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You're not unlucky, You're just Lazy

by KeffirLime on /r/TheRedPill
01 June 2018 01:45 PM UTC

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Recently I’ve begun to notice an alarming trend. The rise of the male hamster. A little rodent that runs around chewing away at any rationale, and shits out little excuses as to why things aren’t going the way you want.

Females get away with not holding themselves to a particular standard, because they don’t have to, their biology doesn’t dictate it. It’s often not directly linked to their success in the sexual market. A women can fail at almost anything and blame pretty much everyone and everything for it, but, because she has a great pair of tits and her ass is borderline splitting her jeans, she’s absolved. She remains at the top of her sexual Hierarchy.

Men on the other hand do not escape with such a privilege. A man’s place in the Sexual hierarchy is directly linked to his successes and failures. His status matters. What he has to offer matters. The male hamster becomes a really dangerous little fucker when men start holding themselves to a feminine standard. When they start spawning every excuse in the book to justify their failures.

Im going to tell you A tale of 3 friends:

Friend 1 - Friend one is a great looking guy, he’s well built, has a decent paying job, lives in a nice apartment. You’d say he’s in the top 1% of mate selection, here’s the catch, he hardly ever gets a whiff of pussy. And when he does he settles for Moby Dicks little cousin. One could call him Captain Ahab. He claims his struggles with women are because he’s not wealthy, not a male model, Isn’t a famous IG celebrity.

Friend 2 – Friend two is a bit different. He’s an overweight middle aged man, face like a pug, if you saw him in the street you’d probably expect him to collect your garbage. Friend two, however, needs a pair of armbands when he goes out, because he quite literally drowns in it. He came from a poor background but is now very wealthy, and a well-known member of society, He’s built up an events company from scratch in his younger years that brings down some of the biggest names in electronic music.

Friend 3 - Friend three is the one I find most interesting. He’s very similar to friend one, good looking, well built, earns less than no.1, but is improving every year, He stays in a shittier apartment. Friend 3 is charming, could sell ice to eskimos, and is driven, he’s constantly improving, I believe in a few years’ time he will be very successful. Friend 3 takes home girls like a Hugh Hefner slumber party. He’s plated multiple models, and could take a fresh cut of fillet home every week if he so desired.

Now you’re probably wondering what the difference between these fellows is apart from the obvious, and I’ll drop you a hint, 2 of them own their shit, make the most of their situation, and one of them sits around all day pissing into the wind about every reason why he’s not where he wants to be.

You have two options in life, you can be a log in the ocean getting crashed around, merciless to the tides around you. Blame your finances, or genetics, or the fact that your mom never packed lunch for you. Or you can build a boat, use the tools at your disposal to build a highly functional, bad ass machine. Then you can plot your journey, navigate the seas and the weathers to get wherever the fuck you want to be.

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0 upvotesHalitenina1 year ago

A man’s place in the Sexual hierarchy is directly linked to his successes and failures. His status matters. What he has to offer matters. The male hamster becomes a really dangerous little fucker when men start holding themselves to a feminine standard. When they start spawning every excuse in the book to justify their failures.

In other words, no one cares why you didn't succeed, or, if you did win, what tools you used to get ahead. All that matters is where you stand.


163 upvotesCamp_KillYourself1 year ago

Recently I’ve begun to notice an alarming trend. The rise of the male hamster

There is a been rise of this idea of genetic determinism lately. Maybe because of things like 23andme, the incel movement, people like Sam Harris, etc. that think that basically you are what you are since birth and what you experienced in your formative years is exactly how it will be. Nothing will ever change because that's just "biology" you were born with those "genetics"

What they fail to realize is that your brain is constantly re-wiring itself and your body is VERY adaptable to stress (training) and knowledge. Sure some people are born into a rich family with Brad Pitt genetics, that's honestly the 1%. You think you can't work towards breaking into at least the top 20%?

Your genetics got you to this point. Why would it end with you?

Life is short. Waste less time worrying about what others have and how they got it "so easy" and worry about yourself.

Get to work!

99 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I would say the reason is the rise of men raised by women. No one to teach them accountability.

1 upvotesgood_guy_submitter1 year ago

Single motherhood is a plague.

We used to refer to fatherless children and those out of wedlock as bastards.

Time to bring that back.

-14 upvotesLib3rtarianSocialist1 year ago

Why those out of wedlock? Why is marriage necessary? Does being born in wedlock guarantee a father figure?

15 upvotesgood_guy_submitter1 year ago

Generally yes.

Also historically marriage was not sanctioned by the Government but rather by God/Church and cultural shaming tied to upholding the public vows.

Best way to raise quality children is to have a stable mother-father relationship present. The leftist communists and government have done everything they can to destroy this. Leaving us with "enjoy the decline." Leftists require chaos to gather power and leverage women to increase size of government and reduce freedom. Everytime the government gets bigger, men pay for it, and men lose the most rights. Women lose too, but they are too solipsistic to realize it because it isn't direct.

Females voting was a very bad idea. Pretty much all of our current problems (including women's ever increasing problems) can be traced back to our ancestor's caving in to the women's suffrage movement.

0 upvotesdialecticwizard1 year ago

Marriage is a prison and you are deluded.

29 upvotesCamp_KillYourself1 year ago

Marriage without open-ended hypergamy at least allowed society to function in a normal way.

2 upvotesTwo_kids_in_a_coat1 year ago

Marriage is bad for the man but good for the children, especially young boys.

11 upvotesBaelorsBalls1 year ago

Ugh so true, I would never blame my dad for my failures to succeed especially during HS, but he was a backseat parent and my mom wears the pants. All of my elementary and middle school teachers were women. Even in HS not many male role models. So I turned to YouTube first then I discovered this sub. Lost weight got some muscle, a job, a good girl that I inevitably fell for (although I can’t resist temptations sometimes) and my social dynamics skills have shot trough the roof. When I go home and see my parents, I have to really enforce who I am now because it’s so obvious that they are used to past me, but now they have acknowledged my growth.

