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"What are we?" A very brief field report

by somebullshitrp on /r/TheRedPill
29 July 2018 07:10 PM UTC

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One of my plates is starting to get antsy and asked me the question, "what are we?" over text the other day. I deflected and told her we'd discuss it in person the next time we met up. She came over a couple days later, we fucked, and didn't talk about it. Then she sent me a similar text

Often times it is difficult to see an immediate positive result when applying TRP principals, as the majority of results require a significant investment of time. While there isn't anything new here, this is one example, encompassing several tenets, that can be easily observed in a single short text chain.

  • Women would rather share a high value male than have a low value male to themselves.

  • Don't ever answer her questions about your relationship in a serious manner. Keep her uncertain about her place in your life.

  • Keep yourself busy / scarce. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder (hamster go faster).

This experience, along with so many others, just solidifies my belief in the principals of TRP.

Keep yourself healthy and attractive, understand TRP, and women will fall all over themselves (including ignoring their own boundaries) to be with you.

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0 upvotesredpillschool1 year ago

Pro-tip: If you were looking for a quick and easy way to drop a plate, the what-are-we conversation is a great time to do it.

527 upvotesHalfchub69691 year ago

Lmao I love her last three texts.

“I’m not one to share someone I like with other women”

“Hey wanna hangout”

“Hey what’re you up to”


178 upvotesTheYekke1 year ago

Shit test passed. Tingles at 100

48 upvoteszyqkvx1 year ago

Thats what I wanted to say, and also if he agreed not to see other women the tingles would drop quickly

1 upvotesTheHeroWeAllNeed1 year ago

He would switched from a mysterious bad boy who does what he wants to a well behaved pet.

11 upvotesFrankCostanza1111 year ago

So what do you do if the girl you're dating is someone you actually would like to be in an LTR with?

If you tell her you won't stop dating other girls, you could lose a good prospect if she is looking for an LTR and doesn't want to be a plate.

In my experience, agreeing to monogomy isn't going to dry tingles per se, if you still maintain jerk behaviors in other ways. Flirting with other girls, going to strip clubs (with or without her) and generally let her know that she takes a backseat to your passions and mission in life.

1 upvotesAGallopingMonkey1 year ago

Going to strip clubs? Lol. That’s pathetic. Just go out to a regular bar.

2 upvotesMustang10111 year ago

While I do agree it depends. Sometimes you just wanna be the guy that ruins a low self esteemed bottle girl's life.

5 upvotesdulkemaru511 year ago

So what do you do if the girl you're dating is someone you actually would like to be in an LTR with?

If you tell her you won't stop dating other girls, you could lose a good prospect if she is looking for an LTR and doesn't want to be a plate.

Let her beg for it for a while before LTRing her. Once your internal frame is set, your actions will naturally follow in a way that does not break any Alpha rules. Had he immediately agreed to her not so subtle demand, he would have automatically fallen into her frame because it is clear that he wants to have sex with other girls besides her. If she keeps trying to lock him down for a long time and hence truly demonstrating her willingness to commit and to submit, he can eventually say that she can be his girlfriend now if she promises to stop whining (or something), from a place of power that clearly shows that he chooses only her, over the harem that he now has, while having the option to choose the latter.

Deviate from your path (let your frame break) -> decreased tingles.

Stay on your path (hold frame) -> increased tingles, whatever your frame is.

2 upvotesImHerWonderland1 year ago

When you're single, you're free and do whatever you want.

When you're in that LTR, you're free and do whatever you want.

She is there for the ride, and when she decides she can't handle this rollercoaster anymore then she gets off. Shit happens at parks all the time where people fall off or die. There's still millions of women hopping on that ride and waiting in line to get on.

1 upvotesStarfuckingman1 year ago

Yeah this is exactly what I need an answer for since I am in that situation myself.

14 upvotessimplisticallysimple1 year ago

He did handle it very well.

