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The alpha male and the nice guy

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October 2, 2016


I am thinking about writing a book and this is my outline. I’d like some feedback and help. Thanks.


In the wild, an alpha male is a violent, selfish, narcissistic, evil, psychopath. Although the alpha male is a terrible thing and nobody should strive to be one, women have a subconscious attraction to the alpha male, one that oftentimes contradicts their rational mind, other emotions, and what is objectively good for them. The key to success with women is to subconsciously communicate to them that you are an alpha male while simultaneously being “nice” and making them feel good.

The term “alpha male” is one of the most misunderstood, misused, and cringy concepts in the internet. It is used by tons of armchair psychologists who have no idea what it means. The term “alpha male” has basically become “any man I think is good” or “any male traits I find positive.” This is understandable: gender and psychology are incredibly difficult and complicated concepts, and the manosphere isn’t getting much help from academia or science. In this article I try to explain what an alpha male is, why you shouldn’t try to become one, but why you should try to adopt some alpha traits.

My most important point here is that the alpha male is evil and represents the worst traits that a human being can have. You shouldn’t strive to become an alpha male, partly because it is impossible and even if it were possible, it wouldn’t be a good thing. Instead, you should strive to live a life based on rationality. Sometimes that will involve displaying alpha traits or putting yourself in the emotional mentality of an alpha male, but you shouldn’t try to be an alpha male full time. Furthermore, women’s attraction is completely irrational and actually a VERY BAD THING, which is why both women and society try to deny it. To woo women, you should emit alpha emotions while staying in the boundaries society has created.

What is an alpha male?

“Alpha male” is a scientific term referring to the dominant male in a group of animals. Apes are the most prominent example, but lots of animals have alphas. Apes don’t live in democracies–they live in hierarchies, where sometimes every ape has a ranking (i.e., #1, #2, #3) and lower-ranked apes must obey and defer to the higher-ranked ones. In scientific terminology the “beta male” refers to the #2 ranked ape, so he is still pretty badass. The ape at the bottom of the hierarchy is referred to as the “gamma male.” Despite the fact that the proper term for the bottom feeder is gamma, I will use “beta” here to refer to the bottom feeder to stick with accepted usage.

The alpha gets the top position because he is the best at fighting, and his reward is access to all the women and food. Because the alpha’s ability to fight and his lock on the resources, the other apes evolved to obey the alpha and to cower in fear because of him. Women evolved to be sexually attracted to the alpha because he has the best genes and the best chance of protecting them and their babies. Some scientists think that one of the reasons for depression is to stop the lower-ranked apes from challenging the alpha after he beats their ass, lest there be endless war. Similarly, one of the reasons for anxiety is to prevent lower-ranked apes from doing anything that might upset the alpha male lest they get kicked out of the tribe and left to die alone in the jungle. Scientists have even measured higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in lower ranked apes than the alpha. Scientists have observed other apes moving out of the way when the alpha walks and even bowing to him. It’s serious shit.

The alpha male, in the wild, is evil. Manosphere dudes use the word “alpha” to describe a generally confident, successful, powerful guy. That is not what an alpha is in the wild. An alpha in the wild is a selfish, self-absorbed, narcissistic, insane psychopath who is also a sexual predator. No human being should strive to be an alpha male. We may want to adopt or mimic some alpha traits, but generally, the “alpha” is a character we play to get women, not a true persona we adopt. Remember the alpha male in the wild is an animal who is completely irrational and has no respect for human decency or anything like that.

While the lower-ranked apes obey the alpha, the alpha obeys nobody. Nor does the alpha care about or even notice anybody else. He has not empathy, compassion, decency or manners. Sometimes the alpha has to defend his title from challengers, but if he does so successfully, he gets to do whatever the fuck he wants.

In human terms, the alpha male is a completely selfish, self-absorbed, narcissistic, evil, psychopath. He has no compassion, empathy, or humility. He is also a glutton, a womanizer, a bully, and an asshole. And it is THIS motherfucker that women evolved to be attracted to.

Alpha males among humans

Because of our capacity for rational thought, human beings are much more complicated than apes. We have also evolved culture, society, etc..., so our “nature” is somewhat obscured. Science cannot tell us for sure whether humans have alphamales because you can’t run scientific experiments on humans – you can never have a control group or control very variable. Feminists rely on this uncertainty to argue that male-female differences are all cultural and not inherent.

All that said, common sense and observation tell us that human beings probably have the same emotions regarding alpha males that apes do. For centuries, humans have organized themselves into tribes or groups with one male at the top with complete power. The concept of God could even be seen as worshipping an alpha male. And as we all know, women seem to have a thing for the alpha male.

In the human world, however, there are no true alpha males because there is no one man with complete control over everything. The president or a rich investment banker has a lot of power, but he isn’t an “alpha male” the way an ape is because the law constrains what they can do. A UFC fighter can beat other guy’s asses, but society doesn’t give him any power. A lot of guys carry around alpha traits, but there is nobody that is a full alpha male.

This is a big point of confusion for a lot of people, including red pillers. People want to soften the definition of “alpha male,” probably because they want to believe that an alpha male is an actual thing a human being can be. They want to call a good looking, tall, successful guy that stands up for himself the alpha. THAT GUY IS NOT AN ALPHA. He is a human being with a few mildly alpha traits. People also want to soften the concept of an alpha male because they don’t want to accept the true horror of what women are attracted to.

Should you be an alpha?


First of all, unless you’re a billionaire dictator with an army who can also physically kick anybody’s ass, you CAN’T be a real alpha male in the scientific sense. More importantly, being selfish, narcissistic, violent, etc… is a good way to end up in jail, dead, hated by society, etc… Humility, compassion and selflessness are some of the most important traits a man can have.

However, as you guys know, our society is emasculating and feminizing men, so many men’s emotional makeup is that of the beta male. For this reason, you should strive to adopt some alpha traits and emotions, but tempered with logic and reason. For example, let’s say one of your friends does something disrespectful to you. The “beta” response is to just take it and not fight back. The “alpha” response would be to kick his ass until he submits, even if it means killing him. The correct response is a somewhat alpha approach tempered with rationality, which might be to confront him calmly and rationally and tell him to not do it again or else you will end the friendship. At the end of the day, all of your actions should be guided by rationality – alphaness is just an emotional boost.

