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Women just want to be GIRLS.

by ozenmacher on /r/TheRedPill
07 June 2018 02:23 AM UTC

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A comment I left on a different post prompted me to write this simple and short post...

You see a woman, dressed to the nines, walking the power walk, confident and sexy. Your Blue-Pilled indoctrinated mind wants to tell yourself, "Damn, she is too sexy, too hot, way above my league". You feel intimidated. STOP RIGHT THERE.

Your BP mindset just killed any chance you had. At the end of the day, every man of value needs to remember that HE is the prize. Our gynocentric society is full of propaganda that says men should chase women, that women are the prize, that the man who buys flowers and stays by her side (sometimes chasing for years) as an orbiter eventually wins. That is a load of horse shit. The man of value, instead, brings wisdom, strength, mental fortitude, leadership, wealth, and excitement to the table. Women (girls) crave this. It is built into their evolutionary psychology and biology. It is so hard-wired into them, even our gynocentric society can not overwrite this base instinct; not even all the movies, TV shows, media propaganda, and fiction books can overcome this instinct. Women may say one thing (that they should be attracted to nice guy soy boys who buy them dinner and drinks), but we at the RedPill know not to listen to what women say, but watch what they do. And in droves...they are seeking the men in the top 20 percent (some could argue top 10% with the advent of tinder and other dating services...and modern social validation...whoops...I mean media).

Next time you (a MAN of value) flirt and interact with a woman, just watch her eyes and the smile on her face. She will look like a little girl, giddy and happy. Deep down, that is what women are. Nothing more, nothing less. This is not the patriarchy ripping women down, it is not misogyny, it is just the basic biological truth. Yes, women can achieve great success, they can be smart, birth and raise beautiful children, be doctors, lawyers, and high achievers in business and beyond. Women are NOT DUMB. But deep down, they just want to be girls. They want to live in the moment, be submissive, and be in the presence of a MAN. Be that MAN. She wants to follow the leader, she wants the CAPTAIN who can be her rock when her crazy girl emotions take her over. You don't seek to please her. You fuck her hard because it pleases YOU...her pleasure is just a side-effect. You don't go down on her because you want to please her but because you enjoy it...her pleasure is just a side-effect. You don't hang with her because you want to make her happy. Her happiness is just a side-effect of being in your presence. You PLEASE her by being that MAN that she craves. You don't need to try. Don't be the beta that TRIES too hard. That is weak, and women despise weak men.

We have all fallen for the BP mindset at some point in our journey. ONEITUS, being the "nice guy", becoming emotionally weak because you are desperate for her approval. Just remember what attracted her in the first place: your frame, your value as a man, your mental strength, your physical strength, your confidence, your wealth, your ability to overcome any obstacle, your social status, and your IDGAF attitude.

Next time you see that beautiful woman, and you think you aren't good enough, just remind yourself, they are nothing more than grown children, little girls. That is how THEY WANT to be treated, no matter what they say. Be that man and..."treat them right".

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91 upvotesSchhwing1 year ago

You mean the top 20-10% not the top 80-90%

32 upvotesozenmacher [OP]1 year ago

Thank you, corrected.

185 upvotesTiberiusaurus1 year ago

I think where people get confused is in thinking this take on women somehow diminishes them or means we think less of them or even hate them.

But that’s not it at all. What op describes is kind of beautiful and wonderful in a way. It’s something that should be celebrated and even admired.

I’ve always thought it takes a lot of strength to be submissive... I’d rather have a great first mate in my life than a hundred captains.

133 upvotesozenmacher [OP]1 year ago

The yin and the yang, it is a beautiful thing when it works. A lot of outsiders think TRP is misogny. At its core, it is anything but. It is a celebration of the unique dynamic men and women can create when they accept their true nature.

36 upvoteslook_good1 year ago

having the ability to hate makes love that much more valuable...fuck bitches...and the faggot cucks who get offended by words

11 upvotesRCM431 year ago

"Without a deadly hatred of that which threatens what we love, love is an empty catchword for hippies, queers, and cowards." - George Lincoln Rockwell

14 upvotesKeffirLime1 year ago

To describe the state a women is in in a happy relationship as childlike is about as accurate as it gets.

We look back on our childhoods fondly because we had no cares, no worries, we could immerse ourselves wholeheartedly in everything we did, we knew that we were looked out for, while we could just enjoy life as it was without concern.

This is why she has the freedom to behave like this, because she has you, her rock, her captain to lead while she fondly enjoys life and all the joys it has to offer.

11 upvotesTiberiusaurus1 year ago

Far too simplistic.

