Main question ask is why can't you go back and married? Only way to do that is married and stay there then to bring them to the west if you not muslim and have family ties because if not you will be gambling with the odds againt you. Being a thug also put you at risk of depotation unless you have low inhibition and don't see that. I have seen lots of sub 5 thug maxxwer have girlfriend and baby moms in the States. Being a thug is worthy in in west, you can attract females and neetmax were as in third world country you get burn a life and kill easily and no women might like you there anyway. Only great option is escortceling which is very expensive in the U.S and illegal on purpose because they wants non chad to simp to keep the economy strong. Also why you wage slave you have relative back home getting married, having kids and expect you to betabux for them. Blackpill even though it seems like common knoledge really open my eyes to reality. It made me to think female add no personal positive value to my life, why do I need to care or show concern for them and they don't do the same for average or below average men. I been on many dates put in all the efforts and got ghosted.

Lastly after high school or college if you don't accent it is pretty much over. Those are the only best places you will meet women that you share interest with and don't look like a creep if you average or below. In third world countries you have communities even after high school. Internet, transportation is very limitited, and female are shame after certain ages for not finding a mate instead of the west.