14 upvotesSuperCrazy071 year ago

I would say the reason is the rise of men raised by women.

I would say it was shift in the 90s to give everyone a trophy and tell them they did good, even if they got last place.

I don't want to go all old guy "in my day"...but I think the mental toughness of the average men my age when we graduated college 20 years ago was far higher than the average guys (can't call most men) today. Now, obviously there are always exceptions.

If you've been coddled your whole life because...just being you means you are good enough dammit, you can't compete with people who spent their childhood getting knocked down, laughed at, and told to suck it up and get out there.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Women also want equality of outcome along with equality of opportunity. I have no problems with the latter. It is the former that I find abhorrent. There is no self-reflection or self-analysis when everybody "wins." There IS an ice-cream tub FULL of those two ingredients after a 15-0 kick-fucking by the other team. You analyze what YOU did right, what YOU did wrong and how to keep doing the good stuff and minimize the mistakes. ,

The same goes for the parents if they wish to reduce 15-0 kick-fuckings the organic way. Helping young children improve skills by spending quality time with them used to be a thing.

What happened? The kids with no fathers were getting smoked by kids with active dads. Unless the mother was a college or accomplished athlete, the kids had no rough-and-tumble play or early instruction on athletic movements (hyper-mommies killed gym class, too). Oh. I forgot to mention. Families with 2 active parents are more likely to afford skills camps and advanced coaching.

Nope. Can't have Jayden and Emma coming home all sad now, can we? Let's make EVERYONE a winner! Isn't that fun? Now my pets can feel like the little prince and princess that mommy says they are.

2 upvotestruedemocracy31 year ago

Raised by a single mother and didnt play sports at all - a lot of moms are fine with that because they are scared of the thought of anything happening to their little baby kid. As a result I didnt learn how to deal with failure, how to overcome adversity, how to put work in and not quit. Had to teach it all to myself later in life. This sub helped, but kids need active and masculine fathers.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I wholly enjoyed the last paragraph.

2 upvotesMattyAnon1 year ago

I would say it was shift in the 90s to give everyone a trophy and tell them they did good, even if they got last place.

This is the feminine influence. Women like communism more than men because they work less hard and are less productive, therefore it benefits them more than it does men.

The whole participation-awards thing is just more female thinking, and it destroys most men. All coming in last place is fine for women, but sooner or later men are forced to compete for a mate. For those that lose or don't compete there is no participation-award-vagina.

If you've been coddled your whole life because...just being you means you are good enough dammit, you can't compete with people who spent their childhood getting knocked down, laughed at, and told to suck it up and get out there.


1 upvotesAuspexAO1 year ago

Yup. The modern male needs to have the old school fortitude driven by an understanding that reality isn’t fair and you don’t win by showing up. However he also needs to be a renaissance man who is both skilled and well-learned. I’m getting up there in age too, but I try to caution myself against nostalgia. After all, the only thing that matters is what lies before us.

11 upvotesCamp_KillYourself1 year ago

I think it goes broader than that -- we have been taught that people that are successful because A) the elite men who had it "so easy" and B) part of the oppressive patriarchy.

Feminism has implanted that everyone is a victim. Women aren't as successful in rigorous careers because of men "oppressing them" through the patriarchy or the environment isn't "suitable for them" or there aren't enough female leaders.

The same left-wing marxist ideology that groups everyone in haves and have nots -- you aren't successful because someone is trying to pull you down, you are a victim.

Blacks aren't as successful as whites because of slavery even though it was hundreds of years ago, etc. etc.

Is it any surprise most of the incels are either in high school or college where victimhood is the game in town?

When in reality, no one benefits from you being unsuccessful.

Everyone has been screwed over by SOMEONE at SOME POINT in their lives. The real people learn from it and move forward.

Same with women - you learn from the rejections just like you learn from failure.

You are not a victim. You are not oppressed.

4 upvotesFrenetic_Zetetic1 year ago

Ck motherfucking Y in the house. My favorite band! Great comment, brother.

2 upvotesRebe1Ye111 year ago

The victim-hood mentality is being stretched so far, I am surprised these people can even leave the house knowing that 'evil white men are out to get me'. It is taught in schools and at home, everyone is oppressed, spreading that toxic belief gives the loser who sucks a life an excuse to pin on his oppressors rather than work on improving himself.

-4 upvotesLib3rtarianSocialist1 year ago

I completely agree. Except the misunderstanding of Marxism. Or maybe that sentence was used as most people think of this stuff as "cultural Marxism".

1 upvotesdialecticwizard1 year ago

Most of these people really do not understand scientific socialism. Marx tried to analyse it himself and got muddled along the way. As a scientific socialist, I am totally a god as a day trader, I know how the system works, I avoid marriage like a plague and I know that a plague of loneliness is being inculcated by capitalism. Now is the time to learn to stand on your own two feet and whilst under capitalism, become powerful and learn to walk alone. Trust no one.

13 upvotesvengefully_yours1 year ago

Marx didn't get it muddled, he was flat fucking wrong. Socialism results in death, on a massive scale, every fucking time it's implemented as a form of government. Every fucking time. How long it takes to result in massive death depends on a few factors, but make no mistake, that fucked up ideology will result in it.

Marx was like most of the losers who lean left, he wanted shit for free, without having to work and strive for it.

The plague of loneliness as you put it is not due to capitalism you fucking twat. Marxist bullshit is why we have a middle class that is receding, why wages are stagnant, and some cunts like you are lonely, because of the idea that we all own nothing, and are oppressed. Diluting the work force with females is why we have to have two incomes now. The idea of always increasing production is based in Marxism, not capitalism. Make shit products so the masses can buy a new one every three years.

