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You only need to be 20% better than the average male.

by Kryptic_Knight on /r/TheRedPill
11 May 2018 08:54 PM UTC

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When you walk into a bar/room, what's the first thing that you think about when taking a glance? I bet its vastly different than what I have in mind. You more then likely start judging the clothes people are wearing, looking at the meathead hoping you can avoid him, already labeling the "sluts", etc. I don't, for one reason...I know I'm better than everyone in there, the moment I walked in.

What I realized a long time ago, people tend to worry more about who's looking at them, than how they should be enjoying themselves. Even Alpha's, you'll have these guys ask if their hairs looking good, and if the shirt they have on is proper, etc. It's a wasted of time.

What you simply need to know is that; if you're witty, charismatic, and intelligent (or appear to be), you can get away with a lot. You don't have to be a genius, you don't have to lift the heaviest, and you certainly don't have to be Chappelle on the mic. You only need to be better than average, and in a world of sheep, you won't have much trouble.

The average male is mousy, self conscious, slow paced, and doesn't work out at all. Your investment should only be "enough", not the maximum. You shouldn't try to be the wisest in the room, but the most accurate. And this applies to every aspect of your character.

As a human being, you're more than likely doubting something about your persona, but the truth is, there's nothing wrong with your sword, it only needs to be sharpened, your shield isn't dented, your arm just aches a little from holding it up for so long, and your spear isn't broken, its' just bent from hitting your target.

You only need to refine yourself ever so slightly. Your adjustments to your character are minor, but that 20% vastly outweighs the beta's and omega's out there.

A man needs a creed, let this be it.

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460 upvotesNoWayButLift1 year ago

I agree with the message. In a world where most men would rather spend all their free time jerking off and playing Fortnite, you’re already ahead of the curve if you work out and use your time wisely. That said, you should always be striving for excellence. Hit your goal and set a higher one each time. Don’t become complacent in life no matter what because as males the competition never stops. Someone will always be better than you, realize you are a beast and nothing can stop a man who’s motivated.

222 upvotesseducter1 year ago

Christ, I know a guy who doesn't even PLAY fortnite... he WATCHES other dudes play it on youtube...

304 upvotesSaberinbed1 year ago

Fortnite is for losers. Real men play PUBG ;)

I don’t understand why people shame playing video games here. I game a lot, but i’m also a dedicated lifter. Been lifting for over 5 years now. I also watch anime and read manga. I’m one of the biggest guys in my gym. I’m standing at 5 10 and 182lbs, around 13-15% bodyfat. You just need to balance everything out.

I’ve gamed and even banged a few girls from my gym. I tell them about my hobbies. They even come watch me play games. Nothing wrong with doing something you enjoy. Its all about balance. If i didin’t workout or go out and run game, then yes, i’d be a fat piece of shit, but i make the effort to lift, alongside whatever else i like doing for the other 22 hours i’m not in the gym. Most of my lifting buddies are all gamers and huge nerds too.

224 upvotesNitricTV1 year ago

Most people here don’t know what balance is.

36 upvotesnadolny71 year ago

Of course not, we need to remember 90% of people here are still overweight and on the beginning of their goals, they don't care about balance, their mindset currently goes against that. Only after they somewhat reach their objectives they might realize one should strive for balance.

8 upvotes2000inchbiceps1 year ago

Most people try to fill a void of boring meaningless existence with easy to come by excitement. Which is why video games can be so addicting.

4 upvotesNitricTV1 year ago

I used to be like than but then it got boring

1 upvotesdthlist1 year ago

Same. At what age did video games get boring for you?

11 upvotesAsianhopz1 year ago

Oh well that's only because I hate myself too much

19 upvotesPurpleSweetz1 year ago

Agreed. My entire day is spent doing productive things. Finally around 9-9:30pm when I get home, I enjoy a good 2 hours of Left 4 Dead 2 with my boys.

8 upvotesSonOfSparda3041 year ago

People on here assume you spend literally all of your time doing those things. Fortnite is all I play now cuz I can't make tons of time for video games anymore and it's easy to get a game or two in without taking up more than an hour.

7 upvotesHeavenlyMystery1 year ago

There are guys here that are afraid of opening themselves. As you said, if you like something, you like it, period. As long as you lift, do goof on study/job and bang girls, there's no problem at all. I agree with you 100%

4 upvotesOVOXOKing1 year ago

Ninja would take your bitch.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Ninja would FUCK (keyword) your bitch because he has money, that is it.

21 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

People shame here because videogames have no value apart from mindless entertainment.

That's why

3 upvotesFulp_Piction1 year ago

It's about balance, if you've hit the gym, done yohr run and nailed your calories i dont see a problem with an hoyr of vg here and there. A day of Fortnite however..

4 upvotesAlQWEffos2391 year ago

I can’t even sit in the same seat for more than 35 mins, I don’t know how people can just sit in a chair for hours like a half a fruit cake.

5 upvotesstarky-kun1 year ago

Mighty Mouse, arguably the greatest UFC fighter ever is a huge video game nerd. Ain't nothing wrong with playing video games dawg.

1 upvotesMountainEphiphany1 year ago

As a fellow anime/manga person, one of the best music to listen to is anime music while lifting. It gets you super hyped up. Also, a lot of manga or anime is just a story. A lot of those stories involve some kind of underdog or just someone who overcomes adversity to succeed. I feel like you can learn a little from the story.

0 upvotesDamien_Scott1 year ago

Old video game music can do it too. Megaman and megaman x OSTs in YT. Newer shit like Crypt of the Necrodancer and Shovel Knight get you hyped too. I love old NES OSTs as well, Journey to Silius, Silver Surfer, and Dragon Fighter are some hype ones off the top of my head.

I also listen to a lot of Buckethead. The man is the best musician of the past two decades. He has 400+ albums, plenty to lift to, chill to, and fuck to.

