High School And College - Getting Laid As A young Man

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July 26, 2020

Background Information

This will be your in-depth "how-to" guide, when it comes to getting laid when you're in high school and college.

I lost my virginity when I was 13, my final year in middle school, and so started my sex-ventures.

If you're more interesting a quick run-down of what works, rather than the detailed narrative that includes how's/why's, I recommend you skip to the section entitled "Young Sexy Man: The Breakdown."

If you doubt anything I say, and I know a lot of you mothafuckas think every field report is a work of fiction, just click on the hyperlinks I include in my report.

Without further adue, let's get you laid brother.

WARNING This post contains photos of censored / partial nudity. This thread is for adults only.

Origin Story

In elementary school, I was the ring leader of the neighborhood kids. We played Soldier with toy guns everyday, and I was the leader of my team every time. Whenever all my friends were outside and I was at home, they would all run to my house and practically drag me out to come play with them. It wasn't a complete day without me around. Even the older kids respected me. This instilled into me an acclimation to being the guy everybody wanted to have on their team, the guy everybody wanted to be friends with, and the guy everybody relied on. It was a good start to life that I'm sorry many other men didn't get the chance to experience. No matter, because my advice is implementable no matter how you started off.

My family moved when I went to middle school, so I lost all of my friends. Fortunately, one of my older brothers always seemed to know how to be "cool" in highschool, and I learned alot thanks to him! He started bringing over girls in the 8th grade to hang out with him, and I would run into them, talk, and end up making a new connection. Eventually I had cute girls to talk to on the bus - which bought me brownie points with the guys on the bus, and that's how my beginning friendships formed in the 6th grade.

6th And 7th grade was a typical kid experience, and 8th grade is where the fun finally began....

The Start Of An Empire

I, along with every other hip 12/13 year old, had jumped from myspace to FaceBook and created an account using a fake birth date. We would all post nonsensical kid writings, and funny pictures, until one day I realized my friends rarely commented on my stuff, and I them, so I texted one of them and said, "Hey man, how come you never engage with my posts?" And he replied, "idk dude, I dont really realize it." So I had the bright idea to propose exchanging comments/likes with each other. I then repeated the conversation with another friend. And another. Eventually I had a group of 12~ solid bros who would all like and comment on my shit. And the girls on my friends list took notice. I mentioned my idea to some of those older girls my brother brought over, who have now moved on to college, and while they weren't too keen on having random middleschoolers as friends, they quickly changed their mind when I reminded them we would soon be freshman, and I'm sure they wouldn't mind the extra attention. With the girls now involved, I had a co-ed circle of 15 people actively engaging in my comments, in addition to the randoms / acquaintances who hopped on the bandwagon. Everybody loves a winner I suppose. I theorize that if you get 1 like, that's all you'll get. But if you get 10 likes, you'll get 2 more from randoms.

This small investment in middle school would end up paying dividends in high school.

Eventually, as most suburban kids, I get invited to train Marijuana. I was reluctant at first - so I asked my older brother who smoked, and he said to try it out and see if I liked it. It was awesome! This led me to start smoking with my brother, who introduced me to his connection - Weedman Tom.

Weedman Tom was a tall, round, glasses wearing hippy. And boy was he coool. After the 4th time meeting him, he added me on facebook, and that's when he noticed my online popularity. "You got a lot of friends man!" he said to me. "Yeah, I do." I replied. "You know if any of them smoke weed?" I have street smarts, and I knew where this was heading - "They might. How about you give me some and I'll sell it to them." - He lol'd. "You're crazy little dude, your brother would kill me!" - "He doesn't have to know." - "Hmm. Okay. I'll give you a little bit. Go see if you can sell it."

He fronted me some reggie (not the best, but it'll get you high, and it's cheaper than regular kush) - I flipped it for 2x what it was worth. Weedman Tom was impressed. By this point, my friends had informed their friends of my entrance into the drug business, and I would be getting text messages from unknown numbers quite often. Every week, he would loan me a quarter, and I would keep a G for myself to enjoy, while flipping the rest, keeping a third of the profits. I was happy to be able to smoke for free, the cash was just an added bonus. This endevour continued from my middle school graduation all the way to highschool.