Here's the main difference between capitalism and Marxism/socialism. Earn vs given. I'm amazed that they have managed to indoctrinate you young people so easily, but then you know fuck all about real hardship.

2 upvotesdialecticwizard1 year ago

I dont know what you must think I am given that I possibly earn a million times more than you, am a day trader and live the rich life. You people need to stop reading Fox news and grow a brain.

1 upvotesLib3rtarianSocialist1 year ago

I am sorry I don't think you know what you're talking about.

Marxist bullshit is why we have a middle class that is receding, why wages are stagnant... The idea of always increasing production is based in Marxism, not capitalism. Make shit products so the masses can buy a new one every three years.

Attributing the flaws of the institution of private property to socialism or Marxism.

Can you define socialism in one sentence? I don't want to argue any further if you hate Marxism, unless you wish to learn.

1 upvotesITjester1 year ago

Marx didn't get it muddled, he was flat fucking wrong. Socialism results in death, on a massive scale, every fucking time it's implemented as a form of government.

Marxism cannot be implemented. It happens organically when the proletariat seizes the means of production from the bourgeoisie. If the bourgeoisie artificially implement socialism like they did throughout history, it obviously isn't going to work. It's just the bourgeoisie maintaining their control of capital through a false ideology.

1 upvotesThe_Noble_Lie1 year ago

Fascinating train of thought

-2 upvotesdialecticwizard1 year ago

This is a fact. One few will accept as it leads to the horrid realisation that love is a biochemical fallacy and that happy families only exist in Hollywood. That said, it can be incredibly empowering if you can learn to live with your bio-chemical delusions and continue to garner power and wealth. Not easy as we crave love...non stop...like a drug fix and that sidetracks us. And empowers women as a consequence.

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I know this is a trivial point, but Sam Harris has never claimed that humans can't adapt and change. He has always talked about "rewiring" the brain and achieving different states of consciousness through meditation, psychedelics, yoga, etc. In fact, he wrote an entire book about it called "Waking Up", which has been one of the most important books in my intellectual development. I highly recommend that book to anyone.

1 upvotesCamp_KillYourself1 year ago

I haven't read his book though I've listened to a number of his debates and podcasts. I am referring to one in particular, where he says that there is no such thing as free will, which is ironic as he claims to be atheist. I believe this was his debate with Ben Shapiro (I am not endorsing Shapiro either).

The only book of his that I own is the End of Faith.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

The idea that free will doesn't truly exist is reasonable. Consider yesterday; what happened was going to happen the way it did. Why would tomorrow be any different?

1 upvotesCamp_KillYourself1 year ago

I need to read the book and understand what the argument is -- I don't understand...why wouldn't it be different? I chose to do different things yesterday vs. today, for example

What happened yesterday: I went to the gym, ate, did some prep for a new project assignment, got groceries, surfed reddit / youtube.

Today: Slept in, hooked up with a girl, went out to eat, relaxed.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I chose to do different things yesterday vs. today, for example

That's because the world is different today and you are different due to experiencing yesterday. Imagine if the premise of the movie Groundhog Day was about a guy who woke up and it was the same day again, but he had no recollection of the day before. It would just be him experiencing the same decisions which he was always going to make repeatedly. Whatever people choose to do tomorrow is what they were always going to do on that day since they were born.

3 upvotesunnecessarilycurses1 year ago

Your brain is a physical system, a massive chain reaction of chemicals and electrons. Every next neural firing is determined by what was firing before. There is no "free will" between these neuron firings "choosing" what will fire next.

That is the gist of his argument. He supports it with other arguments to make a pretty strong case.

Neuroscientists can predict people's decision or motor action in an fMRI up to 7 seconds before the person reports "I made my decision".

Trace any decision's dependencies back and you can pretty much go endlessly. It is logically untenable for any choice to be independent/free of prior experience, knowledge, mood, events, context, etc.

Listen to your mind's inner voice until the next word comes up. How did it happen? What decided on that word?

His argument is definitely much more nuanced than "basically you are what you are since birth and what you experienced in your formative years is exactly how it will be." It is not that you will or won't change from birth. It's that the decision to change (or not) "happens to you" not "you choose it".

These words on your screen will cause some chemical reactions deep in your brain and there will be an experience in your inner voice/feelings of something like "I agree" or "That's idiotic". But it will have just emerged in consciousness, not volitionally from some discrete free will. I say the letters C A T and a furry feline shows up on your mental screen. Just happens.

Notice this over and over until you see all thought is like that. When you do that is what is usually called "enlightenment" and is the what meditation practices try to facilitate (not mind clearing or relaxation as its often sold for).

4 upvotesPsychedelicDentist1 year ago

Largely concur with what you are saying here. Men don't want to take responsibility for anything anymore, not even themselves.

However, I do have to disagree with your view on grouping in Sam Harris with your other examples. I believe Sam Harris' argument is that there is no Free Will, which is the rational argument one can come to the conclusion of when they believe in illusionary nature of the Self. This is a position one can have insight into with certain types of meditation, or use of pyschedelic's.

This illusionary nature of the Self is what I believe to be another "Red Pill', and probably the most bitter one I have taken.

2 upvotesCamp_KillYourself1 year ago

Noted, someone else made a similar critique. I will have to look into his book and understand his argument. At the surface saying we don't have free will is a pretty fatalistic argument and could encourage people to not take action, but I will need to read his book Waking Up.

3 upvotesPsychedelicDentist1 year ago

Yeah you are right, but that is an egoic reaction to the issue.

It's a similar response to when people find out about this Red Pill and just decide to give up on women entirely - it's not the right response.

Be warned though, this red pill will fuck up everything you think that you know.

3 upvotesweezylane1 year ago

Also epigenetics are gene controls that have real demonstrable gene expression changing ability in response to change. The human body is very adaptable. It iis the mind that breaks first before the body.