In real life sometimes its better to do the “beta” thing. If your boss disrespects you, it might be better to just shut your mouth for the time being. We are not living in the jungle and you are not actually an alpha male and you don’t need to defend your turf at every turn. Sometimes you need to be strategic.

Being an alpha male can be thought of as having a particular emotional state, or engaging in particular behaviors. Ideally, you will understand the emotional state of the alpha, but also be able to switch to other emotional states when necessary. But at the end of the day, as a man your actions and emotions should be governed by rationality. Trying to be a full time alpha male is stupid.

I do encourage all men, however, to occasionally adopt the alpha emotional state. If you are ever feeling timid, intimidated by society and the universe, weak, indecisive, bored, anxious or depressed, “be” an alpha male for a limited time to clear up those emotions. Imagine yourself in the jungle with infinite power, nobody and nothing to hold you down or stop you, or nothing to inhibit you from satisfying your every emotion, no matter how base or carnal. Think of yourself as the king of the world, an intimidating figure that strikes fear in the heart of everybody, not just rationally but emotionally. Think of yourself as invincible and able to do anything, even fly, alter time or read people’s minds. Think of yourself as a vicious killer, an egomaniacal narcissist, and a lone wolf. Anxiety and depression are traits that are wired into beta males, and you can clear those up to an extent by “feeling” like an alpha male. But like I said, don’t actually act on those emotions – you should act rationally.

What women want

Women desire a complicated mixture of things in a male that often contradict each other.

If you ask a woman what she wants, she will probably tell you the normal shit that pop culture and betas tell us women want; a nice, loyal, compassionate, caring, loving, sensitive guy who is not arrogant, mean, violent, or a douchebag. And women are right – that IS what they want. No sane human being wants to be treated like shit. Also, women, like all human beings, are wired to seek pleasure. A woman addicted to cocaine would rather be with a “beta” that gives her coke than with an “alpha” that just wants to watch TV. But on a subconscious level, women are ALSO attracted to the alpha male.

Women’s desire for the alpha is irrational and emotional. You can’t reason with it, talk to it, ask it for compassion, or work around it. It’s not going to make sense, she won’t necessarily admit to it, and it will often produce bizarre outcomes. It’s there, and it’s fucked up, and it’s not going away.

Of course, women have a lot of rational reasons to desire a physically strong, confident, dominant guy with a lot of money and power, but because women’s desire for the alpha is emotional, they are oftentimes attracted to losers who give off the alpha emotions rather than actual good catches. There are a lot of guys that are great on paper but can’t get women because they don’t FEEL like an alpha. Conversely, there are guys that completely suck at life but have figured out how to emit the alpha emotions so they get girls.

Because women’s desire for an alpha male is subconscious, women oftentimes don’t realize that they have it or how deep it is. Furthermore, because this desire oftentimes contradicts their rational thoughts and other emotions (their desire for love and compassion, for example), women are oftentimes forced to deny or hide this desire like a dirty little secret. Women are also socially conditioned to avoid the alpha male because on a rational level the alpha male is usually very harmful to the woman. The social conditioning point is very important because, as Freud recognized, social pressure oftentimes becomes an “emotion” in a person’s mind, so even if you don’t rationally agree with society’s laws, you still “feel” constrained them. I like to think of social pressures as similar to an alpha male in a woman’s mind– it’s an all-powerful being that must be obeyed and in return will give you protection and other things. So when acting like an alpha male around a woman, you must be careful to not violate her social conditioning.

Because women’s desire for the alpha is so horrific, the alpha male is public enemy #1 in most society, and every society sets up “rules” to keep women away from the alpha male. For example, rules about courtship (i.e., the man has to ask the girl out and pay for dinner) are designed to keep women away from the alpha male. Most of those societal rules are dying and women no longer feel enslaved to them, but you still need to be aware of them.

Don’t get me wrong: women also have some ability to think rationally. They do it all the time, especially in the workplace where they are given rational tasks that they need to accomplish. Society teaches women that narcissists, violent guys, assholes, and selfish people are bad and that they should stay away. However, science has shown us that although human rationality is a powerful thing, it often melts away and becomes a complete non-factor in the face of emotions. A human being is about 99% emotion and 1% rationality so you can only use your rationality when your emotions are quiet.

This dichotomy between rationality and emotion is very important to understand. For all of history, men have been perplexed by the “mystery” of women – sometimes women seem emotional, weak, confused and submissive and other times they seem cold, independent, rational, and cunning. Sometimes the same woman will switch between these modes several times in the same night. The difference is when the women’s emotions are activated. If a woman is emotional she will give in to the emotion, but if her emotions are not activated she will be able to think clearly and rationally. When women’s emotions are not activated they oftentimes see men as instruments to get what they want (oftentimes, money, safety, etc…) and when their emotions are activated they feel in love. A woman will oftentimes be attracted to the “alpha” characteristics of a guy, but if he stops emitting those emotions and/or does something that awakens her rational mind she may run.

Here is the most fucked up part: not only are women attracted to the insane alpha male, they also want to form a deep emotional connection to this motherfucker. This is almost not possible because the alpha male, in his truest form, is incapable of giving a shit about anybody else.

And that, my friends, is the whole complexity of women and the difficulty of game. Women literally want two completely different, contradictory things from guys. This is why women act so irrationally and bizarrely and why both men and women are oftentimes so miserable in relationships. Having “game,” as I see it, is figuring out a way to resolve this contradiction and deliver women both sets of emotions. It’s incredibly difficult, and most men have no idea how to do it, which is why most men land squarely on one side of the ledger. They are either “douchebag” alphas that treat women like shit or they are firmly on the “beta” side of the ledger, and only focus on making women feel good. The whole point of RP is to tell guys to be the alpha, but if you completely ignore making a woman feel good then she will leave you. And like I said earlier, it is practically impossible to actually be a true alpha male all the time.

What should a man do

Given these facts, what should a man do to get women to like him? The key here is to take advantage of her selfishness. You see, you don’t have to love a woman for a woman to love you. You don’t have to form an emotional connection with a woman for her to form an emotional connection with you. So it’s a two-step process.

1) Be constantly emitting the alpha emotions so that her subconscious FEELS like you are alpha male.

2) Be rationally nice to her, but only to the extent it makes her feel good and/or is required by society’s rules. If she didn’t ask for it, and she doesn’t deserve it, don’t do it. Whatever you do, however, don’t stop emitting the alpha emotions or make her feel like she has any emotional control over you.