Losing My Virginity

There was a cute red-headed German girl who I would see in the hallways occasionally. Boy did she have a phat ass - impressive, for a white girl. One day, the bus routes were changed, and she started riding my bus on the way home. I decide to sit next to her and introduce myself at the next stop. She quickly blurted, "I have to pee!" And ran off the bus to her house. Chalked it up as a loss and let it go.

The next day, she was the first one on the bus, and I was like the 5th~. I walked right past her and sat in the back where my friends normally hung out. She jumped up and plopped her big behind in the seat next to me and said, "Hey why didn't you come say hi to me again?" I shrugged. "Your name was AFTSOV, right? I'm Nikki."

We started chatting on the bus together for about a week, until I decided to invite myself over to her house after school. "Okay, but we have to hang out on my porch because my parents are home." - Fine by me.

After walking down the stairs of the bus, we strolled to her front porch and sat down, where she began telling me her life story, which was pretty heavy. I did my best to keep things light and humorous to which she replied "You don't take anything seriously do you?" I said, "what good is life if you can't have fun?" She laid her back down onto her concrete porch and closed her eyes. "I don't think I ever met a boy I could talk to like you." With that, I leaned over her and pressed my lips onto hers. My first kiss - her lips were slightly chapped, but tasted sweet.

We made out on the bus ride home every day after that, and I introduced her to my many friends on the bus. 2 weeks after the kiss, she told me she wanted to share a secret with me, but she couldn't say it out loud. Nikki pulled out a notebook, then jotted down a message for me in pencil.

"I want to have sex with you."

Wow! Honestly, I was happy just having a cute girl to make out with, but sex? I must have hit the lottery! I took her to my house, and my parents weren't home. They never are. I have what's known as a "Free Crib," which means my parents work all day and I have the house to myself if my brother wasn't home. Fortunately he was out with his friends or some shit, and I took her on my bed, undressed her snow tinted body and went to town on her pink pleasure palace. Of course I hit it from the back cus I'm all about that ass.

The Summer Before Freshman Year Of Highschool

I had a girlfriend to bang, friends to hang out with, and drugs to sell. My lifelong friend had introduced me to LSD, which I instantly fell in love with. This later led to experiments with Mushrooms, DMT, and Ayahuasca. Most of which I ended up making connections with dealers, and started pushing their product for them, in exchange for free doses and cash. (Side Note: I now only enjoy Weed, LSD, and Ayahuasca. Mushrooms and DMT aren't my cup of tea.)

With all my extra money, and in an attempt to relive my Child Soldier days of old, I invested in a bunch of Airsoft Equipment to start playing. When my parents asked me where I got the money from, I said my childhood life long friend, (a very rich kid) had his dad buy them for me and him so we could play together. So I started playing Airsoft, really learning to enjoy simulated combat sports. That is, until my brother called me a faggot nerd for playing airsoft. He was a paintballer, and told me true alpha males play Paintball. I tried it out, and the I realized he wasn't lying. The bullets hurt more. The enemies were quicker, smarter, more masculine. The equipment was heavier - I felt like a real soldier - which I really loved. I sold most of my airsoft equipment and went all out with Paintball gear, and started playing with my brother, which made my parents happy.

Thanks to short-distance sprinting while carrying 10-20LB of equipment raised my cardio to insane levels. All that running also left me very lean.

By the time I first stepped into highschool, I had a huge drug supply, a decent body, and a reliable booty call.

Tales Of Kidd Drunkadellic - Freshman Year Of Highschool

I was nervous the first day of highschool, but it subsided as I was greeted by old friends in the main lobby. I settled into school with ease, and after a few weeks, had steady clintelle ranging from experimental freshamn to experienced upper classman, all hitting me up for some tabs or ganja. Some of my clients were girls, and they were all surprised to find out their dealer was a 14 year old kid. I remember a girl made fun of me and said, "Awh you're so cute, you think you're a bad boy!" I replied by saying, "I dont know about being a bad boy but I am definetely cute." She giggled. Didn't bang her though, so I must be a beta.

Anyways, Near October one of my upper classman friends mentioned he was going into the swim team for his second year, and I mentioned I used to love swimming when I was younger. He suggested I try out, and I did. After making the team, my cardio and speed caught the eye of both my coach and my teammates. I was eventually known as, "that cool freshman kid, the one with the tabs and shit." I made a group of close friends (one of many, I might add) that I stayed with throughout highschool. Sports teams have a way of easily forming bonds between men.

