As man, whenever the subject of the male loneliness epidemic is brought up you are incessantly bombarded with stories of men being manchildren, leaving their spouses for more attractive partners, addicted to video games etc. Remember, none of this is your problem. Apart from the point that society has gradually reduced investment into boys in favor of exclusively supporting girls, the simple fact is women only value looks and attractiveness in today's dating scene. Anyone who is a sub5 knows that no amount of grand gestures, doing housework, gift-giving, or simping can make a facially unattractive male get a relationship with a woman that will last long before she leaves to go 'find herself'. This has allowed men to do the least amount of effort possible and still get a relationship since it's based on nothing but attraction ("Recent research using a variety of different methods shows that more attractive individuals are more likely to divorce, that they have shorter relationships, and that they are less likely to choose not to pursue attractive alternative partners (Ma-Kellams et al., 2017). Further, in married couples with more attractive husbands, these husbands report reduced relationship satisfaction and are less supportive of their spouses (McNulty et al, 2008)").

It's also why rapists have a high number of sexual partners - their rape-prone personality is no disadvantage at all as long as their face gets vaginas wet. All the potential partners who are willing to do extraordinary amounts of work are simply disregarded as options by the woman, leaving her with the bum she wants to get fucked in every hole by. In the past this might not have been an issue since a man had to negotiate with the parents to secure a relationship with a prospective woman and parents tend to put a more emphasis on personality (but still mostly value attractiveness). They were also forced to think about income and economic security, and that correlates with desirable qualities like intelligence and conscientiousness. But now that's all gone - they sacrificed the hard-worker for the deadbeat with a jawline.

W*men think these partners they later decided to dump make up the lonely men who are in their view deservedly single, but they are not. They just find other partners using their ability to attract w*men. Studies show married men are a lot more likely to remarry, while men are less likely to be married than women. They're all fighting for the same guys.

W*men might give up and pursue the "single" life other feminists are selling them, but we've seen the statistics of 60% of young women being single compared to 30% of young men. We know everyone needs to get their sexual needs met at one point, and that's no less true with "single" women. They're not truly single, they're friends-with-benefits with a chad who has dozens of girls in rotation. They're effectively concubines/sister wives in what is essentially a chad-centered polygamous unit where a man gets sexual access to multiple women without having to put any effort at all towards a relationship or commitment to these women unlike in the past. These w*men who think they've "checked out of dating" hand their pussies for free on a daily basis to chads who get to enjoy them without having to do anything at all.

Essentially, this is the dating world w*men wanted to be in. It's their own fault, you as a sub5 man are not at fault. Either sit back and enjoy the collapse or pursue looksmaxxing so you can do your own bit of pumping and dumping.