3) Demonstrate our awesomeness, but again, don’t do it as if you are seeking validation or trying to prove yourself to her because that would infringe on the alpha emotions that you are should be emitting.

Numbers 1 and 3 will cause her to become attracted to you and 2 will cause her to feel like you are willing to “accept” her in your harem so she will automatically form an emotional connection with you.

The alpha, however, must stay in the background. Even though women are attracted to the alpha, they consciously and rationally know that violent, narcissistic assholes will not make them feel good. So the key is to not tip off her rational and conscious mind that you are the alpha. The alpha male has to lurk in the background. He’s there, but he’s never front and center. In other words, you should emit the alpha emotions as much as you can, but temper your behavior when it is 1) wrong, 2) when it offends her rational brain in a dealbreaker-y way, 3) when it makes her feel like you are rejecting her, and 4) when it is creating negative emotions in her.

Let’s say you are a boxing reporter and you watch Mike Tyson viciously destroy a guy in the ring, fighting dirty and beating the shit out of him with no mercy. After the fight you climb into the ring to interview Mike Tyson and during the interview Mike Tyson is nice to you. Are you going to think to yourself “hey that Mike Tyson is a nice guy”? No! That would be stupid. You know he’s not. You will think to yourself “Mike Tyson is a vicious killer and he is only being nice to me because you have to be nice to the boxing reporter or else your career is fucked.” That’s how women should feel around you – they should feel like you are a vicious, psychopathic, selfish, narcissistic that just so happens to be keeping it together to be nice to her.

Here is another example: during the Vietnam War the North Vietnamese would torture American prisoners of war, but they would also force these same prisoners, under threat of torture, to get on TV and say they were being treated well. To avoid further torture, the American prisoners would do so, but some of them blinked with their eyes Morse Code that they were being tortured to secretly tell America what was happening (as a side note, the Vietnamese figured this out and tortured the American prisoners because of it). Men should do something similar to what the American prisoners did – they should act a certain way on the surface (i.e., a “nice guy”), but subconsciously communicate a completely different thing to the woman’s emotions (that they are an alpha male). The same way that the American prisoners wanted to communicate a different thing to the Americans than they were communicating to the Vietnamese, you should subliminally communicate a different thing to the woman’s subconscious than what you communicate to her conscious brain. That probably sounds bizarre, and that’s because women’s emotions are weird.

When women leave the house looking for guys, they don’t think “I want to find an insane narcissistic psychopath that is aggressively sexually.” They think “I want a hot guy who is intelligent, funny, etc…” When you see me hanging out with girls there is no indication that I’m trying to be an “alpha male.” I’m incredibly nice, gregarious, funny, etc… But underneath that façade, I subconsciously communicate that yes, I am that motherfucker.

The Emotional Persona of the Alpha Male

The first step is the hardest, which is to adopt the emotional persona of the alpha male, tempered by logic and restraint. You need to figure out “how would an alpha male feel and act in this situation.” This is a long, difficult process because no man is really an alpha male so you have to put yourself into the emotional shoes of a character that can’t really exist in our society. Also, many of you are programmed to have the emotional persona of the beta male so you automatically and unthinkingly do “beta” things. You need to reprogram yourself.

You can’t pretend to be an alpha male because women are EMOTIONALLY wired to be attracted to the alpha male. Women can “feel” what a real alpha male is and if you are pretending you just look like a try hard douchebag. The highest level of game is when you can emotionally make her feel like you are an alpha but rationally and superficially you look like a nice, fun guy.

Here are some examples:

Let’s say you are at a bar and some guy tries to fight you. Most “fake alpha” guys in that case would get loud and do a bunch of tough guy shit to impress the girl they are with. But that’s not what a real alpha male would do. A real alpha male would very calmly and coolly defuse the situation. If absolutely necessary you would kick his ass, but that would also be done in a calm way – you would say “hey man, I would love to fight you. However, let’s go outside where we won’t break anything or disrespect this bar.” Remember – the alpha male KNOWS he can kick your ass, so he has no reason to get crazy or agitated. It’s the lower-ranked apes that are stressed and anxious – and women evolved to FEEL who is an alpha ape and who isn’t.

When you act super-calm like this both men and women freak out because they “feel” like you are the alpha male. I’m not a fighter but every time I am challenged I very calmly reacted like nothing weird or scary was happening at all. Every single time the guy has backed down. One time a bunch of guys tried to fight me in a bar because the girl I was with pushed one of them down the stairs (she said he grabbed her ass). I got surrounded by these three guys and I was terrified, but I acted completely calmly and I said “sure I’ll fight you. Let’s go outside first. I don’t want to disrespect the security here.” Despite trying to act tough, I saw their confidence melt away little by little until one of them said “hey we need to get out of here, this guy’s crazy.” I’m not saying this story to act like I’m a tough guy – I would have probably gotten my ass kicked. The point here is that humans communicate subconsciously and are wired to “feel” certain things from other people, and if you act like an alpha male would react, women will like it.

It is important for people to be able to separate out reality and human emotions. Emotionally, women want the alpha male. But in reality, that’s a bad thing to want and it is also a bad thing to be.

The traits of an alpha you can emulate

The following are some traits of an alpha you can emulate. This “traits” taken together are absurd and almost impossible to actually emulate on a full time basis. This is because this is how an animal would act – no human being can really be like this all the time in our society. But the closest you can “feel” like this creature, the more women will like you. These behaviors also work to make other men feel like you are the alpha male.

Calm When most people think of an “alpha male” they think of a loud, boisterous, roided up douchebag. That is not necessarily an alpha male – the most important characteristic of the alpha male is that he is calm. Remember, the alpha male isn’t ever stressed, anxious or depressed– the betas are stressed. If you want to be attractive to woman, you have to be calm at all times, no matter what is happening. This means, partly, that you should never put yourself in a situation that could create stress for you.

Selfishness First and foremost, the alpha male is selfish because he only lives for himself and has no compassion or empathy for anybody else. Nor does the alpha need anybody else or serve anybody else. For those reasons, a true alpha male is a full-time hedonist, chasing his own pleasures and ignoring everybody else. Of course, you shouldn’t REALLY be like that all the time, but around women you should emit the emotion of selfishness. You should only be worried about your own fun, and any fun the woman has should be subsidiary to your fun and only because she has decided to join you on whatever you are doing. For example, the ideal date is where the man does something he was going to do anyway, and the woman joins and also enjoys it. If the woman feels like you are sacrificing your own fun or happiness for her, she loses attraction because you are no longer the alpha male.

