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Do you believe ex-Incels can reform themselves?

September 15, 2022

I am 17, half-Hispanic, and have autism, I’m no longer an incel but I used to believe what they said about women before I worked out nearly everyday and became slightly buff and healthy, eating healthy foods, and planning to learn Vietnamese, learn Judo, and move to Vietnam, I do not want to move to Vietnam because I want a partner, it’s mainly for the cheap living and low taxes, but it is one of my goals.

I was a full-blown incel when I was 16, before I worked out and went to the gym, I had police officers talk to me and visit me and I had to deal with bullying online for my actions and comments, and threats online, it honestly felt like being a neo-nazi, white supremacist, or alt-right, that’s how terrible it was.

I don’t identify as an involuntary celibate anymore, instead I’m neutral and purple pilled and still trying to recover from the damage it brought me and I go to therapy sometimes too but not all the time, but I wish I had more therapy to cope with my dark and extremist past when I was 16, I view women as human more nowadays and try to treat them with respect and I’m detoxing from pornography and doing low-fap mainly because I have no time for masturbating to erotic art, and I have better things to do in life, so what do you guys think? Is having a history of inceldom something to be ashamed of? And is it possible to recover from it?

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