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College student Nikki Yovino, 19, sentenced to 3 years for falsely claiming sexual encounter was rape

by MentORPHEUS on /r/TheRedPill
24 August 2018 06:32 PM UTC

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In 2016, Nikki Yovino had consensual sex with two football players in a bathroom at a party. The next day, she claimed she was raped, allegedly to impress a prospective boyfriend. The two students were suspended, lost their scholarships, and faced ostracism. It later came to light that she fabricated the claims, and has now been tried and convicted of making a false report. She was sentenced to 3 years, and will probably serve 6 months-1 year in jail then probation.

From the news story:

Nikki Yovino just doesn’t seem to get it.

The 19-year-old Long Island woman — who claimed she was raped by two Sacred Heart University football players, then admitted months later to police that she lied to impress a prospective boyfriend, then claimed on the witness stand she was forced to have sex without her consent. Until finally she pleaded guilty to criminal charges, admitting her deceit to a judge — stood handcuffed Thursday morning, rolling her eyes as one of the now former players poured out his heart in court. “I just hope you spend the time reflecting on what you did,” Superior Court Judge William Holden told Yovino, sentencing her to three years, suspended after she serves one year in prison and followed by probation.

Yovino agreed to plead guilty to two counts of second-degree falsely reporting an incident and one count of interfering with police, all misdemeanors, as the case was about to go to trial. She has already served three months in prison and likely faces another three months before she is eligible for release.

“This was not an easy charging decision for the state,” Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Tatiana Messina told the judge. “But with the evidence we had against Miss Yovino, we do believe this disposition is both fair and appropriate. Many true victims of sexual assault are often disbelieved, but that is because of cases like this and the impact they have on public perceptions. Miss Yovino’s actions are a disservice to those true victims, in addition to the two young men whose lives were greatly affected, and that was not something that could have been ignored.”

Yovino’s mother, the only member of her family there to support her, was kicked out of the courtroom after her cellphone went off.

Excerpted from Conneticut Post article

Takeaway lessons

  • Hookups at a party are risky behavior, for questionable reward
  • An accusation of rape is easy to make and difficult to defend
  • The tide is turning; women are being held accountable for false claims more and more
  • The wheels of justice turn slowly. The young mens' lives have been turned upside down for the last two years
  • The justice system can work, but it takes proaction and determination by the accused. If you don't do your due diligence, fail to follow up with prosecutors and lawyers, drop your efforts because of all the hassle, or accept a bullshit plea deal just to try to end it, then its not going to go as well for you or for other men in similar circumstances

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575 upvotesp3n1x1 year ago

Yovino’s mother, the only member of her family there to support her, was kicked out of the courtroom after her cellphone went off.


208 upvoteslorum_ipsum_dolor1 year ago

I'm glad someone else found this little detail amusing.

108 upvotesSigmaBusiness1 year ago

Not surprised.

A girl like her would have a mother like that.

48 upvotesp3n1x1 year ago

Apples don't fall far from the tree.

4 upvotesJ3diMind1 year ago

my thoughts exactly

15 upvotesprankster9991 year ago

Thots gonna thot.

1 upvotesHardPiano1 year ago

It was probably Tinder. Her mother is probably getting cocks slammed into her from all angles as well.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Literally every angle imaginable. Like, probably 170 degrees.

413 upvotesWarViper13371 year ago

Time for them to sue the college.

279 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

And her. And media. Bois might at least get some sweet cash pouring in.

16 upvoteshalfback9101 year ago

Well he auto-wins the law suit because she was convicted on criminal charges.

84 upvoteswonderdog88881 year ago

I’ll bet the college scholarship will have conditions that the college can withdraw the scholarship based on an accusation. They will argue that the guys shouldn’t been in a position to get accused. It’s all loaded against the guys.

1 upvotesDmva1001 year ago

All white knighting liberal colleges must be defunded and cut off from the glob✡lists for pandering to the HPV ridden vaginas of their state-dependent soon-to-be lying single Marmies students

17 upvotesafkb39sdfb1 year ago

Hey! You're that guy from the YouTube comment section!

15 upvotesGobraves441 year ago

What he say? Deleted and downvoted

1100 upvotesuniversalabundance11 year ago

The sentence for false rape allegations should equal the sentence for rape.

1 upvotesArdAtak1 year ago

i've been saying this for years.

201 upvotestherealpkg1 year ago

And you've been right for years.

-3 upvoteseconquest1 year ago

no, that's absurd. How absurd?

All right, let's say I claim to the judge that ArdAtak murdered me. I am called to the stand to testify:

Prosecution: And what did ArdAtak do next?

Me: He murdered me.

Prosecution: And how did he do it?

Me: I don't remember. I just remember that I stopped living.

Prosecution: Did you ever recover?

Me: No.

Prosecution: So you never left the scene of the alleged crime?

Me: No.

Prosecution: No more questions.

Defense: We would now like to introduce Exhibit A, taken moments after that alleged murder, which clearly shows econquest leaving the scene of the crime unharmed, and, I emphasize, unmurdered.

Prosecution: Objection!

Judge: On what grounds?

Prosecution: Uh. Questioning the witness.

Judge: This is cross-examination.

Prosecution: Well don't let them ask questions like this. You have clearly heard my witness say he was murdered.

Defense: Actually you know what withdrawn. I would just like to jump to my last exhibit, exhibit #182. I won't introduce any more.

Prosecution, under his breath: Yes!

Defense: I would now like to introduce Exhibit #182. Actually he is there on the stand. econquest, the alleged victim of the murder.

Proseuction: Fuck!

Judge: Mind your language!

Prosecution: I would like to throw out this witness.

Judge: The witness will stay.

Prosecution: Can we throw him out after?

Defense: As you can see, econquest is here, alive and well.

Witness: Well-murdered that is! That son of a bitch murdered me, he killed me.

Defense: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, does this witness seem to you like someone who is dead?

Jury member, quietly: No, but I wish he was.

Judge: Case dismissed. econquest, stop wasting the court's time with these ridiculous claims. And for the false claim of being murdered I sentence you to....

Now what? You want the judge to sentence this schmuck to life in prison? (The maximum time possible for an actual murder.)

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

this makes not a shred of sense

4 upvoteseconquest1 year ago

exactly. You know what else doesn't make sense?

A false rape accusation where the accused didn't even ever once see the woman in his life!

Giving that woman the maximum sentence for an accusation is about the same as giving me life in prison for claiming you murdered me.

It's not a basis for a policy.

1 upvotesIdontsharemytacos1 year ago

You can prove, in that same moment, that you are not dead. Also, you ain't taking on account the consequences of your accusation. The consequences are the main point of the charges against this girl.