You may be thinking: isn’t it bad to be selfish? Not really. People only get angry at you for being selfish when your selfishness is hurting them. If you walk into a woman’s apartment and eat her last ice cream sandwich, she will be angry. So all you have to do is not hurt people with your selfishness. Your selfishness should be self-contained: remember, an alpha male doesn’t need anything from anybody so a true alpha male wouldn’t be eating her ice cream sandwich in the first place.

Granted, it is going to be very hard to be selfish around women. You have probably been socialized that it is the man’s responsibility to make sure the woman has fun. And just as a human being who has friends, you are naturally going to want to make sure that she is enjoying herself too. But in this case, you have to harden your heart and do the “right thing” because it is actually more attractive to women to be benignly selfish than to supplicate to them.

Of course, you shouldn’t ACTUALLY be selfish. If you make her watch a bunch of movies she doesn’t like, she will leave and find a guy she enjoys spending time with. Avoid hurting her feelings, making her feel bad, or depriving her of things that make her feel good. Let’s say you are enjoying a movie and she gets sick and needs to go to the hospital. Or she just found out her grandmother died and wants to talk about it. A “true” alpha male would tell her to fuck off and finish the watching the movie. Of course, as a human being, you should stop the movie and take her to the hospital or talk about her grandma. Whatever attraction she lost because you stopped being selfish is going to be greatly outweighed by the gratitude she will feel because you helped her. That said, if you are enjoying a movie and she just kind of wants to watch something else, you should maybe stand your ground. This type of thing requires you to read the situation and use your emotional intelligence, but you should always err on the side of selfishness.


We all know that women are attracted to men who will “take charge.” This is partly because the alpha male is naturally the leader of the back. Leadership is related to selfishness – the alpha HAS to be the leader because he doesn’t care what anybody else is doing – he only does what he wants to do.


Simply put, the alpha gives orders to women and other men, he never takes them. There is no easy way for you to get a point where you can boss around other men, but with women it is a bit easier. You absolutely cannot let women tell you what to do. Period.

Because women have a subconscious desire for the alpha, they will test your dominance by trying to get make you do things for them. You must resist, but in a way that doesn’t look like you’re resisting. If you look like you’re resisting, you may reawaken her rational brain and make her think you are acting weird or douchey. Here is an example: let’s say you’re on a date and the girl orders a drink and asks you to hold her purse. Now, even if she doesn’t know it, she is subconsciously testing your dominance. But if you say “no I won’t hold your purse!” you will look like a weird douchebag. You need to be more subtle. Depending on the situation, I may grab her purse but immediately put it down somewhere. Or I may grab her purse and go talk to another woman (if it’s appropriate). In any event, I am subconsciously communicating that I am the alpha without tipping her off that something’s wrong.

You may be thinking “there is no way to sustain a relationship for any length of time if I don’t ever do anything for her. At some point I will have to grab a drink from the fridge, pick her up from somewhere, give her something she asks for, etc...” You’re exactly right. But here’s the key: the alpha male doles out his blessings in return for subservience. In other words, you need to make her do things for you FIRST, and always make sure that SHE has done more things for you than you have for her. Anything you do for her has to be payback for something she did for you. If I was a computer, I would have a list of what each person has done for the other and make sure her list was longer than mine.

Ben Franklin had a theory that said that if you want somebody to like you, instead of doing things for them, you should get THEM to do things for YOU. I think his theory is correct, and it may be because if you do things for somebody, you will subconsciously feel like they are the alpha and everybody (men and women) is attracted to the alpha. Psychologists have also discovered that humans and monkeys naturally want to feel like things are “fair” and nobody is getting more than they deserve. Monkeys get angry if they see that another monkey got more grapes for them. Translated into the dating world, if person A does something for person B, person A will be more attracted to person B because subconsciously person A will feel like person B owes them something and will do something for them. Conversely, if person B does something for person A unprompted, instead of liking person B, person A will run away because they will subconsciously feel that they now owe person B something and they don’t want to pay up. Yes, human psychology is weird.

Here is an example of what I do: I go to a pool party. The first thing I do is introduce myself to the girls and guys there because that’s what people are socially conditioned to expect. Next, I jump in the pool and start having fun because I’m the alpha male and I do what I want. While in the pool, I will call out to a girl not in the pool and ask her to bring me my sunglasses. If I’m smooth and subtle about it, she will do it for me. And now I have officially gotten her to “obey” me and now she will be ever so slightly more attracted to me. Of course, I can’t make it obvious that I am trying to get her to “obey” me, because then her rational brain will kick in and resist because nobody consciously wants to “obey” anybody else.

Part of the fun of “game” to me is figuring out these puzzles, like how can I walk up to a completely strange girl in a bar and get her to start doing stuff for me? It takes creativity, confidence, and emotional intelligence to read the situation, but if you pull it off you will hypnotize girls.


Simply put, an alpha male doesn’t need anything from anybody, ever. Even small things. Asking a girl out on a date is needy. Telling her you are in love with her is needy. Even texting her something that requires a response is needy. Of course, you need to do ask girls out and text them, but the key is not “feel” needy. That’s why PUAs teach that to ask a girl out for the first time you have to text her and say “I’m going to be at [some place], you should come.” That way, you don’t look like you need her there, you were doing it any way and you were offering the opportunity to come. Of course, even this kind of text can look needy based on the context. If you text her “I’m at X, you should come” every day she will know you want her there. Remember, it’s not what rationally happens, it’s how she feels about what you do.

You may object, “doesn’t this contradict what you just said, which is that you should try to get women to do things for you?” Yes, it does. Because we are dealing with emotions here, there will be a lot of weird, contradictory stuff because women’s emotions are weird and contradictory. But remember – it doesn’t matter what you actually say or do, but how it FEELs to the girl. As long as you don’t FEEL needy, you are fine. Going back to the sunglasses by the pool example, if I had stood in the pool and begged the girl like a child to bring me my sunglasses, she wouldn’t have felt like I was an alpha male. Your asking for things has to feel smooth and subtle.


In the ape world, the alpha male is “above” the other apes. But you have to realize that the idea of one human being “above” another human being is not real – it’s purely an emotional construct.

