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When there is a hiccup in your RP journey

by littleblacktruck on /r/TheRedPill
21 March 2018 01:33 PM UTC

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In my professional career in labor law, I often find myself being a champion for equality. Not the SJW-type, mind you, but fighting the real bullshit that employers try to pull on people just trying to earn a living. In doing so, I research applicable cases and even sometimes studies about hiring practices. Using my professional/public reddit account, I found this article.

What is it?

It's a study in which interviewees were anonymous as much as possible (via technology) and studied to see how women performed verses men... all things being equal. What was learned is women quit the process at an alarming rate after a perceived failure. The men seemed to stick it out over time.

Interesting. So what do I take from this?

In your RP journey, you're going to slip up. You'll cross paths with your ex and BP behavior might come out. Maybe you'll miss the gym for a week to play PS4. Hell, you might even go through a string of hard rejections gaming women. IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN. Do not quit. That's a feminine trait. You aren't a bitch. This shit doesn't get done over night. Keep gaming. Keep up your AM. If you see an HB8 at the bar, strike like a horny convict who just got out of prison.

Go back and read the stoics when you get down on yourself.

Women quit, RP men don't.

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339 upvotesjcornt312 years ago

Straight and to the point. Fuck yeah man

1 upvotesThePwnter2 years ago

What's interesting if you read the article is that the women can't handle rejection and their statistic data shows it (although they don't frame it like that). After having one or two bad interviews, the majority of the women would quit the platform. This is likely why they always seek out constant validation so that their ego's don't have to face any sort of responsibility for their failure.

22 upvoteslittleblacktruck [OP]2 years ago

Women are not capable of facing ontological crises or self awareness. It's not in their nature to be introspective without a soul-shattering event. If you meet a self aware woman, she has a identity-shattering crisis in her past. They simply aren't built like us mentally or emotionally.

1 upvotesFrenetic_Zetetic2 years ago

That past crisis will unfortunately usually involve some sort of sexual/psychological abuse, which just makes the hamstering worse.

26 upvotestinydickbigballs2 years ago

This is why ghosting works. It's not cause they miss talking to you usually, though they may miss the attention. They go crazy wondering what the hell they did that made you leave... i.e., why they were rejected. Even if they aren't into you, ghosting girls is interpreted to them as rejection, which they do not like whether it be romantic or social.

7 upvotesdisposable_pants2 years ago

In their personal lives (with friends, family, boyfriends, etc.) women are seldom met with rejection. Most people are significantly nicer to them than they would be to the average dude. They don't get tons of rejection, it's softpedaled when they do, and there's a seemingly endless well of positive interactions to balance out the occasional negatives.

It's very difficult for this set of experiences not to bleed over into one's expectations about the working world (where women are also favored in many situations, most notably face-to-face interactions).

5 upvotesitiswr1tten2 years ago

IF you read the article, it actually states that once the "early quitters" are factored out, the disparity decreases (to be fair, the article says "goes away entirely").

What's interesting is that attrition events continue to affect women candidates in the study until approaching 20% women remaining, at which the steadiness becomes more robust. Pareto appears again.

My subjective take is that 80/20 more succinctly explains that the OBSERVED women (today's subjects from statistical perspective) are broadly not cut out for either the expectations of technology companies or the technical skills required to succeed in such an environment.

That suggests in the "worst case" where the oppression theory holds true that women in technology who succeed are top 20%, but it also affirms the idea that women are pretty likely to quit in huge numbers in the face of any real setback, suggesting a broader cultural "problem".

The corollary idea is that this is not a "problem" but a fundamental truth. I'm personally not sure yet, but I do read things that suggest a bias towards a certain answer.

2 upvotesSPREAD_THE_LOVE_77912 years ago

They probably fucked so hard after those interviews.

13 upvotesDmva1002 years ago

Quitting is good with women though when you've been had.

If she's marked you as beta, cut your losses and move on, don't double down and do the chores just because you're a man that 'doesn't roll over and give up.'

Keep it real.

1 upvotesyazen_2 years ago

He's not talking about trying with the same woman, but with "other" women.

36 upvotesSaberinbed2 years ago

This is the type of advice i like on here. Not the essays on why you need to beat your girlfriend and cheat on her for not doing anal with you because she wouldn’t suck your dick after her 12 hour shift.

