Feeling attraction for someone is an experience we've all had. Maybe we were walking down the street and saw a Stacy and thought "wow she is so pretty" then thought about asking for her number.

Attraction is an experience which is essentially universal to basically every functioning person. It is like how everyone has had an experience of smelling very tasty food and then getting cravings for it or seeing a nice car or sunset and being visually stimulated.

Only difference is most men never turn the torchlight onto themselves, to think are they themselves attractive.

Even when men use dating apps and receive no matches, they may blame the app and research about garbage like their ELO.

That is all blackpill really does in the end, it deciphers what makes men truly attractive and suggests what will happen if you are not. Very simple.

Is it not much more simple than learning hours of game, struggling strenuously to be successful in business to be rich or worryingly endless about a nebulous concept like "personality"?