In the human world, this is best achieved by actually be transcendent. You should be smarter than her, richer than her, funnier than her, etc... Studies have even shown that women are attracted to men that are taller and wider than them. Aside from actually being transcendent, you should FEEL transcendent. The best explanation of this comes from this first chapter of the Bible. In Genesis 1:2 it says “the earth was chaos and desolation, and darkness was on the face of the deep, and the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the water. And God said, ‘let there be light,’ and there was light.” In our analogy, the woman is earth and you are God. You hover over the chaos but you are not part of it – you transcend it. You may offer your opinion, but you don’t go down and try to physically fix it yourself or become part of it. And importantly, you never let her control you or even know everything about you. If she could “figure you out” and know all there is to know about you, you would no longer be God.

The human brain has a quirk where it can’t handle uncertainty so if it doesn’t know something it will try to make up a story for it or fill it in with information it does know. For example, all human eyes have a small blind spot, but we never notice it because our brain usually fills it in with the stuff surrounding the blind spot (if you close one eye and move your finger where your blind spot is your finger will disappear because your brain will fill it in wrong). The same way, if a woman doesn’t know precisely how much money or power you have, you can trick her into thinking it is more than it really is. The key here is to never recite numbers or facts or figures to the woman, so she has this uncertainty that her brain will have to wrestle with. This is just a cheap trick, however, and not something you can build a relationship on. Because women have such a strong desire for these things, they are very observant and good at figuring out what guys have what.

Confidence Confidence comes from the Latin “con (with) + fidence (faith).” So a confident person is one who has faith. Faith in what? Faith that they can do anything they want. Your confidence should consist of your honest, deep-seated belief that you can do anything and you are allowed to do anything. That’s why the best way to “game” a girl is to just do whatever you genuinely feel like doing (within the bounds of what I taught you an alpha male should do).

An Awesome Life

All this sounds good in theory, but it doesn’t answer the main question, which is WHAT SHOULD A GUY ACTUALLY DO? Like, when I walk into a party, what should I do? The answer is: have an awesome mission or goal, both on a macro level (your life) and micro level (the party you are at). A rock star, a DJ, or even a bartender oftentimes “feels” like an alpha to girls because they are doing something cool. The act of doing something cool, which is alpha by itself, is compounded by the fact that to do something cool you oftentimes must exhibit alpha traits: selfishisness, dominance, non-needineses, calmness, etc...


The sad truth, however, is that making a woman feel like you are the alpha male is not all about how you act. At the end of the day, you actually need to have some level of power, money, physical attractiveness, etc... No matter how much of an “alpha male” a short, fat, bald, poor loser acts like, women still probably won’t be attracted to him. Also, while being an alpha male is an extremely important part of attracting a woman, there are other things women are attracted to: intelligence, humor, compassion, shared interests, etc... You can be an alpha male all day and the woman just may not like you.

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[–]Akela_hk16 points17 points  (4 children) | Copy

"First of all, unless you’re a billionaire dictator with an army who can also physically kick anybody’s ass, you CAN’T be a real alpha male in the scientific sense."

Jokes on you, that's my goal in life.

[–]HasenJaegerLS2 points3 points  (2 children) | Copy

Sam here. I mean, how can he be so delusional as to say it's impossible or not obtainable

[–]Akela_hk3 points4 points  (1 child) | Copy

Self defeatist. One must strive to reach the unreachable.

[–]HasenJaegerLS1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy

Exactly! The pure notion or idea that something is not within your reach is self defeating and the reason why most great things are out of reach for these mediocre minds. Also it's gamma as fuck

[–]juliusstreicher0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

I've already self-identified myself as such.

[–]smokecheck19767 points8 points  (2 children) | Copy

This all falls apart pretty quick when you start talking about apes, it is at best an absurd reduction and at worst highly flawed. Yes, higher primates operate in a hierarchal type structure, but it is as often matriarchal as it is patriarchal. The Alpha male may have his choice of the females in the troop, but it's a lot of shit to go through. He is the leader. He is looked to as the defender. He is also looked to as the provider. He shows weakness, which he eventually will, and it's a long fall from the top. The beta, often the alphas right hand man, takes care of some things for him, but guess what, the beta is still slaying it, even if he is a bit more discreet than the alpha. There may be multiple betas. The gammas were even observed receiving attention from the female members of the tribe.

I know a lot of you can relate to the high school experience so stop and think. Did the jocks get laid? The ones at the top, yeah. Did the guys in SGA and other clubs get laid. More than you suspect. What about that geeky kid that wore dark clothes and wrote crappy poetry? Yeah, him too.

What did those guys bring to the table? Something they were passionate about and made them interesting. Work out for you, because you want to be in good health. Find things that interest you, because you enjoy them. Don't beg to enter her world. Invite her to enter yours.

[–]Endorsed ContributorWoujo[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy

Ok I agree that its not just the alpha male that gets to fuck. That would obviously be absurd. But he definitely gets priority.

Don't beg to enter her world. Invite her to enter yours.

So.... you agree with me? I don't see where it "fell apart" if you're agreeing with my conclusion.

[–]smokecheck19760 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

It's hard to say where the alpha falls, I've seen studies that indicate that he may get choice, he doesn't necessarily get priority.

I just see a lot of advice on this board that will literally lead guys that want some success with women in the complete opposite direction of having any success. Telling guys to put yourself first is absolutely the right thing to tell them. Telling them to always be aloof or never show weakness leads them down a bad path.

An area where a person has no particular need is like a smooth area. There is nothing there that will connect a person to another, the best analogy is that you can't climb the smooth face of a rock.

Those areas where a person has needs are where they actually connect with other people. Most of the time, women that might have sex with a guy want a connection of some sort with him, even for a one night stand. I'm saying don't be smooth, be imperfect, have a need, but also have your own interests and talents.

[–][deleted] 3 points4 points  (0 children) | Copy

You're right when you said that it would be impossible to be truly alpha.

Take Leonardo DiCaprio for example. You see him hooking up with those models and wish that could be you. Then you spend a week with him and get to know him as a person. He isn't perfect. No human is flawless.

Being alpha or beta is something you can only be externally. Whether or not someone views you as alpha or beta is very situational. It is entirely based off the way someone interprets you based off your actions. The more you know someone, the more the line between alpha and beta blurs out.

[–]mummersfarce_is_done2 points3 points  (0 children) | Copy

I think this can be summarised as: Feel like an alpha male who had adapted/compromised to live a life amongst 21st society. You would kill people with your bare hands if you want, but now you don't because due to laws, now cons outweigh the pros. So you choose not to.