161 upvotesFlying_Wingback1 year ago

Something something actions not words

38 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I actually audibly said "wow, can't make this shit up" in my room at 2am like an autismo

Didnt think it was going to get to that cliche of a finish and yet, there it is

78 upvotesMattyAnon1 year ago

Then she sent me a similar text

I'm not asking you to commit... I just want to know your not hooking up with other girls 

What the fuck does she think commitment means??

18 upvotesllDUNN1 year ago

I'm not asking you to commit, just to commit though. Lmao

13 upvotesSir_Distic1 year ago

We all know what she really means. "I'm not telling you that I'm asking you to commit. Because I don't want to lose you. But I want you to commit."

206 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Laughing my ass off here.. that text chain is gold. Well done.

4 upvotesGr0o0vy1 year ago

I almost spit my water when I saw that end

-1 upvotesmenial_optimist1 year ago

I thought his responses could have been wittier, but he did well.

179 upvotesfridgefucker121 year ago

She just wants control. Soon as you give it the challenge will be over.

146 upvotesMangasbzo71 year ago

If there's one thing that is fundamentally true when it comes to people is that 'everybody wants what they can't have'.

Its actually nuts how this desire affects people's behavior. Like even myself there have been times when I've had multiple plates being dirty cumsluts for me, but all I can think about is the girl I'm chasing who's being unresponsive to my messages. Actually nuts.

1 upvotesSpecialSpnk1 year ago

I killed attraction with an hb9 recently doing exactly this and catching oneitis hard af. We live and we learn and at the end of the day my experience with her makes it easier to digest the pill. TRP is a blessing to be aware of and has forever changed my life.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

[permanently deleted]

22 upvotesironjohnred1 year ago

The minute she knows she is in control she will lose interest

97 upvotesfalecf41 year ago

Also, gentlemen, watch the time stamps. No immediate responses.

54 upvotessimplisticallysimple1 year ago

This is why I say OP's text game is tight. Guys always ask what to reply, I say the most underrated strategy is just to IGNORE.

12 upvotesit_takes_the_redpill1 year ago

If it's not something you have an easy reply to, ignore is fantastic. It's something I'm getting more comfortable with.

Used to feel like (in person, too) I had to reply to each thing they say. Nowadays I've experimented with ignoring, or just saying something non-sequitur that interests me more.

E.g. I made a comment about disliking feminism. She asked what I had against feminism. I briefly mention that as a political movement it fights for some retarded shit. She asks "like what?" I can see where it's going, and I just hit her with "BTW I'm buying a puppy in a few weeks." and Bam, no more uphill struggle for me.

4 upvotessimplisticallysimple1 year ago

Yup. I'd never argue with a woman anyway. Ignoring is best. Also, ignoring will force her to show how desperate she is for you. Girls who really want you will double-/triple-text. Use that information however you see fit. Personally I prefer girls to be way more attached towards me than I am towards them. Ignoring them in general will reveal very quickly how much they want you.

1 upvotesGEOTUS_Mit_Uns1 year ago

I have a girl who texted me about 6 years ago who I never responded to because I was annoyed that she was texting me “haha kinda random but are you still up?” at 3am after we ran into each other at the bars earlier that night.

Too late to finally text back or??

3 upvotesclausternn1 year ago

Do it. If anything, it would be funny. What's the worst that could happen?

124 upvotesBecomingChad1 year ago

Prime example of watch her actions, not her words.

"I don't want to share you with someone else lol"

"Are you free tomorrow?"

"Wanna hang out?"


67 upvotessimplisticallysimple1 year ago

Never submit to a woman's intrusive questions. Deflect or better yet, ignore. You did very well, guys here can learn a lot from you.

110 upvotesRedNightOwl1 year ago

Staying healthy and lifting has pushed my mood and SMV to the next level. You know you're on the next level when girls who would never bet an eye now take sneak peeks/stares at you at the gym, in public, parties especially while their with their boyfriends/newly wed husband lol. I noticed they kino you too. Those easy IOI really help game and grab numbers quickly.