1 upvoteseconquest1 year ago

the consequences of the accusation is that someone could serve a life in prison sentence for murder. It's an extremely serious crime, maybe the most serious crime in most societies.

you are saying that "you can prove that you are not dead" but many falsely accused men can absolutely prove nothing like that took place, so it's a close analogy.

29 upvotesLkeacentipede1 year ago


She should also be forced to pay a good amount of money to the victims, to make up for the damages she caused to their career

90 upvotessapientia-maxima1 year ago

More than that. It should also include what was lost by those who are falsely accused (which is, of course, immeasurable). Their lives were ruined as well. Hopefully with everything coming to light they can get their lives back, but I doubt they'll ever play football like they did before. If either one of them were pro-level, it could have literally cost them millions...we'll never know.

1 upvoteshopelesstuna1 year ago

Awwwwwe they don’t get to make millions of dollars playing a fucken child’s game!Boo hoo 😭

24 upvotesRay_pinasses12101 year ago

That’s not the point You’re reputation as simply an accused rapists can ruin you.

Nobody hires accused rapists, nobody wants to hangout with an accused rapist

1 upvoteshopelesstuna1 year ago

50 % of NFL players are rapists/abusers: it doesn’t seem to affect them!

14 upvotesGainzdalfTheWhey1 year ago

They both can ruin a life, and very difficult to recover, but one is convincing yourself that you can get over the horrible thing, the other is convincing the entire world world you were innocent.

19 upvotesPearlbuck1 year ago

I hate even saying this, but if you make the sentence too appropriate, you'll get fewer of these stupid sluts to admit their lies.

23 upvotesmillo691 year ago

But wouldn't that just give the person a reason to stick to their lie since they know that if they come clear they'll be the ones in big trouble? Dont get me wrong though I completely agree.

17 upvotesjeffwingersballs1 year ago

and it would also scare people from making false accusations. unless they are a psychopath

19 upvotesThrowFader1 year ago

deleted What is this?

5 upvotesmagx011 year ago

and it would also scare people from making false accusations

Stiffer penalties, contrary to 'common sense' don't actually decrease the levels of crime.

1 upvotesOneRedSock1 year ago

Is there a source on this?

Wouldn't Singapore be a great example of how stiffer penalties certainly decrease levels of crime. Additionally, the Singaporean hard line stance on criminality is one of the reasons it was able to become one of the most successful southeast Asian countries.

0 upvotesfrancisco_DANKonia1 year ago

This is certainly not always true. It is likely to be true for crimes of passion. It is certainly not true for things that have less emotional cause like drunk driving or even better, tax avoidance crimes that have nothing to do with an illegal business you are trying to hide.

3 upvotessteveslim1 year ago

Yeah and lying under oath on top of it, but if that were the case here and she knew that she would have never admitted to lying about it and we'd be hearing about "two convicted rapists and this young feminist survivors strength to overcome it." It's scary out there.

3 upvotesriggedved1 year ago

Actually, logically is should be more than rape.

1 upvotesMax_Mountain1 year ago

I kept repeating that to myself while reading this

1 upvotesthro_way1 year ago

I'd much rather be raped again than go to prison for 3 years. One's kind of gross, the other is years of your life/youth you'll never get back.

28 upvotesSuperman199861 year ago

Bruh. Rape isn't a one and done thing for the victims. It's potentially years of trauma, depression, and a whole bunch of other issues. I can't speak from experience, but it's like having your house broken into and robbed but much, much worse. Security, comfort, and peace of mind all go out the window when either happen.

7 upvotesdysfunctional_vet1 year ago

I may well be misreading his post, but from his use of "again", I'd gather he knows first hand about being raped.

3 upvotesSuperman199861 year ago

Yeah I don't know. There's a couple ways his comment could be interpreted. Everyone is different and can have different reactions to being raped, but his comment just doesn't sound like it fully understands or has lived through the consequences. In his words, rape is... Gross? The wording is odd for sure.

3 upvotesNot_Another_Inch1 year ago

I've known a few female rape victims and all handled it differently, with one in particular choosing to downplay the whole thing in her own mind and convince herself that "it's just sex, no big deal". Needless to say this carried over into her "normal" sex life and she turned into a super slut of epic proportions. I've read elsewhere that this is actually a fairly common way of dealing with rape, but have only my own personal experience with this girl to go on so I dunno.

6 upvotesOliverott1 year ago

> Bruh. Rape isn't a one and done thing for the victims. It's potentially years of trauma, depression, and a whole bunch of other issues.

Hogshit, feminist hogshit.

You really think that a regretted-sex (females changing ideas every five seconds, that is what real modern rape is in the Western world is) or date rape (that is sex with a person you decided you might have sex but once again changed idea because you are a dumb spoiled bitch) are worse than being beaten and gangraped in every hole by a bunch of disease infected Australopithecus Africanus in prison for 3 fucking years?

-2 upvotesMaliciousMack1 year ago

Only problem is that will likely reduce the number od people who would come forward and tell the truth afterward.

5 upvotesThrowFader1 year ago

deleted What is this?

1 upvotesPestilence19111 year ago

If you think truth is a legitimate defense,

Try defending yourself against an accuser and one of her friends that backs her up and reads from a script.

1 upvotesThrowFader1 year ago

deleted What is this?

0 upvoteschoomguy1 year ago

They should have that cow service horny silverbacks at the zoo.

-3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Anyone with common sense would agree. As for me, I'd say a fair sentence is to be locked in a cage with a group of angry chimps. On live TV. But I guess I was born in the wrong time.

2 upvotesPestilence19111 year ago

I take it youve seen "postal" (2007)

Mini mi gets raped by "a thousand monkeys" and that kickstarts the apocalypse.

372 upvotesSuperCrazy071 year ago

Good lord, could the states attorney make it any more obvious she cares more about women then men?

“This was not an easy charging decision for the state,”

Uhhh, someone was guilty of a crime and admitted it. What is so difficult about it?

Many true victims of sexual assault are often disbelieved

Miss Yovino’s actions are a disservice to those true victims

Ah, I see why she was punished. Because something she did affected "true victims"...i.e. other women who make rape claims.

in addition to the two young men whose lives were greatly affected

Well, at the end of my statement, I'll pay lip service to this minor side consequence of her lying having a negative impact on other women true victims.

