[Mod] Reminder: LIVE RED PILL ADVICE CHAT Tonight at 7:00 pm est - WITH PRIVATE MAN (Upvote for visibility)

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June 16, 2013

Link is here: http://trp.feministvictims.com/

Newcomers with questions about red pill dating or attraction? Old timers in need of advice? Anybody in between? Now's your chance.

TheRedPill and RedPillDating.com bring you a free live chat hosted by Manosphere staple: The Private Man on Sunday, June 16th at 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

All questions related to dating and attraction are welcome. New to the red pill? Not quite sure what you're doing? This is your chance to get advice!

We'll be discussing answers to all your questions about:

What it means to be a red pill man in today's climate How to attract women (or men) What women like, and why What the best practices and strategies are for your success.. Why the red pill is the way to live How to make a million dollars in five minutes. (just kidding) Dating profile advice Please note: This chat will not be for relationship questions. If you've got yourself a bad case of oneitis, over to Athol Kay for advice.

This will be a moderated chat!

Link is here: http://trp.feministvictims.com/

Chat will be open at 6:30pm EST and Private man will start at 7:00 pm! EST

edit chat logs here: http://feministvictims.com/trp/chatlog.php

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Newcomer here, been browsing for about a month on and off. Just wondering who is private man? Is that his tag or is he just a mystery man?

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