A good first mate works beside you, and under your direction to better both your lives. A good first mate works as hard as, or even harder than the Captain to create a good life.

The Captain and the first mate just have COMPLETELY different responsibilities and outlooks.

That doesn’t mean the first mate is just flitting around being lazy while the Captain works.

When that happens it’s because she has a shitty Captain who isn’t holding her accountable and isn’t giving the right directions and isn’t maintaining her respect and admiration by leading.

7 upvotesKeffirLime1 year ago

There's nothing lazy about being a child, infact you are full of energy, playful as ever. She can be in this state because she has you leading, making the tough decisions.

She can do her fun little projects, she can come up with great ideas to please you, look forward to surprise and adventure, she makes your life better because she doesn't have the burden of looking after her own.

It's not about working hard or laziness. You have your role and she has hers, she can do her's freely, behave like a child, because you're doing yours.

If you're not doing yours she can't behave like a child, she has to act like a man because in the presence of a beta, no masculinity is in the room. She is forced to act logically, solve problems and lead because there is no one there to lead for her.

1 upvotesTiberiusaurus1 year ago

I think we are saying the same thing here, the only difference being that I don’t think “fun” is a factor as much as you.

It’s a huge factor in a new relationship but long term it’s different.

It is a big long term factor for more shallow women but for the right one it’s more about just being lead and given a direction, whatever that is.

I guess I would substitute “attention” for “fun”. All women need attention. When you give that too them as a reward for good work, you get more good work.

5 upvotesKeffirLime1 year ago

In agreement, her fun is never a factor, she just has fun with you because you're such an awesome person. Although she herself can be that fun, cute, playful person because you lead.

Attention is always what women desire most, I wrote an entire post about it, may still be up (Train Your Women)

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

you need to be 1. rich enough to provide for both . 2. or be very good looking , or one of those with status .

u cant be the rock for you as average normie

2 upvotesramaga1 year ago

I’d rather have a great first mate in my life than a hundred captains.

"One bad general is better than two good ones." - Napoleon Bonaparte

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Also sounds alot like the islamic understanding of what women are . not rly sure .

redpill got many good concepts but this one is not 100% accurate imo

207 upvotesLotBuilder1 year ago

Don’t agree with everything you said but I will admit I have learned a tremendous amount about women by raising my 9 year old daughter. The reasons for their emotions are different at different ages but emotions women have from age 4 to 80 are all the same. As much as women want to be led by a man... their biggest motivational hot button is to compete with other women. It’s why dread game is absolutely vital.

28 upvotesPoutvora1 year ago

So what are the things you don’t agree with?

49 upvotesValuePrestige1 year ago

Saying that you are the prize is worthless if she's not interested in the prize

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Having the mentality of you are the price manifests in your interactions with her, increasing the chance of her seeing you as the prize

24 upvoteslook_good1 year ago

why are u letting her define ur value. dont be a schmuck

8 upvotesmax_peenor1 year ago

if she's not interested in the prize

It's not worthless at all when it is sending you a clear message.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

yes THIS . if your an average normie your not the prize and shes not interested dosnt matter what game u got

18 upvotesLotBuilder1 year ago
  1. You shouldn’t care what I don’t agree with.

  2. I think the whole “her happiness is a byproduct of being near me” thing is way over the top. Its an angle that can work with a certain type of girl but it probably isn’t the best path for most girls and most guys. The 100% focus on self just isn’t attractive to a lot of people, men and women. The most successful people in the world are very good at helping other people (men and women)get what they want. Being able to look outside yourself and read what it is they truly want. What their actions say they truly want, not their words as you said. In bed there is a certain type of girl that wants to be fucked hard, used as you wish then left feeling alone. Typically those girls are mentally unhealthy and not at the top of the food chain. That leads to unhealthy drama. They might be at the top at a college bar in Nebraska but I am talking about the big wide world. The real top tier women worldwide. Quality, sane women need to be built back up after they are torn down. They can be fucked hard, called a slut, smacked, choked and degraded... but then they need some aftercare to be built back up. You have to appear to be loving and vulnerable without actually being vulnerable. It’s the push/pull they need to remain excited but not feel shitty about themselves. It gives them the “he’s different with me” feeling that lets a high quality girl remain a side piece for long periods of time. That she needs to feel special. As she puts that out there to her friends they start wanting to see what that is all about. It makes her get fed up and call things off only to circle back a year later like nothing happened., if you are 100% about yourself you don’t get all that collateral pussy. Banging girls is like sales, every new girl you bang should open the door to another 2/3 girls from her social circle if you do it right.