2 upvotesCamp_KillYourself1 year ago

Every time I post on this sub, I am always impressed by the intelligence of some contributors.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

True, but that doesn't really argue much for free will, but may support determinism. Genes turn off and on as a reaction to environmental triggers, which is outside ones control. Epigenetics was pretty much discovered through a study looking at the long term generational effects of famine on a particular population in France. We, of course, have no control over how our ancestors lived.

1 upvoteslook_in_the_mirror1 year ago

Are sources how to control oneself's epigenetics in a good way?

4 upvotesAuspexAO1 year ago

You ARE your genes, that much is true. I’d say the biggest difference between men that say they have “bad luck” and men who “make their own luck”. Has everything to do with their ability to act. Weaknesses can be shored up, gaps in knowledge can be filled. I was sitting in my living room with a girl the other day and what of all things did she bring up but motherfucking incels, ha ha. I had an alert flash in my mind. Was she reading my posts here? Nope. Incels are apparently big news now.

Anyway she slammed them hard and said something to the effect of, “They should just cry themselves to sleep and stop being annoying.” Pretty standard female heartlessness when it comes to unfit males. I couldn’t help but smile though. They guy dicking her was a 398 pound incel himself a few years back. I felt like a superhero ha ha.

My binge eating was a gift from my genome. My willpower and drive to overcome it was male action. We’re ALL capable of male action. Luck isn’t fake, it’s coded in your cells. But we don’t deal in luck, we deal in lead. Act early. Act often. Keep pushing forward.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Keep in mind, you only have to be in the top 20% in YOUR market. Unless you live in Hollywood, Brad Pitt and the like are not your competition for tonight's ladies.

1 upvotesinvhand1 year ago

Amen on Sam Harris - Blech!

1 upvotestruedemocracy31 year ago

The left and privilige movement are only cementing this. It's weaponizing victimhood.

I've seen pics of guys from the incels sub. Unless you are literally deformed or literally autistic then you can break into the top 20%.

1 upvotesCamp_KillYourself1 year ago

I looked at photos none of them are that ugly, and if they are it’s because they dress terribly, they’re fat, tiny etc Eliott Rodgers was an incel because he suffered from sever anxiety mental health issues, and of course gets put on powerful antidepressants like Xanax instead of trying to develop himself internally (this is obviously due in part to his awful parents)

You know why it’s easy to cry incel or racism? It let’s go of all responsibility and having to put in any effort or work and just blame the “system”

“They’re aren’t as many female/minority/trans/gay leaders in my company bc of sexism/misogyny/racism! We need aff action to fix this! “

And when people keep caving into these demands, incels are just another group that thinks they’re marginalized and they’re owed something without putting any effort to get better - like anything, true success takes time.

1 upvotestruedemocracy31 year ago

Yep exactly. Hell one of the benefits of being a guy is that our facial aesthetics matter less than many other things. Take the face on damn near ANY guy, make him cut and defined with muscles, he will be a top 20% guy in looks.

There are true incels - usually handicapped or have severe facial deformity. However the majority of that sub are just complainers.

1 upvotesblister3331 year ago

pretty sure Sam Harris, the guy with a PhD in neuroscience, is well aware of that

-5 upvotesAuntieXhrist1 year ago

Get to work? There are 2 things you cannot Control: Health and Wealth. Yes, one can influence both positively and negatively health & wealth but still luck, contingency and $200,000,000 patrimony rule.

10 upvotesCamp_KillYourself1 year ago

You can’t control your health or wealth? You can’t exercise, eat healthy, get rest, get blood work? You can’t learn up on new skills, get valuable marketplace experience to better yourself?

Stfu and stop trying to make excuses for yourself in order to avoid doing any hard work.

Learn. Get better. Repeat.

You belong with the rest of the victims in welfare programs eating shitty food on food stamps.

0 upvotesturbospeedsc1 year ago

You can't control your health, you can influence it but ultimately, a gene could activate in any moment with cancer, diabetes, get on a car crash, all of the activities you mention give you a better chance, but ultimately not even the richest guys on the planet can control their health.

3 upvotesCamp_KillYourself1 year ago

You know what cancer has been implicated with? Bad diet choices, stress, and lack of exercise. Same as diabetes.

Dying in a car crash? Okay now you're really reaching... that's what 1% of this forum - just stay in your house all day because you'll get radiation and die.

Dumb ass comment that doesn't apply to 99.999% of people let alone people on this forum.

Did I say you can have complete FULL control of your health? No, there's always extraordinary circumstances but you have a lot more control of these situations then situations have control of you.

The fact you have to bring up the extreme situations to make your point...which is? What? Don't try because you may get hit by a car and you may have some type of gene that has cancer in it?

You are in the beta mindset. Keep thinking this way and see where it gets you.

0 upvotesturbospeedsc1 year ago

About cancer, my mom is one of those persons that eats a extremely varied healthy diet, exercises, very little stress in her life, Breast cancer at 65.

Not talking about dying on car crash but having one and getting injured, i travel a lot and i mean a lot for work, some weeks 600-700 miles on the road, sometimes 3-4 flights a month, nothing happened to me in 5 years, once on my day off joined my wife to quick trip to a town 2 hours away, got in a very bad, we were even going below speed, the person driving has lots of experience, but the guy in front of us made a u turn in a 2 lane road and we hit him, ended up in the hospital, wife with a fractured spine still has some complications, not everything can be controlled, you can influence it but not controlled

2 upvotesCamp_KillYourself1 year ago

I don't mean to minimize your situation but you're missing what I am saying. The point of my post is about guys that think they have no shot with women, they are destined to be alone because of their "genetics" - read up on the "black pill" and its associated nihilism. That their life doesn't have any meaning and bc they're not at the highest IQ level or an elite athlete from a rich or famous family that they cannot find any meaning or success in life.