15 upvotesMetalgear2222 years ago

TRP is a salad bar you take what you want and leave what you don't. In my 4 years here, I've never seen anyone advocating hitting a girl, being in an LTR if you intend to cheat, never seen a post on anal, or anything about girls refusing to suck dick after a "12 hour shift". If that's what you really think this place is filled with, you're either not reading the posts, or you're like the majority of this sub base (which explains why you got upvoted smh). Read a few posts a week, feel good, take absolutely no action, rinse and repeat. Cleanse that toxic shit attitude and start improving your SMV and developing a frame that you're worth a fuck. That's the type of advice you should like on here.

7 upvotesSaberinbed2 years ago

Yo take it easy fam, it was a joke. You know what ridiculous posts i am referring to when i said that.

21 upvotesjcornt312 years ago

Completely agree. This sub almost needs the restricted posting period like they did a few months ago.

I'm tired of the posts that sound like erotica. It takes away from the whole message of the post and makes OP sound like a moron who thinks hes the shit cause he passed a shit test or gamed one girl.

4 upvotesSaberinbed2 years ago

Yep. At the end of the day, reading these long ass essay posts do nothing to help your game. Game is something thats different for every person. Sure, there are basic subtle things to say and not to say, but everyone games different. These simple tips have always helped my game more than those long ass essays that you need rehearse before talking to a girl.

2 upvoteswarsie2 years ago

This entire sub is a circlejerk, what else is new XD

4 upvotesGrandYam_HomeRun2 years ago

Sometimes I wish we could split TRP - first sub for good posts like this, second for field reports on how he gamed this chick at a donkey show in Tijuana

1 upvotesFrenetic_Zetetic2 years ago

The worst are the new posts by guys blowing shit way out of proportion, ironically like the no-fap subs. No, guys, this is just what regular life is supposed to feel like lol. Not being a slave to sex, not giving in to bullshit manipulation, etc. It feels powerful at first but then you hit a new level of homeostasis with it all.

1 upvotesSaberinbed2 years ago

Agreed. I used to put so much epmphasis on my happiness’s correlation to the amount of sex i was having. Once i stopped worrying about that and focused on the other million things that i could be doing, i actually got even MORE sex, but i didin’t care if i even was having sex or not.

39 upvotesCasanova-Quinn2 years ago

“Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!”

― Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa

51 upvotesGayLubeOil2 years ago

People quit when they dont have a clear vision of their future. That's why women quit, theyre lame-o uncreative conformists who become obease blue haired monstrosities abscent male leadership.

Arnold's Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding is filled with inspirational pictures to help men see the future and become their future. By giving men a clear vision it helps them not to quit.

The biggest problem our men face is a lack of imagination, which is understandable given the malignant culture they live in. A vision has to be created and theyre are a lot of great books that will help you do that.

There is absolutely no struggle that you can experience as a man that another man hasn't allready experienced and written about.

1 upvotesspawnend2 years ago

Big Beast

Can you list some books for this?

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Just a word of warning about Zarathustra, it's pretty much slap bang in the middle of Nietzsche's writing, so you'll want a more general overview of his work before reading. As GLO said, the Youtubes has some good content for this. I'd pay close attention to Human, All Too Human, and The Gay Science to get the gist of his earlier work. Googling around for reviews and discussions will help big time.

Something else to consider is the translation. TSZ is a bit of a bitch to read, but is an absolute nightmare to translate. What you get out of the book can be impaired by the translator's view of the text. The Folio Society edition uses the Parkes translation, which I'm unfamiliar with. However, I believe it falls into the camp of translating the beauty and lyricism of Nietzsche's writing. Kaufmann is my preference, he seems to get Nietzsche's references and style quite well, but he has a tendency to downplay Nietzsche's most controversial ideas. Not surprising, considering he was desperately trying to debunk the Nazi associations people had with poor Friedrich (thanks to his antisemite sister's meddling). So there's not one true translation of Nietzsche, because there's not one true reading of his work. Anyone who says otherwise wasn't really paying attention.