3 upvoteslook_good1 year ago

this is a locker room, no? u sound like a faggot nice guy

6 upvotesKrustyKrabReject1 year ago

This is the red pill bro. no one who is serious about Rp is going to call you out on calling someone a fag. If someone does then they prob aren't red pill.

5 upvoteslook_good1 year ago

feels like male nature trying to amog...i’m interested as well

75 upvotes--Edog--1 year ago

Yeah - this. Even beeing in a relationship with the right guy is about one-upping her friends and social circle (who have to approve of the guy). Sometimes I think a guy is like a fashion accessory for a lot of women, like getting the right pair of shoes. And I know women can be smart - but let's be real...most of their heads are filled with fashion, shoes, makeup, movie stars, TV shows, gossip, and shopping. I have met very few women that know anything about history, current world events, actual political issues etc, or can talk about any of those topics. Start talking about Forever 21 and they get so excited.

38 upvotes_BITCHES_LOVE_ME_1 year ago

Yeah, my girl won't stop complaining that I don't let her show me off on instagram. It's like having a boyfriend doesn't matter if you can't rub it in your friends' faces.

19 upvotesblister3331 year ago

Yep dated a chick who told me that in the beginning she brought me around her friends to show off/make them jealous

3 upvotesdongpal1 year ago

my ex even showed off with my age, that I was 23 when she was 18. she told me this like once every second day in the begining

28 upvotesLotBuilder1 year ago

If you gave woman the choice of a $100 gift sent to her work which could then be posted on social media or a $500 gift that she would get at home and could not post on social media they would always take the $100 gift. The jealousy and envy of their friends and co workers is priceless to them.,

9 upvotesdongpal1 year ago

that also works the other way around, if they know they can fuck someone for big money without anyone knowing they would do that. as long as their social construct is not in danger, they will do a lot of amoral things.

9 upvotesLotBuilder1 year ago

For sure. At another time in my life I was fairly active on seeking arrangements. The number of Sweet college girls with BF’s and newly married girls in their mid 20’s was astounding. Girls that would never “have sex for money” but if you call it sugar dating they could hamster their brain around it. I would bang them at some 3 star hotel at 4;30 and at 7 they are on FB or Instagram with their Clueless BF at Benihana.

6 upvotesliizzsar1 year ago

You've been dating some very shallow women sadly.

4 upvotesLotBuilder1 year ago

AWALT. Now if it were a cash prize that’s different

2 upvotesGrapesRed1 year ago

That’s like saying I know a tremendous amount of things about men from my son.

2 upvotesHeizenbrg1 year ago

their biggest motivational hot button is to compete with other women. It’s why dread game is absolutely vital.

I agree with this, I do worse when I plate a girl if I'm too communicative, compared to getting in touch with her just to see her.

-31 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Pussy. And so is everyone who upvoted you.

Women compete with each other to get men.. Your response smells like fish.

6 upvotesLotBuilder1 year ago

I don’t know you or anything about you, but I know I have fucked more and higher quality women then you have and I will continue to do so on a daily/weekly basis. Women compete with each other for almost everything, guys are just one more thing to compete over. For the women who feels like they have “won”, a man is a fairly small part of their winning equation. The man falls behind kids, a beautiful house, pets, cars, vacations, vacation houses, pampering, etc... which is why marriage is such a shit deal for men. When women settle in and can choose the order of importance Men come in around 5th. If all women wanted was men and they didn’t care about anything else, they would be much simpler creatures.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Still smells like shit. Women never get to the point where they've "won" because their hypergamy won't allow it. She's always looking for the better deal.

Women settling in & choosing? Men come in 5th? The fuck? That's backwards. First of all, men come first to a woman whether she just wants to fuck an alpha or suck a betas resources. Where do you think she gets the house, cars, vacations or alpha cock from? Second, men should be doing the choosing & settling as men are the gatekeepers of relationships.

Sounds like you're pedalizing bitches.

2 upvotesLotBuilder1 year ago

Not at all. And yes, they feel they have won when they know they have topped out, or at least topped most of their peer group. They are much more aware of their fading looks and appeal than we are and the risk/reward ratio starts scaring the shit out of them. They will start pushing their husband for more and more but their ability to trade up when they have all of those things is very limited because the guy that could provide more has better options with less baggage. So they settle in and suck the life out of their husband

-1 upvotesGrapesRed1 year ago

Where do you think she gets the house, cars, vacations

Her paycheck.

I don’t know why you men think y’all are better than us.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Because I have a cock & you wish you had one to swing.

0 upvotesGrapesRed1 year ago

Naw. I don’t want dick and a nut sack.

I love my moist vagina.