37 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

This exact line of though pissed me off as well

Please though, tell me more about the supposed Patriarchy we reside in. Smh

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

They're begging for a patriarchy, and to be raped. That's why they talk about it so much. It's one of the only things they want in life. Women who talk about rape, want to be raped (by a powerful and strong man, ie alpha fucks. Not by a weak beta bux). So next time you hear a woman bitching about rape and the patriarchy, smile inside knowing that if you've been lifting and have huge muscles, shes gonna be an easy one. But also be wary because she will easily accuse you of rape, if she feels she can get something out of you from it. So hold frame and never let her feel that she can sneak something up on you like a fucking rape charge.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Mind blown

After meditating and realising how a lot of life and the things we say are projections of our desires and beliefs in the world I can see how your rationale would follow and be true

1 upvotesMoDuReddit1 year ago

things we say are projections of our desires and beliefs

Bingo. It's good starting point when analysing what anyone is saying. Want another pill? Try finding this pattern in yourself in real time.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Bingo to you too, granted I don't think one can actually actively "look" for these patterns and projections, because the "I" attaches itself onto them and has as "buy" into the story

Rather in random moments of introspective awareness that coincide with that type of thought do we see it for what it is.

If that makes sense

108 upvotesZanford1 year ago

Reminds me of the H Clinton quote about the 'true victims of war' being women.

'The true victims of FRAs are other women..."

2 upvotesmagx011 year ago

Primary, not true. Still fucked up but gotta be accurate.

3 upvotesCaptZ1 year ago

And yet they want equal rights. True victims are male of female of any bad situation. But no, it's always the women because even they consider themselves the weaker sex when it's convenient to them.

10 upvotesTangoZulu1 year ago

Well, judges/ prosecutors are elected so I understand that she had to save some face in light of #metoo and the pressure to believe all victims claims. Also, she did pay service to the men accused as well. At the end of the day, they did the right thing and should be commended for standing up for the true victims (the men accused).

4 upvotesThrowFader1 year ago

deleted What is this?

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

It's disgusting. We live in a gynocracy. No issues matters unless you can frame it in a way that affects women.

Repeal the 19th. Return women to their appropriate place of servitude.

1 upvotesSmigg_e1 year ago

You don't have to go that far. I've met some great woman who would be on our side through something like that. Don't fuck with dumb girls. Dumb girls do not think they only feel in the moment. Dumb girls will cheat, like, and ruin your life before they even realize what they've done. Don't fuck with dumb girls.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

It's not "dumb girls." It's all girls. Does AWALT mean nothing to you? Red pill is getting so watered down. Women are emotional teenagers. They live wholly within the moment and whatever they feel at that moment is reality. Some are highly intelligent, but even these have very little capacity for independent thought.

Women's biology drives them to seek and enforce consensus above all else. Women's biology drives them to extract resources rather than produce. Women's biology makes them more welcoming of outsiders and less concerned with protecting the civilization they are a part of, because every civilization from small hunter gatherer tribe to conquering Japanese fascist army will happily absorb the fertile young females of its enemies.

These are red pill planks. If you believe in the red pill, you believe these things. If you believe these things, how can you believe that women make good voters?

You don't have to go that far

Also this is borderline concern trolling.

1 upvotesSmigg_e1 year ago

Nah man you sound psychotic.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Enjoy your banning. Literally no counterargument.

68 upvotesB_Campbell1 year ago

Any girl that’s gonna let you and your buddy double team her in a basement at some party is probably batshit crazy. Don’t put yourself in that situation guys. We tell the ladies the same thing.

1 upvotesAlmightyPerun1 year ago

"Batshit crazy" is the new normal... She's not the exception, she's the norm.

-1 upvotessaucierlol1 year ago

The issue is that we want them to be batshit crazy when it comes to sex. Sex with a huge slut who does anything you want is the best. Problem is that the craxy doesn't stop at the bedroom.. cant have your cake and eat it too.

1 upvotesAlmightyPerun1 year ago

Most women are "crazy" in the sheets provided you initiate, so i wouldn't say it's an issue. They enjoy masculine traits as much as men enjoy feminine traits.

In other words, they like being "manhandled". To what degree, it varies from woman to woman, but that's besides the point. Everybody is secretly a horny pervert, both men and women.

Crazy in bed doesn't necessarily mean crazy out of bed.

1 upvotessaucierlol1 year ago

I know my experience is anecdotal and may not reflect the reality at all but my best sex by far was with my BPD ex girlfriend. She didn't do anything special too she was just really good with making me feel like I am the man and I have power over her.

My other girlfriends were much more tame.

209 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Woman takes cocks of two Chads, says she was "raped" to keep her primary beta orbiter in line. AWALT

55 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

This is exactly how I read this situation.

31 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Crazy how TRP gives you a new lens in which to view the world

42 upvoteswtfeverrrr1 year ago

Seems like going gay would be the next logical step.

23 upvotesMax_Mountain1 year ago

As a straight married man.....wanna go out sometime?

263 upvotes187oddfuture1 year ago

This doesn’t prove anything. She wasn’t sentenced to 3 years in prison, only 1. And even then, the article said she could be released having only served 6 months. Those 2 guys lost their scholarships, their educations, and their reputations. They will never have good jobs, because their name will be always tied to an accusation. It doesn’t matter that they were acquitted, and that she lied. They’re fucked. And she gets the lightest slap on the wrist. Show me 20 years to life and maybe you could convince me the tide is changing. If you falsely accuse someone of a crime, your punishment should be the same as the crime you claimed they committed.

1 upvotesmasterofmydomain_1 year ago

It's not any consolation but they can now sue her for damages in civil court. Either way they're still fucked for life.

62 upvotes187oddfuture1 year ago

Sue her for damages?? Lmao, what are they gonna get? She doesn’t have money, definitely doesn’t have a house, and probably drives some beat up old car. What are they gonna do, sue her for 200 bucks? Get real dude.

1 upvotesmasterofmydomain_1 year ago

You're not wrong but her future wages can be garnished. The school can be sued as well.

75 upvotesMentORPHEUS [OP]1 year ago

her future wages can be garnished

Cynics will say that holding a judgement against someone without assets is worthless. It will still dog her in ways you might not expect. Any man who considers marrying her will have to reckon taking on this debt as his own as part of the bargain. Hopefully the reality of THAT consequence finds its way to young women before they make false accusations.

39 upvotesAtheist_Utopia1 year ago

Any man who considers marrying her will have to reckon taking on this debt as his own as part of the bargain.

Unfortunately, you and I both know that there are plenty of white knights who will still consider the marriage.

Hopefully the reality of THAT consequence finds its way to young women before they make false accusations.

You also know that women are too focused on feeling the moment to realize that reality.