1 upvotesTrooper_18681 year ago

Have you tried certain songs from the kingdom hearts series? They have this unique drum pattern that was designed to get you going for battles and intensity, give it a listen. Songs i am talking about are Vim and vigor, Sinister shadows, good casual songs to listen to anytime.

25 upvotesxlithernigga1 year ago

Lol 5 10 182 pounds. You go to planet fitness?

33 upvotesFapisluv1 year ago

If he went to another gym he would grow taller.

8 upvotesEntropy-71 year ago

5'10" 182

6 upvotesSonOfSparda3041 year ago

Where I live all we got is a planet fitness so I'm making the most of that. Smith deads are weird.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

5'10 182 could be hella shredded...

Edit: just read... Hes not shredded... Wtf... Eat more and get to 200lbs man.

1 upvotesLeftHookTKD1 year ago

5'10 200 would make him a fat fuck

2 upvotesEPArt1 year ago

Exactly that balance 24 hrs in a day if you sleep for 6 as an example you have 18hrs to do. No one sane will spend all of it playing games especially if they are on this forum. There are all sorts from mindless time sinks to puzzle/language games guys here judge games like the outside views redpill.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

if you're 180 and one of the biggest guys in your gym, you need to find a bigger gym. im 180 6ft and i am very active but im not nearly the biggest when i walk into a gym. usually dudes who are 200-250lbs are the biggest

3 upvotesSaberinbed1 year ago

There is a difference between being big porportinate to your height, and just big because you weight more. I’m talking about aesthetically big relative to your height and build. Someone at 5 6 and 160lbs could look massive compared to a skinny 6 4 210lb guy.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

6 4 210lb guy.

210 wont look skinny on 6´4

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

uh no. Taller guys always look larger.

1 upvotesTrooper_18681 year ago

The fast majority of people like us, are not what you would call otakus. Was at the gym yesterday and talking to these two girls and 1 guy as I was resting in between sets. Girl says shes a massive anime fan, i gave her a sarcastic look and she thought I was judging so hard. She also figured that no way does this guy read manga. Not the biggest guy in the gym but I'm leaning out slowly, well I'm still high BMI, but its going away slowly. Its amazing what height and good body posture does for you.

It is all about balance at the end of the day, although Im sure you have those days where you just want to binge on manga when you find a new one. I dont watch anime anymore because of time constraints.

You're the first anime TRPer I have seen (other than myself). Hopefully not the last :D

1 upvotesSaberinbed1 year ago

Haha i happen to be into asian girls, and most of them are somewhat into anime. Its really funny when you tell people you’re a huge anime fan, and they just look at you in shock saying “no way, because it just dosen’t suit me.

As you said, it is all about balance.

1 upvotesTrooper_18681 year ago

Exactly man. Funny stuff ahaha

1 upvotesprimu5d1 year ago

That's rad. I'm a big anime fan, but clearly don't look like it. The big stigma around it sucks cause imo it's a lot more interesting than modern TV.

1 upvotesReliiq1 year ago

I lift 4 years but moved from console/pc gaming to pokemon go - cardio/socialization/being outside. Gaming is a drug, but most of the drugs can be used wisely.

-20 upvotesBigClitorisDick1 year ago

I am about to become the anti-video game poster child around here.

Video games are a waste of fucking time. Stop trying to hamster that they are OK. I can't fathom how often I am seeing you softees post this shit on trp.

Manga and anime? Lol.

most of my buddies are losers too


25 upvotesSilkTouchm1 year ago

No one is claiming that it isn't a waste of time. I'm very happy right now. I do well in school (software engineering), I'm fit, and I get plenty of women. I'm not going to stop doing something I enjoy just because some dude on the internet claims it's a waste of time. I don't really care that you think I'm a "sotfee".

Edit: oh and btw, I'm a native spanish speaker, and I never studied english in my life. Barely got the basics at high school. The whole reason I can understand it and use it fluidly is because of all the "time wasted" watching subtitled tv series on my youth (from 9 to about 16).

3 upvotesbluesnsouls1 year ago

American TV shows plus english subs (/) (°,,°) (/)

9 upvotesThanos-hax1 year ago

Life's a waste of time bro. Your destiny is to become worm food.

-7 upvotesSaberinbed1 year ago

There is a guy making 500k a month streaming fortnite. Tell me how video games are a waste of time?

Yes, in the grand scheme of things they are a waste of time, but you can justify any activity as a waste of time according to your logic.

31 upvotesRadiantCairo1 year ago

There is a guy making 500k a month streaming fortnite. Tell me how video games are a waste of time?

the exception to the rule is not the rule

4 upvotesBigClitorisDick1 year ago

Of course you would use ninja in your rebuttal.

There is a miniscule amount of people making such money from playing games. Few make money. None of the people reading this, yourself included, will be one of them.

Millions of losers chasing that dream, or just wasting their life in general, racking up thousands of hours of useless knowledge. They will quite literally have no value after the KIDS stop playing these latest trendy games in a couple of years or even months.

Do people stop speaking Spanish or Mandarin after a year? Does woodworking suddenly become useless after a couple years? How about becoming a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu, does the time spent become a non-tangible time sink the instant you spend your most valuable resource on it? No, you learn how slam someone into the ground and snap their fucking arm in half for the rest of your life.

What about learning about nutrition and how to cook like a motherfucking pro, don't you think this skill will supplement your lifting at planet fitness better than playing video games and reading faggy shit like anime and manga? Maybe you'd be 195 & 9% bodyfat if that was the case, instead of an arguably flabby 180lb 15% bf level who gives a fuck on pubg.

Edit: Striked through a word.

6 upvotescalgarybro1 year ago

Isn't calling out people on reddit a bigger waste of time than video games?

6 upvotesSaberinbed1 year ago

Lmfao i know for a fact you know nothing about lifting now that you think my stats are bad. 15% bodyfat is in no way flabby. Infact, its one of the best percentages to be if you want to look big in shirts. If you have a solid foundation of muscle mass, you can pull off higher bodyfat percentages, and still look good. 195 at 9% bodyfat? Are you fucking stupid? Find me one natural on youtube or instagram with those stats who is 5’10”. I’ll wait for you to post someone like that.