72 upvotesRocketScientist_nr31 year ago

TL, DR: Irresponsible boys must grow up to be responsible men, yet women need stay as "pretty and sexually playful" as a 18 yo girl throughout her life to lure in, and keep (away from other real 20 yo competition), the best man possible.

This is not solely about women. You've heard the expression that "men are boys". And just like "women are girls", both genders do have a romanticized longing to their youth because they were free of responsibilities and could do whatever they liked. I do remember my time as a boy and still love to play a fussbal-table, my old Atari, or just be the irresponsible brat from long ago (great for game). But there is a difference in how boys need to become men, to how girls are supposed to stay girls.

Men are forced to grow up and act as an adult because, just like the RP prescribes to be the best man possible, they need to have goals, set priorities, take responsibilities, have an identity, be a leader, have good ethics and strength,... Yet most women are programmed to follow a leader. As a girl that leader will mostly be their dad, as a woman dad is replaced by a man (that's why dad gives away his daughter at a wedding, passing on leadership and responsibility over his daughter). That man must be the best one she can get, so here comes the hypergamy and branch swinging. A women needs to lure that man with her beauty and playful (sexual) behavior (if not that, what else?!). She needs to be socially programmed to act like an innocent girl because there's no man that wants an old slut. That's why their head is filled with subjects like make-up, fashion,... That's why they all lie about the amount of previous sexual contacts.

So here's the reason for their girly behavior. It's degrading to a man to call him a boy, because it says that he's irresponsible and that's a no-go to women. But it's a compliment to address a woman as a girl, because it complements her on her beauty and youthful or sexual dynamics, which are attributes sought after by men. Women do want so much to be seen as a girl, that they will refer to themselves as "girls". Even at the age of 40, they talk about themselves as "we girls". At some age it becomes hilarious. But what they're are saying is that they want to present themselves as "pretty and sexually dynamic" as a girl.

15 upvotesNaraNawalt1 year ago

Event my 53 year old aunt refers to her friends as "girlfriends". Ha, sure.

4 upvotesscissor_me_timbers001 year ago

Yeah my mom around age 50 was part of a women’s hiking group called The Goddesses. Fucking facepalm.

-4 upvotesDayGameChirality1 year ago

A women needs to lure that man with her beauty and playful (sexual) behavior (if not that, what else?!).

Your pussy needs to be removed. Now the question is: how are you going to keep your man?..

4 upvotesShanguerrilla1 year ago

I don't think most noticed the Patrice O'Neal reference there, perfect context for that clip though!

Couldn't find the clip you referenced from (I think) a podcast?


3 upvotesDayGameChirality1 year ago

It was from a standup video, IIRC Elephant in the room.

61 upvotesit_takes_the_redpill1 year ago

You don't seek to please her....

Was pretty in agreement up to there. While it can be alright to pursue only your pleasire, the chances of a repeat or getting her obsessed with you are minimal if you don't give her some crazy pleasure.

And while she will undoubtedly be turned on by you being domineering and confidence, she WILL leave if you don't start living up to it. She believes you can give her great sex, and that belief makes it easier to do so, but it doesn't do it on it's own.

As to going down on her because you enjoy it? Sure you do. We all love rooting around her meat curtains for a quarter of an hour until our tongues go numb.

Oh wait no, that makes no fucking sense. You do it because you love to make her feel that pleasure. The same reason she'll cry while repeatedly gagging on your tentpole until you finish down her throat. She wants to pleasure you because that makes her feel good.

It's not about your sensation at that point, it's about knowing you are causing theirs. Still not convinced? Ever go down on a girl who doesn't make a noise or move a muscle, just sits there like she's dead? No moisture, no accelerated breath, nothing. Did you keep going because it was just so fucking amazing for you?

24 upvotesmagx011 year ago

Shhh....you're ruining male hamsterfest.

-5 upvotesabstractplebbit1 year ago

turned on by you being domineering and confident, she WILL leave you if you don't start living up to it

If you have to start "living up to it" you were never domineering or confident in the first place, and by extent, you're probably not a man much less one of value. This post only applies men of value

it's about knowing you are causing theirs

For the sole purpose of making her want to worship your dick, ultimately for YOUR pleasure

12 upvotesit_takes_the_redpill1 year ago

If you have to start "living up to it" you were never domineering or confident in the first place

Sure, dude. Sure.

and by extent, you're probably not a man much less one of value.

Yeah, only confident and domineering men capable of immense sexual prowess with no concern for their partner whatsoever are real men. All the rest are beta incel cucks. /s

This post only applies men of value

This part of the post only applies to selfish or insecure men. If you are incapable of doing things for others, you are a very small man no matter how domineering.