My reputation preceeded me. When I was switched into an AP class out of regular classes, I met several people who knew of me. They invited me into their group projects, where I became aquainted with a Junior named Bella. A beautiful Italian girl. Unfortunately for me, she wasn't into me, but I didn't hold it against her.

She was taken aback by my calm response to her rejection, and decided she wanted to be my friend. I said sure why not. Once people knew I was hanging out with Bella, it was like jumping into a lion's den with steaks tied to your waist.

By my sophmore year, people in my grade all knew I hung out with the coolest Juniors and Seniors. This caught the attention of one of my best girlfriends, Crissy.

A bright brown skinned carribean beauty - she was on the track team and had that banging track-star physique. Muscular legs and a phat round ayss. Unfortuately her face wasn't the greatest, I mean, I thought she had a pretty face, but atleast her smile was pearly white! In addition to her sweet body, she was also artistically talented and was a nerd in a cute kind of way. She liked anime, video games, was emo, basically my dream girl.

We'll get back to Crissy later on, because although I had my heart set on her, I was still dating Nikki, and I had a bigger problem to deal with.

Reputation Spreads Fast - Sophmore Year

My birthday is in the summer, and when I turned 15 I hit a great growth spurt. I massed up from a short kid to 5'10, and started to sprout a goatee stuble. While I was prospering in terms of physicality and socialitiy one of my good friends was not. Antione is a short, scrawny, croatian kid with a thing for photography. Kids gonna be big some day. Anyways, he was getting bullied relentlessly from a group of Jocks since the start of freshman year. The ring leader, Brandon, had stolen one of Antione's camera. When he told me about this, I was pissed.

Antione and I were hanging out one day, when he gets a text from an unfamiliar number. "I'm gonna kick your ass when I see you."

It had to be the bastard. I told Antione to call the number. When the voice on the otherside picked up, his first words were "What do you want Faggot?"

I said, "You're not gonna fight Antonie. Fight me."

"Who is this?"

"This is Aftsov."


"I dont care who you are I'lll still beat your ass."

We shit talked for another minute, then a date and time was set. I'm not gonna lie, this guy was intimidating. He had been lifting since he was 12 or some shit, cus he was packing muscle. I'd estimate he weighd 165 with visible abs. He was also a year older than me, and a grade higher than me. Either way, I didn't care. For one, no one fucks with my friends and family. Two, I had an ace up my sleeve.

My dad was a professional Brazilian Soccer Player - he played for the team "Botafogo," and wanted me to follow in his footsteps. Walking by his trophy collection is always an inspiration. Although I was good at soccer/running like he was, the sport just wasn't interesting to me. I prefered combat. That's when he told me his tales of the Rio De Jenario slums, and how he would get picked on by the older bigger kids. He signed up for Judo, and that was the end of his bullying problem. When I was 11, he signed me up for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Ive been training on and off ever since. I'm no expert, but I've got some moves.

The day of the fight rolled around one crisp autumn afternoon. Darkness was peaking it's head on us. We met on the soccer field of the school, and a small crowd of people came to watch, including my friend Antione. I knew that bastard would bring his friends, so I brought my older brother (who was a senior now,) and he brought his friends from the wrestling team. No jumping was happening that night.

The fight started. He swung first and missed. After missing he tried to grab me, which put his head under my pec. [I instinctivly put him in a guiottene.(https://ibb.co/c80cZ6w) I tried to pull him into guard, but he was too strong to pull him down. Instead, he lifted me up and slammed me. Thankfully I have good fighting instincts, and I rolled my head as forward as I could, to avoid getting slammed on my head. After the slam, he couldnt get back up, so I leaned back and wrapped my feet around his back. After a few seconds of tight squeeze, he started tapping. I heard someone say, "Alright, AFTSOV is the man." I looked to Antione, and he said to let him go, so I did.

Immediately after letting go, he got up and started punching me in the face. That fucker clocked me GOOD. I grabbed him and pulled him down, we rolled around a little and I ended up on his back, and he ended up the victim of my rear naked choke. Needless to say, I didn't make the mistake of mercy twice. I let him go limp in my chokehold. Then I kept choking. I stood up and he was a log, so I slapped him in the face just to say fuck you. I walked home with my brother and friends while he regained consciousness.

People talked about the fight and shared the video (Which I unfortunately cannot find) around, and more importantly, those guys stopped fucking with Antione.