Overall, Nietzsche's a very interesting writer, who's influence seems to only be limited by the reader. Not just their intelligence, but their character. The dim and optimistic tend to get lost in the artistic beauty of Nietzsche's ideas without giving them much contemplation. The overly rational try to strip his work of all its creativity and stuff it through rigorous analysis. But when you do that, you overlook a large chunk of his writing (especially on the nature of truth, and its function). It seems to take a specific sort of person to get the most out of Nietzsche, and I think he realised this. Anywho, that's just my interpretation.

4 upvotesGayLubeOil2 years ago

Get the Folio Society edition of Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra. It's really nice. You can find it cheaper on eBay. YouTube philosophy professors to help you digest the book. For such an important book you should get a very nice edition.. It's hard not to read a book when it's a work of art.

Real men lift real weights and read real books.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Glo, There have been a few times over the past year you have recommended solid books I never knew existed...and was glad you brought them to light. I don't think it would necessarily be post worthy...but would you mind putting up a reading list of some of your own favorites? Ive yet to be let down from your suggestions.

1 upvotesGayLubeOil2 years ago

Which books have you read and what are you looking for specifically?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Just between books at the moment...till the two just mentioned get in. I'm just wondering what your own personal top picks might be. The kind of reads that flipped your shit and got you thinking.

2 upvotesGayLubeOil2 years ago

Ride the Tiger and Revolt Against the Modern World

1 upvoteswainbros662 years ago

Hey man, just wanted to clarify; is it “The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding”? Also is the information still as relevant today? Need a new book to read lately - thank you for your time if you get the chance!

61 upvotesImmunosuppressedTau2 years ago

Great Post! Ive missed the gym for 2 weeks ( i feel shit because of this) but I've been back this week.

18 upvotesTheRealJesusChristus2 years ago

I moved and in this town (and a really big radius of over 50km) there is no gym.

I still have not bought any weights for myself. So I am not lifting since far longer than 2 weeks. Think about how I feel.

Maybe I should just fill up some bottles with water or something but tbh I dont really know why I didnt.

73 upvotesVeryLongJohnson2 years ago

Sounds like a business opportunity to me.

30 upvotesTheRealJesusChristus2 years ago

You dont know the town here. It has about 100 familys and the next one not more. The next bigger one (where I go to buy food and where the local school is) has about 500 familys. And the total area I estimate it to about 1000-2000 familys.

And most are poor. I live in costa rica. People dont use gyms because they work in the real world hard.

25 upvotesiam-mike2 years ago

r / bodyweightfitness has a good routine for gainz with minimal/no equipment

5 upvotesPintsmithy2 years ago

this article

no excuses if you look at that sub.

3 upvotesCrookedly2 years ago

Convict Conditioning is great for situations like yours. I do both body weight and weightlifting and people greatly underestimate how good body weight can be.

1 upvotesunplug90002 years ago

Check YT for some exercises with no equipment. Or if you can spare minimal space, get a few barbell plates and a big ass kettlebell. Use that to add weight to exercises, such as sit-ups, squats, etc. Or combine the exercises. Even a 45 plate is great for this. A nice example of a 3in1: start while squatting down; first perform a biceps curl with the plate, then start doing the squat, and once standing press the plate overhead. Do this in rapid succession and your HR will go up nicely. Or mix it up a bit, so that it doesn't get boring. The important thing is to have fun so you have an easier time keeping at it.

2 upvotesTheRealJesusChristus2 years ago

Yes something along that lines was I thinking to do. But i didnt have the time needed to prepare this. Only did normal stuff without any extraweight.

1 upvotesunplug90002 years ago

Good, doing anything is better than nothing and coming up with excuses. It's easier to say: "I have no equipment, fuck it, I'm just not gonna do anything." Even with no weight you can do stamina, cardio, learning proper form, etc.

1 upvotesTheRealJesusChristus2 years ago

Exactly. No I did not do nothing, but the effectivity I was used to while living near a gym is gone.

1 upvotesboredepression2 years ago

Do a bodyweight-training-plan. Google it for a link.

37 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Entropy man. Everything is about balance. Voltage, magnetic fields, emotions, people, eco systems the shit all wants to balance out.

It's mathematically impossible to be in the positive all the time. Embrace your lulls and use them to slingshot further into your success.

11 upvotesDevastating2 years ago

This shit right here fellas is the truth. Balance is everything. The pendulum will fucking swing

4 upvotesU-942 years ago

Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe...

4 upvotesMylominderbinder2 years ago

Order and Chaos, Yin and yang.