Her pleasure is important to me, but it is in no way my top priority.

it's about knowing you are causing theirs

For the sole purpose of making her want to worship your dick, ultimately for YOUR pleasure

Keep telling yourself that. Just know there are plenty of guys out there (myself not included) who would happily go down on a HB10 even if they knew they would never get a chance to see her ever again, and that she would never touch his dick.

He's probably going to jack off afterward thinking about it. So you'll say "it was all about his pleasure". Yeah, it was. But what was pleasurable about rooting around a hairy clam? I know it's not the tongue cardio. It's knowing that you are responsible for causing her so much pleasure she shakes. You are getting pleasure from giving her pleasure.

QED bitch.

1 upvotesGoRedBad1 year ago

Years ago I was with a woman who had the most flavoursome pussy I ever tasted, pleasant and variable, strawberries one day, chinese food the next. It was always a pleasure, even though I had no idea what I was doing.

Now I lick 'em for a taste, sure, but no girl has come close to that redhead back in the day, so now it is mainly to hear the screams, as you pointed out.

4 upvotesit_takes_the_redpill1 year ago

I know exactly what you mean. I've found that a good diet and exercise both contribute to her taste, but it's such a crapshoot. Hotness =/= pleasant taste unfortunately.

But seriously, I found out the hard way that if it smells like something ain't right...trust your nose. A ton of girls have terrible diets now and are frighteningly unaware of their bacterial conditions down there.

0 upvotesabstractplebbit1 year ago

I'm not saying that you are one, but the mindset you seem to have is similar to that of an actual beta.

What is pleasurable about giving her so much pleasure that she shakes? To feed your ego? You write about it as if it's an erotic fantasy suited to make you feel more masculine, in lieu of masculinity proper. Sure you can eat a bitch out by why talk about it? If she isn't giving you more than you give back, you're of lower value than her.

plenty of guys who would go down on an hb10 even if...

Even if he wasn't going to fuck her, and was certain he would never see her again?

This is literally the kind of thing a porn addict would do.

Sure plenty of guys would do that but most guys - these ones specifically - actually are this beta because they pedestalize bitches, and they are THIRSTY for pussy (especially hb10 pussy). This is a prime example of scarcity mentality. Why would anyone want to do that if they can be spending their time having actual sex with hb8's on the regular? (Abundance)

probably going to jack off about it

This is Supreme beta tier behavior - very poor example, even for a straw-man argument.

this part only applies to selfish or insecure men

No - you just didn't understand what he was saying. Op said himself that he is implying the behavior he describes is assuming the audience is MEN OF VALUE.

Being domineering and confident don't suffice to make you a man of value, by these are common properties exhibited by men of value. A domineering man of non value is worse than a beta. A confident man of non value might be better than a beta.

Anyways - Up to a point, being selfish signals high value because high value men have the luxury of doing so, but you have to earn this privilege by having actual abundance. When you have abundance you don't need to give a fuck - but before you interpret all of this too literally, il make it clear that of course you have to act like a person someone wants to be around. That is common sense.

To start "living up" to the impression that you are a man of value means that you were just pretending to be one in order to get laid. Have you transitioned into one yet or are you still working on it?

13 upvotesDayGameChirality1 year ago

What is pleasurable about giving her so much pleasure that she shakes?

Dude, have you ever heard of mirror neurons, or even empathy? Or even just doing things for others?

If you don't get any pleasure whatsoever with doing things for others I'd say you're a psychopath

1 upvotesabstractplebbit1 year ago

Dishing out pleasure like that is great but it's not vital to get the kind of female attention op is talking about, and in some less common cases can even work against you.

Empathy is obviously prerequisite for anything longer term, but no one was ever implying you shouldn't have it. It should be disregarded here however because it's distracting you from the actual lesson to be learned.

Betas have plenty of empathy but it's not going to be of any value to them when the girl doesn't stick around because she wanted some empathy from the next dude.

Alphas might have even more empathy but it's reserved for those who earn it because every girl wants a piece of the alpha

8 upvotesit_takes_the_redpill1 year ago

Have you read NMMNG?

Betas have plenty of empathy but it's not going to be of any value to them when the girl doesn't stick around because she wanted some empathy from the next dude.

Beta's have covert contracts, not empathy. Beta's are doing it because they think that is what will get them what they want in the future. They need to resort to that kind of stuff because they do not believe they can get their needs met otherwise.

This means they are scared that if they ask for something, they won't get what they want. So they come up with another way.

Instead of asking her to suck his dick, Billy Beta goes down on her (giving her pleasure with the expectation that she will do something for him later). Then he expects morning head, and she doesn't give it, and he gets angry with her.