Eventually, the video was deleted because Brandon died in an accident, but I still had that picture saved.

By now, I had quite a few girls striking up conversations, bringing up that video. One of those girls was Crissy.

I was chilling in our School's breakroom, a place for students to hang out after class, chill out, and play video games. She walked in, and by coincidence was a friend of my friend. They talked to each other while I focused on the game, until she sat down on the couch and said, "hey whatcha playing?"

I said, "This is halo."

"Oh yeah! That game is so cool but I'm not any good at it."

"Double kill - T-t-t-triple kill!"

"Wow, you're pretty good actually," she said.

"yeah haha."

Our mutual friend said he had to leave, and so I expected to be alone in the break room, but Crissy broke my expecations when she stayed and continued to chat with me.

We exchanged numbers, she brought up the fight, I sent her the video, and she eventually led the conversation to an erotic fan-fiction of us fucking. Boy, did that girl have an imagination.

Crissy and I shared a few sexts until one day she wound up in my room with my cock magically in her mouth. We dated for 3 years after our her fellatio initiation.

Becoming A Man Whore

I am a Man-Whore™ = I admit it. 100% Certified jiggalo. I have no loyalty to these hoes and stick my dick into the one with the best body. Sorry to all the hearts I've broken. I really am. I hate seeing a girl cry!

I was still dating Nikki, however, (I feel like an asshole for saying this,) I had gotten bored of her and already cheated on her with Crissy. To make things easier on her, I told her I wanted to open the relationship. She agreed without much conflict.

Enter Johanna.

Johanna was a super short and nerdy white girl. She read books and shit. While she didnt have an ass like Nikki's, she made up for it with a pretty face. We shared science class together and happened to share the lab table. Oh, and did I mention she was Nikki's best friend?

I got her number on a whim and would phone chat with her from time-to-time. One day I popped the big question, "Hey Jojo, you wanna be like, my fuck buddy?"

"Your fuck buddy? Really?"


"But what about Nikki?"

"She said it's okay."

"Oh, I mean, yeah! I would!"

After that phone call I brought a tent to school, and kept it stowed in my backpack. During class, I was feeling up her leg and some people noticed I was putting moves on her. Eventually kids in the class started commenting about the sexual tension between us. I felt a little embarrassed at first, but then let it go as I realized "screw you guys, I'm getting laid!"

After school I walked with Johanna to the woods behind the campus, set up my tent, and boned her with pleasure.

A few days later, Nikki had found out.

"You fucked JoJo? How could you!?"

"I said I wanted to open the relationship baby."

"Yeah but you fucked my best friend!"

"I'm sorry I guess."

"Are you still gonna see her?"


There was a moment of silence. She broke it by saying "Are you still going to see me?"

"I still like you, so if you wanna keep dating we can."

She gently interlaced her fingers with mine and we cuddled the rest of the bus ride home.

Throughout Sophomore year, I was banging Jojo, Nikki, and Crissy regularly, the former 2 following me around school and causing girls to wonder, "why the fuck does this guy have chicks following him around everywhere?" Couple that with knowing half the upper classman, I had god-like social proof and status. Eventually it paid off as I was invited to my first house party, hosted by a Senior buddy of mine, Jason.

I came over with some weed and rolled us a few blunts. One of their parents had bought us some liquor so we started downing shots too. The music came on, and everybody started dancing. One bro who I didnt know started grinding on an Asian girl. Then, in a spur of the moment decision, a drunk senior girl suddenly shouts, "Come here AFTSOV, you sexy mother fucker!" And we started making out. It was then I decided that I like parties.

Junior Year - Enter The Dark Days

After turning 16 and earning my learners permit, I had purchased an old 90' Toyota Corolla for 1,000 cash. My parents bought it for me as a present, but I paid it back to them slowly, so they wouldn't know it was drug money I was giving them. I was happy to have my car, but I still thought about that vodka from Jason's party. Like a light switch, my mind snapped on with a simple yet brilliant plan.

Over summer break, I hit another growth spurt - I was now 6 feet tall, with a full goatee. I was one of the most mature looking people in my inner friend circle, besides the upper classman. I decided to use that to my advantage

I hopped onto the internet and found a reliable overseas fake ID vendor - I bought one and tested it out at my local liquor store, and the shit actually worked. I couldn't believe it actually worked. I phoned up the senior I made out with at Jason's party and told her we should go drinking together. She asked me, "okay, do you know who has alcohol?" I said, "I'll just buy some." She said "How???" And i said I'll pick you up and show you.

