And then they say that they are being controlled by the head of patriarchy of the family.

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June 26, 2019
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Title And then they say that they are being controlled by the head of patriarchy of the family.
Author iamaryankhan009
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Date 26 June 2019 10:18 AM UTC (1 year ago)
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Women get away with a lot of shit because what they do is often very hard to prove it happened.

That, and the fact that male physical retaliation is no longer permitted. Once upon a time, women could be disciplined. Now they can not be, and they run wild like savages.

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Anxieties and insecurities drive controlling behaviour. Women are more prone to emotional outbursts as well as instability delegating to the synergy between general life events and hormones. When they uneventfully lash out or express their repressed emotions, as a man, it is best to offer a calm embrace, and work through understanding said feelings, what their causative factors are, and make them aware of how it influences their behaviour.

Because sometimes their words will be legit but they might not be making proper sense. This is something outside of their control, and hence has to be dealt with by respective partners unequivocally. Men have their own internal struggles, but modern day heavy work/stress lifestyle works to negate the addressing of said emotions, sometimes sheerly because of a lack of energy.

From an evolutionary standpoint, I'd make a controversial statement & say that men were designed to work (or focus) in short bursts of intense strength. Women have higher endurance for lesser load-intensive tasks done at a more consistent pace. The shift in modern work environments has affected both genders in a negative fashion, as it usually happens when we stray away from the way nature intended.

I wish I could've elaborated more on this & used efficient analogies to get the message across. However, I'll just say this that until you do find that one woman who's mature enough to truly understand the intricacies of relationships, you either have to keep looking or build one up by empowering & enabling the best of each other by yourself.

And I think despite the way that sounded, there's just no fun in being with someone who's already complete. The chase is half the fun, right? The friendzone exists for that very reason. And believe me, most guys do have multiple women among theirs, they might not even realise it.

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You, you make an extremely valid point and I liked reading that, we need more people who think like this

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Can you post the link

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Anecdotally in 2 marriages and a long relationship, I think this fita. Men are less controlled by their emotions and typically would prefer the conflict to just go away or conclude. We also don't let that bs build up.

Ltdr, men are more chill.

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Ya don't fucking say

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i mean i only need to look at the relationship between my parents and somebody i know's parents. both the mothers shout, and argue alot with thefather figure, itw either their way or their way, try to argue with them will get you no where unless youre presistend and refice to be a carpet to be walked all over. Both of the women also have controll of the money for the most part. And the shouting... by god.

It's alot and not once have i heard my dad of their dad raise their voices before the mother's. so that says something.

i know this is only 2 sets of people, but still

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When men act this way it's proof masculinity is toxic.

When women act this way it's proof masculinity is toxic via the magic of hypocrisy.

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