Well adjusted men, however, are not afraid to ask for what they want. He confidently requests a blowjob in a cocky way because he isn't scared. If she refuses to meet his needs, he goes elsewhere. But maybe she does as asked. Then the next morning she does it again. He goes down on her, giving her a wonderful orgasm because she's great and he enjoys making her feel good.

The abundance mentality of the OP is helpful, but an experienced reader can see the elements of the anger phase of RP acceptance.

3 upvotesmagx011 year ago

Dishing out pleasure like that is great but it's not vital to get the kind of female attention op is talking about, and in some less common cases can even work against you.

You just shifted the goalpost there. You're in this to win not learn.

0 upvotesit_takes_the_redpill1 year ago

What is pleasurable about giving her so much pleasure that she shakes?

What is pleasurable about giving a little boy a candy bar? What is pleasurable about making an anonymous donation to charity? What is pleasurable about helping or giving to anyone, ever, if it isn't going to net you more benefits?

You write about it as if it's an erotic porn fantasy suited to make you feel more masculine.

Currently suffering a bout of insomnia so I may not be on top of my writing game, but that's hardly erotic porn fantasy levels of description.

Even if he wasn't going to fuck her, and was certain he would never see her again?

This is literally the kind of thing a porn addict would do.

This is Supreme beta tier behavior

If I weren't taking a stand against absolute selfishness here, I would agree. But it's only beta behavior based on the circumstances/motivations. If a guy goes down on a girl because he is scared of PE, or he can't have any other type of sexual interaction that he desired, that's beta. But you're right it isn't the strongest point of my argument. The stronger points are above. My hypothesis is that giving pleasure is itself pleasurable.

I really think you misunderstood both the original post and even more so my commentary. Op said himself that he is implying the behavior he describes is assuming the audience is MEN OF VALUE.

It's possible may be misinterpreting something, but I don't believe I am. I understand that he is posting to an assumed audience of men of value.

I'm saying that a majority of people in this world take pleasure in giving other people pleasure. You may not be one of them. But to try and claim that "real men don't ever consider their partner's pleasure" is extreme.

People coming into TRP tend to be the "nice guy" type described in NMMNG, and one of the exercises in that book is to do exactly what the OP says. Be completely selfish. The purpose being to help calibrate someone who has been so indoctrinated in BP pandering. The goal is not to have them stick to that extreme, but to recognize that it's okay to prioritize their own needs. That it's going to make her happier when he is more selfish. It makes it so that when he decides to give to her, it is because he wants to, not because he feels that he needs to in order to create a covert contract.

I eat a girl out because I want to reward her. Because I want to make her feel pleasure. It's usually because she's done something particularly awesome for me.

I'm just saying stop lying when you say eating a girl out causes you direct pleasure without considering what you are doing to her. Does working 9-5 to support your wife cause you pleasure? No, but you do it because you know you will receive rewards later. So you work for pleasure later, but the work itself is not pleasurable. Therefore, there must be a reason you enjoy cunnilingus apart from delayed gratification.

To start "living up" to the impression that you are a man of value means that you were just pretending to be one in order to get laid. Have you transitioned into one yet or are you still working on it?

Still working, but I'm light-years ahead of incels. 24, n-count about 15, was quite beta in college but had a serious SMV boost for girls there because I dealt. Have spun plates and gone through an LTR. I know exactly where I'm at with my goals and my roadmap, I'm already making 6 figures and looking at property investments for more passive income. Tried to get back into lifting last year and suffered a joint injury, but I've been working my way back in. Still working, but plenty high enough value/internalization of TRP to voice this opinion.

4 upvotesmagx011 year ago

What is pleasurable about giving a little boy a candy bar?

The blowjob that comes afterwards if you're picking the right boys?

24 upvotesamedeo_modigliani1 year ago

It's the eyes and its make-up that makes them incredible powerfull looking. She could be depressed poor little thing but with even average make-up skills.. damn this is what I call great illusion

30 upvoteskurdishpower011 year ago

Make-up and porn distorts my view of women.

17 upvotesbrbrespawn1 year ago

I would take a break from porn then

1 upvotesabstractplebbit1 year ago

Pro tip: it's not the make up

Until you stop distorting your view of them you're still a bloopie, by definition

7 upvotesNorthEasternNomad1 year ago

My sister in law is a testament to this. She's a 5, maybe a 6/10. Until she puts on her eye makeup. She used to be a professional with the stuff, went to school.

She puts on eye makeup and I can't look at her without getting hard. She's got the "bedroom eyes" down so perfectly, it changes her whole look.

