In an argument with a lunatic I was linked irrefutable evidence of the black pill. I will gloss over the embarrassing contradictions evident in just the abstract, and take the findings of this study as a universal truth, get ready for it:

both daughters (68.7%) and their parents (63.3%) chose the more attractive man as the best long-term dating partner for daughters, regardless of his ascribed traits

There it is fellas. In black and white. Let's say 65% of women just straight up prefer looks over other traits. That leaves 35% of the population of women, or 1,400,000,000 on planet earth who think other things are more attractive. Instead of trying to be one of those other things because I'm unattractive, I'm going to do absolutely nothing like you losers because I mean what is the point of trying when there are only 1 BILLION, 400 MILLION women who in this very real and serious study think other traits are more important?!?!

I am very smart.