27 upvotesSoaringRocket1 year ago

Yeah the school position is interesting. I know we see it all the time at the moment, but it still staggers me that institutions take action with permanent consequences on unproven allegations. Innocent until proven guilty seems so obvious to me

3 upvotesSuperCrazy071 year ago

I don't know this area of the law well, but at some point one of these kids has to have a cause of action against the school.

It'll only take one or two big payouts and maybe we can arrive at a system that can listen, but verify.

1 upvotesMaliciousMack1 year ago

Its due to parents also jumping to conclusions for their little angels, not always believing they could do wrong. That means anyone who doesn't immediately jump on it, "doesn't care about rape" and they'll have a pr shitstorm to wade through.

3 upvoteshalfback9101 year ago

Garnishing wages is nigh on fucking impossible. It is tough as nails to get a garnishment order.

0 upvotesKyfhoMyoba1 year ago

You are mistaken. Unless you live in Texas, then you'd be correct.

2 upvotesSumBuddyPlays1 year ago

It’s very difficult in California as well. Most are a waste of money as often times they are dead beats and/or get paid under the table.

22 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

They can sue the school who does have money. These university kangaroo courts have gone on long enough. Take them for everything.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Yep. Lawyers know where the deep pockets are. Hit the schools and hit them hard. The people who run these places are first and foremost cowards. They don't have any actual moral principals. They will turn coat as soon as the tides shift.

0 upvotesOliverott1 year ago

sue her for damages in civil court

Sue a 19 years old female, isn't this considered "rape" itself in our cucked society?

Of course you are gonna win the lawsuit and get millions of dollars from this 19 yo little whore.

6 upvotesaskmrcia1 year ago

This same story literally happened to my cousin.

He was playing football girl accused him of rape. Later court found out girl was lying because she had multiple semen samples in her panties on that night and her story kept changing.

My cousin lost his scholarship and got kicked out of school. That happened nearly 6 years ago and all he does is cut hair for his job because that shit still sticks and shows on his record (not that he was guilty but he did actually get arrested for it).

The girl actually got off Scott free though.

6 upvotesCensorThis1111 year ago

Perception is everything bro, and yours is jaded.

If you can't see how this is a change in a positive direction then you simply lack objectivity, or experience.

8 upvotes187oddfuture1 year ago

lmao, and you're WAY too optimistic. One case. It's ONE CASE. It's a fluke. Show me 100, then we can talk. These Title 9 kangaroo courts expelling numerous college men on baseless allegations, all of the men rotting in prison RIGHT NOW on bullshit false rape convictions, of which the state deliberately prosecutes to artificially inflate the national rape statistics... this is less than a drop in the bucket dude. Get real.

1 upvotesThrowFader1 year ago

deleted What is this?

3 upvotesNomBok1 year ago

There can also be a civil trial

1 upvotesKV-n1 year ago

They will never have good jobs, because their name will be always tied to an accusation.

in the light of recent FRA craze, do employers still gaf about this? I know i wouldnt

0 upvotesSmigg_e1 year ago

It should be the same sentence wed get for rape. That's justice.

-2 upvotesSuperCrazy071 year ago

They will never have good jobs, because their name will be always tied to an accusation. It doesn’t matter that they were acquitted, and that she lied.

I'm not sure that this is true in THIS particular case where the woman admitted lying and went to jail for it. I wouldn't hesitate to hire someone who was falsely accused and had proof they were innocent.

3 upvotes187oddfuture1 year ago

SJW’s control the hiring process of nearly all major companies. The companies have to put women into HR because they do the least damage initially, but ultimately ruin the company by hiring more and more sjw cancer. Companies can’t hire men over women in large numbers because of employment laws. Where have you been?

1 upvotesenkae73171 year ago

The hiring management crew at my company is 80% women. My entire HR team for my loc is 100% ALL women.

2 upvotes187oddfuture1 year ago

And you wonder why company CEOs get metoo’d and their companies get run into the ground. Feminists get enough of their ilk into the company to stage a coup for muh diversity and the rest is history. Put 2 and 2 together and the picture is crystal clear.

38 upvotescoldestmichigan1 year ago

Imagine losing everything you have worked for, scholarships, respect from friends and family, future career etc because somebody wanted to “impress a prospective boyfriend”. Hell she even rolled her eyes in court for extra measure.

9 upvotessaucierlol1 year ago

Impress in what sense? That's what is bullshit. What is impressive about being raped? The truth very probably - as someone else said in this thread: her main beta orbiter found out about the two dudes double teaming her in a shitty bathroom stall and she wanted to keep her innocent girl persona intact so she doesnt lose her primary source of attention and validation.

65 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Looking at this girl makes my blood boil. “Her rolling her eyes while the football players pour their hearts out.” I’m glad she’s going to jail. 6 months of 20 years, people now know she’s a fucking liar & her life is actually fucked. I’m still picturing and trying to digest how women do this kind of shit. I’ve been fucked over by my ex and I picture her rolling her eyes not giving two shits while I picture myself in the football players shoes. AWALT I hope this story gets more attention

14 upvotesMax_Mountain1 year ago

If you ask me she got off lightly

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

TBH she went to jail, that’s enough for me bc most girls would not lie if they faced jail time even for a second

3 upvotesMax_Mountain1 year ago

She will only serve 6 months to 1 year. The guys would have had to serve a far harsher punishment than 6 months to 1 year. Hopefully this at least impacts her sex life

5 upvotessaucierlol1 year ago

Pretty sure if one of her future patner finds this shit out she will keep denying it and say she was actually raped for real and that the police coerced her into admitting to lying even though iy wasnt a lie two football players had a super good attorney who also managed to fuck her mind up and she was so lost and blabla bla and blablabla

1 upvotesMax_Mountain1 year ago

Damn it. Yeah theres a good chance of that

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Retard white knight would believe it so no worries here ✌🏻

25 upvotesbaldginger691 year ago

How would being raped impress a boyfriend?

20 upvotesjohnpayne101 year ago

She tried to portray herself as a victim, a damsel in distress instead of a party slut. Guess what is more appealing to men...

8 upvotesaskmrcia1 year ago

Yea she is obviously not telling the entire truth. I'm guessing she wanted to hook up with those two guys, but instead of having the guts to admit it, she instead lied that she was raped hoping the potential boyfriend would believe that

3 upvotescrabpipe1 year ago

white knight effect

15 upvoteskejflk34jlkd1 year ago

lol, and she's fucking ugly too

30 upvotesMrJ4291 year ago

I would believe the two guys could sue her for libel? She pretty much destroyed their lives. Am I wrong here? Any lawyers in the house?

39 upvotesMentORPHEUS [OP]1 year ago

IANAL but I've heard that libel is difficult to prove actual loss to assess monetary damages.