I scooped her in my corolla, which was impressive as she herself was car-less. Then I drove her to liquor store and bought some cheap Skol. When I dropped it in her lap, I felt desire through her eyes. I'm sure you know what happened next.

Man, I was living life. This might all sound like a big brag to you, but I seriously hope you can take at least one piece of useful advice from this story. Anyways, I was fucking and stacking cash. I knew the Coke dealers, the ecstasy dealers, and I took advantage of my vast social network. Eventually I had the bright idea to buy a bullet proof vest and an assault rifle.

Using my newly made ID, I contacted a private vendor and arranged a meetup. In a random decision, I messaged a hot black single in my area and told her to come on the adventure of a lifetime. In case you haven't realized already, I really love black girls.This particular queen gave me her number and I picked her up. I bought my first AK 47, which I later sold to my brother. As for the hot black single, she wound up tied on my bed with her ass sticking out.

Word got around and soon people from "the wrong crowd" started hitting me up for weapons and shit. I called this chapter the dark days because I started getting involved with some sketchy shit, and some of my homies caught felonies for that shit. Shout out to Lil' Brick and Finito. They kept it real - I still send those guys commissary money so they dont starve, cus those boys are gonna be gone for a long time.

Anyways, when they first got locked up and I sent them those first commissary deposits, they quickly told their sister / cousin respectively, who both attended my school, which only boosted my reputation as a good guy who cared for his friends.

It's also called the dark days because of the drama between my bitches. It wasn't all orgies and orgasms. Crissy and Nikki fought all the time, playing manipulative mind games with each other to try to get each other to stop seeing me. It escalated to the point where Nikki thought up a fake rape accusation about me - no one believed her of course, not even the teachers / administration. Her reckless endangerment of my life is what caused me to ultimately break up with her. She started pulling her hair out and got really fat. I feel bad for her cus she was nice until she went crazy. I'm sure Crissy was glad that happened, lol.

Junior Year Part II - Piano Man

While skipping class with one of my buddies we decided to try walking into the auditorium. I expected it to be unlocked, so I decided to jokingly throw myself into the door. What ended up happening is I slammed into the door, sent it flying open, and face planted onto the floor of the now open walk-way. After dusting my self off and telling my boy to shut the fuck up, we both realized the impossible - We could sneak into the auditorium! We explored the auditorium and made our way up towards the stage, where I made a life changing discovery - a grand piano, sitting right on the stage, hidden behind the curtains. I was fascinated. The white/black keys entranced me into playing them. After hearing the wonderful noise it produced, I was hooked. From then on, I dedicated myself to learning the piano.

Every lunch I would go to the piano, pull up a song on my phone, and teach myself how to play. Once I got good enough I started inviting my bros to come listen. They told me it was sick. Next came the girls. I told Bella to come take a listen and she was impressed. The next time I played she brought her a new friend. That girl brought another friend. Eventually I had a small group of girls to serenade. They would take videos of me and show their friends, which led to an Asian chick named Amanda to come and listen to me play. Coincidentally, she knew how to play too! She was classically trained since she was 5 (typical asians), and showed me things I was doing wrong. The one tip I never forgot was fixing my hand posture. I played with straight fingers when you should really have them curved. Eventually I banged Amanda in the auditorium when it was just her and I there. The drama club had their stage props there, which included a couch, how lucky for me huh? Straight out of a casting couch scene, forreal.

Senior Year - Kidd Drunkadellic Strikes Back

I have always been a writer - I scored a perfect 600 on my writing SOL, which was a 6 page essay, and had a score of 7 on my writing SAT when the time came to take it. Besides that, I've been fiddling with fictional stories, poetry, and raps. Crissy loved listening to me rap and recite poetry, to the point where she suggested I start performing. And I was glad I fucking did.

I started off with some kind of Oratorical competiton, we basically had to give a speech on whatever topic we decided on. I was a finalist. My name was on the morning announcements for like 5 days straight, my english teacher/coach was telling everyone about my speech - there was nobody who didn't know who I was.