Who the fuck is saying that you can’t do other productive things aside from playing video games and watching anime? I took a nutrition course in college, and watching anime has actually taught me some japanese. All you are doing is just getting mad over peole justfying a reason as to why they like sticking to a certain hobby. I think you are the one who needs to read more about TRP. You probably would be embrassed to tell people about these hobbys, and that’s some a beta buck does. Afraid to look like a dork or a nerd in front of other people?

2 upvotesKinbaku_enthusiast1 year ago

I have a family member who is one of the few who makes money with that endeavor. Many are skeptical, but games are so popular that he gets recognized when he goes out in about 8 countries and he just bought a big house with his useless skill.

Why did he buy a house? He didn't have space for all the clothes and shoes he and his wife bought.

Of course he meets many who are chasing that dream and who would never make it. When he started, he gave himself a year to be profitable and has been ever since.

0 upvotesBrutal131 year ago

I wonder why would you play PUBG — unbalanced, glitchy game with a shitty unsatisfying gun play.

-3 upvotesseducter1 year ago

Oh don’t get me wrong I game too, but I think you nailed it. You have other hobbies like lifting, banging, etc (great job btw). But this guy got divorced (she initiated) and I tried to get him to see the light with subtle redpill truths (its not easy to wake someone up so I tread carefully).

11 upvotesnoPTSDformePlease1 year ago

It's no different than watching baseball or football.

Watching sports and watching video games are different versions of the same thing: watching other people compete at an organized activity.

28 upvotesVasiliyZaitzev1 year ago

I play a game called “IRL” - brought to you by the same folks who produced the smash hit “Outside”. The graphics and NPC personality development are amazing, although I admit, sometimes the plot lags.

2 upvotesZech4riah1 year ago

Sadly, these days you can really say that there is NPC's running around in this IRL-game.

5 upvotesBlum19891 year ago

My laptop can't run it, so that's what I usually do.

3 upvotesgolden_juicebox1 year ago

Ew. I find that shit bizarre.

12 upvotesfrooschnate1 year ago

I’m trying to get my little brother to put the controller down and read some books

9 upvoteslastdumra1 year ago

Get him to put the controller down and go take a hike. Reading books is not bad but a bit overrated IMO. Books can be a source of delusional fantasies and escapism as much as video games and movies.

Maybe your brother is not really made for books. Get him to drop video games and go work on wood. Or take salsa lessons. Or go climbing. Or learn magic tricks. Or... You get my point, maybe trying to switch video games for books is not the right solution for him.

1 upvotesthisishowiwrite1 year ago

Honestly, in my opinion, you're better off reading a fantasy novel than playing a fantasy game.

2 upvoteslastdumra1 year ago

Yes, the power television or videogames have to hook you up is not comparable to the power a book have. The book can hook you up, but its more serene, video games and TV is more compulsive.

That said a book can still twist your mind around with stupid ideas and feelings, and more importantly they might not be for everybody, for some people books might not work as a way to get away from video games.

8 upvoteschomponthebit1 year ago

The trick is to read non-fiction. Practical shit about the real world beats idealistic shit about a fictional world. You don’t see natural Alphas reading fantasy, but you sure as hell see them reading self-help books about finance and investments.

9 upvoteschrisname1 year ago

Can't agree with this. Good fiction contains wisdom and insight. Even ASOIAF has psychological insight. If you read people like Dostoevsky or Houllebecq, even moreso. Guys like Hemingway and Bukowski were manly as fuck. If you read them it can rub off on you. (I want to emphasise Houllebecq because he's redpill as fuck.)

Good fiction is full of the ideas and insights of the author, and a good fiction writer is full of wisdom. Just avoid the Stephen Kings, Dan Browns and definitely the J.K. Rowlings of the world. Stick to the literary classics and the work of a few modern geniuses (Houllebecq)

2 upvotesDayGameChirality1 year ago

Can't agree with this. Read some Frank Herbert's Dune and then tell me his work has no insight into real life.

Also, you need relaxation as well. You seem like one of those people who shit on entertainment and people who create these things, then goes on to listen to music on the radio on his way to work. That'd be hypocrisy.

1 upvoteslastdumra1 year ago

True. Always keeping in mind that everything you read is theory. Nothing beats experience, even in investing. But I agree with you.

1 upvotesmagx011 year ago

Fantasy games have reading (A game like Oblivion has actual books in it to read) AND you get the benefits of playing a game. Best of both :)

1 upvotesfrooschnate1 year ago

Dude ain’t even a gamer. We just play fifa and I beat his ass. But he’s studying at another state and lives with friends and they play fortnite every fucking day it’s insane.

1 upvoteslastdumra1 year ago

Get your brother to propose to go to the carts or paint ball shooting. College kids should love that, gets them outdoor and its not terribly expensive.

14 upvotesKryptic_Knight [OP]1 year ago

This. Right here, is the important part. You pretty much nailed the lifestyle of an average male. Video games and masturbation station(s)...which used to apply to geeks/nerds. Now grown men with jobs, girlfriends, etc, are becoming more and more average...making it easier of course, for men like me...however sad their existence might be.

5 upvotesTheReformist941 year ago

This post is bs. If you go to a club there's a shit tonne of men looksmaxxing and you have to be in the top 10% for a girl to give you the time of day.sometimes,if none of the men cut it,no men hook up and everyone goes home not scoring.

1 upvotesICanHeal1 year ago

I agree, where I live there are plenty of alpha men (on gear) everywhere

1 upvotesbigbodybuilderr1 year ago

OP has obviously never been to LA or NYC

1 upvotesMountainEphiphany1 year ago

What if you play games for a living? Like, you actually make money streaming and making content on YouTube, etc... Sure, it's lame to play games or even watch, like someone else commented, but to be fair, sheep need to exist. For the streamers to make money, there need to be sheep that just like to watch the game. For CEOs to make money, you need a bunch of sheep with no ambition working in the office under him. I ask for myself, because although I workout, am an engineering student, and still read and do self-improvement, I play video games. I don't play for fun or to make my character look pretty; I play competitively, stream, and go to competitions. And I win (sometimes) and make money.