It's not about the fact that lightning can't strike them and kill them in an instant or a tree falls down on their house. Again, I never said you can have COMPLETE CONTROL.

You're caught up in trying to disprove something that isn't even the focal point of what I am advocating for people to do -- go out and improve yourself. Hit the gym, get healthy, work hard.

Yes there are set backs but you learn from them. You don't think athletes get major injuries and have to come back and be successful?

Tons of women get breast cancer, it can be treated and dealt with if diagnosed early (my two sisters are physicians and they told me the same thing when my ex-gf had some cells that looked suspicious). Most men if they live long enough will get prostate cancer. What should you do? Be depressed about this and stay at home all day?

You want an example? You know what cuts breast cancer risk by 1/4? Low dose aspirin. https://breast-cancer-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13058-017-0840-7

Knowledge is power. Yes, life is not fair but we have way better than at any time in history and for people that think they were born screwed and there is no point in life.

-1 upvotesAuntieXhrist1 year ago

You have my sympathy. Dial 911 for Adolescent Mental Health since you are having an incel breakdown.

4 upvotesCamp_KillYourself1 year ago

Sorry was having sex.

I think it's clear which one of us has the mental problems.

I'm 30 and well established.

2 upvotesArro761 year ago

Health and wealth are two things that you can help...Health and be won with wealth Magic Johnson showed us that! Wealth can be obtained in different ways. Right now, I'm taking the school route. -Computer Science... Average 70-100K a year. Luck does play a factor in some cases, but someone might prove me wrong.

75 upvotesthunderbeyond1 year ago

The reason I love RP is that it was the first place I found that sat me down and said:

Everything is your fault

And it is. But that was empowering as well. If everything is my fault, that means that I can change everything too.

I started owning my shit, I made changes, and I'm 1000x a better man now.

The male hamster exists. It's the voice that blames others. It's the voice that says the odds were against you anyway. It's the voice that says change is too hard.

OP is bang on. When you own your shit, when you take responsibility for your own station in life, you are able to change your life in ways you never realised you could.

If you're a young guy reading this post, thinking "which friend do I want to be" then realise that the power to change yourself for the better is already yours.

35 upvotesnew24-51 year ago

I have an exam tomorrow and can't type much

But definitely read Japanese best seller "the courage to be disliked" it's the best guide on the matter you are talking about.

Maybe one day i'll make a reddit post out of it

18 upvotesdongpal1 year ago

An asian living in Asia who goes against the social norm? Weird

16 upvotesnew24-51 year ago

that's how you know it's good

3 upvotesthunderbeyond1 year ago

Thanks for the recommendation, I'll definitely look into it.

4 upvotesSpecialistParticular1 year ago

I prefer "the cavalry ain't coming," because it's not always my fault but I accept that I have to deal with it myself because nobody else cares.

4 upvoteshiaf1 year ago

Don't remember the movie but I think it was Full Metal Jacket. Dude gets shot on a recon mission due to some
bad intel. They're getting shot at by a sniper and his friend runs over to help him, gets shot too. Reinforcements aren't coming and so the rest of the squad goes in and shoots the sniper, knowing that they didn't choose this mission but they sure as fuck are going to see it through and avenge their fallen brothers.

Nobody is coming to help you. All you have is your integrity, honour and service. Even if you are in a bad position, whether it's your fault or not. You just gotta accept that you are the only one responsbile for getting out of that place and moving onto greener pastures.

3 upvotestruedemocracy31 year ago

My father is someone like that - NEVER takes accountability. Always has an excuse or someone to blame.

What I eventually realized is that the more people you blame the lack of power you yourself have.

74 upvotesuebermacht1 year ago

So basically Friend 1 is swimming on a rotten log and hunting for whales.

77 upvotesKeffirLime [OP]1 year ago

He's walking past the toolkit, past the boat yard, into the storming sea on a floating rotten log with his harpoon in hand.

11 upvotesle_king_falcon1 year ago

The harder I work, the luckier I get.

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

Both phrases are often used as throwaway motivational sayings, however they are also 100% on the money.

Luck is a thing. No doubting it but so few realise that very very few things are 100% chance and luck based. Everything around you has modifiers.

That guy some people think is "lucky" isn't lucky. He's the product of a series of factors. Some of them are outside of his control but they aren't luck, just circumstances. Understand that and you can change your own.

If you've been born into a western country to parents that aren't complete degenerates you've already had more luck than the majority of human beings ever. After that initial dice roll its basically circumstance and improving odds in rigged games.

2 upvoteshiaf1 year ago

Luck is determined by circumstance. Where can you increase your chances of 'getting lucky'?

The same logic applies to both work and sex. It is about where you are in life, both physically and figuratively.

1 upvotesHickGoneWild1 year ago

This works for anyone who is at least average looking, but don't try to sell the "be confident and own your shit" meme to people who have faces only a mother could love. In that case it is not them being unlucky per say, but owning who they are doesn't help in the slightest either.

9 upvotesKeffirLime [OP]1 year ago

Thats lazy. Friend 2's face is shit, his body is shit too. He does phenomenally well with woman. Ah but he's rich you say, well yes he his, but he wasn't always. He started out poor, worked for years building up his business from a small events company to one of the largest. Now he's reaping the benefits of the hard-work.

Not everyone will be able to build wealth like that, sure, but everyone is able through work to make improvements on themselves, it just requires the self awareness that work needs to be done.

4 upvotesEumenesOfEfa1 year ago

You are so full of it. In some areas, even self employment does not mean a good payoff. You miss the fact that today's women have it very good, and the real problem is the society that gave the women so much power. Guy 1 would have gotten an 8 in 1950.

