The Feminine Imperative, The Feminine Reality, and The Feminine Mystique

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April 23, 2016

The Feminine Reality

Everything a man experiences, every social conditioning he receives from the earliest age, every accepted social norm and every expectation of him to qualify as the definition of a mature adult Man in contemporary society is designed to serve the female imperative. Moralist wallow in it, absolutists and defeated white knights existentially depend upon it, and even the better part of relativists still (often unwittingly) feed and serve the feminine purpose. In fact, so all encompassing is this reality that we define our masculinity in the terms of how well we can accommodate that feminne influence.

Our media celebrates it, and brooks no dissent. There is very little dissent, since to peel back the veneer is to be at odds with a reality defined by the female purpose. You feel lonely because you can’t understand it’s influence, and the conditioning you’ve been subjected to defines the objective solution to curing that feeling. You base the decisions of your future, your education, your career, your religious beliefs, even where you’ll choose to live, to better accomodate the feminine influence either in the present or in preparation of accommodating it in the future.

You get married, out of fear for not being found acceptable of it, or from social shame for not yet having accepted your role in service to the imperative. Your children are offered in tribute to it, while in turn you unknowingly perpetuate it in them. You pay tribute in alimony, in divorce proceedings, in the expected sacrifices your career demands to maintain its influence in your own life and in society at large. You exist to facilitate a feminine reality.

We can excuse it with moralisms, we can attach notions of honor and stability to it, we can even convince ourselves that the feminine imperative is OUR own imperative, but regardless, men still serve it. Read More

The Feminine Mystique

Perhaps the single most useful tool women have possessed for centuries is their unknowablity. I made that word up, but it’s applicable; women of all generations for hundreds of years have cultivated this sense of being unknowable, random or in worse case fickle or ambiguous. This is the feminine mystique and it goes hand in hand with the feminine prerogative – a woman always reserves the right to change her mind – and the (mythical) feminine intuition – “a woman just knows.” While a Man can never be respected for anything less than being forthright and resolute – say what you mean, mean what you say – women are rewarded and reinforced by society for being elusive and, dare I say, seemingly irrational. In fact, if done with the right art, it’s exactly this elusiveness that makes her both desirable and intolerably frustrating. However, to pull this off she must be (or seem to be) unknowable, and encourage all of male society to believe so.

The feminine mystique appeals to the feminine psyche for the same reasons ‘chick crack’ works so well in PUA technique. It appeals to the same ‘secret power’ dynamic that makes meta-physical associations so attractive (religion, superstition, intuition, etc.) One need look no further than women’s innate love of gossip to understand; There’s power in secrets for women. It’s hardly a surprise that connections with witchcraft have been associated with the feminine for so long. In an historically male dominated culture it follows that the power of secrecy and mysticism would need to be cultivated into the feminine as a resource for influencing the men in control of it. Sometimes that may have ended with a woman burned at the stake, but more often it was a means to becoming the ‘power behind the throne’ by degrees, and depending upon the status of the man she could enchant.

Combine that mysticism with sexuality, and you’ve got the feminine mystique – the most useful tool the feminine imperative possesses in it’s quest for optimal hypergamy. Read More

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[–][deleted] 3 points4 points  (2 children) | Copy

This shows a total lack of understanding of social causes behind feminism and females themselves.

Feminism is a tenant of Cultural Marxism. Feminism originated in the Frankfurt School - an all male think tank dedicating to subverting Western society. The 1960's first wave feminist movement happened after the intellectual elite was already converted to feminism. The protests and marches weren't the cause of feminism, they were the celebration of its victory.

Women always have and always will do what is fashionable. Feminism has simply become fashionable. It's not a female lead coup to gain power. There are certainly female beneficiaries at the top now, but they were not the initial cause behind feminism - they are the result.

[–]thefisherman19610 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

I think you meant to say the 1960's second wave feminist movement.

To piggyback on this, a lot of the ideas that came out of second wave feminism were largely rooted in the destruction of the nuclear family. Karl Marx viewed destruction of the nuclear family as necessary for the establishment of a one-world socialist state. You cannot have pure loyalty to the state when individuals have loyalty to their families or economic independence. They must be economically reliant on the state in order to be loyal to the state: enter the systematic, intentional destruction of the middle class and family.

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