7 upvotesNoWayButLift1 year ago

This is personal anecdote, but I live my life by the 80/20 rule and if you want to play video games for a small allotted time every so often go for it. I do it myself. Don’t tie yourself to the restrictions of this sub or other people. I naturally have stopped playing them less and less as I have developed different skills and better ways to spend my time.

2 upvotesEPArt1 year ago

Just do you man you cant always go into what people say as a 100% non flexible rule. If you want to be a man unto yourself do whatever the fuck it is you want to do. If I listened to this shit 100% I wont be able to go into the games industry or make contacts and network at events. People say its time waste because they have no vested interest but if being involved in it makes you money and you can expand on it, it has value. You can be the Alpha above all alpha's but if you never enjoy or do want you want to you might as well be dead.

54 upvoteswknapek1 year ago

Solid advice, I think that the beauty of humans is that we are all pretty similar but we can change ourselves to be better as long as we have the will and the wits to do so.

22 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Not only that, but it's not unfair. If you're able to get yourself to a good place, mentally, physically, career wise....it's an honest symbol. Lifting like your life depends on it isn't a hack. It shows determination and grit.

115 upvotesCasanova-Quinn1 year ago

This is the average male body. The average is basically a "dad bod". The bar is so low it's pathetic. Any man here should be able to do better.

68 upvotesDareyFathom1 year ago

And for comparison, the average American female is 5'3" and 166 lbs. which is also so pathetic any female should be able to do better. And yet at least half don't.

26 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Life is sad. 165 is only ok for a woman around 5'10 or taller in most cases.

1 upvotesEntropy-71 year ago

My ex is 5'9" and 130. Depending on your source, Gwendoline Christie (6'3") is either 165 or 185. 5'11" and 165 would be BMI 23 which isn't bad. Women tend to look better at BMI 21, however.

12 upvoteslorum_ipsum_dolor1 year ago

I was out at a local bar/restaurant last night and I'd guess that 9 out of 10 women in the place were either overweight or were virtual landwhales. It used to be that a lot of guys were fat but most women were in decent shape but that's not the case any more.

2 upvotesnaIamgood1 year ago

Yea that will be the case when restaurant serve one size for all! Its not enough for a man(So men munch on more fries and Soda) and its too much for a women.

3 upvotest-away31 year ago

I wonder what the median weights are. I have to imagine the obese people skew the average to the right more than anorexic types skew it to the left.

2 upvotesLeftHookTKD1 year ago

And women really don't need to hit the gym or put in years of hard work. They just need to not stuff their face. Guys gotta build muscle to look good.

1 upvotesEntropy-71 year ago

Thank fuck I live in China (average female BMI 23.4)

1 upvotesMountainEphiphany1 year ago

Wow. I spend a lot of time in the gym so I think the average is a male that's physically fit. Also, most of my friends are physically fit. It's hard for me to imagine that this is the average because I spend most of my time with people who are much farther above it.

8 upvotesFapisluv1 year ago

It is not the average for young people in their 20's... most people stop working out around 25 years old. Maybe that's where the rp advice is based on, that if you are an old man who has their shit together and keeps fit, you are very ahead.

5 upvotesCasanova-Quinn1 year ago

Yes this data is based on men in their 30’s. Men in their 20’s are leaner on average, however they are mostly just skinny or soft looking. Lifting is advised on TRP because the average man at any age is not muscular.

23 upvotesblister3331 year ago

5’9 with a 39 waist? What a pity

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I read that in David Bowies voice

51 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

The bar is so low it's pathetic.

Not around here. I live across the street from a university. Nearby, the park I run at is where the pretty people go. This state has some of the most fit people in the country.

Iron sharpens iron....sometimes I want to go to the deep south just to be a god amongst men.

5 upvoteschomponthebit1 year ago

Do what the alphas (of both sexes) do. Emulate them. Surround yourself with them. I love this strategy, sir!

9 upvotesPepethe1stofHisName1 year ago

setting the bar pretty low there, Todd.

So what is top 20% stats? I'm guessing it looks more like VanDerTodd (Todd #3)

3 upvotesafkb39sdfb1 year ago

If you don't have a better body that that time to get your shit together.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

That image includes stats from old 30+ year old married men which is irrelevant for almost everyone here because we aren't competing with them for anything. The average guy I see in my college is fit and almost everyone I know lifts.

3 upvotesCasanova-Quinn1 year ago

If look into the data you'll see that the 20-29yo average weight is 83.4kg and 30-39yo average weight is 90.5kg (Pg.9 of the CDC report). That's only a 7.1kg difference. And no where in the data was marriage status mentioned.

In your case, you are in a little bubble because of your lifestyle. Colleges contain more fit people because of sports. And if you lift, it's no surprise that your friends lift. Birds of a feather flock together.

2 upvotesRedPilledGodEmperor1 year ago

wait, that can't be serious? That's absolutely pathetic. The funny thing is I know guys who don't workout that much and look better than that.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

TIL I look better than the average man by a longshot. Thanks, lifting!

4 upvotesEntropy-71 year ago

I get these epiphanies every now and then. I mean shit: I am one or two decades older than Todd and I don't work out regularly but I am looking pretty damn good by comparison.

192 upvotesMarcosDomingues1 year ago

Wrong. Remember you are competing and being compared to the top 20%. The other 80% basically aren't even allowed to play the game, they're invisible.

59 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I agree with your point dude, the OP is confused or just has low standards. I dont know who he thinks HB8s & HB9s are but NOT A SINGLE legitimate 8 or 9 I know is even remotely concerned with the 20% in terms of who they want to end up with. They all describe a guy in the top 10% or higher.

The 20% are the eligible bachelors that a attractive woman is willing to settle for if all else fails.