10 upvotesHeizenbrg1 year ago

I have trouble with Ioi since I moved to the states from Europe. It's way less apparent here. Anybody link me to a good post about this? How do you read them?

25 upvotesdongpal1 year ago

you must be joking. america is the whorest coutnry ever

10 upvotesclausternn1 year ago


She touches you, specially if she goes out of her way to do so

When the conversation dies out, she restarts it

She texts you out of the blue

She plays with her hair

She laughs at your dumb jokes -- the dumber the better

She licks/bites her lips in a sensual way, or stares at your lips like she wants you to kiss her

Obviously, one IOI isn't necessarily enough, the more the merrier.

To be honest, IOIs aren't an important part of game. It's better to learn how to get those IOIs in the first place (i.e. demonstrate you're a high value man), and then just assume the sale.

Does that help?

3 upvotesHeizenbrg1 year ago

That did help especially the last part thanks brother!

4 upvotesJamPetrarka1 year ago

You already know what you're looking for, so just look for it.

14 upvotesStillHigh091 year ago

I like how she didnt even deny shes fucking other guys when OP suggested it

10 upvotesaskmrcia1 year ago

Of course she is. She probably is but she is most likely very low on those other guy's radar.

So she's trying to keep op around for insurance when her others most likely won't plan out.

13 upvotesWhisper1 year ago

Behold the power of silence.

30 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

any subreddit that I can see those texts between couples? That image was great. It is absolutely inspiring

5 upvotesUrbanEngineer1 year ago

Usually screen caps like this are faked, but this one looks legit. Enjoy them as they pop up here from time to time :).

5 upvotesPleiadianJedi1 year ago

If you find one please direct me as well! Remindme! 90 days

31 upvotesSelf-honest1 year ago

Great example of how this process plays out OP. You stay strong when she drops the ultimatum of sorts and she changes course.

Pay attention for buzz words and don't forget to insert "right now".

I'm not one to share somebody that I like, that I enjoy being with, and like having sex with, with another women RIGHT NOW lol

She sure as shit was one to share you only a few hours later. And even more the next day.

"I'm not one (or I'm not the type of girl) to fuck on the first date." RIGHT NOW works the same way. There are no constants. Women are slaves to their emotions. The second her emotions change, all the rules change.

Well played.

193 upvotesmagx011 year ago

"lol" 'Lol" "lol"


Btw, sleeping with just one person IS committing. That whole text stream is just two people trying to communicate what they really want while trying to hide that and put up socially acceptable fronts. I just got really sad for all of us all of a sudden.

82 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

One of my plates is starting to get antsy

Where did you get "just one person" from?

That whole text stream is just two people trying to communicate what they really want while trying to hide that and put up socially acceptable fronts.

Which is, in a nutshell, how communication plays out between men and women in this day and age. The alternative, and the fact that it just doesn't work, is why game exists.

There was nothing wrong with the communication.

55 upvotesenrico_the_frog1 year ago

There was nothing wrong with the communication

Her constant loling though.

26 upvotesmagx011 year ago

I meant just one person in response for her saying she wants a guy to only sleep with her....but he doesn't have to commit. So commit in action just not words.

3 upvotesdongpal1 year ago

What happens if you are more direct and dont use a "socially acceptable front"?

14 upvotesSumshot1 year ago

The woman will lose respect. It means that you are unable to use plausable deniability, which means it is easier for other people to attack and descredit you, both in public and private. It also corelates with socializing.

All in all, if you are good with words, you have a very concrete social advantage in avoiding and winning social fights. Just as being physically fit means having an advantage in physical fights.

That's why girls are better in plausable deniability and why it's attractive to them if you capable in that as well.

42 upvotesHumptyDumptyFellHard1 year ago

Did you hang out with her after? It’s seem you ignored her last texts.