1 upvotesblister3331 year ago

It’s more efficient now. Guy 1 deserves the fatties he fucks

1 upvotesEumenesOfEfa1 year ago

How is it more efficient now? Women have to work now less then ever before for their place in the sexual market place. I have a friend nearing her wall (29 years old, college debt, liberal arts degree, with a high n count and a string of broken relationships). She is a 7 on a good day, and complains that no well off, very good looking men wants to wife her up and make babies with her. The entitlement is just unbelievable.

It is the responsibility of Men to stand up and draw the line, or else the liberated female Vagina will manage to accelerate the demise of Western Society, getting to the point of no return even quicker.

1 upvotesblister3331 year ago

She’s getting what she deserves and no one is marrying her. Before, someone would have married her when she’s not worthy of it.

2 upvotesEumenesOfEfa1 year ago

She has a pipline full of providers. But she wants a Chad with Bucks to commit.

One point that I think that the OP has nailed perfectly is that the average guy needs game just to get any girl that he likes. A decent career and looks is not enough anymore.

6 upvotes350877661 year ago

just want to say that nowadays plastic surgery is not that expensive and a simple but well placed change can improve the face a lot.

3 upvotesYGDieciseis1 year ago

I always tell guys women don't care if you get surgery. Drake and Ronaldo completely changed their faces and are legit sex symbols

16 upvotesmonsieurhire21 year ago

Clearly the problem with Friend 1 isn't laziness per se; he's well-built and has a decent paying job, so presumably he put in a certain amount of work to get where he is. So why then isn't he getting laid?

Probably unlucky enough to be brainwashed to the bluepill and not smart enough to see through the brainwashing quickly enough before it took root.

Why am I theorizing this? Perhaps because it resonates with my own experience of having, in theory, everything going for me, but still managing to fuck things up for years at a time.

What got me through it all was freeing my mind so my ass could follow. Unfortunately, by the time I got around to freeing my mind where it counted, namely, becoming economically literate, I was already in my early thirties. Sure, I knew all sorts of arcane lore, had an advanced education, lifted, ate right, could have a conversation, attracted women, but was dead ass broke, and thus was stuck in a kind of purgatory. I realized that I had been brainwashed to hate rich people, material things, etc. So I brainwashed myself into being a ruthless capitalist and my life improved. But it took several years of sustained determined effort with lots of resistance from other people.

Also, I was brainwashed into believing in "one true love..." a most pernicious belief reinforced by a peculiar set of circumstances in high school. That ate up several years of my prime. The problem with one true love, is if you feel it, but you just get a taste and it ends, you think you've blown it and that your life is over and you'll never experience happiness again!

Fortunately one area I got religion on early was lifting. I was a scrawny fuck in middle school and high school. Lifting immediately improved my life; women were more attracted and guys stopped trying to physically dominate me to satisfy their homoerotic / AMOG urges. So, I adopted 1 out of the 3.

So, IMO, Friend 1 isn't lazy, he just needs to unbrainwash himself from a scarcity mentality to an abundance mentality.

5 upvotesKeffirLime [OP]1 year ago

From the outside certainly does't appear to be a lazy guy. However, his denial of any problem or shortcoming he has and subsequently absolving himself of any responsibility to the put in the work to remedy the issue could be perceived as laziness.

Accurate, Friend 1 is clueless as to the true nature of women. He grew up mostly with a single mother, Friend 3 with a single father, go figure.

What got me through it all was freeing my mind so my ass could follow

I think that resonates with most of us. The brainwash we received that you don't need to lift, people love you for your personality. That money doesn't matter, It's what's on the inside of you. That there is one true love out there for all of us. It's only when you grapple with the true reality of our society, that you are able to take action and get your ass to follow, well said.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Great comment. It really resonates with me. Any more advice or tips on the economic/ financial side of things? That's my main area of focus right now (I have a good handle on everything else).

5 upvotesmonsieurhire21 year ago

Read books on Trading and Investing. Read about economics. Read muck-raking blogs that are critical of capitalism. Learn about competing ideologies. Try to come up with a synthesis that explains why things happen the way they do. Track markets on a daily basis. The market could be in anything. Learn how to read a chart. Learn how to value companies. There are maybe 8-10 books you need to read. You'll know you are on the right track when you start being right about market developments. The next step is to overcome resistance and start acting in ways that lead to profit.

1 upvotesaamour11 year ago

There are maybe 8-10 books you need to read. You'll know you are on the right track when you start being right about market developments.

Any books in particular for someone who is clueless on where to start

1 upvotesmonsieurhire21 year ago

Part of your education begins with learning to research autonomously without someone prodding you. If you really want to learn, you will google the terms yourself, and you will find lists of books on the subject. You can go on amazon, you can go on any number of trading and investing websites. All of the information is out in the open.

13 upvotesmassivewang1 year ago

Luck plays a part per se, however only for those who are prepared/willing are able to take advantage of it.

I'm on a longterm work assignment in Brazil that has been an incubator for growth for me in every way. I was offered the job because the manager loved the work I did with him on a project several years prior when he was just a lowly engineer. I never planned to have this kind of opportunity, it appeared out of left field. I am "Lucky". With that said, if I did not impress him with my work ethic, attitude, etc on the first trip down, he wouldn't have offered me the job.

Even then living here has required a lot of hard work and effort to make it work. It wasn't until I learned how to speak Portuguese that possibilities really opened up for me in terms of social life, dating, etc. I hated my life my first year and a half here. Turning point was about year 3. Now I'm willing to be here as long as it's offered to me.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Luck had nothing to do with it. You impressed a work colleague in the past and he recalled your work. People who say someone else is “lucky” really mean that the namecalling person does not realize the effort the “lucky” guy put in to get where he is. Just another hamstering.

Luck is the result of hard work and preparation with a tiny element of fortunate events thrown in. You have to have your shit in place to take advantage of the fortunate circumstances.

14 upvotesAceofRains1 year ago

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill Fifteen percent concentrated power of will Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain And a hundred percent reason to remember the name

2 upvotesnadolny71 year ago

Nice, in which area are you in Brazil? how do you find the difference in culture from the place you've come? Are you enjoying it more?