[–]NeoreactionSafe1 point2 points  (1 child) | Copy


Remember the alpha male in the wild is an animal who is completely irrational and has no respect for human decency or anything like that.


Even in the "wild" this is incorrect.

If a guy doesn't manage the social survivor Game in the wild and behaves foolishly the other men simply kill him.

They wait until he is asleep and crush his skull with a rock.

This is the real world of the wild... no honor.

The Alpha in all times is the guy who rises to be accepted by others as being the leader.

The beta is the guy who simply accepts another man's authority over him.


Even in prison if a guy tries to gain power without a supporting gang he will get jumped and beaten down. The prisons are ruled by the "shot callers" who develop a civilization of their own within the gang based on loyalty. Without this emotional bonding the gang falls apart and the power invested in the "shot caller" fades away. Gangs require that the members all feel they have something to gain by the group bonding.


[–]TheOriginalCross0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

I just really like them as a fashion accessory.

[–]epixs0 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy

I read the whole thing and it's very insightful about the rather subtle underlying communication an alpha male gives off in his everyday interactions .

I will say in the first few paragraphs you had me not wanting to read more and while I don't agree with it all, the second part of your post was very informative. It has been said in other posts as well, but always a good reminder .

[–]Endorsed ContributorWoujo[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

Thanks for that feedback. I should edit the beginning so it doesn't come off as contradicting everything TRP teaches.

[–]sierratangovictor0 points1 point  (2 children) | Copy

An alpha with rationality, where the alpha part stays in the background, and wakes up only in time of need, is a sigma. ISn't it?

[–]Endorsed ContributorWoujo[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy

I've never heard the term sigma before. I'll look it up.

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy

There is no point in "sigma" label. Instead there is a need to create a multi-axis spectrum model instead of labels. One of the reasons is that when we use labels we ignore environment and other individuals as a part of it. Therefore label model is not flexible.

As example some people say that some day, let's say a hundred years ago there were better women. We've all seen that type of people. Their mistake is that they ignore environment changes.

As topic starter you probably know that Alpha / Beta / Omega model came to us from ethology - the science about animal behaviour and apes in particular. It is also important to understand that it is a model and models describe reality, but aren't ideally accurate.

Let's take an ape tribe.

Everything is a bit simpler there than in human society.

For example there is no knowledge, so an ape can act only upon its instincts.

But lets add some parameters to an ape - general health (which contains many parameters in it as well), physical power, age, intelligence, sexuality, aggression (can't form it better yet) - willingness to act a certain, egoistic way to achieve goals that are set by instincts, etc (there are no instincts by the way - it is an abstraction, a simplified model of what really happens in an organism). All of these parameters are co-dependent. We could add many parameters, it's not important for the discussion, what is important though is that we can separate them in two groups:

One describes a potential to act a certain way.

Second describes a will to act a certain way.

If some ape is strong, he is healthy, than he probably has good genes and not old. Therefore he is probably dominant sexually attractive.

But how dominant and sexually attractive is he?

Here we needs to add relativity. If the ape is stronger than others in a tribe, and what is more he estimates his chances of being critically wounded by an opponent in a conflict as low (being stronger is not enough, it is necessary to survive a conflict and keep a power), or is ready to take risks he can participate in a conflict aggressively, otherwise he "becomes" beta, (he just achieves a certain social status within a tribe which is measured by his relationships with other apes in a tribe. Ideally his status can be a result of combination of his physical parameters, or just acting a certain way (which in its turn can be a result of his physical parameters but its another topic).

So if the ape wins he demonstrates genes that let him survive, he is physically stronger than others and obviously stronger than any female, he also demonstrates aggression. And demonstrating aggression is important. There are many types of aggression, even peacocking can be considered as such. There are also social instincts like food sharing for example, or need of justice.

Basically there are 4 groups of "instincts": sexual instincts, domination, food and the group which is in contradiction to first three - sociality.

Few problems occur when we try to apply this model to human society.

Problem 0: Fundamental problem in TRP subreddit - many people don't understand models and how to apply them, don't understand the importance of a definition in a discussion, or try to apply model to things the model couldn't be applied to because it loses its prediction power. It's like putting square-shaped objects to a triangle or a round forms, that could fit only if the size is smaller and leaves much empty space.

Another problem is that this model ignores knowledge and rationality.

Other is it ignores an ability to suppress so called instincts, or better say ignores an ability to suppress one group f instincts in favor of another.

There are probably more.

Here are few examples, with relativity, which could cause a cognitive dissonance for those using alpha / beta / omega model as a label without applying relativity and thinking about environment:

Russian fighters Emelianenko brothers - Fedor and Alexander. Both are physically strong, healthy and in their prime they could probably kick ass of any guy who considers himself Alpha here in this subreddit. Yet one is a family man, very calm, reasonable, displays many qualities that people here would call beta qualities. The other has many tattoos (irrational behaviour), impulsive and was/is in jail for rape. Yet Fedor has won many times, which shows him as a better fighter that his brother.

Or Justin Bieber, he has a very high smv, yet an ape with his qualities would be smashed in apes tribe.

Here many people start to bend this model to make it fit (we've seen it in some comments in this topic, we can see it in trp reddit, or in mgtow reddit as well) But instead there should be another, improved one.

For example one concept was added in Russian book (or maybe even earlier in another book) about male female relationships from ethological perspective - Oleg Novoselov - Women: A Textbook for Men. A concept of "primativity (don't know how to translate it to english) - a level of domination of instinctive behaviour models to cerebral behaviour models. Even if it is not scientific, i like to use this axis because there are people who could physically have a high smv, yet they fail to display it because they are too rational. Actually it would be better to say that females fail to recognise it because what they see is what was displayed, and rational people rarely display alpha behaviour - or aggression of any form be it sexual, physical dominance, or peacocking.

So here are problems i currently see with this model:

Some people here put next type of guys in the same alpha basket: high smv guys, CEO, actors, physically strong guys, aggressive impulsive guys. When this problem occurs it's easy to understand that there is a need for a more complex model to solve all problems and contradictions. There are guys who have no will to participate - mgtow - they could fit any definition be it alpha / beta / or omega in this model yet they are always labeled as beta.

Some people start to look for new words to define contradictional cases - sigma. It won't help for long and won't solve much.

There is also a problem that this model is used as a value model - Alpha is good. Remember there could be two groups of parameters - one represents an ability, another willingness. Who really wants to be a jackass? Well, some do, other prefer to bend the model to fit their perception of good. Scientists, IT guys are "poor" betas because they can't slay pussy. Yet dark triad qualities are praised.

