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Methods of Indirect Warfare

by newls | April 08, 2018 | MGTOW


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In the course of your GYOW awakening you may realise there are groups out there who wish to do you harm because of your views, or merely the fact that you are male.

You may not want to bring down a vast political force, but you may want to do damage to some person or smaller group. If that is the path you choose, read on.

If you merely want to focus on yourself, GYOW, and live in quiet and peace, then the method of indirect warfare forever remains a valuable tool that you can pull out and use at any time.

It is infinitely applicable in the social realm where the passive-aggressive reigns over the overtly-aggressive. You will also better understand when such tactics are being used against yourself.

A frontal attack on the group you want to damage, will only strengthen its resolve and give it moral fodder with which to bring others to its cause.

Humans are wilful and perverse creatures. That's just how we are. When someone tries to persuade us directly of the merits of their point of view, we may outwardly show politeness and ostensibly entertain them, but inwardly we tighten and raise a wall of skepticism.

You must train yourself to act more indirectly in such cases. The indirect way is more effective because it is a form of directing the stream of a river, instead of forming a flat dam in its path.

There is no benefit to be gained from outright bluntness and frontal attack, except a foe who now knows the hand you deal, who will now strengthen his forces to face you the next time you try such a silly manoeuvre.


Wilhelm Canaris was promoted to become chief of the German secret police by Adolf Hitler, after the dictator's rise to power in the early 1930s.

Hitler gave this unassuming man this lofty position of trust, precisely due to his quiet characteristics. And he would owe his position to Hitler alone. The promotion would put him in a position of direct loyalty to the Führer.

Before the breakout of WWII, Canaris impressed Hitler with his excellent work restructuring the German secret police into the Abwehr, a far-reaching and efficient network of spies designed to deliver high-quality intelligence to German HQ quickly and efficiently. Canaris silenced his initial critics with his clear devotion to the Reich.

Now having gained Hitler's trust, at the breakout of WWII, he provided superb intelligence in the Blitzkreig invasion of France. Hitler's force were able to take France and the Low Countries with razor-like efficiency thanks to Canaris' intelligence reports.

In 1940, Britain was becoming more of a direct threat to Hitler's plans. He proposed Operation Sea Lion, the invasion of the British Isles via the south and east coast, to knock out this threat and cement Germany's position in the war. He tasked Canaris to produce a report on the plan's feasibility.

To his dismay, Canaris' report was pessimistic. They had severely underestimated the strength of the British forces, and it would take many more soldiers and valuable resources than he had planned to undertake Sea Lion. The plan was dropped, as Hitler could not spare precious resources from possible incursions elsewhere in Europe.

Later in the war, a general proposed taking the British port territory of Gibraltar, thereby cutting off the Allies' access to and from the Mediterranean. This would involve putting German boots in Spanish territory and attack from the mainland.

Canaris was sent to liaise with the Spanish dictator Franco to see if such a plan were possible.

Yet again, his report was pessimistic. Franco completely rejected the idea of foreign troops in his country, and would make things logistically difficult.

Suspicion arose in the German High Command of Canaris' motives. Trusting Canaris' judgement, Hitler himself decided to talk to Franco to see the situation for himself.

The meeting indirectly confirmed everything Canaris' report had said. Franco made all sorts of silly demands, and was insufferably arrogant. The plan was more trouble than it was worth, and so Hitler forgot about it.

As the war progressed into its final stages, the SS took over the operations of the Abwehr, and Canaris' rivals helped to have him eventually removed from his role.

It was soon discovered through documents left behind, and interrogations of staff who had worked directly with Canaris, that he had deliberately been providing false intelligence reports throughout the course of the war.

He had grossly inflated the strength of the British forces, and Operation Sea Lion would have likely been an easy victory.

In his initial meeting with Franco for the proposed Gibraltar plan, he had deliberately made it very clear that German soldiers would be kept in Spain, and had made arrogant demands himself. No wonder Franco had acted so brash in return.

In these two key moments, Canaris had used his trust with the Führer to damage the German war effort.