Their lost scholarships and school tuition are very tangible thus easy to establish a valuation to the court. This puts her well into 5 figures already. Lost income potential might be another avenue from there.

26 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

This type of shit should be 7 figure at the very least

25 upvotesAdam13941 year ago

Half her income for 45y would do. Fuck those lyin' bitches.

-7 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Sell her into sex slavery. I'm dead serious. Put her on a plane to some southeast Asian shithole. Find someone who deals in this sort of thing. Sell her. Give the money to the victims. This would be justice.

She'll spend the rest of her life "working" off her debt. You'd probably have to put her on a diet for a few months before the sale though. Want to get the best possible price.

2 upvotesAdam13941 year ago

I might sounds rough, but imagine being guy in prison with "rapist" tag, for 3-4-xxx years.

I must be hell.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Yeah school situations are very easy to tally up as far as damages are concerned. Start from there and then calculate potential income loss from no job placement, etc etc

2 upvotesi_like_herr1 year ago

You are right, am lawyer. Other factors to include is that there is no reason in suing for libel, she probably has no money.

30 upvotesZanford1 year ago

Still pussy pass. Way less than the guys would've gotten, in fact arguably their career trajectories have already been fucked up / delayed by 3+ years. Plus she will face less social stigma than they would (and already did) and she wouldn't get put on a special crimes list/registry for the rest of her life.

37 upvotes615bachelor1 year ago

I am black and this is why I rarely mess with white women . White western women aren’t worth the risk. I mainly get with black and Hispanic women. We live in a country where a white woman can say she was raped and you are guilty no matter what. No pussy is worth going to jail over. I even read a story where a could’ve been first round pick in he nfl was falsely accused of raped and lost out on millions. Red pill black men should avoid white women . The American white woman is the most spoiled and entitled woman on this planet. Plenty of other races to mess with. This comment might make a few people butthurt but the red pill is hard to swallow.

11 upvotesaskmrcia1 year ago

I'm black and I respect where you are coming from, but completely disagree.

My cousin played college football who is also black. Freshman year he got kicked off campus and lost his scholarship because some whore falsely accused him.

Court found out she was lying as her story kept changing and her panties had multiple semen samples in them (meaning she banged other dudes on the night of).

She lied so bad and it was so obvious that none of our family members were worried he was going to be found guilty.

The kicker? She was black.

It doesn't matter what race these women are, they are all the same to a degree. Yes white women can get away with more shit, no doubt. But don't think for a second you're safe sticking with a black, Asian, Eskimo, alien or whatever chick.

I seen a case like this first hand and my cousin is still fucked from that because of the reputation.

Yes white women set black guys up (also seen this happened to my college teammate), but they are all the same.

8 upvotes615bachelor1 year ago

I never said that you will be safe for fucking other women but the chances are way better of not being accused of rape. We all know that the police will side with the white women every time .

You said that none of your family members were worried about him being guilty but if the woman was white then you would be shitting your pants. White woman are the most spoiled woman on this earth. Why do you thing the mgtow, men right, and red pill movements were started ? It’s because the white men were getting tired of the way the western white woman was acting. You can keep fucking white women but I’m good. I live in a mostly Hispanic area and the women here are way more feminine than most white woman that I met.

1 upvotesCanedude081 year ago

Also remember, black women are also more likely to trap a guy they think has a "future" compared to their white counterpart. Just work from the following assumption ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT. It doesn't matter what race they are, as long as they've been raised in this dysfunctional society, they are batshit crazy ,and have no problem with ruining your life, if it suits their selfish needs.

5 upvotesmagx011 year ago

She was black.

Not after the guys were done with her ;)

46 upvotesCainPrice1 year ago

The fact that this woman was found guilty and sentenced doesn't undo the suffering of her victims, but maybe it marks the beginning of a precedent.

Nobody gives a shit about the two football players. They have penises and play college football, so they're probably rapists anyway.

But raise the issue that women like this, who can demonstratively be proven to have falsely claimed rape, harm other women, and maybe a case will get a little attention.

22 upvotesBewareTheOldMan1 year ago

The damage this false accusation has done to these young men's reputation is immeasurable. They’ll both recover to some extent, but will likely never achieve the level of professional success and achievements they would have had they never met this woman.

Another main issue is that ACTUAL VICTIMS of rape and physical abuse will have problems of credibility and be held in doubt based on this woman’s selfish behavior.

So much for women helping and looking out for other women’s interests…

1 upvotessaucierlol1 year ago

It wont because these people are hypocrits, they dont give a shit about other women being raped, they just use "the toxic masculinity" and "the rape culture" as scapegoats to forego with their agenda, which is a matriarchy men kneel down to women's grandeur.

1 upvotesifhking1 year ago

Oh that's why in Islam two women are required for testimony. Now I got it

4 upvotesPestilence19111 year ago

Islamophibia is when you agree with 95% of it, but refuse to bend the knee.

11 upvotesperdipp1 year ago

rolling her eyes as one of the now former players poured out his heart in court. “I just hope you spend the time reflecting on what you did,”

Could it be a psychopath or sth, the kind that has no emotions? That's very fucked up tho, still shows no remorse and looks like she'd do it again after she comes out

39 upvotesTheTrenTrannyTrain1 year ago

Just watch, some mangina politician will petition to change the law so women won't be held accountable for filing false rape report, all because "it will make true victims not wanting to come forward."

Just look at Canada and its cuck PM after the Ghomeshi case.

24 upvotesMentORPHEUS [OP]1 year ago

The best defense to this is to rally against such things when they arise in your own local community.

In my area, there was a judge who gave an absurdly light sentence to an actual (rapist or child molestor can't remember) who was rich and well connected; the community outcry culminated in the judge losing his seat.

7 upvotesTheStoicCrane1 year ago

That's not surprising. The materially rich run the system. With it the laws don't apply to them. It only applies to the proles, the working class slave horses of the country whether white or blue collar. To keep "those animals" controlled.

2 upvotesTheTrenTrannyTrain1 year ago

On the opposite end, we had a judge asked an alleged rape victim if she tried to close her legs during the rape. The judge ended up suspended because he offended the sensibility of some snowflakes.

9 upvotesThe_Chiselnator1 year ago

Piece of advice you young 'uns: If ypu are ever accused of rape say nothing without an attorney present. And even then DO NOT under any circumstances say that you had consensual sex.

For her to prove her bullshit false rape allegation she must prove you were together, had sex including penetration and without consent.

If you say "muh consensual" then you excuse her from having to prove the first 2. And the third is he said she said.