35 upvotesGidanocitiahisyt1 year ago

In theory, wouldn't the 20/80 rule apply again inside of the 20/80 rule?

Out of the top 20% of men, the top 20% of THOSE men would be competing for the top 80% of the top 80% of the overall female population. This would mean that if the ratios were actually exactly 20/80 (I know it's not), only the top 4% of men would have access to the top 64% of women.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Last sentence seems spot on.

5 upvotesRSFrylock1 year ago

low standards. I dont know who he thinks HB8s & HB9s are but NOT A SINGLE legitimate 8 or 9 I know is even remotely concerned with the 20% in terms of who they want to end up with. They all describe a guy in the top 10% or higher.

That's why you go for the 5-7s. They don't have high expectations, and they won't leave you once the next best guy comes along. If your qualifications are too high, you won't find anyone.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I never understood why men go for 8-9s. They're not special. Pussy is pussy. 5-7s are totaly fine and adore you if you're a 7. 8-9s are just full of themselves.

7 upvotesshubhidoobi1 year ago

This. I don't get why people rate in 1-10, I do binary style. 0- would not fuck, 1- would fuck. Like you said pussy is pussy, doesn't matter if she's a 8-9 or 5-7, eventually you'll get bored of fucking same thing for years. And also there are NO 10's.

-1 upvotesSpaceEnthusiast1 year ago

It's because you'd show off a 9 to your friends, but only chill at your place with a 6.

1 upvotesshubhidoobi1 year ago

She's not yours to show off, it's just your turn.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Yeah of course, because fucking a woman is such a great achievement that I've to show off.

3 upvotesSpaceEnthusiast1 year ago

7s and 8s and 9s are very different from each other. We've literally evolved to mate with the best possible mate. A 9 does something to the brain that a 7 simply cannot. If she's got a good head on her shoulders, being with a 9 is like being on drugs. It can feel incredible. But it's also quite dangerous if she's not that into you. I find that most of my friends simply don't go for such women, either because they have no idea what it'll feel like or BECAUSE they know and they're afraid.

Also, there are plenty of 9s who have a decent head on their shoulders.

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It's women who mate with the best possible mate, not men.

2 upvotesSpaceEnthusiast1 year ago

That's simply not true. Both men and women would choose the best possible mate for themselves, if possible. You end up somewhere between "settling for less" and "out of your league" in the end.

16 upvotes615bachelor1 year ago

The OP is dead wrong. The average woman puts all guys in the bottom 80%. So if an average guy is around the 50% mark then being 20% better is only putting you at around 70%. Guys with an SMV value of 7/10 will be getting girls who are around the 5/10 smv level.

2 upvotesKryptic_Knight [OP]1 year ago

False. You're not really competing with the top 20%, you more than likely don't even know what that looks like. You're also far too closed minded about it. The other 80% are playing the game, they're just stuck running into the same wall.

You're born playing this game, some of us just happen to know it.

55 upvotesMarcosDomingues1 year ago

When you approach a girl, or when a girl considers you as a potential partner she will compare you to all her current list of options, and those 80% of guys are not included there.

21 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I can't accept a little better than average as my creed. Good practical advise, and maybe its my inferiority complex but if I do something...i wanna be the fucking best.

37 upvotesKinbaku_enthusiast1 year ago

20% better than the average male is performing at 70%

The old adage is that women are interested in the top 20% men and will share them if they have to.

So your performance has to be 30% better than average, at about 80%.

You shouldn't try to be either the wisest or the most accurate in the room, you should try to be that which works best for you, which is different per guy.

I can be funny, but I'm rarely the funniest.

I am average looking, mostly due to lazy grooming.

I am however the most enthusiastic, happiest, motivating person and am acutely aware of subtle mood switches in people.

Get to know yourself well, learn your strengths and weaknesses. You don't have to excel at everything (though I wouldn't normally admit most of my errors and flaws as it sounds low confidence to do so).

You don't have to be best at everything but it's worth it to let your strengths shine. When I learned when to let my enthusiasm free reign and when to reign it back a bit to let other people speak.

And it helps to get a good idea of the archetypical attractive male types that women want and recontextualise/recallibrate accordingly. For example, being funny is good, but be careful that you're not an entertaining clown. Learn to do it from a position of strength. Being smart and witty is good, but be careful that you're not doing it as a nerdy knowitall, etc etc.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

wisdom is the only growth that won't blow out your ACL. I've met many girls who were sapiophilic, and gamed and banged accordingly. the intent isn't to be a know it all, but a know-what-is-needed, exactly when its needed. like when some has a broken leg, severed artery, its kinda nice to know how to tie a tourniquet. edit: accurate information

1 upvotesKinbaku_enthusiast1 year ago

Good point. Reminds me of how Asimov for the first caught his future wife's interest by being able to simply and clearly explain the answer to the "what happens if an immovable object meets an unstoppable force?" question that she was just asking to stump him.

3 upvotessmallpoly1 year ago

The numbers are goofy, and so is arguing over exact percent. How do you measure being 10% funnier? Apply for some grant money and do a study? The point gets across - it doesn't take much to excel in a couple key categories, and you don't have to be the best to do well.

-7 upvotesKryptic_Knight [OP]1 year ago
  1. You need help with math

  2. Reading comprehension....the point was that you only need to be 20% better than the average.

9 upvotesgrewapair1 year ago

You don't even need to be 20% better than average. For most guys, just 3% will do it. No really.

Average guy is 5'10". Just grow 2 more inches and that's only 3%! It's really that easy!

8 upvotesKinbaku_enthusiast1 year ago

Average = 50%

20% better than average. That means either 60% or 70% depending on how you interpret it.

I understood you fine. You made a decent post that I was adding to.

No need to be defensive about it, dude. Looking at your other replies you are continuously defensive about it. It gives me the impression that you wrote this to protect yourself from pushing yourself further. Initially I had thought you wrote this to not overthink things and make the best of where you are, but now I'm not so sure. You might be making similar mistakes in social situations where you say something fine and are then closing your mind when other people are adding to what you're saying. You should learn from this experience.

