On Value and the Value of Women

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April 22, 2016

A planet forms from floating debris in space, on on it, things exist. Some become autonomous. Some not.

On this planet exist a stone and a man.

What gives a stone value? It has no inherent value. Indeed, the term value is, in a universe sans consciousness, meaningless.

However a man may find use in the stone with which to build a shelter. This man has found value in this stone. The stone, itself being non-sentient, has no way to determine value, and therefore does not hold within itself a concept of self-value.

The man, however, through the experience of being sees value in himself, as without his being, he can no longer experience. This would be the most intrinsic value to any living being. The value of self.

Fast forward hundreds of years. Two men find a stone.

The first man sees the stone and the possibility to utilize it to build himself a home. To him, the rock has great value.

The second man already has a home, and sees no possible utility for the stone.

Has the second man somehow changed the value of the stone for the first? Has either made any indication of this stone's objective inherent value? Alas, there is no framework in which all members of a system agree entirely on the value of a stone, only that the stone itself has the ability to hold value for at least some of the members. Again, the stone holds no value to itself, as the stone is non-sentient.

The man who finds a stone needs help building his house. For this purpose, he needs an able bodied man who is strong enough to lift the stone. This man will have value in this purpose. To the builder, a young, weak man who is not able-bodied will have no value for this project. Likely, in the case of survival, the cripple will provide little value in almost any endeavor.

Does this mean the crippled man has no value to himself? If he discontinues existing, he will no longer be able to experience. The experience itself holds intrinsic value, as without experience, there is no value.

What one person sees in another will never, and can never be an objective declaration of value. There is no system or framework in which all members can or need to agree on value of any person or object. A starving man values a single grape, when the glutton may not value ones that do not immediately please his eyes.

A few questions to ask yourself.

  1. What makes you think that you're so special you should hold an intrinsic value to strangers, if you have not provided some level of value to them?

  2. If you're worried about not being valued, ask yourself what is it you bring to the table worthy of value?

Men are taught from a very early age that in order to be valued in society, they need to bring value to the table. Men focus and hone crafts, trade skills, personality for sales, strength for labor, and a myriad of other value-adding traits.

Do you suppose you should deserve an equal amount of value in the eyes of all if you do not provide something valuable? Or are you making the very simple mistake of believing that having a vagina has somehow equated you to these things?

The problem is that you're used to society saying that because of who you are, you somehow have an intrinsic value. I have just shown you that this is false, there is no intrinsic value beyond that which you have for yourself. Your vagina has given you inflated value to most, since most men are biologically programmed to trip over themselves trying to gain access to one.

We aren't denying that women can bring value to the table. We're just denying that merely having a vagina gets you that value. If you want to be valued by us, you'll have to do it the hard way- the same way we do.

You don't have to though, there are plenty of sex-deprived betas drooling at a chance to worship your vagina. To them you hold value. To us, you're just another person until you've shown us value.

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[–]IAMAwhitecismaleAMA0 points1 point  (2 children) | Copy

Indeed, the term value is, in a universe sans consciousness, meaningless.

Except that energy itself is value in a universe without consciousness. Systems develop to gather energy eventually which allow them to keep gathering energy. Other systems develop to steal energy away from the first systems. If energy didn't have value then systems wouldn't arise to gather it.

Therefore, value is a fundamental part of the universe.

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[–]IAMAwhitecismaleAMA0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

I didn't even read OP's post just yours.

Yes, I believe value is an objective truth whether intelligence exists or not.

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

Things have value, when we say they have value. We take a lot of things for granted on a daily basis. For one thing, water. Water is something that is becoming more and more scarce throughout the US. On the west coast, there is a looming shortage, in Flint, Michigan its contaminated. But isn't it something we find everywhere? We pull it from the ground, it falls from the sky, and we swim in it. But, now there are different grades and pHs you can buy bottled, you can't drink tap because it's "not clean", you need a filtration system just to drink some. And that's another thing, when something holds value to you, you will try to control it.

A lot of people can agree that something holds value, but it's only when you agree that something holds value, is when it actually begins to hold value.

We don't need a lot to survive, food, water, clothes, shelter, everything else is just made-up.

[–]domoremath0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

Redpillschool's post above is a response to an original post about a rock. That post about the rock has now been deleted in the sidebar thread. If someone has a copy of that original rock post, could they upload it thanks.

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