20 upvotessimplisticallysimple1 year ago

He's playing his dread game. Chances are he was fucking his other plates on those nights too. Good for him

6 upvotesneek0la1 year ago

We need more posts like this. We can all learn from this post. Great stuff

6 upvotes-uftw-1 year ago

"Just don't think about it. I'm not thinking about what you're doing when I'm not around. "

Underrated as fuck. You just killed her with that one.

14 upvotes1421834L1 year ago

Really needed this my man. I've been thinking about what to do in this situation when it arises, and you answered it succinctly and effectively. Stay lit.

15 upvotesdr_warlock1 year ago

Often times I find my self rationalizing why this specific circumstance doesn't require a textbook approach. Then I catch myself and ask myself, "what would I tell some newb on askTRP if I were described my situation?" Usually brings me back to reality.

Your perception is clouded by desire. It always feels better to try something than to do nothing even if it's probably wrong. The thought of failing due to inaction feels worse than screwing up trying to do something about it.

5 upvotesJensenMse1 year ago

Lol plausible deniability at it's finest

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Concrete proof for the doubters that the RP principles work. IDGAF mentality will increase her attraction to you tenfold.

This shit isn't hard folks.

  • Recognize and evade the shit tests

  • Push/pull tactics

  • Don't constantly respond to her texts instantly like you're fucking staring at your phone waiting around for them. Once in a while you can send a quick response but make her wait 20-30 minutes minimum.

  • The best thing for yourself is to make her wait because you are ACTUALLY busy, and not just seeing the texts and waiting 30 minutes while you watch netflix or some shit. Put your phone on airplane mode then go for a run, lift, do a boxing workout, play a sport, do another module in your online coding class, read a chapter in that book you're reading etc.

This post is perfect. Short and sweet. Highlights TRP theory and comes with proof as well. Good job.

12 upvotesJonathanMekerset1 year ago

Shouldn't have even reasoned with her imo.

Why answer her questions at all? Just ignore, she'll come running back. If not, she's looking to lock you down for other reasons.

3 upvotessimplisticallysimple1 year ago

Yup, just ignore. Even deflecting is weak. Answering directly or lying is the worst.

3 upvotesLuckyluke231 year ago

while processing the text messages and thinking about how it would relate to me. I learnt a lot.

thanks man.

25 upvotesMorphs_1 year ago

Personally I consider dodging the question weak frame because of fear of loss.

Next time, play ball and say that you need the freedom and that the time you spend with other girls does not affect the good time you have with her.

I did this once again recently and although she needed some time to process it, she came back for more. Later she mentioned having fucked someone else, trying to get a reaction out of me. I didn't care at all and we continue to have great sex as I have a "magical dick" (her words).

So play strong and fuck her hard.

1 upvotessniper13x1 year ago

I disagree 100%. You want her thinking about it, agonizing over the thought that her fears are true and she is just a piece of ass. Confirm nothing, let her play it out in her head. Nothing weak about keeping a woman on ice, best way to keep that plate spinning.

8 upvotesMorphs_1 year ago

The question will return and she'll walk out eventually. Most guys are simply too afraid to admit they fuck other women and that she's free to walk if she can't handle that fact.

In the past I was afraid too so I tended to beat around the bush.

1 upvotessniper13x1 year ago

who cares if she walks? plenty of ass out there.

5 upvotesMorphs_1 year ago

That's exactly why you should just say what the deal is.

1 upvotessniper13x1 year ago

if thats what you think then you clearly don't understand how a woman's insecurities work. notice the last few texts he received? thats what putting women on ice does

6 upvotesMorphs_1 year ago

Yes I understand that. I've done it too. And after a few days/weeks the questions return. Nowadays I can't be bothered by that shit. I'm a valuable guy with limited time. I consider it frame training to have The Talk with a woman. I know my worth and when I tell a woman I'm not exclusive, she understands because the sex is so damn good.

