Made a tinder and matched with a girl(I’m in Europe rn). She’s studying here and a few years older than me. Basically briefly talked about studies, work, and she said she is looking for casual sex and hookups.

Now, we have a few issues.

1.) I’m a khhdv. My heart rate goes up and I feel terrified when even imagining scheduling a time to meet her and meeting up irl. Hell, a woman just came to my room asking if I needed anything added to the mini bar and I feel like I have ptsd after it and need an hour of just lying in bed to recover.

2.) my pics are flattering in terms of light and angles. I also frauded height by 1 inch. I’m fat and terribly recessed, and haven’t gotten my orthognathic work yet. I also can’t speak normally half the time due to speech fluency.

3.) I have a very smal sub7 penis.

Is it beyond a mistake to tell her any of this and just offer eating her out if she wants? It would be cool to have any sort of experience but I’m not ready for piv. Maybe just go for a bite or drinks near my hotel and she can come back up and I can eat or rim her while I remain fully clothed?