22 upvotessaltyafrican1 year ago

Great post and definitely resonates among the majority of us.

Another user (u/1dondraper) posted a great article elaborating on this which has been archived (and I personally think should be sidebar material): http://archive.is/usX5k

23 upvotesone_more_iteration1 year ago

Agreed, this was one of the best posts I've seen on this sub. Sadly it got less upvotes than the usual "Hey fellas, I had sex!" posts here

17 upvotesHalitenina1 year ago

If you see a good post that's quickly getting buried, drop us a line in modmail. We can't see everything, and we'll often pin stuff to the top that isn't getting the attention it deserves.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Expected black jesus to be pinned when I checked in today.

This ones damn good as well. The self aware can take a strong message from this.

It took the waterfastTM posts to make me get off my ass and cut like a mofo

2 upvotesAuntieXhrist1 year ago

Tell me, how do people(women) know you are cut like a mofo? I saw a guy in a crowded bar in Manhattan at 5PM standing in the corner staring out in space cut like a mofo in only a swimming suit.

0 upvotesJustDoMeee1 year ago

Link to the waterfast post?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago


May have killed his account

Gist of the post is you’re all a bunch of fat fucks. No excuses, lose weight. I looked ok in clothes at 195. I look amazing at 164.

1 upvotesJustDoMeee1 year ago

Can you elaborate on waterfasting and how you went about doing it?

2 upvotesGuapoEconomist1 year ago

That is my favorite reddit post. I’m scheduling to read it quarterly.

3 upvotesNoeticThoughts1 year ago

Plot twist: all three friends are OP’s alter egos

7 upvotesmarkinsinz71 year ago

Does your friend 3 have an attractive face? Not comparing or anythin jist curious

6 upvotesKeffirLime [OP]1 year ago

He has a fairly attractive face, but I think no more than Friend no.1

2 upvotesmarkinsinz71 year ago

Yea but comparison of 1 & 2 was not my focus - this is more personal than related to your post. No.2 guy with an attractive face is already higher up...even the slightest 10%improvement gives him a significant advantage. Less attractive guyd could improve 30% and would still maybe stay equal at most.

This is not to whine but a curiosity thing. I like to find guys who are less attractive and consistently beat attractive guys of higher otlr similar smv. Everythin is contextual ofcourse but a lower smv guy with consistency has a lot more valuable info on the game side of things

1 upvotesFieldLine1 year ago

You're missing the point.

1 upvotesmarkinsinz71 year ago

Just read the post again yea I get it hustle n shitt but u ain't gettin my point which is the market is so saturated that ur friend no.2 may not have game at all!! He just goes has a normal convo probably even fails shit tests and still scores

6 upvotesuwey1 year ago

Winner write history, not other way around.

But nothing beats the feeling to be Genghis Khan, Temujin. The conqueror of the world.

The greatest happiness is to vanquish your enemies, to chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth, to see those dear to them bathed in tears, to clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

"You're not unlucky, you're just lazy"

And who are you? You don't know me and I don't you. Don't write titles like this is some male version of 'motivational yoga dreams for girls'.

Use facts and objective knowledge in the place of assumptions and fanfiction. Furthermore, how about we start actually keeping to the theme of true growth and swallow some redpills that contain new and valuable information to users.

Ya'll know what EFAs are and why they're important? Do you know why most whey powder out there is absolute garbage you should not be ingesting? Do any of you realize the range and scope of financial disinformation being disseminated by brokers every day?

As a mod what are you even thinking when you write this? That we need to coddle the lazy and really cheer them up so they move forward?

This subreddit can do A LOT better than what I see here every day. I see many highly intelligent highly informed users posting good things all the time but the front page is always some 86% frivolous bullshit.

Edit: But maybe I'm wrong, maybe this subreddit IS just "motivational alpha game for sex warlords" and has nothing to do with redpills.

9 upvotesKeffirLime [OP]1 year ago

If you're part of the new wave of incels making excuses for why everything in their life isn't going the way they planned, you might find something useful here. If you're not great.

The world doesn't exist for you. If this doesn't apply to you then move on.

1 upvotesSpoderman13401 year ago

I agree man. I learned a long time ago to read everything with a grain of salt. I've been reading here since 2012 and the atmosphere has changed considerably. I understand that getting laid is important to a lot of men but I don't understand why it seems to still be the end all be all all of every post.

If we're still so obsessed with banging women, and everything we do is for that purpose, how are we any better than the people we call betas?

0 upvotesblacklightsleaze1 year ago

Agree, this post can be packed short in "get your shit together". No useful or practical information. But probably can be motivational for 18 yos.

2 upvotesthatusernamegone1 year ago

I can agree with this. I am the reason why I am not where I want to be. But how does one go about seizing opportunity when they dont know where to start? Or stuck in an urban environment that's killing them? Or there simply isn't new opportunity available. Both in life and in pussy.

2 upvotesssr4011 year ago

If you want actionable advice then tell us specifically what you want to accomplish. But in general seizing opportunity is about consistently showing up, working hard, and meeting your obligations all while not letting others take advantage of you.

If you don't like your current environment then stop making excuses and just move. Greyhound tickets are cheap. You might find though that your problems are internal in which case moving won't help.

1 upvotesacekilo1 year ago

Who remember the movie Varsity Blues? The whip cream scene when the girl was trying to get the new QB to smash and she was crying about her man not getting her out of town due to his injuries. Hypergamy is real. Some just can't fucking see!!!!

1 upvotesdialecticwizard1 year ago

This is precisely what I am doing. Got my finances sorted and now sorting my head about women. Like my finances, I want the best I can get but I want no ties. I want them at my beck and call but I want to be the one who dominates. And just as I have become king in the art of making money, so shall I perfect this one. To ensure that the first skill always stays in front.

