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I'm a Chad accordingly to blackpill but I'm still single

March 18, 2023

According to the black pill I should be a Chad

I'm 6"3

On photofeeler I get rated as average/slightly above average by women, and we know that according to the BP women rate 80% of guys as below average. As a Chad is a man who is in the top 20%, I am a Chad if rated average by women. On one pic I even got 7.5 but it was airbrushed and posed.

So I'm 6"3 with a Chad face

Now onto money and status:

I was born rich and my parents are millionaires and I live in a mansion and drive a sports car. I've got pictures of my car/bike/mansion ect on my Instagram and I have a reputation for being rich among my friends. Also I have a PhD in pharmaceutical engineering, so status should not be an issue

Moving to the gym:

I have been going for a year and have been told that I "look built" and "very fit". I used to be fat but now I'm not and am proud of that. But guess who's still single.

So I'm basically we close as you can get to the 6/6/6 meme (six figures, six feet, six pack).

So one of two things must now be true

A) Blackpill was a cope all along B) it's over for everyone even Chads

Which is it?

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