3 upvotesJoehogans2 years ago

It's the natural order of the universe. One must not try to resist it but accept that as reality and learn to ride the waves instead.

2 upvotesGrandYam_HomeRun2 years ago

Yes, nature abhors a vacuum.

2 upvotesJoehogans2 years ago

Yes absolutely. I ponder thoughts like this a lot and just meditate on them. You hit the nail on the head. Any time anyone is confused just look to nature. Constantly Earth is a system in flux yet look at what it can accomplish. I forget who said it but it went something like "Look at nature, it never rushes yet all gets done" It's a system that is constantly balancing itself against a shitload of variables.

38 upvotesTheStumblingWolf2 years ago

Reminds me of the test where kids are told if they can leave 1 cookie alone for a certain amount of times, they get another etc.

On Reddit I saw someone succumbing and grabbing the 1st cookie, call it a "1 cookie move". Quitting early because of a few bumps in the road will prevent you from cashing in later on.

Don't do 1 cookie moves.

37 upvotesDownvoteToDisagree2 years ago

You might be referring to the "Marshmallow Experiment", where children were told if they didn't eat a marshmallow, the experimenter would return with a second one, and then left the child on its own.

Those who were able to delay gratification by not eating the marshmallow had a big correlation for later life success, higher income, etc. Important redpill lesson to think on.


8 upvotesJoriko132 years ago

"the 1 cookie move". Love this. Will definitely remember it.

21 upvotesKnowBrainer2 years ago

Is this hypergamy at work? I can get a better score if I leave this test and find a better one.

9 upvotesrathyAro2 years ago

So then males try to take multiple tests at once?

19 upvotesRas_Du_Fa2 years ago

I’ve been trying to hold my first comment in this great sub because I want to give something back to trp after all it has given me, but this one couldnt come in a better or worse moment.

I’m improving myself, just recently I left weed after 7 long year’s in the clouds, went back to excercise, start reading again and approaching girls which is no problem other than sometimes I dont have the drive or own will to do it. I have so many things that I want to do (write a script, a book, learn to dance salsa, etc), my biggest desire is still to become a succesfull músician but somehow I think school is holding me back.

Today I woke up with the firm decisión of quitting school (económics) so reading this post was something I needed badly, I dont know if its some kind of depression or withdrawal symptoms from leaving the weed but even if I dont enjoy that much my career I realize now that quitting would be the easy choice and Im no bitch that quits first obstacle I find and specially since I had absolutely no plan after actually quitting.

So thank you, I needed to put things in a better perspective and this helped me, I was literally waiting for the main office to open and quit, dont know what would’ve happen if I didn’t read this while waiting. Now, I’m gonna do whatever it takes to find my drive, motivation and will back and most importantly myself since I’ve been stoned for the past 7 years (currently 23 yo) and then come back to think about my current place in school but wherever that takes me I won’t quit since that’s the easy way and I’m a man, I need big challenges, that’s what we are made for, in fact I will fuck them in the ass too. (My main language isn’t English so bare with me.)

7 upvotesCommanderAmerica2 years ago

Have you started lifting?

When I stopped smoking the sweet Mary Jane, I found that working out helped fill that void. ESPECIALLY when I started seeing results after a couple months 💪

3 upvotesRas_Du_Fa2 years ago

Good that you ask! No I’m not lifting can’t do it, I have some low back problems and my doc recommends no heavy lifting at all, I do a lot of cardio and own body weight exercises I think it’s call calisthenics (pull ups, dips, squats, etc.) any suggestions for that?

I do miss actual lifting, I can do some leg workout in the gym but I can count that with one hand and always with a personal trainer so I no longer go to the gym, I workout with bars in a park near my place now. Any advice with own body weight workouts would be nice.
(I just read a post above with some advices, will check that out)

2 upvotesBrodinsOats2 years ago

That’s probably bad medical advice. You need appropriate loading and progression, building up to be able to lift heavy pain-free. Check out Stuart McGill’s “Back Mechanic”

6 upvotesthem1lfman2 years ago

When shit gets hard,men keep trucking. However when shit gets hard for women,women quit. I've had this issue with my girlfriend so many times. I've called her out and how she thinks everything in life is so difficult,hard is one of her favorite words. When things get hard she quits.

