_ How much of you heard people especially feminists and simps saying that " men should like women for their personality and not just sex it's dehumanizing", but the same people don't have a problem about how much sexualized the gay culture , like telling women to Netflix and chill is so disrespectful but sex in the first date for gay men is just normal , it's like we always try to cuddle female self esteem while unconsciously deny how big the male sex drive , which is something that is in steroid in gay relationship

_ So how do people think about making the straight relationship as sexualized as gay men for better results and just not care about feminists and dumps opinion, if a man want sex from women why not just persue with everything he got? And why there is this hypocrisy with gay men , do people don't see them as people ? Cause if houkup culture is bad for women it should also be bad for gay men