It's a huge myth that as a whole that they are almost as desired as white men. Far from it actually. They consistently have some of the lowest responses in online dating along with indian/east asian men.

Unless you look like Austin Dunham you have be a thug to consistently attract decent looking north American black women. They have been very vocal about wanting drug dealers and scammers over 9 to 5 guys.

Contrary to popular belief white women do not go crazy for "BBC" and have a strong preference for their own men. They'll give a black guy a chance if he's really good looking but if he's a sub 8 he's shit out of luck unless he's fine with landwhales.

It's the reason the geomaxxing has gained so much traction among black men. They just call it "passport bros". I don't blame those guys. It's a much better option for a sub 8 black man than trying to risk his life pretending to be a thug.