Her insecurities will change, the "if" will change into wondering who or when I'm banging other women. But once we're between the sheets again she no longer cares.

It's all about the quality of sex.

20 upvotesVenny_11 year ago

Both your method and that of OP have their pros and cons. Using which one depends on the individual plate in question, and how you perceive her reaction to your answers.

I've had one girl ask me the same nonsense above. I answered her directly and we are still on good terms, meeting every 3-4 weeks.

Another girl was just too agressive in how she was posing the question. I answered in the most vague woman-speak you can find, meaning that she got no answer from me. Sending her hamster into overdrive, I've got some of the kinkiest sex for 3 months before she broke. Me fucking other women is a private detail I was not willing to let her in on.

1 upvotesthoughtlow1 year ago

Insightful comment.

I didn't care at all

In what way did you express this?

2 upvotesMorphs_1 year ago

I had no emotional reaction. I just chuckled when she said she was disappointed that the sex with someone else wasn't good and that apparently my dick was a big reason why the sex with me is so awesome.

0 upvoteschances_are_ur_a_fag1 year ago

that never works for me. i never lie to them and always shut them down on going exclusive and that just ends shit. whatever. tinder is limitless.

18 upvoteswineinacoffeemug1 year ago

I used to be more into the concept of keeping all of my sexual partners as "plates" and ridiculing commitment as the opiate of the unenlightened. But now at 23 to avoid STIs and crazy people (bisexual) I stay single and if I want commitment, I accept or deny it without feeling the need to play childish text games to feel superior. But maybe I'm the rare person who doesn't find it fun to emotionally provoke people I've slept with

15 upvotestrp_throwaway_881 year ago

I accept or deny it without feeling the need to play childish text games to feel superior. But maybe I'm the rare person who doesn't find it fun to emotionally provoke people I've slept with

Yeah you're a real snowflake out there alright.

1 upvoteswineinacoffeemug1 year ago

haha I was being earnest but call me whatever you want. I admit it was poorly phrased. Somehow I doubt you could muster an intellectual reply without resorting to tic-like buzzwords so I am going to stop typing

7 upvotessimplisticallysimple1 year ago

I tend to agree with you. I know I'll get downvoted, but the truth is if you truly have abundance you wouldn't bother to even spin plates. It would be just endless P&D, using plates to fill in during dry slumps.

1 upvotesCasaDeFranco1 year ago

Having several plates for me helped me establish a no fucks given approach which reinforces frame when trying to close p&d.

1 upvoteswineinacoffeemug1 year ago

Just to be clear even though I call the texting childish I'm not trying to put anyone down with my comment. I have definitely texted weird shit but I got weary of playing games. Some people are entertained by back and forth/ subtle social dominance. I'm pretty introverted so maybe I'm not a great example for people who want to maximize their # of partners

-1 upvoteschances_are_ur_a_fag1 year ago

introverts are weird people. I'm very extroverted and i don't really get along with introverts, only some select few that I've actually made friends with somehow over time. but the thing is, as much as i hate to admit, I've always been sexually compatible with introverted girls because in my experience they're deviant perverts like me. however, outside of sex they drive me nuts socially. maybe I'm just an asshole, i dunno.

2 upvoteswineinacoffeemug1 year ago

100% with you there. My Dads side of the family is all Mensa members; inheriting a high IQ was excellent for passing tests but it also turns most idle time into vivid fantasies or going off onto tangents. A long winded way to say I understand the deviant/weird thing about introverts. I am a Meyers briggs INFJ. Have u heard of the 5 factor personality test? It's more exhaustive but less popular. I wouldn't call you an asshole for being sexually compatible but socially incompatible with a sex partner; it's happened to me and way more people I am sure.

