why she promptly admitted she was acting like crap, she knew she was and never thought, for a split second, that it disappointed him.
She's also not badmouthing him because she's being a bitch. The way she sees it she was just doing what she was supposed to and suddenly it wasn't good enough to him anymore.

2 upvotesoriginalOdawg2 years ago

She sounds like a real treasure... he should proceed to get in his 1988 midnight blue rusted Volvo unbuckle his seatbelts and hit the gas and drive to the opposite end of the planet from her immediately. Women like that are both manipulative and will never stop until they get what they want, unfortunately in this case it has nothing to do with him and just what he can do for her. This sadly does exist and he will live a much better life when he is able to recognize and stay away from said succubus

2 upvotesSexandswishers1 year ago

Great post 🔥 I’m hoping my ex’s die of jealousy too💰

2 upvotesmenial_optimist2 years ago

all their mutual friends about how "money has changed him" and "he thinks he's too good for me now". So now a lot of people think he's an asshole.

Its funny because she just did him a favor. Sure, her doublethinking friends probably consoled her in the moment, but with her out of the picture if the chance happened those same friends ran into him now single, they'd be twirling their hair presenting the image of a much better prospect than she was.

1 upvotesNO_FIX_AUTOCORRECT2 years ago

It sounds like they didn't have a great relationship to begin with, where he settled for her because he figures she's the best he can get, and she likes her position in the relationship dynamic.

What i mean is it probably wasn't a great relationship and needed to end regardless of the money.

Then money changes, and suddenly she doesn't feel like the person in control of the relationship anymore. That leads to the change in behavior; she didn't know how to fulfill her new perceived role in the relationship. (Even though from his perspective, her role hadn't changed).

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Just wondering, what business is your freind in?

1 upvoteskick62 years ago

It wasn’t the thought of being rich, she assumed that because she was attached to him his wealth was hers to consume. Vis a vis, she already WAS rich

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I found the whole scenario amusing. If she hadn't altered her behavior, they'd most definitely still be together right now. Most girls would start cooking him 5-star meals and fucking him like a pornstar, yet she basically did the opposite. I don't understand her thought process, it's like the thought of being rich short-circuited her brain.

Yes. She isn't worse than most of the others, she's better than most of the others, in that she didn't manage to be deceptive — which is the regular female's regular conduct in such a scenario (as well as in many others).

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Typical female narcissistic behavior.

Using friends as narcissistic supply seals it. I bet the friends who believe her complaints are all female.

1 upvotesInterceox2 years ago

lmao no the money changed the relationship not him. If you had to pinpoint the major change on any individual it would be more her than him

1 upvotesVanguarde20202 years ago

I would have demanded she got on her knees and give me the best head she can give and swallow it all. Afterwards, I would send her away and still reject that bitch.

1 upvotesM23W0OH7FV2t2 years ago

Most girls would start cooking him 5-star meals and fucking him like a pornstar

In my (and I assume most denizens of TRP) experience, most girls would not do this and behave exactly as you said your mate's ex-gf did. AWALT...

1 upvotesriche_god2 years ago

Out of curiosity what type of business does your friend have?

1 upvotesDonutBoy112 years ago

What type of business does your buddy have? We want to know.

1 upvotesAndyUrsyna2 years ago

Her egoistic behaviour got multiplied by amount of money at your friend account.

1 upvotesK_N0RRIS2 years ago

They say money doesnt change people, it just reveals who they truly are. But it also reveals who the people around them really are too.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I think she failed to understand it's better to be alone than to be with a harridan like her.

1 upvotesFulp_Piction2 years ago

Cooking 5 star meals and fucking him like a porn star? Haha as if. Maybe until the engagement.

1 upvotesMomo_dollar2 years ago

If you know any mutual friends you could cover your buddy’s back. “ he got fed up with her constantly talking about the latest Porsche that she wanted him to buy her”

1 upvotesredaftrp2 years ago

I paid a flat $300 for my divorce, so it was worth it.