There was a talent show going on at my school. It was called the "Mister & Misses XYZ School name Talent Competition." I deiced I was going to win by spitting some of my bars to the audience. There were 25 other competitors, a mixture of boys and girls. I rapped, then 10 minutes later was crowned Mister XYZ alongside my Queen, a very hot black girl (im like a maganet to them haha). Unfortuntely I lost the picture of me in my crown so you wont be seeing that one :(

On the bright side, being crowned king of my school gave me the confidence to start seeking out other opportunities to perform. I eventually got in contact with a moderately sized Rap Battle League. After sending the managers some of my lyrics, he invited me to perform. I have an offical rap battle record of 2 wins, 1 loss at the moment.

Bella watched me peform at that battle, and she was eager to show her friends my lyrical carnage. This caught the attention of 1 spanish girl and 2 black girls. It all came together at prom.

Senior Year Part II - The Story Ends, But the Legend Begins

By the time prom rolled around, I had homies get killed, other homies turn rat/snake, and got heartbroken / cheated on by a girl I loved. Life is bitter sweet.

I decided when the time came, I was gonna let go of all my troubles, even if it was just for an hour. I drank some vodka with my friend at my crib then had my mom drive us to prom. It was populated by the time we arrived, and I schmoozed my way around the crowd. Eventually I came across and arguing couple. I knew the guy of the couple, an acquiantance named Randy. One time, he was dozing off in class and the teacher yelled at him. Randy lied and said he was reading, to which the teacher said, "what page are we on." I whispered "24" to him, and he repeated it out loud. The whole classroom burst into laughter because there was only 2 pages. Haha good times.

Anyways, Randy didn't want to slow dance with his girlfriend Amy. I knew the chick and she knew me, and I knew for a fact she had a crush on me. I took the opportunity to make them both happy and dance with his girl. We slow danced, she commented on my vodka breathe, and I laughed. Some other girls saw I was dancing with a decently pretty girl, and took note.

Here's where the fun starts. They start playing some typical upbeat dance shit and I find a hot teacher I always wanted to bone. I tell her to dance with me and she keeps shit-testing me until I finally say, "hey if you wanna have fun you gotta dance with me," or some shit, and she decides "oh what the heck." I took her by the hand and led her to the center of the dance floor, and I started putting RSD moves on her - Spinning her around, lifting her up in the air, and finally dipping her by her back so she arched backwards. After that one she came up and said "Oh we shouldn't be doing this AFTSOV!" I said "why not it's fun and you're pretty tonight," and she kissed me on my cheek. I heard several people go, "OOOO" and she laughed and hustled away in her heels.

One of my old friends, (who no longer speaks to me, sadly) came up to congratulate me. I said "The fun's not over buddy, follow my lead." (I dont know the name of this dance, so if someone has a video of it please link it so I can hyperlink it, thanks!)

My buddy and I locked elbows, then began skipping on beat in a circle. After a few seconds, a huge circle formed around us. Everybody at prom was watching, clapping, and cheering for us. When we unlocked elbows we just busted out into retardly fun freeform dancing. After a minute of this, a hot black girl, one of the ones who was interested in me because of my hip hop accolades, ran up and started twerking her phat ayss on me. Instant boner.

As the night was coming to a close, she brought over her cousin to take a picture with me. I'll let you guess which one of them I fucked.

I didn't win prom king - didnt even run for it, but I had the time of my life.

College - The Winter Articles

My freshman year in college was almost a repeat of highschool. I immediately joined the student council, met the right people, and started / joined a few clubs.

What I was studying doesnt matter, because I dont believe in college being the pathway to success - I see school as an opportunity to network and meet people.

There was a Coffee House spoken word poetry recital, and I of course performed an original poem. I received loud cheers, applause, and a standing ovation.

Unfortunately, my douche bag "friend" didnt record my accomplishment, so I cant show you that one. I never forgave him for that.

Two important phrases were spoken to me that night.

  • "Aight AFTSOV, you offically Black now."

  • "Bro, you could have any girl you want in this room right now."

I chose a hot girl who ended up being a fashion week runway model. We fucked a few times and went our separate ways, but I'll always have the bragging rights of having fucked a real life fashion model! Hahah.

Word got around that I fucked this model chick, and my social media was still super strong (im talking 100+ likes and 20+ comments on profile photo updates) and I start getting private messages from several different women I found attractive. 2 became friends with benefits, and 1 became a long term relationship. Was a white girl, asian girl, and a black girl. More heartache, but i have no regrets - just memories.