Doesn't help, that her and my girl are identical twins...

17 upvotesRocketScientist_nr31 year ago

She puts on eye makeup and I can't look at her without getting hard.

You have conditioned your dick (brain) to react to pornstar makeup and it actually doesn't matter anymore which type of girl is wearing it. And it's the reason why girls want to wear pornstar makeup: it makes dicks react to them, even if they're a 5. This is a thing because men watch too much porn, it reprograms their sexual likings.

4 upvotesNorthEasternNomad1 year ago

Interesting... though, to be honest, I don't really watch much porn. I mean, I'm not gonna lie and claim I never have/do...but it's pretty rare.

Still though...that's food for thought. Have to work at n erasing that conditioning, however it got there.

2 upvotesFuckMichaelMcCoy1 year ago

Bullshit. Pornstar girls max out on sexy traits, or rather the most top notch pornstar girls have a combination of all sexy traits (hence why theyre popular pornstars to begin with).

Thats like saying culturally some girls like light skin black dudes with green eyes, 6'3'' and curly hair and 6 pack for example. Its not a cultural thing, but just a combination of a bunch of "sexy" traits in the eyes of a woman.

Those bedroom eyes some chicks have are a genetic strength they were given for evolutional purposes, most good looking people have a few strengths going on.. dimes have almost all in every feature: eyes/hair/skin/legs/ass/stomach/etc.

8 upvotesThe_Chiselnator1 year ago

So your girl is a 5 but lacks the eye makeup? Seeing as they are identical twins. As you are a redpilled man why the hell would you commit to a 5? Any other redeeming qualities that the younger men here should look out for?

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Because not all of us look like Chads? Getting a haircut, lifting and holding frame is not gonna grow your height or reconstruct your face...

7 upvotesNorthEasternNomad1 year ago

My girl is probably about 7. Her Twin outweighs her by...well, it's considerable.

Also, my girl is amazing in the sack, has a great career with good security, neither has not wants credit cards and her favorite movies are all action flicks. She'd take Avengers over Sleepless in Seattle any day and frequently tells people that Thor Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy are her favorite movies.

Also, there was the time she bought us tickets to Jimmy Buffet. For his Labor Day Weekend show.

Also, we are both around 40, so, neither of us is a spring chicken. My only worry is her increasing lack of concern about fitness where I keep putting work in.

8 upvotesSkuggasveinn1 year ago

Well... Tell her to lay of the candy then and start cross fit.

2 upvotesabstractplebbit1 year ago

When you say she is a 5 or 6, are you comparing her to girls you only see when they are wearing make up?

2 upvotesNorthEasternNomad1 year ago

You know...that's a fair point, since, her being my SIL, I see her at casual get togethers where she isn't even "trying."

All done up, both sisters are good looking girls, though, the sil is also carrying a good bit of extra weight these days.

3 upvotesabstractplebbit1 year ago

That's the thing... body shape and Body fat percentage is a more reliable determinant of female attractiveness since it is robust to smoke and mirror tricks like make up and photoshop

5 upvoteslust4thealpha1 year ago

Everything you are saying is true. This is a good mantra, a thing to remember when the BP begins to tempt and disillusion us. More important than ever in the times of today

5 upvotesCamp_KillYourself1 year ago

This is just another example of how alpha is a mindset and why game is so important. Even if you are super attractive but you act like a beta sure you can get laid but the minute you open your mouth, the attraction is gone.

Those that spend an inordinate amount of their time “looks maxing” are missing out on an important part of this part of the development.

5 upvotesLtrgman1 year ago


One of the best real world tests for this is to actually go on a date with a girl who is much younger than you are (of legal age of course). As the older and wiser man, who is cultured and worldly, is financially stable... engage in conversations with her that allow the girl to express her own thoughts and personal beliefs, but also allow you to educate her and expand her mind when it's time for you to speak and share your knowledge (just don't be condescending). She'll eat that up. She'll be impressed. She'll be into you even more.

These conversation topics don't have to be about politics or anything that can be polarizing. It can be career related, art, etc. The point is to show the girl the value that you possess, the knowledge that you have, the type of man you are, who is unique from all those guys she dated before you.

But at the end of the day age doesn't really matter. It's who you are as a man (as described in OP's post). Once you have that figured out, women of all kinds will be attracted to you.

Good post, great insight.

7 upvoteshbPUA1 year ago

The man of value, instead, brings wisdom, strength, mental fortitude, leadership, wealth, and excitement to the table. Women (girls) crave this.

Once you realize this, the tables turn. Pussy is such a small part of what women brings to the table. While the majority of the value is from the man.