By the time Wilhelm Canaris was promptly tried and executed, the tide of the war had already turned, and it was clear that Germany was the course of defeat. The Americans had joined the war, and the unstoppable Russian forces were already making incursions into German territory. It was too late.


Wilhelm Canaris was an unsuspecting man with an unremarkable military career. Born into the aristocracy in a traditional military family, he was naturally patriotic and wanted the best for Germany.

As Hitler and the Nazi party grew more aggressive, and it looked like a second world war was imminent, he resolved to stop what he saw as a potentially final threat to the country he had served and loved.

Surely a second failed conflict, sparked by an aggressive Germany, would be the end.

Had Canaris rallied against Hitler publicly, he would likely have been either ignored or imprisoned. He chose the path of indirectness, gaining trust with the German leader personally with his work restructuring the Abwehr and in the Blitzkreig invasion.

Then, he would use that trust to feed false intelligence information and slowly turn the tide of the war. He knew the British and American forces would be key to bringing down the German forces, and helped their cause indirectly.

Outwardly, he was a loyal servant of the Reich. Inwardly, he worked tirelessly and patiently to bring down an aggressive government that had set his beloved nation on a dangerous path that could threaten its very existence.

He kept his real views to himself, and never wavered in his path.

Never overtly talk about your Red Pilled or MGTOW views to those whose intentions are unknown to you.

Better to gain people's trust with outward displays of agreement, and then work behind their backs in secret.


Canaris' downfall came as a result of the jealousy he had created in the other high-ranking German officers, and in the carelessness in leaving incriminating documents at his offices.

Be wary, then, of those around you who might damage your plans in a similarly indirect fashion.

Nullify their jealousy and plotting by acting unassuming yourself. Do not make the trust you have gained too overt and obvious. Even act a little dumb on occasion. A seemingly harmless foe has no need to be fought, and you will be left alone.

Do not be too consistent in how you carry out your indirect attacks, lest they be identified, giving your enemies the proof they need.

Sprinkle sporadic truths in with the lies. It is more unsettling for your enemy to give him dilemmas, not problems that he will inevitably solve.

Rather than turning all the signs in the opposite direction in a consistent manner, how more effective and unsettling it is to only turn half.

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[–]grateful-americanblk6 points7 points  (1 child) | Copy

This. Reads like the most useful book I've ever read, the 48 laws of power. Maybe even from the master himself.

So we never, ever reveal being mgtow or even being red pilled. In exchange for that discipline we can, when opportunities present themselves, indirectly bring down the male slavery system.

Hard lesson. I'm so enraged at the whole system I want to rip the damn thing apart with a frontal attack. That's pure foolishness, the system is more powerful than any of us individually.

[–]newls[S] 4 points5 points  (0 children) | Copy

An important lesson is how to recognise when we ourselves are the victims of an indirect attack.

Even if you don't want to bring down an entire country, or some feminazi media outlet, you now have an invaluable tool that you can pull out and use at any time.

It is infinitely applicable and vastly effective.

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy

Quality post brother, this is the kind of content I wanna see here, memes and thot/feminazi bashing are fun and all but they add little to no value to this sub.

I've read about lots of German officials during the Nazi regime and never thought someone like Canaris would fit here, but you made me see him this way and it's quite interesting. I guess it's possible to interpret many historical figures to fit with the mgtow lifestyle, in order to seek self improvement.

I'm taking some of my free time to delve into the old testament of the Bible. Last time I read it was a decade ago and I wasn't a mghow, now however I am, so it should be quite interesting.

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy

Thanks for sharing, brother.

Yes, the (only) viable path ahead is to hide among the blue pills, as in all other options one gotta constantly face criticism and arguments which would wear one down and doubt his own (logically crafted) decisions.

[–]newls[S] 3 points4 points  (0 children) | Copy

The ones who use purely overt aggression outnumber us 10 to 1.

That is not bad. That provides us with a rich opportunity to exploit people's need for trust.

Hide your iron fist inside a velvet glove.

You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea.

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