I’d say it’s a positive because it makes it easier to weed out the idiots, but at a certain point it becomes obnoxious how the vast majority of attractive chicks feel pressured to conform to this crap.

Hip hop and black culture have been mainstream for decades, but that isn’t what I’m talking about at all. In the 90s and 2000s girls may have danced to and enjoyed hip hop and r&b, but never before have they completely adopted the culture and behavior to this extent.

Hot umc girls now rap along with the most vulgar and nasty shit with a smug grin, like it’s embarrassing. They also talk in a masculine tone saying “dude” and “bruh” or cringe expressions like “this ain’t it” and “on god, frfr.”

I think the most irritating part of it all is that they are all just emulating what they think is cool and can’t think for themselves, esp w the pit bull shit holy lord that drives me nuts. Shut the fuck up about those butch, murderous dogs!