Epilouge - Closing Thoughts

Well boys, I hope you took something out of my self jerk today/tonight. If I could tell you one thing, is find a passion and excel at it. Like Vasily always says, "be good at something, no make it 2 somethings." Show off your talents.

Also, don't be afraid to be a man of your own rules. Matter of fact, fuck the rules. You think i'd be where I was if I wasn't a crazy, fun loving mothafucka? I enjoy new experiences, I love performing, and I love danger. But that's just me. Figure out where you fall in life as a man and be the best you that you can be.

Also, my life wasn't all peaches and cream either. I had a LOT of fuck ups along the way. I didn't mention any of the bad times, because who want's to read that? The world is filled with negative shit so let me share something positive for a change.


I got my ass kicked.

I got robbed.

I was betrayed by friends.

I got my heart broken.

I fucked up with countless women who were guaranteed lays.

But, as they say, "shit, life goes on nigga."


Young Sexy Man: The Breakdown.

Things that make you attractive in highschool and College

^from ^my ^personal ^experience ^and ^observations

  • Competing in a sport I had friends on the Football team, the Lacross team, and the Soccer team. Every single one of them had at least 1 girl friend, if not a fuckbuddy or two. As I mentioned, I was on the swim team, and played paintball on the side. Being on a highscool sports team is an instant elevation of status.

  • Winning a Fight As I said earlier, I was a noivce in MMA, (BJJ & JKD), but a few months of training will put you leagues ahead of the average "street fighter" especially when you're in your teens/early 20's. Winning that fight my freshman year solidified my reputation as a guy who stands up for his friends, and how the young kids put it, "a whiteboy that got hands, doe."

  • *Selling Drugs* Note, you can't just be a guy that knows how to get drugs. You have to be the guy who sells* the drugs to score the bad-boy outlaw points with the ladies.

  • Illegal Shit In General Let's just say I've seen the inside of courtrooms - but that whole "Fake ID to get alcohol" idea of mine made me the first guy invited to any "cool kid" parties.

  • Know who throws the parties, or throw them yourselves. I've only thrown one party with my buddy in highschool, but I've been invted to dozens, and people in my outer social circle would usually ask me when the next party was, and if I could invite them.

  • Have An Open Crib Open crib basically means that you have your whole house to yourself. My parents worked from when school ended, all the way to like 12 midnight. I wouldn't host parties although I had the opportunity to, however I did have fun little co-ed chill-sessions at my house a few times a month, which opened the door to meeting friends of friends, cute girls who knew cute girls... you get the idea. Young people like hanging out in a house without parents around poking their nose into things. It makes them feel more mature. Double points if it's actually your own place.

  • Have a Driveable car. While you might get points with your bros for having an out of commission mustang that you and your pops work on in the garage, the ladies only care if you got a car that DRIVES. The whip can be anything, I got pussy using my 1990 Corolla.

  • Be an impressive musician/artist. I was cursed with shitty drawing skills, unlike my friend who was commissoned to paint a mural on the schools lobby wall, and was king of art-club sexcapades. To equalize my curse with a blessing, God gave me the talents of piano, performance, and poetry. I call that trio, the Big PPPs. I was playing piano after class with friends hanging out, I was performing on stage in rap venues and battles, and I was receiving standing ovations for my poetry recitals. All of those factors contributed to my insane status, and drew the attention of the hottest girls in school.

  • Have A Booming Social Media Profile. Cultivating a cool FaceBook is easy - and while I don't post much on Social Media anymore, I still reap the benefits of huge like/comment ratios on my old posts and photos. Get some of your close friends (guys and girls,) like and comment on eachother's shit, and it will grow organically. Or you can go the Dark Triad route and create fake profiles, kinda like how Frank Sinatra hired a fake entourage to make people think he was famous. Fake it until you make it if you have to.

  • Have Multiple Friend Groups, Be Dynamic With Your Friendships. - You dont have to limit yourself to one clique. I was friends with jocks, with skaters, with druggies, with dealers, with nerds, with chior/theatre kids, with gamers, and banging girls from all the cliques. Knowing the top guys in the clique is an easy "in" to get the ladies.