1 upvotesgreenlittleman2 years ago

"he thinks he's too good for me now". But HE IS become too good for her, lol.

"So now a lot of suckers think he's an asshole." This is expected.

1 upvotesNeedlecrash2 years ago

Now I ain't saying she a gold digger...

1 upvotesdiMT-132 years ago

Just be himself. Alphas eventually attract alphas and he can find someone who’s not insecure. In your case it sounds like you can expand your circles a bit because most women aren’t necessarily so much happier with someone who out earns them, and actually it has little to do with money and more with self-confidence. A secure woman wouldn’t do something like this, and a secure man would seek a partner and an equal.

1 upvotesFordyce_Poons2 years ago

I want to be rich as fuck if it magically makes my GF cook 5-star meals.

1 upvotesbikermonk2 years ago

I know that AWALT, but you made her look unrealistic level gold digger.

1 upvotestechadm2 years ago

Smart man - dodged a bullet.

0 upvotesTotalBugsBunny2 years ago

If you've completed your assessment entirely based on his side of the story, all you're doing is echoing it. Do you really think that's all of it?

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

What's he going to do, go interview the now ex-girlfriend?

2 upvotesTotalBugsBunny2 years ago

If he's genuinely interested in understanding a complete version of a situation and the motives and feelings of both parties involved, yeah, that's sort of how it works. Using the term "interview" is obviously an exaggeration because he likely didn't "interview" his friend to get all that information. People are more probably more into accurate portrayals of themselves than you think.

But, hey, I know it's a lot easier to believe anything yer buddy says, then fill in the blanks yourself so it mirrors the fantasy you've already constructed about the behavior of an entire gender in a subreddit full of people that will validate it.

2 upvotesthebadmanpuntdbaxter2 years ago

Orrrrr who the fuck cares, he's got better shit to do

1 upvotesTotalBugsBunny2 years ago

Reinforcing half-baked theories about human behavior sure isn't one.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

There's so many relationship ending red flags in the OP that if you don't get it, you never will

running her yap to all their mutual friends about how "money has changed him her" and "she thinks she's too good for me him now".

Usually when you listen to a female project her insecurities, thats as close to the truth you get. She has to blame someone, otherwise she is responsible. God knows best that you can't hold a woman accountable for her actions

2 upvotesTotalBugsBunny2 years ago

Wait, so her telling friends that money has changed him is projecting insecurity... but him telling friends that money changed her is perfectly understanding? This post would not exist had it not been for him "running his yap" and everyone buying it.

1 upvotesmugenowns2 years ago

Expensive cars and houses? Of course. Women are so terrible with money it's sad. Reminds of that chick that dumped her man because she thought he was broke and was jealous of her friend for buying multiple houses or whatever. Pay attention, women will spend you broke if you let them

1 upvotesmle702 years ago

I’d still like to hear her side of this story. I’d bet he did change a tad, or maybe even a lot.

3 upvotesBluepillProfessor2 years ago

Cut off a young man sexually and you can bet the bank that he will change.

1 upvotesDonutBoy112 years ago

Yeah his bank account changed, or maybe even a lot

1 upvoteseaeulis2 years ago

what kind of business did he operate? asking for a friend 🤗

1 upvotesherrobot222 years ago

Oh hell yeah! This isn't even red pill shit just some good ol common sense and a shitty gold digger. Good on him

1 upvotesMenchstick2 years ago

Wait, she said that she's ready to take full responsibility? She doesn't even know what the word means, him leaving her is exactly that.

0 upvotesyoungrembrandt2 years ago

What business does your friend have?

0 upvotesswisscheesyboi2 years ago

Not sure what redpilling is, but ye I only give vague ideas about income and never exact numbers.

1 upvotesbabalu322 years ago

He should have demanded her suck his dick every day for breakfast and pussy at night. Then cheat on her.

9 upvotesdonkey_democrat2 years ago

Why bother when there are non-crazy options

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