2 upvoteschances_are_ur_a_fag1 year ago

i come from a family of highly educated myself so i know how that goes. i dunno if you've been around fetish and bdsm community, but most people there are very intelligent as well, which makes sense in the aspect of fantasies and turn ons. i know about myers briggs and heard of the 5 factor test. i take that with a grain of salt though and its been debunked over and over by the scientific community. there's a large consensus right now saying that myers briggs is about as useful as astrology pretty much. i've taken that test many times over the years and every time i had a different result, some on the extrovert side and some on introvert side. i took a true colors test today (corporate likes to waste money), which really was like reading something out of a zodiac. hmm. how would me being incompatible with someone make me an asshole? would that make you an asshole if you're incompatible with someone? i mean i know i'm an asshole, but definitely not for that reason.

1 upvoteswineinacoffeemug1 year ago

At the end of your original comment you said "Maybe I'm just an asshole, I dunno". If that's the metric I'm an asshole too. I had a weird RA who made us do MB test lol. But I'm not much for pseudoscience. I do find it fun to keep track of the results I get. I can't believe the huge number of (girls mostly) I meet who talk about astrology like it's a thing.

I know what you mean about the BDSM community. there are a lot of cool people there but I found myself getting propositioned to be in weird power balance dynamic relationships with like 55yo men when I was 19 in the scene in nyc. So I took up gardening

2 upvoteschances_are_ur_a_fag1 year ago

yes i did, i meant that as in people think i'm an asshole because of that. RA? like a dorm RA? yeah there's some loony women that peddle that astrology shit. my first girlfriend was really into it and got me interested in it as well, and i admit, its fun to read about it and feel special that you possess certain traits, are a special person, etc etc. and maybe there is something to it that actually has some merit, but i feel like the majority of that can be applied to anyone.

there's definitely a ton of dudes that want to take advantage of naive little 18 year old girls that read too much erotica and anne rice and want to live out their fantasies in real life. i feel like most of bdsm community is just huge role play and there is only a small minority that really thrive on true sadomasochism and deep power exchange, 24/7 master/slave lifestyle, etc. every time i see someone saying they're a "dom" i just laugh.

So I took up gardening

nice, i grow weed too

2 upvotesTehJimmyy1 year ago

feels over realz. Its "fun".

2 upvotes-uftw-1 year ago

"What are we?"

"We are"

"having fun!"

3 upvoteschances_are_ur_a_fag1 year ago

my problem is whenever they start shit like this i always tell them flat out that I'm not their boyfriend. this usually ends things when they get butthurt and i tell them to fuck off my ass. i need to learn how to keep them on for longer, but i can't play these stupid bullshit head games.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I would try an A&A reply. Like "Yeah right, I sleep with every girl I meet. Lol"

Can that be called handled well?

2 upvotesex_addict_bro1 year ago

“Sleep with girls? You mean this week?”

1 upvoteslafingman01 year ago

So she can do what and who she wants, but not you? redpill

1 upvotesmenial_optimist1 year ago

"What are we?"

"Human? No. Meat Popsicles"

1 upvotesestrogenmilk1 year ago

Can I just leave this here for open discussion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UgZS2fA8MQ I'm not sure what to think of it, Personally if i was met with such a text as the paragraph shown in the video that is a passive aggressive manipulative power play ''bitch wall'' I think I'd be out the door. There's only so much bullshit that I'm willing to put up with and it makes me wonder how much more is on the table in the future if I continue with x person.

1 upvotesSpecialSpnk1 year ago

I have a feeling I am going to get hit with this similar conversation tom when I go over a new chicks house I am dating. It is good to see your responses and it has motivated me to stress the let's just enjoy each other's company, have fun, and see where it goes.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Last three texts no way this is real

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago


1 upvotesMissDywel1 year ago

I love reading this shit and learning how to not give sex to men lol

21 upvotesThatKidinAfrica1 year ago
  • said the over 30 year old hag.
3 upvotesre4d31 year ago

Well it is the same when chicks string beta orbiters, absorbing all goodies and not giving sex. Not to say, such model is unsustainable long term both for involved person as the society.

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