3 upvotespollodustino2 years ago

My girlfriend is in law school, and asked me for some inspirational quotes to put on her wall so she could look at them when studying. I gave her one from JFK:

We choose to go to the moon and do the other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard!

She still wants to quit sometimes, but after giving her that quote she stopped whining as much.

1 upvotesthem1lfman2 years ago

Thanks, I'll try that. Where'd you get your poster?

2 upvotespollodustino2 years ago

It isn't a poster, she just put them on index cards and tacked them up. Not sure if there is a poster available.

1 upvoteslittleblacktruck [OP]2 years ago

Dry erase marker on the fridge FTW.

7 upvotesAlfredKinsey2 years ago

Sorry if dupe question. What does AM stand for?

Friends an I were bemoaning this female weakness earlier today, talking about the stupidity of gender-based affirmative action in STEM education. Bernanke hoes are getting bankrolled in science and engineering programs across America.

5 upvoteslittleblacktruck [OP]2 years ago

Amused mastery. Knowing women so well that it's predictable and mildly humorous. It's all in the sidebar, homie.

4 upvotesAlfredKinsey2 years ago

I didn't find that particular acronym in the Glossary, so I didn't dig. Thanks for spelling it out :D

1 upvotesZaquille432 years ago

An important corollary: Know when it benefits you more to walk away and stick it out with something else!

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Or stick it into someone else!

1 upvotescoin_pwr2 years ago

Recently had to walk away from a situation. Rather deal with the hurt now, keep head up high then to stick around a situation where someone doesn't appreciate you and lose my clarity of purpose.

3 upvotesRed_Sun_2 years ago

Jesus man, thank you. I needed this today.

5 upvotesnuc222 years ago

Really needed this after lot of flakes and rejection even after increasing my SMV. Need to get my game on the track

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Any good info on stoicsm besides Aurelius?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Was wondering this too. What should I read?!

2 upvotesCommanderAmerica2 years ago

Listen to the MFCEO project. It's a podcast that's fucking great. No bull shit

1 upvotesKinbaku_enthusiast2 years ago

Ryan holiday did a nice collection in his 2 recent books

Its in the name. Cant miss it.

1 upvotesdufresne902 years ago

Seneca - On the Shortness of Life

2 upvotesasfasfsadzzzz2 years ago

Thanks for putting up actual info and not a scroll

2 upvotesrossiFan2 years ago

Great post. But miss the gym for a week? The Hell, you say! I was back in 4 days after my hernia surgery (albeit just the sauna and treadmill).

2 upvotesthr0wed_2 years ago

Fuck yea I love this cheers

2 upvotesCasualCocaine2 years ago

Upvote for the graph, and 'horny convict who just got out of prison.'

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Go hard or go home, gentlemen. We'll be lingering here forever.

2 upvotesLouElmo2 years ago

Yup. As the SEALS say. Don’t ring the bell.

4 upvotesaegir982 years ago

Excellent post. Upvoted & Saved.

1 upvotesamekooky2 years ago

TRP made me aware of what was really going down in life, David Goggins fucking motivated me to execute the game plan.

1 upvotesValarMorghulis902 years ago

I needed this today, thank you, you beautiful bastard.

1 upvotesWhisper2 years ago


1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yeah, never quit. It's never over, and it's never actually that bad. Your internal dialogue makes it worse, so stop thinking about how bad it is because the more you think about it the worse it gets.

1 upvotesBluPillMaster-bater2 years ago

Favorite zen statement "fall 6 times, stand 7"

I'll add, it's OK to be hard on yourself when you let yourself down.. for a bit.. but then get your ass back up and try again. No shame in failing, lots of shame in quitting.

1 upvoteslifeisweirdasfuck2 years ago

We need more of these straight and concised posts. It's full of posts which seems poems and I can never remind anything from reading them.

1 upvotesdrkinferno722 years ago

If you get knocked down, theres no where to go but back up.

1 upvotesyoungzari2 years ago

Excellent article. Succinct and to the point. Honestly, very relatable to me atm.

Thank you.

1 upvotesConsumingImpulse2 years ago

I needed this too. People like to talk about the "stages of TRP" as if it was this clear cut, linear progression and that's it. Perhaps that's just for illustrative purposes. Even armed with knowledge, we're not infallible.

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