You are innocent until ptoven guilty. Silence is your friend. Use it

16 upvotesAcslaterisdead1 year ago

This bitch should have a more severe punishment especially since she threw these guys lives in turmoil.

6 upvotesDaphneDK421 year ago

The next day, she claimed she was raped, allegedly to impress a prospective boyfriend.

How the hell could she imagine that being the victim of a gang-rape would be impressive to any prospective boyfriend? Being a rape victim is a major red flag.

7 upvotesJacobyAhrar1 year ago

More like she did not want her boyfriend to know that she got tag teamed @ a bathroom.

1 upvotesSpecialistParticular1 year ago

Why would he know at all unless she told him?

3 upvotesJacobyAhrar1 year ago

Rumors, friends telling friends, players bragging about baning others people girlsfriends etc. many ways it can get out

2 upvotesmagx011 year ago

Impress is the wrong word. What they should have said was "garner more investment/trigger protection instincts."

26 upvotesKeffirLime1 year ago

Feminism goals once again become their downfall. #metoo damaging woman more than anything.

What they thought they were doing: Bringing focus onto rape victims, get them to be automatically believed without due process

What they actually did: Turned the term “rape” into a circus, where every Jane or Nikki Yovino that ever got looked at a bit too long claimed sexual assault #metoo

The nett result: It’s become HARDER for ACTUAL rape victims to get their stories believed, drowned out by all the false accusations.

Outstanding job feminism, outstanding

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

The nett result: It’s become HARDER for ACTUAL rape victims to get their stories believed, drowned out by all the false accusations.

STOP saying this. This is giving in to the left's worldview in which every issues revolves around women. I don't give two shits if this makes it harder for real rape victims. I care about myself and the possibility that I will be accused of a crime that I did not commit. The victim is the man who is falsely accused, not some hypothetical future female rape victim who is not believed.

And she will be believed if she enough of that... what's it called.... oh yea - evidence. If this makes it harder for women to be believed just on their word alone, I say good. I fail to see how a judge can even let a case go to trial when the only evidence is a he said/she said.

7 upvotesKeffirLime1 year ago

STOP saying this. This is giving in to the left's worldview in which every issues revolves around women

It's a nuetral statement, one that points out the innefectiveness of the feminism movement in a discussion on feminism (like this thread)

I don't give two shits if this makes it harder for real rape victims

The justice system has done a pretty good job of getting us to the most peaceful period in history(despite what you see on the media). If you want it to operate effectively you should give a shit about real rape victims, the same way you would give a shit about real murder victims. I don't think any of us give a shit about the false accusers.

I care about myself and the possibility that I will be accused of a crime that I did not commit.

The quicker statements like mine point out how innefective the movement is, the quicker it will die, the quicker it dies so does the possibility of you getting accused of a crime you did't commit.

If this makes it harder for women to be believed just on their word alone, I say good.

The whole point of my statement. They've put more burden on rape victims to supply actual evidence. This is a good thing.

6 upvotesThrowFader1 year ago

deleted What is this?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Thanks. This sub is getting seriously watered down of late. I guess that every generation of red pillers probably bitches about the next one watering the place down and making it pussified though.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Ah, the good ol’ regret-rape claim.

Shoulda got the same sentence as an actual rape convict.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

It wasn't even regret it was "trying to impress" whatever the fuck that means. Damaged goods are not impressive.

8 upvotesquansau11 year ago

So rape charges = what, like 25 year sentence? This girl gets just 3 years for nearly destroying two people's lives and rolls her eyes in court. Such bs, she should be getting a harsher sentence for sure.

1 upvotesi_like_herr1 year ago

1 year sentence, 3 years probation. She probably will get out in 6 months.

5 upvotesV-Vanguard1 year ago

She should pay back their scholarship and the prospective boyfriend should also be sentence IF he did nothing to help them.

Also, i find it very light like sentence, maybe 10 years will help her more than 6 months.

5 upvotesRobster251 year ago


Watching her in this video makes me angry af... It's an insult to all people who are actually raped and she wilfully destroyed the lives of two innocent men. I don't live in the US (luckily), but I hope she gets ostracized from society like the two alleged rapists did.

4 upvotesknightedbylight1 year ago

id rather know if the dudes scholarships could be reinstated.anyone know if their lives are permanently fucked, will they have any recourse after this?

2 upvotesaskmrcia1 year ago

They are pretty much fucked and yea the scholarships can technically be given back but that's not happening unless they are some generational talent.

Source: literally this story could have been written on my cousin. I thought it was at first to be honest.

My cousin lost his scholarship and got kicked off campus for being falsely accused.

Coach had a no tolerance policy, so he wasn't going to let him back on the team even if he was not guilty.

Jobs? Well he can go to college but he's going to have to pay out of pocket. So my cousin just said fuck it.

Background checks? That shit shows up. As in it shows that he was actually arrested and had to go to court.

This happened like six years ago so now he's just a barber and drives trucks.

4 upvotesPearlbuck1 year ago

"Wow, you were at a party and you went into a bathroom with two football players and they raped you? Wow, I'm impressed!"

10 upvotesDunc0ne1 year ago

"Superior Court Judge William Holden"

Anyone watch 'The Expanse'?

3 upvotesdysfunctional_vet1 year ago

Once word gets around that she made a false claim in the clink, she'll get hers.

Female inmates don't take kindly to things like that. Sort of how kiddy diddlers don't last long in male prisons.

She won't get shanked or beat, but I'm willing to bet she is going to become intimate with a broomstick at least once.


And this, men, is why we have to cover our asses. Record her consent. Have her open the condom wrapper and save it, with her prints on it. It's not bulletproof, but it's something.

3 upvotesswipedstripes1 year ago

She'll get some snarky remarks and will be fine. Women don't give a fuck about some man that got fucked by lies. Most of em did the same at some point in their lives.

3 upvotesSpecialSpnk1 year ago

Those 2 boys giving up their futures for a 5....fucking shame

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago


I was expecting a looker when I clicked the link, what I saw is disgusting and I'm surprised she looked at herself in the mirror and thought anyone would want to 'rape' that

Imagine if the false-accuser was actually attractive, I guarantee you these two football players would be in prison right now. Absolutely deplorable

2 upvotesganglionate1 year ago

In no way was this long enough!

2 upvotesdirtymint1 year ago

who claimed she was raped by two Sacred Heart University football players, then admitted months later to police that she lied to impress a prospective boyfriend

What part of that is impressive?

3 upvotesMentORPHEUS [OP]1 year ago

she lied to impress a prospective boyfriend

What part of that is impressive?