0 upvotesChaosRevealed1 year ago

Average = 50%

20% better than average. That means either 60% or 70% depending on how you interpret it.

That's not how statistics work. You need the mean and some type of standard deviation in terms of percentage to evaluate where "20% better" places one on the percentile scale.

You need to retake Stats 110.

14 upvotesLego_My_Alter_Eggo1 year ago

What he's trying to say is this

Interpretation 1: 50% + 20% = 70%

Interpretation 2: 10% of the average above average, so 60%

50% + (50% * 20%) =

5/10 + (5/10 * 2/10) =

5/10 + 1/10 = 6/10 = 60%

-2 upvotesChaosRevealed1 year ago

Yes, I understood what he was attempting to do.

Unfortunately for him, both of those calculations are mathematically incorrect. That's not how you evaluate "20% better."

1 upvotesBurgundy1451 year ago

Could you please show the math you are thinking of if both of those calculations are incorrect

13 upvotesDynamite_n_Gasoline1 year ago

"I fix what is bothering me" - David Goggins (PJRE podcast)

6 upvotesthisishowiwrite1 year ago

Fuck that dude is an inspiration.

10 upvoteschazthundergut1 year ago

Being confident and friendly and giving out positive vibes will go much further than you'd think.

I say this as a man who is only 5'9'' and 280 lbs.

8 upvotesFeelTheBernieSanderz1 year ago

What I'd say to this, becoming above average enter you in a positive feedback loop whereby your potential to grow becomes exponential.

23 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I like the message but being in the top 20% will get you all the average chicks with less effort , if you want to be swarmed by 8s &9s then the bar is much higher than top 20 , think Top 5% or even less

3 upvotesEntropy-71 year ago

To "be swarmed" is setting a rather high bar. Being able to score 8s on a relatively consistent basis is much more doable.

I think that the OP's point is that you don't have to be top notch to do well in the SMP, just better than the majority of other guys.

-27 upvotesKryptic_Knight [OP]1 year ago

You missed the point, pay attention instead of rejecting the ideology. The point was clearly, that 20% of the men in game are getting 8's and 9's...and can easily control which they can swarm through the entire spectrum.

Reading comprehension, is important.

24 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

rejecting the ideology ?

Dude, I said I liked the message.

Reading comprehension, is important.

11 upvotesHyperSensitiveSigma1 year ago

Reading comprehension, is important.

You wrote a good post. People are adding to your message, and giving their take. You are shutting them down and being defensive. Getting to the top 20%, 1 out of 5 men, is easier for me to understand and shoot for.

The top 20% can sometimes get 8s and 9s. But to keep them, you need to be closer to the top 5-10%. I've been in and out of the top 20% most of my life. I had a 9 really into me in September. A few weeks later, she met a bodybuilder, who was in the top 5%, and moved onto him. It taught me an important lesson: never get complacent: ABI: Always Be Improving. I'm with another 9 now. Been together for 5 months, but I know she could leave at any point if I don't stay on top of my game.

Most people can get into the top 20% with 30-60 days exercise and study. To get to the top 5-10% takes at least 6 months lifting + self-improvement, IMO. I'm working out a lot right now, and seeing increased IOIs every week, but I can't slack off because competition for hot 9s is fierce.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Take Note OP! Facilitate a proper discussion!

1 upvotes9dingas1 year ago

So your saying noob gains gets you into top 20%? wtf So what does 5 years of liting and being an aesthetic mf put you into

0 upvotesSwoleygrowly1 year ago

20% or 5% doesn’t matter 99% of of the population is worthless so getting to 1% is easy, but that wasn’t the point of the post, the point Is be confident that you are the best in the room if you are a competent person and you can have whatever woman you want. All of you thinking you can only pull 9s if your the best need to get a clue, you can be a halfwit slob and pull 9s if your confident and approach them, 9s are easier then 7s, if you don’t know I’m telling the truth you must be one of the ones to scared to approach them.

1 upvotesHyperSensitiveSigma1 year ago

I noticed how 9s can be easier than 7s sometimes too, cos they have been gamed less. Confidence is key, I agree. Whatever, the best strategy is to lift as much as I can to increase my SMV. It's working for me right now.

7 upvotesSaigonNoseBiter1 year ago

8s and 9s are not 20% of the population. You need a bell curve, it's actually far far less than 20% despite being 2 out of 10 digits available

20 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Being in the top 20% is very subjective. Being in the top 20% at a bar in Tulsa is simple. Being in the top 20% at a club in San Diego full of Navy Seals and Professional athletes is a different story. I don't believe in associating with average or below average if possible. I would rather hang around the top tier striving forward.

13 upvotesJohndoesmith671 year ago


1 upvotesthegreatcornholio421 year ago

Jacksonville is basically San Diego's East Coast cousin. Very similar situation

2 upvotesJosephBosa1 year ago

I would give Miami that title. Pro athletes live in San Diego or SoCal for offseason training due to the weather and all the elite coaches living here. Same with Miami.

1 upvotesthegreatcornholio421 year ago

We have an NFL team in Jacksonville as well as 3 Navy Bases, a National Guard Armory and their main base is just outside of town, as well as a big port and four rail hubs including the main one for CSX. Jacksonville is more like San Diego than Miami

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

It's really strange....yesterday I was in the courtyard, grilling up a ribeye.....some dude came in the gate, went into the clubhouse...I'm pretty friendly with a quick smile, but the dude didn't look at me, not once. I guess I'm that guy now. Lift like your life depends on it.

15 upvotesIwannachokekatie1 year ago

I'm so swole not even chicks dare look at me, man.

6 upvotesxlithernigga1 year ago

This sub isn't about being slightly above average it's about being the best.

5 upvotesWolfoflulzstreet1 year ago

Hell, you only need to appear to be 20% better. Women are already write their own story about you the moment they see you.

4 upvotesRPmatrix1 year ago

the guy who can relax and just 'be themselves' is an easy person to talk to and be with ... he's way ahead of any guy who's in any way 'self conscious' and most likely quite awkward as a result.