5 upvotesRocketScientist_nr31 year ago

Pussy is such a small part of what women brings to the table. While the majority of the value is from the man.

Until the procreation starts and the kids are born. She'll need to shift gears and the first years of having kids wrecks them physically and mentally. They will not procreate unless they have a man that is of value and brings wisdom, strength, mental fortitude, leadership, wealth, and excitement to the table. It is the basis of the whole female dynamics and why it makes them function like they do. It's human evolutionary biology. TRP explains how to "hack" into it and use this female biological drive to your sexual advantage.

1 upvotesmgtones1 year ago

I disagree. Women 'want' to be led by men but they also don't in the 21st century. They are so entitled, narcissistic and arrogant they will fight you even if you are a top tier man....eventually. You also have less leverage as a man now to lead. Women have endless options, their own money, endless free validation. You have less leadership power than you want to admit, it'd an old concept.

6 upvotesliizzsar1 year ago

They are so entitled, narcissistic and arrogant they will fight you even if you are a top tier man

Or maybe it's the ones you pick. If you go after a woman who's posting trout pout bikini selfies every 2 hours, you kinda deserve what you get.

6 upvotestteabag25911 year ago

That's why it's crucial to educate yourself and practice social competence. Once you get out of the mindset of the common "drone" type of person, you'll be less replaceable than you think. And they'll know it if they're anything halfway intelligent themselves.

8 upvotesRedPilledRoaster1 year ago

Good post.

As the mantra goes, treat em like children

-10 upvotesPlatosPlatypus1 year ago

I will be there at the see

5 upvotesStron2g1 year ago

Women are overgrown children. Would you be all beta and nervous about talking to a little kid?

5 upvotesbipedalsentient1 year ago

only in the west because there have lost the respect to this polarity of male and female, due to the rise of "female power" and other factors that have made men into "softies"

2 upvotesStron2g1 year ago

Yeah modern Feminism basically. That combined with mass male brainwashing. Developing countries are generally much better, true. I'm thinking of moving to central America one day.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

so they want have fun but no want invent anything? #makesuthink

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Never seen that flair before on trp

5 upvotessaskatoondude1 year ago

You have no idea how much you've given away about yourself by generally infantalizing women into "grown children" and "little girls". This sub really has gone to a bit of shit.

4 upvotesozenmacher [OP]1 year ago

You have no idea you how much you have given away about yourself regarding your total lack of reading comprehension.

2 upvotesCreatedItJust2Saythi1 year ago

'Treat them right'

Remember the best and main way to treat women is treating yourself to the gym. The best and main way to treat women right is being handsome, since a woman is her eyesight, and you can only treat her eyesight right by being handsome.

Yes, you can think of women as a great, very heavy weight you have to lift, so you need to previously go to the gym for gaining muscle so you can lift that heavy female weight.

Maybe you think muscle is just a matter of esthetics to women, but there is a little mother nature's wisdom to it: muscle is a place where esthetics and aptness meet, so esthetics become an indicator of aptness and personal qualifiedness. And could esthetics and attractiveness ever bear a better, most logical function than meaning fitness? could fitness ever produce a better display than esthetics and attractiveness?

2 upvotesYoucantbanthechamp1 year ago

Upvoted for use of soyboys.

1 upvotesFuture_Alpha1 year ago

OP what do you mean when you say 'try hard'? I cannot quite grasp this concept

1 upvotesBazookaGio1 year ago

It’s refreshing to see a post here that isn’t borderline incel bullshit...good show, OP. The reminder we all need AND deserve.

0 upvotesNoeticThoughts1 year ago

Incredible post, couldn’t have said it better myself

0 upvotesaf_0071 year ago

Great, in other words, be an alpha.

1 upvotesJagsDontCare1 year ago

Garbage post. Read the sidebar

3 upvotesit_takes_the_redpill1 year ago

Dude has clearly read the sidebar. May not have completely captured everything, but judging by the post seems like he has a lot of the main points. At that point it's more helpful to point to specific points where his reasoning is flaeerd than to just tell him to go read something he has clearly demonstrated familiarity with.

That's more for people posting shit about "how can I get my oneitis back?" or "you should buy a round of drinks for a table of girls and you're guaranteed to start a conversation" or "she says she really likes me but won't break up with her boyfriend or let me touch her."

2 upvotesabstractplebbit1 year ago

You should probably consider reading the side bar once more and then go outside to see what it means

-1 upvotesBest_In_Class871 year ago

What's the draw of busting my ass (internalizing the red pill mindset and living TRP lifestyle) to fuck and be with a bunch of GIRLS?

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