That's the word the newspaper used. By "impress," I believe they meant "manage her reputation in the eyes of."

2 upvotesjustgotalpha1 year ago

at least the system did something about it!! however its not hooking up at a party that is risky,i noticed women are more likely to claim false acusations if the sexual encounter involves more than one person(3somes,gangbangs etc) their reputation will be ruined if rumors spread(atleast they think!)we seen cases of guys who have got killed by the slut's boyfriend over rumors or before they spread because the bitch dint want the boyfriend to know or rumors to spread . so go bang these drunk bar sluts at your own risk!!

2 upvotesBoeijen6661 year ago

This is fantastic news. In Australia women are protected from perjury (lying about rape or domestic violence) - these insidious laws have put hundreds of innocent men behind bars and destroyed their lives and spiralled the male suicide numbers out of control.

1 upvotesOliverott1 year ago

In Australia women are protected from perjury

What the motherfuck?

Basically it is the same in all the Feminist West de-facto, but there are actually laws down there that prevent a holy woman to be accused of perjury about a rape? Are they more holy than even children?

2 upvotesQuo2101 year ago

Ah yes, this was posted on another men's right subrredit days ago. There's more content on women being held acc for their actions. Shiniest case was the lead of the movement #MeToo, Asia Argento being revealed as just another average liar that had sex with an underage Chad and all of it was on video and pictures. She tried to buy his silence with 350k+$ and her arguments in court were "I didn't have sex" to "Well maybe a little, but he forced himself when I allowed him on top ofme, he raped me" to "There wasn't any sex" again. I stopped following the trainwreck as _I've been busy

2 upvotespunchyson1 year ago

"Many true victims of sexual assault are often disbelieved, but that is because of cases like this and the impact they have on public perceptions. Miss Yovino’s actions are a disservice to those true victims, in addition to the two young men whose lives were greatly affected, and that was not something that could have been ignored.”

This really bugs me. She throws the two young men a bone, but only after stating the primary reason as discrediting other women who accuse men of rape.

I believe rape is real of course. However, I wonder how many men have been or are currently in prison because a slut was being a slut, then threw dudes under the bus to save face.

I can't help but notice that we never hear the mens side of the story. My assumption is that nobody cares. "She wanted to get fucked by two guys in a bathroom at a party - Guy 1 & 2". Court, well that couldn't possibly be true so get fucked by bubba for the next 10.

2 upvotesRedPilledRoaster1 year ago

You shouldn’t give a fuck.

Most of you are stuck in the anger phase. Things have been this way for a while now. Accept and move on.

This isn’t me saying “You should let yourself be stepped on.”

This is me saying “You can’t do anything about it so quit giving a fuck about it.”

Law 36: disdain things you can’t have. You can’t have women being tried for their guilt fairly. Too fucking bad.

Can’t change it? Don’t bitch about it. Can change it? Don’t bitch about it.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Other articles said she got 1 year.

2 upvotesOliverott1 year ago

She will do less than 6 months, guaranteed.

And she probably will write a book in jail, like Hitler.

1 upvotesMentORPHEUS [OP]1 year ago

It's a complicated, run-on sentence. 3 years suspended to one; 3 months time served and expected to serve at least 3 more months before eligible for parole.

2 upvotesyomo861 year ago

The tide is turning; women are being held accountable for false claims more and more

I think the opposite is true. The parasite, feminized society to be specific, just expresses its concern for the host.

She threw two literal Chads under the bus, the highest male things on the SMV, just to get a slap on the wrist.

4 upvoteshulk_hogans_alt1 year ago

Now think about how many women do this and never get caught. She basically admitted it. We’re constantly being bombarded with “statistics” about how infrequently false reports supposedly happen, but how do you even track that?

I’m glad some justice was served in this case but if there’s a lesson to learn here, it’s PROTECT YOURSELF. Record what you can if/when it’s legal. Sign consent.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Judges are probably beginning to read material from the manosphere online, helping them realize they’re literally women’s puppets.

2 upvotesVillagersUnite1 year ago

It's a step in the right direction but it's still not enough. Imagine if she never told came out and admitted to her lie. They would be suffering. She should be suffering that fate they would've suffered.

13 upvotesi_bent_my_wookiee1 year ago

Not only that. Women in the US and Canada are now reporting that they cannot socialize with their male counterparts the way they used to. Men in corporate settings are taking a page from Mike Pence and refusing to be alone with women. And women are reporting that they are not being mentored when previously, they were. Source, Another Source The house of cards you have crafted is now being blown over.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I love how it's only a problem though if it affects women right? So false rape... not a problem UNLESS we frame it as making it harder for real rape victims to be believed. Men scared to socialize with women at work... not a problem UNLESS we frame it as damaging to women's careers. How can anyone deny that we live in a gynocracy? The entire national discourse revolves around the needs, desires, and worldview of women.

7 upvotesNealAMerr1 year ago

Seriously!! Felt this at my last job. I was working in a predominantly female smaller business. The women automatically disregarded men and socially shunned any man who showed any ideology that shifted from their paradigm, while on the other hand chastising the white knights for virtue signaling hahaha I don’t think they realize the hypocrisy

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

My dream is to work at an all male company free from the tyranny of women, but no such thing exists because it would be sued out of existence. Wouldn't it be great if we had some sort of document that protected our right to freely associate with the people we wish to and to pursue happiness in our own way? Oh wait....

4 upvotesNealAMerr1 year ago

Yeah equality of outcome has really ruined that dream for me too! Ugh, it’s a god damn plague

1 upvotesHjalmbere1 year ago

OP claims the tide is turning. If it is, it’s turning very slowly. This dude got arrested for squeezing someone’s butt one year after the alleged incident.....


1 upvoteskbox1 year ago

In the UK if you’re accused of a sexual crime but never found guilty (either found not guilty, had the charges dropped by the accuser or the investigation not pursued by police) that allegation can still find its way in to a Criminality check and your potential employer will be told, in no uncertain terms, that you were accused of and investigated for a sexual crime even though you may never have even been charged for it, let alone found guilty. How fucked is that?

2 upvotesaskmrcia1 year ago

It's the same here, though it may depend on certain states

1 upvotesPestilence19111 year ago

Same in Canada. Cant work gov or .mil, and post secondary might be a bit tricky..

1 upvotespingpongsam1 year ago

Notice the state attorney rationalized the decision by couching it in preserving true woman victim belief rather than punishing the ruining of lives and reputations of innocent men.

1 upvotesjawiwi1 year ago

Why was I not surprised when I read that the mother's cell phone rang while at court? Small detail that speaks millions as to why the daughter ended up where she did.