This is not good. Because redpill as metaphor is about knowledge that is true (models that reflect reality as best as possible) and is not accepted by mainstream. And it is not about values. And if people start to bend definitions as they please - it will hurt the core sense of redpill as set of knowledge (in this subreddit case about relationships, yet the metaphor could be applied to many other things).

The understanding, the appliance of this ethological model is so diverse here, that these terms have started to lose the general meaning. People apply the model that was applied to animals in certain environment conditions without even an attempt to improve it. But human society is more complex, environment varies from a lack to surplus of resources, there are different methods to be successful / dominant. The only thing that is about untouched is the group of parameters that make SMV. Yet if it will be all that's left in the model, there should always be a facepalm when someone tries to handle an exception to fit the model.

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

When i read trp that is 1 of probably 2 - 3 things that annoys me. That people rarely have an understanding of alpha / beta / omega theory and don't know where it came from, yet use it to define their goals as they please.

I am totally agree with you. In nature alphas are those who we would call sociopaths / narcissistic / bullies etc.

Those who are interested should also know, that those who fit alpha definition in nature are cheated on for resources, or variety. And some of them who are getting older and afraid to lose their status just ignore cheating.

[–]BigmuscleChad 1 points1 points [recovered] | Copy

The ultimate human alpha male would be the Hulk. He can literally do what he wants, when he wants, without worrying about anyone else. In the wild, if the silverback gorilla doesn't provide for the betas and women, the women/betas will kill him off, but with Hulk, you can't do that. I realize it's unrealistic but when you think about it he really is the extreme example of a super alpha male.

[–]killermike-el-P0 points1 point  (2 children) | Copy

An alpha is not someone who does what he wants. However alphas get away with a lot, this is why some people think alphas are people who go around doing solely what they want. Lone bulls are notorious they are dangerous. Tourists are told to steer clear and whole prides of lions don't Fuck with them, but what are they called, they are called loners because without a group you cannot be an alpha you are simply a strong individual. Hulk isn't in a group, I guess you could say he's the alpha of the avengers. But there's Thor so it's debatable. Let's not get into a comic book battle though

[–]BigmuscleChad 1 points1 points [recovered] | Copy

I see. I was referring to more of the mindset of an alpha but I see what you mean. What do you call someone that has the alpha mindset we talk about here at TRP but doesn't care about being part of a group or leading others? Also let's say you have the alpha mindset, as well as wealth, looks, muscles, etc. Let's say the wealth is inherited so the guy isn't currently working/leading a business. what do you call that, since there is no group that he is leading?

[–]killermike-el-P0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

I call him a masculine male. Strong independent but not alpha since there is no group. You can call him whatever you want including alpha but that would be the wrong label.

[–]killermike-el-P0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

An alpha is not someone who does what he wants. However alphas get away with a lot, this is why some people think alphas are people who go around doing solely what they want. Lone bulls are notorious they are dangerous. Tourists are told to steer clear and whole prides of lions don't Fuck with them, but what are they called, they are called loners because without a group you cannot be an alpha you are simply a strong individual. Hulk isn't in a group, I guess you could say he's the alpha of the avengers. But there's Thor so it's debatable. Let's not get into a comic book battle though

[–]killermike-el-P0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

Where did you get psychopathy from, an alpha is simply the dominant one in a group.even if we're talking animals, the alpha kills and rapes but that is what the omegas and betas would do if they had the chance, the alpha isn't doing these things because he's alpha he's doing them because he's an animal and being an alpha means he gets to get away with it since no one will challenge him.

Things change with humans, emotions and consciousness come in and the rules change.A psychopath is a character that has no empathy. Humans have empathy, a normal functioning human has empathy while a psychopath doesn't. Psychopathy is a disorder. Using your logic, alphas are mentally ill, any other human is not alpha since they care.

And there are many alphas in this world because you can't look at the whole human race as one group, there are small groups some much bigger than others, ranging from the alpha of a classroom to the alpha of a nation.Micro bro, micro, every herd and pride has its own alpha, itd be stupid to travel Africa to find the ultimate alpha lion dictator. Lions don't all exist within the same group and thus aren't in the same group dynamics, same with humans and thus applicable to humans

And what makes you think alphas can do what they want. No one gets to do whatever they want to do, even if a lion gets out of hand, lionesses can flee or fight back, that being said the alpha of a group gets away with a lot but not anything.

Alphas do ALOT of what they want to do and psychopaths do everything they want to do. This overlap is what confused you but an alpha does these things because he is dominant and can get away with a lot while a psychopath does what he wants because he literally does not give a fuck. Are you getting the difference. Also being dominant an alpha is a leader most of the time at least, thus people will do what the alpha asks. People will also do what a psychopath asks. Another over lap but this is because people are scared of psychopaths. At this point you might say they are scared of alphas too but alphas provide, it is in a groups best interests to follow the alpha it is In a groups worst interest to follow a psycho because psychos are selfish to the core.

Joker=psychopath. Batman=alpha.

Also alpha is not achievable outside of a group, to be alpha is to be dominant over a group. This is why bulls outside of the herd are not called alpha but loners, no matter how strong they are. Psychopaths can exist within groups and not be dominating the group. This is the ultimate disenfranchisement between alpha and psychopathy. Alphas can not be inside a group and not be dominating it, then they simply wouldn't be alphas.

[–]killermike-el-P0 points1 point  (2 children) | Copy

Alpha males don't do whatever the Fuck they want and they do have empathy. Your confusing sociopaths for alphas. Yes they are selfish but there is an extent to this. An alpha is a dominant male in a group this can not be achieved with 100% selfishness. What does a male lion do when he is done feeding and may still be hungry he let's the others eat. What does a man do when his son asks for a piggy back ride, he gives it to him(okay, optional), is giving a piggy back ride beneficial to the alpha, Fuck no and neither is stopping feeding for others. But a group is a group at the end of the day the other members are important the alpha understands this and occasionally compromises. He wouldn't do this if he didn't have empathy.

[–]Endorsed ContributorWoujo[S] 2 points3 points  (1 child) | Copy

Alpha males don't do whatever the Fuck they want and they do have empathy. Your confusing sociopaths for alphas.

No I'm using the scientific definition of alpha male, not the internet manosphere broscience definition.

An alpha is a dominant male in a group this can not be achieved with 100% selfishness.