Girls are often happy to talk with such guys. Having girls 'happy to talk with you' = 'pre-selection' for other women to take notice of ... which is what you want when on the prowl, the more female validation you can get the better.

That's why wingwomen can be so effective. I had a WW who could get me talking with any female in the club! She was naturally fabulous at the job! It was almost too easy with her on hand, lol. I'd also set her up with any guys she was interested in, but she was bisexual so sometimes we were 'competing' with each other for some HB

NGAF is an essential M.O when in public. After all, you don't know what other people are thinking so why think that they're thinking about you?

Worrying about OPO (Other People's Opinions) is a major waste of energy and only negatively affects your ability to "be in the moment" ... and you can't be a 'witty and amusing guy' when your mind is 'elsewhere'

Great Game requires you being 'on fire and in the moment' with your attention 100% focused on the job at hand. Any half decent game needs you to be on the ball for the best results

Teach yourself to 'not care' ... keep reminding yourself 'why it doesn't matter' and eventually it will 'sink in' and you'll find yourself NGAF without thinking about it and having the best time becoz of it.

After all, you can't enjoy the moment if you're thinking of other things

Field test: The next time you're out with friends, when you remember this, ask yourself about those who are not in your group; "how much attention am I paying to any of the other people in this place?"

I think you'll be surprised at the answer, which is likely the same as the guy on the other side of the room's would be if asked! You're paying them no mind whatsoever, except when that guy dropped the tray of glasses, but that's it!

TL:DR: Nobody really GAF about you or what you're doing, so why should you? If you do, learn how not to GAF, it just takes practice, like most things but it's very achievable

good post OP, worth remembering

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

you don't know what other people are thinking

Mostly they are thinking about themselves and how insecure they are. Once you see it with your own eyes it is almost laughable.

1 upvotesRPmatrix1 year ago

Mostly they are thinking about themselves and how insecure they are.

I don't think they're being so 'conscious' about it, more likely trying not to think about it as they try to get drunk enough so that it's no longer inhibiting their 'truer selves' ability to 'socialize'. Maybe later, at home, drunk and alone they'll reflect upon their shortcomings and consequently feel extremely insecure!

Once you see it with your own eyes it is almost laughable.

At first, the it becomes sad when you realize these 'men' are reflecting our societies 'current values' .... which are FUBAR

3 upvotesmheyk1 year ago

Truthfully the only thing I worry about walking into a bar is there bar seating and does the selection suck

3 upvotesthisishowiwrite1 year ago

The average male is mousy, self conscious, slow paced, and doesn't work out at all.

This is a reflection on you, OP. You're moving in the wrong crowds. I don't want to be 20% better than shitkickers.

4 upvotesspoonhatt1 year ago

Okay you keep working at 80% I'll stick to my 100%. Good base idea but why not strive to be the best?

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

#METOO doesn't apply to you if you're in the top 20%

-2 upvotesanotherent1 year ago

Harvey was in that category...

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Wrong. Flashing $$$ doesn't make you a Alpha, it just makes you a sucker that these bitches target.

6 upvotesKinbaku_enthusiast1 year ago

Metoo didn't apply to Harvey for decades. It applied to him because his power slipped... for whatever reason. Maybe made the wrong enemy.

3 upvotesCallmetonay1 year ago

I think it also gave the women an opportunity to grow relevant again.

4 upvotesOkthisopisnotsmarttt1 year ago

I can say with 100% confidence you are not better than anyone, anywhere you go. The only people who brag and thunp their own backa like this are losers who wont make eye contact and pretend to be awesome on reddit. Sorry.

2 upvotesbuttgoogler1 year ago

Holy fuck. The quote about your sword, shield and spear is golden.

2 upvotesDdanndt1 year ago

who cares about these things Just be yourself don't think too much what anyone thinks about you,sometimes even if you haven't done anything wrong people gonna judge you and worst thing is sometime your own family will judge you so fuck it do whatever you want and enjoy your life

2 upvotesApexmanRP1 year ago

OP, I get your message, however, this should only be a stepping stone towards the top 20%.

If you can rate yourself (objectively) 20% higher than the average male, then great, but don't stop.

The time to stop, where diminishing returns will kick in, is when you hit the top 20%. Then its a matter of fine tuning to suit what you want from life.

2 upvotesAlexinfinite011 year ago

These pep talks really help I find. Being a recovering blue piller is like being a recovering alcoholic. It's a life long battle but worth fighting

2 upvotesBurnoutRS1 year ago

I wanna reword this message. You should strive for the best, but you should also understand that progress takes time and you have to be alive to have any chance to progress further. The last part being the most important. If you dedicate so much time to liftng that you miss assignments in class or fall behind on the job...

I've had friends who held themselves to the highest standards, never gave themselves a break and they all were ridiculously high strung, stressed out, professed to "definitely have a mental illness" despite the only evidence they had to support that claim being that a doctor gave them an SSRI to try out. They were great people, theyve had successes but they never just let themselves be.

Work hard, play hard. Ever find yourself unable to engage fully in recreational activities after prolonged sessions? say you binge a series, playthrough a whole game. if youre anything like me, you get to this point where youre not immersed in what youre doing anymore because on some level you know how superfluous it is to your life goals. The opposite can also be true, where you give yourself no room to breath and push yourself until youre nothing but stress.

Finally, you should try scheduling some leisure time at the end of an intense day of working. get up, go to work, go to the gym and then go to a bar, go to a club any venue. Notice how you being spent from working puts you in the mindset where you couldnt give a fuck less about anyone elses bullshit, you just wanna enjoy yourself. Ive passed shit tests inadvertently by just being too tired to give a shit about whats being said to me

1 upvotesAJ_BeautifulChaos1 year ago

Not sure if that's sound advice though. I understand the reasoning but since almost everyone is average hence the term they would need to give the maximum to get into the 20% above.
It's safe to assume from the outset not be the champ and give it the best shot so to reach up to this 20% region you name.
Starting out with the mindset "well let's not over-invest here" might not be enough. Same applies to workout and guys with average genetics.