I do not live in the United States but, because of my job, I interact with people -both men and women- from the U.S. on a daily basis, and I always tell the men they need to do something to stop the attack agains the male figure in their country. It is blatant and it is everywhere, from television shows to what children are taught at school.

I'm glad this young woman was sentenced for ruining the lives of two people, because even if she was found guilty of lying, they are always going to be the two guys who were involved in a rape case, and that's a very sad thing.

1 upvotesNickleback4life1 year ago

She is definite to make the Whore Hall of Fame on her first ballot.

What a disgusting person.

1 upvotesZanford1 year ago

Whenever someone says "...but this might scare the real victims out of coming forward"

...they are accidentally admitting that they think the justice system has a lot of false accusations and/or convictions (and why you can't just believe the accuser automatically).

A failed accusation does NOT necessarily mean that the accuser gets punished. She would have to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of deliberately making a false police report, or similar malfeasance.

So anyone worried about this is admitting they don't trust the justice system not to falsely convict someone (or ruin their life visa the investigation or trial)....which is precisely the same concern others have about FRAs.

IOW the 'believe every victim' crowd has a self contradictory position that reveals selective outrage and hypocrisy. 'Believe every victim' would also mean believe every guy who accuses the girl of a FRA (or of raping him and then spinning the story around).

1 upvotessciroccomindrape00871 year ago

He should focus on mind rape.

1 upvoteseccentricrealist1 year ago

She lied to impress her bf? It's high time women understand that what's attractive for them is not for us (high ncount) and that if there had been some sort of abuse, the guy would be wary because of possible trauma.

1 upvotesMattyAnon1 year ago

“This was not an easy charging decision for the state,”

Yeah, the state hates going against the female-first narrative. Glad it did though, at least in this one instance.

The tide is turning; women are being held accountable for false claims more and more

Still not as often as it happens, and only when there is overwhelming proof that she lied.

The usual result is still to believe victims.... and by "victims" I mean of course "female victims of male violence", not "male victims of female lies".

1 upvotesdatingtransformation1 year ago


True, hookups CAN be risky. I'm glad that these two young men were vindicated, and that they can get their lives back.

But, as the attorney says in the article, "Many true victims of sexual assault are often disbelieved." This woman's actions are awful for everyone: for these two innocent men, and for women who have legitimate claims of sexual assault.

Let's remember that, according to the New York Times, only between 2 and 9 percent of women's sexual-assault claims are false. So more than 90-percent of the time, women are telling the truth. This Connecticut case is terrible, but it is an outlier.

As a dating coach for men, part of what I teach is how to protect yourself. And yes, one way to do that is to avoid the risky behavior like the party hook-up with someone you don't know at all.

It's interesting: In recent years, I've shifted my teaching away from the "Must get laid" approach that a lot of "pickup" guys preach to a more connection-based approach, where you're crystal clear that you and she are on the same page. And guess what...

Consent is sexy. And dating with integrity helps you get MORE results, while being a better man. It's win-win.

It's moral and it shows integrity and respect. But it's also sexy as hell. Even more so now, in our MeToo Era.

Treating women with total respect and integrity sends them a powerful message -- that you're a man of value. And that's what women want.

There's a line I want my guys to use when they're about to sleep with a girl for the first time, and the booze has been flowing: "Hey, we've both had a lot to drink. Are you sure this is OK?"

And if it's not OK, it's time to stop.

And if it is OK, all the better. I want a guy to know he has a total green light from the girl.

Not only does this protect you from an accusation, but it also tells her that you care about her as more than just a conquest. It shows you're a true gentleman.

He may or may not have sex that night, but being a guy who empathizes with how a woman feels can make her even MORE attracted. It also just feels better to be that guy.

A client recently told me that he checked in with a girl before their first time, to make sure the was OK with it... and that she said, "That is SO HOT that you asked," and she jumped him... and they're now BF/GF.

So it's win-win, for her and you.

Date with total integrity. Show women you don't just WANT them, but that you LIKE them.

Consent is sexy.

Here's a quick video I did about dating in the MeToo age, which is confusing and a bit scary. It's about how to create attraction with women without being that handsy, grabby guy who can get into trouble. Check it out. Hope you dig it.


1 upvotesalvaro101011 year ago

Tide isn't turning. Accusation still fucks up your life. In a nutshell, don't fuck if you have something to lose.

1 upvotesAllahHatesFags1 year ago

Her sentence was too light, she should have gotten the hard time that her victims would have gotten if they had actually raped her. I hope they sue not only the school but Yovino to the point where she has to spend the rest of her life in crushing poverty for damages resulting from loss of potential income and the cost of school. Maybe she will find a beta simp to pay for her massive legal bills.

1 upvotesThe_rarest_CJ1 year ago

What a disgusting human being she is. I hope this young man can get his life back on-track and succeed.

1 upvotesalex_b981 year ago

At least a step in the right direction. That rag should be punished for that false accusation with the same thing the people accused of rape would have been.

1 upvotesisteppedinsjw1 year ago

This is a good thing and we are seeing justice where typically there is none, but I wonder if this is a fluke occurrence of justice or the beginning of a trend? How many similar cases are currently in the pipeline? Hopefully we see more judgements like this in the coming years.

1 upvotesgeo_gan1 year ago

It was a case of, they had no choice but to charge her since she admitted the crime, and even so, they still have the balls to say “it was a very hard decision” ie we looked at every possible way to let her get away with it but couldn’t find one. The opposite of this is when a man says “I’m not guilty” and they say it was an easy guilty charge.

0 upvotesBc_Land1 year ago

Wouldn't it be ironic if she would actually be raped while in jail. Who would believe her?

0 upvotessciroccomindrape00871 year ago

This woman chats shit. I how much it will cost for me take a dump in her mouth and film her talking about her rape with the shit in her mouth. it would be like art mimicking reality Lol

0 upvotesryanisbetter1 year ago

Ok, we have to make this case go as viral as Brock Turner did.

-15 upvotesJustinDell9901 year ago

Good that the bitch is being punished. Also good that 2 jock Chads who have had everything handed to them in life got knocked down a few pegs and are now mired in the shit like the rest of the average male population.

3 upvotesMentORPHEUS [OP]1 year ago

Also good that 2 jock Chads who have had everything handed to them in life got knocked down a few pegs

I don't share this crab bucket mentality.

-1 upvotesJustinDell9901 year ago

They were never in the bucket in the first place.

1 upvoteskurdishpower011 year ago

Those 2 jock chads will still live a more fulfilling life than a incel like you

1 upvotesJustinDell9901 year ago

True but at least they got knocked down a peg.

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