1 upvotesrossiFan1 year ago

There is a strong correlation between persistence and success, and hope is not a strategy. Always.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

It is truly an irony that men need to join a movement to figure out that they're not powerless in their own fates and yet will use the movement as an excuse towards their "enlightenment".

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Great post for the whiny incels who have invaded this sub. Thanks

1 upvotesweezylane1 year ago

I think most TRP'ers have realised the existence of the male hamster as something that stops them from keeping the improvement machine running. I have had bouts of anxiety where I was completely paralysed by my own mind so much that I'd stop going out/working out etc. The key to overcome this is first acknowledge the existence of the hamster. If you don't you're only lying to yourself and prolonging your misery. The second step is to become mindful of the hamster when it throws negative attitude/thoughts your way. It is a negative feedback loop hungry for attention and the more you give it , the more it wants and convinces you that you have absolutely no power over the circumstances you're in. Starve the hamster and let it rot and die and feed the inner beast in you.

1 upvotesAuntieXhrist1 year ago

Ah, a well established jack-off does not qualify as a ladies’ man, but an anti-social loser. At 30, you more than likely live in mommie’s basement. There is medication and treatments for your psychologically malformed pathetic loneliness. BTW, are you as successful like Joe The Plumber was successful?

1 upvotesGanksGriefersForFun1 year ago

Wow. Amazing.

At first thought this wasn't going far, but reading to the very last word really makes a difference.

1 upvotesodaklan1 year ago

I find this post really motivating. Thank you for posting...

1 upvotesaherne181 year ago

Very motivational. You are preaching ants they are giants if they feel so;) Genetics are a fundamental component in how women treat you. You can work on substitutes: grow a beard, do gym, be dominant, be fun, but like streching an arc it will always go back into default shape when you no longer have the energy to keep it streched. Fundamentally, you are still that guy she wouldn't display to her slut friends...

That's what I've noticed and long ago I wrote the only antidote against this shit that i've personally found to be working. It didnt attract much interest because, well, people like to be lied... They would go at any length but accept the obvious. No they are not ugly, you see, they are just too lazy, too shy while success awaits them in the corner.

Poor guys...

1 upvotesLtrgman1 year ago

Powerful message. Some parts were both sobering to read and inspiring at the same time. Toughest thing for all of us men is to swallow our pride and admit that some change is needed if we want to be successful in life, whether it's in the relationship department or on the career side of things.

Great post.

1 upvotestruedemocracy31 year ago

The male hamster has always been there. You are fooling yourself if you think that men dont have a hamster of their own, or that this is anything new. It might be new on this sub because of the rise of incel losers but it's always been around.

Sure, it operates differently. But still there. Never make excuses. You succeed? Congrats. You fail? Then learn and improve. Failing with women, failing in sports, failing in business IS GOOD and will HAPPEN (ask anyone successful) as long as you fucking learn from it and improve.

Good post. The incel mentality is a disease and absolutely counter to everything this sub teaches.

1 upvotesamedeo_modigliani1 year ago

Nope, you are just ugly. Stop coping. It would be too easy to just work it up.

1 upvotesOdimorsus1 year ago

I wonder what this sub makes of a frustrating predicament I'm in regarding mental health which relates to this subject. I find it difficult to relate to other people with similar mental health issues to me because many of them use it as an excuse for why they aren't getting anywhere. I've busted my ass my whole life to make sure I got where I am.

I get sick of hearing their excuses and the assumption that I must be okay just because I have a lot to show for all that work both from those people (who tend to resent me for it) and mental health "professionals" (I had a psychiatrist tell me I must be fine during the most miserable period of my life when my Dad and best friend committed suicide within the space of two months.) Dad was the only one who really understood me until I met my partner. It's good to have connection with her of course and I'm happy with that, but ideally I'd like to have more of an outside support network also.

1 upvotesSeven_Veils1 year ago

I like your analogy

1 upvotesChuckCassadyJR1 year ago

This is a fantastic little reminder ill bookmark and read again whenever I lose frame and need to get my shit back together, thank you.

1 upvotesAlpha_Jedi1 year ago

"The harder I work, the luckier I get." Cheers.

1 upvoteselchucknorris3001 year ago

Do you believe friend 1 could eventually become as charming as friend 3? Let's say starting a company, like friend 2, is not an option or perhaps a work in progress, what does friend 1 need to do to achieve friend 3's success?

1 upvotesKeffirLime [OP]1 year ago

He could, he would have to stop making excuses as to why he's not achieving the success he desires. Put the work in to improve these points of weakness.

1 upvotesTiberiusaurus1 year ago

Doesn’t this go counter to the just lift narrative?

1 upvotesjoner8881 year ago

I dont think getting a apartment will get you pussy .

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Yeah except none of these three archetypes is remotely close to anyone i know

1 upvotesIdeaem1 year ago

Yeah you guys are taking pills all right, probably some koolaide to help wash it down. Good luck with.. whatever it is you're trying to accomplish.

5 upvotesKeffirLime [OP]1 year ago

Friend 1, is that you?

9 upvotesredd_reality1 year ago

It's astounding, after reading that post, then scrolling down to this comment... Of all trp posts, how could this one trigger you? Are you so butt hurt you're a pathetic loser you're not going to admit for even a second its your doing?

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

What's my doing? I don't have issues with women, when I was younger, sure. I went through a bang women phase briefly but then found more enjoyment in cultivating an enjoyable relationship with a woman I love.

1 upvotesvenicerocco1 year ago

Why do you think your behavioral habits and desires make you a better person than theirs? Why judge?

0 upvoteschoojack1 year ago

So what's wrong if we take fancy to the science behind what is takes to spin some plates?

1 upvotesxenongamer43511 year ago

This is one of the most simplistic and toned down posts I’ve seen on this sub to date. How did this trigger you?

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