1 upvotesAs-You-Were1 year ago

I feel like that first paragraph could be used in a Scorsese film. Excellently put.

1 upvotesFlannellord1 year ago

Are there any books or videos anyone can recommend that talks more about this?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Your investment should only be "enough", not the maximum.

Be all the mediocre that you can be? No thanks.

1 upvotesZech4riah1 year ago

When I walk to a bar or club my first thought is that what is the men/woman ratio and where is the hottest girl which I will approach. When I feel confident and good about myself (most of the time), it even doesn't come to mind to compare myself to others or to judge other people.

The fact that you actually consciously think (or maybe more like tell yourself?) you are better than others tell me that you are still work on progress although in a good way and towards right direction.

And yes, for average red pilled guy 20% better will be enough. For the ones wanting more, it's is just a waypoint.

2 upvotesKryptic_Knight [OP]1 year ago

The point is that you don't have to try hard to better than the average man. I've gotten everything on the high spectrum of women....doesn't require a lot of work.

You're extrapolating incorrectly; its not that I tell myself I'm better than most people in a room, its that I already know, because the general populous is the 80% that are boring, vapid and sheepish. Pareto principle, look it up. The 20% is what matters, ultimately.

20% isn't just "enough", its the finish line...when it comes to women, if you want "more" then you're looking to work on yourself to a degree that makes you the 1%.

1 upvotesBENDERisGRREAT1 year ago

Looking at everything around the room you walk in is part of being a man. Only women and children don't pay attention to their surroundings.

Hang out with some older guys, they survey a room they walk into and NEVER sit with their back to the door

2 upvotesKryptic_Knight [OP]1 year ago

You missed the point entirely.

2 upvotesBENDERisGRREAT1 year ago

The point is you told everyone they shouldn't survey a room they walk into...

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

?? how you know your the best looking guy in the room . as ssoon u see a 6´4 guy with godlike frame and 8/10 face u just leav the bar then?

1 upvotesFatmanO1 year ago

yes buying rope on the way is an option tehehe

2 upvotesnaIamgood1 year ago

people here think that they will workout, develop game and make all the jumps and voila! they will be the top 5% of the males. Some people need to accept that you may never be in the top 20% let alone top 5%. You must be content with that. That is not to discourage improvement but spending too much effort can sometimes be akin to polishing the turd.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Polish the turd till you die man. What is the other option? To waste away?

2 upvotesnaIamgood1 year ago

All I am saying is that the Improvement model is like an asymptotic curve. There is a "Plateau" and for alot of people that plateau might fall way below the benchmark of top 20%. This is the reality and there is nothing you can do except be content with that.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Reincarnation. Reincarnation is the other option. Wait, no, it's not real. Back to polishing the turd.

1 upvotesfrhnwunderkid1 year ago

To hell with your mediocrity. Your mindset needs to be focused on making yourself as productive as humanly possible to become greatness. Especially if you're young.

Read books Lift weights Eat with a goal Go out Flirt a lot Get rejected Learn from mistakes Acquire currency

There's no right way to do this, but I'm sure as hell that being slightly above average just won't cut it.

1 upvotesJfc_Manners1 year ago

Poisoning the well, I see. Interesting to see that more and more TRPers and using powertalk against the broader male self-improvement community to trick them into getting lazy.

Bro, there are not diminishing returns to working on yourself. There are accelerating returns to working on yourself. You don't "need" to do anything, but man, you can do a lot...if you stop worrying about conserving effort and energy, and start thinking about doing as much as you can.

1 upvotesKryptic_Knight [OP]1 year ago

You missed my point entirely, but good job at doing so, you're at maximum productivity when it comes to lack of reading comprehension.

1 upvotesJetirk1 year ago

Only sheeple try to be alphas, "alphas" being some culturally defined image of a guy who whores out his soul so he can be recognized by everyone as the #1 pussy slayer.

The enlightened realize that pussy doesn't matter and takes way too much time and effort to chase. Literally just follow your own path of success. The only thing a pussy is good for is having children.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

What the fuck are you doing on a sub for male sexual strategy if that's your point of view?

1 upvotesJetirk1 year ago

I subscribed when I was 12 and didn't recognize how retarded this point of view is. Is this sub just for PUAs?

2 upvoteskrustywazoo1 year ago

What would a twelve year old be doing here of all places?

1 upvotesJetirk1 year ago

Reading this god awful shit

-1 upvotesPoppinChlorine1 year ago

Okay, I’m pretty new to this sub, and I don’t have a very good picture of who the members here are.

I’m about to graduate high school, and I’m going to college next year. Are a lot of you guys in college? Do you have careers? Are you working lame jobs? Are you 30s? 40s? 50s?

A lot of you guys seem pretty smart. I’m fuckin brilliant. Does being smart help you get girls post-college (especially if being smart got you a dope high powered job instead of a shitty “The Office” sales job- praised on here for reasons that line up with a good HOBBY- or for other reasons)? Or are you guys merely muscular dudes who don’t have much of a career or a brain?

I’m asking this now because when you say “20% better than the average male” that implies that you’re in the top 30% of males. Does that really describe a lot of the members here? Or do most of you merely talk a big game?

I’m seriously asking- I’m really interested in this sub and I’m loving the sidebar lit but some context on the types of people you guys are would really help. Thanks.

Also if anyone has any advice for a young beginner that would be appreciated. Thanks again.

1 upvotesnaIamgood1 year ago

The people here seem to be very pretty smart, but they all have failed in one or other way with women. There is no correlation between smartness and getting girls but being smart helps with having a rock solid mindset and the ability to bounce back from failures much quicker as you analyze the world for what it is.

0 upvotesPoppinChlorine1 year ago

That makes sense, it seems like everyone here is really successful with women though? That’s what’s confusing to me, most of what i’ve read is advice, theory, or success stories.

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