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Moving to a different country for women and a better/cheaper life. What are your thoughts?

August 21, 2022

Whenever you ask this question on purplepilldebate, you get swarms of women coming in to say "they want you for your green card, they want you for your money, they don't really love you". The women on purplepilldebate mock and belittle the men who struggle with dating, but then when these men try to change their situation, the women start shaming them for it.

Anyway maybe opinion here is different and discussion can be more mature. What do you think about a man moving to a different country to find women and live a better or cheaper life? Specifically a western man moving to a 3rd world country.

I guess it depends on his ethnicity. Maybe you will do a lot better with women if you are white. Maybe some countries are better than others. Maybe it's different if you're just looking to casually date and have casual sex, rather than finding a wife.

What do you think?

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