The scientific definition of alpha male is the dominant male in an animal group. Scientists don't call human beings alphas because there are so many other variables at play. Sometimes there are "dominant" human beings and part of it is has to do with reasons rooted in our evolutionary psychology and part of it has to do with rational and social reasons. Calling a dominant human an "alpha" is stupid.

What does a male lion do when he is done feeding and may still be hungry he let's the others eat.

Do you have evidence for this?

What does a man do when his son asks for a piggy back ride, he gives it to him(okay, optional)

Are you talking about human beings or apes? I definitely agree that humans do this but that's because no human is 100% alpha.

[–]killermike-el-P0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

Why is it stupid to call a human alpha, yes there are other factors but don't humans live in groups and can't there be a dominant male in said groups, since that's the definition we are going for

Do you not understand that if the dominant male in the group was completely selfish, the group would probably cease to exist.

You should watch Nat geo wild, I'm not insulting you but honestly I don't have the time to do research. But I'll summarise things for you, the male lion only eats to an extent where lionesses and Cubs will die when it's a bad hunting season, not even a bad day.

Okay I won't argue using humans because you state that they can't be alpha so since this is your post I'll play by your rules.

[–]Gravityflexo0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

You just have away your book for free

[–]LordThunderbolt0 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy

I'm not about to read any of that. I wonder what you people look like who write these long ass posts expecting people to waste their time reading them.

Your post is easy too long. Not because I have a poor attention span, but because I have no guarantee that it won't be a waste of time to read it.

[–]Endorsed ContributorWoujo[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy

I wonder what you people look like who write these long ass posts expecting people to waste their time reading them.

Send me your email address and I'll send you a picture. It'll be me fucking your mom.

Your post is easy too long. Not because I have a poor attention span, but because I have no guarantee that it won't be a waste of time to read it.

You seem to have had enough time to write this worthless post.

[–]PythonScript0 points1 point  (2 children) | Copy

This alpha and beta is a false dichotomy made by the red pill community. There's no such thing.

[–]aanarchist0 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy

it's more like what we are told is alpha and beta isn't what actually is alpha and beta. like society has framed alpha as the violent dominator sociopath, when in reality he is actually the complete epitome of betahood. it's like yea dude pick me up and throw me, give my people a reason to put your head on a pike. the "mainstream alpha" is basically a bully/coward who tries to manipulate through force and fear, and only the weak and fearful obey. it's a weakling leading other weaklings.

[–]PythonScript0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

But there's no good epitome of an alpha or beta. These two archetypical characters are a fiction made by the redpill community as a response to what they see the modern man as. You shouldn't have to be told what alpha or beta is because they are bogus terms which can mean anything to anyone. I say the two archetypes are entirely false as an idea as a whole.

[–]DontBeFredo-3 points-2 points  (3 children) | Copy

Can we please find a way to bottleneck these shit posts? For everyone who just skips to the comments, especially newbies:

Is it worth being Alpha? Fuck yes.

What about a nice guy? A genuinely nice guy and the socially constructed nice guy are two totally different things. You can be alpha and be nice - in fact, I'd say a large majority of alphas are nicer people overall than beta guys. Being nice means treating humans - not men, not women - with respect and kindness, without expecting anything (I repeat, anything) in return.

It is entirely up to you if you want to be nice - there are pros and cons, as with anything in life. My personal philosophy is that as long as it does not burden you to be nice, there are some good perks.

[–]Endorsed ContributorWoujo[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child) | Copy

Can we please find a way to bottleneck these shit posts?

Did you read my post? I don't think you did.

Is it worth being Alpha? Fuck yes.

My post is saying that you SHOULDN'T be an alpha. Maybe you should try reading it.

[–]aanarchist0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

what we need is a sticky post explaining that alpha and beta aren't what we actually think they are. what you describe as alpha is what i describe as a hireling.

[–]Willow-girl0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

That's interesting. Reminds me of a conversation I had with a previous husband. He was of the mindset that "You get from me what you give. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice in return. If you treat me like shit, expect the same in return." That sounds reasonable on its face, but in reality, you're allowing the other person to establish the frame. You're giving them power and control over the situation, are you not? They set the tone and you lead, not follow.

I could never quite get him to understand this. Real power is acting, not merely reacting to the actions of others.

[–]SunTzu111-1 points0 points  (2 children) | Copy

I like your post, but I do have a few disagreements

  1. Alpha males DO exist in humans- Marc Antony, Genghis Khan, Otto Skorzeny, Caesar, Musashi, Charles Manson, Al Capone, Trump, Alexander, Edward I, Napoleon, Atilla

In that list, many of them are terrible people, and many of them did not live very long

I know the bar example, many people claim that alphas would back away from the fight. What would Genghis Khan, Marc Antony, or Musashi do? Or even a common alpha criminal type?

The paradox is that most pillars think alpha=good, beta= bad, the truth is. Being a beta and avoiding the fight is the correct move. the Alpha move which is to fight is NOT

Criminals/convicts and many low life's are extremely alpha, just go meet one, and this drives women crazy. Then again, who was Marc Antony? But a criminal low life in his youth, and he even killed the eloquent thinker Cicero

Want to be alpha? Speak to criminals, they're zero fucks given attitude will make successful career guys seem lame, hell I've been arrested before and it drives girls crazy

You are definitely right about alphas being bad though. Imagine if the whole world was filled Atillas and Genghis Khans, it would be a nightmare Mad Max world

Remember Musashi was alpha as fuck, but so were half the men he killed, his reckless alpha zfg attitude could easily have gotten himself killed

[–]Igaunija1 point2 points  (1 child) | Copy

Putting Trump next to Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great hahaha. One is loud on twitter the others made the known world sumbit to their will.

[–]SunTzu1110 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

By that definition, nobody on here is Alpha, like I said, convicts are alphas by nature, and they have NO political power. I also put Musashi on there.

[–]rigbed-5 points-4 points  (10 children) | Copy

Yeah what is this sub coming to

[–]Endorsed ContributorWoujo[S] 0 points1 point  (9 children) | Copy

Do you have any legitimate criticisms of anything I wrote?

[–]rigbed-3 points-2 points  (8 children) | Copy

It's a lot of disorganized sidebar rehashing

[–]Endorsed ContributorWoujo[S] 1 point2 points  (7 children) | Copy

I don't think its a rehash because I'm introducing a new idea of an alpha male and saying that men shouldn't be an alpha male.

You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea.

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