  • Hang Around Attractive Women - This one is obvious. An unfortunate truth in life, is that not every woman will find you attractive. It's the way the cookie crumbles for us normal dudes, but that's okay! I befriend a hot girl, who introduced me to other hot girls, which led to me being hugged by girls whenever I walked in the halls or into a class with one of them. I even had a pair of decently cute girls who would follow me to my classes, and purposely "go to the bathroom" just to sneak over to my classroom and blow kisses at me. I fucked both of them. Of course, other girls took notice, and word spread. "AFTSOV got 2 girlfriends." - "Yeah I know they always following him everywhere, how can you date 2 girls at the same time AFTSOV?" - "Ha, those are the 2 you know about."

  • Having Balls. - I've encountered many sheepish men, and let's just say they weren't spreading wet lips like my friends and I. I've gotten girls literally by just going up to them and saying, "You're cute, wanna be my girlfriend?"

  • Having Bros who Vouch For you. I earned a reputation as a loyal friend, and my bros would constantly speak good about me to their friends and girlfriends. Positive reputation goes a long way.

  • Joining a Cool Club, or Starting Your Own Cool Club In college, I was a member of the psychology club (great place to meet highly empathetic and intelligent young ladies to bone.) I also started a Rap / HipHop club, and an MMA club. In addition to those, I made friends with the ultimate frizbee dudes and hung out with them sometimes. Clubs give you ease of access to new male friends and prospective love interests. When I first started my rap club, I passed out flies and had 20~ of my friends show up just to support me. It was a great time.

  • When Dances like prom come around, take your friends and control the stage. Be a social maniac at prom. When I arrived at prom after sipping on the vodka, I was ready to get my groove on. I couldn't dance but I didn't care, I just wanted to have a good time. I stole a girl from her dude, then my friend and I did that cowboy "elbow in elbow" square dance in a circle thing, everyone formed a circle around us and started teaching. I used and old RSD Jullian club dance routine on a hot teacher, then I had a cute little black girl with a phat ayss come and start twerking on me while everybody watched. I got laid that night, needless to say.

  • Have an Adventerous/Curious Spirit & Be Willing To Try New Things Often I would call up friends and go on walks with them and just see where the day would take us. The time I'll never forget is where me and 3 friends challanged some random hispanic guys to a game of soccer, where my dad's genes in me kicked in, and I scored an amazing first goal. Having fun is a people maganet, and remember, woman are people too!

  • Have Loving And Supportive Parents - A sad reality of modern life in America is lack of a masculine father figure, and an overbearing feminine presence. This results in fucked up children. I was a fortunate soul who had a father that guided me in the way of men, and a mother who let me have my freedom to experiment in life.

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[–]Karastilov16 points17 points  (1 child) | Copy

Fam u look like simp but u did great job nice man

[–]Makhmalak8 points9 points  (7 children) | Copy

I was expecting you to look like some super chad but when I saw your pictures I was amazed. If you can do it then most guys can do it as well

[–]_is_it_over0 points1 point  (5 children) | Copy

Where do you find his photo ?

[–]Makhmalak0 points1 point  (4 children) | Copy

Click on the highlighted words

[–]_is_it_over0 points1 point  (3 children) | Copy

It's a girl taking a selfie.

[–]Makhmalak1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy

[–]Makhmalak0 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy

There are tons of highlighted words. A couple of them are his pics. Use your brain man.

[–]_is_it_over0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

Anyway i find it, Calm down man, i am not native speaking english, i think you were saying the highiest in the post. I think he fucked the red dress cousin.

[–]Redpiller772 points3 points  (0 children) | Copy

Cool story, bro. Hope it was worth the dox, although I guess that can be fake too.

[–]1bruiser185 points6 points  (2 children) | Copy

Nigga out here looking like cheech and chong

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[–]brainsurgeonguy5 points6 points  (0 children) | Copy

this is the cringiest shit i have seen in a long time. this whole sub is insane. thank you dorks for the laugh lmao

[–]gediwer1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy

My God bro you are like a 6 at best. You give me inspiration. Congrats on the amazing childhood

[–]mydogfartzwithz0 points1 point  (2 children) | Copy

Yeah you don’t have looks but at least you don’t grow up in the hell that is american schooling

[–][deleted]  (1 child) | Copy


[–]mydogfartzwithz0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

Ah okay definitely not discrediting. I know some schools are super anal about everything and some are laxed.

[–]_is_it_over0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

You had a cool life, thanks for the advices you give, i will try to assimilate it.

[–]trppr0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

Real lesson here is OP got lucky he didn't end up in jail. That stuff seemed like more of a footnote in this tale.

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